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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we' ll get to more of your headlines coming up. first, randi rico with details on a little bit of something falling from the sky, but it appears to be moving out. randi: the radar shows it as no, but you will attest it was way more sleet mixed in. right now, most places are just looking cloudy and dry. as you look to the southern portions amazing county in kentucky, that is where we are seeing our flurry and sleet mixture. it is moving south toward flemings burke. for most of us, that line is gone. cloudy skies remain and maybe a straggler flurry between now and 8:00 a.m., but that will be about it. cloudy skies and cool temperatures as you head out the door. starting out in the 30' s. we will stay in the 30' s all day long. most places pretty close to
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hamilton, 33 downtown. batesville, 31. a cool start to the day. sunshine by lunchtime, but it stays on the cool side of the afternoon. currently, 33. 35 at noon, 39 for the high. a big jump by the weekend. 13 to 15 degrees warmer than we will be today for saturday and sunday, even warmer toward groundhog day. we will take a look at that forecast in a couple of minutes. first, let' s check the roads. ? any issues kyla: no issues. we of been hard-pressed to find any issues this morning. i hope that remains the case for you hopping out the door. 74 f harrison, eastbound and westbound in his direction from a very light travel. looking at 75, things look good northbound and southbound. speeds are off to a great start at or above the posted limit in most areas. looking good for those heading
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county near 275. friday morning commute. mark: thank you. new this morning, police are investigating a shooting in we' ve learned a man in his 20' s was shot in the side around 3:00 this morning. the bullet went through his body, and the victim says he ran to nearby apartments on kings run court for help. police are trying to figure out where the actual shooting took place. it' s a story you saw first on wlwt. dozens of families pushed out of their homes after a roof collapse and other major damages. lisa: and today, residents could learn who will be responsible for making repairs. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way downtown with more on today' s hearing. andrew: today' s hearing will help chart the way forward for five neglected apartment buildings and the hundreds of people who call those buildings home. back in november, the roof collapsed at one property the burton apartments in avondale.
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plight of people living at four other apartment buildings all owned by the same group out of new york. it brought attention to the plate. residents had been organizing, and legal aid stepped in. it led to the buildings being declared a public nuisance by the courts last month. that was a major step forward for the people who live in these neglected properties. >> there are a lot of complaints. everybody still wants answers. >> cincinnati tenants are entitled to safe sanitary and quality housing, and today really represents a victory for the residents and the first step in this landlord being held accountable. andrew: today' s hearing here at the courthouse will give the court a chance to weigh in on the plan to make repairs to the properties. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. new developments in a bus crash that killed a father and injured his daughter in hyde park. police say the metro bus driver turned left onto erie avenue from edwards when he hit stephen and emily frank.
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scene. emily was taken to u.c. medical center for her injuries. police are looking into a cause, and say they are considering distracted driving. >> was it driver inattention? was it something that took the metro bus driver away, took his attention away from the roadway? was there something that the pedestrians could have seen and maybe they shouldn' t? we don' t know. mark: the bus driver did provide a blood sample, which will be tested. lisa: thomas more has decided to fire the director of security , robert marshall, after he was charged with child pornography. we are also learning how this marshall' s son is the one that called police after discovering disturbing images on his s home computer. robbie marshall says his father needs help and he felt like he had to address the situation. police say robert marshall used software to delete the pictures, and it took two years to recover the images. family members say robert
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court on monday. mark: michigan' s state senate has unanimously approved $28 million to help the city of flint recover from its toxic water crisis. $4 million of that money will be used to treat children affected by lead poisoning. the rest will be used for things like paying residents' water bills and replacing the water system infrastructure. flint still has a long way to go. some officials say it could cost as much as $1.5 billion to fix flint' s water system. while the recovery process continues in flint, communities across the country are looking to help. that includes norwood where students are working with the police department to collect donations. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is leading the way with how you can join the effort. dan? dan: good morning to you. those involved say this is the chance to help humidity' s like ours here in norwood. they say once powered by manufacturing in the auto industry, they are finding themselves in a different place they say, can you only imagine if you went to your tap could
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they say anyone can face that, including people in our area. we' ve spoken to other groups who share the same sentiment. one group took 100,000 bottles of water to flint sunday. norwood police are teaming up with norwood schools during pickup and drop-off times at schools. schools are collecting waters from anyone in the humidity. norwood police will collect water at the norwood kroger tomorrow from 8:00 to 5:00. we' re here at norwood middle, one of the many locations where they will be collecting water. students, few years -- teachers, today. lisa: an afternoon of digging for warren county investigators leads to the discovery of an old car. sheriff' s deputies spent five hours in franklin township, along dixie highway. convertible from the 1960' it was buried 10 feet underground. evidence of a crime.
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mark: g.e. aviation is making take a hit. more than 300 engineers across the u.s. losing their jobs. the majority of those will be cut at the evendale facility. g.e. says it has offered voluntary early retirement to several hundred other engineers. evendale' s mayor says the lay offs are devastating to families, but they will not impact the village' s budget. >> i don' t think it will have a big impact on the village right away. now, if they continue to lay off, then it will be disastrous for us in the long run. mark: according to g.e., the move accounts for 7% of the company' s engineering unit. the other jobs being cut are in massachusetts. when we continue a sun devil , surprise. lisa: why a superstar was waiting behind the curtain at this college basketball game. mark: investigators finding rigged to get systems for the
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lisa: outside live on your friday, hope it is a great start for you. weather-wise, 33 degrees right now. randi, things are looking up for the weekend. randi: way up into the 50' s. this morning, deal with the 30' s. light sleet and snow moving south of our area now. temperature was inside the 275 loop, most places within a couple of degrees of freezing and we will stay in the 30' s all day. light snow and sleet coming to an end this mine. sunshine back this afternoon. for the drive home, 39.
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we w morning, 6:11 on a that means it is all good.
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out of the sky, it is friday. kyla: we do with whatever comes our way. -- and deal with whatever comes our way. it is been a pretty quiet morning. we had a water main break pop up an erlinger. we will get to that in a moment. 71-75, still looking great at u.s. 42. our map showing green conditions, meaning all of our speeds are looking great as well. this water main break, commonwealth avenue betweenelm and holmes street. no word on any closures with the water main break, so hopefully, it won' t cause too much trouble for you. over on 75 across the river, northbound and southbound because of construction that will go back into effect about 8:00, single enclosure, 11:00 will be a double lane closure. southbound side, you will see
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so plan for that is your travels take you through that area until about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow checking today' s top stories, a court hearing is scheduled today for a chicago police officer charged with murder. a status hearing will be held today for jason van dyke, the chicago officer accused of fatally shooting an african-american teenager 16 times. van dyke is charged with first-degree murder. for the death of 17-year-old lisa: all evidence is scheduled to be turned over in the murder trial for former u.c. officer ray tensing. for the july shooting death of sam dubose. during a traffic stop near campus. another pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for february 11. mark: the so-called affluenza teen is back on u.s. soil and in a north texas juvenile detention facility. the now 18-year-old ethan couch will appear in court this morning. the teen and his mother were subjects of an international manhunt after he missed a mandatory probation meeting.
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killing four people in a drunk driving accident in 2013. today a judge will decide if he goes to adult jail or a juvenile facility. lisa: the ohio task force charged with taking a closer look at legalizing marijuana in ohio is getting to work. the panel is made up of ohio house members, business representatives, law enforcement agencies and medical , associations. the task force is looking at the possibilities of legalizing medical marijuana. 6:14. a major investigation is underway looking at the reasons so many people get shut out, when trying to buy tickets for a hot concert or sporting event. mark: investigators say it' s a fixed game. the new york state attorney general conducted the investigation over three years. they found many events have a majority of tickets earmarked for pre-sale events and not available to the general public. another issue, ticket brokers. some are using high-tech purchasing techniques to scoop up hundreds of tickets in a
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s a nationwide problem. it' s everywhere. i can' t think of a state in the country where this isn' t a problem. and it happens at every major concert venue. mark: investigators are now trying to determine if laws have been broken. according to bloomberg business, the new york attorney general is now focusing on the nfl and its relationship with ticketmaster. the report says the league could be guilty of anti-trust violations because of price controls that may deprive buyers of a fair market. lisa: facebook maybe looking to take on to uber and lyft , they make it into right sharing. the idea is an expansion of facebook event features which would help users share vehicles or find a travel buddy to get to events. it could also connect with someone you can travel with on public transit like the subway. facebook' s patent is yet to be approved. mark: trending now, a secret weapon for arizona state basketball fans. lisa: the student section is
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distraction. kyla: these games get pretty crazy. those students put on quite a performance trying to distract opponents at the free throw line. last night, the students setup the curtain and unveiled a guy with 18 gold medals. michael phelps was in the stands sporting a swimming cap and several medals around his neck. you can see it here. phelps got the student section to come alive and it worked out for the sun devils. the oregon state player at the line missed both foul shots. phelps moved to arizona last year to train with an arizona state swim coach as he prepares for the summer games in rio. on the second free throw, he looked like he was ready for the pool, wearing only a sppedo -- speedo. lisa: i' m distracted. it was the gold medals. kyla: they are impressive.
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mark: a couple of dad bods. i missed it. randi: the dude taking the free throw, he' s probably thinking, is that really michael phelps? is that him? lisa: air ball. randi: no distracted me from the temperatures. we are talking 50' s and 60' s next week. today, this morning, we started out with light snow and sleet and rain mix. that right is pushing totally south of the area. it will get way warmer for the weekend, talking 60' s with some thunderstorms for our area next week. looking at the radar, cloudy skies for everybody. that line of sleet and snow is south of our region, but you can see a little bit more along 70 closer to columbus. i'
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a stray flurry through the afternoon. you can see in the southern communities, sings no showers, those have now cleared out to the south. as for temperatures, most places are pretty close to freezing. 30 right now in batesville, indiana, one of the coolest bites and still sitting at 36 -- coolest spots in sitting at 36 and bebe. generally, 35 and 39 for the high today. tough it out one single day, and it is friday, temperatures jumping into the weekend. it is nearly the weekend and we are nearly warming up, but not quite there today. at noon, sunny skies and 35. 4:00, 39. 8:00, right around 36. futurecast is trying to paint a couple of flurries, especially cling county -- clinton county for 7:00. i 8:00, clearing out. tim bridgers in the 30' s through the evening. start out tomorrow morning pretty close to 30 or so.
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the south helping to pump up the temperatures to the mid-50' s for both saturday and sunday. today, the snow and sleet pretty much out of here, now waiting for the skies to clear out, 39 for the high. tonight, 29, clear and chilly and tomorrow, 53. the cincinnati cyclones hosting the frozen 5k and it will probably be a couple of degrees above frozen, maybe around 35 degrees by 9:00 a.m. at noon, 43 degrees. on sunday, increasing clouds in the day, 55. monday, the chance for rain is mainly in the morning. the big change in the forecast, which is a change for the better, looking at 65, a degree off record pace for tuesday, groundhog day. most of the day looks dry, thunderstorms rolling and later in the evening and overnight. lisa: thank you. a plan to get back. the pledge expected today from the leaders of the western & southern open. >> it'
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it is a brotherhood. you take care of your brother. mark: the latest efforts to step firefighter. kyla: are pretty clear start on the roads. volume pickup, which is very normal for this time of the morning. if you' re headed out right now,
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the break will stop kyla: welcome back on this friday morning, a beautiful shot on both sides of the river. looking toward newport. there is a warm up on the way. you might see a few things flying this morning, but randi tells us nasser to bidders are on the way. time now to honor our teacher of the week. this week' s teacher is mr. ken zinnecker of loveland high school. the parent who nominated him said he brings creativity and a different way of thinking, and he also helps students to feel better about themselves. mr. zinnecker was overwhelmed by the award, and said he hopes it encourages other teachers who might be new to the career. >> teachers are kind of looked down upon in our society today, and it takes a dedication to these kids because this is the future of our country. kyla: mr. zinnecker walked away with a swag bag full of goodies from our friends bob and marianne at warm 98 and the team at modern office methods. best of all, the class was treated to a delicious pizza party by westshore pizza. if you have a teacher you think
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look under the contests tab for details on how to nominate your favorite teacher. mark and lisa? lisa: the efforts continue to help the family of a local firefighter who lost his life in the line of duty. last night in blue ash, a boot was passed around to raise money for patrick wolterman' s family. the old fire house brewery and the fire house grill worked together for the fundraiser. they also have a beer named after wolterman and the profits from that go to his family. mark: still have about six months until the best tennis players in the world come to cincinnati, but today is a big open. this afternoon, tournament organizers are going to announce major gifts to three local charities. this is going to benefit children' s hospital, u.c. barrett cancer center, and tennis for city youth. lisa: let' s talk about the forecast. 33 degrees. what we have falling from the sky has moved out, whether it
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randi: it is pretty much out of here. this weekend we will hit the 50' s. right now, a little cool for those taking or training run. leshawn is doing the relay with some of his fraternity brothers. can i get a woo! 6:00, 38, clear and cool. it will be chilly if you' re getting a run in today. take a look at the weather for the weekend, snap a picture and send it to me. as we train for the flying pig the first weekend in may. 53 saturday, 55 on sunday, things are looking good. kyla: have to give some love to my fraternity brothers. i' m sure that will be in their black and gold. a lot of opportunities for folks
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enjoy this nicer temperatures over the next few days. here' s a look at 471 northbound is 65 miles per hour, so this beads look fantastic. -- the speeds look fantastic. did morning, dayton stop five minutes hopping on. hopping over the bridge, headlights getting a little heavy, but that is to be expected around this time of morning. still love major delays. as you can see, quick five minutes to get you into downtown cincinnati. lisa: thank you. debating without trump. the highlights from last night' s final gop matchup before the iowa caucuses. >> great stuff going on in norwood. students, teachers, the humidity come together to get water for flint, michigan. we will have that for you coming
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s wlwt mark: norwood police teaming up with local students for a good cause. how they are working to help flint, michigan during the , city' s water crisis. lisa: and now a second ohio town with water concerns. the issues that forced an elementary school to shut off the water. mark: a chance to gain some ground. the gop debate with the leading candidate sitting out. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way.
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mark: good morning, everyone, as we take a live look outside this morning, just before 6:30, 33 degrees and big changes coming our way for the weekend. good morning, i' m mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. we' ll get to the top stories and check on the morning commute coming up. mark: but first, let' s get a check with randi. good morning. randi: good news for everybody, yes, a will be cool today, but it is friday. the weekend, mid-50' not bad at all for the last couple of days of january. right now, most places starting out somewhere close to freezing, sitting at 30 in batesville, one of the cooler spots, 31 in wilmington, 33 downtown. know the 30' be with us through the day. it will not move much. take a look at the radar, cloudy skies early this morning with a sleet and snow mixture rolling through.
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as we look closer to columbus and dayton, more flurries rolling across i-70. i won' t rule out a passing for for those in clinton county or northern highland county through just cloudy from here on out to the early morning. 30 at 8:00. noon, turning sunny, 35. 4:00, 39. a chilly day, but seasonable for january. unseasonably warm air arrest tomorrow. 50' s and 60' s for the next several days. kyla: a really great start on this friday morning as we ease our way into the weekend. the roadways are being kind to us so far. 71-75 at richwood, northbound picking up because we' re getting a lot more folks on the road. as is the case, and the second half of the 6:00 hour. looking at the ronald reagan, looking good, getting have your northbound and southbound, but
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275, evenly spread about directions as well. really, really great start. hopefully, we will keep this going. ? mark and lisa? ? lisa: michigan' s state senate has unanimously approved $28 million to help the city of flint recover from its toxic water crisis. $4 million of that money will be used to treat children affected by lead poisoning. the rest will be used for things like paying residents' water bills and replacing the water system infrastructure. flint still has a long way to go. some officials say it could cost as much as $1.5 billion to fix flint' s water system. the lead-tainted water supply in flint has people from across the country helping out, including right here in cincinnati. mark: today, the norwood police department is teaming up with students to collect water donations. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is here with more on how you can
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dan: norwood schools avenue for success and several humidity groups are coming together to try to rally and get as many donations as they can for flint, michigan. the point they say, this could happen to any community. inside, it is happening to community similar to norwood, once powered by the manufacturing industry. laura ferguson is from avenues for success. this is really an exciting time. you guys have already had some people drop i would donations. people want to help. what are you looking for? >> today we' re having a school drive for water. you can drop off at our schools when the students are dropped off or picked up in the afternoon. also tomorrow , with the norwood police department, we' re having a drive at the norwood kroger from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. you can drop off water then, go in kroger and buy it and we will be there. we will be taking the water to flint, michigan on monday. dan: you already saw people
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>> i was apprised they' re coming out this early. very grateful, but not surprised . norwood has a great heart, a great community of people. dan: and your focus is also on the students. there' s something they can take away from this. >> avenues for success, we offer great afterschool programs. it more than that it is about experiences, experiences in many different areas and service is one of them, service to our community. throughout the year, we do different service projects. i thought this was a perfect example because we are so similar to flint in what happened in the 1980' s to the automotive industry here in norwood, but unlike flint, we rebounded. i think this is a great lesson in history for our students. they were not born when gm pulled out. most of the students weren' t. it is also a great lesson in service to not just your local community, but the community and the world at large.
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much, laura. they will continue to take donations of pickup and drop-off times at norwood schools and you can take those donations as well to the norwood kroger tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. mark: thank you. there are more water worries here in ohio. lisa: they' re investigating the water at the elementary school near cleveland. the agency says there' s a possible lead contamination in chagrin falls. the district shut down the drinking fountains and sinks at gurney elementary school as a safety precaution. school officials say they' ve received contradicting messages from the epa. back in november, the epa said the school' s drinking water was safe to consume, so officials were surprised when this new warning was issued. the school is providing bottled water to their students and staff in the meantime. ohio' s epa is also investigating reports of lead in water in the village of sebring which is
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mark: hamilton police are investigating a rape at a cemetery. we spoke with a witness who said he came to the aid of middle-aged woman along the fence of greenwood cemetery. he described the victim as not having any pants, shoes, or socks on, so he gave her his hooded sweatshirt to keep her warm and neighbors across the street gave her some clothes to wear. he says the woman was crying , claiming a man put a knife to her neck. >> she was definitely hysterical, i would say. i would feel scared, too, if someone had just attempted anything on me. she was crying. she was gasping for air. it was kind of like -- it was almost kind of like a panic attack kind of. mark: hamilton police have not released any information about the victim or a description of the suspect. detectives are working this case and said more details should be released sometime this morning. we' re learning more about the child support allegations involving thomas more safety director. robert marshall' s son is the one that called police on his father after discovering disturbing images on marshall' s home computer.
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were not always going to agree eye-to-eye on everything, but when something like this comes up, you have to address it. mark: police say marshall used software to delete the pictures, and it took two years to recover the images. investigators believe marshall did not produce the pictures. instead, they are part of known child porn images circulating the internet. family members say robert marshall is scheduled to be in court on monday. final matchup before the iowa caucuses, seven republican candidates took the stage in des moines for the debate on fox news channel without the front runner. the latest from our washington bureau. >> one of the big topics of the night, immigration. another topic? donald trump' s absence. they took digs at trump who boycotted the debate. ted cruz and marco rubio hoped to capitalize. whole show the senators are in second and third place in the gop race. >> if i' m elected president, we will secure the border and we
6:32 am
>> throw this campaign, you been willing to say or do anything to get votes. >> trump held a fundraiser for veterans at nearby drake university. he says the event raised $6 million with he himself pledging $1 million. mark: one more chance to see some bengals in action. the pro bowl kicks off sunday night and ate bengals made a trip to hawaii, the second-most in franchise history by the 1988 season when they had nine players in the pro bowl. the format has changed, so the players are split up between team irvin and tim rice. you can catch the game sunday stop kickoff is set for 7:00. lisa: let' s check traffic on this friday. kyla woods, good morning. any problems? kyla: not too many issues, with a water main break on commonwealth an erlinger, but no word of closures in the area. here is where it is.
6:33 am
or maybe hopping toward 71-75, you will run into that on your route, be mindful of it, maybe try to use other side streets. across the river, great conditions on 74, 17 minutes right now from the indiana side to 75, still holding at a really decent 65 miles per hour. even as we get the heavier volume, our speeds are not being impacted by. 65 miles per hour in butler county a long 75. here' s a look for those hopping out the door heading inbound, southbound side starting to pick up. let' s check in with three new rico. a warm up on the way. record temperatures. randi: the record for groundhog day is 66 degrees. my forecast high is 65. it is going to be so close. this morning, nowhere near that, in fact, about half as warm, 33 degrees at cvg. , and there is a bit of a breeze, it
6:34 am
as kids head out to the bus stop, earlier we had sleet and flurries, maybe a stray flurry to the northeast and that is about it. 31 degrees this morning. on the way home from school this afternoon, sunny skies and 38. we ramp up the temperatures quickly tomorrow. we will take a look at warmer days to come, coming up in a couple of minutes. mark: new areas chosen for the neighborhood enhancement program. the impact neighbors hope to see and when the work will get started. lisa: a new goal for the cyclones. how they are skating for a good cause this weekend. outside. this morning, 6:40, 33 degrees. get up and get going on this friday morning. we will check your most accurate
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our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use
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right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. lisa: good morning and welcome back. 33 degrees right now. he will check mark your forecast just ahead. two neighborhoods in cincinnati now part of a big project. the neighborhood enhancement program. mark: this program has helped several humidity' s in our area. kyla woods is here with the latest on the plans that are coming our way. kyla: it is those exciting for these neighborhoods when they' re getting the news of these enhancement programs, so it takes a at neighborhood blight and crime. the goal this year, to spruce up lower price hill and mount auburn. the work in lower price hill is set to start in march and mount auburn' s project will start in april. the funds will come from the
6:38 am
the dollar amounts are not in stone just yet, but community leaders have big ideas in mind. >> it' s huge. it' s attention from the city, attention from the community. it' s of course money, but there are a lot of things we' d like to get done, that hopefully, we can get the community around. >> we' re going to be doing some parks. we' re going to be doing some really major clean-up, some blight. we' re going to be working on the crime. fire department' s going to come and help replace all fire detectors, make sure everybody' s living safe. kyla: community leaders say the projects are expected to last seven to eight months. if you' re interested in making a donation or volunteering, contact the local community council. mark: thank you. never too early to think about summer, and kings island is ready to hit the water. check out the progress on the soak city water park. this will be tropical plunge, a seven-story tall complex with half-a-dozen different water slides. tropical plunge will be ready
6:39 am
may 28. lisa: day two of the reds caravan, and there are four stops today for the redlegs. the different tours will be charleston, west virginia, and evansville, indiana. players seem ready to take the field. cook' s -- it' but spring training is really when you get antsy about you know, it' it' s time to compete and it' s time to get everything going. most of all, you get out of this cold weather. lisa: the tours end tomorrow, have a finale event at the florence mall on sunday. mark: this weekend you can cheer dismayed in a run. you will see peak ice, pink jersey, and even a post game party with coaches and players at santo graal at the banks. but before the game, the 2nd
6:40 am
takes place. the 3.1 mile course starts at river through cincinnati' s transit center underneath 2nd street. thousands are expected to participate, with proceeds benefiting the pink ribbon girls. run participants will get a long-sleeved shirt, hot chocolate after the run, and tickets to the "pink the rink" game. >> we were hoping to fill up the arena with those who are here to support people that have had breast cancer touched their lives. the players will be wearing really cool custom jerseys that we have here every year. the players get to where these on ice. and every year they are different. mark: i love the pink. at the end of the game, there' s jerseys will be auctioned off so fans can take on their favorite players number. to register for the race, we have a link on as for the actual hockey game, the puck drops at 7:30 tomorrow night at u.s. bank arena. lisa: a lot of fun. a fundraiser to fight dipg happens this weekend.
6:41 am
lauren hill battled. this weekend, the operation grace white foundation will host the event. grace is a 7-year-old from fort wright who is fighting dipg and has faced some recent setbacks. the fundraiser for dipg and -- is for research and families 6:30 at the fort thomas armory. mark: let' s check in and see how roads? kyla: i know it looks a little bit like you need to worry about this, but this is really probably the normal picture for the cut-in-the-hill at this time of the morning. 71-75, 2 golden lays fourth down. a lot of brake lights. i' m trying to ease back a little bit on the apprehension. as you head outside, you will run into some heavier volume but that is what happens when we get closer to 7:00. 20 minutes, so not bad along 71-75 from the
6:42 am
southbound from 129 to the lateral. 275, 25 minutes from the ronald reagan to cvg. it is been a great start to the friday morning. a little gift into the weekend and we get ready for the warmer temperatures. as check on your forecast. randi: i feel like oprah, warm temperatures for you and for you, for everybody. the weather around here the winter is like a roller coaster and today we are actually at the low spot, in the 30' s through the day. ramping things up quickly through the weekend and even groundhog day on tuesday, we could be nearly looking at record highs. starting out this one in with some sleet unlike -- and light flurries. or substantial flurries south of columbus and maybe a few of those good mix portions of clinton or howling counties
6:43 am
game %. crowley, 33 degrees, wind out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. on the cool side all day long. 8:00 a.m., 30 degrees. starting to make an appearance. 40 for most of us. you can see any flurries totally gone by 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. and sunshine to the afternoon. tonight, 30' s rainy evening plans to tomorrow morning for those participating in their frozen 5k, expect to pitchers maybe a couple of degrees above freezing. a good bit of sunshine through the day and sunday looks nice as well. so for today, expect a high around 39, clouds clearing out post-up tonight, dipping down to 29. tomorrow, we hit 53. sunday, 55. sunday looks decent, increasing clouds through the day with rain at night. maybe lingering and early monday.
6:44 am
possible early and also possible late, but most of the middle of the afternoon should be good. my favorite part of the forecast, tuesday, we got to shove the rain and storm chances further back into the day, so we may hit 65 and you may be able to enjoy before thunderstorms rolling tuesday night and wednesday. lisa: thank you. their homes. mark: the important decision expected today after serious damage to local apartments. lisa: local cuts to ge. we will tell you more about it in our top stories coming up
6:45 am
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lisa: welcome back. checking the top 5 stories of the morning, dozens of families pushed out of their homes after a roof collapse and other major damages. mark: and today, residents could learn who will be responsible for making repairs. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way downtown with today' s hearing. andrew? andrew: good morning. that roof collapse is part of the story for this ongoing saga, really hundreds of people affected. they could find out today at the hamilton county courthouse who will be fixing up their buildings. the decision is expected to be made today by a judge who is responsible for repairs at five apartment buildings. those buildings are owned by puretz properties out of new
6:48 am
buildings had the ceiling collapse in november. the buildings were declared public nuisances last month. that leads up to today' s hearing, which is about placing the properties in receivership and laying out a plan for repairs to bring those buildings up to snuff. it could be a big step forward for the hundreds of families living in those properties. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: our second top story, another possible lead contamination in an ohio town. this investigation is in chagrin falls, and a local elementary has shut off drinking fountains and sinks as a safety precaution. ohio' s epa is also investigating reports of lead in water in the village of sebring. mark: today, the norwood police department is teaming up with students to collect water donations to help with the water crisis in flint, michigan. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is leading the way with how you can
6:49 am
dan: all involved say this is a great opportunity to help a community similar to ours. people already showing up to drop off bobbled water, gallon middle school. last week, a group rallied big donations and took 100,000 bottles of water to flint sunday. norwood police are teaming up with norwood schools and avenues for success during pickup and drop-off time at schools around norwood to collect more donations. these schools are collecting donations from students, families, anybody wants to drop them off today during drop-off and pickup times and will also be collecting at the norwood kroger tomorrow from 8:00 to 5:00. lisa: g.e. aviation is making cuts and evendale is expected to take a big hit. more than 300 engineers across the u.s. will lose their jobs. the majority of those will be cut at the evendale facility and jobs will also be cut in massachusetts. mark: ohio governor john kasich is coming to the starting line of the republican nomination process.
6:50 am
the biggest compliment a presidential candidate can receive in iowa and that' s attack ads. the ads are coming from jeb bush and an outside group. a sign his run is now becoming a threat. as for last night' s debate, donald trump was a hot topic despite his absence. "today" will have a complete recap next. randi: you will notice bookend of cold air, friday and next thursday. in between, things are looking good, 50' s, even some 60' s. today, 30' s all day. 30 at 8:00. 35 at noon. 4:00, 39. i the weekend, back up to the 50' s. nice for the frozen 5k or maybe a good day to go out and hit some golf balls if you are about to retire from channel 5. lisa: a bittersweet morning, we want to say good luck to engineer extraordinaire strickler, this is his last day
6:51 am
jim, best wishes. enjoy your free time, golf, traveling, golf, and more golf. we know you love golf. some parting gifts. a golf hat. a golf glove. there are golf balls in here. made for sand trap' s and water hazards. i can get them out. some tissue paper. of course, because we know and love you after so many mornings together, a diet pepsi. kyla: not a coffee drinker. mark: where is the map of florida? is that in their? lisa: you will still see jim at the ballpark, a paul brown stadium.
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