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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 31, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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thank you for joi jonathan: two brothers who ran to ask a neighbor for help recovering after they were shot. we have the latest on the conditions and the arrest made overnight. kentucky firefighters monitoring hotspots after a massive fire destroyed several businesses. we will take a look at the damage and the investigation. richard: the cincinnati reds are rounding third and headed for home. jonathan:
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but you may have to dodge a few raindrops. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: put on your thinking cap, got a stumper for you. good morning, everyone. we talked about it. t felt in a long time. i know your first thought is -- warmth. it' s connected to it, i imagine. jennifer: humid? jonathan: yes, i felt humidity. [laughter] as i get older, i noticed dry weather a lot more than i did when i was young through the winter. but it felt humid out there, which was wonderful. jennifer: a touch, a touch.
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think -- why don' t i need my coat today? making it into the low 60' s in the next couple of hours, at the international airport that' s the highest temperature on the map, most of us in the low 50' s officially. dry conditions on the wlwt radar . cloud cover has been thickening but there has been no precipitation of clouds. the midday is dry and a good portion of the afternoon is dry. waiting until late this evening for the showers to return. earlier we have breaks with sunshine sticking around with only a few peaks of some possible through the afternoon. we do have a big-time drop of temperatures and high that second cold front. the temperatures behind it, coming up. jonathan: a person had to be rushed to the hospital after being shot overnight in avondale.
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a male were shot at his ribs and taken to the uc medical center with non-life-threatening injuries. no arrests were made. police are no longer searching for the gunman in note that north -- north college hill accused of shooting two brothers. jenell walton has how it all happened. >> he' s saying that he was awake a little bit. his brother was tapping on him. >> dominique thomas and his cousin say that they heard gunshots near their clover lake home. >> it was seven or eight gunshots. next thing you know, someone knocked on our door and saying -- can you call the police , me and my brother just got shot. his brother was outside in the grass. >> the parents said they couldn' t believe it when one of the gunshot victims knocked on the door of the home, begging for help. >> he was like -- i brother and
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>> north college chill police have not said where exactly the shooting happened. in the meantime, witnesses say that one of the gunshot victims set -- seemed to be more seriously injured than the other. >> his brother was just trying to find something, make sure that he was still awake and alive. jonathan: the victims, who were also minors, were treated and released from the hospital. people in bond hill gathering to remember a man who was gunned down. cameron clemens was shot five times and he guided the scene. it is believed he was running away from a nearby apartment building when he collapsed in the street. tourist seven made. firefighters say that the blaze at the bluegrass stockyard afternoon. at least 20 cattle were inside
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the interim fire chief says that wind was a major factor in how quickly the fire spread. including destroying many cars that were parts of the towing company. thankfully, no one was hurt. an indiana native going for three gold medals in the ski slope styles, heading for his fourth in aspen. last year he made it to his final round as an alternate after another skier was scratched at the last minute. as always, tweeting pictures of his time in aspen. we love seeing his red jersey with that last stop in the red caravan. he will compete in the finals today. it will be shown on espn. speaking of the reds, this is the final stop for the caravan.
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chiles, live for the doors just opened. i was eavesdropping on you and the audio booth and i heard you mentioning that tom browning ' s out there this year? jonathan: that' your favorites, i know. -- richard: that' your favorites, i know. . this is reds country. this is amazing to see them home. talk to us about this. >> we have been everywhere here. richard: up close and personal, getting fans to talk. jonathan loves mr. perfect, i love joe morgan.
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>> he will be seeing all of these guys here today. pitchers and catchers reporting, this team generating a lot of excitement, which is giving them the chance to talk to the fans. >> when you take this team on people show up because they t get a chance to see it. when we saw how popular the reds-fest was, we decided to do this finale event for people in our own backyard. q&a from 11:00 until 12:00 and then for two hours you get autographs and photographs for free. just like you would see downtown in december. richard: again, florence mall is starting to fill up with reds fans on their way. there are a lot of jitters. >> it' s funny to me, the young players, even the veterans, when they get this close the fans
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part of the reason we do the q&a is to get them comfortable in the limelight. richard: all right, get your glove ready, buddy. jonathan, we will bring you back some autographs. rounding third and headed for home here. jonathan: i love talking about the reds, richard. i think that johnny bench is the one in my heart but i would say that the person who is most superior to all others in the league for at least one year was eric davis. that guy was so hot, he was red hot. richard: number 44. he' s my guy. jonathan: he was the man for a couple of years. the man. we have got some -- no, we don' t have video from last year, we have got some of the best makers in america coming to cincinnati, helping you hone your skills. look at that flower. it' s edible. this is the retail bakers of
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culinary institute. featuring bakery tours, vendor showcases and demonstrations. some well-known chefs will be making an appearance, including food network star braun weber. the event starts now and will run until 5:00. details on a deadly gunfight in colorado and the latest on the victim conditions. a close game last night for kentucky as they travel to results coming up in your morning sports. what has city cam five got its eyes on? a little bit of wind out there as folks make their way to and fro.
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back. jonathan: welcome back. still no arrests made at the colorado motorcycle expo. one person killed, seven others injured after a fight broke out. three of the people involved are said to be critical condition. there was a stabbing in the middle of all the violence. >> right now this -- the
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this time we are on a total lockdown and do not have patients coming in or out. jonathan: investigators believe that there was more than one shooter. police are interviewing a person of interest in the case. after one week of swat raids it was an observant citizen that led police to the remaining fugitives that broke out of that southern california jail. a man flagged down officers on saturday and pointed out a white van believed to have been the one stone by the inmates. sure enough the police found the suspected mastermind and took him and another fugitive into custody. helping people to understand health insurance options, the affordable care act moment event goes from 4 p.m. until midnight. they will help you to explore your options.
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fort thomas , there was a fundraiser last night to help in the battle against brain cancer. the type that many came to know because of lauryn hill. hosting the event in honor of seven-year-old grace. >> grace has beaten the odds significantly. 95% of patients die within five months of diagnosis. organizer say that she is experiencing new challenges now that another tumor has grown and is currently undergoing medical treatment in north stationed in the army. bless her heart. last night it was the pink in the rink game against the quad city mallards at the u.s. bank arena. the cyclones won in overtime. after the game the team hosted a --
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jersey to raise money for the cause. let' s talk about the weather with jennifer. jennifer: a spectacular start yesterday to the weekend. sunshine and temperatures in the low 60' s. part of that component will linger into the sunday forecast. mild temperatures, dry conditions right now. things get more active later this evening. so far satellite and radar combined, it' s mainly cloud cover building in the region. of hours. taking a look at the mostly cloudy for not cloudy skies at 56 right now. jonathan noting that the dew hi there. south breeze at 15 miles per hour. back in the warm sector again today.
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helping temperatures back into the low 60' s under the cloudy and mostly cloudy skies, a cold front for later tonight. not a big-time weather maker , light showers behind it and the 10 degrees drop in temperature. still talking about highs above average on monday. we do have a mixture of sun and clouds returning with high temperatures around 50 degrees into monday. the timing for rain showers, most of today is completely dry. heading towards the late afternoon and early evening western counties may see some light showers or sprinkles approach. heading past 7:00 and 8:00 we have showers with waves of light showers rolling through until 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow morning. we will have a good chance for widespread activity for several hours during the late evening and overnight. still not adding up to much.
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past 4:00 and 5:00 its drive for monday morning, your monday morning commute looks drive. heading towards the long-range futurecast, take a look, here comes another cold front out of the planes. this one is much stronger and will have a blizzard on the north -- northwest side of it late on tuesday. temperatures heading back into the low 60' s on tuesday , sparking off afternoon thunderstorms to the west, dragging it in for us through the late evening. we have the potential for this one to be a better weather maker with temperatures dropping behind it and thunderstorms along it. the storm prediction center on the northern edge of a flight risk for severe weather. mainly talking after 10:00 tuesday evening, storms likely
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that second cold front does have a long-range impact on the temperatures behind it. another mild day with extra clouds that is breezy, sticking around to start the overnight. drying out tomorrow morning and afternoon. 52 on tuesday. late evening thunderstorms arriving with falling thunderstorms on wednesday. falling into the 30' s by wednesday afternoon, struggling below average with the rest of the forecast. jonathan: kentucky facing a tough opponent in kansas. elise jesse has the details in your morning sports. elise : two top 20 teams in action last night. kentucky making their way to allen fieldhouse. not a lot of defense in the game but it was fun to watch. the game is tied at
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going inside to pointer, slamming at home and going into overtime. a miniature doctor was there to watch the game. tied in overtime, that wouldn' t last long. 90 to 84 as the home winning streak continues. one and seven in the conference, you cannot overlook a team in the big when they start out like that. nine and zero run to begin the game, chris mack not happy with the defense of effort. xavier starting to catch up here , such a deep roster. 12 points off the bench into halftime, but jalen reynolds had 10 points and six rebounds. that' s -- that' s it for me and sports, back to you.
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saturday playing northern illinois. willie more hits this fadeaway jumper for miami, giving the red-hot the lead. pumping one, hitting a three for the red hawks. well done, miami wins this one. not as good news for cardinals fans. they took on number 11, virginia at the young center on saturday. he had his white suit on. donovan mitchell found raymond spalding for two, but never really recovered. tackling a tough issue with fun , coming up we are talking above the super bowl party making a difference for people with mental illness. city cam five, barging ahead with the sunday. push all that you can and soon you will find smooth sailing and
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i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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jennifer: having your super bowl fun while helping families who have members of mental illnesses. joining us are the cofounders of this event. sounds like a successful event with an important message that you are focusing on. tell us about it. >> super bowl sunday is the touchstone for hope event. highlighting a mental health ohio. next week' in of foundation. we will find a fun event to bring in an find more money for genetic research. important?
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years? >> it' s a difficult topic. they come in for it in times of need. this is an event where really we can bring awareness to the topic , especially as mental health issues touch people in their own life every day. having an event like this it' s so close to home allows people to talk about something that had been hidden for a long time, saying we need help. i got involved just in time for helping out a friend of mine. jennifer: what does that entail? >> i got involved through terry. the tickets for that are $75 for a young professional and $125
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you also get free larousse of pizza, skyline chili, and a ton of other things. san francisco treats. and i should say as many drinks. >> having such a well-known event brings a spotlight to fundraising and a focused cause that you are working on? >> the event itself as fun as well. you don' t have plans come and watch it at the champions club. it' s these. if you'
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will be held february 7, starting at 6 p.m.. the ticket gets you into the event. food, drinks, free parking. we put a link on our website, thank you for coming in this morning. >> still a lot more ahead, including the flint, michigan water crisis. we will tell you what they had to say about this issue at the waterworks. the cincinnati arts center, you will get free admission for the next three months thanks to some
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stay with us, we will jonathan: an ohio man facing disturbing charges. his attempts to adopt a child landed him behind bars. richard: rounding third and headed for home, we will bring you the details just ahead. jonathan: clouds are moving in, but it still won' t feel like winter.
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details about the temperatures and a chance for the rain to end the weekend. sunday, january 21, this is news 5 today. >> leading the way, this is "wlwt news five today." jonathan: he' s an organizer, that richard are -- that richard chiles. i' m jonathan hargett. this is meteorologist, jennifer schack. you ready? jennifer: how are we going to make that work? jonathan: at least a couple of hundred, people love that event. we' ve gotten the taste for spring for sure. jennifer: today we will be rivaling yesterday, but the difference will be that cloud cover.
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temperatures in the loop, a mild sunday morning. maybe some long sleeves, nothing heavy. even with clouds and dry conditions, a dry sweep for everyone. not to say that a sprinkle or light shower for the indiana counties is the possibility. bringing in showers from the west, you can see those clouds thickening. we should be easily able to climb to 62, 44 alone. where we should be, those temperatures are quite a bit cooler. heading back below average in the second half of our forecast. a chance for strong storms along
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jonathan: now being held on a 65 thousand dollars bond. he fired shots into a home . a woman inside was not hit. jordan threatened to kill the responding officers. they did find two guns inside of that home. a columbus, ohio man. this is a difficult story. a seminary student. there' s a picture of him. investigators said they had been watching him for a year and a half. he attempted to pay to adopt a child, but he left that trip empty-handed. in search of adopting a baby girl, he was arrested as soon as the plane had is layover. a teenager who died from a brain tumor is that -- passing her
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two apartments for families and transition in the west end. a group of volunteers hopes the finish up the rehab by march. >> it will be a solving -- starting point for people who have the opportunity. it could be the changing point for the rest of their life. they have had a successful start. jonathan: you can donate materials through our website. norwood police and people in the city came together this weekend to help residents in flint, michigan deal with her water crisis. they teamed up with police and norwood middle school for water collection at the norwood kroger.
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they will deliver the water tomorrow. all of this attention has caused a lot of people all over the country turned to bottled water. you might be surprised about what the epa has said about the debate over cap versus bottled. this is what cincinnati waterworks had to say about the issue. >> we certainly test more and have more stringent regulations than the bottled water people do. i would hold hours up against any kind of bottled water that surround. jonathan: an estimated 16,000 water lines are made of lead in cincinnati. some excitement for reds fans
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chiles is that caravan. s all about. reds fans excited to cheer their team on. sharing stories and these reds fans here for full day , tell me who your favorite ballplayer is? >> larkey, i named my son after him. >> who is your favorite ballplayer?
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the crowd, signing autographs, one of the only franchises in mlb that does it. the plans talk to the players. being a father to some games, generation after generation. when you talk about rounding third and headed for home, you get a chance to see this great memorabilia here. why is billy hamilton your favorite? >> he is fast, he can catch, he can hit. >> i think that sounds like a winning combination. reporting live today, everyone going to win? >> the reds. >> the reds. >> the hope survives. all right, thanks. one day before the iowa caucuses, governor john kasich has an important endorsement and
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more basketball coverage and morning sports, including a local team on a winning streak. the impressive details in your morning sports. a live look outside, city cam five. johnny bench, i don' t know why.
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jonathan: welcome back, how about this? "the new york times" released its endorsements for the presidential nominee and shins. they picked john kasich on the right. better experience and policies sanders. john kasich was avoiding the extremism and inexperience of other republican candidates. we will see just one day until the iowa caucuses is candidates pushing his or her supporters out and caucused. ted cruz, gently urging his
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marco rubio admitting that there will be a giant digital push in the two days before the caucus. hillary clinton' s iowa lead has slipped, but her longtime supporters are predicted to stick with her. sanders relying on first-time voters, the first time is -- will they come out? donald trump expects all of his supporters to be there no matter what. jonathan: -- >> i don' t care what it is, you' ve got to get out. jonathan: sounds like he was out of breath. we are definitely just kind of throwing out of fiction there. you don' t know what' s going to happen. he has a small -- five point lead. hollywood is celebrating its
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best supporting actor and film, that lady was a special guest for the evening. carol burnett took on the lifetime achievement award, saying that she was glad we had this time together. because it makes me feel i belong. let' s talk about the weather with jennifer. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. jennifer: a mild overnight, temperatures in the 50' s, dipping down for a low this morning and then back to 56 now. we will keep climbing into the low 60' s this afternoon. this is not a new record but we will be up there above the average for a high today.
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15 miles per hour. part of the component for the mild, warm day will be the south breeze picking back up. we will likely see those south winds picking back up this afternoon. clean sweep this morning, nothing local on the radar. we have until late evening to get some activity as the showers hang out from the west. a little bit of clearing this morning, low to mid level clouds through the region. hard to pick up a , some of that gray shaded building coming back in from southern kentucky. mostly cloudy skies in place, likely lingering through the afternoon. some peaks of sunshine at times in the eastern counties as the cold front arrives this evening. notice showers along it the push
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nothing too widespread. we push it with high pressure and dry out as soon as monday. this cold front will drop temperatures tomorrow to around 50 degrees, cooler for the afternoon on monday, drive for the rest of the day on monday. rate showers tonight on the futurecast, you may say a few holes in the clouds with sunshine possible towards the :00 or 4:00, showers coming in from the west, sliding from west to east across the region. nothing heavy, nothing much for measurable rainfall, 2/10 of one inch, the entire region having a possibility tonight. should be dry with no rain coming down three or monday morning commute. at least it will be there through the overnight showers that have fallen. not a lot to be concerned with with this cold front coming in, but there is a second one
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low-pressure zooming out of the planes towards the great lakes. tuesday afternoon, back in the warm sector again. warming back into the low 60' s with thunderstorms a blossoming along the strong cold front to the west and in the early evening hours. this stronger cold front has the potential for storms along it, putting us on the northern edge of a slight risk for severe weather in the late evening times, probably going past 9:00 to 10:00. weakening as they slide in our direction, a few thunderstorms with the possibility of damaging winds. it will have a long intact -- long-term impact on the temperatures behind it. 41 with showers tonight, tomorrow a mixture of sun and clouds, a little bit cooler.
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s wednesday afternoon, staying below average wednesday and saturday. a film involving a smallscreen debut tonight. it is about a young man whose inheritance hinges on his grandmother' s -- dying s wishes. mcclellan. thanks for coming in. need to have a cincinnati native succeeding. i' m glad you are one of them. tell us about this film. sounds interesting. sounds a little bit like john grisham. the grandmother says ignore going to get the money but do some other things first? >> it is this adventure junkie trust fund kid who doesn' the value of hard work and sacrificing for other people. so, his grandmother sets up these stipulations in her will, before he can get the
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jonathan: you are the lawyer making sure things are expedited? >> yes, and we wind up falling in love. it was shot on a beautiful 77 acre estate there in louisville. it was just gorgeous. kentucky has got a great film tax credit right now. as does ohio. jonathan: so many films. was the whole film shot on that 77 acres? >> most of it. we had a few on location things, but most of it was shot right there. jonathan: on the hallmark channel, it probably comes through with a fairly happy ending? >> right, jim stove all is the officer and this is the third installment of the trilogy into
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elise: -- jonathan: is it fun to be back in your hometown promoting the film? >> i' m so glad they are getting so much work around this tri-state area. my whole family is here. jonathan: hopefully there watching. you look great in the footage i saw. i' m sure it will be great, good luck with everything else. >> we will see. new york is a busy place. >> lets out they keep bringing you back for more work. thank you very much, katie. premiering tonight at 9:00 on the hallmark channel, check it out. now here is elise, with sports. elise: good morning. two top 20 teams in action last night, kentucky making their way to face off against kansas. certainly it was fun for us to watch. the two top 20 teams facing off,
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alex poynter slams at home, the game goes into overtime. a miniature dr. naismith was there. wayne shelton delivered 33 points last night, 90 to 84, the winning streak continues. thomas more at home, taking on westminster in the first quarter. a three from the wing, thomas more extending their winning streak to 51 straight games with a 100 531 win. high school ball, hosting walnut hill. first quarter? lancer is working in around, flooding for three and la salle is up seven.
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walnut hill, shawn daniels, flush to end the half as they roll on in this one, 79 to 44, the final. firebirds looking for their 36th straight win to break their own record. she had 11 points. staples hit the jumper, breaking the record with a 75 to 23 blowout win. that is it for me and sports. back to you. jonathan: after the break, a final check on the top stories of the morning. our fair city, a little bit of cloud cover but the warmth that you will experience in late january when you walk outside.
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jonathan: let'
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s top stories. an arrest has been made in the shooting of two brothers in north college chill. a minor was arrested overnight for the shooting and they have recover the weapon that was used. the shooting at the intersection of galbreath and hamilton avenue before 8:00, one of the victims ran to a house nearby. both of the brothers were treated at uc medical center and have been released. both of the brothers are minors as well. today nikki get for going after his fourth gold medal in aspen. lest your humidity the final round of the x games as an alternate after another skier was scratched at the last minute. skiing this year in the slopes finals not as an alternate but the guy that got there on his own. that' s starting today at noon. just a couple of hours until the reds players file in for the final stop on the caravan. that' s where richard chiles has more on the building excitement.
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these fans have turned them all into reds country. some of these folks have been out here since 7:00 this morning, getting a chance to talk to their favorites up close and personal. there is tons of memorabilia. 14 jerseys -- that number, the 14 jersey, sticking out in our heart. taking out your season ticket location for this season location coming up, this is a fantastic day about the fans on the upper deck. getting a chance to tell great of course, name all of your favorites. erik davis, mr. perfect. larkin, griffey, amazing. we naming them all. jonathan, of course. having a great reds day,
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jonathan: for your scarf today, as usual. we will see you. all right, the reds caravan ? weekend. jennifer: 60' s there again today. only a few days shy of it. mostly cloudy skies, pizza sunshine. a few showers this evening, better chances for a stronger cold front tuesday evening.
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