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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randi: we have high -- we have had highs and we have had lows. temperatures. in the 30' s. it will be cloudy, breezy. when you see people walking around in shorts in t-shirts, you know that they did not check out with the forecast because wings change pretty quickly. expect mid-20' s windchills. this morning, starting off the cloudy skies. in the middle of the night, we had a couple of flurries. most places checking in with those cloudy skies and cold temperatures. 32 officially at cvg. maysville, kentucky at 36. you are in the 30' s right now. some towns may slide into the upper 20' s as we approach sunrise. but generally, stuck in the 30' s all day. 32. noon, cloudy, breezy, 32 degrees. wind chill likely low 20' s. this afternoon, 35 or the high.
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tonight. a lot of sunshine is on tap as we head through the weekend. on a cold night ahead. -- but a cold night ahead. kyla: in st. bernard, the accident that we have been keeping a close eye on has completely cleared. that was on mitchell and you are good to go in all lanes. 275 at route for on the northern edge of the loop, things are looking as a shed. starting to pick up as far as a volume, but that is very typical. 71 at montgomery road at kenwood, southbound getting heavier as we typically see this time of the morning. across the river, 71/75 looking good and picking up in both directions. northbound certainly building, but no delays. we'll continue to keep you updated. a much better start than what we have been dealing with with that accident. mark: thank you.
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a deadly fire in lebanon. dan griffin is live with the latest from investigators. dan: we now know this morning the name of the man who was in the home killed by the fire. wilson scott packard. he lived with his mother another brother here. it was such an active scene, still an active scene. they are still -- there are still investigators an the american red cross just showed up. fire crews will be here in the state fire marshal. video shows the scene a short while ago. investigators made their way here just after 2:00 a.m. what they found was a man dead in the bedroom. they do not know what exactly happened. there is a high likelihood that this happened because he may have been smoking in bed.
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take a closer look. a moment occurred in this storage -- in this story too. his mother heard the smoke detectors in ran out of the house. take a listen. >> she was awakened by the working smoke detector that was inside. dan: this is just one of those moments that it really pays to have the smoke detectors in. we are learning the smoke detectors can save a life. at this point, the family ensure devastation. you are told they are in a neighbor' s home talking and trying to get through all of this. state fire marshal, police, other people will be here taking part in not only boarding up the home, but investigating how this all happen. of course, we' ll continue to follow this story an bring you the very latest. we are live in lebanon, dan griffin. lisa: thank you for the update. more issues or hoverboards and
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mark: investigators are blaming a house fire on an exploding hover board. check out this damage in miamisburg. a 12-year-old was charging his hoverboard inside the house, his family says it began smoking and then exploded. they threw the board out of the home and doused it with water. >> it appears that in burst apart an caught part of the carpeting in house on fire. >> don' t buy them. do your research. we thought we were buying the right one and we want. mark: several hoverboards brands had battery pack issues . the u.s. consumer product safety commission has had at least 48 fires in 20 states all caused by the lithium ion battery packs. family of taylor grant. the five-year-old live-in battling neuroblastoma has died. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters has the breaking details shared on the breaking news.
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so much of taylor' s fight with their loss. taylor grant passed away yesterday afternoon and we have been with taylor for the past two months as a five-year-old bravely battled neuroblastoma . he inspired so many people to join "team taylor." his mother posted a message to his facebook page saying that he had died in that taylor had earned his wings. there will be a service open to the public, but the details have not been announced just yet. lisa: some good news for tax people in indiana. the indiana department of revenue works with tax preparing companies to help taxpayers who make $62,000 or less. nearly two million people qualify for the program and the state says it has several advantages, including faster refunds.
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despite the measure failing last november, there' s still a push to pass it in the buckeye state. mark: but this time around, the focus is on medical use. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is -- andrew setters late in the way on today' s in. or, good morning. andrew: the marijuana legislation went before voters last fall. the discussion is taking place today. you can say it is about taking baby steps in the effort to legalize marijuana. senators dave burke t in there listening tour in the will give from patients about how medical marijuana could impact their treatment. the forum will take place today at 11:00 at the university of cincinnati. you will have a chance to speak out about restrictions on marijuana in the state of ohio and this is not the only discussion at the state level to talk about the idea of medical
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it is another group that has been put together, including state lawmakers, law enforcement, in some of the supporters of the marijuana legalization effort that is also having some more discussions. reporting live, andrew setters. mark: andrew, thank you. the columbus airport' s trading employees to recognize signs of human trafficking. the getting this month, all 400 employees at port columbus will watch a 30 minute video on how to recognize the signs. the international airport has investigators trained to detect trafficking. the hamilton county of elections is moving to norwood. the board has been scouring the area for a new home and they voted unanimously recommending a site on norwood on smith wrote. it has to get the stamp of approval from county commissioners. telling them.
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abundance of free parking and along several bus lines and right off the norwood lateral. much more central and accessible to a large majority of voters. i think that is why you saw the board pass it on a bipartisan basis. mark: cincinnati' s mayor objects to the shift away from downtown. lisa: 6:08. the irs has issues with its computer system input i halt to electronic filing. jennifer davis is in washington with the latest. >> the irs has because of a widespread computer failure, it had to stop accepting electronically filed tax returns yesterday. it is unclear on what triggered the failure. they said the website failure prompted the shutdown. the tax agency said it is working to get everything back up in running, but expect some systems may not be available until today.
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the agency says it does not expect any major disruptions when it comes to refunds. it believes 90% of taxpayers will receive those refunds within three weeks. in washington, i' m jennifer davis. lisa: the zika virus spreading in the u.s.. mark: the state declaring a state of emergency because of the virus. lisa: the moment that had the presidential candidate going with from his podium. mark: and a live look from city cam. randi, what is coming our way? randi: more cold air and more 30' s. we are basically stuck in the 30' s. 33 in westchester. 33 in fort mitchell. 33 in lawrenceburg. plan on temperatures there freezing right now and staying there most of the day. you will want to grab that
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few towns. lunchtime, feeling like 25. no worries, warmer air on tap. lisa: thank you. mark: we went to say congrats to all the local athletes going on to play college sports. we have a gallery for you to
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> you're watching wlwt news 5 today. leading the way. mark: good morning, everyone. consider: 13 your time. 32 degrees right now. taking a live look outside as you get up an get moving on your thursday morning. we want to see how things are
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kyla is here to look at what is happening on the roads. kyla: jets are you know, the jeremiah morrow bridge construction -- look how excited she gets. it is are absolutely favorite construction project. lisa: it is because it has not stopped. [laughter] kyla: guess what? it is happening today. it never stops. i know you love it. [laughter] lisa: i am so glad it is about the bridge. [laughter] kyla: no other big surprises this morning. [laughter] this construction will take place this morning heading into lunchtime. here is a look -- 71 north in southbound. it is going to be both sides of the bridge this morning at 7:30 in that will linger until about noon today. plan for that.
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now in little south of there at 71 mason montgomery were all lanes moving pretty well. we'll can take -- we'll continue to keep you updated. lisa: we have an update on breaking news. investigators on the scene of this deadly house fire. this is kuntz lebanon. we are told a 66-year-old man named wilson scott back heard has died. the fire apparently started in a bedroom. mark: in northern kentucky man facing child rape charges. according to gill records, the 50 for-year-old was facing three counts an the alleged victim is under the age of 12. lisa: the sexual assault against bill cosby will move forward. a judge refused to throw out the
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his lawyers try to say that the former prosecutors try to throw out -- mark: governor rick scott has declared -- health officials disease while traveling overseas. the zika virus has been linked to bring deformities in babies. out of the race. rand paul an rick santorum have ended their bids for the white house. mark: the nobel peace prize nominees are out in the list includes donald trump. report says he was nominated by a mystery patron, who praised trump for encouraging peace with his strength ideology. trump is not expected to make the shortlist of nominees. the winner of the nobel peace prize will be announced in the
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a presidential candidate runs off stage while talking with reporters. lisa: it happened when bernie sanders was at the podium during a stop in new hampshire sanders was talking when he heard a crash he noticed a man had collapsed behind him. >> as some of you know, they were -- oh my god! lisa: wow! scary moment there. it took about 30 seconds, but eventually, the man got back on his feet an walked off the stage. sanders went back to the podium at continue to take questions. very scary it sounded like a hard fall, too. it is probably a warm room, lots of people and people standing for so long. let' s check the forecast with
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we keep talking about february being back. darn it. randi: it will feel like february today only. we will get back on track with seasonable temperatures starting tomorrow. today, grab the thicker coats . expect to be cloudy, breezy, but seeing that it is thursday, it is not too early to look ahead to the weekend in we have a well-timed warm-up as we head towards super bowl sunday. looking at the radar, we have cloudy skies all across ohio, kentucky, and indiana. yet light drizzle and maybe a few passing flurries. most of them have come to an end. if we are lucky, we will see sunshine peeking out before sunset tonight. yesterday' s focus was the high water. we had heavy rain tonight in a row. the focus mainly for the ohio river at cincinnati.
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-- that spot has not been getting a reading in 24 hours. good chance it is below flood stage. if you drill by the ohio, it is running very high in did go about action stage over the last 24 hours. sitting at 42.1 two feet. that continues flooding issues right near coney, the usual first bought an will fall back below action stage again early on monday morning. right now, temperatures has been pretty steady for the last several hours thanks to the cloudy skies here at most places sitting close to freezing. 31 at springboro. 30 at batesville, indiana. right now, with the temperature at 32, winds about 10 miles per hour. makes it feel like 24. expect windchills in the 30' s most of the day. i thought :00 this afternoon,
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most places 34 to 37 degrees. a cold day, all day. futurecast showing a few clouds. it will be clear tonight, that means cold tomorrow. we will be dow close to 20 degrees for the low. for today, 35, cloudy, and breezy. tonight, dipping down to 20, but we come above average. 46 saturday, 51 on sunday. enjoy the weekend again because temperatures will be feeling a lot more like winter next week as a temperatures will be in the 30' s. lisa: the cargo to the junkyard. how toyota is planning to phase out the car brand.
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lisa: welcome back on your thursday morning. kyla: a quick look at your roadways. we' ll have another look at traffic in a couple of minutes. the want to talk about a new offer at a movie theater. a new theatre in liberty township is now offering a sensory friendly movie experience for children and families who need it. starting this weekend and lasting until june, cobb theaters will show a movie
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feature a brighter auditorium with lowered sound levels. guests are encouraged to be themselves and interact with each other without the worry of distracting other guests. all of the films will begin at 10:00 a.m. on saturday. this weekend' s showing is " kung fu panda 3." lisa. lisa: toyota is ending its scion brand. cyan was started in 2003 as a separate brand targeting younger buyers. they were designed to be easily customizable. mark: amazon planning to open hundreds more brick & mortar bookstores. reports say amazon hopes to open up 400 bookstores. it opened its first in seattle in november. amazon declined to comment on its future plans. but the move would be a reversal for amazon, which has put several in-store chains out of business. lisa: we are at
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is going to stay at freezing for a while. randi: it is not the nice, warm air we have had for the last couple of days. i saw the middle schoolers walking past my place a last couple of days wearing shorts in t-shirts. not today. if you are training for the flying pig , you may have to bundle up a little more today. right around 32. when you are out there, snap a picture as you are training for the pig. we will be sharing those as we train for the race the first weekend in may. if you do have a longer run planned for the weekend, warming up again, upper 40' s, the 50' s. that is not too bad. next week -- temperatures do take a turn. let' s check the roads. kyla: ever since we got a
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bernard, we have continued our good streak of traffic here it showing green conditions all of the place. that means all of our speed looking good at or above the posted limit. 55 miles an hour northbound from the 275 interchange up to 471. a quick five minute commute to the daniel carter beard bridge. traffic picking up northbound. nothing out of the ordinary. we are accident-free. you don' t need a whole lot of extra time. or so. lisa: kyla, thank you. news. a deadly house fire in lebanon. the latest from the scene with what happened overnight. >> and a young boy who has inspired so many people with his fight for cancer lost his
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the [inaudible] mark: a man died inside his warren county home. lisa: a courageous fight comes to an end. what we are learning from a local family after the passing of taylor grant. mark: closing down after 60 years. a local shop preparing for its final sale. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today."
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good morning to you. i' m lisa cooney. mark: i' m mark hayes. a deadly fire is under investigation in lebanon. dan griffin live at the scene for us this morning with what he learned about the victim. miriah: it is a scene of devastation. we are on kunt z court 11 in. crews take a closer look at a home where a man was killed by flames. we are learning his name -- wilson scott. he lived here with his mother at a brother. his mother ran out of the house in her the smoke detector going off and ran to a neighbor' s house for help. investigators say that happened just after 2:00 a.m. when they came here. they showed up, they fought the flames, found wilson scott in
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the american red cross is on the scene and there is a company here boarding up windows. investigators say the fire is not considered suspicious, it is considered accidental, and there is a high probability that it was caused by smoking in bed. other investigators will be here to take a closer look at that. we will continue the story as we go through this morning. mark: dan, thank you. 6:31. we have a live look in downtown cincinnati. a chilly start to the day. the roller coaster ride continues, we are up, down, up, down. but we are down this morning. we are buckled in and met the height requirement. [laughter] randi: the temperatures have been up and down all over the place. the good news is that we are halfway there. happy halfway through winter, guys!
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the last couple of weeks we have had some bumpy spots. 45 days until the start of spring. we all know the start of spring cincinnati seems further away. temperatures are starting off in the 30' s. 32 degrees at cvg. 32 -- everyone hanging out close to freezing. there is a bit of a breeze and feels like the mid-20' s outside. everybody. the other point to stick around for us until the middle of the afternoon. before sunset. overnight, we had a couple of flurries, light, patchy drizzle. cloudy skies and breezy conditions. the upper 20' s.
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with some wind still feeling like the mid 20' s. by 4:00, 35. temperatures not changing much today. thursday, you can make it through, think one thought because we do warm-up for the weekend. first, let' s check the roads. kyla, looking good so far. kyla: it has. a pretty good thursday commute shaping up so fine. along the 275 loop at milford at 131, things are picking up. that is what happens in the last 30 minutes of the 6:00 hour. 275 anne mosteller near i-75, seeing if you break lights. -- seeing a few break lights. finally starting to see things
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mark: condolences social media this morning for the family of taylor grant. lisa: the five-year-old who has been battling cancer has died. andrew setters has breaking details shared online by the good morning. andrew: the family has shared so much of their battle with cancer and is now sheree no loss. taylor grant passed away yesterday afternoon. we have been there with taylor for the past few months as the break five-year-old fought cancer. his mother posted a video to taylor' s facebook page letting them know he lost his cancer five yesterday afternoon. she said, no more suffering, or pain, he has earned his wings. at this point right now, they know that people want to be publicly involved in the
6:29 am
there is going to be a public service. the have not released details for that at this point. it has only been a couple of hours since he passed. reporting live, andrew setters. lisa: an commitment 2016, the democratic candidates get heated in new hampshire. miriah turner is that our live alert desk right now with a look at the town hall meeting in the granite state. miriah: the democratic battle in new hampshire is eating up with candidates going after each other stronger than ever. hillary clinton an bernie sanders clashed over who is the true champion of so-called progressive politics. >> we sure a lot of the same, they progressive goals, but we have different ways of going about them. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pack and takes $50 million from wall street. [applause] miriah: looking back to iowa,
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showing. his camp said he had got a big boost, $3 billion in 24 hours. sanders has a strong lead in new hampshire polls. after the primaries, clinton has a chance to bounce back. bill clinton campaigned for his wife in south carolina last night while hillary tried to make up ground in new hampshire. hillary clinton even delayed a fund-raising trip to spend more time in new hampshire. owners across the country will see both candidates tonight. the latest debate is set for tonight into 10 you can catch it -- and ticket on nbc. lisa: we have the six takeaways from last night on our website, strengths, and weaknesses on mark: a push in new hampshire continues, more candidates are dropping out. rand paul in rick santorum both dropped out of the presidential race.
6:31 am
support at marco rubio. marco rubio placed third behind ted cruz an donald trump. rand paul is not planning to endorse a candidate before the new hampshire primary. his camp says he is focused on his senate reelection bid. happening today, ohio senators are coming to cincinnati to discuss medical marijuana. it is a part of the ohio listening tour. the public form is at s campus. the senatorss wants to get the public' s opinion. the form begins at 11:00. lisa: a downtown clothing store is closing its doors after six decades in cincinnati. the signs are up at the house of adam on vine street for the going out of business sale that starts today. this store opened in 1955. no word when it will close for good. mark: athletic directors from the big 12 conference our
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conference expansion is expected to be a topic of discussion at u.c. is one of the schools that can go to the big 12. the cats are in the athletic conference, but school leaders have been working behind the scenes to make a move at one of the power five conferences. lisa: let' s talk about traffic right now. it is 6:30 5, 30 two degrees. kyla, good morning to you. kyla: we are seeing pretty clear conditions. starting off drive. on our map, green conditions still remain. not singing a whole lot of delays as you get ready to head outside. in the overnight hours, you may see delays on i 75 north and southbound. we had been giving your reminders about the construction. it will occur between 11:00 and 5:00. it will impact her ramp closures
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at western hills, as expected, things are getting heavy both north and southbound. still no problems to report. let' s check in with meteorologist randi rico. not a bad february day. randi: we are starting out in the 30' s. this morning, most places just cloudy and breezy. showing a couple of flurries, and drizzle activity last night. this morning, make sure the kids have their coats. it has been warm for days. feels like temperatures in the mid 20' s, but it could field like the upper teens in some parts of town. this afternoon, 35. so cloudy and way colder than the last few days. number weather is on the way. if these into the weekend.
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mark: a new push to adopt from hamilton county. what they want you to babysit to keep your community say. lisa: paving the way for bikers and walkers. a new plan to make it safer for everyone on the roads. mark: taking a live look for you outside this morning. 6:39. 32 degrees. we will update your most
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mark: good morning and welcome back. a cooler start this morning as we take a live look from downtown cincinnati. 32 degrees right now. pretty calm as you step outside. lisa: not the case in scotland. have you seen this video? a waterfall turned upside down as wind gust it up to 90 miles per hour. this video was posted to facebook an already received nearly 2 million views. 2 million and one. there' s a new effort to make cincinnati' s streets safe for everyone including cyclists and pedestrians. mark: one cincinnati councilman wants the city to pinpoint the most dangerous intersections and fix them. kyla: concerns are rising after two recent deadly accidents. in the past two months, a runner and bicyclist made headlines, both killed after being hit by a car. now, councilman p.g. sittenfeld is coming forward, saying he' s concerned. in a motion, sittenfeld is calling for the city to identify the most dangerous intersections
6:38 am
hit by vehicles. he says a study to find them would be essentially free, and the costs of improvements would be well worth it. >> i think it' s critical that the city take a proactive approach to make sure that pedestrians and cyclists, no matter where in the city, no matter the neighborhood, are safe wherever they are. kyla: with the flying pig not far off, runners are everywhere. they say a study like this could make a big difference, saving lives and raising awareness to people on the sidewalk and roads. councilman sittenfeld says he expects results from the study in about 45 days. mark? mark: color, thank you. an expansion of the creation museum is one step closer to becoming a reality. zoning commission approved a plan to add a three-story building on the property. the creation museum also wants to add parking lots and a space for traveling exhibits. the plan still needs to go to the fiscal court for approval. mike hovath with the creation museum says the proposed changes would ease traffic issues around the museum as expansions move
6:39 am
>> we have experienced a lot of success with the museum and expect more people coming with the art opening this, and we are positioning ourselves, preparing for the additional crowd. mark: the boone county fiscal court is expected to make a decision this spring. the museum also want to add more attractions every two years. lisa: west chester could be getting a new kroger marketplace after all. trustees are considering an agreement to settle court action rezoning property. developers wanted to build crossers at beckett, but the rezoning request was denied. the issue will be discussed at a trustees' meeting. mark: the ohio river front is getting a makeover. we are now seeing the plans for a project in dayton, kentucky. the ohio riverfront is getting a make-over. plans have been revealed for the project in dayton, kentucky. the biggest addition is the riverfront commons trail,
6:40 am
the entire project is estimated at $24 million and could take up to 15 years to complete, depending on funding. we are approaching severe weather season here in cincinnati. lisa: and while snow is still more likely than thunder hamilton county emergency management is asking for your help when it comes to sirens. wlwt news 5's miriah turner has the details. good morning. miriah: these are the sirens they love. they always go off turner wednesday noon forecast. you may have heard sirens yesterday an always tested the first wednesday every month. the radio back to headquarters making sure the hardware in software are working properly. the technology is not enough. the response agency wants a local residents and businesses to adopt sirens. keeping an eye on the quitman make sure it works properly during each test. they'
6:41 am
-- 400 to 600 volunteers. if you want to know more about it, we have a link on our website at randi rico has an update on your forecast. randi: we take a look for the planner -- it will be cloudy, breezy, temperatures in the 30' s, feels like temperatures in the 20' s. the viewer he is back! -- february his back! the back edge of the clouds back towards chicago. it will be a while before we get the sunshine going. taking a look closer to home, radar shows dry weather, but overnight, we had patchy drizzle, an you may see a stray flurry during the morning hours. this morning, the focus is on the ohio river. it is running pretty high
6:42 am
40.5 feet, above action stage, aunt is expected to crest on saturday afternoon. it will fall back below action stage by monday morning. flooding will be contained by the coney riverbed. as we take a look outside, 32 degrees. wine is is -- winds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. 8:00, cloudy, breezy, and 28. at noon, 35. where we are right now is where we will be the second half of the day. kyle' s will clear around sunset tonight. it is nice to snuggle up with a blanket tonight. tonight, we will be blanketless. futurecast is showing cloudy skies. a passing flake of snow is not out of the question.
6:43 am
then. tonight, we will dip to 20 degrees. today, 35, cloudy, breezy. tonight, dipping down to 20 degrees, clearing and colder. as we head to the weekend, warmer air is on tap. saturday, 46. sunday, 51. we may see a mix of light rain and snow with cold temperatures to follow. for the weekend, things are not looking too back. kyla: we are off to a really good start as far as the roads are concerned. no accidents to report. travel times are looking good. just adding to slow down along 71/75. no big surprise for you northern kentucky commuters. put the four minutes on 275 from the ronald reagan to cvg.
6:44 am
minutes on 71/75 heading northbound. really building, but the northbound side is where you will run into some delays. lisa: staying on top of breaking news this morning after a deadly fire in lebanon. mark: what we are learning about the man who died in what may have happened inside the home. lisa: text trouble for the irs. the snag that can be a problem for your tax return. mark: 6:50 is your time as we take a live look outside. the roller coaster continues, it
6:45 am
yes in lisa: good morning. new details on a crash early this morning. a driver went to the hospital after a serious wreck on mitchell avenue. this is st. bernard. officials say a driver hit two polls. the crash cost officials to shut down both lanes on mitchell. they have reopened. no word on the condition of the driver. gosha local schools due to a power outage. no local preschool today. mark: we are learning a 66-year-old man has died in a
6:46 am
dan griffin is on the scene with the latest. dan: good morning to you. it is certainly a devastating scene on kuntz court in lebanon as investigators continue to take a closer look at a home. we were told that wilson scott thackard lost his live in a fire just hours ago. he was 66 result. investigators made their way after 2:00 a.m. in south thackard dead in the bedroom. they said he lived here with his elderly brother -- mother and brother. there is a high probability that smoking in bed could be a factor. his mother' s ran to a neighbor -- his mother ran to a neighbor' s place to call for help. the american red cross has been here. they will provide a place to stay for the people who live in this home for the next few days.
6:47 am
exact cause. griffin. lisa: an outpouring of support on taylor grant. the five-year-old had been battling neuroblastoma. he has passed away. lisa, taylor grant has earned his wings. that was part of the message delivered on facebook by his mother after his passing last night. we have been there through some of the journey for taylor grant and his family. it is been a long, difficult process from raising money, treatment, raising awareness -- they have been outspoken about this battle. april got on team taylor as he bravely addled counselor. taylor has lost his fight with neuroblastoma. his mother says there is no more suffering or pay for him now. we are waiting to find out the
6:48 am
service that is expected to be held for taylor grant. reporting live, andrew setters. mark: lisa: thank you. major computer issues for the irs. the tax agency was forced to stop accepting electronically file tax return just today. the irs says it could effect refunds, but does not anticipate major disruptions. not sure what triggered the hardware failure. mark: another debate for democratic candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton. chuck todd andrew rachel maddow will moderate. lisa: ohio senators coming to discuss medical marijuana. a public forum starts at 11:00 a.m. at u.c.' s campus. they want to get the public' s input in whether it to be decriminalized in ohio.
6:49 am
s check in with randi. randi: we are starting off cloudy, cool, and breezy. nothing substantial on the radar. if you see flurries, you will not see many of them. generally, it is going to be a cold one. temperatures near 30 degrees. lunchtime, 32. your feel like temperatures will be in the mid 20' s. it is february, it feels like it today, but it gets better by tomorrow. tomorrow morning will be even colder around 20. we will make it to 43 in the afternoon. anti-51 degree high on super
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