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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a jonathan: now on news 5 today, a man shot 5 times is dead, and the gunman is still on the loose. the latest on the victim and the investigation into the shooting. >> you don' t want to believe that someone is hurting your child. jonathan: a4-month-old abused by her babysitter. but the mother is doing to protect other children. reporter: facing off against breast cancer. jonathan: get ready for
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jennifer will tell us why you may be putting away the jacket this weekend. who knows. could you be putting on the shorts? jonathan: thanks for joining us this saturday mine. jennifer: putting on shorts is relative to you. jonathan wears shorts and no coat. jonathan: even though we are on the jet stream , it creates this weather. it gives you perspective. you know what happens. in october, when it is 50, people are putting on jeans and sweatshirts. in march, when it is 50, people
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jennifer: yes, ok. you never really put it away for the winter. a really nice and two are generated, but it is not going to be a long-term change. -- a really nice end to our january, but it is not going to be a long-term change. right now, temperatures are above average in the mid 30' s. not a bad start. there is a south breeze around 10 to 12 miles an hour. it does still feel like the 20' s. a quiet saturday money well lead to sunshine has temperatures climb quickly. early afternoon, low 50' s and we tap out today around 50 degrees. a nice and dry day today. a clean sweep as we start the weekend, but we will end it tomorrow night with rain showers returning.
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jonathan: new details on a deadly shooting in barnhill. the police say the victim was hit five times. this happened on franklin avenue. the victim has been identified as cameron clemens. officers believe clemens run away from a nearby apartment building and then collapsed in the street near oakdale. they did not recover any weapons at the scene. if you have any information that can help police with this crime, call crimestoppers. cincinnati police have upgraded a shooting investigation to a homicide case nearly eight years after a man was shot in the west end. it happened september 28, 2008 at 17 west mcmicken avenue. police say 33-year-old david wallace died january 5. they say his death was the result of the 2008 shooting. no arrests have been made.
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deputies found marijuana, pills and surgeons -- and syringe is s. a local baby sitter abused children in her home one of them was only 4 months old. wlwt news 5' s emily wood talked with the mother of one of the victims who says she wants to turn this negative experience into new legislation to protect all children from abuse. mouse. emily: jennifer diaz started babysitter' s house. she disregarded to resist she but it wasn' t until november that she truly became concerned. all of a sudden, dropped it and her eyes started twitching back and forth really crazy. emily: she rushed sophie to
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doctors determined the injury to her inner was not an accident. >> you do no want to believe that someone is hurting your child, especially a child, an infant who is so small and helpless. i didn' t want to believe it. emily: diaz is working to collect signatures online to create sophie' s law, a mandatory registry for convicted child abusers. >> it has been such a negative thing that happened in our life and we want to really turn that around and turn that into a positive situation. i want everybody to know who this person is and that she has hurt not just my child. she has hurt another child. and i don' t want that to happen to anybody else. jonathan: we did reach out to desiree rankin and received no comment. she faces he the three month in prison or three month under house arrest.
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fight dipg, a type of brain cancer that lauryn hill battled. grace is a seven-year-old fighting dipg. the fundraiser starts at 6:30 this afternoon at the fort thomas armory. this morning runners will be freezing for a reason they are hitting the streets to raise awareness about breast cancer. wlwt news 5' s richard chiles has the details on the events that has cincinnati going pink. and they timed it well as far as the temperatures. richard: they timed it perfectly. reason. going out this year for the second annual frozen 5k. this organization partnering with these cincinnati cyclones, getting folks up and out. it is an amazing race. the
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second year we have seen people enjoying a wonderful opportunity. it' s a wonderful event. the banks, winding underneath 2nd street and the plaza. enjoying a great event. it is a partnership with the cincinnati cyclones. great ambassadors. you have been partnering with the pink ribbon girls for five years. show us the jersey. that is what it is all about, raising awareness. >> this is our biggest event of the year. they have been phenomenal.
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cancer patients in the tri-state area -- all of that money stays here in cincinnati. it' s going to be a great day today. the weather is supposed to be perfect as well. reporter: this is one of the jerseys that will be auctioned off your a great chance to get out to a wonderful event here in registration getting ready to get started. half-hour to see that. jonathan: a large sinkhole near an oregon highway goes far beyond the road closures. a look at the damage and what it means for some businesses near by. my goodness. while local high school team on a journey with no regrets. details on that in your morning sports. the well illuminated streets
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jonathan: welcome back, everyone. sinkholes in portland, oregon. the fences torn in two.
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people could do nothing but watch. >> the owner and i were talking and she said, the route is going. we ran out and there were 40 people out here watching. you could hear the trees snapping. the land under it went down first. you could smell tree. jonathan: the diner held a cinco de mayo party earlier in the week to try to rally the community together. it could take months for the road to reopen. you have heard of the catch truck in the tree story before. in westminster, colorado, firefighters had to rescue the cat and his owner. the owner try to get his cat jupiter out of the tree, but his ladder fell. luckily, firefighters showed up and put the ladder back up the owner who came down. jupiter wouldn' t budge. finally, rescuers in the fire truck brought him down with their big ladder.
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reunited on solid ground. i think one of them deserves a bumblebee tuna. let' jennifer. morning. 30' s. most of us just above the freezing mark. a couple of colder spots out there. some chili spots. factor in a wind chill. most of us feel like the 20' s. take a look at we have been the last 12 hours. we were in the 30' s last evening. we dipped to 29. then south wins overhead taking temperatures back into the mid-30' s. i don' t think we will fall off too much this morning. dry conditions on the radar, we will keep it dry to start our weekday. a couple of high clouds moving through the late evening.
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central parts of indiana try to slide our way. not going to be a problem for us. it will be a dry and enjoyable and mild start to our weekend. temperatures today will bump about 12 to 13 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. and you still have sunshine with a today. it feels like 25. a southwest wind. a south breeze today will pick up at times. a return flow on the backside will help mild temperatures for today. we start the weekend well above average. as clouds arrive tonight, we only drop off into the low 40' s. so a mild overnight getting ready for tomorrow' s temperatures back into the mid-50' s. but we will have the cloud cover around. maybe some sunshine early in the day. but a chance on the side of town.
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for tomorrow. that cold front dragging our way for sunday night will eventually bring in some scattered showers. kind of a wet end to our week. a couple of clouds will thicken tomorrow. mostly cloudy to cloudy skies. some drizzle possible. then everyone a potential sunday night into monday morning for some scattered showers, likely less than a 10th of an inch of rain. but not too much in terms of rain. i think we will wake up monday morning with a wet pavement and some showers that have already moved through. today, plenty of sunshine. 42 tonight with clouds are turning. mark, cloudy skies and 57. you might see some pix of sunshine. better chance earlier in the day.
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s not a big impact on temperatures yet. we are back to 60 on tuesday. the potential for thunderstorms, maybe stronger storms, we will be watching them for the mid-forecast. beyond that, the colder air returns in the second half of the work week. jonathan: a season of redemption one local high school set a goal this season, to go all the way and not look back. the news 5 sports team has the details. alicia: good morning and welcome to the blitz. we kick off the night in lancer country. lasalle was hosting odor last night. derek: they managed to pick up the win. alicia: lancers will be looking forward then. jeremy larkin was good from beyond the arc.
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s of otto with great vision. 14 points for the answers -- the panthers. that is six points in 30 seconds. but elder just wouldn' t go away. frankie hofmeyr hits the three to tie the game. but it is tray with the answers. now we make that switch to the gcl central were purcell marian will be looking for their eighth straight conference win. derek: robert bacon wouldn' t make an easy pass. zach wells has more on that matchup. his act: in pregame warm-ups, purcell marian broke out
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no long ago, this was a program winning only a couple of games he year. last night, in front of a sellout cloud -- sellout crowd, it would lock up a win. a three-ball. purcell went to the oldest play in basketball. strong finish up the glass. attacking the rim. that is moore. a nice drive from justin dustin. you need a separator and a shot
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19 points and a gtl title for the trophy case at purcell. >> that is one of the things we identified earlier this evening. we wanted to win leagues. as have been motivated. we say just keep playing. we talk about having no regrets . really happy for the guys were four-year players here. we' ve got guys who started as freshmen on a program that won wanted to or three games a year. >> we don' t just want to win. we want sectionals, regionals. hopefully state as well. derek: every team is motivated differently. the motto at purcell is no regrets. derek: let' s head back to walnut hills. that young lady throwing down
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the eagles are up nine. tiger with the -- tigers with the answer. then corey davis with another assist. he will throw it down as walnut hill goes on to win it. alicia: milford and kings were cochampions tonight. -- last year. but this season, they are in different spots. derek: milford looking to gain some ground. kings have one more win than the eagles do. alicia: kings can extend their lead in catch up with walmart. brayden burn, the offensive rebound. milford looking to catch up. wide open.
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kings with the when -- the win. derek: hamilton on the road. baby eaters trailing when kevin gets that floater to fall. later, hamilton keyshawn riggins will take down the three. ryan robinson with the seeds of they go on to win. the first quarter. feed it inside to andrew arnold. back and forth all my long. two very important free throws, dwindling that lead by one. hug cap' with a victory.
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opening now. lady in liquid backs us all we are blue and purple laying. she is the city' s best cheerleader. stay with us.
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jonathan: basketball star lebron james is expanding his pizza business. the james-backed blaze pizza opened its doors this week at the university of connecticut. free pizzas were given to any customers who followed the business on social media. blaze pizza, which specializes in what it calls build your own pies, has dozens of locations open across the united states. and more locations are scheduled to open later this year. and he is also acting. i saw him in that amy schumer movie. a couple of well-known voices are now entering the food industry. soul singer aretha franklin. announced today she' s launching her own line of desserts chili gumbo and baked chicken. sheree: two founding members of the band kiss. opened their own restaurant in oklahoma city gene simmons and paul stanley attended the grand opening of rock and brews at the
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the two presented a $20,000 check to a local group that helps veterans. looks like a pizza and berger place. there' s still a lot more ahead on wlwt news 5 today, including a country music festival promising to be bigger and better than ever the details on the buckle up festival and which artists will be headlining. i' m told that was actually posted we saw the video. how could you tell? they had makeup on.
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john amole/ripley police officer: i lost consciousness after the first hit i think. an officer assaulted during a call speaking only to wlwt. night and how the community plans to help in his recovery.
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-- it is january 30. jonathan: thank you for joining us today. jennifer: that' s the real thing. jonathan: on pink ice, that was cool. how do they do that? jennifer: i don' t know. maybe richard has an answer. jonathan: how about the conundrum of the weather forecast? jennifer: 50' s today and tomorrow. nothing to complain about here
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we are in the low-to-mid 30' s. highs this afternoon in the mid-50' s. these are temperatures more like early march valet january. expecting a quiet radar throughout the day. right now, visibility is high. clear skies overhead. some clouds trying to approach. mostly sunny through the afternoon. sunshine accompanying some scattered clouds. temperatures above average today. plenty of sun expected. and a south brees will help the temperatures jump into the mid-50' s. still mild tomorrow, but we will bring in some rain for the forecast. jonathan: the man wanted for leading fairfax police on a chase this morning will the arraigned this morning. the police say jones tried to
6:30 am
out of the walmart on tuesday. officers say jones took off when approached by police. a short time later, fairfax police pulled him over but he took off, crashed, and ran. jones is charged with failure to comply and stolen property. ohio state police are investigating a deadly two-car crash it happened on u.s. 50 near kier road in highland county friday afternoon. osp says aaron blagg went off the road then over-corrected, hitting a mini-van head-on. blagg and his passenger, margaret davidson, died at the scene. the other driver was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. investigators believe speed played a role in the crash. collects the occasional people that do not want to go to jail or cooperate with us. never had anything this bad. jonathan: the ripley police officer that was beaten unconscious is speaking only to
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there he is right there after he was caught. moore was arrested. a gun was found. officer mall is out of the hospital. >> i know it is just temporary. if this had gone in a completely different direction come i would not have him to take care of now. >> i am going to do this until the day that i am told i cannot do it anymore. >> john tells us he was to thank everyone who has supported him. there is a fundraiser set for february 19 at the ripley american legion. the cincinnati cyclones are bringing some pink to the rink and the streets of cincinnati. it is all to support breast cancer awareness. wlwt' s richard chiles has the events happening today.
6:32 am
the cincinnati cyclones taking on quiet city tonight at 7:30. just one or two events in the fight against cancer. this morning, the second annual frozen cai kit -- 5k taking place. this race gets started at 9:00 this morning. these folks will be making their way underneath second straight, the transportation center, all in the word of finding a cause. >> we are hoping to fill it up with folks who are here to support people that had breast cancer touched their lives. the players will be playing cool custom jerseys that we got here. every year, the players get to where these on ice. and every year they are different.
6:33 am
richard: fans will have a chance to auction the soft. again, the frozen five cake gets underway this morning and the side phones facing -- jonathan: the buckle up country music festival is coming back big this summer. the group behind the concert, weekend, announced brad paisley and chase rice will be headlining the festival august 5 and 6th. it will be up at summit park in blue ash. the buckle up festival was cancelled last year after promo-west took it over. they' ll denied for or gun protesters. we' ve got the latest on the standoff and the remaining protesters. plus more trouble for hillary. the official statement from the white house revealing new details from the former secretary of state' s e-mail
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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jonathan: the occupation at the wildlife refuge in oregon continues with 4 activists holding out. meanwhile, the fbi has released s deadly confrontation with occupants leaders. don' t watch if you are squeamish. according to the footage, a truck driven by lavoy finicum nearly hits an fbi agent. finicum got out of the truck with his hands in the air. but the fbi says on at least two occasions he reached for his jacket pocket. and you can see that in the video. he was shot and killed. semi-automatic hand gun in that pocket. in all, eleven people tied to the occupation have now been arrested and denied bail. hillary clinton' s campaign cloud of the e-mail controversy. some e-mails found on her personal server contained government information so secret that it fell under the highest
6:36 am
but a state department looks mint says those documents were not marked classified the time that they were sent. ohio' s elections chief is ordering new procedures for absentee ballots after some weren' t counted last year secretary of state john husted says they weren' t included because they were missing postmarks. elections boards will now be allowed to check fluorescent barcodes. to determine when the envelopes were processed. boards will need scanners to do that. the state plans to buy 10 scanners, husted says he doesnt believe all counties will need them. plans are now no worse to honor john boehner. he will be celebrated by some of his republican colleagues. one of the chairs for the event, mary swain, says much of it is in early stages. dinner will be honored march 12 during the lincoln day dinner. carlos todd will also be honored. more high school basketball coverage coming up in your blitz five.
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bowl 50, weather. expected. a few high clouds expected. a beautiful sunrises morning. thanks for starting your
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jennifer: a great saturday shaping up. take a look at our temperatures. sunshine. we made it to 41 on friday. the forecast they with sunshine -- 55 degrees. a nice warm up. a mild start this morning. we are near the freezing mark. temperatures in the low-to-mid 30' s for most of us. we had 36 in cleese, 36 in delhi, 34 officially in cincinnati. dry conditions. no concern for any moisture on the radar today. if we start off tomorrow, we are still dry.
6:40 am
couple of clouds working their way in from the northwest. should make for a beautiful start this morning. on the city cam shot, but it -- visibility is high. the ever so fainted glow in the horizon and the flags blowing and a pretty good flag -- wind blowing. increasing to 13 miles an hour. you factor in that wind chill, it feels like .5 degrees. afternoon temperatures , we are in the low-to-mid 50' s. by 5:00 p.m., we drop off to about four degrees. temperatures in the mid-50' s with sunshine. we are still missing a set of four tomorrow. but we are in the warm sector. we are back into the mid-50' s.
6:41 am
we end up with cloudy to mostly cloudy skies for the day tomorrow. drizzle or sprinkles in the afternoon. showers arrive for a late sunday evening and into our overnight. and then a little drop back come monday. a close look at our future cast. plenty of sunshine. mild today. those clouds will return tonight. limited sunshine tomorrow. but would it be a better chance for some afternoon sun? maybe one or 210 seven inch on the high-end. 5:00 a.m. monday morning. 55 degrees for a high today. we head up to 57 tomorrow with the clouds around. 51 on monday behind the front
6:42 am
a stronger cold front tuesday, late in a, and behind that , temperatures falling through the day on wednesday and colder air returning to finish. alicia: this week' s wild-card game was lopsided. new miami has struggled to score this season but they sure do know how to post. this team got 173 posts. earlier in this game. he had back-to-back threes. coach minor through on the press.
6:43 am
k thompson got in on the action. -- kenny thompson got in on the election. we are going to ask one of you 75,000 voters to give us your verdict again. derek: early on in this one, check out the moves, the crossover and then the lead. more from the tigers. brett merit, the drive, gets the lay-up, a six-point lead. it' s jerod, doherty -- he is not going to knock down the tree in front of the key. that is extremely -- let' s check out our wild-card game of the week for next friday. which game would you like us to
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don' t forget to put on the wild-card page. alicia: howard drive of the week comes from walnut hills. jonathan: time to look at our candidates. anthony mccalla picked up 34 points. gary lamotte won -- alicia: earlier in the show, we showed up-ice amerian' s win. -- we showed you purcell marian '
6:45 am
>> we are back. we are talking milestones. we had a big one earlier this week, others over the season, like the young man in wilmington we' ll heard about. >> so glad he is going to be wearing red and black next year. this kid is putting a lot of time. you can see it, scoring 1865 points in his career so far. >> another record maker playing in the gcl. this young man is a sniper. >> he beat brian' s record. you love to see good things happen to good kids. that is the record for the three-pointers. and how about this?
6:46 am
>> kos neil is a great guy. he took over while brewer was still there. i' m glad that brian had a chance to reach 171 victories. >> a big moment for the entire rob neil. >> it was great to see him man his family get the basketball. see you again next week. jonathan: everyone has been between the broncos and the panthers. in cincinnati, when you say name. reporter: i had a chance to sit down with the football -- the high school football coach. this kid was an absolute ball or. he'
6:47 am
the football field put -- field. but he is also the nicest guy. i sat down with martin lewis yesterday. he said he is amazed by luke' s talent. >> he is all the play are thought he would be coming into the nfl. i taught them that, when we came here to visit, the biggest question is would he be able to hold off the onslaught of family members. >> i won' t say that i am surprised. that. you don' t look at a kid and say he is a hall of famer. for me, that' s unbelievable. bowl has football star high schools and to every player and head coach
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jonathan: a judge has appointed someone else to take over five buildings at issue. the story really started to pick a couple of months ago when the and people were forced from their homes. about 600 apartments, literally thousands of people, wanting relief. been ignored.
6:51 am
problems. with us. >> we don' t get nothing done. but like i said , we have no loft the roof is leaking. jonathan: it is expected the exact receiver will be named during monday' s hearing. a local company will be putting out the help wanted sign. cincinnati subzero will be holding a job fair. you need work? openings are available for first, second and third shift. he must have a high school diploma or a ged. the job fair runs from 8:00 until noon.
6:52 am
so there is a show this weekend catering to those who love the outdoors. the outdoor adventure expo will be in full swing today at the convention center. the expo features more than 100 30 vendors as well as discussions on hunting, fishing, outright to these, and wildlife conservation. $10 for adults. kids 12 and under get in for free. the conservatory is having a special event for their spring floral show. today is their plant and big event from 1:00 until 3:00. you can decorate an egg and make a planter from an easter excel. -- easter big shell. still ahead, water worries in flint, michigan. were you can drop off water donations today.
6:53 am
the early morning glow of just a subtle amber on the horizon. kind of a greenish blue above and those skill a wet -- silhouetted clouds. hope you have a soothing and
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