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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s first television station, this is news 5 at noon. lisa: the world is watching iowa where voters will decide who they want for president. the candidates tried to grab last-minute caucus goers and local students joining them on the campaign trail. a driver hits a cyclist and takes off leaving them in critical condition. the driver explains what happened that day. making cincinnati safer. the city bus police chief reveals a strategy to fight back
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on the heels of weekend violence , elliott isaac reveals his crime strategy. john london, live downtown with the effort to bring peace to the streets. john: it is said all the time in business, location, location, location. police are saying it in a crime finding cents should -- a crime-fighting sense today. shining a spotlight today on a section of avondale as an example calling it afghanistan gang territory from lexington to rockdale along reading road. he spoke about nuisance properties like the poinciana multiple shootings have happened over the years. the corner where the landmark lincoln statue stands was where gang members feel comfortable. as the young unsolved shooting
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is concentrated in specific locations of focus will be on how those places facilitate and foster violent crime. police speaking forcefully about businesses that essentially turn a blind eye allowing the climate to continue. chief isaacs telling us this is not going to be a matter of code enforcement from now on. a criminal investigation. he says whatever that entails, federal, irs, that will be brought to bear. hopes will lead to a reduction in overall violent crime. down. shooting spiked last year and handle on. lisa: thank s talk about the forecast. a springlike starts in february but storm moving in.
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today, more like the beginning of spring. a little cooler than what we saw our average high around 40 s. our average low around 24 our sunset time, almost 6:00 this evening. days are getting a little bit longer. you can see the sky still filtered sunshine and lots of insects. satellite and radar, a few breaks in the clouds and you could also see some dryer and sunnier skies to the west in illinois. we will talk about our chances for storms tomorrow, coming up. lisa: a disgraced leader at thomas more college said to be arraigned on 36 counts of having computer. robert marshall is no longer
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images by marshall' s son. investigators believe marshall was collecting the images. they are working to identify children in the photos to make sure none of them are from our area. new counsel has been ordered for a man accused of running down interstate 71 naked after causing a seven car accident. investigators say 44-year-old tracy martin was driving 80 miles per hour and crashed into the back of cars near to 75 in blue ash. he claims his brakes went out on his truck. a trooper arrested him after he ran off naked. february 10. condition after being hit by a car over township. the driver behind the wheel had to face charges. andrew setters has more on what happened in court today. is sitting here after appearing in court this morning on charges.
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drug possession, driving under suspension and failure to stop after an accident. she was ordered held on almost russell. michael prater was riding his bicycle westbound on u.s. 50 to. and struck him. prater is dealing with serious injuries and woodall was later arrested down her car. what she did. >> three people in the car with her. fighting. their physical fight distracted her and that was the reason she struck the bicyclist at that point in time. she panicked. andrew: her attorney says there was a prescription for her for suboxone. the sheriff'
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drugs were a factor in the crash. her attorney says she was not on anything in the crash. says she has a prescriptive for that opiate medication she had in her car. lisa: a vehicle hits another car flipping onto its top. this accident happened at the intersection of delhi and anderson ferry just after 5:00 this morning to read two were hurt including a juvenile. no word on the cause or extent of the injuries. butler county is launching a new system to make it easier to track every dollar spent in government. the ohio state treasurer' s office announced butler county is now part of ohio the website increases transparency by making more than 73,000 transactions available from the past two years until now, more than 368 million worth of spending captured in graphs,
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available to the public. >> we think this is going to empower citizens to create an army of citizen watchdogs to go in and view state spending and hold people accountable. sit on pension boards or folks that work in these offices. lisa: the treasurer' covers any cost associated with the program. s as the data collected will grows. butler county joins 12 other counties and 188 other sites in the state on this site. online shoppers are invited to the butler county jail. it is all to avoid craigslist crimes. the program allows anyone to use the jail lobby as an exchange site. these safe exchange zones are now a trend across the nation following assaults, robberies, and other issues when people meet to exchange cash for goods. the public county sheriff says
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past few years and kidding -- including a 17-year-old boy who was assaulted after meeting to buy video games. >> the ultimate goal is to protect people. their safety. lisa: the sheriff says these exchanges take place seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.. there are discussions of making parking spots where people can exchange outside the building the date of the iowa caucus is here. time to see which candidate iowa voters want to see as the next president. it comes after john kasich and hillary clinton picked up endorsements from the new york times this weekend. tracie potts has the latest on commitment 2016 from des moines. tracie : marco rubio visiting a diner outside des moines and downplaying expectations. >> we know we are an underdog but we feel good about it.
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the polls. not claiming a win just yet. >> everybody is a threat. you never know what' s going to happen. tracie: at this point it is all about the ground game, keeping volunteers energized. of all of you. tracie: hillary clinton brought doughnuts and coffee this morning. >> thousands of volunteers areas we knocked on 125,000 doors this weekend. so much excitement. tracie: dr. ben carson tells me him. counties tonight. saying, look, do you guys want to listen to your heart or do you want to listen to the pundits? tracie: turnout is key. if lots of new voters show up it sanders. especially as they'
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scene. they are seeing a lot of the ways things are managed and they are not happy about it. tracie: looking for change. tonight is their chance. by the time people in iowa had to the caucuses tonight they from these candidates. more than 1200 stops total and that is just the republicans. students are in des moines watching the candidates make their last-minute pushes for votes. the students have been to multiple rallies including donald trump and hillary clinton. this is becoming a tradition at taylor high school. students were also at caucuses in 2008 and 2012. more than $9 million could be coming to cincinnati if a major organization chooses the queen city for its convention. it leaders of the lions club are in town this week touring the city considering whether to bring their international convention here in the year 2021.
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club they plan to bring 18,000 attendees who could generate more than $9 million in visitor spending. the world health organization is coming together to make a major outbreak. the crisis now underway -- the crisis meeting now underway and when we could see a vaccine. homemade explosives found in mailboxes. a warning going up from a local sheriff department. miriah: another springlike afternoon. temperatures only getting up into the low 50' s. more sunshine this afternoon and cooling off this evening. warmer tomorrow but with that we have the chance for spring
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lisa: welcome back. a former ohio seminary student is expected in court accused of trying to buy a baby for sex. the criminal complaint against joel wright alleges he made previous attempts to obtain a homeland security agents arrested right and san diego on
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wright was attending seminary in columbus, ohio. the seminary has expelled joel wright. homemade explosives in mailboxes . investigators say they recently found a mixture of chemicals in two leader pop bottles at three different properties. the bottles were collected and sent for testing. if you know anything about these crimes or if you see an explosive in your mailbox called the preble county sheriff department. for an historic church. eight years since this fire lit up the sky over uptown. the old st. george church built in 1873 caught fire. now the church is getting new life thanks to crossroads church.
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been going on to salvage the building and turn it into a place of worship once again. >> the rest of the building had not been maintained well. after 140 something years, just deteriorating. when we move in it will be a great day of celebration. we will be praising god for what he has done to get us into this building and build the church to what it is today. lisa: tune in tonight at 5:00 to see the plans crossroads church has for st. george and find it when you can see it for yourself. efforts continue to help the people in flint, michigan as the city deals with the ongoing water crisis. members of lincoln heights collecting supplies. so far they filled nearly three large trucks with bottled water. local leaders have partnered with the church leaders and flint to make sure supplies go directly to people who need them .
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drop off items until 5:00 p.m. flint. -- i water collection at kroger. donation to the cause. as nc norwood will make the trip deliver the donations. an emergency meeting on the zika virus outbreak. this mosquito borne virus has been linked to birth defects in the americas. the h w o warrens they could be as many -- the who warns there could be as many as 4 million new infections this year. >> part of our job is getting the international community together. picking out what is the best possible candidates, giving the money behind them to try designs
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lisa: there' treatment for it. have to have a phase one trial a vaccine available in about one year. the month of february is american heart month and to support the cause the christ hospital tower in mount auburn will light up red tonight. part of the american heart association' s go red for women initiative. at the program focuses on educating women about their risk heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in america. christ hospital is asking people to take part in national go read day this friday by wearing red. >> cincinnati' accurate forecast. miriah: we are continuing our tomorrow. today we had a cold front rolled showers. those moved out. be tomorrow.
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overnight into wednesday morning . things are back to february with cold temperatures. some of our viewing area, the easternmost and northeastern most. of the viewing area. to ourselves and west we are seeing enhance risk. right now. with our threat level being mostly in the slight risk category our biggest threat will be for damaging when tomorrow. an isolated risk for a tornado possible as well and pockets of embedded thunderstorms. wind will be the biggest factor as we head into tomorrow. clock in the morning on wednesday would we see rain and storms rolling through. flow that for tomorrow. s.
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with the springlike weather we get the springlike storms. we will see severe weather storms moving through tomorrow potentially. this will bring us cooler temperatures. because of the warmer day tomorrow and significantly cooler air, that' s what going to bring severe potential. we see some february like temperatures and the remaining moisture behind this front because our temperatures are dropping we could see some flurries on wednesday evening. all the showers have moved off to our south and east. we' re looking dry. the entire viewing area, dry and we will see more sunshine into the afternoon as well. currently in the mid 40' s. went out of the east end 5 miles per hour. the wind chill, a couple degrees cooler than what the actual temperature is. mid 40' s into the low 50' s.
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happening. tomorrow afternoon, clouds increasing. cold front arise tomorrow evening into wednesday morning. we see temperatures start deployment by the middle of the week -- start to plummet by the middle of the week. tonight dropping down to 35. tomorrow around 62. the rest of your week, looking like february with highs in the 30' s. lisa: crimestoppers is here with information on a couple of the tri-state ' s police department. who are we looking for today? >> the first person we are looking for is william johnson wanted for drug trafficking come a skate, carrying concealed weapons. these charges all stem from a january 6 police investigation where police recovered a handgun and drugs with johnson managed to get away from us.
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pounds. he has pass arrests and was last known to live on nottingham court in millville. we are also looking for shane voll. a coating police documents on december 17 voll -- five foot eight 148 pounds. last known to live on whitmore drive in delhi. lisa: let' . if you have any information that call crimestoppers. 352-3040 or you can submit tips online to s the voice, ready to hit and high
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why jordan smith will be hitting the streets of lowellville the spring. the wa ve that sent a surfer tumbling and how he' s doing
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it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe.
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lisa: another honor for the winner of "the voice." jordan smith will serve as grand marshal for the kentucky derby s pegasus parade in louisville. the 61st annual parade is scheduled to be held may 5 in louisville. one of the super bowl quarterbacks is making headlines for this interesting fashion statement. these are pants on cam newton as he left charlotte, north carolina for california. the gold and zebra pants were not cheap. cam paid about $850 for this look. plenty of people are following the trend. the pants are now sold out online. a pro surfer off the coast of maui caught on camera catching a massive wave. it was the wipeout that hit everyone holding their breath.
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nd took on the wave on wednesday. you can see him bail off the board into a 40 foot freefall. the wave broke his board. he walked away with a stiff neck and was back to surfing the next day. miriah: that is unbelievable. lisa: he is very lucky. he said he felt like he was in a car crash. miriah: we will see cam newton surfing in those pants. today, another springlike day. tomorrow, even more springlike
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