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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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on violence. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 "today. lisa: outside on your tuesday morning, we hope it is a great start. a nice close up view of the suspension bridge looking beautiful. since :00 a.m. on your tuesday. let' s check on the forecast. mark: let' s check on the forecast. randi: kyla thinks that the groundhog on my seven-day forecast looks like a certain the mojito. -- looks like a certain emoji. i will look at the forecast. here' s what to expect today. we are looking at temperatures into the lower 60' s .
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it will be wendy and mild for much of the day. in the late afternoon, a little bit of spotty rain, but the gusty storms and severe weather threat should hold off until after sunset and ramp up after 9:00. temperatures this morning, we are talking spring but it deals more winter-like. 36 cozart to downtown. 27 currently in harrison. we have clouds rolling in. mostly clear overnight. the wind out of the south will drive up our temperatures. this storm system across the center of the country is split into two. blizzard conditions into iowa with heavy snow in northern wisconsin. on the southern end, it will be all about spring-like thunderstorms. that is what we will see into the evening hours. it will be worse into southern
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we are on the northern fringes, so gusting thunderstorms are possible after 9:00. a chilly start with clouds rolling in. we will make it into the middle 60' s this afternoon. spotty showers are possible for the evening commute, but storms get going after 9:00 p.m. let' s get you to work. kyla: we want to get you out of the door and where you are going . right now, you don' t need a lot of extra time. wide open on i-74 and harrison paik. no problems eastbound or westbound. 71-75 at burlington pike is a little heavier. it is getting thick on the northbound side. pushing into the 6:00 hour, the off to a good start. 275 at lost dollar, looking good
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let' s keep that going. minutes. lisa: 6:02. in " ted cruz wins the iowa caucuses on the gop side. the democratic side was almost too close to call. miriah turner has the latest out of iowa from the live alert desk. good morning. miriah: when it comes to the democrats hillary clinton ended , up with a very slight edge over bernie sanders. both campaigns are staying , story for martin o' malley. after months of low poll numbers, o' malley ended his campaign. on the republican side mike huckabee bowed out as well. the crowded republican field had five candidates come out of iowa without a single delegate, but the big winner was ted cruz. he topped donald trump and marco rubio to earn eight delegates. >> when the media said a
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nationwide over 800,000 contributions poured in to as courageous conservative said, yes we can. >> we finished 2nd and i want to tell you something. i' m just honored. i' m really honored. i want to congratulate ted, and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates. miriah: john kasich was one of the candidates shut-out in iowa. he is said to be focusing on new hampshire, where his poll numbers are much stronger. the new hampshire primary is now just week one away. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner lisa: to stay on top of political headlines, download our wlwt mobile app. you can find " commitment 2016" news anytime on our free app. mark: this april will mark 15 - years since the riots here in cincinnati. tonight, you can reflect on the changes that came out of that unrest while looking to the city' s future. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way in evanston with the townhall meeting.
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andrew? andrew: it' s hard to believe it' s been almost 15 years since the riots but this april will see a big anniversary for a big moment in cincinnati history. tonight, here at the cintas center, we' ll be reminded how much has changed. the civil unrest happened in the wake of a police shooting of an unarmed man named timothy thomas. it was the tipping point in frayed relations between the police department and the black community in cincinnati. tonight' s townhall meeting is expected to focus on changes that were made the collaborative agreement and more community based policing. cincinnati has emerged as a model for police-community relations in the years since. there has been a lot of talk about cincinnati being the model for incidents like cincinnati -- for incidents like ferguson and baltimore.
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andrew setters. mark: another new plan to reduce violent crime. lisa: this one is designed to clamp down on specific locations. cincinnati police are focusing on crime data, and they say there are 20 hot spots that need to be turned around. the city is installing street lights and speed bump,s and -- speed bumps and officials are , also counting on community backing to reverse the spike in violence. chief issac: this is what they' ve asked us to do -- focus on the violent crime, focus on these locations that contribute to that crime. lisa: police want businesses and corporations to know they will be held accountable from a criminal standpoint if their property is a haven for drugs, guns, and gangs. mark: while city leaders work to implement that plan, cincinnati police are investigating two shootings in the same neighborhood. the first happened just after
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hill-vista lane. then, shortly after 7:00 police , responded to a second shooting near northbend and colerain. here' s a look at the second scene. officers say a 23-year-old man was shot in the back in a drive by shooting. he' s expected to survive. police have not released details on a suspect. in the first shooting, police say the victim is a 17-year-old. he' s also expected to recover. police say they have identified him, but are not releasing his name yet. witnesses tell police they saw 3 possible suspects leaving in a gray or silver chevy malibu with a sun roof. anyone with more information should call crimestoppers. lisa: the adams county sheriff' s looking for a missing woman suffering from several dental and medical issues. she is 56-year-old wanda lewis. she was last seen wearing blue jeans, pink tennis shoes, and a black puffy jacket. she was also using a silver walking cane.
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mark: new reports on a recent trend was cincinnati firefighters. the cincinnati fire department has seen a jump with firefighter retirement rate following the death of fire apparatus operator daryl gordon. the report says the department expected 11 retirements this year, but 17 firefighters have already retired and six more are expected to do the same in the months to come. this is putting a stress on the overtime budget, which was set for $1.6 million dollars. the department is now expecting to spend $4 million. lisa: the new streetcar is not running yet, and already it may cause problems for people living or working near it. now, any contractor, utility, or person who needs to work near the tracks or overhead high-voltage wires must have a special permit. the track access permit is on top of other permits you might need. feet of the tracks, or 10 feet 7.5 of the wires.
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september. hundreds evacuated just up the road. mark: that we are learning about a train that went off the tracks in northern ohio. a live look outside through our city cam. we are hoping to see our shadow, or are we not? randi: if he seizes shadow, he is scared, he goes back in, and there is more winter-time. i put my bet on devin mesoraco. if you bring summer, i am all about it. 36 degrees closer to downtown. it is cool to start, but it will be spring-like in the afternoon. 50 degrees at lunchtime. spotty rain for the drive home
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than s wlwt news 5. leading the way. we' ll check the forecast in a minute. first we are checking out the roads. things will pick up shortly. kyla: it is like clockwork. phi l is in charge of the weather, but i think he is ordering nice rose can -- nice of road conditions. here is 471. off to a great start northbound and southbound. no matter what part of northern kentucky are heading to, you should not have any problems. all of our speed is looking good .
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northbound on 471 through northern kentucky, five-minutes. earlier we were up to six-minutes, now we are down. we are still working out favorably. things are getting heavy northbound over the daniel carter beard bridge. we' ll keep an eye on it. no extra time is needed. lisa: thank you. the time is 6:4 team. we are checking today' s headlines. in a pennsylvania criminal court today. cosby and his attorneys are assault case against him thrown out. he is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his pennsylvania home in 2004. more than 50 women have accused bill cosby of sexual misconduct. mark: the epa is investigating after a train containing liquid petroleum went off its tracks and caught fire near canton. it happened last night in brewster, ohio.
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fire and smoke into the air, and hundreds of residents were asked to evacuate the area. investigators are still trying to determine what caused the crash. lisa: hillary clinton and ted cruz are the winners after the iowa caucuses on monday. the vote for democrats was called early this morning, and iowa democrats described the race as a historically close caucus. ted cruz was named the republican winner last night. donald trump finished second , just ahead of marco rubio. college coaches across the country are getting ready for national signing day, tomorrow. mark: out west, ucla is very proud about a commitment from a 5-star recruit. they tweeted out that they were able to sign cade spinello a 9-year-old who is blind and has been battling a brain tumor for 4 years. he' s also a huge ucla fan. spinello has been around the bruins' program since last season, when he was brought in to participate in practice one day, but now he' s officially a bruin. here' s a picture of his letter of intent. that is awesome.
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there will be celebrations across the country. lisa: nothing gets more hype than the event in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. miriah: the small town is known for punxsutawney phil. as the legend has it, if the ground hog sees his shadow winter will last another six weeks, but if not an early spring is expected. the annual event brings people in by the thousands. the normal population of punxsutawney is about five -- about people, today that 5000 number is expected to rise to more than 15000. here in ohio, we have our own furry, weather expert. buckeye chuck will come out today in marion to make his own prediction. over the years chuck has done pretty well. he has made the right call about 70% of the time. it sounds like he is giving phil
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mark: don' t shortchange randi, she is related to punxsutawney royalty. randi: my brother-in-law was born in punxsutawney on groundhog day as phil saw his shadow. they invite him back every year. miriah: was he the only one worn on that day in that town? randi: it is not a big town. what an honor. i will post a picture so you can see.
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tonight, we turn to spring-like thunderstorms. it will be gusting through the afternoon and tomorrow. gusting wind is the primary concern. we could see stronger storms after 9:00. concern. the tornado risk is pretty low. the more likely areas to see tornadic activity will be tennessee and the southern gulf coast states. this will bring lizard conditions in two portions of iowa, snow into wisconsin. we are on the warmer side. you can see in cincinnati, we will have temperatures all the way in the 60' s. the clouds are rolling in with most places in the 30' s. jacket weather this morning, this afternoon i am sure you will see people rocking shorts.
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5:00 this afternoon, most places cincinnati and south in the upper 60' s with upper 50' s across the northern communities. rain showers will slowly creep in and ramp up after sunset. it seems very spring-like. hopefully that urges phil do not see his shadow. cloudy and breezy and 49. a little bit of spotty rain this afternoon. by 8:00, the thunderstorms are on their way. lunchtime, cloudy, breezy, and mild through the afternoon. a passing sprinkle from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., with the rain getting more frequent toward 8:00. the storms also get more organized. after 8:00, the severe weather chance ramps up with heavier rain from 9:00 to mid night.
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then that line will slowly work east. damaging wind is the primary threat. tomorrow, it will be windy throughout the day with maybe a couple of flurries. tonight, the biggest concern is for wind. the tornado threat is not zero, but it is low -- same thing for hail. spotty rain laden the afternoon. tonight, the storms roll in. strong storms and gusting wind through 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow morning, then we are done. breezy all day tomorrow, middle 50' s. 40 by ride a, 50 by the weekend. lisa: a warning from local health officials. the latest on the spread of the
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. mark: welcome back. 6:23 and 36 degrees as we look outside and one of our usual jam ups in the northbound lanes and the cut in the hell. lisa: -- the cut in the hill. lisa: it really gets a bad name. it is probably time to check in
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kyla: do know it broke down the cut in the hill? -- you do know who broke down the cut in the hill? brian hamrick. if you want a very colorful description of the cut in the hill, ask brian hamrick. it looks good aspires the morning commute is concerned. we have closures in the early morning hours. i had an 75 northbound and southbound, you will see your plane and ramp closures. hop on reading run or use i-71. fortunately, all of the major travel lines are able to use by. lisa: the world health 6:24. organization is now saying the zika virus is an international public health emergency. the cincinnati health department is following the situation, and officials say heading south can be dangerous. zika is transmitted by mosquitoes in areas with warmer
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doctors believe the virus is causing severe birth defects among babies born to mothers who were infected during pregnancy. >> we don' t have it in ohio, but it is in places like georgia, where a person can come back to georgia, get bit by one of those mosquitos, and then bite someone who is pregnant, who is trying to get pregnant. lisa: so far no locally transmitted zika cases have been reported in the continental u.s., but the cdc says cases have been reported in returning travelers. mark: the legal blood alcohol level may become lower for drivers. the national transportation safety board is asking states to lower the legal limit from .08 to .05. they say it' s a way reduce alcohol-related road accidents. in the last 15-years, 1/3 of all highway deaths involved alcohol. lisa: happening right now, the christ hospital tower in mount auburn is lit up red for american heart month. christ hospital is also encouraging people to take part
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friday by wearing red. heart disease is the number one killer of both women and men in america. mark: let' s check in with randi . unseasonably one temperatures. lisa: bring on the 60' s. right now it feels like winter time. randi: the groundhog will be correct, depending on what part of the day you look at the forecast. up in the 60' s this afternoon with some storms. as we look at the wlwt radar, we are on the warm-side of this system, but that will bring rain showers into the afternoon and storms after 9:00 p.m. if you are heading out this evening to train for the flying pig, hank you for sending in this photo with the piggy emojis
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showers will increase after 9:00 p.m. the early afternoon is the better bet for getting in a run. we go through all kinds of weather before we get into the first weekend of may. windy conditions all day tomorrow. lisa: kentucky police officers on the wrong side of the law. the trial starting today in
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>> i mark: an early morning decision in iowa. the latest on the presidential race after a tight race in the hawkeye state. lisa: a child abuse case involving a babysitter. the potential jail time for the suspect after a plea deal in campbell county. mark: a cyclist ,killed by a hit and run driver. how the cycling community is reacting to the difficult news. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 "today. mark: good morning. we are taking another live look from texas connie with the festivities well underway. -- from plucks a tawny
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pu nxsutawney, with the festivities well underway. randi: that was probably the most boring of all the stuff we have seen this morning. and crazy costumes. good timing, everybody. live tv. we are talking about punxsutawney phil. spring or winter. the storm system below me has that with it. we have a strong system with blizzard conditions in iowa and springlike thunderstorms toward us into the evening. we are starting with cloudy skies. here is the storm system into missouri with warmer air and rain.
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conditions later today with heavy snow extending into wisconsin. we are on the warm side. when you think of the spring, we have a slight risk for stronger storms into the late evening hours. most places starting in the 30' s. 27 in harrison. 36 downtown. 34 in walton, kentucky. clouds are rolling in over the next couple of hours. 8:00 a.m., 35-degrees. 50 at lunchtime. maybe even middle 60' s for our extreme southern communities. people will be rocking shorts and foot lots. -- and flip-flops. at 4:00, maybe spotty rain . after 8:00 or 9:00, we have the
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concern. we will look at the timeline in first, let' s check the roads. kyla: we will check several points of the 275 loop. along 71-75 at 270 five, northbound is picking up. it is getting heavier. it is fanning out on the southbound side. that is what we see as we get closer to 7:00. milford and loveland, things look good near 131. it is getting heavier toward i-71. 275 in the springdale-forest park area -- traffic looks good and evenly spread. no accidents to report. morning. mark: the results are in after a lisa: miriah turner is at the live alert desk, breaking down the results. miriah: not much drama for the republicans.
6:27 am
last night, topping donald trump and marco rubio. he was a bit of a surprise, since trump was leading before the caucuses. now, it' s official for the democrats -- hillary clinton picked up more delegates than bernie sanders. that' s according to iowa' s democratic party, which says this is the closest race in caucus history. clinton entered the race as the heavily favored frontrunner, and found herself trying to beat back an unexpectedly strong challenge from sanders. hillary clinton: as i' ve stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief -- thank you, iowa. senator sanders: i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment. miriah: in new hampshire, though polls are showing a clear favorite for bernie sanders and donald trump. the new hampshire primary is one
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lisa: our coverage of last night' s caucuses continues online. we have a special feature on the importance of iowa with the caucus winner since 1980. we also have 9 great quotes about the iowa caucuses. it' s all on a former babysitter will be sentenced after pleading guilty to two counts of child abuse. mark: dan griffin is in newport with the latest developments on the case. dan: for the families involved, this is the end to a year-long nightmare. desiree rankin will face a judge for sentencing in the case of child abuse and a four-month old she was babysitting. the mother first noticed that her daughter was bruised and was twitching in late 2014. the doctor told her the injuries
6:29 am
she has pleaded with an alford plea, meaning she does not admit guilt, but does admit that there is evidence that could be damaging. the mother of the four-month-old child is pushing for selfies law to make a registry for convicted child abusers. in newport, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: a pleasant ridge man heads to court for inappropriately touching patients. the woman woke up and jumped out of bed to find help. he later admitted to touching other women at the hospital. he will be arraigned on sexual imposition this afternoon. the start of a kidnapping trial for a kentucky police chief and an officer. caroll county chief michael willhoite, and officer ronald dickow are accused of taking a
6:30 am
station instead of a treatment facility. investigators say the two bought adam horine a one-way ticket to florida and then drove him to , louisville to board the bus. mark: upgraded charges for a driver accused of hitting and killing a man on a bike while she was on drugs. investigators say mindy woodall hit michael prater on u.s. 52 near asbury road in anderson township on sunday. officers found syringes and other drug paraphernalia in her suv. because prater did not survive , woodall is now charged with vehicular homicide. fellow cyclists in the community say this death should remind all drivers to pay more attention when they see pedestrians or cyclists on the road. >> pedestrians and cyclists to not have metal surrounding them so when we get hit by cars, we , die or are injured severely. mark: michael prater' s friends and family have set up a
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money for his wife and family. so far, it has collected nearly $16,000. lisa: you can help residents in flint, michigan get clear water, by drinking local beer. some local brewers are donating to the flint water fund. from every pint sold through one dollar friday will be donated. taprooms that are participating include, rhinegeist, dogbarry, 50 west, eight ball, and urban artifact. kyla: hopefully, this will not cause any stop traffic. when they move it out of the way, you will be clear. we will let you know if it causes any delays. overall, 40-miles-per-hour.
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in the northwest corner, things look good. i 71 at 65-miles-per-hour. things look good read bank north and southbound picking up in volume. let' s go to randi rico. randi: in the afternoon, it should be decent. it is after 8:00 and 9:00 that we will have potential trouble. it is a little on the cold side. temperatures in the 30' s, which, for this time of the year, is not that that. -- not that bad. in the afternoon, temperatures in the 60' s. we are pushing 50 and 60 degrees when the kids get off the bus. we could see spotty sprinkles as early as 3:00 or 4:00, but most rain chances hold off until 6:00 p.m. we will look at the complete forecast in a couple of minutes.
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space. the goal, and where you will be seeing them. mark: a special surprise at a local high school to grant a dying wish. making sure dad and daughter are together for a very important day.
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we will check more h (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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mark: welcome back. a senior at lakota west was able to break out her cap and gown about four months early. lisa: school leaders helped with a small ceremony to make sure her dad was there for her graduation day. this was the big day for stevee candrl. stevee' s dad, mike, is battling cancer. he was only given six months to live, and he has been fighting for more than a year. now, the cancer is taking a toll, so with just two-weeks of planning, mike was able to see his daughter get her diploma, -- her diploma. >> he didn' t really know what was really going on. then, mr. card starting playing graduation music and i walked down the stairs. lisa: while stevee didn' t receive an actual diploma on sunday, she does have a 4.5 gpa and will have no problem making it through her final semester. best wishes to her and her dad. recent advances in technology have led to major strides in communication for the healthcare field. mark: uc health west chester is the latest in a string of
6:37 am
to their care. kyla woods is here with the innovative changes. kyla: another exciting addition to the greater cincinnati area -- we are leading the way on a hospital stays aren' t typically considered pleasant, but with access to a good mix of technology -- including medical records, pandora, and netflix -- a patient might be a little bit more comfortable. starting today uc health west chester will launch my uc health bedside, an interactive experience. each patient, with the help of a liasion who will introduce each feature, will be able to effectively communicate with hospital staff with the touch of a button. it gives patients and their families unprecedented access to what they need and cuts down on missed messages or medications. >> we' ve actually had patients come to us and tell us hey i' m , missing a medication that i usually get at home. >> i can do everything on it that i can at home, so it' s like
6:38 am
here with me. kyla: non-urgent requests, such as ice chips and snacks, can also be made through the administrators at uc health west chester told us that within 5 years this could be the standard for most medical insititutions. mark and lisa? lisa: happening today. the a.c. hotel cincinnati north is opening its doors and this is going beyond bedrooms and room service. marriott is behind the multi - million dollar project and the company says this will be a mixed-use development targeting millennial and business travelers. marriott also has plans to build an a.c. hotel at the banks and that will open next spring. mark: a unique idea is going to come to life this summer across the river. miriah turner is here now with a look at how covington is turning a parking space into a pop-up park. miriah: covington is calling
6:39 am
they are temporary, interactive parks and they are desigend to help drive local business. the parklets will vary in design from stationary bicycles , that generate power to watch movies. to a garden space with hopscotch outside braxton brewery. >> we' re actually going to use some pieces of the garden to tell stories about our beer, tell stories about our business, and we' re thinking about even growing things in those gardens that could make their way into our beer. miriah: the parklets will open the first week in may and last through november. organizers say the project will eliminate five city parking spots, but all the businesses we talked to were not concerned. 60' s here on out. it will feel like spring is on the way. you have dry weather with some will be a complex spring-like
6:40 am
it will be a different story to the north. the northern portion of the system has cold air, snow, and blizzard warnings for iowa. heavy snow is expected into northern wisconsin. we are on the warmer side, and will see the potential for stronger storms and severe weather into the evening. you can see the severe weather threat to map. cincinnati is on the northern fringes that could see strong storms overnight. it is more likely that central kentucky, south into tennessee, and in to the -- and into the gulf coast will be the hotspots for severe weather. the tornado threat is not zero, but it is pretty low. it ramps up toward louisville. starting 36 degrees. it is cool, feeling like 28 thanks to the wind at
6:41 am
it will be windy today and tomorrow. at lunchtime, almost at 50. lower 60' the afternoon. claudia, -- cloudy, stray rain at 3:00 or 5:00. futurecast shows clouds through the morning with maybe a passing rain shower at 3:00. heavier rainstorms around 9:00. between 9:00 and midnight, heavy rain. at 2:00 a.m., heavy downpours and gusty wind that will move out early in the morning tomorrow. grab my water for me, real quick . 62 is where we are going. rain tonight dipping down to 49,
6:42 am
tomorrow, windy all day. back toward 50 or so for the weekend. lisa: the iowa results are in. mark: the candidates with momentum days before the new hampshire primary. lisa: another live look in pu nxsutawney. we will talk about this party in your top stories.
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mark: good morning. checking the top 5 stories of the morning, hillary clinton and ted cruz are the winners in iowa. lisa: the vote for democrats was decided early this morning and iowa. democrats described the race as a historically close caucus. less than half a percentage point and just a few delegates separated hillary clinton and bernie sanders. it was more convincing for ted cruz. last night. donald trump landed in second place, just ahead of marco rubio. the new hampshire primary is next and it' s a week from today. the today show will have the latest on iowa and new hampshire coming up in a few minutes.
6:46 am
then we are going to south carolina, where we will have a lot of people, just as we did in iowa. lisa: the today show will have the latest coming up. mark: a former babysitter will be sentenced after pleading guilty to two counts of child abuse. dan griffin is in newport with the latest developments. dan: that sentencing comes more than one year after mother noticed her daughter had losing and started twitching. desiree rankin will face a campbell county judge this morning for sentencing. she agreed to an alford plea deal meaning that she will face three months in jail or on house arrest. in maine she does not admit to guilt, but agrees there is evidence that could be damaging. the mother is now spreading word of sophie' s law to create a registry for convicted child
6:47 am
her attorney is saying that reagan admits no wrong doing in this case. we are alive in newport. lisa: our third top story, xavier university looking down at the cincinnati race riot 15 years later. andrew setters is leading the way in evanston with a town hall meeting. andrew: the average exam your was just a kid when the riots happened. the rest of the community and they will learn about it at the cintas center. they will talk about what has changed. they will talk about the collaborative agreement, community-taste --
6:48 am
there will be folks that played an important role in getting cincinnati through the post rate riots. they will focus on things like economic inclusion at the cintas center. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: a sycamore township man cited for zombie nativity scene is asking the judge to throw out the case. he is facing fines for zoning violation. the township says that he is expressing his artistic speech. lisa: the party is going strong in punxsutawney . the annual celebration has been hopping for a while. the crowd has been waiting anxiously to see punxsutawney phil. if the groundhog sees his
6:49 am
if not, they early spring is expected. the prediction is decided ahead of time, but it is all about the party. 60 -- 65 miles north of pittsburgh. they know what will be decided. randi: the whole shadow thing is a farce? i like to think that he is up patterns. i just saw a tweet from buckeye the more reliable of the groundhogs. he is awake. he did tweet last night that he was studying weather models and ocean currents. today, during the morning drive, it feels chilly outside.
6:50 am
we are talking lower 60' s in the evening. maybe light areas of brain. -- of rain. clouds this morning, may be a passing shower into the early part of the evening commute with things ramping up between 9:00 and 2:00. thunderstorms are possible with strong wind. we are under a slight risk for severe weather. it does look like that threat is better for central and southern kentucky and tennessee. we will watch that through the evening. 62 degrees today. the thing at the bottom of this grain is mr. groundhog. it looks better when i make him
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