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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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``air temperature. ``a south wind at three miles an ``hour. ``a wider view of temperatures. ``across southern kentucky, ``widespread temperatures in the ``single digits. ``similar across eastern parts of ``ohio with the snow cover. ``so it is impacting air ``temperatures out there. ``everyone with the clear sky ies. ``when you factor in the wind ``chill, a couple spots lower. ``winds are generally light. ``if they get up at all, it will ``drop into the single digits. ``satellite and radar showing ``quiet conditions locally. ``mostly clear skies this morning. ``should give way to a lot of ``afternoon sunshine today. ``temperatures warm into the mid ``30s. ``the snow today. ``we should head back above ``freezing with plenty of ``sunshine, high pressure and ``lighter winds today. ``as it moves out for tomorrow, an ``approaching system coming out of ``the plains. ``this one originate ing from the ``central plains. ``doesn't have a big burst of cold ``air behind it yet. ``looks like as it arrives for us, ``we're able to climb temperatures
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``so we'll start the day partly ``cloudy. ``late afternoon, we'll thicken ``clouds from the west. ``late evening tomorrow evening, a ``couple showers along the front ``for the ohio river valley. ``they'll push into the overnight. ``maybe a couple flurries behind ``it tuesday. ``not a big weather maker. ``it will drop the temperatures ``back a couple degrees. ``35 degrees for the high today. ``more sunshine, weaker winds. ``partly cloudy skies tonight. ``not as cold. ``we only drop off to 22. ``tomorrow, we'll increase the ``clouds during the day. ``high temperature of 40 ahead of ``the front. ``a few rain showers along it. ``overnight. ``a couple of flurries with a few ``clouds behind it tuesday. ``we make it up to 38. ``coldest wednesday at 34. ``then we start to come out of it. ``temperatures warming into next ``weekend. ``jonathan. ``jonathan: the east coast waking
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``efforts continue to free a young ``man from cincinnati detained by ``north korea. ``according to a report by cnn, ``january 2nd was the date that he ``was detained. ``but the facts sur rounding why ``he was picked up are still ``limited. ``courtis fuller has the latest ``details. ``reporter: otto warmbier entered ``north korea on a tourist visa ``and is accused of a hostile act ``against the democratic peoples ``republic of north korea. ``young pioneer tour, the ``china-based travel company that ``organized the trip said ``warmbier's family has been ``informed and is working with the ``u.s. state department and the ``north korean ministry of foreign ``affairs. ``the north korean government has ``arrested and accused other u.s. ``citizens of similar charges in ``the past. ``jeffrey fowle of dayton, ohio, ``was held for six months back in ``2014. ``>> right now, three weeks into ``it, he's gotten over the initial ``shock of it, but he's still ``trying to process it. ``if it's like me, they're not
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``happening on the outside world. ``reporter: warmbier is a ``third-year student studying ``commerce at the university of ``virginia. ``a school spokesperson would only ``say the school has been in touch ``with warmbier's family and will ``have no additional comment at ``this time. ``warmbier is a 2013 graduate of ``wyoming high school. ``we talked to a family friend ``about the situation he is now ``facing. ``>> just thinking of the ``warmbiers and thinking of otto ``and his safety and his future ``and the future of our country ``and situations like this. ``jonathan: ohio dpovger and ``presidential candidate john ``kasich tweeted north korea's ``arrest of ohio college student ``otto warmbier is inexcusable and ``he should be released and ``returned immediately. ``new this morning a crash on ``northbound 71 by the smith ``edwards exit. ``police say three vehicles were ``involved. ``one person was trapped inside ``their vehicle. ``that person had minor injuries. ``this happened just after 3:00 ``this morning.
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``drunk driving charges. ``thanks to viewer john for ``sending us this video of the ``incident. ``also new this morning, i-71 has ``reopened after a serious crash ``near the montgomery road exit. ``this happened just before 11:00 ``last night in the southbound ``lanes. ``police say multiple vehicles ``were involved and this shut down ``71 two montgomery road and ``ronald reagan. ``that's a fair piece there. ``the interstate reopened about an ``hour later. ``one person was hurt but police ``did not give that person's ``condition. ``to our east right now. ``many travels are still stuck on ``the pennsylvania turnpike in ``southwestern pennsylvania. ``can you imagine? ``several trucks jack knifed ``during the winter storm. ``that created a logjam of cars ``with hundreds of them stranded ``since friday. ``the people stuck on the turnpike ``are living off whatever they can ``find in their cars and hoping ``for help in this freezing ``weather.
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``just -- it's just been one after ``another truck stuck. ``it's just nonstop. ``don't seem like we're getting ``anywhere, to be honest. ``we are eventually. ``>> this is horrible. ``we've been stuck in the truck ``for 13 and a half hours. ``still counting. ``and when you've only got very ``little food and water and stuff ``and people are asking back and ``forth what they have and people ``are sharing what they have, ``that's very kind. ``and the truckers, especially the ``trucker families, they all look ``out for each other and everybody ``else. ``>> ``>>. ``jonathan: the turnpike authority ``shuttered traffic for a 36-mile ``stretch. ``it's not sure when it will open. ``closer to home, kentucky's ``governor called out the national ``guard after a massive backup on ``interstate 75. ``the stand still started because ``of wriks and poor driving ``conditions friday afternoon near
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``i-75 was completely shut down ``for more than 20 miles near the ``tennessee state line overnight. ``hotels started filling up as ``people abandoned their cars. ``others ran out of gas for waited ``for police officers to wake them ``up to move their cars. ``>> i've been running my engine ``on a cycle of ten minutes long ``every 40 minutes. ``so it seems to be long enough to ``keep the engine warm and the top ``warm without burning too much ``fuel. ``jonathan: distorted cell phone ``video, but it fits the mood. ``everything reopened around 9:00 ``saturday morning. ``new developments surrounding a ``friday night. ``the driver in the crash was ``under the influence of heroin ``and now amanda gordon of ``greendale, indiana, is being ``held on 1 r5e7$,000 bond. ``gordon was thrown from the ``vehicle. ``her passenger, clayford wilson,
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``gordon is facing a number of ``charges. ``police say her two sons were in ``the back seat. ``they were 8 and 10. ``they were not hurt. ``aaa is finding crashes involving ``drugs are growing. ``they say drug use among drivers ``is up 25% since 2007. ``the frequency of drinking and ``driving is actually down 30%. ``we're told officers find ``marijuana most of the time ``during traffic stops, followed ``by other narcotics and pills. ``ten people are being helped by ``the red cross after a fire broke ``out at an abandoned building in ``over-the-rhine friday night and ``spread to one that was being ``lived in. ``it forced the residents in that ``building out. ``everybody got out safely during ``the fire, as more than 75 ``firefighters fought this fast ``moving blaze. ``>> it was ugly. ``it was scary. ``everybody got out safely.
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``>> the red cross says ``over-the-rhine will be the main ``target this spring when the ``organization passes out free ``smoke detectors. ``damage is estimated to be ``$200,000. ``investigators are trying to ``fire. ``a manhunt under way in ``inmates. ``we'll tell you about the ``elaborate escape they managed ``and why they may have had help. ``tough matchups on the basketball ``courts. ``details on the local teams that ``sunday morning sports. ``we'll go outside through ``citycam 5's eyes. ``pretty shot of the steam ``billowing up around the flagpole ``with old glory pretty much ``straight down. ``not a lot of wind out there this
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``jonathan: welcome back. ``a jail break has sparked a ``manhunt near los angeles for ``three male inmates accused of ``violent crimes. ``investigators say the escape ``took place sometime friday at ``the orange county central men's ``jail in santa ana, about 40 ``miles southeast of los angeles. ``authorities say the three men ``cut through steel bars, went to ``the roof of the jail and ``rappelled down the wall using ``sheets. ``it's unclear if they had outside ``help. ``two of the escapees have been ``charged with murder, the third ``with kidnapping. ``this is the first escape at that ``jail in at least 20 years.
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``dole salads has been linked to ``one death and has put 11 in the ``hospital. ``dole is calling for a voluntary ``recall of their packaged salads ``in 23 states. ``looks like kentucky, ohio and ``indiana are involved. ``the one person who died lived in ``michigan. ``the ohio department of ``agriculture found the ``contamination at a production ``plant in springfield, ohio, and ``says it's contained to just that ``location. ``>> the likely source of the ``outbreak in the dole plant is ``listeria that were brought in on ``the lettuce plants that were ``harvested. ``jonathan: salads with a product ``code beginning with a in the ``upper right-hand corner of the ``package are affected. ``some of the salads with that ``code were made for super ``markets, including marketside at ``wal-mart. ``little salad bar at aldi and ``fresh selections sold at kroger. ``checking out the historic ``blizzard that blanketed the east ``coast.
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``they have nearly 30 inches of ``snow on the ground. ``there it is. ``wral out of raleigh. ``they may be through washington, ``d.c. ``you can see a little bit of snow ``on the ground. ``also, from times square in new ``york city, you can't tell. ``but boy, they got a ton of snow. ``the big apple is expected to ``lift the travel ban this morning ``at 7:00. ``there was about 25 inches of ``snow reported to have fallen at ``central park. ``that's the third largest ``snowfall on record. ``looks like the plows are going ``through right now. ``millions of people in cities and ``towns along the east coast will ``start the arduous process of ``digging out from this morning's ``blizzard. ``the storm left several people ``dead, thousands of travelers ``stranded. ``nbc's jennifer johnson has the ``story from washington.
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``2016 has slowly died down after ``burying major east coast cities ``in as much as three feet of ``snow. ``the storm shut down air, rail ``and highway travel. ``now comes the recovery part, ``getting roads passable again. ``that's keith howard's job. ``>> anybody stuck, anybody trying ``to get out, some people have ``patience, some people don't have ``patience. ``but when you go through a ``neighborhood, you see anybody ``out, coming outside clapping. ``reporter: washington and new ``york city were buried, enjoyable ``for pandas and children who sled ``down the u.s. capitol lawn. ``>> pretty sure it's not legal. ``reporter: the blizzard slammed ``over 70 million people, hundreds ``of thousands lost power, and now ``there's widespread flooding in ``new jersey and other ``mid-atlantic states. ``>> we have shelters open in ``every county of the state. ``they're ready to take people and ``keep them warm and get them fed.
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``and roads will remain closed ``snow. ``officials are begging people to ``stay home. ``>> all it takes is one car to ``get stuck and that road is not ``passable. ``and the plows can't plow that ``road. ``the situation quickly descends ``into chaos. ``reporter: a chaotic, historic ``and record breaking blizzard, ``go. ``washington. ``jonathan: while parts of ``southern county saw a foot of ``snow, most of northern kentucky ``avoided the worst of the storm. ``we have video from maysville, ``covered with snow friday. ``slowed things down briefly, but ``people were ready for the snow. ``by last night, roads and ``sidewalks were all clear. ``>> this is a place where i think ``every other person has a ``four-wheel drive truck. ``so there's a lot of busting up ``done here. ``and then with the advent of the ``four-wheelers and scraper
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``all the politicians are out ``scraping sidewalks and whatever. ``jonathan: you gotta have ``aspirations. ``mason county road crews worked ``through the night, taking care ``of blowing snow and other ``issues. ``let's talk about local weather. ``jennifer: it's quiet. ``jonathan: we had drifting. ``you showed yesterday the picture ``of your driveway. ``jennifer: anyone that had snow ``had it blown around. ``the wind have weakened. ``the clouds have cleared out. ``us. ``it's just a little colder than ``it's been. ``this morning. ``jennifer: i was pleasantly ``surprised by 2:00 and 3:00, how ``much sunshine came back. ``i think it's going to be that ``case all day today. ``so plenty of sun when it comes ``up, lasting through the day. ``great sunday shaping up. ``with temperatures heading above
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``those who had snow to melt that ``off. ``today, 35. ``tomorrow, 40. ``should do well. ``jonathan: the time of year when ``40 sounds so good. ``jennifer: what about upper 40s? ``jonathan: indulgent. ``jennifer: we have a little ``something between now and then. ``let's go through it. ``there's mist in the air, a touch ``of fog. ``it has improved. ``officially at the international ``airport, it's 6. ``at the station, 8 miles. ``don't have chris rystal clear skies. ``we have a high dew point, ``matching the air temperature. ``we'll see a little fog and mist. ``use caution if you run into it. ``you may get freezing fog on some ``of the roadways. ``probably not completely clean ``for those that had the snow. ``maybe a little bit of some ``isolated issues. ``but overall, a lot of ``improvement compared to ``yesterday morning. ``quiet conditions on the wlwt ``radar. ``satellite and radar combined ``showing the skies clearing out ``yesterday.
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``nothing to arrive today. ``we're looking at a mostly sunny ``day expected. ``with the skies clearing and the ``winds weakening, temperatures ``have plummeted into the single ``digits and low teens. ``locations that have snow, ``especially our eastern counties ``with the light winds, hillsboro ``is at 7. ``peebles has dropped off to four ``degrees. ``we're at nine in harrison, six ``in batavia. ``the snow covered ground helping ``temperatures drop lower. ``cold spots for air temperatures. ``locations may have a little bit ``of a wind chill at times. ``in general, the winds are light. ``our citycam shot giving us a ``look at not quite the crystal ``clear skies out there. ``some of that low fog. ``it's not haze, but looks like ``that on citycam. ``visibility, 6 to 7 miles. ``a south wind at 3. ``air temperature 11. ``that's what it feels like with ``the wind chill at 11:00 degrees. ``temperatures have been dropping ``through the night. ``we started late last evening in ``the upper teens.
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``we've dropped off to 11. ``still the potential to drop the ``temperature a few more degrees ``for a morning low, potentially, ``in the single digits. ``satellite and radar showing the ``quiet conditions. ``high pressure overhead today. ``we'll keep out that sunshine. ``tomorrow, as it slides out, an ``approaching low pressure and ``cold front coming out of the ``plains. ``it will increase clouds monday. ``we're talking rain showers and ``flakes behind it tuesday. ``we top out at 35 degrees. ``22. ``not as cold for the overnight. ``tomorrow afternoon, increasing ``our clouds late. ``we'll top out at 40. ``doing well ahead of that front. ``behind it. ``a couple of flurries tuesday at ``38. ``the coldest day looks like ``wednesday. ``as we come out of it, ``temperatures through the 40s, ``plenty of sunshine. ``that lasts into next weekend. ``jonathan. ``jonathan: one local basketball ``player, whose talent has been ``getting serious attention, was
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``elise jesse has details on ``wilmington's game and much more ``in morning sports. ``elise: good morning. ``i'm elise jesse. ``tickets were selling early for ``this one. ``it was packed house at moeller ``last night fifth ranked ``wilmington came in to face off ``with the third ranked moeller ``crusaders. ``wilmington and moeller were ``facing off, actually in ``montgomery. ``jarron cumberland was money in ``the first half with three 3s for ``nine points, but only finished ``with 14. ``4 of 10 shooting with seven ``rebounds. ``moeller was only 5 for 15 from ``the tlept line. ``this one was nothing but net. ``they trailed wilmington 21-18 at ``the half. ``next, caleb kantor driving and ``scoring. ``moeller improves to 15-1 with a ``40-31 victory. ``newport central catholic and ``holy cross meeting for the ninth ``region championship game. ``first quarter, holy cross to ``eric jacoblessky, who hits the ``three. ``later in the quarter, been wire
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``thoroughbreds. ``he had 26 points. ``the newport central catholic ``team advances to the state ``tournament for the fourth ``straight year with a 70-52 win. ``the next game was all summit. ``they had a 20-point lead at ``taft. ``the senators never gave up. ``woods takes it in for the slam. ``summit's alex dahling skips the ``pass to sam martin for the ``corner three. ``the silver knights exhibit a ``great passing game up here next. ``darren davis with the easy ``layup. ``scd beats taft 58-39. ``coming up, we have some xavier ``musketeers basketball coming up ``well. ``jonathan. ``jonathan: soccer season just ``around the corner. ``cincinnati's new professional ``soccer team, fc cincinnati. ``now the club announced it's ``going to prepare for the season
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``men's soccer team. ``that will be great. ``xavier tweeted out the details ``and the musketeers will host fc ``cincinnati on march 18. ``fc cincinnati's home opener is ``saturday, april 9 at nippert ``stadium. ``meanwhile, up the road, the ``cleveland cavaliers hoping for a ``fresh start. ``it didn't go well. ``tyronn lue made his debut as ``head coach after cleveland fired ``david blatt, their former coach. ``and the cavs fell to the chicago ``bulls, 96-83. ``when the players left the court, ``the cleveland faithful let them ``hear it with a chorus of boos. ``tough up there in cleveland, ``isn't it? ``this is despite the fact that ``cleveland is still the top team ``in the eastern conference. ``local development making a major ``comeback. ``coming up, we'll give you ``details on the cincinnati ``community making a 180 degree ``turn in its growth.
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``jonathan: welcome back. ``peaceful and idyllic shot of ``over-the-rhine through citycam. ``at one time, the city was so ``desperate to develop ``over-the-rhine, you could ``literally buy a building for a ``dollar. ``now new condos are selling for a ``half million dollars or more. ``wlwt news 5's jenell walton has
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``>> we're seeing relatively low ``inventory right now. ``so meaning there's more buyers ``out there than sellers. ``reporter: real estate agent bill ``draznick is already getting ``calls from buyers interested in ``purchase ing nine new town homes ``at hillman point otr for a half ``million dollars. ``they're going in three blocks ``from washington park near the ``corner of elm and liberty on ``kemp and wade. ``>> they range from a little ``under 2,000 square feet up to ``2,500 square feet. ``some will have garage parking, ``roof decks and they'll be able ``to customize. ``reporter: rental units are ``highly popular, especially on ``vine street. ``with limited units available, ``developers are snatching up ``apartment buildings in ``pendleton, blocks from the ``casino. ``this building on broadway, ``across from the old school for ``the performing arts, is being ``renovated. ``the plap n is to move the old ``tenants back in. ``>> they've been temporarily
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``apartments that we own or have ``furnished for them. ``as soon as we're done, about 90% ``will come back to their original ``homes. ``reporter: why are people willing ``to spend a half million dollars ``or more for a home in otr? ``a neighborhood once considered ``rundown and dangerous. ``draznick says the tide turned ``with the renovation of ``washington park. ``>> not just with the green space ``and all the programming, but the ``parking as well. ``that really made it so that ``people from the suburbs, people ``from out of town, people from ``just families feel much more ``comfortable coming down here. ``jonathan: that was jenell walton ``reporting. ``with inventory low, real state ``agents say the price tag will ``keep going up. ``still a lot more ahead on news 5 ``today. ``including cincinnati residents ``teaming up to help others in a ``time of need. ``we've got details on the ``shipment on its way to flint, ``michigan, and how the project ``came together. ``and we've got a live look ``outside. ``citycam 5.
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``suspension bridge and the mighty ``ohio. ``look how calm it is. ``looks like a mirror reflecting
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``jonathan: now on news 5 today, ``north korea holding a man from ``cincinnati. ``and a drive to help residents in ``flint proves to be so ``successful, some donations had
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``we'll explain why coming up. ``and will a cold streak get ``snapped? ``meteorologist jennifer schack ``has the end of weekend details ``on the forecast. ``it's sunday, january 24, 2016. ``this is news 5 today. ``jonathan: good morning. ``welcome to news 5 today. ``thanks for joining us on this ``sunday. ``hope yours is going well so far. ``it's early. ``i'm jonathan hawgood. ``this is meteorologist jennifer ``schack. ``will we snap the cold streak? ``sounds like yes. ``jennifer: it's a minor snap. ``we get cold again and then do ``better again. ``it's up and down. ``a lot of days, i think all the ``days with high temperatures ``above freezing in the extended ``forecast. ``that's doing well. ``limited precipitation. ``so looking good. ``this morning, the only thing to ``be concerned about, freezing fog
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``it's a little bit of fog for the ``morning. ``visibilities have been around ``five and six miles in spots. ``note the air temperatures. ``it's also very cold. ``we're at eight degrees in ``wilmington. ``11 degrees at the station and ``the airport. ``14 degrees at lunken. ``visibilities around five, six, ``seven miles. ``you see moisture in the morning. ``you have to run into the dense ``fog in isolated locations to ``have a problem on roadways. ``it's not blanketing any one ``area. ``look at the wlwt radar with the ``dry conditions. ``the radar finally quieting down ``locally and the east coast is ``getting a little bit of relief ``as well. ``for the forecast today, plenty ``of sunshine expected. ``mostly sunny. ``we'll head above freezing with ``highs expected in the mid 30s. ``the winds will be weaker. ``if you're trying to get rid of ``the snow or enjoy the snow, do ``some sledding, it was quite ``cold. ``wind chills stayed in the teens.
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``air temperatures into the 30s. ``it will help with melting and ``we'll warm higher as we start ``off the work week. ``the rest of the forecast coming ``up. ``jonathan: developing now, a ``college student in cincinnati ``being detained in north korea ``for what the country is calling ``a hostile act. ``otto warm beer is the second ``person to be held in that ``country in less than two years. ``the 2013y michk y y wyoming grad played ``soccer. ``jeffrey fowle was held for six ``months in 2014. ``>> three weeks into it, he's ``gotten over the initial shock ``but is trying to process. ``if he's like me, he's not ``letting them know anything ``that's happening on the outside ``world. ``jonathan: john kasich tweeted ``the arrest of otto warmbier is ``inexcusable. ``and he should be returned ``immediately. ``a shooting in bond hill has ``turned deadly.
5:29 am
``woman's death as a homicide. ``aiesha williams has been shot ``nearly nine days ago. ``police believe williams' ``passenger was the target of the ``january 14 shooting. ``this happened on reading road. ``that passenger took off after ``williams crashed into a metro ``bus and, in fact, returned to ``the car to remove something from ``the car but then left again. ``police say they still don't know ``who the passenger is. ``if you have any leads to the ``crime, please call crimestoppers ``at 352-3040. ``up the road, a difficult weekend ``for the town of danville, ohio. ``danville officer thomas cottrell ``was laid to rest saturday ``morning outside columbus. ``governor john kasich ordered ``flags at the state house to be ``flown at half staff in honor of ``the officer. ``hundreds of police officers from ``across the country attended his ``funeral. ``members of the community also ``came out to honor officer ``cottrell's sacrifice. ``>> it's a struggle. ``it's a struggle as a parent to ``teach our children that law ``enforcement, they're not someone
5:30 am
``they're here for us, protect and ``serve. ``it's not just something they put ``on the side of the car. ``it's what they do on a daily ``basis. ``jonathan: investigators believe ``in ``police. ``kentucky transportation cabinet ``says a driver died after a ``snowplow slid into a ditch. ``the statement said 44-year-old ``christopher adams called a ``supervisor in christian county ``just before 6:00 in the morning. ``he was found unresponsive in his ``truck. ``cause of death. ``ten people are displaced after a ``fire broke out in ``over-the-rhine. ``we told you about this in a live ``rosht. ``now we've had a chance to speak ``to those affected. ``it broke out in the 500 block of ``12th street. ``more than 75 firefighters were ``on scene.
5:31 am
``get out of the adjoining ``building safely. ``>> the fire was so orange inside ``of our apartment building, i ``jumped up and looked out the ``window. ``it was engulfed. ``>> looked like there was a ``candle lit in the house. ``next thing you know, flames ``everywhere. ``jonathan: the fire ultimately ``caused the walls to s to s to cave in. ``firefighters say it could have ``been much worse. ``>> people, think of flint and ``what we're going through. ``imagine if these was your kids ``going through this right now. ``you'll see how we feel. ``jonathan: that mother's ``2-year-old son is on the front ``of "time" magazine. ``but it's not the type of photo ``any parent would want. ``her son covered in rashes from ``what doctors believe came from ``the contaminated water in flint, ``michigan. ``here at home, people are coming ``together to help the people of ``flint. ``a group calling itself ``cincinnati supports flint came ``up with the idea on tuesday to
5:32 am
``and the donations came pouring ``in. ``wlwt news 5's jenell walton has ``the details. ``>> thank you! ``thank you so, so much. ``reporter: social media is very ``powerful. ``we've seen it on facebook. ``i said to my husband we have to ``be part of it. ``we came to kroger in hartwell ``and decided to give water. ``reporter: the couple joined ``hundreds of others who also gave ``water to help those in flint. ``>> i've always tried to live my ``life or my family has in making ``you sure if we can impact the ``situation, we'll do what we need ``to do to do so. ``reporter: victoria mullens, t.j. ``cas and shanel dl shanel wood joined ``forces. ``>> we started talking about a ``situation we felt was a tragedy. ``when we started putting it out ``to other people, it exploded and ``grew bigger than we ever thought
5:33 am
``that's a testament to the hoping to ``collect a few hundred bottles of ``water but far surpassed the that ``goal. ``>> i don't know how this ``happened. ``>> i know a semi holds about ``50,000 bottles. ``we've probably got another ``several thousand in the budget ``truck and another several ``thousand in the bus. ``got a lot of water. ``we thank you for each person's ``hand we're holding today. ``reporter: volunteers with ``cincinnati supports flint will ``make the special delivery. ``ayers transportation donated a ``charter bus so volunteers can ``personally deliver the water to ``residents. ``>> unfortunately, all the seats ``are taken. ``it's a beautiful thing. ``i would have loved to go, but ``i'm glad i could be here to help ``out with this. ``jonathan: a lot of goodwill. ``there were so many people ``wanting to help, the hartwell ``kroger store sold out of bottled ``water. ``volunteers are on their way to ``flint with the donation. ``commitment 2016 now. ``republican donald trump says ``he's feeling very confident,
5:34 am
``iowa caucuses on february 1. ``in the latest cnn poll, trump ``has a double digit lead over ``senator ted cruz. ``his campaign is focused on the ``hawkeye state right now and on ``saturday, he stopped in sioux ``city, iowa. ``trump praised supporters, saying ``they'd stick with him even if he ``shot someone. ``>> my people are so smart. ``they say i have the most loyal ``people, where i could stand in ``the middle of fifth avenue and ``shoot somebody and i wouldn't ``lose any voters. ``it's incredible. ``jonathan: trump was asked to ``clarify his comments after the ``campaign event, but he declined ``to elaborate. ``now there could be more ``competition in the race for the ``white house. ``former new york city mayor ``michael bloomberg may be ``considering a possible ``independent presidential run. ``a source says the 73-year-old is ``expected to make a decision ``sometime in march. ``a spokesman for the former mayor
5:35 am
``the "new york times" is ``reporting the media mogul would ``be willing to spend $1 billion ``of his own money on a white ``house bid. ``for the latest on the ``presidential race, check out ``"meet the press" right here on ``wlwt. ``donald trump, bernie sanders and ``hillary clinton will be on the ``show this morning to discuss the ``race. ``it's after us at 10:00. ``the cincinnati travel sports and ``boat show continues today down ``at the duking in convention ``center. ``it has everything from boat and ``rvs to canoes and rob climbing ``equipment. ``they also have a demo pool set ``up to try out water products. ``admission for adults is $12, but ``you can save three bucks if you ``buy your tickets at cincinnati ``area kroger stores. ``kids 12 and under are free. ``the show runs from 11:00 to ``5:00. ``the east coast storm causing ``mayhem for drivers. ``we'll tell you what officials ``are doing to help stranded ``people along the pennsylvania ``turnpike.
5:36 am
``back on track. ``elise jesse has details on the ``team's latest game. ``that's in sports. ``and your live look outside. ``what have you got, citycam? ``a little red heat coming your ``way. ``the steam from a heater being ``colored by something amber.
5:37 am
``jonathan: flooding concerns are ``rising as the immediate threat ``of the winter storm fades across ``the east coast. ``in new jersey, a string of ``resort towns are being hit by ``serious flood waters coming in ``with the tide. ``officials say it's not just ``coastal flooding from the ocean, ``but from the bay as well. ``the wind is holding the water ``in. ``some people have voluntarily ``evacuated. ``no injuries have been reported, ``though. ``hundreds of cars, buses and ``trucks center been stranded on ``the pennsylvania turnpike since ``friday night when a winter storm ``dumped two feet of snow on the ``highway. ``the national guard has been ``called in to bedford county to ``assist stranded drives, most of ``whom have been living in their ``vehicles over the weekend. ``>> i thought that we'd see some ``vehicles, service trucks or ``whatever come along the berm or ``whatever. ``and just nothing.
5:38 am
``>> stuff like this it's going to ``be hard to get out of here ``anyway. ``so i think we're going to be ``here for a long time. ``jonathan: no word when the ``turnpike will reopen. ``any drivers lucky enough to free ``themselves have been redirected ``to detour routes. ``one group was able to make it ``out. ``after sitting on the turnpike ``for more than 24 hours, the ``duquesne university men's ``basketball team finally ``returning to pittsburgh from a ``game against george mason in ``virginia. ``their bus came to a halt. ``that's team work. ``eventually, the players, coaches ``and staff banded together and ``pushed the bus out of the snow. ``a concrete barrier was moved so ``the bus could cross into the ``eastbound lane towards a detour ``route. ``the team had been stranded about ``80 miles from campus. ``snow. ``this is how you improvise if you ``can't find a hill. ``a sled dog going to work in
5:39 am
``arlington got covered in snow ``this weekend. ``the area has more than two feet ``of snow and one good sport of a ``pooch barking as he pulls a ``couple of kids behind him. ``not too far from that little ``guy, the national zoo's panda ``was also enjoying the snow. ``some cute overload on a sunday ``morning. ``cameras at the zoo called ``tien-tien rolling down snowy ``hills, making his own version of ``a snow angel. ``the snow has closed the national ``zoo to visitors and keepers have ``not said if the panda's sons got ``in on the snow day fun. ``let's go to local weather with ``jennifer. ``jennifer: he's got somewhere to ``hide. ``those were adorable. ``the dog was having so much fun.
5:40 am
``this morning. ``we had a couple of bands ``yesterday morning, flurries ``flying. ``since then, the clouds cleared. ``we've been clear and quiet since ``then. ``we'll stay that way. ``wlwt radar will have a break ``today and tonight. ``then when moisture returns ``tomorrow, i think we're talking ``about rain showers. ``satellite and radar combined ``showing the clear skies out ``there. ``any overnight cloud cover well ``off to our east. ``we will keep it clear this ``morning and it looks like we'll ``have the sunshine when it comes ``up, lasting through the day. ``with the clear skies and light ``winds and no cover in spots, ``temperatures are in the single ``digits for eastern counties. ``8 in wilmington. ``4 degrees in peebles. ``doing better for kentucky ``locations. ``then parts of ohio as well for ``harrison at nine degrees. ``vee ``vevay at 9 degrees. ``any location that may pick up ``the winds slightly, wind chills ``will be in the single digits ``easily. ``visibilities around five to ``seven miles.
5:41 am
``skies. ``no cloud cover aloft, but fog ``and mist at the surface. ``we're running into haze on the ``citycam shot. ``but a touch of moisture at the ``ground level has dropped back ``visibility some. ``haven't seen dense fog ``locations. ``if you did run into it, it would ``be freezing fog. ``an isolated slick spot a ``potential, but nothing ``widespread. ``we're at 11 degrees right now. ``south wind at three miles an ``hour. ``humidity is high at 88%. ``a touch of fog in spots this ``morning. ``temperatures have been dropping ``during the night. ``we sat around 14 degrees through ``2:00 a.m. ``we've since fallen off to 1u ``degrees. ``we have two and a half hours ``with the potential to drop the ``temperature a little bit loert. ``it's a cold start for the ``region. ``satellite and radar, a quiet ``start. ``cloud cover across the great ``lakes moving to the east. ``we are clear overhead. ``no cloud cover. ``nothing to push in today. ``we keep the skies mostly sunny ``through the stretch today.
5:42 am
``lasts through the afternoon. ``we had winds yesterday around 15 ``to 20 miles an hour. ``breezy at times. ``the wind chill struggled to get ``out of the teens saturday. ``not the case today. ``plenty of sunshine. ``lighter winds. ``temperatures should climb into ``the mid 30s. ``as high pressure works its way ``off to the east, we'll replace ``it with a south wind monday. ``it's going to help the ``temperature. ``it will be blowing over a ``blanket of snow across kentucky. ``we don't warm as high as we ``potentially could. ``we should make it up to 40 ``monday ahead of the front. ``monday night, the cloud cover ``arrives. ``showers past 9:00 and 10:00. ``rape `` rain showers rap up tuesday. ``plenty of sunshine today. ``weaker winds should be a nice ``end to the weekend. ``tonight, 22.
5:43 am
``this morning is the coldest of ``the stretch. ``40 tomorrow, partly cloudy for ``the afternoon. ``mostly cloudy in the evening. ``late evening rain showers. ``nothing too widespread. ``temperatures not bad in the mid ``to upper 30s. ``34 will be the coldest ``afternoon. ``then quiet the rest of the ``stretch. ``next weekend, partly cloudy and ``49. ``here's sunday morning sports. ``elise: good morning. ``i'm elise jesse. ``tickets selling early for this ``one. ``you know it was going to be a ``packed house at moeller last ``night when fifth ranked ``wilmington would come in to ``square off with third ranked ``moeller. ``the crusaders and the hurricanes ``facing off in montgomery. ``jarron cumberland was money in ``the first half with three threes ``for nine points. ``only finished with 14. ``four on ten shooting with seven
5:44 am
``moeller was only 5 for 15 from ``the tlept line. ``this one was nothing but net. ``they trailed wilmington 18-21 at ``the half. ``moeller improves to 15-1 with a ``40-31 victory. ``one team would hit a two-game ``losing streak if they lost. ``xavier facing seton hall. ``if there are lingering questions ``about edmund sumner's health, ``he's silenced those. ``he drives baseline before ``throwing it down. ``xavier led 40-36 at the half. ``the star, james farr with a ``career high in everything. ``24 points, 15 boards, four ``assists. ``blueitt and reynolds got in foul ``trouble. ``xavier gets back on track with ``an 84-76 win. ``>> i have a lot of respect for ``seton hall. ``they have one of the most ``talented, tough teams in our ``conference. ``i really believe that they're ``going to be an ncaa tournament ``team. ``we don't generally play that
5:45 am
``i felt like it was our best ``answer. ``again, really fortunate. ``we beat a really good team. ``elise: it was princess night at ``u.s. bank arena as the cyclones ``met up with fort wayne. ``nothing princess-like about ``this. ``tommy mala and kyle thomas ``throwing it down. ``they get a five minute major for ``fighting. ``cyclones trailed 1-0 but would ``come back to beat fort wayne ``6-4. ``here's the schedule for the ``conference championship games ``today. ``new england and denver facing ``off at 3:05. ``then carson palmer and the ``cardinals taking on cam newton ``and the panthers at 6:40. ``then, of course, this afternoon, ``u.c. hosting tulane at noon at ``the fifth third arena. ``that's it for me. ``jonathan, back to you. ``jonathan: cincinnati has been a ``movie making hot spot. ``how much has it helped our ``community? ``details on that coming up.
5:46 am
``>> okay. ``the crowd is with you. ``now it's time to really get them ``to make some noise. ``>> how am i supposed to do that? ``you got to throw out some ``applause lines. ``stuff they'll cheer for. ``>> isn't that kind of cheap?
5:47 am
``monologue or not? ``now get your butt out there. ``>> how does it feel to be in new ``york city? ``how about this? ``who here likes cake? ``>> what a move, going with cake! ``>> everybody loves cake. ``and rhonda knows that. ``>> former ultimate fighting ``champ rhonda rousy hosted ``first time. ``guest. ``the next host will be larry ``david on february 6. ``1975. ``as the year that saturday night ``live began. ``the greater cincinnati film ``commission says movies filmed in ``the city have given the city's ``economy a multimillion dollar ``boost. ``the commission says movies like
5:48 am
``generatedmillion ``in the past two years and ``created more than 8,800 jobs. ``the commission released the ``economic impact report saturday ``at the sundance film festival. ``cincinnati's mascots became ``stars on the ice rink on ``fountain square. ``mascots from across the region ``took part in the annual mascot ``broom ball match on saturday. ``there's a light saber duel going ``on. ``they incorporated star wars and ``baseball into the game, had a ``kiss cam and a halftime dance ``show followed by photos with ``fans. ``coming up at 6:00, a mess on ``i-71 overnight. ``what police are saying about the ``crash and the driver facing ``charges this morning. ``and we'll go outside through ``citycam 5's eyes. ``stay with us. ``we'll be right back at news 5
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