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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> to determine what if any that device may have played in the collision. wlwt-tv, wlwt news 5. >> lauren was not wearing a seat belt.
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when the crash happened. >> four young men with no criminal past are charged with murder. they appeared before a butler county judge. also in the courtroom, the victim's family including the brother who witnessed the shooting. karen johnson joins us live. >> today the four men were arraigned on a hand full of felony charges including murder. with attorneys by their side, they faced a judge and pled not guilty. investigators say demarcus was the shooter but rodney foster, willingham and another were all responsible for the death of 18-year-old tyler. prosecutors say they had text messages that would prove all four men planned a robbery at his home on cincinnati, columbus road. during the robbery attempt for drugs, a shot was fouled hitting him in the head. his friends were also in the courtroom along with his mother, father and brother alex, who witnessed the shooting.
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think about it. the scene just keeps replaying in my head. seeing him on the floor, seeing him in the hospital. seeing him at the funeral home and that's what i'm dealing with. >> he was my best friend, the inspiration for what i've become today. >> my best friend. >> the alleged shooter received the highest bond at $1.5 million. his bond was set a $1,0250,000. those two stayed back of the car at the incident. >> karen, thank you. it's very likely all four of those men will be tried separately. >> a northern kentucky man facing two murder charges for a crash that killed a covington couple on new year's eve went before a judge today. mark huffman was arraigned via video. he climbed out of a we'll chair
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still had a brace on his arm from the injuries that he sustained in the crash. he was ordered held without bond. test results show he had a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit and that huffman had oxy bjection a drug in his system. he hit the suv with enough force to flip the vehicle on its top at kentucky 17. >> digging out from the great blizzard of 2017. millions and millions of americans between new york and the nation's capitol, all the way south down to the carolinas, life will be getting back -- life won't be getting back to normal for days. >> plowrators are so worn out school bus drivers are now being asked to take a turn behind the wheel. brian mooar shows us the cleanup under way today. >> across the northeast today, there is something in the air. the sound of heavy equipment moving mountains of snow after a
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for millions, this morning was a rude awakening. >> i looked out the window and my car wasn't there. >> from new york to philadelphia, boston to washington, highways are slowly emerging but many aren't going anywhere any time soon. the storm is blamed for more than three dozen deaths including a new jersey mother and child claimed by carbon monoxide. tolls millions. with flight cancellations topping 10,000 many airports resembled makeshift camp sites. trail travel isn't much better. >> it's not good. the opposite of good. >> kids, of course, are finding the storm's silver lining with plenty to do on an impromptu day off. and some are going off the deep end, making the best of the blizzard of 2016. >> the sun is helping to melt a little of this snow but as temperatures drop overnight, it's only turning to ice.
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washington. >> the east coast snow is also having an impact right here. acting groups set to perform today at noon is stuck in snow. as a result, the center canceled the show "i have a dream, the life king jr. "no word if it will be rescheduled. also coming up 59 -- at 5:30, a local church group that had to dig their way out of the snow. they just got back home. here's their story coming up. >> a change in the weather for us around here. higher temperatures and rain. chief meteorologist kevin robinson has your most accurate forecast. >> good evening. when you look at the pictures from the east you can't help but smile and say i'm lucky we dodged that big snowstorm, right? let's talk about warmer temperatures. look at this. compared to 24 hours ago temperatures are running 10 to, in some cases, 15 degrees warmer than they were just 24 hours
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are on the increase this evening and it's ahead after a preceding storm system that will bring us some light rain rain showers overnight. we can see some showers beginning to develop out toward aurora and brookville over towards oxford. none will be terribly heavy and will probably help to wash out some of the snow that's collected and piled up on the streets. the evening forecast, it doesn't look terribly wet but grab an umbrella if you're heading out. it stays mild. temperatures will hover in the 40's this evening versus dropping into the 20's as some showers arrive. and down temperatures coming and eventually a big time warm-up. >> be ready for all of that. a water main break has caused traffic problems all day in county the break happened around 10:00 last night at state root 28. we're told the problem involves two 10-inch lines closing both the east and west lanes of state route 28. throughout the night and early this morning.
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this. this is a great way to start the week for you. gasoline prices are dropping again. we found gas for $1.25 at several gas stations here in reading. this is at the intersection of columbia and reading road. the average price of gas locally about $1.54 which is down 12 cents from just last week. starting the work week off with more bad news, though, unfortunately on wall street tonight, stocks took another hit thanks to a renewed decline in oil prices, dow finishing down more than 200 points. >> all day breakfast at mcdonald's is a megahit. the have soared. customers are loving it. the start of all day breakfast back in october as well as unseasonably warm weather in the final three months helped to lift sales. >> filing taxes this year will be a little different. if you're prone to
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you're going to have four extra days to file leap year. and a holiday in washington, d.c. so the deadline has been moved to april 18. >> something else different this year are the 1095 forms, which you'll have to file describing where you purchased your health insurance. >> but the penalty for not having health insurance now goes up considerably to $325 or 2% of greater. also going up, those who file electronically, which means if you're getting a refund, you will get it faster. >> great events around here, a special day out on the slopes. [screams] >> some tough competitors for the special olympics today working out and going through time trials. we spend the day with them. >> and right in the middle of a match fixing investigation in
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match. plus which former tennis star pled guilty today to fixing a match. >> you can call the snowstorm a love storm. messaging on dating aps like happen was up 139% over the weekend. kevin is laughing. new york city got 27 inches of snow and perhaps people were feeling less picky while hunkering down because likes were up 66% in the big apple alone. philly, which had 22 inches of snow, also saw a surge in activity. messaging was up 342%. across the country, new users sign ups were up 43% and with most big snow storms, also, a baby boom usually follows
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growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. >> the torch is lit and the games are officially under way. >> wlwt-tv news takes us to the winter games for the special olympics in kentucky where the competition just got started. >> more than 100 athletes at varying abilities were out on
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about 40 of them were competing in a snowshoe competition. 60 more, downhill skiing. patrick has been skiing with the years. last year, he began competing at level. >> my favorite sport is skiing. partner. >> he's a great athlete to work w. we've got a good friendship in the last two years. delightful young man to be with. >> his encouragement last year he received two gold medals at the games. this year patrick is working toward qualifying for the 2017 world special olympic games in austria. for patrick it's about competition and enjoyment. >> it's fun to do. >> in addition to gold medals and add co-laid the game is about bringing sports to so many unsung athletes. >> it's really about the competition, the joy of sport, and really what sport brings out in all of us, which is the bet
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>> it's an ideal time to challenge the athletes and help them to learn new schools. >> beyond the athletes, those with them seem to find the same kind of fulfillment offer. >> it's a great challenge for me, to push my life forward, too. >> a great thing. >> in lawrenceburg, wlwt news 5. >> today was practice and time trials. the final round of competition is tomorrow and that will determine if patrick will be going to the special olympics world games next year. good luck. >> the scandal over possible match fixing in tennis is now casting a shadow over this year's major, the first one, australian open. questions about a first round mixed doubles match between low
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the spaniard made a lot of errors, a lot of double faults. he and his partner lost the first set in only 20 minutes and huge amounts of money were wage gerred that they would lose and they did. he says he has a knee injury but the betting was so unusual all four players were interviewed by tennis officials, all denied throwing the match but also today in australia, former professional tennis player and coach pleaded guilty to one charge related to match fixing. it involved a minor tournament game back in 2013 where prosecutors say he intentionally lost a match to a lower ranked player. a betting agency noticed heavy betting on this minor match and suspended betting before alerting police. >> maybe it's a good thing the bengals aren't going to the super bowl because, here's a silver lining, the super bowl appears to be only a rich man's game. the average resale price of a ticket to the february 7 game between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos is more than $5,100.
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price tracker. pair of club seats near midfield have already sold for $12,000, making them the most expensive seats sold so far. super bowl 50 will be played in santa clara, california. >> it was a pretty nice day across the area. we had some early sunshine. temperatures in the 40's, close to 50 degrees outside right now. we've managed to melt away a lot of snow but as you can see over my shoulder, some darker clouds have rolled in and now it looks like we'll probably get in on a little bit of shower activity. balmy breezes have returned. all the winds are out of the south so you know what that means, you only ned a light jacket because temperatures aren't going to fall off all that much. look at the numbers. 46 here in cincinnati, pushing 50, down there around louisville and bowling green so they are quickly eating away all the snow
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45 in dayton. 42 in 42 in indianapolis. temperatures compared to 24 hours ago, again, 10 to 15 degrees warmer so at least we're getting a little bit of a respite from the cold for the next day but then it will turn chilly again for midweek. here's a look at the weather map. plenty of cloud cover in place. this time we're on the warm side of this approaching storm system, so that means all the snow that's back out in the central plains, back across parts of iowa and nebraska and with us on the warm side that means anything that will fall from this weather maker as it scoots through tonight and early tomorrow should be of the liquid variety. here's a look at the radar. not much out there although we're beginning to see light rain showers appear on the radar. these are crossing the state line from indiana into ohio. across western parts of hamilton,
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butler county around miami, oxford, lawrenceburg on 50, towards aurora and rising sun. these showers will move across the greater area. nothing heavy, mostly on the brief side. evening forecast. temperatures will stay in the 40's. so again it won't turn cold on us this evening as showers arrive and we keep those balmy breezes out of the south. here's a look at futurecast. notice how the shower activity, you don't see a lot of it this morning. more this evening will be spotty. overnight, showers will become more widespread especially after midnight as the system pushes through but don't expect heavy rain. the shower activity should be out of here by the time you wake up for your morning commute on tuesday but tuesday will be a blustery and cold day. it won't feel like today. temperatures will start in the 40's around midnight and basically fall tomorrow and there could be a few wet afternoon and tomorrow evening but those won't be of any major consequence and it will stay cloudy and cold tuesday night
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into a little bit of sunshine. here's your forecast for tonight. showers, milder. this 34 won't happen until tomorrow morning, so it will be warmer overnight tonight and during the first few hours tomorrow before dawn, than it will be all day. so 34 for a low. that will be first thing in the morning. 44 is actually at midnight tonight and will slip tomorrow into the 30's. day planner, during the daytime hours underneath those cloudy skies and blustery winds, we'll be in the 30's. wind chills in the 20's so enjoy the mild weather. here's your seven-day forecast. the good news is this brief taste of cold for weapons is not sticking around long. it looks like we're about to bounce back into another mild pattern for at least the next week or two. right now, through at least the end of january into early february, maybe, the first few days of february, it looks like we'll transition back to the mild winter weather pattern we've been in. sunshine through the end of the
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maybe even into the mid-50s by this weekend. >> we'll take 50s. >> we need it, right. just a little break. >> or a big break. >> a flight of fear. >> a plenty hits severe turbulence and rolls on its side. >> hear more from the passengers after their emergency landing. >> plus, trying to outrun police in a snowstorm. the fugitives who ended up
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calling 911 for >> a nightmare in the sky here. an american airlines flight makes an emergency landing after severe turbulence injured seven people on-board. >> so this flight with you heading to milan when it had to be diverted to newfoundland, canada. the passengers shaken up after the terrifying ordeal. >> we were just riding along in turbulence. >> the plane actually dropped. >> everything went flying. it was pretty intense. >> i'm just happy to be alive.
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i was just praying the whole time because it was very scary. >> helpless feeling. the seat belt light was turned on during the turbulence, passengers say flight attendants were standing in the cabin. three flight attendants and four passengers taken to the hospital with concussions and shoulder injuries. >> fire rescuers needed help. they were responding to a call in a snowy neighborhood when their vehicle got stuck. look. neighbors stepped in and started digging out their fire truck and clearing the hilly street. it wasn't long before the firefighters were back on the move. >> two men on the run after a traffic stop in el dorado, california. they called 911 begging to be arrested. the 32-year-old and 30-year-old took off. they ran into the woods after police pulled them over for swerving. authorities say they found a .9 millimeter gun, meth, heroin and marijuana in the car. they dashed down a canyon, crossed over a river and then
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in subzero temperatures, with a winter storm in full force. so by nightfall, the fugitives were freezing and they called 911 asking to be arrested. search and rescue teams joined the hunt and they found the men huddled together. >> i have never seen two people happier to go to jail because they knew they would be dry and warm. >> all worked out. the men were carried across the river to a waiting ambulance for treatment. both treated at a hospital, then turned over to police and they were arrested. >> digging out from a record-breaking snowfall. >> the warnings from northeast officials tonight and how a local group kept themselves entertained in a blizzard back-up. plus -- more charges
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the man for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe.
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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> people up and down the east coast are digging out from the blizzard. >> 37 deaths now being connected to that storm. in washington, d.c., the snow is piled very high.
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can't get through. a snow emergency is still in snow fell in 36 hours. fema cleanup. >> the roads are okay. the main roads are great, open and flowing and there are spots not yet touched. a lot of mess. >> in new york city, five deaths are being connected to shoveling snow and the mayor is telling people to leave their snowed-in cars in place for the roast of the week. new york road crews are especially having some problems. look at the car graveyards. clear in queens because the roads are so narrow there. >> we've been having to go into them with front end loaders which is extremely slow work. and actually pull the snow out of the street to get them cleared. >> pennsylvania also digging out big time and new jersey officials are assessing flood damage because of the storm.
5:28 pm
winter storm costs about $3 billion. >> the blizzard left thousands stranded on highways including a church group from indiana. they went to washington, d.c. and hit the storm on the way back the group was stuck on buses for 22 hours. wlwt news 5 has why. are they saying they are glad they did it tonight? >> well, there were about 100 people on that bus. many of them from st. nicholas here. the march was about what they expected. but what they found may be more valuable, was the unexpected. >> what stands out to you, the memorable things? >> students in debbie craig's class are writing about their excursion. a thousand miles on the road, most hard to remember except that one mile no one can forget. it took 22 hours to finish. >> the kids, they get i. they know this is important, and
5:29 pm
>> st. nicholas church and some others sent 96 people on buses to the march for life in washington, d.c. they got out before the blizzard ran headlong into it on the pennsylvania turnpike. as a couple of feet of snow fell, road was shut down. the buses were stranded. >> my first thought, as we were stopped was, it will be a couple our way. >> it just kept coming and we weren't moving. >> he says hour after hour passed. the road didn't open. but something surprising happened. >> probably one of the biggest things for me was just how well it. >> the kids made the most of it playing in the snow, eventually some of the men were able to dig the bus out, using cardboard came back with something they didn't expect. >> since we did have to stay in the bus and sit in the bus for 22 hours, i think we learned
5:30 pm
>> but it was all for a good cause and it was all definitely worth it. and i think that we all learned a lot from it. mile, where the bus didn't move an inch, but closer to god. ant despite all of this, they are already planning the trip for next year. wlwt news 5. >> by the way, the buses that the group was on had just enough gas to last three days and more importantly, bathrooms. >> new developments tonight. dearborn county prosecutors saying his office has now identified more victims in a sexual abuse investigation. a lawrenceburg woman told police steven abused her 4-year-old daughter. she says she found photos of the abuse on his cell phone. prosecutors say they have now identified six additional victims between the ages of 4 and 10 through tips and further
5:31 pm
but right now, the man faces nine charges. >> there are so many tragedies that have happened on new year's eve or early on new year's day and it's incredibly unfortunate two people lost their lives. >> new information in a deadly new year's eve crash. a couple died when someone hit flip it on its top. >> now another driver is charged with murder because of the amount of alcohol and drugs. police say were in his system. wlwt news 5 has the story tonight. >> arraigned via video. he climbed out of a wheelchair and still had a brace on his arm from injuries sustained in the crash. he was ordered held without bond on two counts of murder. why murder charges? because of the level of intoxication in this crash. >> we have an extremely high blood alcohol level. more than double, almost triple the legal limit along with the presence of other mind altering substances, in his bloodstream
5:32 pm
>> investigators say they found bottles for prescription pain medication on huffman after the crash. his cadillac slammed into an suv flipping it and killing a couple from covington. >> the commonwealth attorney says this case shows the danger posed by people under the influence of opiates and alcohol and behind the wheel of a car. >> drugged driving as opposed to drunk driving is growing and it's becoming at least a bit of a problem as drunk driving these days. >> he's charged with murder because under kentucky law showing an extreme indifference to the value of human life can lead to such a charge. court documents say several people told police huffman was intoxicated earlier in the night and at least one tried unsuccessfully to keep him from driving. >> it's incredibly dangerous because they can go unconscious behind the wheel of the car and lose control. at that point it's like they are a missile and if you happen to be in their way it can be very dangerous. >> the murder charge carries the possibility of a life sentence if convicted.
5:33 pm
>> so the grand jury will now consider charges against huffman sometime within the next 60 days and the prosecutor will ask them to consider an indictment on those murder charges. no injuries this morning after a head-on crash at central parkway and reconvene street. a van and a car collided right around 5:00 this morning. the cause of the trash is still under investigation tonight. >> police are now searching for the man they say robbed a bank in hyde park. officers responded to the stock yard's bank and trust on paxton just after 3:00 this afternoon. the suspect took off down paxton. police say he was a heavy set guy wearing a black knit cap with black paint on his face. if you know anything about the robbery call cincinnati police. >> a 24-year-old man has now been indicted on sex crime charges. police say evan inappropriately touched a then 14-year-old girl multiple times while massaging her. court documents also show that
5:34 pm
clothes after he tied her up in his basement. he's now charged with sexual imposition, unlawful restraint and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. >> the epa could revoke the license of a water treatment operator in northeast ohio. sebring schools cancelling classes after finding unsafe levels of lead. they lease add statement saying it has reason to suspect the operator falsified reports. the epa says sebring was not system. local lawmakers say more has to be done. >> they have some questions to answer about what they have done in the time period from august to december. all of that information is going to be flushed out. >> the see pring city manager found seven in 20 homes tested had high levels of lead in corp last summer. the epa is now requiring the village to fix its lead pipes, create a mandatory schedule for lead alerts, and test its water.
5:35 pm
is now set to vote this week on three measures trying to don't you on meth labs. all three bills focus on the cold medicine ingredients -- one would limit the amount of the drug that people could buy in indiana. the second one would allow pharmacists to require a prescription for the drug and the third one would ban people with drug felonies from buying the drug. >> twitter stock dropped more than 6% today after news that four key executives are leading company. the vp of global media and the way out. twitter says a number of factors contributed to the departures and everyone shows to leave on their own. neilson, changing the way it watches you, watch tv. for three years, neilson has measured the social conversation about television shows on twitter. the social ratings. eventually neilson will also incorporate conversations from
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>> now opening a new line of hotels aimed at younger clients. the hotel chain will debut at the end of the year. so hilton hopes to attract millennials with modern design, public work spaces to essential lies, and the latest technology for about $100 per night. true hotels will offer a complementary breakfast, beer, wine, as well as ping-pong. a $130 million face-lift. reporting tonight the international airport secured funding for the first phase of the project. crews will start this summer by rebuilding the parking lot there. work on a glass walled passenger entrance to the terminal and a new floor will start in september. >> you can see cincinnati's new professional soccer team in action this week. fc cincinnati hosting its player combine. you can watch players fight for a roster spot from 10:00 until noon each day through thursday. then the
5:37 pm
florida next month for training camp. >> the bengals announcing their season ticket pricing for 2016 today. so this fall will feature a two tier model with pre-season tickets $12 to $33 cheaper. they are following a trend other nfl teams practice, returning season ticket holders, will see lower prices on their package since one of the bengals home games will take place in london, england this season. >> trying to capitalize on that two-week super bowl hype. the 2016 countdown continues. we're a week away from the caucuses. >> how the presidential candidates spent the day in iowa before voters weigh in. >> let's do a better job in terms of prevention on the front end. >> the senator laying out his plan to stop the cycle of addiction. how he hopes to keep users out of jail. >> not snow this time but maybe rain showers this evening. that's what you will see on your windshields as you're driving
5:38 pm
i'll let you know when the rain
5:39 pm
warm-up >> in commitment 2016 news for you, one week to go, yes, caucuses are just seven days away and presidential hopefuls from both sides are busy campaigning in iowa. wlwt news 5, in our exclusive washington bureau with the candidates' new endorsements. reporter: a former g.o.p. candidate is throwing his support behind one of his old rivals. >> rick perry, who dropped out of the presidential race in september is asking conservatives to rally around ted cruz. >> he's proven that he's ready to serve as our commander-in-chief. >> with the caucuses one week away cruz is campaigning in iowa. >> we need to take power out of washington and back to "we the people." >> two polls shows cruz in second place behind donald trump. marco rubio comes in third. >> he wants to make sure that we have an america that we'll be proud of. >> iowa senator introduced rubio
5:40 pm
>> i hope a week from tonight i can earn your support. >> the des moines register, iowa's largest newspaper, has announced it's endorsing rubio and hillary clinton on the democratic side. >> i hope to earn your support in the caucus on monday. >> clinton finds herself in a tight race with bernie sanders. recent polls show the former secretary of state trailing the vermont senator in iowa. >> hundreds of thousands of people have stood up and gotten involved in our campaign. >> tonight, the democratic candidates are taking part in a town hall forum in des moines. >> in washington, wlwt news 5. >> former new york city mayor to be considering now run if the general election comes down to donald trump and bernie sanders. bloomberg was a long time democrat, then became a republican, now he's an independent. >> u.s. senator rob portman from ohio visited clermont county in an effort to push legislation.
5:41 pm
center. the center serves as an alternate to jail for minor drug and alcohol offenses. senator portman is trying to gain support for his second chance act. >> for a lot of people wheend up in the criminal justice system, who are addicts, they get out with no help. they go back to their community. there is recidivism in terms of getting back into the addiction problem and then they end up back in prison again. this is helpful to break that cycle. >> the bill would provide offenders with resources including rehab, job training an mental health treatment. last year senator portman introduced an act to expand diversion and alternative programs for drug offenders. certified most accurate forecast. >> you probably have noticed by clouding up and we'll see showers. as a matter of fact, some light rain already beginning to push
5:42 pm
greater cincinnati as we speak. nothing heavy. you'll probably use the first or second dial on your windshield wiper. there is no yellow or orange involved in any of this activity. light rain showers scooting across the state line. those will come and go throughout the evening hours. i don't think it's terribly wet. as a matter of fact, these showers are running well in advance of a storm system tonight that's out near kansas city. this go around, we're on the warm side of this system. the reason why these arrows are coming up out of the south. temperatures today climbed all the way up, almost close to 50 this afternoon. this system will swing through tonight. as it gets closer it will bring us a better opportunity for some rainfall and tomorrow we'll find ourselves on the backside of that. you know what that means? temperatures will begin to crash. here's a look at futurecast. notice shower activity will gradually increase especially after midnight. i think the best chance for widespread showers will come after midnight but even that won't be terribly heavy.
5:43 pm
commute tomorrow morning but make sure you have the jackets tomorrow because it will be a cloudy, cold and blustery day by the afternoon, while i don't see much on futurecast i can't rule out a flurry or two tomorrow afternoon as temperatures tumble into the 30's. it looks chilly tomorrow night. finally by wednesday, we'll get back into some sunshine. for those who aren't fans of the cold, the good news is that this brief cold snap will only be a day or so because it will warm up as you see here in the seven day. outside skies are cloudy, balmy breezes. don't expect temperatures to fall too much. it's 46 right now at the airport. there is that south wind at 15. so here's your evening forecast. grab a light umbrella. maybe a light jacket, too. cloudy and mild with temperatures staying, again, on the warm side. hovering in the 40's around here. tonight we'll drop to 34. that won't happen until tomorrow morning. all night long we'll stay in the 40's, since we'll be on the warm side of this system. and again, showers will be on
5:44 pm
midnight and then for tomorrow, blustery and cold with falling temperatures. that 44, that's actually at midnight. during the day tomorrow, afternoon highs will only be in the mid to upper 30's. so here we are, 37 at 8:00 a.m. so it will already be colder by the time you head out the door to school and work. 3:00 or 4:00 into the afternoon, temperatures hovering in the mid-30's. here's your seven-day forecast. we're down to 25 tomorrow night and then back up to 36 on wednesday. wednesday is the coldest day of the next seven days around here because after that, you know what? we've been in this cold snap for the past two to three weeks. it looks like we'll transition town seasonably warm, winter weather as we close out january and welcome in february. look at that. highs in the 40's on thursday and friday and then how about this. this will feel lick a heat wave on saturday with temperatures -- feel like a heat wave with temperatures in the mid-50s. >> a love bird's plan almost ruined.
5:45 pm
can't give up. how he managed his proposal to come together. >> a former defensive secretary is now in the market, aps
5:46 pm
ho . >> a polar bear ponding. the mom probably won't let her club wonder in the cave alone until sometime next month. they plan to determine the cub's sex at that time and the baby will probably make its public debut about the same time. the historic east coast blizzard could not stop young love in philadelphia. the snow was the perfect back drop for his proposal so he decided to propose to his girlfriend of more than three years, both fiancees families were able to make the more than 100 mile trip from scranton in the blizzard to be there. >> it looks like she said yes. >> if the couple wanted to take d.c., they
5:47 pm
engagement with champagne. at the willard hotel in washington. they created a roadside champagne bar with mounds of snow. they made it even more festive with a few mardi gras beads and a couple of wine bottles. >> if the couple had gone to d.c. they could also have seen this the first family's dog enjoyed some play time. no problem with the winter weather for them. they don't have to drive it in. they played in the more than two feet of snow. they are both portuguese water dogs, so apparently, they didn't seem afraid to get wet. >> former secretary of defense donald rumsfield has now entered the business of game aps. his new app is called churchill solitaire, based on a variation of the card game winston churchill actually created. it features two decks of cards in 10 columns. churchill solitaire is free with the option of an in app purchases.
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military charities. >> british street artist is now using a french classic to criticize the use of tear gas at a refugee camp. he created this mural on a building across from the french embassy. it's a canister of gas. if you scan the qr code next to her, you're taken to a youtube video that claims to show police raids on the jungle gam. >> impaired behind the wheel. >> tonight we're going in depth. looking at a growing problem of people taking drugs and then getting behind the wheel. >> plus -- four people charged with killing a westchester teenager appeared in court together for the first time today. why the mother of one of the
5:49 pm
just in the wrong >> a community coming to grips with the death of a 16-year-old girl killed in a weekend crash. >> just one little mishap of the wheel, it's just unfortunate to see someone go like that.
5:50 pm
are remembering lauren tonight. searching for justice. >> we're just trying to keep him alive the best we can. >>ta westchester teenager killed in his home. why the four murder suspects time soon. good evening. >> today for the very first time, the family of the victim men one. >> wlwt news 5's karen johnson joining us live from hamilton to courtroom. karen? karen: today for the first time faced a judge after being indicted on a handful of felonies including murder. there was only one gunman but prosecutors say all four guys played a role in the death of 18-year-old tyler. >> he was my best friend, the inspiration for what i've become today. my best friend. >> tears of sadness, hugs of support, and shirts to remember. >> we were just trying to keep
5:51 pm
memory-wise, best we can.
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