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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  WLWT  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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s mayor and police chief teaming up to put safety first in the queen city. the latest crime meeting scheduled for today. an ohio man accused of trying to buy a baby to commit sex crimes s facing this morning. >> i didn' t think he would take the money and run away. lisa: focusing on safety in the modern world. how the butler county sheriff' s office is looking to help with potentially dangerous online transactions. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your monday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark hayes is off. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. randi: it was gorgeous this
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into february, eventually temperatures take a turn. right now we do have some light rain showers rolling through. 71 is a generic dividing line with places dealing with the showers and those where it is done. very light sprinkles downtown into fort mitchell. heavier the further south we go. same thing over top of owenton. they should be gone by about 8:00 this morning. peebles, 48 degrees. it is a cold front and temperatures to slide over the next couple of hours. cooling off, 43 degrees. temperatures will rebound.
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50, 52 later today. 60' storms. kyla: things look good as far as the morning commute. 71, 75, southbound is still a little heavy. northbound will play catch-up. 73 butler county in, our speeds are still off to a great start, . we' re going to keep a close eye throughout the morning. lisa: online shoppers are jail starting today, and it' s wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live in hamilton with how it good morning.
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you can buy pretty much anything online these days through sites like craigslist, but you never really know who will come to meet you when you exchange the cash for goods. the butler county sheriff hopes to take danger out of the equation. starting today from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., the butler county sheriff' s office will be making the lobby of the jail open to the public. this will be a new safe exchange zone, a new trend across the nation. the spot will be open to anyone looking to complete their online deals in a safe place. this comes after people have been attacked, robbed, or taken advantage of. we spoke with a man who knows this all too well. ll run inside mcdonald' and i' ll bring it right out. he seemed like a nice enough fellow, so i handed him the mcdonald' a minute later he hadn' out, so i went in, and he wasn' t anywhere to be found. >> you don' t know who' s on the other end of that line. that'
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protect people and their safety. dan: the sheriff says there are also discussions to create parking spaces in front of the jail so people can make those exchanges in a safe place. i am sure there are a lot of people excited to see this kind of situation turn to something safe. live in butler county, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: a driver is headed to court this morning after police say she hit a cyclist and took off. that cyclist is currently in sheriff' s deputies say it happened just before 4:00 sunday afternoon, on u.s. 52 near ashbury road. officials say they caught up with 34-year-old melinda woodall, near sutton and cambridge. she is charged with aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident. police say they do believe drugs played a role in the crash. new developments about a shooting involving young people in north college hill. one shooter is now behind bars,
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we spoke to the good samaritans who tell us they heard the shots. then one of the victims knocked on sharon thomas' door saying his brother had been shot. thomas called 911. the second victim at the door told her he had also been shot. thomas says she went out to the sidewalk and stayed with the victims until the police came. >> i was glad to be a help to the young man because if it was my child, i would want someone to help my child whether they are criminal or not. these children need to be taught. lisa: two victims are expected to be ok. the suspect has been charged with felony assault and tampering with evidence. a former ohio seminary student is expected in court this morning accused of trying to buy a baby for sex. the criminal complaint against 23-year-old joel wright alleges he made previous attempts to obtain a child starting in 2014. homeland security agents
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friday on his way to mexico. wright is from vermont and was attending the seminary in columbus, ohio. his mother says she doesn' t believe the allegations. the seminary has expelled wright. a devastating outcome in the case of a missing virginia teenager. now two college students are charged in the girl' s death. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at our live alert desk with the latest on this homicide investigation. miriah: lisa, the body of 13-year-old nicole lovell was found saturday night near the border of the north carolina-virginia state line. now police say two aspiring students at virginia tech may be responsible. 18-year-old david eisenhauer is charged with lovell' s abduction and murder, and officials are saying he had an accomplice. 19-year-old natalie marie keepers has been charged by blacksburg police with felony count of improper disposal of a body and one misdemeanor count of accessory after the fact in the commission of a felony. but even more disturbing, police say eisenhauer knew lovell beforehand and planned her
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>> based on evidence collected today, we have determined that eisenhauer and nicole were acquainted prior to her disappearance. eisenhauer used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and then kill her. miriah: these details have come to light following a four-day search pursuing hundreds of phoned-in tips and social media leads, with ground teams and even aerial drones provided by virginia tech. police say the investigation is far from over. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. cincinnati' s mayor, along with new police chief eliot isaac, will continue the crime meetings today' s meeting will be the third in a series of community meetings to discuss the uptick in shootings and gather input from citizens about how to deal with the issue. the meeting is scheduled from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight at the westwood town hall. two more meetings are scheduled for later this month.
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the bond hill community center. 5:07 right now on your monday. cap hap py february 1st. kyla: we' re seeing clear conditions. this is 71 at mason montgomery. we are seeing speeds moving at the above the posted limit at all of our areas. 65 miles per hour along 71. a little slower alone 75. 16 minutes out of butler county. 65 miles an hour and light traffic on 275. out near the airport, no delays to get you there.
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randi: i cannot keep this string of mid 60' s going, ok? bad. a cold front is coming through. 71 is the divider line. the showers were get heftier south of the split. light rain showers right now in batavia and through owensville and south of the river. and our temperatures are falling. about 53 this afternoon. for the morning rush, temperatures slide. drive home, 49. for february 1, near 50 is not bad. lisa: leaders taking on the zika virus. the meeting scheduled for today, and how leaders in the u.s. are
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becoming a problem here at home. a quarterback in the super bowl looking to show off his fashion sense. how cam newton arrived in california wearing some rather eye-catching pants. outside live on your monday.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back on your monday, february 1. checking today' s headlines. people across the hawkeye state will gather to designate their choice for president tonight, as the country eyes the first-in-the-nation caucuses, candidates will spend the day rallying supporters across iowa, with hillary clinton and bernie sanders leading the democratic charge, and donald trump, ted
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republicans battling it out for votes. we could learn more today about the cause of a deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia, as federal investigators are expected to release evidence and reports. excessive speed has already been cited as a factor in the may accident which killed eight and injured more than 200 others. but the national transportation safety board has yet to say why the train was going too fast as it rounded a curve. the carolina panthers and denver broncos touched down at the san jose international airport ahead of super bowl 50. but panthers' quarterback cam newton' s brightly colored versace pants seemed to be the real arrival, going viral on social media. the panthers will be staying in san jose while the broncos will be staying in santa clara. the two teams square off next sunday in the nfl title game at levi' s stadium in santa clara. later today, the world health organization will come together to make a major decision about
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global public health emergency. in brazil, ground zero for the outbreak, the government is struggling to protect and educate people about the virus. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us about the efforts to keep the virus out of the u.s. good morning. miriah: u.s. senator chuck schumer is calling for the federal government to beat the bite and work quickly to contain the zika virus. the disease has infected people in 23 countries, including five people in new york and 30 people nationwide. while health officials say the mosquitos who transmit the zika virus live in south america, the asian tiger mosquito has been known to carry the disease and it lives in the u.s. so the new york senator proposed a three-point plan to fight the mosquito-borne virus before the summer months. >> we are right now ahead of the virus. it' s winter. can' t come here. it' s born by mosquitoes. it' s too cold for the mosquitoes, but within four, five months, the mosquitoes will
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miriah: part of the plan includes building a firewall before summer hits, and the federal government working with private industries to create a vaccine. senator schumer says health officials believe they could have sources to make a vaccination by the end of this year. the zika virus is especially worrisome for pregnant women, because it is linked to serious birth defects. lisa? lisa: women who eat more fiber during adolescence and early adulthood could lower their risk for breast cancer later in life. researchers from harvard analyzed the fiber intake of a large group of women over several years. they found the risk of breast cancer was lowered by up to 19% among those who ate the most dietary fiber. the greatest benefit came from fruit and vegetable fiber. it turns out talking trumps texting when it comes to your emotional well-being. that' s according to a recent study. during a stress exercise, ucla researchers found women who received face-to-face support responded in a more positive
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support from texts. in a separate study of adolescents, experts found that increasing in-person communications helped the preteens better understand non-verbal emotional cues. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: at midnight it was 53 degrees. temperatures sliding into the low 40' s. we should be around 50 this afternoon. the focus of the forecast is tomorrow during the evening hours. that is a cold front, so it will get much colder by wednesday, thursday, friday. light rain showers along and southeast of the 71 corridor.
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the rain is coming down at a quicker pace, especially over the top of owen county. the heaviest rain is rolling along 64 from louisville to lexington. temperatures behind it in the 30' s and 40' s. we' re sitting at 47 in peebles. 43 downtown. a couple of degrees warmer southeast of 71. low 40' s in butler county. temperatures will make it back to 49 or 50 during the afternoon hours. still pretty decent today despite the temperatures dropping this morning. 3:00, pretty close to 50 light. rain showers until 8:00 this morning for the extreme
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tomorrow, we will make it up into the low to mid 60' s and you may see a sprinkle around lunchtime. after 7:00 tomorrow night, heavy storms and lasting until midnight. they will be moving out after will be falling. a good bit of rain and some strong winds. a tornado threat is there, and the potential is not off the table for us. turning sunny late. 62 tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms in the evening. pardon me. into wednesday, temperatures falling and a couple of flurries. mild weather but there could be
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' kyla: that is an interesting. graphic looks like one of the imo e mojis. i know you knew. here is a look along 471. north and southbound really look nice. about 64 miles an hour boldly up through fort thomas and dayton. a quick five minutes to get you into downtown cincinnati. a clear look at the daniel carter beard bridge. we' ll check again in just a few minutes. lisa: thank you. this sunday is the long-awaited super bowl sunday for football fans. how consumers are expected to dish out a record-breaking amount of money to celebrate the sports event. have you joined the online dating game?
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be doing something wrong. how to get the most out of the online services. outside live on your monday, 43 degrees. m headlines areore (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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lisa: good morning and welcome back.
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s a busy time for online dating services, especially after that east coast blizzard. there has been a boost in new singles signing up and also in user activity. kyla: polls show the most active time for any online dating site is between the day after christmas and valentine' s day. holiday loneliness, family nagging, social media envy from all those christmas proposals, and time off from work can all contribute to the jump. but it turns out, a perfect match in the digital world doesn' t always hold up in the real world. experts say too much messaging online before a first meeting can be problematic. and so can the sheer number of options. you spend so much time swiping left or right, you forget to take the time to get to know someone. if you' re creating a dating profile, be sure to smile. also, experts say to avoid photos that show drinking or too much skin. and in your description, give details to let people know who you are. by following these guidelines, you' ll hopefully get more of the attention you truly want from people on the sites. and when you finally do meet in
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turn-off, talking about your exes. lisa: i do not doubt it. too much messaging and you get together, -- kyla: a lot of times you are not as interesting in person. lisa: good advice. facebook and instagram now telling private gun sellers to take their business elsewhere. the social networks are updating policies to ban private gun sales on both platforms. in an e-mail statement, a facebook executive said licensed firearm retailers will still be able to post about their goods and services. but sales of guns by one person to another are not allowed. get ready to pay up if you plan on watching the super bowl this coming weekend. those planning to celebrate the super bowl next weekend also plan to spend more. that' s according to the national retail federation'
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it finds viewers and partygoers will spend an average of about $82 on food, decor, team apparel and more. that' s up just over $4 from last year and the highest in the survey' s history. that is a lot. i like that dip. ' randi: we take a look at the radar. we do have rain showers southeast of 71. this is a cold front. the heaviest rain on top of owen county. it was a gorgeous day for a run. he was in san bernardino, california for his training run for the pig. 6:00 the rain showers are coming to an end. should be a good afternoon to
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tomorrow you are good to go before 6:00, 7:00. lisa: thank you. last week' s efforts headed to flint, michigan, today. how many donations norwood officials were able to rack up to bring help to flint' s water crisis. andrew: a man who used to be in charge of safety on a college campus is now facing charges in a child porn investigation. the latest as he heads to court today, coming up on wlwt news 5 today. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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roselawn. the new details this morning on the victim and how he' s doing this morning. a familiar face on the thomas more college campus accused of heinous crimes. the charges robert marshall faces as he goes to court today. moving forward in commitment 2016. how each candidate is preparing for the iowa caucuses and the local students getting to witness it in action. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. mark hayes is out this morning. randi rico and kyla woods are traffic. short, as always. lisa: i have been tried work on a four-day weekend, it hasn' happened yet. it hasn' years. kyla: we are hopeful. one day.
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weekend, mid 60' s. it won' t be quite as warm today, but we still talking low 50' s. at the start of february, that is not the problem. t be quite as rolling through on the radar. it is a very weak cold passing by. yesterday evening. right now the back edge of the rain rolling through downtown cincinnati is pretty light downtown in the northern part of the 275 loop. light showers a northern kentucky, ending in florence, down for beaver lake. even further south, that is where the rain is a bit steadier . south of all intent toward monterey, central and southern portions of owen county and southern portions of grant county sing some of the heavier rain showers. it is a cold front and you can tell when you take a look at the temperatures, 47 in brooksville, kentucky, compared with 39 in batesville. temperatures do slide as the rain showers move out. at 8:00 a.m., most places are
5:30 am
by lunchtime, clouds growing up, sunny and mild, around 50 or so this afternoon. kyla: we are off to a really, really great start so far this monday morning. this is what you will see for the most part. here' s a look at interstate travel in a really untouched this 20. this is near the downtown area just east of their near columbia parkway or toward columbia parkway, after you hit i-71, all lanes are wide open. we did just have an accident pop up, and overturn vehicle at delhi at the anderson ferry, so keep that in mind if you' re traveling through the area on the west side or from any of the western communities. no word on any closures. hopefully, it won' t anger for too long. we will let you know once that has cleared. lisa: thank you. 5:32. a disgraced leader at thomas more college set to be in court this morning on 36 counts of having child pornography on his home computer. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live in covington this morning with the latest on these
5:31 am
andrew: robert marshall will go before judge this afternoon, his first court appearance since he was arrested and brought here to the detention center last week. he was the safety director at thomas more college, but he has been fired from that job. he is facing the possibility of a link the princesses since -- link the prison sentence. it was marshall' s son who turned him in. he contacted police after seeing images on his father' s computer, setting off a two-year investigation while police tried to recover deleted images from the computer. the school says they were unaware of the investigation until he was arrested last week. the thomas more college president said the school is extremely troubled by the accusations in this case. robert marshall is said to be in court this afternoon. live at the kenton county detention center, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. the trial is set to begin today for the man accused of running
5:32 am
causing a seven-car accident. investigators say 44-year-old tracy martin was driving 80 miles an hour and crashed into the back of cars near i-275 in blue ash, injuring six people. his truck. a trooper arrested him after he ran off naked. new details this morning on a shooting in roselawn. it happened on the 7800 block of glen orchard drive. police say the victim was shot twice and is battling life-threatening injuries at the uc medical center. officials have very few details on the suspect at this time. tonight is the iowa caucuses, with the polling close in both parties, and bad weather threatening to hold down turnout, helping hillary clinton and ted cruz. candidates worked into the final night to get backers to show up and caucus. but looming in the forecast, a snowstorm for the area. bernie sanders is counting on first-time caucusers to rack up his votes. hillary clinton currently holds
5:33 am
the weather. i have it on very good guidance that the storm won' t start til after midnight. lisa: on the republican side, ted cruz is counting on evangelicals, who typically do turn out. donald trump figures holding his slim lead in iowa polls won' t matter if he can' t get lots of first-time voters to caucus. right now several taylor high school students are witnessing history in the making. they are in des moines for the iowa caucuses. wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa -- on friday, they hopped on a bus to iowa and are seeing firsthand what happens in the presidential nomination process. sunday, they want to several rallies for the candidates. the principle tells us the day started early with a rally for donald trump. they also saw dr. ben carson. you can see students even took selfie' s with some of the candidates. they got up close to hillary
5:34 am
they also met mark a really be a -- marcorubio and rick santorum. this is not the first time students have been to iowa. they went to the iowa caucuses in 2008 and 2012. lisa: the students also told us they saw many celebrity supporting a pick for president. they saw unit kentucky native josh hutcherson and the crowd emerging rally goers to vote for democratic candidate bernie sanders. josh richardson is from "hunger games." he was one of many to take the stage on behalf of sanders this past weekend. sanders is leading the pack in new hampshire along with republican candidate donald trump. the cnn and wmur poll shows sanders with a 54% support among likely voters, compared to 34% for hillary clinton. on the republican side, trump leads with 30% support. ted cruz is second with 12%, followed by marco rubio at 11%. new hampshire is holding its
5:35 am
tuesday. in ohio, several cities and townships west, north, and east of cincinnati form a gop stronghold. the associated press has been tracking candidate support in the swing state ahead of the march 15 primary. the ohio republican party endorsed governor john kasich, but grassroots organizers say texas senator ted cruz is building a strong following. they say front-runner donald trump is also doing well, but has a sketchy track record. wright state university will host the first presidential debate this fall. "the dayton daily news" is reporting school officials told trustees they plan to spend about $8 million on the event. they say the school needs cybersecurity improvements. trustees could vote to approve debate funding in a couple weeks. the debate is set for september 26. 5:37 on your monday. happening today, another water delivery to flint, michigan, from a local group.
5:36 am
in the city came together this weekend to help flint residents in dealing with their water crisis. snc norwood teamed up with police, as well as norwood middle school, for a water collection at kroger. hundreds of people turned out to donate water. someone also made a $1400 donation to the cause. snc norwood will make the trip to flint later today to deliver the water donations. many in greater cincinnati continue to stretch out their arms, helping our neighbors to the north in flint. members of lincoln heights missionary baptist church have been collecting supplies all week and have filled nearly three large trucks with bottled water. leaders here have partnered with church leaders in flint to make sure supplies go directly to the people who need them. there' s still time for you to donate. you can drop off items today between 10:00 and 5:00 or call the church directly. the church is located at 9991 wayne avenue. more than $9 million could be
5:37 am
city for its convention. readers of the lions club in am i considering bringing the international convention in the your 2021. the rules largest service club, they plan to bring 18,000 attendees who could generate more than $9 million in visitor spending. five: 39, 43 degrees on this february 1. randi: till all of those people in town it is always like this in february. it is not always warm. in fact, he won' t be warm at the end of the week. temperatures taking a big turn come wednesday. this morning, a cold front rolling through but it will basically take us from mid-60' s yesterday to closer to 50 or so for the high this afternoon. you can see the heaviest rain between louisville and lexington. portions of owen county and grant county sing some heavier rain. heading out of to the bus stop, areas northeast of 71 --
5:38 am
some showers will be lingering as the kids had to the bus stop to the extreme southeastern communities. temperatures in the low 40' s on the way home from school. pretty nice day, 50 degrees. a light jacket and the kids can play the second half of the day. kyla: can' t beat 50 in february. things will get a little bit cooler the labor this week, but i think we' re -- later this week, but i think we' re still good for february. green conditions across the map. all of our speed still off to a great start. 61 miles per hour on 75 may out of butler county into the 275 luke. across the river, 55 miles per hour near the cut-in-the-hill were you can still see things are moving along without northbound and southbound looking pretty good, pretty smooth sailing. the rest of our interstate travel looking good as well. we have the accident, a rollover accident, in delhi near anderson ferry. we will check again coming up. lisa: thank you. a church severely damaged in a
5:39 am
how the crossroads church is helping the church to rebuild. get your red gear out this week for a good cause. why the christ hospital will be lighting up in this rosy hue tonight. outside live on your monday, 5:44, 43 degrees.
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randi: good morning. looking over downtown cincinnati, fountain square, the genius of water glowing blue early this morning. you know what? she is going to get a little bit of water on her today and tomorrow. as we look at the radar, we' re starting out with light rain showers moving out of the downtown area this morning. tomorrow, thunder and lightning may be lighting up the skies heading into the evening. take a look, this is what you need to know heading out the door right now. it was gorgeous over the weekend. it won' t be as warm as the weekend, looking at temperatures probably around 50 or so this afternoon. tomorrow, thunderstorms arriving probably after 7:00 p.m., some could be on the strong side and that will usher in a way cooler temperature trend relate in the week. we will look at the timing of those storms and how strong they could be and how cold it will get coming up in a couple of minutes. lisa: thank you. new life for a historic church near uc' s campus. miriah turner is here now with the latest on the plans for old
5:42 am
miriah: you can see this video behind me. it' s been eight years since this massive fire lit up the sky over uptown. old saint george, a church built in 1873, caught fire, and both of its towering steeples were victims. now the church is getting new life, thanks to crossroads church. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters got a chance to go inside old saint george and see the $10 million of work that' s been going on to salvage the building and turn it into a place of worship once again. >> the rest of the building had just not maintained well. after 140 something years, it was deteriorating. when we move in it will be a great day of celebration and we will be absolutely praising god a ton for what he' s done to get us into this building and to build the church up to what it is today. miriah: tune in tonight to wlwt news 5 starting at 5:00 to see plans that crossroads church has for old st. george and find out when you can see it for
5:43 am
lisa: celebrating the beginning of black history month, a beauty queen is headed for cincinnati today. miss black america jelisa barringer will be in town today to film an upcoming documentary. the film is called "i am beauty" , by azizah nubia. barringer is also hosting a private black history month program at tcp world academy in pleasant ridge. the month of february happens to be american heart month postop christ hospital will light up red tonight, part of the american heart association' s go red for women initiative. a program that is focused on educating women about the risk of heart disease and stroke. heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in america. christ hospital is also asking people to take part in national go red day this friday, by wearing red. also happening today, the university of cincinnati is asking people to save a life and get some pizza in return. hoxworth blood center is teaming up with the university for
5:44 am
the drive will be in the tuc great hall from 10:30 this morning to 5:30 tonight. each donor will receive a voucher for a free medium domino' s pizza. tyler, good morning. kyla: that sounds like a win-win if i' ve ever heard one. here' s a look at our map. still showing glowing green conditions, so things are off to a really great start. here' s a look at our travel times. 19 minutes right now on 71-75 from the split into downtown. 25 minutes along that entire stretch of 275 from the ronald reagan' s cbg. 17 minutes out of warren county on 71 southbound. here' s a quick shot at red bank. northbound and southbound look good. southbound already starting to pick up in body and and we will see that increase over the next hour or so. let' s check in now with randi rico on your most accurate forecast. another pretty nice day.
5:45 am
it is not mid-60' s, but i don' t think i should hear many complaints about 50 or so on the first day of february. we are looking at rain showers on the radar. rain again tomorrow night and maybe a couple of flurries wednesday. the back edge of the rain along the cold front rolling through northern kentucky, some very light sprinkles lingering or fort mitchell, now washington over toward anderson township. south is where the rain is a bit steadier. south of williamstown along 25 and 75 you can see have your rain -- heavier rain. the further south you had closer to louisville and lexington, that is were the rainfall rates are picking up. this is a cold front. behind it, cooler air. we were sitting at 53 or so at midnight. we will slide down closer to 40 and then make it back in toward the low 50' s into the afternoon. tomorrow we'
5:46 am
up this morning with heavier rain and louisville and lexington. tomorrow the evening, more enhanced sitter weather threat level toward lexington. -- global toward lexington. the further south, the better chances to see strong or severe our entire evening under at least a slight risk for tomorrow s storms. right now, 43, wins out of the north at eight miles per hour. temperatures sliding a little hours. sunshine returns at lunchtime, 46. to the afternoon, chapters rebound back toward 50 -- temperatures rebound back toward 50 or so. some sunshine returns second half of the day. tomorrow starts out pretty good as well. clouds build in the morning, small chance for passing sprinkle around lunchtime. the story gets going for the evening. after 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., the cold front moves in our
5:47 am
cincinnati probably after 8:00 and before 11:00. i 10:30 or so, strong storms along the 71 corridor and moving out after midnight. today, 52 degrees, turning sunny late. 62 before the thunderstorms rolled on go tomorrow evening. lisa: thank you. recognizing major events in u.s. history, what happened on this day in history celebrating how far we have come for civil rights in america. a popular hollywood couple has been known in the past for their vocal talents, but definitely, they are now. the viral music video said to the classic song about africa. it is 5:50, 43 degrees.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. we will check your forecast just ahead. but celebrating black history first, month today marks 56 years since the start of the sit-in movement. wlwt news 5' s kyla woods is here now with a look back at the historic day. kyla: what a historic day was. february 1 not only marks the start of black history month, it also marks the anniversary of the sit in movement, a crucial component of the civil rights era. on february 1, 1960, four black students from greensboro, north carolina, staged the first of many sit-ins at a woolworth' s
5:50 am
patrons. these demonstrations quickly spread across the south and were always nonviolent in nature. participants, however, were often cursed at, had food thrown at them, and ended up attacked and/or arrested. the purpose was to show the rest of the nation how deeply rooted segregation was in the south and to ultimately allow black people to share the same restaurant space as whites. the sit-in movement also led to dr. martin luther king, jr.' s, formation of the student nonviolent coordinating committee which led the charge on future movements, including the integrated freedom rides. lisa? lisa: thank you. we are checking some stories trending this morning. video of an ice skating dinosaur has racked up over 50 million facebook views and is trying to break the internet. t-rex decided to try his teeny tiny little hand at ice skating, and the video has gone supernova online. who knew t-rex' s were so
5:51 am
still existed? >> i blessed the rains down in africa. gonna take some time to do the things we never had. lisa: hollywood couple kristin bell and dax shepard sure know how to go out on a high note. the couple shared a music video they made on twitter of an african safari from a few years ago set to the popular 1980' s toto song, "africa." the pair, who have two kids, said the trip was their last hurrah before becoming parents. and they wanted to rage hard and honor toto properly. and they sure did. the super bowl quarterback with a bold fashion statement, cam newton plus unique look before the big game and the price tag for his flashy pants. randi: ok, then. superexpensive. but that' s ok.
5:52 am
t say that. as we look at the forecast, temperatures will eventually so. 43 at 8:00. 50 at 4:00. thunderstorms rolling in, especially the evening hours. stronger storms after 7:00. the biggest threat from tomorrow, the winds. lisa: thank you. 43 degrees on your monday morning. stay with us, more headlines our next coming up at 6:00 on ci
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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>> i just didn' t think he would take the money and run away. lisa: avoiding potential scams. the effort in butler county to protect your money. searching for a gunman. the investigation in roselawn after a man was shot multiple times. and countdown to caucus. what the polls are saying now before a huge day in iowa. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 6:00 a.m. on your monday, february first. good morning i' m lisa cooney. ,mark hayes is off. we will get to the traffic in a moment. first, a check on the weather.
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