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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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now jonathan: now on news 5 today, a man shot five times is dead, and the gunman is still on the loose. the latest on the victim and the investigation into the shooting. plus, you don' t want to believe that somebody is hurting your child a four-month old is abused by her baby sitter. what the victim' s mother is doing to pretect other children. in richard: are the tri-state is in the bank this morning, facing off against breast cancer. jonathan: and get ready for temperatures to climb. jennifer schack has why you may be putting away the jackets this weekend. it'
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and this is wlwt news 5 today. gorgeous sunrise. >> now from cincinnati' s first television station, this is news 5 today. jonathan: good morning, thank you for joining us this morning. jennifer is not a little bit by the angle of the cameras. it is ok, we are here, everybody is fine. jennifer: now, this is gorgeous. jonathan: evenly mixed at the top. it is like a younger on the horizon. just yogurt on the horizon. fudge ripple. that is just beautiful. deep orange. i love to see that fall field of color. it makes you feel hopeful about
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look at head temperatures we will be facing. jennifer: 41 yesterday, mid-50' s today. 55 in the forecast, a nice afternoon. after a little while, a visibility inside. -- is high. 10 miles. temperatures in the mid-30' s, currently. hamilton is a little chilly at 31. dry conditions. nothing on the radar for the entire weekend. it will stay dry for all of today. we will be a little more active for our sunday forecast. before gas is 55. the average high for today is 40 -- the forecast is 55.
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the record is 68. a mild start for the weekend, and we keep it up tomorrow. there will eventually be some rain. i will talk about that in the forecast coming up. jonathan: new details on a deadly shooting in bond hill as police search for the suspect. police say the victim was hit 5 times on franklin avenue friday afternoon. the victim has been identified as 24-year-old cameron clemmons. officers believe clemmons ran away from a nearby apartment building, then collapsed in the street near oakdale. they did not recover any weapons at the scene. if you have any information that can help police, call crimestoppers at 352-3040. cincinnati police have upgraded a shooting investigation to a homicide case nearly eight years after a man was shot in the west end. it happened september 28, 2008 at 17 west mcmicken avenue. police say 33-year-old david wallace died january 5.
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they say his death was the result of the 2008 shooting. no arrests have been made. a local baby sitter accused of abusing children in her home. and one of them was only 4 months old. jennifer diaz started taking her daughter sophie to desiree rankin' s house in september of 2014, when she was 4 months old. diaz says she disregarded two bruises sophie came home with in october but in november, sophie was drinking a bottle when her eyes began to twitch uncontrollably. diaz rushed her infant to the hospital, where doctors and social workers found injuries to sophie' s ears that they said were not accidental. diaz: it' s been such a negative thing that' s happened in our lives and we want to really turn that around and turn that into a positive situation. jonathan: diaz is now working to collect signatures online to create sophie' s law, a mandatory registry for convicted child abusers. rankin' s sentencing is scheduled for next tuesday at the campbell county courthouse. she faces either three months in
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house arrest. happening today, a fundraiser to fight dipg. it is the type of brain cancer that lauren hill battled. today, the operation grace white foundation will host the event. grace is a 7-year-old fighting dipg and has faced some recent setbacks. the fundraiser for dipg and families fighting the disease starts at 6:30 at the ft. thomas armory. this morning, runners will be freezing for a reason. they are hitting the streets to raise awareness about breast wlwt news 5' s richard chiles has the details on the events that what a hat out there, richard. richard: what a hat. she is the queen. five years the cincinnati cyclones. second year for this amazing race.
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>> we hope to have a bunch of runners out here. it is the first 5k of the season. come on down. we are still taking registration up to 8:45 a.m. richard: the weather will be perfect. just $35 to register. last year, you' re thousands of folks cheering. lots and lots of success stories. >> a lot of different ways that people get involved. for the running community, or sticking with a new year' s resolution. not only do they run, $35, they get a ticket tonight for think and the rank. -- pink in the rink. richard: talk about these jerseys. the cyclones will wear them tonight.
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>> every year we create a custom jersey the players wear. after the game, you can bid on your player' s favorite jersey. richard: the pink ribbon girls, we all love. of course, we know five is the best number, jonathan. it is an amazing event to be part of. the weather is absolutely perfect for a want -- for a run. you can register up until 8:45 a.m. live this morning, richard chiles. >> thank you. jonathan: deir i say it will be a whirlwind event? the water crisis in flint, michigan, now resonating here at home a little s own water issue and what ohio it. and, more high school basketball
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athlete, representing in super bowl 50. what his former coaches had to say. and we will take another look at that color. oh, the yellows and oranges. the charcoal gray cloud. and blue, too. lovely. you'
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wlwt. jonathan: welcome back. new details about water contaminated with lead in northern ohio. we' re learning that the ohio epa knew back in august that there was a lead leakage in sebring' s water system. three ohio representatives are now questioning why months passed before residents learned that their water was tainted. they' re also calling for the director of ohio' s epa to resign. some much needed assistance is on its way to flint, michigan. the governor has signed into law $28 million in emergency funding. city' s water crisis. the legislation was signed into law as governor snyder attended the michigan press association meeting in grand rapids. the funding will provide immediate resources to the city, like treating children affected by lead poisoning as well as water bills.
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jonathan: students held a water collection. people started showing up even before the sun showed up. flint. norwood police will be collecting water at kroger today from 8:00 until 5:00. they will be delivering the let' jennifer. jennifer: a great start to the weekend is taking shape. comfortably above average. plenty of sunshine, and a south reads today. we should -- breeze today. no concerns for the radar today. we will get a little more active for our sunday forecast. on satellite, a couple of clowns
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-- clouds running in. from time to time today, just accompanying the sun. we are at 34 degrees right now, south went at 10 miles an hour. wind chill a factor. still on the cool side. we warm up nicely by the late morning, 42 at 11:00. we will peak around 50. a south breeze, and that will help the temperatures today. about 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. plenty of sunshine, dry and mild today. some extra clouds tomorrow, starting estrogen just starting tonight. temperatures still in the mid-50' s tomorrow. we do increase the clouds.
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that cold front will come in monday morning. most of us get wet, but it does not look to have a. -- too heavy. clouds invade tonight. temperatures not as chilly tonight. we only drop into the low 40' s. our eastern counties may have a little more sunshine in the afternoon. our western counties, maybe some afternoon sprinkles or drizzle. everyone late evening showers. some wet pavement on monday morning. i don' t think we will see anything heavy out of it. 50 54 a high today. -- 55 for a high today. we jump back to 60 on tuesday. and a stronger cold front on tuesday night.
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will be falling on wednesday. we should be in the 40' s in the afternoon. jonathan: a season of redemption one local high school set a goal this season, to go all the way and not look back. the news 5 sports team has the details. >> good morning. we kick off with lasalle. >> the panthers could not ago. >> revenge. another defensive battle. the lancers trailing 6-0 after one quarter. great vision here. a quick score. 14 points for him.
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he immediately step back and hit another three. with a foul. six points in 30 seconds. a three to tie up the game. the lancers go on to win a very close game. 39-37. now we make a switch to the gcl central. >> they are playing well. roger bacon would not make it an easy task. on a three-game streak. osweiler opponents to 39 -- outscoring opponents 239-161. let' turned around and stay turned around. this was a program only winning a few games a year. last night, in front of a sellout crowd, they would lock
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look at the handles on this future cavalier. they could pull within a game of purcell with a win. purcell went to the oldest play in basketball, a give and go. purcell led by one at halftime. it opened a double-digit lead by the third quarter, attacking the rim. that is more. the spartans battle back within five. on a nice drive from justin johnson, put jj on the foul line. at winning time, you need a shot maker. he balled out in the fourth quarter. a gcl title in the trophy case for purcell, 73-55.
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identified early in the season. we wanted to win the league. we talked about having no regrets. this was the first step toward that. i' m really happy for the guys who are for your players here. they got started as freshmen onate team -- on a team that one two or three games. >> it was a year ago that purcell marian won the championship and -- they played a chance wrote that would not play. -- a transfer that could not play. jonathan: let' s head to walnut hill. that young lady, throwing down some moves. that pass, the triple. the tigers with an answer. a deep three.
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another assist. walnut hill goes on to win it, just. >> cochampions last year, but now in different spots. both find walnut hill. >> kings has one more win in the ecc than the eagles do. >> kings can extend their lead. with the lead, 49-39. the offensive rebound. second chance points, good. wide open. the tray is good. things with the win. -- kings with the win. >> hamilton on the road.
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later, begins knocks down a three. -- riggins knocks down a great. howard with the layout. -- lay-up. they go on to win this one. >> in the fourth quarter. bulldogs playing some old-fashioned keepaway. back and forth all night long. two very important free throws. cutting the lead to one. three pointer. >> and greenwell is a senior at milford high school blades for the football, passed ball, and
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he is wanted at various sports caps, is ranked in the top 10 in his senior class and has a gpa of 4.53. he competes in track and field, and cross-country, beginning last spring. he is a state finalist for the wendy' s school heisman. he was recently admitted to m.i.t. and as a gpa of four point 10. --4.10. jonathan: working the runway for a good cause. how you can get involved in this year' s american girl fashion show, and the organization benefiting from the popular event. stay with us.
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jennifer: welcome back. the american girl fashion show
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its 13th year and your daughter, neice or little sister has a chance to be involved. joining us this morning is nancy hollenkamp. exciting event for girls to take part in. tell us about the show, for those who may not be familiar with american girl dolls. >> it is a fashion show not only for the girl, but the doll as well. stories around them. including one from cincinnati. them. we have contemporary dolls. it is really for everybody, all little girls. jennifer: these girls did a great job last year. you need new models for this year. >> we need everybody to come out.
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at tri-county. tri-county is wonderful to work with. we have a whole model expands for these little girls. they can walk the runway, do a southeast asian. -- selfie station. jennifer: and you don' t need any clothing. >> we provide all the clothing and everything. it is a great opportunity. come out today. come out today. from 10:00 until 2:00. jennifer: t want to forget, this benefits the
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the fashion shows will be april hall. nancy, thank you for coming in. jonathan: still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including an event for those who love the outdoors. we' ll
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morning viewing amole: i lost consciousness after the first hit, i think. jonathan: now on news 5 today. an officer assaulted during a call, speaking only to wlwt. what he remembers from that night and how the community plans to help in his recovery. richard: i will get you started on the race just ahead. jonathan: and a nice day, a gorgeous, glassy line of light on this saturday. it' s saturday, january 30, 2016. and this is wlwt news 5 today. >> now from cincinnati' s first television station, this is news 5 today. jonathan: welcome to news 5 today. this is meteorologist jennifer
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you see these birds out there. i can imagine, if i was a bird, i would want to fly in that line on the horizon. i knew one would come through for me. thank you, mr. byrd. there goes another. they know what i am talking about. jennifer: we have some clouds today, but they are not blocking any sunshine. a beautiful day expected. jonathan: a double nickel on the monitor. jennifer: we will hit 55. we will spend most of our afternoon in the low-to-mid 50' s. it is chilly this morning. air temperatures close to the freezing mark. the forecast high this
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a handful of spots may be higher, especially in our southern counties. any mid-level clouds not producing precipitation. we should have plenty of sun with those clouds, through the afternoon. temperatures in the low 50' s, comfortably above average. tomorrow, we are mild. the timeline for that, coming up. jonathan: the man wanted for leading fairfax police on a chase this week will be arraigned this morning. clarence o' neil jones was there he is. police say jones tried to wheel two carts full of things out of the wal-mart on red bank road on tuesday. them. officers say jones took off when approached by police. a short time later, fairfax police pulled jones over, but he took off, crashed, and ran away. jones is charged with failure to
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the ripley police officer and was beaten unconscious is only talking to wlwt. earlier this month, police say kyle moore attacked officer john amole and took off with his service weapon. moore was arrested, and the gun was found. officer amole is out of the hospital now but still recovering, in fact his jaw is still wired shut. kelsey: i just know this is temporary, and this could have went a completely different direction, and i wouldn' t even have him to take care of now. john: law enforcement is something i love doing and i' m going to be doing this until the day i' m told not to do it anymore. jennifer: jonathan: jonathan: moore was indicted this week of six new felony counts. john tells us he wants to thank everyone who has supported him there' s a fundraiser set for february 19 at the ripley american legion. the cincinnati cyclones are bringing some pink to the rink, and the streets of cincinnati.
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cancer awareness. richard: the 52nd annual frozen 5k. it is getting started in about two hours. take a look at the video from last year' s race. thousands of participants making their way through downtown cincinnati. going underground 30 transportation center before finishing on the plaza. a wonderful day. all in support of the fight against breast cancer. and then they face-off on the ice at 730. -- 7:30 p.m. jonathan: there is a wonderful full day in the fight against breast cancer. jonathan: there is a show this weekend catering to those who love the outdoors. the outdoor adventure expo will be in full swing today at the sharonville convention center. the expo features more than 130 vendors and hosts discussions on
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conservation. it runs today from 9:00 until 7:00. and tomorrow from 9:00 until 4:00. it is $10 for adults kids 12 and under get in free. gearing up for the superbowl? so are restaurants around the we' ve got the cheesecake factory in the studio, to tell us about the new super foods you can make they look delicious. and this looks lovely. a little bit wider perspective of the sunrise. all sorts of colors dancing on the horizon. a glorious movement of light.
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back jonathan: what about, 7:38 a.m. are you looking for the perfect foods to serve up for the superbowl? well, you can' t go wrong with the cheesecake factory. anytime of the year. here with us today is executive kitchen manager, dustin sponsel. we have super foods. what are super foods? >> we' re focusing on foods that are high in antioxidants and vitamins.
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all and crusted salmon salad. easy for you to make at home. we will start with life scale here in a ball. -- sliced kale here in a bowl. salt, sugar, pepper. jonathan: sugar in a dressing. i like that. >> i am massaging the gale. 10 to 12 massages. it is tough to do. it relaxes the -- tough to chew. it is tough to chew, and this relaxes it. some baby arugula. that adds a separate case. saved brussels sprouts.
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some cranberries, tartness and sweetness. diced avocado. black pepper to season. kosher salt to season. then we toss us in our house made balsamic vinaigrette. you can use any dressing at home. toss that salad. jonathan: is this one-times was to be putting the a only on the salmon? -- the part where i am to put the aioli on the salmon? >> canola oil. set your pan at 350 degrees for seven minutes. we will garnish it with our garlic aioli. and our housemate almond crust.
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jonathan: you have got a lot of ingredients. it looks gorgeous. what is this? >> lemon zest. it adds color and citrus. jonathan: and radishes. pretty color and crunch. it is lovely. thank you so much for bringing it in. just beautiful. for more information about the super food category at the cheesecake factory, you can visit their website for the dish options and ingredients. and go visit the cheesecake factory. they are so good. always. >> my pleasure. jonathan: more high school basketball coverage coming up in your blitz five. and, one former cincinnati athlete, representing in super bowl 50, what his former coaches had to say. jennifer: plenty of sunshine when it comes up in a couple of minutes. sunshine today, temperatures above average.
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>> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. jennifer: welcome back.
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we' saturday. degrees. the high today will be 55 it should be a great afternoon. mostly sunny skies expected. dry conditions. nothing on the radar. i think we will take a break from the radar the entire day today. even with some clouds around, no rain expected. this morning, on a satellite radar, some slightly thicker clouds to our north. the edge of our northern counties. it won' t like the sun too much -- block the sun too much. 7:45 a.m. is the time right now. great sunshine this morning. 45 degrees. south at 10 miles an hour. the windchill, it feels like 26 degrees. the wind is working against us.
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-- south wind will help us out in the afternoon. on futurecast, high pressure of the mid-atlantic. the temperatures will warm up today, highs in the mid-50' s. we' re still dry tonight. clouds will start to return. tomorrow, mostly cloudy to cloudy skies. that cold front will go through late tomorrow evening and bring some rain showers. ahead of it, a dry start to the weekend. mostly sunny and quiet tonight, clouds are to arrive. it looks like the second half of the afternoon, maybe our eastern counties in some sunshine. our western counties tomorrow might see some drizzles. everyone, scattered showers
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everything should be -- rain totals of only one or two inches. a cold front is coming through behind it. that will clip our temperatures a little. it looks like a great into january, temperatures above average. 42 hour low tonight. mostly cloudy skies, a sprinkle or drizzle tomorrow afternoon. monday, lingering clouds. we drop back to 51. still mild behind that cold front. tuesday, 60. but tuesday night, a stronger cold front arrives. it has the potential for thunderstorms with it. we will fall on wednesday, cold air is settling in for thursday and friday. >> good morning. this week' s wild-card game was
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>> miami shore has struggled. but they sure know how to vote. 73,000 votes on our website. >> senior trojan guard feeling it early in this game. back-to-back three-pointers. 8-0 at this point. the route was on. they threw on the press, and they knew they had no answer. kenny thompson gets in on the action with this dump. -- dunk. the scoreboard and the coach at -- had different scores. >> let' s check out our wild-card game of the week for next friday.
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cincinnati christian at st. bernard. don' t forget to vote on our wild-card page. >> our driver the week comes from walnut hill. throwing it down for the eagles. >> time to check out our candidates for the primetime performer. >> now, earlier in our show, we showed you a win. this team just tearing through the gcl central. he is a scoring maniac. >> 20 points on friday night. we all know about wilmington' s potent offense.
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>> here is our blitz five basketball insider, alex mecham. we had a big one earlier this week. some earlier this season. the young man in wilmington we of all hurled about -- heard about. >> in the words of floyd mayweather, hard work and dedication. you can see it. >> is that the wilmington school record? another record maker. this young man is a cipher. >> -- a snip er. >> yes 150 83-pointers. -- he has 158 three-pointers. >> and how about this, a roger bacon milestone earlier this week?
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i am glad that yet a chance to reach -- had a chance to reach 171 victories. >> certainly a big moment for you, you were there. >> his wife was there. >> peggy was there. alex, good to see you again. that is our blitz five basketball insider. jonathan: thanks a lot, guys. over to the nfl right now. super bowl. when you say panthers in the keeper. -- >> i saw some film of luke in its high school days. he was an absolute ball or. -- baller.
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football field, but the nicest guy off the field. i sat down with marvin lewis yesterday morning. he told me he was amazed by luke' s talent. >> is every bit the player i thought he would be coming into the nfl. i told him that when we had them here to visit. the biggest question i have for him, could he hold off the onslaught of family members asking for tickets and everything. >> i won' t say i am surprised he is playing in the nfl. but what he is, i am sorry, you don' you don' that kid, he is a hall of famer. for me, to say that, that is unbelievable. >> finally, as part of their 50th anniversary of the super bowl, the nfl is presenting gold footballs to the high schools of every player and coach that has
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>> after the break, a check of the most accurate forecast. we will see if you have any more beautiful shots. look at the interesting way the sun has transformed from a
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] in jonathan: 55 is never sounded so good.
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extra cloud cover. both weekend days will be mild. what dates will be a little breezy with a south wind. tomorrow, some afternoon a cold front is coming in. temperatures. the second gold -- cold tuesday. bigger impact on temperatures. jonathan: and that has the ground. -- the groundhog. don' t see a shadow. we are done with winner -- winter. we are done with winter. it is spring. jennifer: i have never
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