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tv   Today  NBC  January 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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`` good morning. ``the big dig. ``the huge storm, come and gone, ``and now the cleanup begins. ``the east coast is waking up this ``morning to a mountain of snow. ``d.c., new york, philadelphia ``coming close to record-breaking ``snowfalls on saturday. ``more than two feet here in the ``big apple. ``over three feet in west ``virginia. ``nearly two dozen storm-related ``deaths to report. ``travel at a standstill. ``some of the nation's biggest ``airports, paralyzed. ``on the roads, some stuck for
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``>> no food, water, bathroom ``facilities. `` ``. ``>> on the jersey shore, severe ``flooding. ``we're live. `` republican front runner ``donald trump raising eyebrows ``again. ``>> i could stand in the middle ``of fifth avenue, shoot somebody ``and i wouldn't lose any voters. ``it's incredible. ``>> as another billionaire ``considers putting his hat in the ``ring. `` clash of the titans. ``peyton manning and tom brady ``going head to head today in what ``could be the last time. ``with the super bowl on the line, ``who will come out on top? `` tina fey returns to ``"saturday night live" as sarah ``palin. ``>> god bless some of the united ``states of america. ``>> we have more of those ``late-night laughs today, sunday, ``january 24th, 2016.
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``this is a special edition of ``"today," blizzard 2016, live ``from studio 1a in rockefeller ``plaza. `` welcome to "today" on this ``sunday morning. ``i'm erica hill outside on ``rockefeller plaza with our own ``mountain of snow behind us. ``>> indeed. ``dylan drier is back after being ``in the blue mobiles for days. ``>> it's nice to be standing ``outside. ``you have to get one of these ``coats. ``they really keep you much warmer ``in new york city. ``>> and gloves. ``>> we do need to get you gloves, ``jose. ``>> i don't know enough about ``this. ``sheinelle made her way to time ``square. ``she'll have more on the historic ``storm in a moment. ``>> sheinelle is 4'11". ``we think maybe this pile behind ``us could be around 16 feet. ``it's our estimate. ``as you can imagine, that's just ``one pile. ``it's going to take a long time ``for people to dig out from this. ``let's get you caught up.
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``philadelphia are waking up to ``over 22 inches of snow this ``morning. ``new york city, we are looking at ``the second biggest snowfall on ``record here, 26.8 inches in ``central park. ``the town with the largest ``snowfall was in west virginia, ``40 inches. ``serious note, 20 people are dead ``because of the snow. ``some shoveling show and others ``in traffic accidents. ``the airlines are slowly getting ``back up to speed, struggling to ``resume service. ``640 flights already cancelled ``for tomorrow. ``cars are finally allowed back on ``the roads here in new york. ``here. ``yesterday. ``we have correspondents fanned ``out, covering the storm. ``course. ``we begin with sheinelle, who is ``in the heart of new york's time ``square. ``sheinelle, a little quieter ``there this morning than usual. ``>> it definitely is.
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``the warnings and decided to stay ``indoors to make it easier for ``the cleanup crews to do what ``they have to do, especially here ``in new york. ``the streets were virtually ``empty, with the exception of a ``few brave souls who decided to ``get out and about. ``behind me, as you mentioned i'm ``in time squares, guys in red ``suits are trying to clear the ``area. ``the travel ban was just lifted. ``people are starting to get out ``and about. ``one thing is for sure, for ``people who are at home and ``waking up this morning, they're ``finding there is a lot of ``cleaning up to do. ``>> reporter: from tennessee to ``connecticut, people are digging ``out from a monster of a storm. ``two feet of snow paralyzed the ``nation's capital, while 27 ``inches of snow piled in new york ``in less than 24 thundershower hours. ``where a travel advisory was ``lifted earlier this morning.
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``tunnels and bridges, closed. ``glengary, west virginia, under ``40 inches of snow. ``20 people died from this storm, ``most in traffic accidents. ``reagan international to remain ``closed until sunday. ``in all, over 6,000 flights were ``cancelled on friday and ``saturday. ``the annelines s airlines are hoping to get ``back to normal soon, but ``passengers aren't sure. ``>> i'm stuck for the next two ``days in miami. ``until monday morning. ``>> reporter: while the shoveling ``and plowing goes on, some of the ``stranded are finally free. ``imagine being stuck on the roads ``in blizzard conditions for 24 ``hours. ``>> no food, water, bathroom ``facility. ``>> reporter: i-75 in kentucky
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``same on the pennsylvania ``turnpike. ``people were trapped on the ``roads, including this church ``group. ``>> we were laughing, singing, ``praying. ``>> reporter: a little teamwork ``to get back on the record. ``the most severe power outages ``are in new jersey. ``60,000 customers in the dark. ``costal flood warnings still up ``for the new jersey shore, where ``severe flooding is submerging ``some of the same areas hit hard ``by sandy. ``those who couldn't stay inside ``any longer made the best of the ``snow, sliding down capitol hill, ``the slopes of central park, or ``diving in like this panda at the ``national zoo. ``as the blizzard of 2016 winds ``down, there's still a rough road ``ahead. ``>> we'll take whatever mother ``nature gives us, and we'll keep ``working at it until we get done. ``>> erica and jose, it was coming ``down so hard and so quickly ``yesterday, so many people said ``they've never seen anything like ``it. ``guys? ``>> it was definitely something. ``that's for sure.
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``>> we often hear about paralysis ``in washington, but this time, ``it's the weather to blame, not ``angry politicians. ``nbc's national correspondent ``miguel almaguer remains in the ``nation's capital this morning. ``miguel, good morning. ``>> jose, good morning. ``the district of columbia getting ``two feet of thick and fluffy ``snow. ``this is what they're waking up ``to in d.c. ``it's shin high, knee high in ``areas. ``it looks enjoyable, but it ``crippled the city over the last ``36 hours. ``36 hours straight, we saw steady ``snowfall here in d.c. ``it was blinding, dangerous and, ``today, the threat is far from ``over. ``all of this snow has been ``accumulating for so long, there ``are concerns it'll weigh down ``rooftops, bring down power ``lines. ``today, the first responders will ``be out in force, checking the ``roads here. ``also, plowing the roads to try ``to bring the city back to its ``feet. ``the big question will be, d.c. ``was shut down essentially over
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``will it reopen for business on ``monday? ``as sheinelle eluded to, there ``certainly was some lighter ``moments here in the district of ``columbia. ``we saw people sledding near ``capitol hill. ``some folks were skiing across ``the national mall. ``even some police officers had a ``bit of fun yesterday, picking up ``a football game. ``there were some lighter moments ``here. ``again, there is certainly some ``concern here in d.c. today. ``folks trying to get back on ``their feet. ``no question about it, it's going ``to be a big dig here in the ``district of columbia. ``jose, back to you. ``>> thank you very much. `` flooding is a major concern ``at this hour. ``high tide hit an hour ago, and ``it has the water rising in ``costal communities. ``jacob rascon is along the jersey ``shore in wildwood. ``good morning. ``>> reporter: good morning. ``there was no part of the jersey ``shore that was spared, but this ``area was hardest hit. ``as far as you can see behind me ``and in this direction and also ``to my left, there are homes ``underwater, with three or four
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``at the height of it, they say it ``was waist deep in height. ``many of the residents who live ``here say this is worse than ``super storm sandy. ``another area hit hard by stone ``harbor. ``there was flooding in the ``streets, cars underwater, homes ``that took in damage. ``we don't know the extent of the ``damage yet because, really, the ``high tide is coming and, again, ``as you said, out here in ``wildwood, this area is totally ``cut off when the high tide comes ``from the rest of the jersey ``shore. ``in fact, if it keeps rising, we as well. ``>> it's important you stay safe. ``over? ``>> the tomorrow is over. ``now we can clean up. ``a little help from mother nature ``to melt the snow would be nice, ``which i think we'll get. ``let's look at the blizzard. ``it started with severe storms ``and lots of rain. ``once the snow started, it ``continued to rotate around.
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``snow sit over new york city for ``an extended period of time. ``i remember being out in it, and ``i'd look at the radar and i'm ``like, this isn't going to end ``any time soon. ``the storm is pulling away. ``even nantucket, up in ``massachusetts, doesn't have to ``worry about the snow. ``however, this morning's high ``tide, around now, is when we ``have the -- still looking at the ``of the full moon we've seen. ``the saving grace is winds are no ``longer on shore. ``we do still have costal flood ``warnings along the coast. ``some of the highest numbers. ``we didn't break the record for ``the snowiest storm ever in new ``york city. ``missed it by 1/10 inch. ``jfk, we picked up 30 inches. ``officially at jfk, it is the ``biggest snowstorm ever. ``>> seeing that number at jfk ``gives us another sense of what a ``travel nightmare this will be. ``>> i was supposed to leave this ``morning and i have to leave ``tuesday, if i'm lucky. ``>> if you're lucky. ``>> flights are all --
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``from roanoke to d.c. to new york ``work this morning. ``>> thank god for the subways. ``>> thanks. `` turning to politics, all ``eyes, of course, on iowa this ``weekend. ``the presidential candidates ``battling it out there. ``we are now, if you're keeping ``track, eight days away from the ``iowa caucuses. ``a big name is now dropping hints ``that he may jump into the race. ``kerry sanders is in iowa this ``morning. ``good morning. ``>> good morning. ``you know, we're getting really ``close to finding out which ``republican and which democrat ``will get bragging righting ``coming out of iowa. ``the whole system, of course, is ``designed to whittle this down to ``two candidates. ``now, there's a possibility of a ``third independent candidate ``entering the race. ``former new york mayor michael ``bloom ``bloomberg. ``>> reporter: michael bloomberg ``would be the second billionaire ``to be in the race. ``>> what do you think of
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``>> i love it. ``>> reporter: while rubio and ``clinton held meetings last ``night, the race is more ``complicate ``complicated, with the ``possibility of bloomberg running ``as an independent. ``bloomberg may run come march, ``but only if donald trump, ted ``cruz or bernie sanders are their ``party's nominees. ``trump supporter taylor becker. ``>> i think bloomberg getting in ``would be exciting. ``i don't know i'd support him, ``but i'd love to see another ``billionaire with his own money ``and his own mission. ``>> reporter: in iowa saturday, ``hundreds of trump supporters ``waited more than six hours. ``temperatures in the teens. ``to hear him speak. ``it's what he said earlier in the ``day about his own popularity ``that turned heads. ``>> i could stand in the middle ``of fifth avenue and shoot ``somebody and i wouldn't lose ``voters. ``it's incredible. ``>> i have no intention of ``shooting anybody in the ``campaign. ``>> reporter: the battle for the ``democratic nomination, also
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``hillary clinton finds herself in ``an increasingly competitive race ``against bernie sanders. ``>> i will promise you this, if ``you give me the boost in the ``iowa caucuses to send me on the ``way to the nomination, i will ``come back often to campaign, to ``win iowa in november. ``>> here in muscatine, at the ``high school, donald trump will ``hold another rally. ``before he does, he plans to go ``to church here. ``the evangelical vote is ``considered essential for anyone ``who wants to win in iowa. `` chuck todd is moderator of ``"meet the press." ``how are you? ``>> good morning, jose. ``>> let's talk a little about ``bloomberg first. ``he's considering going into the ``race, but it seems like he's ``putting a lot of barriers to the
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``if, if, if, before i decide to ``go in, right sf ? ``>> that's right. ``what it tells you is if hillary ``clinton is the democratic ``nominee, he's not going to run. ``if it looks like she can get the ``nomination, he won't run. ``i think he thinks she is good ``enough to be president. ``if marco rubio, jeb bush, chris ``christie or john kasich were ``looking strong on the republican ``side, bloomberg wouldn't run. ``he put the parameters up. ``sanders and trump or cruz. ``it's because he wants to be ``president, he's just never found ``a viable path. ``i think he believes there ``actually would be a viable path ``for a third party candidacy if ``you had more of an extreme ``nominee on both ends -- being ``nominated in both parties, and ``sanders-cruz is what he looks ``at. ``>> a lot of the focus is on iowa ``as he head into the caucus next ``monday. ``the editorial board of the "des ``moines register" endorsing rubio ``and clinton. ``when it comes to the ``endorsements, especially in ``2016, how much influence do they
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``>> very little. ``if a newspaper endorsement has ``some influence, it's more in a ``democratic primary than a ``republican one. ``particularly, the "des moines ``register," it's known as a ``left-leaning editorial page. ``not the newspaper itself but the ``editorial page. ``it's more likely there are some ``caucus goers that might be ``influenced about -- on the ``democratic side, less on the ``republican side. ``look, i think what's remarkable ``about this last week in iowa, ``both sides are incredibly close. ``but the republican candidates, ``front runners, cruz and trump, ``it's nasty. ``they're going after each other ``on the air. ``as close as clinton and sanders ``are, the one thing we don't see, ``negative ads. ``>> what was interesting also ``yesterday at trump's rally is ``chuck was there, and i'm ``wondering if you're seeing the ``establishment republicans going ``toward trump, thinking it may be ``cruz. ``>> i think that tells you a lot ``about ted cruz's reputation in
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``it is very hard to see -- to ``find a republican senator that ``will say nice things about ted ``cruz. ``the question, jose, is whether ``these establishment republican ``types, are they warming to trump ``only because the alternative is ``cruz, or are they warming to ``trump because they can kill cruz ``and they think, we'll kill trump ``later? ``if i'm trump, i don't assume ``these people are with me. ``i think they're with me because ``he's not ted cruz. ``>> chuck, thanks. ``good to see you. ``>> you got it, brother. ``>> take care, man. `` this morning, you can join, ``press." ``his guests include donald trump, ``bernie sanders and hillary ``clinton. ``lots to talk about there. ``we are keeping an eye on a ``strong earthquake that hit ``alaska. ``7.1 quake striking there early ``this morning, centered in a ``remote area. ``strong shaking was felt more ``than 160 miles away in ``anchorage, sending as you can ``see, items tumbling from ``shelves. ``residents describe it as being
8:17 am
``no reports of major damage or ``injuries. `` a man hunt is underway for ``three inmates who made an escape ``from a southern california jail. ``officials say they broke out of ``the maximum security facility by ``sawing through steel bars and ``making their way through ``plumbing tunnels to get to the ``roof. ``once there, they repelled to the ``ground using a makeshift rope. ``prison officials say it's not ``clear if the men had outside ``help. ``the three were being held on ``charges including murder, ``kidnapping and torture, and are ``described as extremely ``dangerous. `` let's get a look at some of ``the rest of the country's ``forecasts. ``there's been so much focus on ``the storm here. ``things going on in the rest of ``the country, and a cool picture ``from space, i understand. ``who knew? ``we have a picture of the ``northern lights as seen from the ``international space station. ``how awesome is this? ``that is on my bucket list, to ``ever see the northern lights. ``from space. ``but this is from a british
8:18 am
``on land, we're seeing the storm ``system pulling away. ``still concerned about the high ``tide happening now. ``there are costal flood warnings ``in effect. ``we have snow that will move into ``the rockies. ``just about 2 to 4 ``>> that's your latest forecast. ``>> dylan, thanks. `` football fans have been ``keeping a close eye on the ``weather to see if it will have ``any impact on today's conference ``championship games.
8:19 am
``teams headed to the super bowl. ``crews in north carolina will be ``clearing away snow and ice for ``the panthers and cardinals. ``the afc championship is being ``played in denver, where there ``could be snow, as the broncos ``host the new england patriots. ``the pats are the defending ``champs, and we'll have more on ``that matchup coming up. `` up next on "today," tina fey ``takes on sarah palin. ``we have the highlights from ``"saturday night live" after ``these messages. ``>> so many of r you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. rno tickets. no accidents. rthat is until one of you clips a food truck, ` ruining your perfect record. v yeah. r now you would think your insurance company `would cut you some slack, right? v no. r your insurance rates go through the roof... r your perfect record doesn't get you anything. vanything. vperfect. t for drivers` with accident forgiveness, @ liberty mutual won't raiset your rates @ due to your first accident. r see car insurancer in a whole new light.
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`` we are happy to report ``sheinelle made it back and is ``now shahhing ing thawing out from times ``square. ``>> people are out and about. ``>> nothing keeps new yorkers ``inside. `` a night of laughs on ``"saturday night live" thanks to ``tina fey's guest appearance. ``there to play sarah palin. ``>> dylan is in the orange room ``with that. ``>> tina stole the show with her ``hilarious impression of the ``former alaska governor. ``take a look. ``>> i'm here because we americans ``are struggling. ``so many of us have lost our jobs ``at the factory or reality shows ``about alaska, and we've seen our ``own children targeted by the ``police for no reason other than ``they committed some crimes. ``we turn on the news every ``morning and are shocked to see
8:23 am
``we've been replaced by ``immigrants like rivera. ``>> she's fun. ``she just says whatever she ``wants. ``it's like her mouth starts ``driving before her brain gets in ``the car. ``>> "snl" was hosted by ronda ``rousey. ``it was the mma fighter's first ``time hosting, which is outside ``of the box but i think she did ``great. ``>> i love it. ``thanks. `` still to come here on ``"today," epic showdown later ``today. ``who will reign supreme between ``tom brady and peyton manning? `` after these mess @ i appreciate you coming by. t absolutely. the market's beenrpretty volatile lately. there is a lot atr stake here, you know? look jim, we'vet been planning for this for at long time. and we'll keeptevolving things. tso don't worry. @ knowing what's on your mindr and acting accordingly. r multiplied by 13,000r financial advisors. r it's a big deal. @
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through the night in florence...
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`` half past the hour, we're ``back on this sunday morning, ``january 24th, 2016. ``this is a live look for you. ``that is not a river. ``that is a street in wildwood, ``new jersey. ``flooded as a result of this ``massive winter storm. ``that is a may your jor focus for ``people. ``here today on the plaza, we have ``a great crowd. ``some folks from florida braving ``the cold. ``one lady wants to see snow, so ``it's working out for her. ``>> absolutely. ``>> the snow and the weather ``remains our top story this ``morning. ``we can tell you at least 20
8:27 am
``over the past two days. ``airlines are starting to resume ``service. ``it is happening very slowly. ``more than 3,500 cancellations ``already today. ``at least 600 tomorrow. `` donald trump is taiese facing a ``little heat for a comment he ``made yesterday about his ``popularity while on the trail in ``iowa. ``>> i could stand in the middle ``of fifth avenue and shoot ``somebody, and i wouldn't lose ``any voters, okay? ``it's like incredible. `` with the iowa caucuses eight ``days away, the "des moines ``register" is endorsing hillary ``clinton and marco rubio. `` gray cie gold has another ``championship under her belt. ``she won last night, coming back ``from a shaky short program to ``wind up on top after her free ``skate. ``congratulations to her. `` let's get the latest on the ``cleanup from the nation's ``capital. ``miguel almaguer remains in ``washington, d.c. this morning. ``good morning. ``>> good morning. ``it's less than two feet of snow, ``but it's certainly going to be a
8:28 am
``from all of the side streets and ``even the major roads here, they ``are at least covered in snow, if ``not covered in snow, certainly ``covered in ice. ``over the last couple hours, ``we've seen first responders in ``this area. ``a short time ago, there was an ``ambulance down the street. ``we saw a fire truck cruising the ``area. ``in front of us, you'll see a car ``driving through. ``the snow came down for 36 hours ``straight. ``it was a crippling snow, steady ``and blinding at times. ``the concern today will now be ``how much snow has accumulated on ``roofs and power lines. ``how much jeopardy those homes ``and power lines will be today as ``they try to dig out. ``this process is going to be a ``long one. ``jose, the question will be, will ``d.c. be back on its feet ``tomorrow? ``a big unknown. ``back to you. ``>> thank you very much. `` residents along the jersey ``shore are assessing the damage ``this morning. ``with flooding, high winds and ``bitter cold leading to costal ``erosion and mass power outages, ``nbc's rehema ellis has more on ``that for us. ``good morning.
8:29 am
``the high surf advisories and the ``warnings remain in effect here. ``take a look at this. ``this is a very different picture ``from what we had yesterday. ``during the height of the storm, ``this beach and areas all along ``the coast were very dangerous ``places to be. ``we saw earlier some pictures of ``streets that turned into rivers ``in wildwood. ``atlantic city, people were ``flooded beyond their ``imagination. ``also in stone harbor, they got ``hit pretty hard. ``in fact, the mayor of stone ``harbor said the flooding there ``was so intense, it was worse ``than what happened in 2012 ``during hurricane sandy. ``that hurricane literally ``devastated this area. ``today, what a lot of people are ``going to be doing is trying to ``make certain their power is back ``on. ``tens of thousands of people lost ``power during the height of the ``storm, and it was so bad, the ``linemen couldn't get out because ``the winds were so intense. ``they couldn't get out yesterday ``they're going to be busy doing ``that today. ``the high tide, as we said, is ``still up.
8:30 am
``be a possibility of some ``moderate flooding. ``as people begin to dig out ``today, they're going to assess ``what's going on. ``there are also going to be ``people coming out at some point ``to assess what kind of beach to ``abrogation `` -- erosion to occurred. ``they're going to try and put ``this area back together. ``erica? ``>> we'll be watching. ``rehema, thank you. `` dylan has a final check of ``the weather now. ``for all we talk about, and there ``was a serious nature to the ``storm, a lot of people took ``advantage to have a good time ``yesterday. ``>> a lot of people were having ``fun. ``you had fun in new york city, ``right? ``we have one family from ``philadelphia, we survived the ``blizzard. ``where'd you get the plates? ``>> dwayne reed. ``>> popular in new york city. ``let's see how others survived ``the blizzard. ``crazy if you ask me. ``jumping into the snow in bathing
8:31 am
``that is one thing the "today" ``show cannot convince me to do, ``ever. ``we also had people resorting to ``awful. ``mattresses. ``when you don't have a sled, run ``down in an air mattress. ``the dog seems to like that, too. ``that was in washington, d.c. ``we also just had so many people ``trying to dig out of the snow. ``this is glengary, west virginia, ``more than 40 inches of snow. ``3 1/2 feet. ``not fun to shovel. ``the good news is this storm is ``moving away. ``we are down with the snow. ``we have the cold right now, but ``we're going to see temperatures ``warm above average, and even ``above freezing as we go into the ``next couple of days. ``that should help melt the snow a ``little bit. ``we have another storm system ``moving through the plains. ``don't worry, it's not heading to ``the east coast. ``it'll produce a couple inches of ``snow, tomorrow, west of chicago, ``with about 4 to 8 inches in the we're starting off cold but by afternoon temperatures will climb above freezing
8:32 am
our next potential weather maker moves in monday evening. right now it looks as though the majority of this system will be wet, however there is a chance at the onset, we could see a little freezing drizzle monday evening. stay tuned for more specific timing as we close in on the event. beyond wednesday temperatures with the potential for highs in the upper 40s by next weekend. ``>> you guys, snowed in from ``south carolina. ``snow? ``>> it's a first. ``welcome to new york. ``jose? ``>> thanks so much. `` the cold and snow may keep ``more people inside today, ``watching one of the biggest ``rivalries in sports. ``peyton manning and tom brady. ``the super bowl is on the line. ``by the end of today's game, one ``of them will be headed there. ``nbc has more on this epic ``matchup.
8:33 am
``>> good morning. ``a lot on the line. ``a huge game. ``in fact, this will be the fifth ``playoff matchup between peyton ``manning and tom brady. ``it's more than any two ``quarterbacks in nfl history. ``with an even split in the games, ``this one, jose, hits for ``bragging rights. ``>> reporter: with a trip to the ``super bowl on the line today, ``two legendary quarterbacks, ``peyton manning and tom brady, ``square off for the 17th time. ``>> playing someone 17 times is ``pretty cool, especially someone ``as great as him. ``>> reporter: their on-field ``rivalry spans 15 years, so does ``their mutual respect. ``>> he plays the position the ``right way. ``when you do that, there's a ``reason you play for a long time. ``>> reporter: gary myers wrote a ``book on manning and brady. ``>> these guys have bonded. ``they text all the time. ``they play golf frequently in the ``off season. ``when peyton and tom walk into ``the same restaurant, it turns a ``lot of heads. ``>> reporter: peyton manning met ``his wife ashley as a teenager,
8:34 am
``celebrity power couple. ``the son and brother of nfl ``quarterbacks, manning was bred ``for stardom. ``the number one draft pick in ``1998. ``brady came from obscurity, ``drafted 99th in 2000. ``manning made more than anyone in ``nfl history, $245 million. ``brady ranks third at 163 $163 ``million. ``millions nor more in endorsement. ``brady, high end fashion and ``cologne. ``manning earning twice as much ``advertising insurance and fast ``food. ``>> better pizza. ``>> papa john's. ``>> reporter: they can laugh at ``themselves on "saturday night ``live." ``>> you suck. ``>> not a touchdown. ``>> are you kidding me? ``>> reporter: the laughter came ``to a halt over the last year as ``both men suffered unexpected ``challenges. ``brady had to overcome the ``deflategate scandal. ``manning denying he used a
8:35 am
``season. ``>> reporter: two super bowl ``champions sharing the field for ``>> peyton may be retiring this ``season, whether it's in the ``championship game or the super ``bowl, it makes it an event for ``people to embrace. ``>> what's interesting about this ``is these two legends are never ``even on the field at the same ``time. ``which makes this rivalry really ``about strategy. ``the question now is who has the ``strategy for the super bowl? ``we will find out later today. ``>> 3:00? ``>> i don't have an opinion on ``this story. ``no, i'm kidding. ``>> i don't believe that. ``>> it's opposite day. ``>> i'm ready for it. `` up next, our sunday stories. ``we'll talk to heros on the ``battlefield who become stars on ``the ice. `` how shipping containers are ``turning into homes of the ``future. `` harry smith shows us a piece ``of history that has been lost ``for nearly 100 bleeding gums? you may think it's a
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8:39 am
``betting that a new door for new ``homes begins at america's ports. ``old shipping containers, they ``believe, are like legos, ``building blocks to cheaper, ``stronger homes. ``>> is this ugly? ``>> i don't think so. ``>> reporter: for the last four ``years. ``>> so it is cheaper? ``>> it is cheaper. ``>> reporter: tom fox lived in ``this 12 container, three story, ``four bedroom, three bath home, ``saving himself a pile of money. ``>> it cost $55 a square foot. ``>> versus in a regular ``construction? ``>> would be $100 a square foot ``for a house like this. ``>> reporter: tom's 3,500 square ``foot home in gainesville, ``florida, cost $200,000. ``while constructing homes like ``this is perhaps novel in the ``united states, cargo containers ``as apartments in the ``netherlands, or as designer ``homes in spain, have won over a ``younger, cost-conscious ``generation. ``architect steven bender believes ``the next big audience for homes
8:40 am
``>> millenials, recent college ``graduates, people that are ``looking for a different ``lifestyle. ``shipping container fits the ``bill. ``>> reporter: for those now ``planning container homes, from ``washington, d.c. to texas to ``oregon, a warning from pioneers ``overseas. ``>> it's the building ``regulations. ``it's the zoning regulations. ``it's the public acceptance ``that's the issue. ``>> reporter: as builders in the ``u.s. are now learning, ``acceptance has as much to do ``with looks as it does with ``construction methods. ``generational question. ``are these houses pretty or ugly? ``>> i think they're pretty. ``>> i think they're unique. ``isn't it? ``container homes. ``is it just a fad? ``house. ``>> reporter: like the homes in ``the 1970s. ``or is this an idea dropping ``anchor for the long haul? ``for "today," kerry sanders, nbc ``news, gainesville. ``>> very interesting. ``>> i have a lot of questions. ``>> let's go with some.
8:41 am
``i didn't see a lot of pluming in ``there. ``>> there's got to be. ``>> i imagine there's indoor ``plumbing. ``insulation. ``>> why not a mobile home? ``>> these seem sturdier. ``>> maybe it's more expensive. ``maybe you can customize this ``more. ``>> we're asking questions that ``we have no ask for. ``>> we're going to call kerry. ``>> kerry, the bathroom issue? `` extraordinary players on ``team usa's sled @
8:42 am
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8:43 am
`` mountains outside to inside, ``we're back on a sunday morning ``with a hockey team full of ``remarkable men. ``it isn't the typical kind of ``hockey you may be thinking of. ``>> we're talking about sled ``hockey this morning. ``for people with various ``disabilities, it's an ``opportunity to play one of ``america's favorite past times ``equipment. ``craig melvin met the heros of ``the national sled hockey team. ``>> reporter: when team usa's ``sled hockey squad took the ice ``saturday night, nova scotia ``championship, it was about more ``than hockey. ``>> being back in the locker ``room, joking around with the ``guys, traveling with them, just
8:44 am
``probably the biggest thing for ``me. ``>> reporter: using specially ``designed sleds that sit on two ``skate blades and sticks with ``metal picks, players propel ``themselves around the ice. ``to play, you have to be pretty ``extraordinary. ``former navy seal and team usa ``goal backer reichenbach is in ``his first season. ``>> i thought my hockey career ``was over. ``>> reporter: we first met him ``last june. ``"today" surprised him and his ``family with a smart home in ``montana. ``a house designed for the double ``amputee. ``in 2012, a makeshift bomb took ``his legs while he was on patrol ``in afghanistan. ``it's still about service for ``him. ``>> to wear the red, white and ``blue, i love it. ``it's service again. ``we're representing our colors, ``our country and our pride. ``>> reporter: his new band of ``brothers on the ice includes
8:45 am
``bo is one of six purple heart ``recipients on team usa. ``the military's honor for those ``killed or wounded in action. ``>> we took a short security halt ``to make sure everybody was okay ``and that we were going good. ``when i stood up and turned to go ``again, the explosion went off. ``>> reporter: 28-year-old josh ``sweeney is team captain. ``he'd never heard of the sport ``until he started rehabbing in ``2009. ``>> when i found out about it and ``started player, that's mentally ``when i realized i can still do ``everything i wanted to do. ``it wasn't going to be the same ``way i did it before. ``>> reporter: the retired marine ``sergeant scored the winning goal ``against russia in sochi. ``started his own sled hockey team ``in portland, oregon, and won an ``espy for his work. ``this team isn't just for ``military vets.
8:46 am
``>> we were 17, changing a flat ``tire. ``some girl from our school didn't ``see us and ran us over. ``>> reporter: his best friend ``from that night and ever since, ``squad. ``>> i get sad some days. ``it's nice to cry sometimes, let ``it out. ``day. ``>> most importantly, guys, this ``is our gold medal game. ``>> reporter: two-time national ``college championship coach and a ``vet himself insists that's what ``makes his team so spectacular. ``resiliency. ``>> you have to appreciate what ``the guys go through. ``it's tougher to get from the ``locker room to the ice than it ``is to play the game. ``>> let's go! ``>> reporter: for this team, ``getting back in the game is what ``it's all about. ``>> tied at two in this gold ``medal final. ``>> reporter: saturday night ``belonged to america's team.
8:47 am
``>> america wins. ``>> reporter: for "today" in nova ``skoe ya `` -- nova scotia. ``>> congratulations to them. ``we talk about who is on the ``wheaties box. ``these guys got their own beer ``cans. ``released limited edition cans to ``celebrate the team. ``>> so cool. ``>> great piece by craig. ``>> anything with your name is ``cool to have. ``>> the new breakfast of ``champions? `` still to come, harry smith ``has a @huh. nintroducing centrum vitamints. na brand new multivitamin younenjoy like a mint. nwith a full spectrum ofnessential nutrients... nsurprisingly smooth,nrefreshingly cool. @i see you found the vitamints. nnew centrum vitamints.
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``with harry," a very special ``history lesson for students at ``one school. ``one they never planned on. ``>> all thanks to a janitor who ``nearly 100 years ago, wanted to ``preserve a moment in time. ``here's harry smith. ``>> reporter: oklahoma city's ``emerson high truly is old ``school. ``built before the territory ``became a state, it makes you ``wonder what stories they tell, ``if the walls could talk. ``plenty, it turns out. ``during a recent renovation, ``construction crews discovered ``blackboards that had been ``covered for almost 100 years. ``panels of art, lessons and ``mysterious writing. ``>> this is cursive. ``>> this is the cursive writing ``we don't teach anymore. ``principal. ``>> when you saw this, what did ``you think? ``>> i stopped and started getting ``tears in my eyes. ``i got goose bumps all over me. ``i thought, oh, my god, here it ``is. ``it was like i walked into a time ``capsule.
8:50 am
``here 22 years. ``>> i was like, what is this? ``time? ``it's been here since 1917. ``>> reporter: all thanks to a ``boards. ``english teacher cynthia thinks ``he hopes someone in the future ``would find what he saved. ``>> the janitor had a plan? ``>> he did. ``now, we get to reap the rewards ``of his plan. ``of art. ``that's all i can call it. ``>> reporter: the boards will be ``protected, vows the ``superintendent. ``>> we're going to preserve them. ``it may mean we have to delay the ``start of school in these ``classrooms but we have to ``preserve these. ``>> reporter: detailed chalk ``drawings, mysterious math ``wheels, music lessons. ``maybe the man who saved all ``this, the janitor, was just ``trying to say, we knew what we ``were doing back in the day. ``here's the postscript. ``newly uncovered, the classroom
8:51 am
``her students were learning how ``to make drawings with three ``dimensional perspective. ``there was a map of indian ``territory, what oklahoma was ``once known as. ``because the boards are fragile, ``they can't be removed. ``they'll be covered again now ``with smart boards. ``what was on the old ones seem ``pretty smart, too. ``harry smith, nbc news, oklahoma ``city. ``>> love it. ``they're beautiful, too. ``all the drawings. ``really, really cool. ``>> amazing. `` we checked in with kerry ``sanders. ``>> container houses. ``>> they have plumbing. ``they have insulation. ``they are essentially like any ``other home. ``customize it however you like. ``the beauty of it. ``it's a little less expensive. ``put them together to make a ``builder house. ``one gentleman had a four-bedroom ``home. ``>> with toilets. ``>> yes. ``>> and insulation. ``>> kerry, thank you. ``we couldn't talk about much else ``for a while. `` on "meet the press," chuck
8:52 am
``sanders and hillary clinton. ``>> jose, nice having you. ``>> we've had interesting ``conversations off and on the ``air. ``>> jose didn't going home for ``two days. ``that'll do it for us on a sunday ``morning. ``thanks for joining us.
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