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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 31, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at you cant fake steak. jonathan: now on news 5 today, two brothers who ran to a neighbor to ask for help are recovering after they were shot. what police learned from the neighborers that could help find the suspects. plus, some excitement for reds fans today. the event helping you get up and close to your favorite reds player. richard: and we're going to give you a taste of the sweetest competition in town. jonathan, you want chocolate or vanilla? jonathan: that's the mystery machine. another day for spring lovers. you may have to dodge rain drops tonight. tell us about the warm temperatures and when clouds will move in. it's sunday, january 31, 2016. this is news 5 today.
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jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. meteorologist jennifer schack, i don't know if you read it or not, but a while back, there was a book called 50 shades of gray. citycam 5 has three shades of gray. jennifer: with a blue hue. navy, you think? jonathan: i could see navy. i like a stroke of peach on the horizon as here comes the sun doing its things. just a very early color. wonderful to see. look at the large bank of dark. jennifer: i like the break in the clouds overhead. the hope for sunshine today. breaks this morning. sun mixed in this afternoon. overall, we're going to see a lot more in the way of clouds in comparison to yesterday.
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it's a little thicker than a half moon, but right there. jennifer: good for sunshine mixed in with clouds for the afternoon forecast. visibility is high at ten miles. no problems with fog this morning. especially because winds are high. south winds have been up around ten miles an hour through the night. you're not going to get fog to develop. temperatures, most of us upper 40s and low 50s. one cool spot, lunken, is at 43. dry conditions on the wlwt radar. we have clouds out there, but no precipitation. i think we keep the radar dry all morning and midday and a good portion of our afternoon. and temperatures today sailing back through the 50s. so a nice afternoon. comfortably above average, 20 degrees above average today. we'll talk about the impact for a cold front arriving tonight and another bun one during our work week. we'll have timing for that coming up. jonathan: a person had to be rushed to the hospital after being shot in avondale overnight.
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3500 block of van antwerp place near forest avenue around 1:45 this morning. a male was shot in the ribs, taken to u.c. medical center injuries. no arrests have been made. police are searching for a gunman in north college hill. witnesses say the suspect shot two brothers. wlwt news 5's jenell walton has the latest on the investigation and the victim's condition. >> he seemed like he was awake a his brother was tapping on him, making sure he was staying awake. reporter: dominique thomas and his cousin heard gunshots around 8:00 near their clover lane home. >> we heard gunshots, seven or eight of them. next thing you know, someone was knocking on our door. he said can you call the police, me and my brother got shot. he was limping really bad. his brother was outside laying in the grass. reporter: the pair said they couldn't believe it when one of the gunshot victims knocked on the door of their home, begging for help. >> it's kind of strange.
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he's like man, call the cops, my brother, we just got shot. reporter: north college hill police haven't said exactly where the shooting happened. officers are investigating. in the meantime, witnesses say one of the gunshot victims seemed to be more seriously injured than the other. >> his brother was laying down over there. he was trying to talk to him, make sure he was still awake and alive. jonathan: police are searching for the shooter. the names of the victims have not yet been released. people in bond hill gathered this weekend to remember a man gunned down friday afternoon. police say 24-year-old cameron clemens was shot five times. he died at the scene. it's believed he was running away from a nearby apartment building when he collapsed in the street near oakdale. no arrests have been made. one of the largest fires lexington has seen in 30 years now under investigation. check out the video. firefighters say the blaze at bluegrass stockyards started at 2:30 saturday afternoon.
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at the time. officials don't believe they survived. the interim fire chief said wind was a major factor in how quickly the fire spread. the flames went across the street and consumed a block worth of businesses, including destroying many cars that were parked at a towing company. thankfully, no one was hurt. this weekend, nick goepper is going for a four-peat. the indiana native has three gold medals in the ski slope style event. he's going after his fourth in aspen. last year, he made it to the final round in the x games as an alternate after another skier was scratched last minute. always, nick is tweeting pictures of his time in aspen. we love the reds jersey. he'll compete in the x games slope style finals today starting at noon on espn. the stage is set for the final stop of the reds caravan. the reds tweeted out this
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florence mall. the barricades are up. now all that's needed are the players and the fans. here's some video from last year's event. in attendance will be five major league players, four minor league players, along with reds manager bryan price. joining them, president bob castellini and five reds alumni. the doors to the florence mall will open at 9:00 and a question and answer session will begin at 11:00 in the center court area. the event is expected to wrap up around 2:00. some of the best bakers in america will be in cincinnati today to show off their skills in the kitchen and help you hone yours. wlwt news 5's richard chiles is live in clifton ahead of the retail bakers of america road show. richard, good morning. i love the mystery mobile. you got any other creations in there? richard: jonathan, amazing cakes to take a look at.
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con swell la, tell us about the event. it's wonderful. jason and i have been floating around the kitchen, getting in the way, of course. but it's an amazing competition going on. >> it is an amazing competition. we have the greater cincinnati retail baker association in conjunction with the ohio baker association. the contests are to have seven contestants in the final two first places are going to represent ohio in the nationals in las vegas on october, 2016. richard: lots of folks working hard. we're seeing finish prep work happening with the floor work. talk to us about what chef is doing right there. >> elise is doing gum-based flowers. they were allowed to bring those. they have to present three cakes at 2:00 p.m. one is a wedding cake. >> this is an amazing competition.
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we have national terns -- attention. folks from the food network here as well. >> bronwyn is teaching a class on sculpt be cake, working from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. she'll have people join for the class and they are going to be work hands-on class with her. richard: those 15 folks working hard. jason sperry and i working hard as well, enjoying great samples. am i right? >> you'll have a lot of samples, a lot of bakers are going to have an expo downstairs on the first floor so you'll be allowed to see what's going on in terms of supplies and different baking stuff. richard: my favorite words, chocolate and vanilla. ladies, of course, you know i like pineapple upside down cake. jonathan what do you like?
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have you got any of those? i saw the chef swirling them. isn't that what we just saw? richard, thanks. the search continues for suspects after a deadly gun fight in colorado. details on the investigation and the latest on the victims' conditions. a close game for kentucky who traveled to kansas. we've got results in morning sports. and your live look outside. citycam 5.
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jonathan: welcome back. authorities in canada say an avalanche that killed five snow mobilers in british columbia was human triggered, but the exact cause of friday's huge snow slide still under investigation. rescuers say 150 snow mobilers were in the area at the time. 17 people were buried when the avalanche came down. most of them managed to dig each other out. the bodies of the five victims were recovered later on friday.
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helicoptering and the rechb search and rescue crew was helpful. jonathan: the tragedy hasn't stopped other riders. the slopes were full saturday afternoon. the site of the avalanche has been closed off while experts investigate. authorities have recovered a body after two base jumpers went missing from california's big sur coast. a female jumper completed a base jump but got into trouble when a large set of waves came beneath. her partner, whose body police believe they've found, realized she was in trouble and jumped in after her. an autopsy is planned to confirm his identity. the woman missing is identified as mary connell from ventura, california. shots rampg out at the colorado motorcycle expo. one person was killed and seven were injured after a fight broke out. three involved are said to be in critical condition. there was also a stabbing in the midst of the violence.
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we're listening to partners with denver police and are on a total lockdown. we do not have patients coming in or out. jonathan: police are interviewing a person of interest. no word on how long the hospital will remain on lockdown. after a week of s.w.a.t. raids, it was an observant citizen who ended up leading police to the two remaining fugitives who broke out of that southern california jail. a man flagged down officers near san francisco's golden gate park saturday and pointed out a white van that looked like the one believed to be stolen by the inmates. sure enough, police found the suspected mastermind of the jail break and took him and one other fugitive into custody. you may recall the third fugitive had turned himself in on friday. let's turn and take a look at
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jennifer: hopefully, you had a chance to get out saturday. today, we had a mild day. most will be dry. we bring back quite a few clouds. wlwt radar showing dry conditions. nothing on the radar, even with scattered clouds this morning. we'll bring in precipitation late for sunday. satellite and radar combined showing quite a bit of cloud cover that's already moved through. we've had a break and now notice some of the grayer colored clouds in the last couple of frames. those are low clouds that are building back in. the infrared imagery able to pick them up better for the overnight. we're picking up clouds that are thickening. sunshine will be limited today. breaks in the clouds overhead. they're moving in quickly. they're moving in from the south. a south breeze this morning. a mild start at 50. south winds at 13 miles an hour. futurecast, we're back in the
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with the low temperatures this morning, morning lows, upper 40s to around 50, not too hard to climb to a high of around 60 this afternoon, even with limited sunshine. late this evening, a cold front drags in. it's not going to be a strong front. it doesn't have a big impact on temperatures. light showers for the late evening and start to the overnight. maybe a tenth, on the high end out of it. limited moisture. behind it tomorrow, high pressure builds back in. partly to mostly cloudy skies monday. temperatures top out around 50. we're above average behind the first cold front. the timing for the showers today, on the futurecast at 2:00 this afternoon, our eastern counties a little bit better potential for some sunshine mixed in, but i think it's going hours. past 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 this evening, we're come some light showers from west to east rolling in with the front, moving out by 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning. do not think we have showers
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damp from the showers, but don't think we'll have anything falling past 4:00 and 5:00 tomorrow morning. impactful. the second one in the work week is tuesday evening. that one will be a big-time weather maker in the plains. a blizzard on the northwest side of the low pressure. on the southeast side, we'll be near 60 during the day tuesday. that strong cold front will spark off some strong thunderstorms just to our west during the afternoon with the daytime heating. they'll drag our way for the late evening and be weakening. but we'll be watching during the late evening the potential for a couple of stronger storms to hold together. so the storm prediction center putting us in the northern edge of a slight risk for severe weather. we're probably talking after 9:00 and 10:00 tuesday evening, weakening thunderstorms, but still a potential for some of them to have damaging winds and that cold front will take us back to where we should be in terms of temperatures. 59 degrees the high today. tonight, we'll bring in showers,
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tomorrow, mostly cloudy, 50 degrees. tuesday, 62 ahead of the front. it comes in late tuesday. with it, strong if not severe storms. falling temperatures wednesday. we'll start at 54 at midnight, fall into the 30s with flurries by wednesday afternoon. we'll stay below average the second half of the forecast. jonathan. jonathan: i heard flurries. thank you, jennifer. kentucky facing a tough opponent in kansas. the game went into overtime. elise jesse has details on the exciting matchup in morning sports. elise: good morning. i'm elise jesse. two top 20 teams in action. kentucky made their way to allen fieldhouse to face kansas. it was fun to watch. the two top 20 teams facing off. 1:15 left to go. the game is tied at 72. uk goes inside to poythress, who slams it home.
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a miniature dr. naismith was tied in o.t. seldon delivers 33 points as kansas wins 90-84. depaul, 1-7 in the conference, going into this game with xavier. you can't overlook a team in the big east, especially when they start out like that. a 9-0 run to begin the game. chris mack not happy with the defensive efforts so he calls a xavier starting to catch up here. under three to play. pass to mccurra. such a deep roster. he added 12 points. they went into halftime with the nine-point lead. jalen reynolds, points and six rebounds. there were five muskies to score in double figures. they beat depaul, 86-65. and that's it for me in sports. jonathan, we'll send it back to you. jonathan: those planning to celebrate the super bowl next weekend should plan to spend more. the national retail federation survey on super bowl spending
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will spend an average of $82.19 on food, decor, team apparel and more. if you're buying all that, 82 bucks is a deal. that number up $4.31 from last year. all right. coming up on news 5 today, getting you to the starting line for the flying pig marathon. the most common injuries runners get during training and how to avoid them. a live look outside. citycam 5. oh, yeah. pale yellow nirvana shot. a gorgeous sunrise coming our
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at devry university's college of business, we're looking for what the companies you'd want to work for, are looking for: the go-getters. students who want to go places, in the business they're in now, or the start up they haven't even started yet. what's been business-world tested. so if you want to learn today, and make an impact tomorrow- you're our kind of student. our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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jennifer: welcome back. the 18th annual flying pig marathon is just three months away. many of you have already hit the pavement to train. but we want to help you avoid some common injuries. joining us, peter winberg, a certified personal trainer at cincinnati ports club. thanks for coming in pup . what do you recommend for people
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training process. >> running, biking and swimming are repetitive motions. we use a short range of motion. so we're not out there raising our legs real high. there's the repetitive motion type muscle injuries, tendon soreness, ligament injuries. we recommend in our classs and training one on one to train outside of range of motion. we also recommend training in a great range of motion. so you ran the half pig last year. >> i did the half queen bee. >> running, raising our leg. so we try and do classes, and you can do this at home. you don't have to have a step like this. if we were to lean into this step and do step-ups like this, we can go side to side with it. so i always tell people the world's not flat.
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step off a curb, your ankle is not used to that. if we train in a greater range of motion, we train our muscles to be ready for the unexpected and become more efficient. >> is this different or does it add to the generally stretching? that's always recommended, correct? >> i do this instead of a lot of stretching. in other words if i do strength training and these workouts in a huge range of motion, really taking it to the extremes with my squats and lunges, i find i don't have to stretch as much. any stretching, do it afterwards. ideally, it's not a static stretch, but make it a dynamic stretch so you're moving while you stretch. that's why yoga and pilates are great to do. we find most endurance athletes are not doing enough strength
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up a run or a bike event during the week, one of your training sessions, if you don't have a lot of time, get in strength training instead. >> we're running out of time. a lot of people think i won't get hurt. is there a percentage of people who you're just kind of getting into it, you have a decent chance of getting hurt or setting back your training? >> i don't know the percentage, but in any endurance sports, there are injuries involved. people that sit at a desk, running after work, we're talking about muscle strain, nothing real serious, but it's something to throw you back a week or two on training. jennifer: thanks for coming in, very important information. this year's race is sunday, may 1. as always, wlwt is leading the way with live coverage. you can register now by going to the on tv section of then click on the as seen on section. peter, thanks so much for coming in. jonathan: still a lot more ahead, include flint michigan's water crisis causing some to turn away from the tap.
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to say about the issue. and our live look outside. citycam 5.
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charges. why his attempt to adopt a child landed him behind bars. richard: we're going to give you a taste of the sweetist contest in town coming up. jonathan: jennifer schack is forking out more warmth today. could see a raindrop or two later on. she'll give you details in the most excellent forecast. it's sunday, january 31, 2016. this is news 5 today. wlwt-tv] jonathan: a little bit of bill and ted in there. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 5 today. i'm jonathan hawgood, this is meteorologist jennifer schack. jennifer: is it most excellent for its content or delivery? jonathan: for it's deliverer. jennifer: well, they, n, thank you so much. and the content.
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i'm trying to full a phrase from that movie out of my head. they're saying it's excellent! jennifer: i thought that was wayne's world. jonathan: forget it, then. warm temperatures again. amazing yesterday, mid 60s. jennifer: 63 yesterday. so nice. today should be close to that. the ditch rebs cover. temperatures right now, upper 40s and 50 degrees already. we're about 15 to 18 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday morning. it's not going to be too difficult to make it near 60 this afternoon for a high temperature, even with extra clouds expected. we do have clouds building in right now, but dry conditions on the wlwt radar. not expecting anything on the radar this morning. midday a good portion of the afternoon. on citycam, we have a break in the clouds overhead, but there are low, thicker cloud cover in the northern kentucky counties or southern communities and those clouds are building in
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so sunshine will be limited. satellite and radar combined, we had a hole in the cloud cover, but it's being filled back in by low, gray clouds. we'll continue with mostly cloudy skies throughout today. we'll have some sunshine at times. it's just going to be limited. although temperatures will still climb comfortably above average. the low this morning has been 49. that's well above the average high for today, which is 40. forecast high temperature, 59 degrees this afternoon. not quite record territory, but a nice end to the month of january. we'll start february mild. but there's a strong cold front during the work week that will drop us back. we'll talk about the timing coming up. jonathan: a suspect in a s.w.a.t. standoff in east price hill is being held on a $65,000 bond. court documents say roberto jordan fired shots into a home on considine avenue. a woman who was inside was not hit. police say jordan then threatened to kill responding officers. they did find two guns inside that home.
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sexually abuse. that man was a seminary student. obviously a disturbing story. the man was a seminary student as well. investigators say they'd been watching joel wright for about a year and a half. he first flew to tijuana, mexico, in 2014, paying to adopt a child but left empty-handed. then friday morning, wright reportedly boarded a plane to tijuana again in search of adopting a baby girl. but he was arrested as soon as the plane had its layover in san diego, california. a teenager who died from a brain tumor is passing her legacy on through a special home. 16-year-old victoria stoltz died in december. her last wish was victoria's place. two apartments for families in transition in the west end. her parents, the make a wish foundation and a group of volunteers hope to finish the
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>> it will be a starting point for people who otherwise wouldn't have that opportunity. it could be a changing point for the rest of their life, that they're going to get to learn how to lead their life and be successful because they've had a successful start. jonathan: if you'd like to be part of this, donate materials through the link on the story on norwood police as well as people in that city came together this weekend to help residents in flint, michigan, dealing with their water crisis. snc norwood teamed up with police as well as norwood middle school for a water collection at kroger. hundreds of people turned out to donate the water. someone also made a $1,400 donation to the cause. snc norwood will deliver the water monday. all the attention on water supply safety in flint, michigan, is causing people to turn to bottled water. even those not in flint. you might be surprised what the
7:30 am
bottled. the water comes from similar sources and quality depends on how it's treated. this is what cincinnati water works had to say about the issue. >> a system like ours that meets federal regulations that have good water quality, we certainly test a lot more. we have a lot more stringent regulations than bottled water. i would hold our water up against any kind of bottled water. jonathan: meanwhile, 16,000 lines are made of lead in old homes in greater cincinnati. water works says although current treatment procedures minimize lead coming through the lines, they still pose a risk. valentine's day is coming up. today, you can get help fixing a romantic dinner at home from the professionals or maybe baking the dessert. the retail bakers of america road show has made its way to cincinnati. that's where we find wlwt's richard chiles with what we can expect at today's event.
7:31 am
as you can see. fork in hand. jason sperry and i getting a special treat. the road show has rolled into the midwest wul culinary institute. the seven contestants has placed the cakes. we were in the prep area. now we're here. chef michael van fleet of the midwest culinary institute. talk about the event and what it does for the school. >> the retail bakers of america are coming from all over the country. our students benefit from this. some of our students are actually the contestants themselves. so they actually have made these cakes and benefitted from the educational session, the piece that midwest culinary institute is known for, evident cation of ducation of excellence. this is important for the college.
7:32 am
come in and educate everybody here today. richard: an amazing opportunity. jason is zooming in on specialty cakes. on display, the competition goes on from 8:00 until 5:00. again, we've seen amazing work. the folks from the food network, a chance to showcase a wonderful cincinnati crown jewel. jonathan? jonathan: i'm wondering if you're tickling the tines of the fork on the cakes. get them judged first. a week before the caucuses and john kasich has got an important endorse.. who said he should be the candidate. all candidates making a push to get voters out monday night. we'll have the latest on the campaign trail. i'm hoping for color from citycam. i didn't get it unless you count the green on the side of the csx railway cars.
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jonathan: welcome back. in commitment 2016, the "new
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presidential nominations. that's a paper that holds a lot of weight. the paper announced support for hillary clinton and ohio governor john kasich. the times says clinton has better experience and policies than bernie sanders. kasich has been avoiding the extremism and inexperience of other republican candidates. with just one day until the iowa caucuses, presidential candidates are out in full force this weekend, hoping one last push will get voters out monday night. for ted cruz, gently urging his backers as he promises to once again be the iowa frontrunner. marco rubio admits to a digital push, says he'll bombard his supporters with e-mails over the next two days. hillary clinton's iowa lead has slipped, but long time supporters are predicted to stick with her. bernie sanders relying on first time voters and donald trump expects all supporters to be there, no matter what.
7:35 am
another man. if you leave your wife because you don't like her, i don't care what it is. if you're sick, you got to get out. jonathan: it's possible trump could succeed in his goal of winning every single contest. his weakest polls are in iowa. there's a five-point lead currently. there's a lot of road to cover. i wouldn't get caught up in predicting right now. a local basketball team on a 51-game winning streak. we'll talk about that coming up in morning sports. plus, talk about impressive. bob as has three puppies in his lap at the same time. they're cute as the day is long. we'll introduce you to them coming up. jennifer: one of them got alert. what, what? flash those cute eyes. a good looking sunday in the forecast. temperatures similar today, but we have quite a bit in the way of cloud cover today.
7:36 am
a mild day and eventually late showers. we'll talk about the timing for a cold front arriving tonight and another during the work week coming up.
7:37 am
jennifer: a dry start for sunday morning. we've seen clouds thickening, but no rain. we'll have a dry date. late this evening, showers will return. the last hour or two, look at the low grade cloud cover. louisville and lexington have cloudy skies. we have peeks of sun right now. it will be limited over the next couple of hours as clouds invade. we'll call for mostly cloudy skies through the afternoon. south winds at 13 miles an hour. temperature is at 50 degrees. so even at that, a nice start in terms of a mild temperature. it's not going to be too
7:38 am
we're in the warm sector again. even with the clouds around, a warm day expected. a south breeze will return. maybe we'll see wind gusts around 20, 25 miles an hour. the cold front is approaching. it will keep clouds around ahead of it today. then bring showers with it late this evening and to start the early tomorrow morning. high pressure builds in behind it for monday. clouds linger tomorrow. the cold front has an impact on temperatures. we'll be ten degrees cooler behind it tomorrow. the timing for showers on futurecast, a close look. at 2:00 and 3:00 this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. in general, the better chance for mixed-in sun will be the eastern counties. thinker cloud cover arrives in the evening hours with the showers past 8:00 and 9:00. fairly light showers, nothing too heavy. maybe a tenth of an inch on the high end. the showers push out by 2:00 and 3:00 tomorrow morning.
7:39 am
that will be the extent of the cold front arriving. there's another cold front. the second for the work week has a much bigger impact on temperatures and will bring in not only showers but maybe strong thunderstorms. the northwest side of the next cold front, a blizzard across iowa and wisconsin. on the southeast side, we're 60 tuesday afternoon with strong to severe storms along the cold front to the west. they'll try to track in for us late evening tuesday. we could end up with isolated stronger thunderstorms. the storm prediction center. we're in the extreme northeast corner of a slight risk for severe weather tuesday. we're talking after 9:00 and 10:00 tuesday evening. 59 for the high today.
7:40 am
it will be breezy and mostly cloudy. we drop off to 41. tomorrow, a high of 50 with clouds lingering. the winds switch back. strong thunderstorms late tuesday. then falling temperatures wednesday. the 54 is at midnight. we fall into the 30s with flurries wednesday afternoon. and then we struggle below average for temperatures the rest of the forecast. flurries returning next saturday. jonathan: the groundhog graphic is overshadowed by dark clouds tuesday. every sunday, we show off the tri-state's stray animals. with me, lisa and bob from the stray animal adoption program. let's start with the kitty. >> this is nicholas, he's 3 months old. a tabby cat, lots of fun. he's very affectionate. he gets along with other cats and he's just an awesome little kitten.
7:41 am
plays, eats. jonathan: pounces. >> he is just an awesome little guy. jonathan: where will we find him? >> beginning at 11:00 at saap station. jonathan: he has neck muscles, right? >> he does. 58 martha layne collins boulevard from 11:00 to 3:00. he's microchiped, up to date on shots and he's already been neutered. jonathan: and he's got a fine set of whiskers. bob, three puppies in your lap. >> is that a song? who have you got over there? >> i'm going to make sure they all three get face time. i've got three terrier mixes. they're litter mates. they're only four or five pounds right now, but they're only going to top out about 17 or 18 pounds.
7:42 am
>> the one in the middle is the odd pup out. they're terrier mixes. we have mom, who looks just like them. mom only weighs 17 pounds. that's how we've come to the conclusion, they're going to be small dogs. >> this one in the front looked like it had some milk and tripped on its chin. >> this is kate. this is tony. and the one that is going to pop out and see them, this is ducky. ducky is a cutie too. they're all available for adoption. we hope you'll come out and see them. they'll be at the petco in fort wright. jonathan: ncis, is that the show? it could be pretty in pink. >> they'll be at the petco in fort wright.
7:43 am
puppies and cats out there as well. jonathan: petco at fort wright, 11:00. good deal. thanks, bob. if you want more information about the stray animal adoption program or adopting pets, call 859-391-1234 or logon to and click on the as seen on section. i believe it was john cryer who played ducky in "pretty in pink." now, here is elise with sports. elise: good morning. i'm elise jesse. two top 20 teams in action. kentucky made their way to allen fieldhouse to face kansas. not a lot of defense in the game, but it was fun to watch. the two top 20 teams facing off. 1:15 left to go. the game is tied at 72. u.k. goes inside to alex poythress, who slams it home. the game goes to overtime. and a miniature dr. naismith was to watch the game. tied in o.t., but that wouldn't last long. wayne seldon delivers 33 points last night as kansas wins 90-84.
7:44 am
continues. westminster. sidney moss with the three from the wing. she led everyone with 17 points. thomas more extending their winning streak to 51 straight games with a 105-31 win. over to high school ball. lasalle hosting walnut hills. it's senior night for the lancers. first quarter, lancers working it around to the coach's son, c.j. fleming, for the three. lasalle up seven. second quarter, trey krigler gives the lancers a 14-point lead. back the other way for walnut hills. desean daniels, baseline to end the flush. lasalle rolls on, 79-44 the final. firebirds were at colerain looking for their 36th straight gmc win to break their own
7:45 am
abbey prohaska led an assist. gets to sarah jones for the hoop and harm. she had 11 points. west breaks the record with a 75-23 blow-out win. and that's it for me in sports. jonathan, we'll send it back to you. jonathan: after the break, a final check of the top stories of the morning and a look at the forecast. citycam 5. light coming through the cloud bank that's separating. we don't want those clouds, but we'll be dealing with them today. however, it will be warm.
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stay with us. jonathan: welcome back. let's get a final update on the morning's top stories. an arrest has been made in the shooting two of brothers in the north college hill. a minor was arrested and they've recovered the weapon. the shooting happened near the intersection of galbraith and hamilton avenue just before 8:00. one of the victims ran to a house nearby, begging the residents to call police. both brothers were treated at u.c. medical center and have been released.
7:47 am
from the final stop of the reds caravan. in attendance at the stop will be five major leaguers on the reds, four minor league players, and manager bryan price. joining them will be reds president bob castellini and five reds alumni. the doors at florence mall will open at 9:00. the event is expected to wrap up around 2:00. we have nice weather. jennifer: another nice day to get out. not as much sunshine as yesterday, but the temperature will be as mild as yesterday. year near 60 this afternoon. it will be breezy today. still nice tomorrow at 50. then thunderstorms late tuesday. jonathan: the forecast looks like the groundhog has seen his shadow.
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