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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it will try to erode the cloud cover. we may see breaks in clouds. thicker cloud cover tonight as a line of light showers rolls in past 9:00 and 10:00. they exit by 2:00 to 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the cloud break up behind that. it's a benign system rolling through. maybe a tenth of an inch of rain. nothing heavy or widespread. then we turn our attention to a cold front tuesday evening. futurecast continues monday at 6:00 with the quiet conditions tomorrow to start the week. tuesday during the day, clouds thicken. low pressure zooms out of the plains sparking thunderstorms tuesday evening to our west. then dragging in late evening and start to the overnight. there will be a potential along that cold front for a couple of strong thunderstorms. right now, storm prediction center putting us in the northern edge of a slight risk for severe weather late tuesday evening. 59 for the high today. tonight, we'll continue with showers at 41. tomorrow, mild. high temperature 50.
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then we fall behind that cold front. colder temperatures the rest of the forecast. jonathan. jonathan: a person had to be rushed to the hospital after being shot in avondale overnight. the shooting happened in the 3500 block of van antwerp place, near forest avenue at 1:45 in the morning. a male was shot in the ribs, taken to u.c. medical center with nonlife-threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. police are searching for a gunman in north college hill. witnesses say the suspect shot two brothers. wlwt news 5's jenell walton has the latest on the investigation and the victim's condition. >> he seemed like he was awake a little bit. his brother was tapping on him, awake. reporter: dominique thomas and his cousin heard gunshots around 8:00 near the clover lake home. >> we heard gunshots, seven or eight of them. next thing you know, someone was knocking on your door.
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me and my brother got shot. reporter: the pair said they couldn't believe it when one of the gunshot victims knocked on the door of their home, begging for help. >> it's kind of strange. you hear a knock at the door. he's like man, call the cops, my brother, we just got shot. reporter: north college hill police haven't said exactly where the shooting happened. officers are investigating. in the meantime, witnesses say one of the gunshot victims seemed to be more seriously injured than the other. >> his brother was laying down over there. he was trying to talk to him, make sure he was still awake and alive. jonathan: police are searching for the shooter. the names of the victims have not yet been released. people in bond hill gathered this weekend to remember a man gunned down friday afternoon. police say 24-year-old cameron clemens was shot five times. he died at the scene. it's believed he was running away from a nearby apartment building when he collapsed in the street near oakdale. no arrests have been made. one of the largest fires
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now under investigation. firefighters say the blaze at bluegrass stockyards started at 2:30 saturday afternoon. at least 20 cattle were inside at the time. survived. the interim fire chief said wind was a factor. the flames went across the street and consumed a block worth of businesses, including destroying many cars that were parked at a towing company. thankfully, no one was hurt. in fort thomas, there was a fundraiser last night to help in the battle of brain cancer, dipg. that's the type of brain cancer many people came to know because of lauren hill. the operation grace white foundation hospitaled the event in honor of 7-year-old grace, also battling dipg. >> grace has beat the odds significantly. 95% of patients die within nine months from diagnosis. grace is in her 15th month. jonathan: organizers say she's
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that another tumor has grown. she's currently undergoing medical treatment in north carolina, where her father is stationed in the army. the cincinnati cyclones spent the weekend supporting breast cancer research. last night, they held their pink in the rink game against the quad city mallards at u.s. bank arena. the cyclones won in overtime too. 3-2 was the final score. after the game, the team hosted a party at santo grill at the banks, where players auctioned off special pink game jerseys to raise money for the cause. this weekend, nick goepper is going for a four-peat. the indiana native has three medals in the ski style event. he's going after his fourth in aspen. last year, he made it to the fine round as an alternate. as always, he's tweeting pictures of his time in aspen before of the competition.
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he'll compete in the x games finals today starting at noon on espn. the stage is set for the final stop of the reds caravan. the reds tweeted out this picture last night from the florence mall. the barricades are up. now all that's needed are the players and the fans. and we're going to see them. here's some video from last year's event. in attendance will be five major league players, four minor league players, along with reds manager bryan price. joining them will be reds president bob castellini and five reds alumni. the doors to the florence mall will open at 9:00 and a question and answer session will begin at 11:00 in the center court area. the event is expected to wrap up around 2:00. some of the best bakers in america will be in cincinnati today to show off their skills in the tich kitchen and help you hone your skills.
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at the midwest culinary institute. it includes hands on classes and demonstrations. well known chefs will make appearances, including bron win winner. the event will be from 7:30 to 5:00. jewish hospital is looking for the best chicken soup in the area. they are hosting a cookoff from 12:15 until 2:30. each parnt nt will have extra soup donated to the over over-the-rhine soup kitchen. the event includes a silent auction, door prizes, kids coop and live music. how about the bean soup? jennifer: i gave it to my dad. jonathan: i hope he liked it. no more checkout lines, impulse buys or lost time searching stores when looking for beans. kroger's online grocery shopping is expanding in cincinnati.
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instead of browsing store aisle, you scroll down the screen to do grocery shopping. kroger launched click list in a handful of cincinnati stores last year. you order groceries online. employees do the actual shopping. when you check in at the call box in the parking lot, they load it in your vehicle in minutes. >> with five kids, they eat all the tile. it's always the same stuff. they have all that. i love it. reporter: this is only the second time katie kerwin has used the service. she knows it's a great option for her family. >> i would do this every week and if i need to run in for something special or meat, seafood. jennifer: at this point, it's available at nine greater cincinnati kroger stores. but the chain hopes to more than double that by the end of the year. >> it's wonderful because i can do it all at home, online, and
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just pack it up for me. i'm going through a health issue, and this has been very timely for me. >> we have an associate here in the store, they pick your order based on your specifications and it's fresh for you the same day you're going to pick it up. >> when ordering online, you pick a date and time to pick up the groceries. the first three orders are free. then you pay a flat fee. >> it's only like $4.95. it's so worth it. >> next day pickup is available. but the service can get busy and sometimes you might have to to order further in advance. if you want to see if your store offers click list, go to jonathan: don't forget the beans. thank you, jennifer. one day before the iowa caucuses. governor john kasich gets an important endorsement. it was big. the company stepping up and the candidates they're backing. and a close game for kentucky last night as they traveled to kansas. the results of that tough away game coming up in morning
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and your live look outside. citycam 5 found the roebling suspension bridge in all it's festooned glory. john a. roebling, what a mastermind, had this bridge going before the civil war. 40 years later, the brooklyn bridge would be completed. looks like that bridge because
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jonathan: welcome back. in commitment 2016, the "new york times" has released endorsements for the presidential nominations. how about that? john kasich gets the nod from the times. the paper announced support for hillary clinton and ohio governor john kasich. the times says clinton has better experience and policies than bernie sanders. kasich has been avoiding the extremism and inexperience of other republican candidates. well done, governor kasich. with just one day until the iowa caucuses, presidential candidates are out in full force this weekend, hoping one last push will get voters out monday night. nbc's steve handlesman has more. reporter: with two days to go, donned trump came back. >> if we can win here, if we win in iowa, everyone is talking about it, we can run the table for the first time ever. reporter: he means win every republican contest. it's possible. trumps weakest polls are here, a
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>> on february 1, you got to get out and caucus. you gotta do it. reporter: even in a blizzard or a marital storm. >> if your wife leaves you for another man, if you leave your wife because you don't like her, i don't care what it is. if you're sick, you got to get out. reporter: ted cruz gently urged backers to caucus and insisted to me he's winning back the iowa frontrunner spot he once held. >> what do you say to trump backers who used to back you but now back him? >> they're backing me once again. reporter: marco rubio's push will be partly digital. >> we're going to bombard with e mails for two days. reporter: hillary clinton's lead has slipped to three points. her long time supporters look likely to caucus. >> so those of you who have decided to support me monday night, thank you so much. reporter: more than clinton,
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first-time caucusers, young people. >> we will win the caucus monday night if there's a large voter turnout. reporter: predicting the turnout in iowa monday is impossible. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, des moines. jonathan: experts say a big turnout will help trump and sanders, a small turnout will help cruz and clinton. ahead is a crucial day for the candidates. many will appear on "meet the press" this morning. senator ted cruz talks about the tight race. marco rubio will discuss the state of his campaign. chuck todd will interview senator sanders on the close race for democrats. catch all of that at 10:00 here on wlwt after our show. kentucky's first female and african-american state senator has died. georgia davis powers was 92 years old. the president of kentucky's naacp says powers died early
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she was a key leader in the fight to end segregation. she served 21 years as a state senator and an inductee of the kentucky civil rights hall of fame. the free store food bank hosting an toent help people understand health insurance options. the affordable care enrollment act runs from 4:00 p.m. to midnight. certified assisters will help you explore options through the affordable care act. the free store food bank is on tennessee avenue in bond hill. let's talk local weather. >> we're in that oasis period. i noticed this like when i was ten years old. i've been in town for, i guess, five years at that point. sometime in january or february, you always get this little window in the tri-state where it's not winter. feels so good. they don't get that in cleveland. jennifer: i don't know how far
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i'm not sure cleveland got this. we were 51 at 10:00 yesterday morning. jonathan: indy might get it. cleveland doesn't. jennifer: we tell ourselves we're special. jonathan: we are special. jennifer: we made it to 63 today. i don't think we'll get higher than that today, but it will be nice today. yesterday will be the warmest day of january. 59 is the forecast today. it will depend on clouds. if we break free of the clouds, we'll have the south wind pumping warm air in. that could help us out. jonathan: this is or last chance to set the record. jennifer: it's today or not. today, upper 50s to near 60. we'll have extra clouds and, in time, rain. dry conditions right now. the radar will stay quiet easily through the midday. most of the afternoon, we're talking evening to late evening showers that arrive. so wlwt citycam showing high visibility at ten miles. clouds overhead. we do have some patches in the clouds, breaks in the clouds overhead right now.
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morning, a lot like yesterday morning. south winds at 12 miles an hour. air temperature is at 51. matching that, the wind chill. not much concern for that. satellite and radar showing the cloud cover is sitting to the north. we've seen a wave of clouds roll through in the last couple hours. there's a little bit of a break. there's plenty more clouds to push into our direction for the midday and afternoon. so we may see a little bit of sunshine this morning and we'll have a better chance this afternoon again for some sun in our eastern counties, especially that cold front will be approaching from the west as we head through our afternoon to evening. futurecast showing we're in the warm sector again today. temperatures climb nicely back to near 60 degrees. with the afternoon clouds around, we may see a sprinkle or two in our western counties. looks a little bit limited. the better chance for showers will be past 9:00 and 10:00 tonight along the front, a wave of showers coming through. nothing heavy. nothing too widespread, although most of us will see activity. we quiet down for tomorrow, dry out for monday and linger clouds
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temperatures behind the front will drop off ten degrees. we're still talking above average high temperatures with the cold front arriving tonight. a close look at futurecast. at 2:00 today, mostly cloudy for most of us. cloudy for the western counties. trying to erode the cloud cover before the front arrives late evening with rain showers. past 9:00 and 10:00, showers. pushing out by 2:00 and 3:00 tomorrow morning. everything has exited by the monday morning commute. we're talking a tenth of an inch or less in terms of measurable rainfall. it's not a big weather maker. the cold front doesn't have a big impact on temperatures. there's another cold front late tuesday that will be a big weather maker. on futurecast, through the day tuesday, clouds chicken. n thicken.
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that will spark off strong to severe thunderstorms in the late evening. we're included on the northern edge tuesday evening. probably past midnight, heading towards midnight for a slight risk for severe weather from the storm prediction center. the better pension will otential to the south. 59 for the high today. extra clouds around. they'll tin into continue into overnight. mostly cloudy, 50 for monday. tuesday, 62 ahead of the cold front. we bump back up with a south wind. strong thunderstorms possible late tuesday evening. behind it, falling temperatures and flurries by wednesday. we'll stay chilly into next weekend. jonathan: kentucky facing a tough opponent in kansas. the game went into overtime. elise jesse has details on the exciting matchup in morning sports. elise: good morning. i'm elise jesse.
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kentucky made their way to an llen fieldhouse to face kansas. it was fun to watch. the two top 20 teams facing off. 1:15 left to go. the game is tied at 72. uk goes inside to poythress, who slams it home. the game goes to overtime. in a miniature dr. naismith was there to watch the game. tied in o.t. that wouldn't last long. seldon delivers 33 points as kansas wins 90-84. their home win streak continues. depaul, 1-7 in the conference, going into this game with xavier. you can't overlook a team in the big east, especially when they start out like that. a 9-0 run to begin the game. chris mack not happy with the defensive efforts so he calls a time-out to fix it. xavier starting to catch up here. under three to play. pass to mccur ra. such a deep roster. he added 12 points. they went into halftime with the nine-point lead. jalen reynolds, points and six rebounds. there were five muskies to score
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they beat depaul, 86-65. and that's it for me in sports. jonathan, we'll send it back to you. jonathan: i've got more sports for you. college hoops here, the miami redhawks went to work saturday looking for their seventh win. they were playing northern illinois. former aiken high's william moore hits a fadeaway jumper for miami, giving the redhawks the lead. and abdullah haruna pumps once and hits a three for the redhawks. miami wince s 72-59. it was not good news for cards fans. university of louisville took on number 11, virginia, at the yum center saturday. mr. pitino has a white suit on. he looks lies the colonel. donovan mitchell found raymond spaulding for two. the cards trailed by 11 and never recovered. virginia rolled over louisville, 63-47. a new partnership in cincinnati giving consumers major benefits. coming up, we'll give you details on the deal and how it might impact you.
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through citycam 5's eyes to find the radisson lights green. i don't even have to check with the meteorologist this morning. it's warm outside, that's got to be the color.
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at devry university's college of business, we're looking for what the companies you'd want to work for, are looking for: the go-getters. students who want to go places, in the business they're in now, or the start up they haven't even started yet. at devry we teach, what's been business-world tested. so if you want to learn today, and make an impact tomorrow- you're our kind of student. our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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>> exciting news from the contemporary arts center.
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attraction free of charge. kyla woods has details on a ground breaking new partnership. >> we want everybody to experience what the cac has to offer. we want to be the next generation of givers. reporter: that next generation is creating opportunities for art lovers everywhere. it became this idea that a group of younger people between 25 and 45 that are already art advocates and people who are very committed to the city of cincinnati would help us make free admission happen. >> affectionately known as the 50, a new group of patrons will help provide free admission at the contemporary arts center for the next three years. the concept was formulated last spring. it's a continuation of the open engagement the cac prides itself in. >> somebody could just come in for ten minutes and enjoy one work of art more deeply. or they could come in ten times a day. whatever suits somebody.
5:24 am
simpson, one of the 50, said the proverbial gift of love will require sacrifice on the part of young professionals but says the sacrifice will be worth the reward. >> what it's going to give us back, right. there are urban youths who will be coming in to these doors ha are expressing themselves creatively. >> one of the exhibits currently on display might bring back memories for many in cincinnati. the robert mapplethorpe controversy marked its 25th year in 2015. the display in its honor will 13. beginning february 13. jonathan: there have been recent renovations in the cac lobby, including more open space for visitors as well as a new cafe. a lot more ahead, including changes in cincinnati. the project that could not only bring more action but also more jobs as well. we've all watched it go up.
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there's your contemporary arts center where the gang of 50 is going to be providing you with free admission for the next three months. my wife loves that museum. she's a huge arts fan and she says it's a good one. there's your endorsement from my wife.
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jonathan: an ohio man facing
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why his aattempts to adopt a child landed him behind bars. plus, more than a place for families in transition. how temporary housing is honoring the memory of a young girl with a giving spirit. and the clouds are moving in. it won't feel like winter. meteorologist jennifer schack will tell us all about the nice temperatures and the chance for rain to end the weekend. it's sunday, january 31, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. meteorologist jennifer schack, i'm conflicted. normally, my attitude on this day is good-bye january. good riddance january. bittersweet.
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single degree days. jonathan: the nine-day stretch below freezing. january is tough. jonathan: thanks for joining us, january. it's a medium. thanks for stopping by. here comes february. it's going to be warm tomorrow too, isn't it? jennifer: tomorrow, the cold front will drop us ten degrees. that leaves us above average. then we head back to where we should be for february. >> february will welcome itself come wednesday. here's citycam with a high visibility for ten miles. there's a patch moving in and clearing. overall today, mostly cloudy. looks like we'll continue with quite a few clouds in the forecast. sunshine peeks in. late this evening, showers return. temperatures, because of overnight clouds and south
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upper 40s and low 50s. a comfortable start at 51 officially, the low temperature so far. highs this afternoon, the forecast high for cincinnati at 59. that will be dependent on quite a bit of cloud cover. if we can break free of the clouds, more 60 degree temperatures will be possible. but everyone back above average, 59 the forecast. the average high, 40. the record high temperature, 67. so we're closer to a record than to the average. a nice end of january today. we'll talk about the start to february coming up. jonathan. jonathan: a suspect in a s.w.a.t. standoff in east price hill being held on a $65,000 bond. court documents say roberto jordan fired shots into a home on considine avenue. a woman who was inside was not hit. police say jordan then threatened to kill responding officers. they did find two guns inside that home. a columbus, ohio man is accused of planning to adopt a child to sexually abuse. that man was a seminary student.
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watching joel wright for about a year and a half. he first flew to tijuana, mexico, in 2014, paying to adopt a child but left empty-handed. then friday morning, wright reportedly boarded a plane to tijuana again in search of adopting a baby girl. but he was arrested as soon as the plane had its layover in san diego, california. some families are getting a helping hand, thanks to a local teenager who lost her life to a brain tumor. wlwt news 5's richard chiles has the story of victoria's house of hope. >> all new floors and windows. reporter: kimberly and phyllis got a tour of their new home today. the mother and daughter will transition from temporary housing to an apartment here, victoria's place. all a part of a wish coming true. victoria stoltz lost her life to a brain tumor in december, but the 16-year-old's legacy lives on in the home.
5:31 am
who were less fortunate than her. to give them food, warmth, clothing and shelter. reporter: instead of making a wish to go to disney or meet a famous athlete, house of hope was victoria's wish. a chance to help others. that was her blessing, living on long after she's gone. >> she wanted to make a difference. she will. this house will be a starting point for people who otherwise wouldn't have that opportunity. >> unfortunately, victoria's life was too short, but her passion, in the end was to serve others. and so this house is one of those -- one of her passions, to be able to serve those that are in need in this community. reporter: victoria's parents, along with the make-a-wish foundation and a core group of volunteers, will finish up the painting, electric and complete
5:32 am
new start and a new life from a life taken away too soon. in victoria, though gone, she continues to be a blessing helping others find their way home. >> she's watching. absolutely she sees it. reporter:down town with jair son son sperry, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. jonathan: victoria's family hopes to have the home in move-in condition by march. on a the link on it's no secret, the western hills viaduct has seen better days. it would costup wards of $300 million and several years to complete necessary repairs. the city and the county both own a piece of the bridge. many say finding the money for the project will be the biggest challenge. >> everybody's got to be all in to get the project done. it's such a massive project.
5:33 am
the absence of a combination of every possible identifiable source of funding to get the project done, it can't get done. jonathan: commissioner todd portune says he met with john cranley last week. he said oki and state leaders solutions. efforts are under way to see economic benefits from the mlk interchange project. the ramp off 71 is just the beginning of a transformation that many hope will breathe life into clifton, avondale and corryville. courtis fuller has an update on the jobs impact we could see over the next decade. >> uptown is a dominant job center, but we feel it will take to it a whole new level. reporter: as the vifl signs of change move forward in the area,
5:34 am
guided by the folks at the uptown consortium. they're quick to say if you need perspective about the scope of this project, consider this. it will dwarf major development on the banks and in over-the-rhine. >> we think so. the area around the new interchange will be about 44 acre acres. the first generation of development. reporter: the hope, the first generation of new jobs. >> we're thinking this is a five to ten year horizon. but there's been one economic study done that says the total impact in terms of additional jobs over the next five to ten years of this development in uptown could be as many as 9,000 jobs. reporter: this massive project is similar to what's transforming other areas around the country, near major universities and healthcare facilities. >> it's similar to east baltimore, what jahenns ohns hopkins
5:35 am
also cortex in st. louis, where they're transforming a similar area and also in cleveland at university circle, near the cleveland clinic. jonathan: in addition to road construction by odot taking place, expect to see development rising up over the next 12 to 18 months. norwood police as well as people in that city came together this weekend to help residents in flint, michigan, dealing with their water crisis. snc norwood teamed up with police as well as norwood middle kroger. hundreds of people turned out to donate the water. someone also made a $1400 donation to the cause. that ought to get you, what, about 1400 bottles of water, a the least. snc norwood will deliver the water monday. all the attention on water supply safety in flint, michigan, is causing people to tled water.
5:36 am
epa has to say about the controversy about tap versus bottled. they come from similar sources and quality depends on how it's treated. this is what cincinnati water works had to say about the issue. >> a system like ours that meets federal regulations that have good water quality, we certainly test a lot more. we have a lot more stringent regulations than bottled water. i would hold our water up against any kind of bottled water. jonathan: meanwhile, 16,000 lines are made of lead in old homes in greater cincinnati. water works says although current treatment procedures minimize lead coming through the lines, they still pose a risk. the search continues for suspects after a deadly gun fight in colorado. details on the investigation and the latest on the victim's conditions. and more blitz basketball coverage in your morning sports. including one local basketball streak. we've got the impressive details in morning sports.
5:37 am
newport on the levee sitting there on the banks of the ohio banks of the ohio, on this placid and faceful sun some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue simply smart and harvestland . two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with
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jonathan: welcome back. still no arrests made after shots rang out at the colorado
5:39 am
one killed, seven injured after a fight broke out. at least three of the people involved are said to be in critical condition. there was also a stabbing in the midst of all the violence. >> right now, the hospital is on lockdown. we are listening to our partners with denver police. at this time, we are on a total lockdown. we do not have patients coming in or out. jonathan: police are interviewing a person of interest. investigators believe there was more than one shooter. no word on how long the hospital will remain on lockdown. an observant citizen led police to the remaining fugitives that broke out of the southern california jail. a man flagged down officers near golden gate park saturday, pointed out a white van that looked like the one to be stolen by the inmates. sure enough, police found the suspected mastermind of the jail break and took him and another fugitive into custody.
5:40 am
friday. authorities have recovered a body after two base jumpers went missing from california's big sur coast. according to investigators a female jumper completed a base jump but got into trouble when a set of waves came. her partner, whose body police believe they've found, realized she was in trouble and jumped in after her. the woman missing has been identified as mary kannell from ventura. authorities in canada say an avalanche that killed five snow mobilers in british columbia was human triggered, but the exact cause is under investigation. 150 snow mobilers were in the area at the time. 17 people were buried when the avalanche came down. most managed to dig each other out. the bodies of five victims were recovered late friday. >> i believe the helicopters and
5:41 am
joined us was very helpful, and that's the only reason we got them out so fast. jonathan: the tragedy hasn't stopped other riders. the slopes were full saturday afternoon. the site of the avalanche has been closed off while experts investigate. people couldn't resist getting outdoors saturday right here in cincinnati for good reason. with temperatures in the 50s, plenty were out and about. downtown at washington park, people brought both their kids and pets down to the park to take advantage of the mild weather. there were also plenty of drivers looking to get the grime and dirt cleaned off their cars. lines of drivers making their way through the car wash. >> it's been busy. cars are dirty. nice day. 50 degrees. what else is there to do but get a car wash. >> i walked out, it was a wonderful day. i decided to do my car. there was a line near frisch's. i decided to enjoy the day and the people out here doing what we're doing.
5:42 am
business at downtown and over-the-rhine eateries. diners told us they just couldn't stay indoors. j-schack took her son and daughter to a park near her house. classmates from preschool. let's talk to her about that. what's his name? we'll get to her. let's talk local weather. hayden. it's a girl. jonathan: hayden and weston hung out for an hour. jennifer: had a great time. gwendolyn just wanted to throw rocks. that's all she wanted to do. take a look. dry conditions continue. we had sunshine yesterday. a great start for the weekend. it's going to be mainly dry today. we have clouds around for sunday. south winds are breezy, a lot like yesterday morning.
5:43 am
we've only dropped into the low 50s overit in officially. south wind at 12. current temperature at 50 degrees. satellite and radar, a break in the clouds, a spot of clearing, hope for sunshine when it comes up. we're not going to have a start to finish sunshine like we had yesterday, but we will have sunshine that will boost temperatures. temperatures will easily climb today. when you start at 51, it's not going to be hard to get to 59 or 60 for the high this afternoon. we see sunshine mixed in. the cold front dragging into our direction, not arriving until late evening. flont this front not too impressive. it will bring moisture and rain showers. a drop back in temperatures tomorrow. it's not going to be a big-time weather maker. the rain showers tonight. as soon as tomorrow, behind it, temperatures drop back.
5:44 am
we have partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies in the forecast. we'll have sunshine return behind the system come monday. here's timing for our rain late this evening. a close look showing a break in the clouds. eastern counties this afternoon. better chance for higher temperatures in the 60s returning today. the thicker clouds linger in our indiana counties today. heading toward midnight tonight, the clouds push out. nothing heavy, no thunderstorms. some spots a tenth of an inch. not going to be too much of a rain maker. as we head into tuesday, this one could bring heavier rain or strong thunderstorms and will temperatures. look at futurecast showing quiet conditions monday afternoon. by tuesday, our clouds are thingening.
5:45 am
zooming out of the plains, heading towards the great lakes. we'll be on the warnl m sector during the day tuesday. we head back to 60 degrees. with the warm air and the strong front, it will spark afternoon thunderstorms to the west and drag into our direction for late on tuesday evening, probably past 10:00 tuesday and then heading toward midnight will be the potential for maybe strong to severe thunderstorms heading past midnight. the storm prediction center has put is in the extreme northern edge for the slight risk for severe weather tuesday evening. today, though, a couple of late evening showers. another mild and enjoyable day at 59. showers. we dry out by early monday. 50 degrees for the high monday afternoon. under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. tuesday, we jump back to 62. that potential for late evening thunderstorms, some of them could be strong or severe. wednesday. that 54 is at midnight.
5:46 am
wednesday afternoon. we'll stay cold and below average the second half of this forecast, which does drag us into next weekend. now here's your sunday morning sports. elise: good morning. i'm lease jesse. two top 20 teams in action. kentucky made their way to allen fieldhouse to face kansas. not a lot of defense in the game, but it was fun to watch. the two top 20 teams facing off. :1r5 left to go. the game is tied at 72. u.k. goes inside to alex poythress, who slams it home. the game goes to overtime. and a miniature dr. naismith was to watch the game. tied in o.t., but that wouldn't last long. wayne seldon delivers 33 points last night as kansas wins 90-84. their home winning streak continues.
5:47 am
sidney moss with the three from the wing. she led everyone with 17 points. thomas more extending their winning streak to 51 straight games with a 105-31 win. over to high school ball. lasalle hosting walnut hills. lancers. first quarter, lancers working it around to the coach's son, c.j. fleming, for the three. lasalle up seven. second quarter, trey krigler gives the lancers a 14-point lead. back the other way for walnut hills. desean daniels, baseline to end the flush. lasalle rolls on, 79-44 the final. firebirds were at colerain looking for their 36th straight gmc win to break their own record of 35. abbey prohaska led an assist. gets to sarah jones for the hoop and harm.
5:48 am
west breaks the record with a 75-23 blow-out win. and that's it for me in sports. jonathan, we'll send it back to you. jonathan: a community rallying to help keep partners together. why an officer is headed to auction and what his partner is trying to do about it. stay with us. terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c' mon let' s sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? (all) no. that' s why i' m reminding people if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who' s had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be
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talk to your doctor or pharmacist. about a vaccine that can
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>> hello, i'm richard dyer, president and general manager of wlwt. welcome to this week's inbox 5. through our record setting 76 years with the ruth lyons children's fund, your generous support has led to $20 million being donated to cincinnati children's hospital. hearst has contributed to many cincinnati charities since becoming our owner in 1997. this year, the hearst foundation contributed a very special gift of $150,000 to the cincinnati children's neonatal expensive care unit follow-up clinic. this program provides critical services to families transitioning their recovering infants from the hospital to their homes. it's life saving work we're proud to support and extend our long standing partnership with cincinnati children's. that's it for this week. if you have feedback, please e-mail me at and as always, thanks for watching cincinnati's wlwt.
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police officer entered retirement but his partner did not. instead, he's headed to auction. officer matthew hickey had the money in his hand to buy ajax. he's going to buy him the moment he retired. he was turned down because ajax was appraised ed d for $3500. because of his worth and being city property, he has to go to auction. a go fund me page has been set up to help officer hickey keep his best friend. >> we need to start the state and get legislation passed to where officers that retire in good standing gets the k-9. either medically or if they have the time when they retire, they get the dog either for a dollar or whatever. >> the bidding process is set to start next week. somebody's got to just go ahead and buy that dog and give it to the officer to reunite the old pair. great news for one local dog and his loving owner.
5:52 am
since disappearing tuesday -- did you see that story -- jason, the guy on the right, his mother gave him fred when he was 3 years old. fred helped jason, who is not 7 yet, through the struggle of losing his mom. but no worries for this family now. fred and jason are reunited. jason's father said despite the possibility that someone took fred, they're just focusing on being happy that he's home. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today. including actors paying tribute to each other. sounds like fun. who took home awards at last night's screen actors guild award. and your live look outside. citycam 5. old glory and the daniel carter beard bridge. working in unison for your visual pleasure on this sunday morning.
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