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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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some say that's unbelievable. >> we were devastated. we didn't know what to think. brian: mary clark was stunned. you have known him for years. she is marshall's ex-daughter-in-law and mother to his grandson. do you believe that the accusations are true? >> no, i don't. brian: police say they confiscated robert marshall's computer, but he used software to delete pictures. it took a computer lab two years to recover the images. then police made the arrest. several people had access to clark. >> it was a public computer in the living room. i have ever used that computer before on facebook when i have come down there and stayed with them. brian: we met at an undisclosed location to the man who alerted police to robert marshall, it was his own son that didn't want to appear on camera. dad? >> he needed help. brian: he didn't want to see him go to jail. somebody tells me you guys just
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what this is about. what would you say to that? >> we're father and son, we're not always going to agree eye to eye on everything. when something comes up, you have to address it. brian: the man called chief of security brought down by the man who called him father. ex-daughter-in-law you just heard from says she has no concerns leaving her son with marshall and in a surprising agrees. the father is the same man who turned in marshall, lisa. lisa: thank you. investigators do not believe marshall produced pictures, but they were part of known child porn images circulating on the internet. a former teacher is sentenced to 106 years to life in prison following a conviction for molesting students. matthew is a former teacher at an elementary school in delaware county. he has denied molesting children even after his
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>> i do take responsibility forever any of my behaviors that were inappropriate. i do see now how they were hurtful to others and for that i'm truly sorry. prosecutor remarked that he has not shown any remorse for actions throughout the trial. if he is ever released from prison, he will have to register as a tier three sex offender. today senator rob portman led a senate hearing looking at how a dozen migrants were placed with a human trafficking ring in ohio. he says the victims were lured to the states by promises of an education and a better life, but he says once they arrived, they were forced to work 12-hour days and live in a dilapidated trailer. senator portman said that a congressional probe found that the health and human services department did not conduct proper background checks or home visits to make sure the children were put in safe homes.
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immigration policy, everyone should be able to agree that the administration has a responsibility to insure the safety of the migrant kids that have entered government custody until their immigration court date. lisa: senator portman says he is also concerned that there may be other children right now traffickers. four of the five people involved in the case have pleaded guilty. g.e. aviation making cuts tonight. more than 300 engineers from across the u.s. lose their jobs, the majority of those are right here at their evendale facility. the others are in massachusetts. g.e. says it has offered voluntary early retirement to several hundred other engineers. the mayor says the layoffs are devastating to families but will not impact the village's budget. >> i don't think it will have a big impact on the village right away. if they continue to layoff, it will be disaster rouse for us
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lisa: the counts account for 7% of the company's engineering unit according to company officials. it may take days for investigators to determine the cause of a bus-pedestrian fatality in hyde park last night. it happened about 20 to 8:00 at an intersection very familiar with cincinnatians. that's why john london is live tonight. john. john: edwards and erie, hyde park square, this is where thousands of people regularly carry ice cream across the street here. police say they do not yet know if a metro driver was at fault square. the result was fatal for a man who lived nearby. although on familiar regular routes through here today, metro bus dryers were no doubt fully aware of wednesday night's tragedy right here at edwards and erie. fellow driver tyrone patrick hit two pedestrians who police say were in the crosswalk
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frank and injuring his daughter. >> there is no signs of impairment, nothing to indicate any excessive speed or impairment. mr. patrick gave us a voluntary john: this intersection is getting analyzed by locals in the aftermath of this tragedy. hyde park square casts an inviteable image, walkable and pedestrian friendly. as police went shop to shop for surveillance video today and took pictures, they were no doubt hearing what we heard. >> if you go right over here and you walk over across the park, it's not bad at all, but it's just when you get into the to be careful. >> people get in too big of a hurry, too big of a hurry. they don't pay attention to the signs. john: it is a busy intersection at times although police say traffic was light at the time of the fatality, no visibility issue, no obstructive view. this corner.
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you get halfway across and it says don't walk, there is not enough time. you have to turn around and look and be aware of the traffic coming across. john: investigators are trying to zero in on whether anything distracted the bus driver as he was turning or about to make the left-hand turn that turned tragic and fatal for a dad and daughter coming back from dinner together. and a family member says they are fully focused on the recovery and the injuries sustained by emily frank to have any sort of statement at this time. the bus driver is also a chaplain for the police and fire department in cincinnati. reporting live, hyde park square, john london, wlwt news 5. lisa: john, thank you. police are asking anyone who last night make sure all aspects of this investigation are complete. a milford high school teenager who was killed in a weekend car crash was laid to rest today.
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following a celebration mass at st. andrew church. this is video from her visitation last night in milford where family and classmates gathered to remember lauren. friends say she always had a she loved nature and always worked hard in school. crews digging for hours after a tip comes into the warren county sheriff's office that a car was buried near a home in franklin township. natalie clark is live on the scene with more details. natalie, bring us up to date. natalie: well, hey, lisa, that tip that came into authorities said that there would be a car found on this property on dixie highway. the tipster told the warren county sheriff's office it would be buried here. today they did some digging and about 10 feet down, they found that car. the scene was a busy one here this afternoon. deputies and investigators watched as workers from the county i think neither's office
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revealed what was left of a car that looked to have been buried there many years ago. the sheriff's office confirms it was a 1960's mercury convertible. after the crime scene unit investigated and processed the scene, they have confirmed there is no evidence of a crime here. still residents came out to find out what was going on including one woman whose uncle has been missing for several years. she said she feared the worst. >> fear that this could be him and i kind of wish it was so we could have closure, but it still gives us some hope. natalie: well, along with ruby, many interested residents also came out here to scope out the scene. they said they heard a lot of rumors on facebook and social media and things going around, but again, the warren county sheriff's office confirms there was no evidence of a crime here.
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natalie clark, wlwt news 5. lisa: natalie, thank you. well, some have wondered who owns the western hills viaduct and where will the money come from to fix the old structure. wlwt news 5 courtis fuller updating us on tonight on the story. good evening. courtis: this is interesting. it's no secret the viaduct has seen better days, but maybe, just maybe for the first time tonight we can tell you there are major steps underway right now to get all of the players to the table to find that money to fix that old bridge. hey, depending on who you ask, the viaduct carries anywhere from 70 to 80,000 vehicles daily. this month, by the way, marks its 84th year of existence. who is responsible for fixing it? does it belong to the city or the county? >> the bottom line is it really doesn't matter who owns it in a sense. there is no doubt that this project in order to get done is going to require the city to be
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in, odot to be all in. we need federal funding. we need funding from a variety of partners and so who owns it? in a sense we all own it. courtis: well, actually he told me that the city owns part of it and the county owns part of it. that was the county commissioner also telling me he met with the mayor earlier this week. he said o.k.i. and state leaders are also coming to the table to seek some solutions on a project that could take 10 years to complete. lisa. lisa: thank you, the total cost million. the annual baseball tradition is underway right now. the reds caravan tour to get fans revved up for opening day. wlwt sports videographer mark slaughter is on the south tour today and he has been making stops in indiana and kentucky.
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slugger field. wlwt's elise jesse will have more coming up in sports. helping veterans struggling with addiction get back on their feet, a look at one local program that is helping veterans find jobs, housing, and a new life. plus a dangerous virus to women and their babies that's being spread by mosquitoes. the local health experts and what they're saying about the zika virus and how you can protect your family. kevin: clouds have rolled in for many of us. they're not dropping anything, at least not yet across the area. the potential is there for a few showers or a stray flurry tonight. i'll track the overnight
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warm-up on the way, a lisa: getting a second chance at success with a program aimed at helping veterans kick their addictions and get back on the right path. today seven veterans graduated from the veterans treatment court in delhi township. the program helps them get jobs and settle back into life after services overseas. we spoke with one of today's graduates who says the program was a life safer, helping him have a job. >> they support you through it. instead of you feeling down and out about what has happened,
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and give you the stability that you need to, through a real dark time. lisa: the veterans association is collecting clothes to help veterans who are interviewing for new jobs. new information tonight about the zika virus that is spreading across the globe. today the world health emergency meeting monday disease explosive. the world health organization estimates there could be three to four million cases of zika year. the disease is now in 23 countries, but was first detected in uganda in 1947. according to a doctor, medical director at the cincinnati health department, the disease mosquito. if you get infected while traveling, when you come home, transmit the disease from one person to another. only one in five people who get the virus will show symptoms such as fever, rash, and joint pain.
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hard to track and has the most devastating impact on fetuses. >> the biggest thing for me is if you're pregnant trying to get pregnant, don't go. in fact, you got a country like el salvador telling their women don't get pregnant for the next couple of years, don't take that risk. lisa: airlines are giving refunds to pregnant women with a doctors note. norwegian and carnival cruise lines are allowing pregnant women to reschedule their travel. hospitals across the state of kentucky joining together to improve the delivery of health care statewide. today a statewide alliance between 10 hospitals and medical centers was unveiled in frankfurt, among those st. elizabeth health care in edgewood. as part of the agreement, they will share best health practices in order to raise the standard of care statewide. the other participants are in the state. more than 150 athletes are hitting the ski slopes today to prepare for the hamilton county
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the athletes spent the day improving their skiing skills and for some, this is the first time they tried out the sport. volunteers from local high schools and ski clubs were on hand to help train the athletes and show them the ropes today. organizers say for some athletes, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> some of them have come before and it's a day to have them come out and try a new sport. like i said, so many of them have never been able, never able had the opportunity to ski before. so this day today is their opportunity. lisa: just last week, special olympiacosans from northern kentucky spent the day preparing for their winter games. >> cincinnati's certified most accurate forecast. kevin: plenty of sunshine today, but now things are beginning to change across the area. check out radar. there is nothing to show you on here right now. that may change later on this evening. you can see some showers up
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dayton toward the indianapolis area. these are part of a transition that is going to take place overnight tonight to colder weather, at least briefly for one day on friday. you can see some of the showers dropping from northwest to southeast. don't be surprised if you encounter a sprinkle or two later on this evening. look at your headlines, overnight changes, we could see a few sprinkles or showers here after dinner time and eventually a flurry or two after midnight. chilly weather for friday, a setback in our weekend warm-up. the warm-up is still coming. it's going to be pushed off one day. by the weekend, temperatures will be quickly climbing into the 50's and next week i even see some mid 60's for us. enjoy this evening, though. compared to 24 hours ago, most areas, 15 to 20 degrees warmer than they were at this exact same time yesterday. you may remember yesterday evening at this time we were in the 30's. we are in the 40's, close to 50 right now. ahead of the cold front dropping towards the ohio river and the wind will switch back around to the north and that
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door for cooler weather. and west. you see a little bit of sun on the horizon as clouds have to south. at the airport, hold at 46 with the west wind at eight. because of the clouds and the wind, temperatures won't fall much the next couple of hours. it's 44 in mason, 46 at hamilton, 47 in walton, so with clouds and a breeze this evening, as long as we're ahead of the cold front, temperatures should hold steady through the 40's through the dinner-time hours, relatively mild. you see the flurries tonight from detroit up towards chicago, once this front passes through the area later on this evening, expect changes around the area. for now, we're holding in the 40's through 9:00. parise conditions, don't expect a lot of rain. it won't be terribly heavy. if you find yourself underneath a shower, it will probably be barely enough to get the roadways wet out there. here is a look at futurecast.
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direction, late tonight there could be a passing flurry or even when you wake up first thing on friday morning, i expect cloudy and cold conditions to start your friday. we'll break out into sunshine and see the temperatures warm up. great looking weather this weekend. there will be some clouds around, especially on sunday, saturday, mostly sunny, a little bit cloudier on sunday. as of right now, the rain should hold off until after dark on sunday. a turnaround for the weekend and finally feeling a lot milder out there. after a brief blast of cold air tonight and tomorrow, notice how the blue gets out of here. the jet stream returns to the north and we are going to see some very mild pacific air move across the country and basically as the weather pattern flip-flops with a big deep in the east, we're going to actually put the dip out west. that is going to allow some unseasonably mild air to move in. next week, highs may make it into the mid 60's before the
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27 for a low tonight as it turns blustery and cold. that will happen before day break. tomorrow, chilly sunshine, look for a high only in the high to upper 30's. slowly trying to climb through the 30's during the day tomorrow. here is your seven-day forecast. there is a beautiful look at your weekend, 50 saturday and sunday and there is that 65, lisa, on tuesday. again, maybe the threat for some storms, we don't talk about it too often in early february. lisa: we don't. thank you.
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the bearcats come down the >> he might let them play it out. patrick for three, knocks it down. 2.5 seconds to go. napier catches it --
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cincinnati beat uconn in connecticut. welcome back, i'm elise jesse. it was patrick who saved the day, a huge road win back then and huge tonight. derek forest tells us why it's now or never for cincinnati. >> as the bearcats come down the homestretch of conference place, nick has said it's now or never for the seniors. on tuesday he told me for the jumped classmen, it's all about playing for the seniors and getting them to the promised land, for them, it's making the ncaa tournament. >> they know this is their last chance to play college basketball. their sense of urgency is just more than everybody else's. my message to our team is everybody needs to be like them for them. it is their last chance. >> it's our senior team. they got to know that we need them to go because if they go, we go. >> as cincinnati prepares for
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it's a battle and they are prepared for anything. >> historically our kids compete so hard against each other defensively that the game i don't think has ever been high scoring when we have played each other. >> so the bearcats will take with them. they go it to hartford as they take on uconn. sports. elise: these two are fairly similar in average points a allowed. both teams can be absolutely suffocating on defense. expect a low scoring game. it gets started at 7:00 tonight. baseball fans are reminded that spring is right around the corner as the reds' caravan gets rolling right along. billy hamilton, adam duvall, jesse winger are on the southern tour. the reds may have finished with a losing season in 2013, but 98 losses doesn't keep diehard fans from coming out to see
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>> you never know from year to year whether you're coming off of a season where this club won 98 games or unfortunately like last year lost 98. the numbers never change. the people turn out in incredible numbers to see these guys. elise: and there is proof. here is a live look from louisville. our own mark slaughter is there as the southern tour kicks off. lisa: big crowd, looking good. what about the forecast? heck? kevin: some changes tonight after being up around 50. it's a minor setback. it's a little bit of a hiccup. that's the best way i describe it. there is a weekend warm-up that is getting underway starting on saturday. that will carry us into mid 60's early next week. a hiccup, a small one.
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