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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> we just did what we could to help her out. mike: the man who tried to help after an attack in broad daylight. plus -- >> it' s a brotherhood. you take care of your brother. mike: stepping up for the family of a fallen firefighter one month after he was killed in what has been ruled an arson. and a police chief saves a man' s life just seconds before certain tragedy. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. mike: good evening. i' m mike dardis. sheree is off tonight. hamilton police are investigating a rape at a cemetery in broad daylight. according to witnesses, the victim ran away screaming for neighbors to call for help. wlwt news 5' s emily wood is in our newsroom with the latest emily? emily: hamilton police say it happened at the greenwood cemetery just before 2:00 this afternoon. police not able to release many details in the case as detectives are still investigating. we did speak with two witnesses, one on camera, about what they saw.
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middle-aged woman running from the cemetery to the fence that runs along the 1200 block of greenwood avenue. he says she was crying, claiming a man put a knife to her neck, demanding her to perform a sexual act. she did not have any pants, shoes, or socks on, so he gave her his hooded sweatshirt to keep her warm, and neighbors across the street gave her some clothes to wear after they called police. >> she was definitely hysterical, i would say. i would feel scared, too, if someone had just attempted anything on me. she was crying. she was gasping for air. it was kind of like -- it was almost kind of like a panic attack, kind of. emily polk hamilton police have -- emily proct : hamilton police have not released any information about the victim or a description of the suspect. detectives are working this case and said more details should be released tomorrow morning. mike: thank you. if you saw anything in the cemetery this afternoon or have any information that could help,
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brother helping brother. heavy hearts tonight -- one month to the day hamilton firefighter patrick wolterman was killed in what has been ruled an arson. but the mission to help his family is far from over. wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa shows us what happened in blue ash tonight. tammy? 10 tammy: mike, a month ago, patrick wolterman died in the line of duty. and tonight the community just , wanted to do something to surround his family with love and support. >> how you doing tonight, guys? we' re here doing an event for a firefighter who died a couple of weeks ago. tammy the boot is being passed : for a fellow fallen brother. >> it' s the right thing to do. it' s a brotherhood. you take care of your brother. tammy even though adam cowan : didn' t know firefighter patrick wolterman, he shares a firefighter bond as a former veteran loveland and mt. orab firefighter. >> you go to work. you don' t plan to get hurt. you don' t plan to die. you go in -- you do it, because it' s part of you. tammy cowan' s old firehouse
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firehouse grill to raise money for the family wolterman left behind. wolterman died a month ago after battling a blaze. the fire has since been ruled arson. we think the world of >> firefighters and their families and the sacrifices the families have to go through, and with this tragedy, even more so. tammy at the fundraiser, a beer : was named after patrick wolterman. and for every pint sold, the sales will go towards his family a family they want to , show love. >> a lot of us take for granted you don' what they do until it' s cold outside or, in this case, somebody has passed away. s s family to know the community will always surround them with love. reporting live, tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. mike: all right no arrests have , been made in the arson fire.
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the arrest. an economic loss for evandale. a lot of them. more than 300 engineers across america losing their jobs, the majority of those right here at the evandale facility. ge says it has offered voluntary early retirement to several evendale' s mayor says the lay offs are devastating to families but they will not , impact the village' t' think it will have a big impact on the village right away. now if they continue to lay off, then, of course it will be , disastrous for us in the long might mike according to ge, the move : accounts for 7% of the company' s engineering unit. the other jobs being cut are in massachusetts. a gop debate without the front runner. donald trump is boycotting tonight because of bad blood with fox news.
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d.c. sally: he may have been a notion, but donald trump still grabbed the spotlight. seven gop contenders shared the stage. competing for attention with the donald trump sideshow. the front runner held a protest rally to benefit veterans for going -- forgoing the debate because of a few with fox news. mr. trump: when you' treated your rights. senator cruz : i am a maniac, and everybody else on the stage is stupid, fat, and ugly goodenow that we got the donald trump portion out of the way -- [laughter] >> the only budget ted has ever voted for is a budget that rand paul sponsored. senator cruz: the last four questions have been to everybody to please attack tedd. sally: ben carson highlighted
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>> you will measure a lot of polished political speech for me, but you will you the truth. sally: chris christie talent hit test touted his executive experience. >> who has been tested and been through it? sally: john kasich cast him as a reformer. >> finding to reform welfare, reform the pentagon, and being in a position to balance the budget. sally: the race in iowa is very close. eight-point age of grooves. sally kid from washington. monday, followed by the new hampshire primary the following week. cincinnati is getting ready to be the center of attention for the national naacp conference this summer. it' s all the buzz for the local chapter. tonight, they had a general membership meeting. the branch president believes it' s a winning situation for the organization and the city. cincinnati was a such a good >> host in 2008. i believe they wanted to come back to cincinnati as much as
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wanted them to come to cincinnati. and we are looking forward to a very successful convention. mike the 2008 convention was : also held during an election year, and then u.s. senator barack obama was one of the keynote speakers, so there' s a good chance this year' s presidential candidates will make a stop in cincinnati during that week. the 107th convention is july 16 through the july 20. new at 11:00, guilty pleas from four people charged in a cocaine and heroin ring in cincinnati. christopher whitfield, tonia whitfield, and cierra bronson plead guilty to federal money laundering charges. steven griffin pleaded guilty to drug and weapons charges. the face at least 10 years in four behind bars. an afternoon of digging for warren county investigators, leading to the discovery of a 1960' s car. sheriff' s deputies spent five hours in franklin township along dixie highway.
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convertible that was buried 10 feet underground. deputies say they uncovered no evidence of any crime. investigators say a tip led them to the property. new developments in a bus crash that killed a father and injured his daughter in hyde park last night. police say the metro bus driver, tyrone patrick, turned left onto erie avenue from edwards when he hit stephen and emily frank. 73-year-old stephen died at the scene. emily was taken to uc medical center for her injuries. police are looking into a cause, and they say they are considering distracted driving. >> was it driver inattention? was it something that took the metro bus driver away, took his attention away from the roadway? was there something that the pedestrians could have seen and maybe they shouldn' t? we don' t know. mike patrick did provide a blood : sample, and that will now be tested. thomas more' s safety director is out of a job. he' s still behind bars on child pornography charges. robert marshall' s son called police on his father after
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s home computer. >> we are father and son. we' re not always agree eye to eye on everything but when something like this comes up you have to address it. mike police say marshall used : software to delete the photos and it took two years to , recover the images. investigators believe marshall didn' t produce the pictures. instead they are part of known , child porn images circulating over the internet. family members say robert marshall is scheduled to be in court on monday. a life sentence for an ohio teacher who sexually assaulted his students. central ohio elementary teacher matthew rausenberg learned his punishment today. the 40-year-old apologized for his crimes in court just two days after being convicted on more than 40 charges. >> i do take responsibility for any of my behaviors that were inappropriate. i do see now how they were hurtful to others. and for that i' m truly sorry.
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, prosecutor both said rausenberg hadn' t shown any remorse for his actions during the trial. in all he received 106 years , behind bars and is a tier three sex offender. a convicted killer in ohio, who escaped during a zumba class, is now back behind bars. 17-year-old ashley smith was captured at a mcdonalds near marion, ohio. she had been locked up serving time in her stepfather' s killing. the department of youth services says smith was in a supervised class wednesday at a rec center when she ran away. a customer inside the mcdonald' s recognized her this afternoon. a move today to increase minimum wage in kentucky. state lawmakers are considering a measure that would gradually increase hourly wages. today a house committee passed a , bill that could raise the wage to $10.10 an hour. that would be $2.85 increase. the measure calls for a stage increase to get to $10.10 by 2018.
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for consideration. saving an unconscious man just seconds before sure disaster. >> if the chief hadn' t gone in, i believe the victim would have succumbed to the fire. mike: the hero police chief who went all the way up to that car engulfed in flames. kevin: depending on where you are located, if you look out the window, you might actually see a few wet snowflakes coming down. there is a big-time weekend warm-up on the way. mike: all right, this guy is a big name and is preparing for the big game. how saint xavier'
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teammate cam newton. >> you never know what' s going to happen from day-to-day, for sure. even though we are a small town, you just never know. mike: a car goes up in flames with the driver laying right next to it. a kansas police chief helps to pull that man to safety, and it' s all caught on his dash cam. [sirens blaring] >> you can see the heavy black smoke in the air. mike: linn valley' s police chief instantly knew what was happening just minutes before dispatchers relayed a chilling 911 call about a potential suicide. >> they advised us that the male subject had doused his car in gasoline and left.
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arrived on the scene first. >> i drove down this way, and i parked right about in here, and of course, the car was fully >> i' ve got a male subject on the ground outside of his vehicle. >> i could see the owner of the vehicle laying right out in front in the grass face down. mike: murrison sprang into action, running to the unconscious man, grabbing him, and dragging him to safety right before ammunition rounds inside the car started to explode. >> if the police chief hadn' t gone in, i believe the victim would have succumbed to the flame. it was a hot fire. mike: the man was taken to the hospital and is recovering from smoke inhalation. new developments in the case against affluenza teen ethan couch. the texas 18-year-old will face a judge tomorrow for a detention hearing after arriving hours ago in dallas. the hearing could be key. a judge will decide whether to continue to hold couch at a juvenile facility to book him in an adult jail or possibly let
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couch was convicted to provisionally after a deadly drunk driving accident. his defense said he was called by his parents and did not know right from wrong. >> we' re hoping that the day comes, as i' ve always said, that justice is done for those families and the victims that were killed, and so this is a good day for us. mike: authorities say couch and his mother fled to mexico after prosecutors investigated whether he may have violated his probation in a 2013 drunken-driving wreck that killed four people. several armed protesters remain on an oregon wildlife refuge while their leader sits behind bars tonight. a video posted to youtube today, shows at least four occupiers still there. through his attorney, their leader, ammon bundy, has told them to stand down and go home. 11 militants are behind bars, including three that were arrested at road blocks surrounding the site last night. >> they had ample opportunities
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and as the fbi and its partners have demonstrated, actions are not without consequences. mike: rancher lavoy finicum died after being shot during a showdown with federal agents and s blizzard' s lived up to its big billing. late today noaa announced that , last weekend' s blizzard was the 4th most powerful snowstorm to hit the northeast in the last 60 years. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration rated the storm based on snowfall , geographic reach and affected , population. the blizzard dumped snow from louisiana to maine and caused coastal flooding. well, with about 10 days to go until super bowl 50, they are saying that they do not think the weather is expected to be an issue in santa clara, california. crews are hard at work inside levi' s stadium.
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-- and that gold logo commemorates that this is the 50th super bowl in nfl history. crews have put in 12 to 15-hour days getting the sod down. name of the turf holds up through the battle between the broncos and panthers, as well as coldplay' s halftime performance. well one of the local starters , in the big game is seeing a surge in popularity. carolina panthers star luke kuechly now ranks in the top 20 in nfl jersey sales. according to the players association the saint x grad is , up to number 18 overall which is ahead of teammate and likely nfl mvp cam newton. keuchly is in the running for defensive player of the year. s . kevin: right on schedule tonight -- you know what that means over my shoulder, flurries and light area. it is not terribly heavy, barely
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that if you look out your window in wyoming, fanny town, maybe around chevy, you might see a view flurries. towards fairfield and hamilton, west chester am a probably a view flurries and snow showers. as we slide east, from will need to vienna and hillsboro, again, occasional flurries or a passing snow shower here this is dropping from northwest to southeast. northern kentucky and down through areas of southwest ohio, especially along and north of the ohio river. tonight. headlines -- overnight changes coming our way. after jumping up close to 50 today, tomorrow will be a minor setback before the warm-up kicks hl chilly friday, followed by a weekend. there is what to expect for
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we will not be close to 50 tomorrow. it will be breezy, adding an additional bite to the chilton tomorrow afternoon. we start with clouds, but then we will get some clearing into the afternoon hours. it may take as a little while. all day today, we had southwesterly winds, but they have switched back around to the north and west, signaling the fact that the cold front is dropping to the area as we speak, opening the door for much chillier care -- air. occasionally, you may see a tower cam shot. 37 at the airport. there is that northwest wind. look at the windchill, feels like new have an 20' s outside. s along and north of the ohio river tonight. s. you can see the folks still northern kentucky, 44 in warsaw. 42 in dry ridge. gradually colder air throughout
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cold front. the good news is that the core of the gold will pass from the great lakes into new england. this is a glancing blow of chilly air for us. so a minor setback tomorrow, and then we kicked the warm-up at a high gear. clouds to start tomorrow, and then we will break out into sunshine. on saturday, there may be some high clouds getting by. sunday will be nice, too, but i suspect more clouds viewed in maybe a little more gloomy looking. looks like the rain will hold off until after dark on sunday. the bulk of your weekend looks very nice. let' s talk about the weather pattern change. the cold as we head into tomorrow, that will be working out quickly for saturday and sunday. if the jet stream gets back to the north, the weather pattern will flip. we have a big dip across the east, which is what brought the blizzard last weekend. that will head out west and bring cold air for folks out west. that will open the door for unseasonably mild record, and i
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into tuesday next week, probably up in the mid-60' s. a little bit of a treat. winter is not over though. 27 for our low tonight. a few flurries or a sprinkle. tomorrow, only 39 for an afternoon high. 29 at 8:00 a.m. 34 by lunchtime. s later. seven-day forecast -- a cold night tomorrow night, upper 20' s. then 50' s on saturday and sunday. 60' s on monday. the record high on tuesday is 66. we' re forecasting 65. the problem is that we may have some thunderstorms to speak of here in early february next week. mike: 65, kind of closing in on summer temperatures. kings island is thinking of summer. check out the progress on the soak city water park. it will be tropical fun, a seven-story complex with
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tropical plunge will be ready when soak city waterpark opens may 28. well a nail-biter on the road -- , could uc survive a final second push at uconn. elise jesse' s in next with an
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ncaa selection com elise: welcome back. i' m elise jesse. the bearcats went to a place where they have not won since we watched as the bearcats 2012. struggled failing to close out the tough games against butler, iowa state, and tulsa. another tough one down the stretch this evening. kevin ollie and the uconn huskies looking to send the bearcats home with a loss. uc up one. first half, shaq turns it over. kevin johnson gets it back. they wing to troy caupain. he was 0-7 until he made this 3 he' d finish with 8 points. but then uconn got hot, finishing the half on a 16-9 run the second half didn' t look much better for uc. when shaq thomas went down with what looks like a right ankle injury, possibly a high ankle sprain, he was out for the game. back and forth all night long. just over one to play, freshman jacob evans. the steal goes the other way and
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uc down 57-55. the inbound to gary clark. clark is a beast, goes one on three. the sophomore showing major poise. the free throw to win the ball game. uc gets out of uconn with a 58-57 victory. these two battled until the very last seconds of this game. the numbers were very similar as far as production goes. both teams had 36 rebounds, 14 turnovers. gary clark had four of cincinnati' s 10 blocks on the night. the reds left gabp early this morning, and we followed the south tour into kentucky, where -- we followed themselves to kentucky where they made a stop , at louisville slugger field. this included guys like jesse winker, dick williams, and adam duvall, who is one of the guys being considered for left field this year. and we all know billy hamilton will be back in center after rehabbing his injured shoulder in cincinnati this winter.
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to arizona with his teammates. it' s baseball season time, but spring training is really when you get antsy about everything. you know, it' it' s time to fight. it' s time to compete, and it' s time to get everything going. most of all, you get out of this cold weather. spring training is right around the corner. elise: yet, get out of the cold. spring training in arizona is right around the corner. pitchers and catchers report three weeks from today, and position lawyers follow suit, less than a week later february , 23. mike: if they go to louisville, we got to louisville.
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all right, kevin has the [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mike: now to our top stories -- hamilton police are investigating a rape at a cemetery in broad daylight. police confirmed that investigation this evening. tonight, we spoke with a witness who said he came to the aid of middle-aged woman along the fence of greenwood cemetery. he says the woman was crying, claiming a man put a knife to her neck. hamilton police have not released any information about the victim or a description of the suspect. a community rallying behind a fallen firefighter and his family. a month ago today, hamilton
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died in the line of duty. the old firehouse brewery and the firehouse grill passed the boot and named a beer in honor of wolterman. for every pint sold, the beer sales will go towards his family. all right, we were kind of teased with the spring training story in arizona. it will get warm than not that warm. kevin: the good news is that we have a little taste of arizona winter coming over the weekend, s. cold, around 20. s. a little setback tomorrow before we put things into high gear for the weekend. week.
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