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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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how classmates are reacting to the tragic news. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your tuesday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. let' s go straight to randi rico for the forecast. things are changing. it is what it is. randi: we get to enjoy the warmest air of the day. yesterday everybody was saying, it was so mild. it is 24 degrees warmer right now than it was 24 hours ago. the cold air starting to creep in already in indy. mid 30'
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our temperatures are going to crash before the morning commute is over. here are the showers. light showers up towards trenton, a few in adams county. mason seeing some showers. most of the steady rain south of walton and the 71, 75 split and heading to independence at the moment. day. noon, about 35 or so. breezy. the feels-like temperature the second half of the day will be in the 20' s. let' s check the roads. kyla: things that great on this tuesday morning. here is a look at 74 and montana. just a few cars on the eastbound
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pretty dark in that westbound direction. all across greater cincinnati, we' re seeing great conditions. two were from warren county -- to or from warren county, nothing to hamper your commute. the tapia, 32 -- batavia, 32, traffic looks good. the ramps and tunnels look really great. no lane closures to report at this hour. mark: thank you. a police chase along 75. police were called into investigate a suspicious person at the red bank walmart. lisa: it was a difficult day at milford high school, the day after a junior there died in a car accident. ohio state highway patrol
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drove off the side of the road in loveland sunday night, over- corrected and hit an oncoming suv. the 16-year-old was taken to the hospital, where she died. grief counselors from the clermont county crisis team will be at the school for the next few days to help any students with their grief. >> it really shouldn' t happen like that. and just one little mishap of the wheel. it' s just really unfortunate to see someone go like that. >> anytime any of us get behind the wheel of a car, there' s a lot of responsibility and a lot of things we need to take into consideration. lisa: lauren wilfong was 16 years old. milford high school is making counselors available to students. lauren' s visitation will be tomorrow night, with her funeral taking place thursday morning at saint andrew church in milford. mark: aurora police need your help identifying two men who used stolen credit card information to buy gift cards on the west side. police say they received a fraud report from the main source bank on january 14th. they say the suspects used the stolen information to buy cards at two different stores in
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christmas. if you recognize either of these men, call the aurora police department. lisa: democratic presidential candidates gathered at drake university in des moines, iowa, last night to discuss the issues ahead of the iowa caucus, the first contest of the 2016 election season. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with a wrap on the town hall meeting. good morning. miriah: bernie sanders, martin o' malley, and hillary clinton answered questions picked by the voters themselves last night. each of the candidates took the stage individually to answer those questions. hillary clinton, who has a six-point lead in iowa according to the latest poll, faced voters last. bernie sanders kicked off the debate and took many questions about his health-care plans and viability as a candidate. martin o' malley was sandwiched in between clinton and sanders. he had a message for his supporters. mr. o' malley: hold strong at your caucus because america is looking for a new leader. america is scanning the horizon.
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national politics and think a resort to old ideologies are going to move us forward. miriah: on february 1st, iowa caucus-goers will choose a candidate that best represents their interests. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. lisa: president obama says he' s moving to ban solitary confinement for juvenile and low-level offenders in federal prisons. the news came in an op-ed that the president penned for "the washington post." the president wrote that solitary confinement diminishes chances for successful rehabilitation. he said his decision followed a justice department review. solitary confinement, he wrote, should be a last resort, used for inmates that pose threats to themselves or staff members. did you know preschoolers and kindergartens are expelled at a higher rate than high school students in ohio? it is a troubling statistic that has prompted changes to schools and headstarts across the state.
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way with how officials plan to curb that trend. good morning. dan: this multimillion-dollar initiative here in ohio aims to make mental health consultants more available to young children to cut down expulsions and suspensions. in ohio, lawmakers set aside nearly $2 million in the state' s two-year budget to help 75 counties with access to mental health experts working with teachers and at-risk kids. that' s according to the department of mental health and addiction services. current rates show pre-schoolers and kindergarteners are expelled more often than high schoolers. officials say the disruptive behavior can often be associated with trauma, abuse, and neglect, presenting a danger to other kids. between 2012 and 2013, there were nearly 4,000 kindergarteners expelled or suspended from school because of disruptive behavior. this is something they want to address early. we are live this morning, dan
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mark: thank you. u.s. senator rob portman from ohio visited clermont county in an effort to push new legislation. senator portman stopped by the community alternative sentencing center in batavia. the center serves as an alternative to jail for minor drug and alcohol offenses. senator portman is trying to gain support for his second chance act. sen. portman: for a lot of people who end up in the criminal justice system who are addicts, they end up getting out of the system with no help. they go back to their community. there is recidivism in terms of getting back into the addiction problem. and then they end up back in the system again. and this is helpful to break that cycle. mark: the bill would provide ex-offenders with resources including rehab, job training, and mental health treatment. last year, senator portman introduced an act to expand diversion and alternative programs for drug offenders. lisa: an indiana house committee is set to vote later this week on three measures trying to cut
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all three bills focus on the cold medicine ingredient pseudo-ephedrine. one would limit the amount of the drug people could buy in indiana. the second would allow pharmacists to require a prescription for the drug. a third would ban people with drug felonies from buying it. we have an update on breaking news. the report of a suspicious person in a chase took off on southbound 71 as the driver jumped out of the car. police are looking for the driver. mark: let' s check the morning commute. kyla: we have the incident along 71, but it is not blocking any lanes. you may see some activity off to the side. there is some construction at the norwood lateral.
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lateral, mitchell, hopple street construction. there is a lot going on in that area. construction again in the overnight area. here is 71 and mitchell. all lanes on moving along well at this hour. a smooth start on this tuesday. the roads are a little bit wet this morning. it will get colder. randi: it is january and we are talking about temperatures in the upper 40' s. our temperatures are falling. looking at the radar, we see rain showers rolled through. steadiest south of the 275 loop in southern boone county and towards crittenden, all seeing
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by 7:00, most of us are done with the rain. say goodbye to those temperatures by about 8:00 this morning. mid 30' s this afternoon. mark: a deputy trying to help, hit by a semi. lisa: how he survived a horrific crash. mark: from anderson township to ohio state to the super bowl. the local man making plans to
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biggest game of them all. mark: good morning and welcome back. 5:13. things are changing temperature-wise big-time. checking today' s headlines, a lockdown has been lifted at a north carolina school. it stemmed from a report of a person displaying a gun on the campus of winston-salem state university. it happened at the student activities center.
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who officials say fled the area. officials say no shots were fired and no one is in custody at this time. the lockdown was lifted around 1:00 this morning. lisa: in flint, michigan, families concerned about their exposure to lead can get tested for free today. molina health-care is hosting an event at a local elementary school. the tests are available for children up to 6 years old. additional lead testing has already been scheduled for the first week of february, also at no charge. mark: scary moments for a southwest ohio sheriff' s deputy caught on camera. lisa: dash-cam video shows the moment a preble county captain was hit by a semi. miriah turner tells us now how he survived. miriah: mark and lisa, we do want to warn people that some may consider this video graphic. just up the road, a preble county deputy is recovering after this scary moment caught on dash-cam video. captain brad moore was at the scene of a crash when he was hit by a semi driver trying to make
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an oncoming train hit the truck, and moore could not get out of the way when the truck suddenly changed direction. he says a small incline near that bush sent him rolling to safety, downhill and away from the semi' incredible. the only injuries he' s left with? 25 stitches for two gashes on his head and a broken left hand. captain moore says he' s looking forward to getting back to work and hopes to get a doctor' s approval to return to light duty next week. mike: a pair of local carolina connections could help the nfl' s panthers on football' s biggest stage. in case you missed it, that was one of our top stories last night at 11:00. many local football fans have followed the pro bowl career of linebacker luke kuechly. the st. x star has made incredible plays in carolina' s run to super bowl 50. but another local standout will also make his super bowl debut in northern california. panthers guard andrew norwell
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two seasons. norwell is the first anderson high school grad to play in the nfl. we caught up with his brother chris norwell, who is also a football coach at thomas more, as he describes the phone call he and his brother shared ahead of the big game. >> the first thing that came out of his mouth was, are you ready to go to the super bowl? it was nice to see that emotion come out of it. the cannot wait and he is so excited. mike: andrew' s parents watched their son in person play in the nfc championship game sunday. chris tells us everyone is jacked up for andrew and excited about the opportunity. i will see you back here for wlwt news 5 starting at 5:00. s certified most accurate forecast. randi: keep your arms and knees inside the seats at all time
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it was 50 degrees set midnight. mid 30' s as you get yourself ready for the day. a big-time warm-up on the way this weekend, into the 50' s. a cold front is rolling through right now, bringing rain showers. the steadiest area of rain reaches the eastern part of the 275 loop, union, anderson township, kellogg. further south of the 275 lo op, steadier rain into taylor mail and independence this morning. temperatures are about to fall. 47 at cvg. the cold air is moving in. you have an hour or maybe two before temperatures take a 10
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pretty much everybody near 40. 5:00 this afternoon, mid 30' s. temperatures will stay in the mid 30' s through the second half of the day. the wind will make it feel like the 20' s. noon, cloudy, breezy, 35. the back edge of the rain showers is rolling through. of the afternoon. maybe a small chance for a passing flurry tonight. today, 48. i did not want to leave that on the seven day too long. s today. 36 tomorrow. high temperatures into the the s. take a look at saturday.
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s on tap. that will be oh, so nice. kyla: i' m going to a baby shower on saturday. maybe i can convince them to have it outside. good morning. things are off to a pretty decent start. 471 northbound from the 275 interchange, about 63 miles per hour. newport, dayton, five minutes across the bridge into downtown cincinnati. at 471, all lanes are clear in the entire stretch of 471 wide open north and southbound. a really good start. lisa: thank you. the east coast blizzard bringing people together online. mark: how dating sites saw a
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in their homes. lisa: people swiping left and right. we are going to tell you about this picture. t-shirts for a school photo turned into something offensive. how social media is responding after the photo went viral. mark: taking a live look outside' s morning. that is not our area. lisa: it is probably rain. trying to fool us. mark: 47 degrees at 5:20. lisa: he keeps rubbing his eyes.
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re back in a look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. 5:23, 47 degrees. we are going to be getting colder as the day goes on. a photo involving an offensive word is circulating in headlines and on social media. mark: six teens at a phoenix, arizona, high school are now facing serious repercussions for it now. kyla: now many are saying their punishment is not harsh enough. the students were all wearing letters on their t-shirts, to spell out "best you' ve ever seen class of 2016" for a senior photo. the six girls rearranged the letters to spell an offensive word.
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took the photo for one of the students' boyfriends, who is african-american. after hitting send on snapchat, it was screenshotted and shared everywhere. though the teens' faces have been blurred out in most of the posts, one of the girls in the photo made a public apology yesterday. >> i have come here to say that, i know, people have been offended from what i did. and i have come here to say that i am incredibly, incredibly sorry. i have love for everyone in my heart. i am not a racist and i' m asking everyone for forgiveness to me. kyla: so far, each of the teens have been suspended for five days. civil rights leaders and other critics have called on the six to be expelled, the principal to be fired, and a federal probe of the school district. mark: thank you. trending now, chances are you probably have more facebook friends than you can keep up with. a new study from the royal society of open science shows that on average, only four of those facebook friends are considered part of your support
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those are people who would be by your side during times of crisis. the study also says the average person could count just about 13 people as close friends. all those friends that i have, only 13? disappointing. lisa: really? this will make you smile. call the snowstorm the love storm. messaging on dating apps like happn was up 139% over the weekend. new york city got 27 inches of snow and perhaps people were feeling less picky while hunkered down, because likes were up 66% in the big apple. philly, which had 22 inches of snow, also saw a surge in activity. messaging was up 342%. mark: oh, my goodness. nine, 10 months from now --
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mark: do the math. randi: you are nearby. good. you are in walking distance. lisa: chapstick. randi: there is no way. we are starting out with some 71. this is the cold front moving in right now. if you' re heading out in the morning, get out early. showers coming to an end. by 6:00 this evening, it will be 34. thank you for sending in the photo. there is a run for dogs as well. you can send me a picture. hit me up on facebook or twitter. mark: thank you. ohio' s governor john kasich getting some help for his
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lisa: the new endorsement he picked up just before the iowa caucuses. andrew: new charges for a local babysitter accused of abusing children. i'
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charges and what one mom did to again! r again! again! again! again? again! again!
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from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! mark: the democratic presidential candidates taking the stage one more time before next week' s iowa caucus. how they answer questions from the voters themselves. lisa: cincinnati' s mayor and police chief teaming up to put
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concerns voiced at the latest crime meeting. mark: and six more young victims in a local sex crimes case. how investigators say this man gained the trust of kids as young as 4 years old. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. your headlines are straight ahead. randi rico and kyla woods are here with the weather and traffic. the rain is falling. randi: the rain is falling and the temperature is falling is key. right now it is mild. the bottom of your screen says 40 seven degrees. it was 50 at midnight. it will be nowhere near that after work and school later on today. you can see the back edge of the steady showers approaching the eastern part of the 275 loop. batavia, steady rain, and through clermont county. richmond, alexandra, right along
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pendleton county dealing with rain showers. once the rain ends, you have about an hour or so before the temperatures start to plummet. s. back toward indy, 34. 47 to 34 and we will hang out in the mid 30' s most of the day. it feels nice and mild. jacket. you will want to bundle up a little more for the afternoon. it :00 a.m., the rate to be over for most of us, temperatures near 40 degrees. at noon, cloudy, breezy, 35. expect at 4:00, mid-30' s. it will feel like the upper 20' s. kind of have a little bit of whiplash because we' re going from 50 to 35. kyla: it can be tricky when you hit that high around midnight. things have gotten a little
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we had that police chase as farce the breaking news and you can see the background. that case has ended. this is a look at 71 and montgomery road in kenwood. it is off to the shoulder. maybe taking up some of the ramp, but not blocking any travel lanes and traffic is able to move past. 74 at harrison, things look good eastbound and westbound. just a smooth start to your tuesday morning. we have not seen too many problems outside of the police chase, and that is not causing issues for commuters along 71. traffic looks good. posted speeds. minutes. lisa: we are following a police chase that ended in a crash on 71 did the kenwood towne center. police were looking for the driver who took off on foot.
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store on red bank road. no further details have been released. mark: expected in court today, a man and aurora accused of heinous crimes against children. lisa: andrew setters is live with more this man who allegedly committed the crimes while babysitting. andrew: the crimes he is charged with in the violation of trust, accused of a nightmare' s and area for parents. investigators believe seven children were abused by this man while he was supposed to be caring for them. the man' s name is steven rekowski, arrested earlier this month after being locked in a wrong -- laundry room by the mother of one victim. a friend found photos of a four year old being molested and the mom locked him up until police could get him. investigators have filed a list of additional charges against him. all seven of the victims were between the ages of 4 and 10. he' s accused of recording up some of the acts and drugging some of the victims according to prosecutors.
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investigators are continuing to work on this case going through his phone and computers to try to find out more. lisa: thank you. new insight on human trafficking in ohio. the state' s top cop is out with a report detailing law enforcement efforts to combat the problem. across the state there were more than 100 investigations last year and even more arrests. of the more than 200 potential victims, the most common age group targeted were 16- and 17-year-olds girls. drug and alcohol addiction were two of the biggest risk factors. the number of human trafficking investigations in ohio were at an all-time high. mark: new details on a crash that shut down reagan highway. aircare was called to the scene for the woman behind the wheel. police say she hit a pole in the eastbound lanes near galbraith road. we are working to learn her condition. police believe alcohol was a factor in this crash.
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morning. lisa: disturbing news out of afghanistan this morning, where a police officer turned his weapon on fellow officers, killing 10 of them. this happened at a checkpoint in the southern part of the country. the taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack. investigators say the shooter killed the officers while they were sleeping and then fled the scene after stealing their weapons and ammunition. mark: the mayor of cincinnati and new chief of police came together last night to talk crime. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with more on how the concerned people went to the evanston meeting wanting to take their streets back. miriah: citizens focused on targeting drug dealers and users, plus engaging our youth to take them out of this violent environment. more than 100 people packed the community room at the evanston center on woodburn avenue. citizens from all over district two, walnut hills, mount washington, and madisonville. many concerned with the rampant
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gun violence. they say if the city can develop more businesses and opportunities for young people to get jobs, it will cut down on crime. the mayor and chief isaac said while some citizens are involved, others are afraid to speak up. >> we have this issue of people not wanting to come forward. they fear for their lives, but that we often know who the killers are, but we can' t make the case, so we' ve got to bring illegal gun cases and find other ways to get people that we know are causing the shootings off the streets. miriah: last night' s meeting was the second of five at all five police districts. next week, it' s district three at the westwood town hall. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. lisa: thank you. a call to end gun violence in winton terrace after a man was shot in his home this weekend. the group cease-fire held a prayer vigil last night. faith leaders say they go out into the community to show kids and teenagers there' s more to life than violence. they say they didn'
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easy either, but they got help. >> we were able to overcome because we had people like ourselves, coming to them, telling them, look, that ain' t the way you want to go. you know, two things are going to happen. you going to go to prison or you' re going to get killed. and that' s not what we want for you. we want to see our young kids grow up. just grow up. lisa: ceasefire says it wants to pray with kids and show them other options, like sports at local rec centers. mark: the democratic presidential candidates all appeared on the same stage last night at iowa' s drake university for a town-hall-style event. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o' malley appeared separately, and were questioned by a moderator and audience members. all three have been zig-zagging the state in recent days, trying to drum up support before the february 1 caucuses. democratic candidate hillary clinton is getting support from her husband here in cincinnati. former president bill clinton will host a fundraiser for her
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the fundraiser is set for february 12 downtown. it will run from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30, the campaign has not announced a specific venue for the event. lisa: on the other side of the aisle, one of the most popular newspapers in massachusetts, "the boston globe," has announced its support for ohio governor john kasich for president. the paper has a large audience in southern new hampshire, the first-in-the-nation primary state. the paper' s rival, "the boston herald," has thrown its support behind new jersey governor chris christie. the new hampshire primary will be held on february 9. with the iowa caucuses just one week away, it' s all about who' s giving whom the thumbs-up. the "des moines register" is endorsing hillary clinton. on the republican side, rick perry is throwing his support behind ted cruz. two new polls put cruz second to donald trump in iowa. marco rubio sits in third place. iowa senator joni ernst introduced rubio at a rally, and he picked up "the register' s" republican endorsement. mark: the group has won a legal
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answers in genesis will open the country' s largest timber frame structure in july. a federal judge has ruled that state officials violated the art builders -- ark bui lders protections. lisa: go back to your forecast. randi , we' re almost at 50. randi: when you go back and look at the almanac for fun, because i know you do, it will say 50. it will not be anywhere near 50 into the afternoon. mid 30' s is what we are anticipating after this cold front rolls through. right now rain showers are steady across claremont and brown counties. by 7:00 to 8:00, all of the rain is gone and so is the warm air. you have about an hour after the brain ends for the chapters to drop. -- rain ends for the temperatures to drop.
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as kids get off the bus, cloudy, breezy, and way colder. steady in the mid 30' s through the afternoon, but feeling like the upper 20' s. we will take a look at the warm up in a couple of minutes. lisa: thank you. a blood drive today in downtown cincinnati. mark: the special guest donors can meet while they help save a life. lisa: learning more about our youth in greater cincinnati. what a new survey says about neighborhood crime affecting our young people. mark: taking a live look outside this morning. you see old glory blowing in the breeze. we have some rain and changing temperatures, so stick around for your most accurate forecast.
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their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. randi: taking a live look outside at lady liquid. yesterday we looked at that picture and there was snow at her feet. when yesterday' s temperatures soared up in the 50' s, the snow melted away. we are looking at rain showers rolling through areas used of downtown. the back edge of the rain has passed by the 71 corridor for most places, maybe a couple of sprinkles or warren county. the bulk of the rain between batavia mount orab will stop expect the rain to come to an end about 7:00 or 8:00 for most areas. as you head out the door, do not
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it is warm right now, but playing on the 30' s as you get the kids ready for school or grab your coat on the way to work. a very short-lived cold snap. we will be back up and the 50' s by the weekend. lisa: thank you. safety opportunities , education the future. a first of its kind effort giving us new insight into what children are dealing with in cincinnati. physical miriah turner has more on the surprising answers. miriah: the good news, most of those youth who took part are very optimistic about their futures. the bad news, more than half of low income youth feel their neighborhood is not safe. nearly 1700 young people gave their opinions in an unprecedented in-depth analysis. four out of five of the students say they have opportunities to get in boston next year -- get involved in critical activities. 60% of you' d say they do not have a mentor or coach to turn
5:41 am
income youth say they heard gunshots in the neighborhood. compared to 22% of upper income youth. nearly 40% say they have been bullied or teased, while many others are dealing with hunger and transportation issues. the community building institute is reviewing all of the data but has come to one conclusion. they say it is time to wake up the village. researchers at youth meet a whole community to serve as their mentors. mark: the winter games for the special olympics of kentucky is down under way. each athlete is paired with a ski partner. the winter games are said to help athletes in all aspects of their lives. clocks are athletes that participate consistently in special olympics excel and other areas of their life, in their schools, he come good employees at work, really good to treating members of their communities. mark: the competition wraps up
5:42 am
are competing to qualify for the world special olympics when her games in 2017 in austria. lisa: new funding aimed at keeping jobs in ohio. the state' s tax credit authority approved more than $49 million in funding for projects statewide. the goal is to create 1200 new jobs and to retain 1500 other jobs. in west chester, a five-year tax credit was approved for planes moving and storage. 30 new jobs will be created there. in downtown cincinnati, a tax credit was approved for the reztark design studio to create 16 new jobs and to help the studio expand. happening today, the fifth annual queen city annual blood drive. the event is hosted by the hoxworth blood center and will take place at the duke energy convention center starting at 10:00 this morning. the cincinnati cyclones hockey team will be there to draw out loyal fans to a good cause. the event usually takes place at the u.s. bank arena, but due to the popularity of the event, hoxworth decided to move it to the convention center this year. donors will receive an
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mark: let' s see what is happening on the roads. kyla: good morning. as you get ready to head out for your tuesday morning commute, we have been really off to a decent shape since the very start of re looking at 26 reagan to cvg. warren county, 71, about 17 minutes from the kingsmill area over to the norwood lateral. on 71-75 where we find traffic increasing in volume northbound and southbound, but still no issues. here is a look. considering northbound into the 275 and into northern kentucky and into cincinnati, still good let' s check in with randi rico. a few wet roads, but no issues. randi: just a few light showers. the big issue is preparing for
5:44 am
temperatures are falling quickly this morning. we started out at 50, and we will make it down to about 35 through much of the afternoon. the cold snap is a short one. this afternoon, tomorrow, then 50' s on tap for the upcoming weekend. temperatures are about to fall. you' ll notice much of ohio and kentucky in the warm air right now, most in the mid to upper 40' s. indianapolis for the cold front passed by couple of hours ago, they are down to 34. our temperatures will crash and we will probably hit the 30' s by about 9:00 this morning. looking at the wlwt radar, you can see the cold front is rolling through. rain showers generally to the east and southeast of the 71 corridor from blanchester, the northern fringes down to melbourne into georgetown, -- mount oreb into georgetown. take a look at the moment at the temperatures, 46 degrees.
5:45 am
there are now out of the west at 13 most power. it will stay breezy and temperatures are about to fall. at 8:00 a.m., 40 degrees. at noon, 45. 35 through the afternoon with winds at 10 to 15 miles brouwer, likely feeling like 28. futurecast shows by 8:00 or so, the very last showers are moving out. unfortunately, it stays relatively cloudy so gray and gloomy, mid-30' s. maybe even a stray flurry into the evening hours. skies will clear out partly tonight and then we will see a partly cloudy day tomorrow but on the cool side. i put 30' s on here because if i put 50, you get confused and think it is going to be warm and it' s not. temperatures are falling. expect 20' s tonight, down to about 25. 36 tomorrow. check out the weekend -- i know it is only tuesday, but who
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t look forward to especially when we had the s. mark: a bloodhound causes a bit of mischief. ended up with the pup getting a race and after him. mark: how a try to make the best of the difficult situation -- how a church group try to make situation. lisa: stick around, we are more headlines coming up next on cincinnati'
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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mark: good morning and welcome back. 5:52, 47 degrees. we will check your most accurate forecast in a moment. first, checking the headlines, the blizzard that hit the east coast this past week and left thousands stranded on highways, including a church group from indiana. lisa: they hit the storm on the way back from d.c. and ended up getting stuck for 22 hours. kyla woods tells us more about their so glad they made the trip. kyla: saint nicholas church along with others sent 96 people on buses to the march for life in washington, d.c.. they got apple for the blizzard hit, but on the way, they ran headlong into it on the
5:49 am
as a couple of feet snow fell, the buses were stranded. after an hour, the kids decided to make the most by playing in the snow and eventually some of the men were able to dig out the buses using cardboard boxes and they all came back with something they did not expect. >> since we did have to stay in the bus and sit in the bus for 22 hours, i think we learned patience and commitment. kyla: even though it took hours for the bus to move an inch, it took no time at all for the students to learn a lifelong lesson. mark: thank you. time to check on some of the stories trending this morning. lisa: a dog unknowingly finished a half marathon. the bloodhound turned up at the starting line at the out want half marathon in alabama. this dog trotted along with runners for the entire 13 point one miles. she competed without a human or
5:50 am
her owner, who was not a runner, did not even know about her celebrity until a friend called her and filled her in. s race will be renamed the hound dog half in a special prize will be given to seventh place. pretty funny. mark: and a durable way to get around and meet snow, these kids enlisted the help of their doggie. his kids are being pulled around by a fluffy pup. seen praying for summertime. lisa: virginia television mad winter storm coverage this past he took time during a live report from chesterfield to make a snowy version of a slurpee. he said his can caution was good stuff but admitted his wife by
5:51 am
depends on the snow he chose to make that drink. i think it was fine. mark: i' m when a pass on that. m set him a thank you. you know my stomach is queasy. lisa: millions of laughs and no memory. mark: said much of his time on the show is a blur. a debited with nowhere to run. semi' s said in turn. randi: someone said snow is basically exhaust flavored snow cones? add that to the lovely picture. rolling out, the back edge around hillsboro for your still sing some steady showers. pitchers are in the 40' it is about to take a turn. we will see temperatures fall s through the afternoon.
5:52 am
wake up in your first home. wake up in a home you've made a bit bigger. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home that doesn't
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as your life evolves, your dream home evolves too, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. see how you can save with ring video doorbell at lisa: a chase this morning in a search for a suspect. what started this. mark: more changes in a local sex crime case. the new allegations. lisa: air care call to a wreck on the ronald reagan. what we' re learning about what may have contributed to a serious crash.
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