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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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these clues of interview with that officer. how' s he doing? >> for a guy that was beaten unconscious and likely had his face stomped, he' s making an amazing recovery. he talked about the attack and the one thing he can' t wait to do. the ripley officer has trouble talking about the attack. not because of what happened. because his draw is still wired shut. >> i have the occasional people that don' t want to go to jail or cooperate with us. >> john was on duty when he was told the checkout a suspect along this stretch of road. >> i lost consciousness after the first hit and after the suspect was gone, i was able to climb back to my car and radio that i was down and needed
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i passed out after that. >> you never expect it. >> utter shock. i couldn' t imagine getting a phone call like that. but when you do, i completely handled it the best way that i could. >> police spent all night looking for kyle who had also made off with john' s service weapon. we were there when he was located and arrested. he is charged with six felony counts but this might surprise you. >> as soon as i get clearance to get back to work, i will be at work the same day or the very next day. >> he has quite a story to tell. >> he told me the one thing that really weighed on his mind about the attack was that the suspect
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they recovered the weapon shortly after he was arrested. >> in want to thank everyone who supported him. there is a fundraiser set for february 19 at the ripley american legion and john will be there. sheree: a man is dead. shot five times. natalie clark is live at the scene along franklin and oakdale. >> crime scene tape is still up here. pass this crime scene unit that you see here behind me, that is where police believe he collapsed after being shot more than five times. officers tell me when they arrived, they found the man lying on the street with five to 10 shots fired at him. he is described as a white man in his upper 20' s to lower 30'
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police believe he was near an apartment building and it looks as though he ran away from the building when he collapsed in the streets. >> we will continue to canvass the area to see if we have any witnesses to the offense. the physical evidence will be submitted for analysis. >> police say when they arrive on the scene, the victim is not touched at all. they do not want to try to identify that person. they wait for the coroner to arrive and they are still assessing the scene right now. no suspects have been mentioned at this time as well. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. mike: a rape reported near a local cemetery tonight. exclusive new details. five women reported similar
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karin johnson is live for us with what she has learned today. >> three rapes or attempted rapes were reported in front of the greenwood cemetery. and in almost all the cases, the women reported the same thing. the guy held a gun to their neck and amended sex. >> the calls are disturbing. >> she said someone tried to rape her. >> she claims a man put a knife to her neck and amended sex. >> they came into contact with each other. the part of it is under investigation as to what happened between them meeting and when witnesses found her at the cemetery. >> police are investigating for other serious crimes.
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>> the victim of an attempted rape in the cemetery. >> another reported rape at the cemetery. two other women on the other side of town told police they had knives pulled on them. >> based off of the details, there is nothing that the general citizenry has to worry about. this was not necessarily a random act. picked up off the street. >> soliciting, disorderly conduct, loitering. to happen to them. rapes are connected. cooperating. >> and in one of the cases, police did make an arrest.
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mike: if you have any information that can help, call hamilton police. sheree: police believe they may have a serial rapist on the loose. they say dna evidence linked three sexual assaults to the same suspects. all of the victims were young women walking home in the middle of the night. they are increasing patrols in that area. mike: new developments . sure studies dug up a mercury convertible after receiving a tip. the car was 10 feet underground and we are told there is no evidence connecting the car of a
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>> accused of an intentionally setting fires. identified as the only person on surveillance video entering and leaving the room where the fire started. four counts of aggravated arson and held on a $300,000 bond. >> charged with driving the has also been indicted. he is charged with operating a vehicle under the influence. his blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. another had a minor injury. >> it will take until tomorrow morning until traffic is back to normal after a water main break flooded a neighborhood. water port across yards and
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re told the water main was more than 40 years old. it took longer to turn the water off because they could not find the valve. at the roundabout, it will open by 6:00 tomorrow morning. mike: the occupation continues with four activists holding out. the fbi has released unedited video of the deadly occupation. a truck driven by lavoy finicum. avoiding a roadblock. he got out of the truck with hands in the air. he reached for his jacket pocket and was shot and killed. authorities say there was a semiautomatic handgun. they wanted to lay out an honest
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11 people have been arrested. the militants made use of social media. they are using the videos and photos to build a case against them. sheree: a wrongful death lawsuit has been dropped. the stepchildren of a woman killed have both been dismissed. the 69-year-old was killed last february when caitlyn jenner rear-ended two cars on pacific coast highway. two of her stepchildren file that lawsuit. investigators to determine she was traveling at an unsafe speed . a case filed by the other driver that has already been settled. mike: local kids honoring
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>> my dad is my hero because he protects our community. sheree: those they keep us safe. the moving performance in elementary school put on today. kevin: it felt warmer thank to the sunshine. over the weekend, it will feel even warmer. i will let you know when the warmer air gets in. mike: the school famous for its curtain of distraction basketball game brought out the big guns. michael phelps was behind the black curtain here. he was flanked by a couple that don' t exactly have olympic bodies are never to distract the oregon state shooter on the free-throw line. he looked just as pumped as he
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he moved to
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mike: elementary schoolers
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sheree: specifically, first responders that put their lives on the line every day. today' s event was really about honoring heroes in the community. students at ridgeway say it takes those heroes to make our lives safer. the heroes among us. >> they live there is happily. not every hero wears a cave. they might wear uniform. >> they are here is an can be different things. they can save a life or hundreds of lives.
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it takes a lot to be they are and i really look up to them in that way because they are really brave. >> the people think him for what he' s done to help save anybody even though he did die. >> among the students and faculty, family and friends paid special tribute to their local hero, inspiring our next generation to be more selfless. >> he loves his job. >> students made these bags for first responders. and was to let them know the community cares.
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sheree: cincinnati are bringing some paint to the ring to support breast cancer awareness. you' ll see a lot of pink for the game including pink eyes, pink jerseys, and a postgame party with coaches and players. and thousands will take part in the second annual frozen 5k. this goes right under 2nd street. participants will get it. >> the indiana native already has three gold medals. and he will be going after number four in aspen. he made it to the final round as an alternate after another skater was scratched. he is tweeting photos of his
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he is wearing a red jersey today. kevin: you know, it was a chilly day but the sunshine out there this afternoon made it feel a little bit warmer than it actually was. the good news is that not only will it feel as warm as it should be, the numbers will match it. get used to that for the first half of the weekend. temperatures already beginning to slip. there. let me show you the numbers. it' it gets warmer. it approaches louis. this is where the air will be weekend. it looks much warmer for across the area.
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clear sky and light wind. and maybe even beginning to climb some. to pitcher' s willful through the 30' s and probably into the upper 20' s for many of us before midnight. high pressure as i mentioned overhead but it' s heading east. we are going to be on the backside of that high and it flows in a clockwise direction. the wind will turn back around to the south and see this warm front out to the west. that is the 50 degree air that' s going to build in here for the weekend. no problems out there. make your plans to spend time outdoors. saturday will be a delightful winter day. when you'
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hard to beat this time of the year. now as we get into saturday night, skies will begin to cloud up across the area. that means your sunday, still mild. temperatures still expected to climb well into the mid-50' s. i just don' t think it' s going to be as bright and sunny. i' s with or without any rain. one and tomorrow, delightful again. that is well above normal. up to 47 by lunchtime and we 50' s in the afternoon. a mild weekend. the rain should hold off until
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some showers late sunday night and early monday and we still keep an eye on the strong storm system for tuesday and maybe give us around of showers and storms before it turns chilly. sheree: hard to believe it was a week ago tonight that we had all of that snow. sheree: a jailbreak, three inmates escaped.
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sheree: sheree: the texas born known as the affluenza teenager is in court today. mike: they want to transfer it to the adult system and the judge ruled he will remain in a juvenile detention facility. >> i need to make this clear. the defense has got it all wrong. a man who killed for individuals
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can now only move their eyes needs to be remorseful. even couch is a man who is not remorseful. mike: he was 16 years old when he was drunk behind the wheel. authorities believe he and his mother took off for mexico because he violated that probation. sheree: the jailbreak that sounds right out of hollywood has a new plot twist tonight. one of the three escapees have turned himself in to police. they cut through snail -- steal and repelled off a roof using bedsheets. they had help from the inside. >> it is believed that they provided critical planning tools
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in which teacher had a relationship with one of the inmates, providing him with google maps that may have shown the root. she denied giving them any power tools they wanted for murder, attended murder -- attempted week. prison employee joyce mitchell with two murderers before helping them bust out of prison. mike: incredible oregon of not one bit to sing that formed side-by-side. one swallowed up part of the road and another a parking lot. authorities blame torrential rain. antonio cortez
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he says he chased the attacker and wrestled him to the ground. >> everyone pointed that it was him. and a bit of a sweep on him until the police turned up. mike: the hearing taking on five apartment buildings and the didn'
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>> we really did not have to go through all this. and we asked for the resident and home and the safety of the people in the business. mike: dozens of facilities said
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sheree: two people have been killed in a crash and highland county. outside of fayetteville, we understand that two cars are involved in this crash in we are working to find new information. we will bring you more as we get it. we are learning that two people have been killed. mike: a judge has appointed managing several apartment buildings. sheree: two on the in avondale, and another in walnut hill. courtis fuller has an following the latest. this story really started to peak a few months ago
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buildings forcing dozens of people from their home. we' , literally thousands of people from children to adults. code violations. elevators that don' t work. >> the list from attorneys and a court caused beth myers to put five income apartment buildings into receivership. >> that means the moneys will now be obligated with oversight to be spent properly and
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>> a resident share these photos with me after many residents were pushed out of their homes in november. >> that change, they stopped hearing us. like they overlooked us. >> this is some of the work of proposed management team is suggesting to improve living conditions. the cost is $1.3 million. >> somebody is coming. but like i said, no locked doors. this is deplorable. reporter: these buildings are owned by a new jersey-based company and they dispute these claims. i can so you this case has actually gotten the attention of the feds. we had a
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today watching as this case unfolds. sheree: the judge called both sides back to court on monday to continue the case and it is expected the exact receiver will be named. mike: out of the police investigating an overdose in a parking lot. body camera video now showing the realities of the heroin epidemic that officers are now seeing. >> one me to give him narcan? i got it. mike: within a clark was able to be transferred to jail. police want to find who left his
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sheree: nearly eight years ago, a man were shot in the west end. it happened in september of 2008. david wallace died at january 5 and they say his death was the result of a 2008 shooting. >> i want them to go to the fraternal order of police contract and rip it apart and come up with language that will prosecute policemen that kill and brutalize lack people in their communities. sheree: video of a shooting
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his attorneys met privately with the judge. according to his attorney, he has received death threats. >> my client is doing ok but he is having a very difficult time. it has impacted him quite a bit. sheree: there are accusations that officer van dyke may have tampered with the video. mike: the fbi has raided a house that may have some connection to the missing i use student. the fbi raided the home of a man suspected in several indecent exposure cases. authorities have been very
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they vanished after a night out with friends. >> much-needed assistance is on the way. the legislation was signed into law as governor snyder attended a press association meeting. the funding will provide immediate resources like treating the children affected by lead poisoning and paying neighbors water bills. mike: the students held a water collection. they also got a donation to buy even more water. >> i am so excited. i had no idea people started bringing the water. you never know was going to
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i knew that our families would come through. but this is amazing. mike: police will be delivering the water on february 1. sheree: new procedures for absentee ballots after some were not counted last year. they weren' t included because they were missing postmarks. elections boards will be allowed to check to determine when the envelopes were processed. they need scanners. houston says he doesn' t think them. sheree: mike: a 140,000 square foot office in the works at the hotel site for cincinnati children' hospital. the new four-story office
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they are expected to be finished up next year. sheree: allowing them to visit places that school buses can' t go. the second-grader along with his classmates got to take part in the expedition pioneer program. it allows teachers to act as tour guides taking students on a virtual journey with more than 100 different destinations. the students follow along with those cool viewfinders right there. >> it puts you in the coral reef and as i move around, i can see different things. i looked down, i see the ocean floor and if i look up top i see
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>> a program tested out by google. they will provide the company with feedback before the actual launch. another playoff season for the bengals and plenty of off-season work to be done. mike: elise jesse sat down with marvin lewis. elise: i caught marvin lewis before he flew out of cincinnati and talks to me about everything from lebron james, golf swing, free agency. one of the hot topics was the linebacker luke keatley. he has known luke for a long time. he has some candid stories to tell about this dominant nfl player. marvin lewis: mike brown asked me to take a look at him early in the process before i even got
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he just wanted to know -- i said he' s the best linebacker i' ve seen. and we really did not need luke to work out for us. there was nothing he was going to prove by working out. i told his mom this. he full did his t-shirt, shorts, and everything and give it back to the equipment man just like he got it from him. and to me, that spoke volumes. >> everybody i' ve talked to only has the best things to say about the family. he also talked about the final two minutes plan his mind over and over.
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>> some guys said it could take years. >> unless we' re in it next year. >> maybe a playoff when will wipe all that away. sheree: republican contenders duking it out on the national stage. >> where governor kasich is pulling. kevin: look at the 50' s and some 60' s out to the west this afternoon. i will describe the weekend
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mike: squaring off on the fox news channel. john kasich has been during this race for the white house? starting to develop some polling muscle. not nationally. sheree: but in new hampshire, supporters are telling john
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>> attack ads. no longer in ignoring kasich. there' s even an ad of unknown backing. he is starting to worry rival candidates. if slow but steady wins the day, he is positioning himself rarely well. he' s starting to find some in new hampshire. >> township by township. doing a time town hall. he has taken up residence in the state of new hampshire, essentially. >> these local republicans come to door knock. >> they take this very
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>> he' s put all his chips in new hampshire. donald trump was generally regarded as a flash in the political pan. >> he' s never going to be our nominee. >> that was then and this is now. >> i was wrong about donald trump. he' s had staying power. >> he' s trying to become the establishment alternative. he cannot simply survive new hampshire. >> if kasich is beating crews and he' s number two, and it' s a clear number two, that is what it would take to catapult him into the top tier to get a shot at being a one-on-one with trump. >> a strong showing what amp up the national chatter.
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>> the feeling is that bush and rubio have better organizations but momentum can be a game changer and a strong new hampshire could change the narrative in his favor. >> telling us new hampshire folks at those town hall meetings seem to appreciate his issues oriented approach and lack of what he called bluster. kevin: after a minor setback today, we are going to pretty much put the warm-up into high gear as we head to the upcoming weekend. you can see the chili stuff from chicago through in the and up to the northeast. it really is the tale of two seasons on this temperature map because you find spring and look what happens when you find
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60' s and almost 70 around little rock. this air is coming in our direction and will be here by tomorrow. it will be a chilly evening. that time of the year where skies are clear anderson is the son goes down, temperatures will too. notice this warm front out to the west tonight. this warm front will lift through the ohio valley tonight and set the stage early on saturday. outside right now, it' s chilly. we have a light west wind at this time. it will be a chilly one. it' s a very nice-looking weekend across the area. expect lots of sunshine tomorrow
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highs will have no problem climbing from a chilly stop to the low in mid-50' s by afternoon. saturday night is also going to be mild as the southerly flow continues. saturday night won' t be as cold either. it will be a lot more in the way of cloud cover. i take clouds and temperatures in the mid-50' s. it looks like rain will get in after dark sunday night. most of the weekend is dry. there may be some showers and here is you go to bed sunday night and those will probably stick around early monday. s when the next powerful storm system heads our way. watch the jet stream.
5:44 pm
retreats. notice there is still blue across the area, it' s not blue or purple. even heading into next week, notice you have the big dip in the jet stream that' s usually a good indication of warm air on the front side and cold air on the back across the midwest. and that' s what could bring the threat for storms as we see the height close to 60 on tuesday. 29 for a low tonight. it will be a chilly one. it should warm quickly. there' s a southwest breeze pushing us tomorrow. the day planner is 33. we will already be close to 50 by lunchtime. that' s how fast we should warm up tomorrow. mid-50' s on sunday and there' s the rain sunday night and early monday. maybe some heavier storms. highs will be in the low 60' s
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mike: we are doing something unique and live on facebook. we are showing people what you do behind the scenes. sorry if we were chatting. sheree: is it going to snow next week? we were not able to pay attention. mike: more celebrities getting into the food business. sheree: the venture aretha franklin is taking on. mike: mcdonald'
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mike: xerox is putting in half and the second company will not be a copy of the first. it will assist with printing services in the second company will outsource business processes. xerox did not disclose names for
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sheree: customers took a stand on an ingredient missing from their cheese sticks. no cheese. they are isolated incidents and the cheese more than likely melted out during the baking process but the chain says they should not have been served. aretha franklin is launching her own food line. dessert, chile, gumbo. patty labelle made headlines for her sweet potato pies. sheree: in chicago, shoppers lining up like it black friday. lining up days before the release of the latest pair of air jordans. the shoes do not go on sale until tomorrow and they go for a
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$650 a pair this time. mike: the best bargain around is your closet for shoes. sheree: as long as you can wear a size five. mike: an officer seriously injured in the line of duty is on the road to recovery. sheree: talking about the night he was attacked and how he is recovering from his injuries. mike: leading the way on a rape investigation near a local
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mike: a kentucky abortion clinic is shut down. why the governor says the procedures there were illegal. a rape investigation at a local cemetery. more than one woman has been assaulted. >> i lost consciousness after the first hit. >> an officer assaulted and what he remembers from the night and an update on his recovery.
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a ripley police officer was indicted today.
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