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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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``[captioning made possible by ``wlwt-tv] ``announcer: leading the way, ``on-air, online, and on the go. ``this is wlwt news five at 11:00. `` courtis: a mother of three ``children was hit with a barrage ``of bullets 10 days ago. ``she died yesterday. ``good evening and thanks for ``joining us. ``i' m courtis fuller. ``the killer is still on the ``streets as well the passenger ``who police say was in the car
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s tammy mutasa is ``live with more of the victim' s ``relatives message, tammy? ``tammy: courtis, the family says, ``"what if ieasha williams was ``your mom, your daughter, your ``sister?" ``she was all those things to them ``, but now she is dead. ``catching this killer. ``joanne beal: she took her last ``was there, and that was tough ``too, that was tough. ``tammy: for nine days they held ``onto hope for ieasha williams. ``in the end her family had to let ``her go. t just lose ``a cousin. ``i lost a child, i lost a little s just not fair ``to our family. ``she was a very loving person, ``very loving, very kind very ``genuine. ``tammy: but what they won' t let ``go is that the killer who shot ``the young mom of three is still ``out there. ``joanne beal: and it has taken a
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``tammy: williams had been driving ``on reading road when someone ``fired several shots into the ``car. ``wounded by the gunfire she then ``crashed into a metro bus `` . ``miyana singer: we really just ``want justice. ``she didn' t deserve this. ``this was not expected at all. ``she was too good of a person to ``lose her life this way. ``tammy: investigators say the ``bullets weren' t meant for her. ``they believe another man in the ``passenger seat was the target. ``but police say he ran away after ``the crash. ``joanne beal: for him to get out ``and leave her car and leave her ``there, he' s an accomplice now. ``tammy: police have no leads, but ``the family' s faith lies in ``getting justice. ``joanne beal: she did not deserve ``that. ``she did not deserve that. ``she has three small children. ``they need their mother, and they ``don' t have their mother, and ``that' s not fair. ``tammy: right now investigators ``are looking for that passenger ``and any suspects in this ``shooting. ``if you are asked to call police. ``reporting live from from ``district four police tammy
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``courtis: the family has set up a ``fund for those of three children ``at any fifth third bank. ``police are also investigating a ``double shooting that seriously ``injured one person. ``we told it happened overnight in ``winton terrace. ``one person was hit in the foot. ``but a second person suffered ``life threatening injuries, and ``was taken to u.c. medical ``center. ``no other information has been ``released. ``and harrison now, the death of a ``23-year-old man is being ``investigated as suspicious three `` . ``residents at the indian ``footprint apartments, say around ``four this morning, they heard ``arguing and later gunshots. ``by the time police arrived, the ``young man was dead. ``we' re expected to learn more ``about the cause of death ``tomorrow from the coroner. ``in warren county, a house fire ``now being investigated, after a ``home in clearcreek township is ``destroyed by flames. ``crews tell us the fire started ``in the attic of that home on
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``the family was home at the time ``, but luckily made it out ``safely. ``we have some new details for you ``after a crash on northbound i ``71. ``police say three vehicles were ``involved and one person was ``trapped inside their vehicle ``exit. ``that person had minor injuries. ``this happened just after 3:00 ``this morning, and we are told ``one person is facing drunk ``our thanks to viewer john for ``sending us this video. ``hamilton county deputies are ``searching for the man they say ``led them on a chase. ``and then fled. ``it happened last night around ``8:00 on colerain avenue in green ``township. ``investigators say the suspect ``actually jumped from the vehicle ``while it was moving and ran. ``the car came to a stop after ``hitting a parked car. ``a k-9 dog was called to the ``scene but the suspect was gone.
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``just really happy to see that ``somebody cares about what ``they' re going through. ``it' s a desperate situation, and ``it' s rough to see, but people ``were so welcoming and kind to ``us, especially when we told them ``we were from cincinnati. ``courtis: i know you have been ``hearing about this story. ``a group that calls itself ``"cincinnati supports flint" left ``bright and early this morning to ``deliver cases and cases of ``water. ``all donated by residents in the ``queen city. ``the group shared photos with us ``of their time in flint. ``they drove about 4.5 hours up to ``flint today and working with the ``red cross, they personally ``handed out water to people. ``flint water has had high levels ``of lead, after city officials ``switched the town' s water supply ``to save money. ``>> this could happen in ``cincinnati. ``this could happen anywhere, and
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``water is not expensive. ``it' s something that everyone can ``chip in on. ``once kroger donated the truck, ``we didn' t really have any reason ``not to. ``courtis: we were able to face ``time right with them on the bus. ``that group arrived back in ``cincinnati around 9:30 this ``evening. ``let' s take you up to northern ``ohio outside of youngstown, ``classes in the sebring school ``district have been called off ``once again for monday due to ``concerns over the water there. ``officials cancelled school ``friday, after testing showed ``high levels of lead in the ``water. ``environmental officials say they ``don' t believe the town' s ``treatment plant is to blame, ``they say the problem could be ``with the lead pipes found inside older homes. >> as it goes into the older residential service lines and into residential plumbing, and it' s not being used or poured out of the faucets, and it' s sitting for any amount of time.
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been handing out bottled water there. clinics to test residents for lead were also held today. plenty of donations have been pouring in for a campaign aimed at helping foster children right here in greater cincinnati. the gloves for love campaign first kicked off earlier this month and will go through february 12. the goal is to collect as many gloves, mittens, hats and scarves for children in foster care. so far, more than 2500 gloves have been collected, but the goal is to collect 10,000 total. we are just two weeks from superbowl 50. that will be held in sunny california. and tonight, we now know who is going. wlwt news 5' s elise jesse is in the newsroom. who is headed to the super bowl? elise: the afc championship game was a close one, but the nfc championship game was outrageous. one-sided would be the perfect
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cardinals-carolina game. first patriots down to in the fourth quarter after the touchdown. going for two and the tie. tom brady back to pass. it is tipped and picked off by the broncos, and that seals the deal as denver advances to the super bowl with the 2018 win. -- the 20-18 win. as for the nfc championship game, it was all carolina. already up significantly when luke kuechly comes up big on defense. pick six and panthers dab their way to the super bowl with a 49-15 win. denver and carolina will meet in cali. levi' s stadium will be the host of super bowl 50 february 7 at 6:30. the age difference between petyon manning and cam newton is the largest between starting quarterbacks in super bowl history. manning is 39 and newton is 26. that' s a 13-year gap. from the news room, elise jesse, wlwt news 5. courtis: new details tonight after those deadly attacks in paris. what authorities are learning
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also, trip backlash. or some are very upset about a recent trip kentucky' s governor took. erik: most of us in the evening seeing temperatures in the mid 20' s, but as you go south it gets colder. i will tell you the reason why
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go into tomorrow evening. announcer: you are watching wlwt news 5. courtis: new details tonight about the terror attacks in paris. new video released show that the extremists involved in that deadly november attack in paris, committed other atrocities before heading to france. in that video, there is detail about all the planning that went into the paris attack. the group also threatened to attack great britain. 130 people were killed. a california sheriff says three men who escaped a maximum security jail should be considered armed and dangerous. two were charged with murder the -- murder, the third with kidnapping. officials say they cut through steel bars at the orange county central men' s jail on friday, then used a makeshift rope to rappel to the ground from the jail' s roof.
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$30,000 reward for information. a strong earthquake in south central alaska has evacuated 30 homes. after it caused a gas leak. the 7.1 magnitude quake also knocked objects off shelves and led to power outages. firefighters have battled three fires, including a house explosion. they haven' t reported any injuries, but 20 people are taking shelter, we are told, in an armory today. because of the east coast snowstorm, members of the house have even postponed a number of important votes this week. one of those votes include d overriding president obama' s health care veto. senators say they plan to begin work wednesday night. the vote on the president' s controversial health care law is now expected during the first week in february. the blizzard also knocked down the washington redskin' s training facility. the weight of the snow deflated the dome in ashburn, virginia.
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feet of snow. it' s unclear if anyone was inside the dome when it collapsed, but we know police say no one was hurt. the redskins say they' ll re-inflate the facility after crews remove the snow. the storm dumped a foot of snow in some areas of kentucky. drivers were stuck for hours on i-75, including a local news team. watch this. the reporter and photographer from wkyt saying they thought officers would reopen the frozen interstate quickly. but it turned into a 13-hour standstill. justin skeens: we became a news story. it was the first time that i' ve ever experienced other news stations, outlets contacting us , wanting our story, wanting to see how we were doing. courtis: reporter and nku graduate caitlin center says she
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understanding of the story. after more wrecks and slide-offs, police were finally able to reopen the road. the snow has stopped and the cleanup has started. the nation' s capital is digging out from the massive snow. wlwt news 5' s aixa diaz tells us how washington, d.c. is thawing out and moving on. aixa: everyday life here in washington will slowly start getting back to normal tomorrow. the airports hope to resume some flights. the subway will begin running again in the morning. service will be free but limited. over the weekend, sledders replaced lawmakers on capitol hill. senators won' t return until wednesday, and the house has postponed votes it had scheduled this week. tomorrow federal offices will be , shut down. dc students get another snow day tomorrow. he national zoo, with its snow-loving pandas, remains closed. in washington, i'
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courtis: what we are being told, parts of the washington area got between a foot and a half to two and a half feet of snow. we checked flight arrivals to cvg, and there were a few cancellations already for monday morning. other flights were scheduled to arrive on time. kentucky' s governor facing backlash tonight after he traveled to new hampshire while kentucky was under a state of emergency. matt bevin returned to his native state to speak at a republican town hall. emergency management says the governor kept in touch throughout the day. mr. bevin' s spokeswoman says he also met with companies interested in relocating to kentucky. to commitment 2016 news now. donald trump continues to be the center of republican conversation, along with his
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>> we have seen our own children targeted by the police or no reason other than they committed some crimes. we turn on the news -- courtis: that is tina fey, as she returned to play sarah palin during "saturday night live." meanwhile some republicans are laughing donald trump' s latest comments about his followers' loyalty. mr. trump said that they would still vote for him even if he shot someone. but kentucky senator rand paul says trump' s delusional. rand paul: i think that donald trump believes in no limits to power as long as it' s coming to that' s very, very worrisome to us i think that conservatives , across the country should be alarmed at his candidacy because i don' t think he' s a real conservative. courtis: the democrats are looking at the possibility that former new york mayor michael bloomberg would run as an independent. experts think it would take nominations of trump or ted cruz
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to enter the race. most candidates said they' d welcome him. some others said they will not comment until he officially declares. hillary clinton said she' d save him all the trouble by winning the nomination. >> most accurate forecast. erik: not a bad sunday, we saw sunshine this afternoon, temperatures climbing above the freezing mark in most spots. things have cooled off. more so in some spots than others. usually it is colder in hamilton the northern kentucky but tonight we are seeing 30 degrees and in hamilton we are seeing the snowpack. we are talking about temperatures in the mid-20' s. the snowpack may play a role in tomorrow' s forecast, especially as we head into the evening. 26 degrees, wins out of the south at eight miles an hour.
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no rain or snow on the radar, but we are tracking a couple of clouds. for now are high and pretty thin. by tomorrow afternoon we will see them thicken up and eventually this sources and across oklahoma and kansas will eventually start to head our way . that will give us a chance for rain showers tomorrow evening. there is a fairly big warm up. we will start off at 22 degrees morrow morning and and up in the 40' s for the afternoon. look at them -- mild air. it had to traverse all of the snowpack, which means it will cool a couple of degrees before it makes it here. my one concern is that the first couple of hours of precipitation tomorrow evening, those areas still with snow on the ground, temperatures especially at ground level may be at or below freezing read it means these rain showers around 7:00 could be a freezing drizzle for a
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to the north and west were there is no snow, that will not be a problem. south and east where there is, it may be. tomorrow morning, 22, decent amount of sunshine. overtures gradually climbing to the upper 30' s. maybe the lower 40' s. rain chance is building in after sunset. around maysville or a win 10, you may see of brief drizzle. the rain will not be heavy, it will not last long, and then tuesday afternoon, we will dry out a bit. futurecast showing a few high clouds passing by. overall nice and quiet. a nice quiet morning for the rush out the door. in the afternoon a few clouds building in, a few rain showers possible in the evening. we will see that intensify as we had throughout the overnight monday night into tuesday morning. this is a cold front.
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so slightly colder air going in. nothing like the teens and single digits we saw last week. we' ll be flirting with 30 and 40 by the end of the week. tuesday and wednesday maybe a couple of flurries. even that will not be a big problem. tonight down to 22 degrees, partly cloudy' s ties. this will be cold tomorrow morning. most of us will be in the lower 40' s. clouds return, showers pass around 7:00. the seven day forecast shows 38 a slightly better chance for flurries. thursday, friday, closing in on 50 by saturday. a pretty climbing week -- quiet week compared to last week. courtis: thank you. we have more news. a listeria outbreak in bags of dole salads has now been linked to one death and has put 11 other people in the hospital. dole is calling for a voluntary recall of their packaged salads
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the one person who died so far, lived in michigan. the ohio department of agriculture found the contamination at a production plant in springfield, ohio and says it is contained to just that location. >> the likely source in the outbreak in the dole plant is listeria monocytogenes that were brought in on the lettuce plants that were harvested. courtis: salads with a product code beginning with the letter a in the upper right-hand corner of the package are affected. some of the salads with that code were made for supermarkets, including marketside at walmart, little salad bar at aldi, and fresh selections sold at kroger. ohio real estate officials are now rolling out an app to keep their agents safe. the new real agent guard app provides safe locations near you to meet strangers. it alerts colleagues where, and when, a realtor is meeting a
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and provides a panic button, connected to the office and the police department. the app also records open-house guests. it was in development when an arkansas real estate agent was kidnapped and killed. happening this week, ohio is marking its national school choice week with a number of events across the state. the governor has issued an official proclamation in support. the goal is to raise awareness education options for children. , including public charter schools, public magnet schools and private schools. the film academy is pledging more diversity in its membership and leadership after recent criticism. the academy president announced these changes on friday. these include doubling the number of female and minority members by 2020 and adding three new seats to the board of governors. the reform comes in light of calls for an oscar boycott after
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all-white slate of actors for the second year in a row. the new miss universe says the mistake that led to a delay in announcing her pageant win could actually help her by focusing more attention on her causes, including hiv awareness. she is the third person from the philippines to become miss universe, ending a 42-year title drought for the southeast asian nation. she was crowned at a controversial ceremony in december that saw show host steve harvey correct himself after first mistakenly announcing miss colombia as the winner. >> what we' re actually planning to do, i will have myself tested in new york. it will be a public testing, and then, so that i can show everybody how easy it is to do and how important it is. courtis: miss universe says she hopes her public testing will
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suit. the snow a frontier saga "the revenant" topped its competition this weekend. studio executives say the winter storm had a major effect on business. "the revenant" brough in about $16 million in its third week. "star wars: the force awakens" came in second with more than $14 million. and "ride along 2" rounded out the top 3. any surprises? i picked up these two teams. elise: did you? the nfl magician. those were really good picks. courtis: i think so. elise: they were good games. even though the carolina game
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i have college hoops elise: welcome back. let' s show you how the bearcats improved to 15-6 on the season. this gave mick cronin his 200th win. let' s show you how the bearcats improved to 15-6 on the season. you see coming out hot.
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up six. farad cobb would step up and hit back on track with 16 points. cincy also getting it done on clark with the big-time rejection. next, it is shaquille thomas, the dagger. the three from the wing, also has 17. troy caupain with the alley-oop to thomas as uc goes on to win it 97-75. >> i think our seniors are starting to give us more leadership and more production. it is making us a better team. we tried to dump -- jump early, that was the game plan. way. elise: big news for the fans, gunnar has rejoined the team. he will play his senior year in a bearcat uniform.
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be a lot of competition for the prime quarterback spot. he gets a fresh start with us. for me, we are going to play the best players, and there is going to be great competition at the quarterback spot. it' s good to know that you have a senior coming in. i know he' s eager to get going. it' s always good to have that guy who is in the room. elise: speaking of quarterback, super bowl 50 will be the first to feature to opposing quarterbacks who were featured -- drafted number one overall. it was a crazy day of action. a super bowl trip on the line for denver as they face the pats. peyton manning has still got it. owen daniels reels in the touchdown pass, put in denver on the board. under 2:00 to play in the first and it is stephen jackson running it in. ,the first hit is hard, but the second attempt, he is in.
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owen daniels playing right along with the script, the second touchdown of the game for him. the broncos punch their ticket to the super bowl with a 20-18 win. over in the nfc, the panthers at home against the arizona cardinals. cam newton, back to pass, he slings went right over the middle to corey brown, and brown is going to do the rest from there, 86 yards for the score. the panthers go up 17-0. that is when people started saying, this game is over. cincinnati native luke equally comes up with a pick six off carson palmer. notice the fan right here falls from the stands, too. [laughter] 49 points for the panthers, the most scored by a team in the nfc championship since the afl-nfl merger. two weeks from today, we will all be watching super bowl 50. it' s peyton manning and cam
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>> i think we know who the m.v.p. will be. elise: you might as well say it. >> absolutely. congratulations to those teams. let' s get a final check on the weather. >> tonight come it' s going to be on the chilly side. for most of us, we will drop into the lower 20' s. if there is snow on the ground, you will make it into the upper tame' s -- teens. for most of us, just a little light drizzle. for the communities with snow on the ground, watch at the review
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