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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it is still not clear where he obtained the images and they were not sure how many were deleted. there is no question, he was not creating or manufacturing it himself. they did say that there is no apparent danger to the campus community based on national statistics. it has one of the safest and most orderly campuses in the country. sheree: emily, thank you. thomas more college has placed marshall on administrative leave. his bond set at $25,000 and is scheduled to be arraigned next monday. mike: a cincinnati police officer charged with theft. an internal investigation found
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officer simpson was working at an off-duty restaurant detail. simpson is suspended without pay. sheree: underage drinking, pot smoking, and young teenagers sneaking out of their houses. mike: a freshman has to live with what has happened to her while another is convicted of rape. reporter: if you' re wondering why alcohol -- underage alcohol parties are never a good idea, this would be it. >> this is a situation you would see on any friday night. reporter: it started off that way. then one, knowing her mom was away, decided to have a party. >>
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you have a juvenile male and female pairing off in one bedroom in another pairing off in another. reporter: they were drinking vodka and smoking marijuana. >> a person falling down drunk. >> a few boys were encouraging their buddies to make a move. >> they knew that she was in a position where she was highly intoxicated. teenage girls nightmare. it is rape. applied and simple. >> the boy admitted to what he rape. >> there were reports that he indicated that he thought she hot. and to me, that' offensive of a comment as you
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it' s still not clear. it it would be difficult to prove the other teens went as far as encouraging him to rape a girl as the words they used were , "make your move." mike: the teenager scheduled to be sentenced next wednesday. the broad message here is for parents to speak to their kids educate them. sheree: hamilton police made the arrest. sheree: two weeks ago, robert goings was killed on south 7th street. a second person refused medical attention. mike: the man charged with driving the wrong way before
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this morning. for sunday' s crash near the smith edwards exit. rapp was under the influence. one person was seriously hurt and another had minor injuries. a grand jury indicted driver that went off ronald reagan overpass, killing the passenger inside the car. james williams is accused in the death. an issue has been -- a warrant has been issued to his arrest. his passenger was ejected and killed. a man was found shot to death in the western glen apartments parking lot overnight. sheree: dan griffin has the latest on the community demand
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>> this is ridiculous. >> she did not want to share her name but lives at western glen apartments and heard the gunshots. he was 27 years old. >> i saw him laying on the ground but did not see anything else until, you know, they came and did what they had to do. reporter: it' feet from where the body was found. neighbors hear someone they love child. >> i can only imagine, what if it could' ve been anyone' s kids. and it was somebody else' s. i' m sorry. it really upsets me. reporter: some say poverty is going. s
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>> we have been to several this week. we have a couple more coming up. >> they saw a dramatic increase in shooting injuries and deaths the between 2014 and last year. neighbors say they want more patrols and surveillance before reckless violence claims someone they love. mike: the mayor and city manager will speak with people in westwood in a meeting all about violence. he died on sunday from a stroke. visitation is at 4:00 at princeton pike church of god. his funeral will be held at the
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he spent his entire career from sheriff to councilman and police officer. and he also ran a convenience store in downtown hamilton. one man shot to death after a standoff between law enforcement and an antigovernment group. mike: a local man in the thick of it all. he was one of the eight people arrested during a series of confrontations with officers. sheree: learning much more tonight. >> he has a podcast that he streams from his mount washington home or were ever he has to be. this week, he was at the flashpoint in oregon. he has hours of podcasts online for talk he took his show on the road to support the antigovernment group
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he even live streamed his encounter with fbi agents and he references and arrest locally. you might remember when he was pulled over in newtown when police thought he was on a terror watch list. >> he ran my plates, pull the over and long story short, i' m on the terror watch list. >> he was arrested about 70 miles where the agents and protesters were marked in that standoff. >> chars with illegally having a weapon. the grand jury did not indict him on that charge. sheree: joining the board of education to address safety
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mike: resource officers to deal with bullying before it gets out of hand. they also discussed ways the police department is doing with the different culture. >> we recognize there is a growing immigrant population. and as we continue to hire new officers, cultural competency is something that we instructed the police academy. >> they discussed active shooter response training and the training available to students and teachers. ask most anybody and they say downtown cincinnati has dramatically improved. sheree: a proposed new building could house a 40,000 square foot grocery store and retail space. the levels above it would be
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space. the street. s not a lot of variety or product. >> it is long overdue to get more housing downtown. we are at the point where a new downtown grocery store would be very successful. sheree: the 28 million dollar project was unanimously approved today and will now enter negotiations with developers in the coming days. sheree: police a they found a children living in filthy conditions. mike: and see how the annual
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kevin: the forecast is in. and for those of us who love winter, they mean a chance to conquer new hills. and explore new trails. a chance for first steps. a chance to leave it's our chance to bundle up, get outside and laugh with the ones we love. welcome to the winter wonderland of pure michigan. your snow day begins
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mike: deplorable living conditions. it to parents faced a judge this morning. sheree: neighbors say these kids
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reporter: this house may not look like at the moment but it appears occupied. not by any of the eight children. no blanket, no sheet, nope hello. there is very little food in the fridge. the kids do appear to be very dirty. police say the father would not let them inside at first, describing the place as horrible. the mother said the place of gone downhill due to water being turned off for six months. the police report describes mildred clothing, cat feces, water in the bathroom, you get the picture. please took pictures but would not provide them. the couple was arraigned on eight counts this morning and released on their own recognizance. no answer when we knocked.
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little things. they weren' t a behavior problem. it' s all very sad. >> we did not know what their situation was. family. reporter: to provide gifts. school. the kids were excited because they had on new clothes. >> there is an abrupt change in the kids removed. this appeared healthy and poorly cared for. giving up, she called police. >> we were kind of shocked but we were so happy that we were
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reporter: at least children will now have clean pillows, sheets, and a clean environment as the parents go through the legal consequences of child endangering charges. mike: this homeless count helps establish the level of federal funding to help the homeless. volunteers say it is important to talk and find out how the community can help them get back on their feet. >> it helps us find gaps in service. it' s actually talking with them
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they might have. >> 300 homeless people identified in northern kentucky. hamilton county conducted their account last night and early this morning. fundraising efforts to expand the gorilla world. two large donations have helped their $12 million goal. the expansion will double the size of the gorilla exhibit. they hope to have the work complete as early as next year. kevin: a roller coaster ride of the weather headed our way. by mild, temperatures are likely to climb their way to the low to mid 40' s. a brief glancing shot of cold
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and it looks like it will be in the 50' s or 60' around here. continue to clear. temperatures this evening will think into the 20' s before they begin to level off overnight tonight. can see here the low-grade cloud cover. always tricky anticipating when that will happen. it' s been an all-day process for we have been gradually eating away at that deck of cloud cover. we take a glance outside and it' s mostly clear. temperatures will slowly fall. s 30 at the airport as we speak. despite the fact that the skies nosedives.
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tonight will actually allow temperatures to fall for a few hours here and then level out if not begin the climb towards morning. here' s the system i' m keeping my eye on. it will help give temperatures a jumpstart. and after the evening commute, this cold front will sweep through bringing down temperatures and a few flurries or snow showers. here comes the warm front. expect midday sun and you start driving home. i can' t rule out a sprinkle or a passing flurry. don' t expect any accumulation. this will bring in chilly weather for tomorrow night and friday. friday will be cool again and as we get into the weekend,
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and tomorrow, temperatures should make their way to the low s. s a look at your day planner. and into s as we get to the afternoon hours. s. i think both saturday and sunday, very nice days. sunday will see a few more clouds but notice next week is very mild. they will take a tumble behind the good soaker it looks like tuesday. mike: very mild. >> you won' t have to start my car. mike: sports illustrated
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george: the pride of saint dekes and the pride is beaming as luke kiki heads to the super bowl. learning a little more about the star linebacker for carolina. elise: there are going to be a lot of people in cincinnati rooting for the panthers when the super bowl rolls around. the saint xavier product will be one of the best players on the field when denver and carolina face-off for that title. i sat down with the head coach to take a look back at his early days in football. you can tell he had an instinct and a knack for where that ball would be. off the field, he is the nicest guy you' ll ever meet but on the field, he is downright nasty. >> you have to be able to fit -- flip that switch and become a
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mean individual legally within the rules between the lines. he is able to do that. elise: i did some serious digging today. here' s a picture of luke on the left next to a picture of his dad on the right. tom was a goalie from -- for the xavier musketeers. steve also told me that he is the poster child for how they want their student athletes to work in the off-season. his work ethic is what sets him apart. george: win.
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george: beating top-ranked uc at fifth third arena in 1996. to the area tonight, louisville at eight and the kentucky wildcats playing at nine. a good one for rodger bates and head coach ryan neill when number 171 to become the all-time winningest coach passing the late great bill burton. a gathering at the academy today, the team will be hosting the r.b.i. world series this summer with championship games played at great american ball park. >> i think it is definitely worthwhile and something that i definitely think is a responsibility of big leaguers to do things the right way so that the younger generation can see how it'
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>> doing a great job in the urban areas. mike: get some contracts out of that group. george: maybe you are ahead of the game here. sheree: not snow, but flurries. >> i think we' re looking for the big time warm-up coming. we could see a few flurries tomorrow night and have 50' s or 60' s early next week. mike: moratorium on the reds bashing.
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