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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mark: the top gop presidential candidates going head-to-head again last night without the party' s top contender. whether the elephant in the room was brought up last night. lisa: for uc officer ray tensing moving forward in his murder case. the latest developments happening today. mark: norwodd police teaming up with norwood middle school for a good cause. how they plan to help flint, michigan during the city' s water crisis. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way.
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mark: good morning, i' lisa: i' cooney. one where i get to tell you it is way warmer. randi: the final couple days of january kind of feel like we are already in march. as we look at the radar this morning, you' ll knows the radar is picking up on what is showing as snow showers in some important -- southern portions of clermont county. with our temperatures above freezing, this is falling -- a mix of sleet and rain or sleet and larry' s. definitely a sleet factor involved area right now, you can see him as no , drifting to the south. georgetown toward decatur, toward west union. i will show you over the last hour, this thin line rolling its way to the south. it is not hefty, causing slick spots, but it is not all
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temperatures right now generally a couple degrees above freezing. 35 at cvg. temperatures this morning will fall off closer to 30 and will stay in the 30' s all day long. here is the breakdown for today. by 8:00 a.m., worries or sleet mixture will come to an end. it will be cloudy and around 30. at noon, sunny, 35 degrees and toward the middle of the day, a little on a chilly side, but actually typical for this time in january. expect a high around 39. we will jump at least 10, if not 15 degrees for the weekend. we will look it up -- look at that warmer forecast in a couple of minutes. lisa: we begin with breaking news, it is 4:32 right now. police are investigating a shooting in winton hills this morning. a man in his 20' s was shot in the side. he was shot and then ran to a nearby apartment on teens --
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police are unsure where the actual shooting took place. mark: happening today, ray tenzing' s case evidence will be turned over. he is charged with murder for a shooting during a traffic stop off campus. another pretrial hearing has been scheduled with discovery turned over by then. it is -- the defense wants the case moved out of hamilton county. decided. lisa: brothers helping brothers. heavy hearts, one month since he was killed in what has been ruled an arson. but the mission to help his family is far from over. wlwt news 5' us what happened in blue ash last night. we' re here doing an event for a fire fighter who died a couple of weeks ago. tammy the boot is being passed : for a fellow fallen brother. it' s a brother hood, you take care of your brother. tammy even though adam cowan : didn' t know fire fighter patrick wolterman, he shares a fire fighter bond as
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orab fire fighter. >> you go to work, you don' t plan to get hurt, you don' t plan to die, you go in you do it because it' s part of you. tammy cowan' s old fire house : brewery came together with the firehouse grill to raise money for the family wolterman left behind. wolterman died a month ago after battling a blaze. the fire has since been ruled arson. >> we think the world of fire fighters and their families and the sacrifices the families have to go through and with this tragedy even more so. tammy at the fundraiser a beer : was named after patrick wolterman. for every pint sold will go towards his family. a family they want to show love. collects -- >> a lot of us take for granted what they do, you don' t really think about what they do until it' s cold outside or in this case somebody has passed away. ,lisa: tammy mutasa reporting. no arrests have still been made
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there is a $25,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest. mark: just days before the caucuses, republicans took the stage in iowa to convince voters they are the right choice for president. two republican presidential candidates, who won past iowa caucuses, were in attendance. governor mike huckabee and senator rick santorum. the elephant not in the room, donald trump who held his own event. in trump' s absence from the main debate, the spotlight fell on senator ted cruz the candidate , saying he was being targeted with mean questions. even though the republican frontrunner trump didn' t participate, he still dominated part of the debate. ted cruz i' m a maniac and : everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben, you are a terrible surgeon. now, that we' ve gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. [laughter] marco rubio it' s not about : donald trump, he' s an entertaining guy, he' s the greatest show on earth. jeb bush i kind of miss donald : trump. he was a little teddy bear to me.
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few miles down the road from last night' s debate. he held an event at des moines' drake university which he said would benefit veterans' organizations. trump told the crowd they raised $6 million in one day. lisa: president obama now making a prediction as to who will win this year' s presidential election. barack obama: i have an announcement to make about the presidential race. democrats will win in november and we will have a democratic presidents exceedingly. lisa: that was president obama speaking at the democratic caucus retreat last night in baltimore, maryland. president obama was presented a gift by the house democrats. a hand-crafted, hand-painted bowl with the words we have your back engraved on it. president obama also addressed the progress the country has made under his leadership the last 7 years.
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effort. dan: the message is what would you do if you couldn' clean, running tap water in your home? their goal is to make any difference. we have only talked with other groups in our area who have collected water any past week. they sure the same sentiment. today, norwood police teaming up with norwood middle school. you can donate from 6:00 until 7:00 at the school and norwood at the norwood kroger from 8:00 until 5:00. turnout. difference. they will also be collecting water at the kroger from 8:00 until 5:00 tomorrow. live in norwood, dan griffin,
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mark: the water concerns have the environmental protection agency warning students and parents not to drink the water. they say there is a possible lead contamination. they have shut down thinking fountains and sinks at the elementary school as a safety precaution. school officials say they received contradicting messages from the epp. back in november, the epa said the drinking water was safe to consume. officials were surprised when the new warning was issued. the school is providing bottom -- model water to their school and stuff. in the meantime, the epa is investigating reports of lead in the water in sebring, 50 miles south of chagrin falls. lisa: let' s check the forecast. good morning, randi, it is 4:38. i had something falling on me on my drive -- drive in. randi: a sleaze factor going on, for sure. it looks like snow but it is not round like snow. a sleet or rain makes or a sleet
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this 10 line is the cold front sliding through. a little warmer to the north, temperatures much closer to 30 degrees. we will see those temperatures closed -- fall down closer to 30. cvg at 35 degrees. wilmington sitting at 31. as the kids had out to the bus stop, there is a small chance they are still dealing with a max. most places will be dry by the time we had 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. on the way to school, sleet across the southern communities. temperatures hovering close to 31. 38, expected to be sunny, expected to be on the cool side. get outside and -- and enjoy the warm air yesterday, take a step back today. the weekend should be great to get outside. high temperatures in the 50' s. kyla, how are the roads with that sleep makes? -- sleet mix? kyla: we are mostly just wet.
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hopefully, it will cause you to many problems. it is light in nature. here is a look at 7175 north and southbound, a little heavy. friday, kids like to get out the door early so they can leave early this afternoon. at kellogg, traffic is clear there and light. in butler county, 75 looks great at union center. we will keep you updated all morning long. lisa: a nail-bitter on the road, could uc survive, a final second push at u-conn. mark: next in sports an outcome, the cats may be remembering come march. lisa: could a famous cereal icon be replaced by the real thing? who this little guy is coming up next. outside live on your friday, it
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randi: a live look outside at downtown and the news 5 weather light at the radisson in covington. the lights are green. aside from this sweetie slee ty makes, it looks great this afternoon. gorgeous for the weekend. late january, early february, 50' s and 60' s, bring it on. we will be here today. don' t plan on 50'
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as we look at the radar, you can see we have very light snow showers. it is actually a sweet extra this morning. rolling south along 68 moving through georgetown heading to west union and southern adams county. it is fairly light and moving to the south along with a cold front. for those of you heading out to train for the flying take this morning, 6:00 , 34 degrees. for an evening run, 38 degrees. he says he is training for the fraternity brothers. today on the cool side but a gorgeous weekend. on a team they haven' t won against in years. lisa: wlwt news 5' s elise jesse tells us how the team pulled out a very close win. elise: the bearcats went to a place where they have not won since 2012.
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bearcats struggled to close out tough games against also, east carolina. it would be another close one down the stretch last night. kevin ollie in yukon looking to send the bearcats home with a lost or it they swing it to troy caupain. 0-7 until he makes this three. he would finish with eight points. u-conn getting hot. t look much better. he went right down with what he was out for the game. we might know more by today. freshman jacob go in on the other side. u.c. down by two. a tremendous gets the bucket and the foul. the sophomore showing major pal
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that is what one the ballgame. u.c. gets out of u-conn 50-57 victory. both teams had 36 rebounds aps, 14 turnovers. four of night. the reds left gbp early followed them to kentucky where they made a stop at louisville slugger field. it included guys like jesse wicker, deck williams, and adam duval who is one of the guys being considered for the left-field this year. we know billy hamilton will be back in center after rehabbing his injured shoulder in cincinnati this winter. he says he is itching to get out to arizona with his teammates. >> people say it is baseball season time, but spring training is when you get active about everything. it is time to fight, time to compete.
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elise: spring is right around the corner. pitchers and catchers report in less than three weeks and position players follow suit less than a week after that on february 23. first all work out. back to you guys. mark: we have other sports news for you. this sunday, you have one more action. the pro bowl kicks off sunday night at 8:00. bengals are making the trip to hawaii. that' s the second-most in franchise history behind the 1988 season when the bengals had nine players in the pro bowl. the format has changed so the players are split up between team irvine and team rice. michael and jerry. you can catch the game sunday. kick-off is set for 7:00. that would be eastern time. lisa: 4:47, 45 degrees. we have been 35 degrees per we haven'
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the stuff falling from the sky for people weren' t sure if it was rain or a mix. i drove through a touch of it and i wasn' t sure what it was. randi: it was sleety, it was a mix. lisa: we make it up as we go along. randi: you want find that in any meteorology textbook. the radar shows it is snow, but there is a mix back to going on. our weather is a mixed bag over the next several days. temperatures start on the cool side but take a look, our weather roller coaster is ready to roll up a hill into the weekend. temperatures in the 50' s, same thing on monday and the start of february. how about record-breaking temperatures on groundhog day? it is a possibility. every roller coaster falls, and it will fall after that, but let' s start with this morning. looking at the radar, you can see cloudy skies for everybody. south of downtown, right along the ohio river from felicity to georgetown and heading south
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that is where we -- augusta. heavy snow and sleet at times. farther to the east, moving out at cherry fork, all on one from decatur to west union. sliding south over the next half hour or so we are this is a wide view. we are on the back edge of that cold front as it rolls through. a chance is therefore a straggler flurry to make in around 8:00 this morning and am we are done and waiting for the clouds to clear out. 35 degrees, northwest wind at the cold front has come through for us. feels like 28 at the moment. the breakdown today, 8:00 a.m., and he flurries or sleet or whatever is in the sky, it will be over and around 30 degrees. at noon, sunshine returns and we are 35. through the afternoon, highs in the upper 30' s which for late january is where we are supposed to be. you can see sunny skies for us through the second half of the day.
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this evening, we dip into the low 30' s. tomorrow, it will be into the 50' s were highs. 39 for a high today, 29 for a low tonight. 53 on saturday, 55 on sunday. increasing clouds on sunday and maybe some rain showers at night sunday into early monday morning. really, here is the good spot. tuesday, 65, potentially a new record-breaking high. it will not rain all day. showers and thunderstorms will hold off until late in the day on tuesday. mark: hamilton police are investigating a rape at a cemetery in broad daylight. we spoke with a witness. who said he came to the aid of middle-aged woman along the fence of greenwood cemetery. he described the victim as not having any pants, shoes or socks on, so he gave her his hooded sweatshirt to keep her warm and neighbors across the street gave her some clothes to wear. he says the woman was crying claiming a man put a knife to , her neck. >> she was definitely hysterical, i would say, i would
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just attempted anything on me. she was crying, she was gasping for air, it was kinda like, it was almost kinda like a panic attack kind of. mark: hamilton police have not released any information about the victim or a description of the suspect. detectives are working this case and said more details should be released sometime this morning. lisa: thomas more' s safety director is out of a job. still behind bars on child pornography charges. robert marshall' s son is the one that called police on his father after discovering disturbing images on marshall' s home computer. max -- >> we' re father and son, we' re not always agree eye to eye on everything but when something like this comes up you have to address it. lisa: police say marshall used software to delete the pictures, and it took two years to recover the images. investigators believe marshall didn' t produce the pictures. instead they are part of known child porn images circulating the internet. family members say robert marshall is scheduled to be in
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mark: 4:51 your time happening , tomorrow, you can cheer on the a run, all while supporting breast cancer awareness. lisa: wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us more about the weekend events. kyla: a great event here. when the cyclones hit the ice tomorrow night expect it to look at little different at u.s. bank arena. it will be pink as part of their the pink the rink event includes pink ice, pink jerseys and even and players at santo graal at the banks. annual frozen 5-k run and walk takes place. 3.1 mile course starts at 9 and ohio river through cincinnati' transit center underneath second street. participate with proceeds benefiting the pink ribbon girls. longsleeve shirt. hot chocolate after the run, and game. a link on the puck drops at 7:30 tomorrow
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lisa: a fundraiser to fight dipg happens this weekend. dipg is the brain cancer that lauren hill battled. this weekend the operation grace white foundation will host the event tomorrow. grace is a 7-year-old from fort wright who is fighting dipg and has faced some recent setbacks. the fundraiser for dipg and families fighting the disease starts at 6:30 at the fort thomas armory. you still have about six months until the best tennis players in the world come to cincinnati but today is a big day for the western & southern open. this afternoon tournament organizers are going to announce major gifts to three local charities. this is going to benefit children' s hospital, u.c. barrett cancer center and tennis for city youth. randi: early this
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are dealing with sleet and snow or a little sleet and rain depending on where you are. by the time we get to 8:00 this morning, that is all gone and we bring on sunny skies and a big-time weekend warm-up. 39 degrees is where we are heading this afternoon. skies are clearing out. this morning, our batch of flurries and sleet gone by 7:00 to the afternoon. 40. mid-50' s or the weekend. on tomorrow morning for the frozen 5k for the cincinnati cyclones, expected to be a couple degrees above freezing by 9:00 a.m. sunday, rain moves in during the fine. especially early. tuesday, 65 degrees, and a good chunk of the day looks nice. thunderstorms hold off until the late evening hours. record on groundhog day. kyla: you set a good chunk of
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i am planning for that right now. good morning as you head out on this friday, we made it. here is a look at travel times. looking great to start the friday morning commute. 18 minutes on 74 from the indiana 52i-75. a quick 19 minute commute on 7175 and northern kentucky. 61 miles per hour in warren county, 71, 62 miles per hour. a quick 17 minute commute for you heading southbound down to the lateral. there is a look at pfeiffer, still very light north and southbound. we will check in again for you at the top of the hour. lisa: 4:55, checking stories trending this morning. mark: this would be a two headed turtle. the super cool/freaky animal showed up at a miami animal hospital. where it got a clean bill of health. which is rare for similarly unique turtles. the little guy is headed to a new life at a zoo in the philippines. lisa: cereal lovers stepped up
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the new face for trix cereal. general mills announced that a houston-based bunny named cinnabun, will appear on the new release of trix cereal boxes. the tiny ball of fur beat out 7500 other rabbits in the company' s nationwide search for a new mascot. this is the first time ever the trix rabbit has shared his cereal box with anyone. [laughter] w? w?w? w. collect >> good job! practicing his abc' grandmother has gone viral. it' ever. little john david, who has down syndrome, gets increasingly excited as he recites his letters. the video has received tons of positive feedback on facebook. we love it when social media is positive.
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he is adorable. mark: when we continue this morning at 4:56 a national , meeting moving forward in their summer plans. lisa: the latest on the national naacp conference and how the
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