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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> leading the way this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. courtis: developing news out of north college hill. police are searching for a gunman. good evening. the gunman shot two brothers. they were rushed to the hospital. janel walton spoke to those far from the shooting. reporter: the witness lived in this house behind me. someone knocked on their door and when they open debt the man been shot. >> he seemed like he was awake. his brother was tapping on him >> they heard gunshots.
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someone knocked on our door saying call the police. he was limping bad. his brother was outside playing in the grass. >> they could not believe it when one of the victims knocked on the door begging for help. >> it is strange. >> north college hill police have not said where the shooting happened. they are still investigating. one of the gunshot victims seem to be more seriously injured than the other. >> >> police haven' t identified any suspect tonight but they are looking for suspects in the shooting. if you have information to help police call 911.
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police have not released the names of the shooting victims. cincinnati police are searching for the gunman who killed a man friday afternoon. clemens was shot five times. he died at the scene. family and friends held a vigil. it' s believed he was running away from an apartment building when he collapsed. no arrests have been made. a suspect in a swat standoff is now being held on a $65,000 bond. the a woman who was inside was not hit. jordan threatened to kill responding police officers. they found two guns inside. courtis: crews in lexington say the largest fire they have seen
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the blaze started about 2:30 this afternoon. wind spread the fire to nearby businesses. no one was hurt by it is still unclear any cattle died. a columbus ohio man they are charges accused of planning to adopt a child to sexually abuse. that man was a seminary student. investigators had been watching him for a year and a half. he flew to mexico in 2014 paying to adopt a child but left empty-handed. friday morning he boarded a plane to have for tijuana in search of a baby girl. he was arrested as soon as the plane had its layover in san
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the man wanted for leading fairfax police on a chase faced a judge today. he was arrested friday. jones tried to take two carts full of items out of the walmart. jones took off when approached by them. police pulled jones over but he took off again and then ran away. bond was set at $38,000. the new york times has released its endorsements for the presidential nomination. they announce support for hillary clinton and john kasich. base secretary clinton had better experience and policies than sanders and governor kasich was avoiding extremism and an experience of other candidates. with today' s until he i will
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force hoping that one last push for get caucus-goers out of though. -- out to vote. >> with today' s to go donald trump came back. >> if we win in iowa, we can run the table. >> when every republican contest. is polls are here. a five point i will lead. >> you have to get out and caucus. reporter: even in a blizzard. >> if your wife leaves you, if you leave your wife, i don' t care what it is. if you are sick. you have to get out. reporter: ted cruz urges backers and insisted he is winning back the iowa front runner spot. >> what do you say to the
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>> they are backing me again. >> we are going to bombard you with e-mails for two days. reporter: hillary clinton' s lead has slipped to three points. her long-term supporter look likely to caucus. >> those of you who have decided support man monday night, thank you. >> more than clinton, bernie sanders is relying on young people. >> we will win the caucus if there is a large voter turnout. >> predicting the turnout is impossible. courtis: a big turnout will help mr. trump and mr. sanders. a small turnout helps crews and clinton. in other news kentucky' s first female and first african-american state senator
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georgia davis powers was 92 years old. the president of the kentucky naacp says powers died this morning in louisville. she was the key leader in the fight to end segregation. davis powers served 21 years and is an inductee of the kentucky civil rights. >> the attention on water supply safety and in other parts of the country causing people to turn to bottom water. you might be surprised with the epa has to say about the debate over tapwater versus bottled water. it depends on how it is treated. this is what cincinnati waterworks had to say about the issue. >> they meet regulations and have a good water quality.
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>> an estimated 16,000 lines are made of lead an old homes. although procedures minimize the lead coming from the pipes they still pose a risk. it is a project that could cost $300 million and several years to complete. local officials are talking about what can be done to fix the western hills viaduct . finding the money will be the biggest challenge. >> everybody has to be all in to get this project done. it costs so large. in the absence of a combination of every possible identifiable source of funding to get the project done it can' t get done. courtis: he met with the family
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state leaders are also coming to the table to seek solutions on this project. the wildcats looking to continue the winning streak taking on the top-ranked kansas jayhawks. news 5 elise jesse is live in our newsroom with more. reporter: this was so much fun to watch. you knew they would be rocking tonight. top 20 teams facing off , the first half gets it. he drops 26 points on the night. tied at 72. this game goes to overtime and it was tied again
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kansas wins their 35th straight game. some stats, u.k. shooting 26 behind the arc. u.k. adding six. after the game, his team doesn' t know how to win games and that is one thing he is going to teach them to do. courtis: thank you. we will see you later. a denver motorcycle show turns deadly. shots fired. half a dozen people heard. while why the violence caused a hospital to be put on lockdown? and we tell you the story of grace white as she battles dipg brain cancer. erik: temperatures, 46 degrees. you know this mild weather can' t
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>> you' re watching wlwt news 5, leading the way.
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out at the motorcycle expo. one person killed six others injured. three are in critical condition. there was a stabbing in the midst of this. the hospital is now under tight security. >> the hospital is on lockdown. we are listening to partners with police and at this time we are on a total lockdown. we do not have patience coming in or out. >> no word how long that hospital remain on lockdown. one person is being questioned but it is a clear what led to the shooting. police in orange county, california have announced the last two escaped inmates are back in custody after one week on the run. they were captured this morning after being found in a stolen van. a woman alerted police when she saw matching description of the
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when officers approached one inmate fled and was chased down by police. the other was found hiding inside the van. >> our focus was getting these individuals back in the custody. >> a third inmate surrendered on friday. back here at home tonight a teenager who died from a brain tumor is now passing her legacy on in a special home. her last wish was victorious place. two apartments in transition in the west end. victoria' s parents and a group of volunteers hope to finish the rehab by march. >> it will be a starting point for people who otherwise would
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>> they are going to get to learn how to lead their life and be successful because they have had a successful start. courtis: let' s take you to fort thomas. a fundraiser to battle brain cancer, mainly dipg. it is a brain cancer people came to know because of lorren phil. seven-year-old girl grace was also battling dipg. >> grace has beat the odds significantly. 95% of patients die within nine months. grace is in her 15th month. >> organizers say she is experiencing some new challenges
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treatment in north carolina. people couldn' t resist getting outdoors. temperatures well into the 50' s. plenty of people were out and about today. downtown in washington park people brought kids and pets down to the park to take advantage of the mild weather. there were also plenty of drivers looking to get the grime and dirt cleaned off of their car. >> cincinnati certified most accurate forecast. erik: it almost seems wrong getting a beautiful springlike day like this in january. spring isn' t too far down the road. we will have plenty of snow
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it is still very mild with all that sunshine. wind out of the south at nine miles per hour. 56 degrees, a few spots colder than that. 45 in connellsville. across northern kentucky, we are talking about the mid-50' s holding firm with the exception of brooksville at 52. radar is not tracking any rain across our area but we have clouds that will continue to build. these clouds will stick with us. rain showers build then tomorrow afternoon. this is not a real powerful storm it will give us clouds, some sprinkles and keep us on
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after a cold front are temperatures will take a debt but it will not be that noticeable across most of our area. sunday, the afternoon, we make it to 57. get up early enough. it is going to be a cloudy day with light drizzle, light rain. rain chances increase a little evening. rain is not going to be heavy. it will be enough to take the salt that was washed off your car and put it back on. cloudy skies temperatures on the mild side. the chance for sprinkles during the afternoon, best chance for showers tomorrow evening when things start to change. we see a cooldown monday and on tuesday. we send temperatures back into
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60' s across the tri-state. a powerful storm system will move out of the central plains. right now the best threat for our south. for a' s we will be in the northern fringes of what may be a significant outbreak across mississippi valley. we will keep a close eye on things. it could be a problem for us. 48 degrees. as we pick -- kickoff, 57 degrees. mild on monday. 62 degrees. on wednesday temperatures fall all day long. that means by the afternoon we are talking flurries, s. a real change in the forecast. that amps up the threat for
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>> it went into overtime. >> they did.
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we will have highlights coming anchor: welcome back. top 20 teams in action. kentucky made their way to alan fieldhouse to face kansas. it was fun to watch. those teams facing off. and the game was tied at 72. u.k. goes inside. this game ghost overtime. tied again in ot. depaul one going into the conference with the sabr -- xavier. a 9-0 run to begin the game.
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we the added 12 points off the bench. they beat depaul 86-55. tom is more at home taking on westminster. she extends the wind straight to 51 games. high school basketball, lasalle hosting the lanterns. . they are up seven. the lanterns get a 14 point lead. lonmin hills get
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it was all lasalle as they hang around. firebirds looking for their 36 straight win to break their own record of 35. 11 points on the day. staples since the jumper. she breaks the record. courtis: it' s impressive to recognize those young folks. the way they are playing basketball. anchor: and teams that go on these win streaks. that is insane. courtis: unbelievable. last check of weather. erik: it is nice when you can step outside and it is not a project getting ready to go. no hats and gloves. just a beautiful day today. we have the clouds and rain showers. maybe the umbrella. overall another mild day. keep a close eye on tuesday evening.
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to it. courtis: have a good night. and a better at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn what's been business-world tested today, and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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