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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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still battling a mudslide issue. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your friday, good morning to you, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i mark hayes. thank you joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. let' s go straight to randi rico for the friday forecast. what a gorgeous forecast that happens to be friday. randi: for today, tomorrow, sunday. three great days for you. that will put you in a good mood. these temperatures might not. it is a cold start to the day. most laces starting out in the upper teens and low 20' s. 16 and harrison to batesville. 21 closer to downtown, 24 and mayville is as warm as it gets. clear and cold start, but at least we' re not talking about strong wind. no windchill factor to speak of. clear skies this morning. if you wanted to head over to the cincinnati observatory, a
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you could move quickly to see all planets that are visible at once. as we take a look at the planet today, right now, a chilly start. 21 degrees. noon, sunny, 35. 4:00, 43. 6, 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. as we head into the evening, 8:00 tonight, clear and 36. let' s check the roads. kyla: our biggest issue is a long columbia parkway. we are dealing with high water concerns earlier this week with rain. we are still dealing with remnants from that. a big chunk of mud and debris is sitting in columbia parkway. we will hear from andrew setters who is live there and will be able to give you a close look at that situation. our interstate travel, a great start. 71 at mason-montgomery, rolling along right along this money. across the river, 7175 looking great north and south.
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updated throughout the morning. a smooth start to your friday. lisa: that major mess on columbia parkway will shut down traffic this morning. mark: crews have been out there, dealing with a mudslide this week. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live at where the closure will take place today and has more. andrew? andrew: already you have a , couple lanes closed in-bound on columbia parkway. because of mud slides. that will turn into a full closure later on this morning. it is happening here at bains street anaconda parkway. if you rely on columbia parkway to come into downtown you may want to skip it this morning. mud slides have two of the in-bound lanes closed. that leaves just one line for inbound traffic. if you need to use columbia parkway after 9:00 a.m. you won' t be able to. that' s because all lanes in both directions will be closed starting at 9:00 this morning in order to make room for clean-up crews. from bains street near downtown to torrence parkway you won' t be able to pass because crews will
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flown over the retaining wall. again two lanes closed inbound , on columbia parkway now. that is causing a bottleneck for people. later on this morning at 9:00 a.m., all lanes in both directions will be shut down here for a mudslide cleanup. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. reporting liveandrew setters, wlwt news 5. , lisa: new this morning, a local man is in the hospital with burns from a house fire in harrison. crews responded to a home on harrison avenue around 11:00 last night. the fire was contained to the basement and firefighters tell us three people were inside the home. a woman and a child managed to get out unharmed but a man living in the home had burns on no word on the cause of the fire. a student at u.c. blue ash is in made threats of violence targeting the campus. the student was apparently claiming he would shoot up the
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it into, "a colorado thing." a signed witness affidavit says 20-year-old dondiego bradley made the threat to a tutor on wednesday. the witness claims bradley said college would be a good place to rob people and i could shoot this place up. >> it' s pretty scary to be honest, but hopefully nothing happens. it sounds like the pulley -- the police dealt with it. it is scary because i was just in the math lab. >> i think nobody should take nobody' s life, i don' t care if i like you or dislike you, nobody' s life should be taken . and i don' t think nothing is that serious to bring a gun back to college campus when everybody is just minding their own business. lisa: bradley is facing one count of menacing. his next court date is february 12. mark: in the meantime, good news for water worries in flint, michigan. the epa says the lead levels in the water, are beginning to decrease. they say samplings of water filters in the affected homes show the filters are working. this, as newly released internal e-mails show high ranking officials in the governor' s administration knew of problems
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pennsylvania cities are now 18 reporting higher levels of lead exposure in children than flint, michigan. but unlike flint the source of the lead is not likely in the water but the idea is not completely out of the question. the kirby health center in wilkes-barre supplied the pennsylvania department of children' s blood samples taken throughout the state. the center is citing the most likely sources as lead-based and even some toys. , the crisis is catching the attention of wilkes-barre city' s health department director. >> our goal is to protect the public health of the community and we will do whatever we could , to make sure that is ascertained. mark: wilkes-barre will start its own lead water testing next week. in the meantime health officials have recommended filtered water as a good investment to reduce the risk of ingesting lead. lisa: 5:05 right now, delta is cutting more than 100 jobs. and close to 200 other employees
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cut. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner has more now on why delta says it had to make the local cuts. miriah: 120 delta employees here at cvg will be losing their jobs. another 185 will have their hours cut. delta' s vice president sent a memo to customer service and cargo operations employees. it says the cvg station has been in an overstaffed situation since 2010 after several rounds of restructuring. the v.p. said delta' s goal was to ajust size over the years but that hasn' t happened. he said jobs are available to employees impacted by the cuts if they' re willing to transfer to another airport. where there is an open position in customer service or cargo. cities include new york, seattle, and los angeles. the cuts go into effect may first. a cvg spokeswoman tells wlwt the delta cuts are not expected to affect any local flight schedules. from the live alert desk i' m miriah turner. mark: for the second time in just a matter of years an
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threatened by a sinkhole. plants by wolfangel, off beechmont avenue is in danger of being swallowed up. by a sinkhole again. the last time this happened was in 2011. and it closed the business for 2 years. a break in a storm water pipe caused underground erosion, and rain earlier this week and created the sinkhole. the business owner says a couple days ago there was just a depression in the ground, and she had a feeling something was going on. >> the minute i pulled up close enough to see a wall of brown dirt crumbling, i just honestly started crying. you think, family is going to oh my gosh, have to go through this again. mark: henry says after the last sinkhole they sold off their old , building and part of the property getting a new start. when they sold the property she sold the pipe too. so this shouldn' t be her headache.
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lisa: but it is someone' s headache, for sure. let' s check traffic. kyla: fortunately, not too many headaches outside as far as the morning commute is concerned. the columbia parkway situation, as andrew mentioned, will get tricky this morning as they shut those lanes down at 9:00. you won' t be a look to access east and westbound lanes at that time. once we get into the latter half of 6:00, that is when things will get jammed up along columbia parkway. wide open at 471. if you' re using this for your travel this morning, you should be good to go. 65 miles an hour from the 275 interchange. still a quick five minutes to get you to the daniel carter beard bridge. no problems there. let' s check in with randi rico. it sounds like we have a problem for the weekend as far as the weather. randi: and won' t be as gorgeous as last weekend. not 65 and flip-flops, but still, for february, this is good.
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21 in madeira, 21 in sharonville, most places, 20-ish. there are no wins to speak of. wind is calm and no wind chill factor. if you parked outside, you may have frost on the windshield spirit temperatures in the low 20' s. lunchtime, say skies, 35. for the drive home, feeling good for february. temperatures are in the low 40' s. enjoy the weekend. there is a cold snap on the way next week. we will at that in a few minutes. mark: a fun way to kick off your when we continue a fun way to kick off your weekend. ,lisa: how you can bring a little puppy fun to your office today. mark: and you better get your beads ready. a weekend event allowing the people of covington to celebrate fat tuesday a little early this year. lisa: outside live on your friday, we hope it is a great start for you.
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mark: good morning and welcome back,---happy friday to you. 5:12, a sliver of the mentor looking good on this friday. -- of the moon. checking today' s headlines for you democratic presidential , hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head to head in a debate one last time before the new hampshire primary. in the latest nbc news poll, sanders is leading clinton among likely democratic voters. this was the first time clinton and sanders have debated without former candidate martin o' malley who suspended his campaign after the iowa caucuses. lisa: the monthly job numbers will be released later today. these include the unemployment rate, average hourly earnings, and payrolls. the u.s. job market strengthened at the end of 2015 posting its second-best year of job gains since 1999. mark: it' s time to grease the poles which kicks off the big carnival weekend in new orleans. the 46th annual event will be hosted by actor bryan batt.
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will oil the royal sonesta hotel' s balcony support poles. mardi gras starts february 9. always a lot of fun, i hear. never been. trying to get there. lisa: i have done the st. patrick' s day celebration down there. it is a close second. mark: that may be enough. 5:14 is your time now. speaking of mardi gras there' s another big party this weekend closer to home. lisa: it' s time for the annual mardi gras celebration in mainstrasse village. wlwt news 5' s jennifer schack tells us how covington is getting ready for the big party. jennifer: thousands will be ready to party tonight like fat tuesday. tuesday that is. it' s the 20th celebration in covington this year the party kicks off tonight with plenty of mardi gras fun. this annual new orleans style party brings out thousands it' s a two night celebration. tonight, bars and restaurants will be open at 8:00 for mardi gras fun. then tomorrow night is the
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it will travel thru mainstrasse village with floats, big heads and plenty of beads and bangles. the party will continue inside surrounding bars. there is no cover charge. all ages are welcome at the parade tomorrow evening but you must be 21 to join the party in the bars. lisa: also happening today the dental hygiene clinic at uc blue ash college is offering free dental care to the public. all 220 slots for the event are already filled up. kids will come and get free teeth cleaning while getting a tour of the campus and learn about going to college. the goal of the uc blue ash community dental day is to provide access to dental care for those who do not have dental insurance or who have never been to a dentist. a similar event off north bend road today. lifetime smiles dentistry is hosting the give kids a smile event. the event is free for any kid and walk-ins are welcome. they' ll be providing exam, cleaning, oral hygiene consult, fluoride treatment, and possible
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it goes from 8:00 a.m. to noon today. mark: 25:15 -- 5:15 is your time if you need an easy way to perk , up your friday at work today get your paws on a puppy. happening today in cincinnati you can request a puppies option on your over at twin 11:00 and 3:00 today. this option is only available for offices where you can play with adoptable puppies and potentially take one home with you. this event is to help bring awareness to shelter animals across the queen city. randi: puppies are a good way to perk up your friday. do you know what else is? a decent forecast for the weekend. today, it feels good for february. yesterday, it was on the chilly side. we had flurries around. today, nothing but sunshine. even though it is cool right now, it will feel better this afternoon. a well-timed warm-up your it friday, saturday, sunday, if you
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those should be on the mild side. chances of snow next week great as you look at the radar this morning, clear skies across the area. clear skies, calm wind. that always means it has cooled temperatures to start the day. starting out around 20 degrees per checking in on the river gauges around the area, thanks to the heavy rain we had several nights ago, watching the ohio river at cincinnati. the observation just shy of 42 p. action state' s 43 feet. it went about that in the last 48 hours. expect a crest tomorrow at 43.7 feet and fall back below action stage by late sunday night. flooding contained to near coney and riverbend of your no worries for other areas and going back down by the start of next week. temperature wise, most places in the upper teens and 20' s, 21 at cvg, 21 in loveland, 16 in harrison. a cool start to the day, but it gets better p attends a sunshine by the time we look at 5:00 to kickstart the weekend. most places will be hovering in
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looking at the planner for tonight, 5:00, 43. 8:00, 36. by 11:00, 32. futurecast shows clear skies were you all day long. really, all the way through the weekend. i think we see a few passing clouds more frequently on sunday, but all in all, enjoy the warm up. get outside, because next week old air is back in place. 43 for a high tonight, dipping down to 26. 46 on saturday, 51 on sunday. the low 40' showers. snow showers. often on flurries and light snow on tuesday ending on wednesday. monday afternoon into wednesday, it feels like winter has a get outside and enjoy it. snow chances are not have deep a s snow day? no.
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is that what they are predicting? randi: it is always the blizzard of 78 coming. now. there is light snow. kyla: our morning commute is off to a decent start. we still have that issue along columbia parkway. we will update you on that. it has taken out to lanes inbound right now. they will shut it down at 9:00. that is to remove the rest of the mud and debris that is taking out those lanes. it will shut down the entire chunk of columbia parkway just west of torrent. we will update you on a. andrew setters is there at the scene to give is a better live look at on our map, inside the 275 luke, as you make away from our eastern communities into downtown. east of the loop at pleasant , construction here. they are doing signal work at the intersection.
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throughout the day. daytime work will take out a lane or to be plan for that pre-travel. our interstate is looking good. a look through downtown if you' re making your way to columbia parkway. you will be able to get through there right now. it may be a tight squeeze but traffic is still light. lisa: 5:19 right now. when we come back, we will have more updates for you, but a first, message now from students at sand montessori. >> hi channel 5. we' re the kids from sands montessori, and our teacher is [laughter] mark: did you see the fist pump? coming up we' ll tell you more our teacher of the week. lisa: this year' s super bowl little nervous about their big show. how the lead singer of cold play got a little silly with reporters yesterday. mark: a great start to your friday, 5:20, you are waking up
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s wl (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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lisa: we have a pretty nice forecast for the weekend. time now to honor our teacher of the week. this week' s teacher is mrs. erin dean of sands montessori. the person who nominated her said she always takes the time to display the artwork of the students, and teaches them the
5:23 am
for the community. mrs. dean said her job is to make the kids feel special. >> being the art teacher, i want them to be creative. and this is a place for them to be safe and also feel like they can be themselves. lisa: mrs. dean walked away with a swag bag full of goodies from our friends bob and marianne at warm 98 and the team at modern office methods. best of all, the class was treated to a pizza party by westshore pizza. if you have a teacher you think should be teacher of the week go to look under the contests tab. for details on how to nominate your favorite teacher. lisa: the super bowl isn' t all about football. there are a lot of good causes coming out of the event. check out this one. kings mill elementary school having a canned food drive that centers around the super bowl. they' re calling it the soup-er bowl. the kids all brining in canned goods right now the broncos are
5:24 am
mark: speaking of the super bowl half-time performers cold play spoke in a news conference about their big show. this is their response to a question about how they got the gig. >> we started in iowa 3 years ago, we had a bus, a small bus, and at that point not very many investors. we had barely enough money to afford one can of pepsi. pepsi stepped in and they were very sweet. they gave us a bigger bus we got some stickers, coldplay for 2016 . and we just got out there and we just worked our little butts off. [laughter] mark: that is great stuff. the band says they are looking forward to playing during the big game but they are feeling a lot of pressure to perform at such a big event. the band also says they aren' t taking sides when it comes to the super bowl winner. lisa: that is probably smart. randi: we are split right down the middle from those of us who know very little of football and those who know nothing at all. [laughter]
5:25 am
i think they said they hope lebron has a good game. [laughter] let' s take a look at the forecast. it is weird for me to stand on screen with a picture of myself. i snapped a flying selfie yesterday. temperatures in the 30' s, light flurries flying. it had nice weather for a run. 6:00 a.m. this morning as you head out, 21 degrees. 6:00 p.m., right about 40. i know a lot of people' s -- taking a picture of your training group, send it to me, randi rico wlwt on facebook. we will share those photos as we train for the flying pig. next week, you will pile on those layers because it gets colder wednesday. mark: two new york officers recovering from a shooting late last night. lisa: the latest on the suspects
5:26 am
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mark: a newly-retired ohio officer triumphant in a battle to adopt his k-9 unit. exactly how much matt hickey will have to shell out to keep his pup. lisa: charged with sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl. the connection the northern kentucky suspect has to a local school. mark: the final two democratic candidates get down and dirty on a new hampshire stage last night. the issues hillary clinton and bernie sanders battled over in
5:29 am
primaries. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. as you get ready for work and school this morning, make sure to put something red on. this little guy sure did. it' s national go red for women day. throughout the month of february, all babies born at the christ hospital will receive a handmade knit cap in support of go red for women. a team of volunteers are knitting each of the tiny red caps by hand. this is all in an effort to promote awareness of heart disease, which especially affects women in america. lisa: he is smiling. mark: he is comfortable. lisa: we need to sleep with one of those on. mark: i am mark, that' s lisa, randi, kyla. randi i wish we had a red hat
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it is a cold start, but it won' t be that way all weekend. things are looking up. we are starting out with temperatures in the 20' s. today, low 40' s, which means yesterday five -- by a good bit. a chilly start, no getting around it. expect nothing but sunshine through the day and we will warm up today and even more so for saturday and sunday. right now, a couple of spots in the teens. in fact, several towns. looks like 21 in loveland. 22 and springboro. most places in the very low 20' s. the good news, the winds are cal m. there is no windchill to speak up. 8:00 this morning, 21 degrees, clear and chilly. and, 35, signing. that was our high yesterday. we will warm up to about 43 degrees.
5:31 am
s, even some 50' s over the weekend. we will take up you get that in a couple of minutes. first, let' s check the roads. kyla: up the decent start to our friday morning commute. it is friday. all lanes are clear and our minds. here' s a look at 71 and red bank, northbound and southbound things look good stop on 75 near mitchell, we had those overnight closures earlier this week. they are out of the way and things are crystal-clear heading northbound or southbound. you can still see a little work off to the shoulder -- well, not taking place right now, but we have the cones. if you drive to the area, you' re very familiar. lane closures off and on. things are clear. northern edge of the loop, looks good for those heading out in the forest park area or toward sharonville. things looking good on 75 as well.
5:32 am
lisa: a major mess on columbia parkway will shut down traffic. all lanes will be shut down starting at 9:00 between bains and torrence. crews have been dealing with a mudslide and will be shutting down all lanes in both directions to allow workers to remove the remaining loose soil. there is no time frame on when it will open. until 9:00 am, two inbound lanes will remain closed. mark: joseph niemeyer is locked up at the kenton county jail this morning, accused of raping a child. he was a youth leader the new walton. on top of being a youth pastor, kenton county school officials say for the past three years he was a volunteer for the fellowship of christian athletes at twenhofel middle school, but he was never alone with the kids. niemeyer was also a foster parent with multiple foster children. >> we have a background check on him that cleared, and we get background checks on all of our volunteers. >> we take the precautions, but
5:33 am
t know a whole lot about what goes on there. mark: investigators say niemeyer 7-year-old girl at his detectives are still trying to investigating if there are more victims in this case. officers are being treated in the hospital after they were shot and wounded in the bronx last night. a male and female officer were on patrol in a public housing complex when they were them. police say one officer was hit in the face, the other in the abdomen. both officers have only been with the nypd for two years. the suspect reportedly fled the himself. with the gunman was taken into custody. lisa: the gloves came off in new 5:35. hampshire last night. bernie sanders and hillary clinton pounded one another in their first one on one debate, just days before the primary. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is
5:34 am
recap of the lively debate. miriah: good morning. sanders has a big lead in new hampshire polls, but he was just as fiery as clinton last night, not letting up even though their , tactics were not the same. last night hillary clinton emphasized her similarities to bernie sanders, who' s currently out-polling her in new hampshire by 20 points. their debate reprised an argument between the two about whether clinton should be considered a progressive. she then accused sanders of smearing her progressive credentials. >> i really don' t think these attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. and enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it. >> instead of arguing about definitions, let' s talk about what we should do. >> you began it yesterday with your comments. miriah: the two also sparred over health care and wall street last night. this is the first time clinton and sanders have debated without former candidate martin o' malley, who suspended his campaign after the iowa caucuses. now all that' s left to do on the democratic side is rally for last minute votes for tuesday' s new hampshire primaries.
5:35 am
miriah turner. mark: thank you. after a back-and-forth fight, a retired ohio police officer will partner. the city of marietta has come up with a plan where matt hickey can buy ajax for $1. hickey retired last week, but his k-9 partner was too young to retire with him and became the city' hickey says he' s very grateful that he gets to keep ajax and is going to continue to push to get the law changed. >> we' re going to work hard with the state of ohio. we' re already working on it. this is not just, as you know, it' s not a tool. it' s not just a tool, it' s a part of the family. mark: ajax was going to be put up for auction, when social media helped hickey raise $70,000 for the retired officer to buy ajax. his plan is to donate the money raised to help buy bullet proof vests for k-9 dogs. spread awareness about ovarian cancer while enjoying some college hoops. wlwt news 5'
5:36 am
live in evanston with xavier' s teal power game. dan, good morning. dan: good morning. here' s a scary thought, it' s estimated more than 150,000 women will die worldwide this year from a varying cancer. this game is all about raising awareness and fighting cancer. tonight, the xavier women' s basketball team will hit the hardwood, going up against providence at cintas center. tip-off is at 8:00 tonight. the first 500 people through the doors will get a teal xavier t-shirt. organizers say the goal tonight how deadly ovarian cancer can be. sale online and at the box we' ll have a link on our website for now we are live in evanston, mark: thank you. the forecast.
5:37 am
randi: we will have sunshine, just not at 5:37 in the morning. our temperatures, thanks to the sunshine, will be jumping big-time. s by the afternoon, probably mid 30' s by lunchtime. but it is cold for the bus stop this morning, 21 degrees or so at most places. you' re still feeling the chill with the coldest start of the week. on the way home from school this afternoon, 41 degrees. sunny and the little warmer. in fact, warmer than normal for this time of year. our temperatures just climb to the weekend. hopefully, kids are not thinking of last week in when it was practically 70. it will be that great, but it will be good for february standards. the rose looking good? kyla: it is friday morning, we like to ease our way into the weekend. that is what we are doing. 75 eklund l milford, starting out on the ohio side, you can see things are picking up a
5:38 am
you know my theory on fridays, i little bit earlier. that is what we' re seeing on 75 for sure, 61 miles per hour, so speed look good. 275 on the eastern portion of the loop, 64 miles per hour. after a great start. 14 minutes from eastgate toward 71. 55 miles per hour on the 75 across the river. between 275 and downtown, as you can see, the cut-in-the-hill, one of our typical heavy areas, it is pretty thick on both along. lisa: thank you. a one-on-one with the cincinnati bengals head coach. mark: what marvin lewis had to last season. your friday, 5:30 9, 21 degrees. stay with us, more headlines coming up next
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that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners.
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randi: good morning. we' re taking a live look outside. looking at the ohio river. you can tell from this picture the river is running a little bit on the high side. for those of you who live along under the river, the only area of concern for flooding is near riverbend and coney. for the rest of us, the week and looks pretty good. if you' re heading out the door right now, this is what you need to know. it is a frosty start. temperatures right near 20 degrees. we had clear skies and calm
5:41 am
you may have to defrost the windchill this morning. 70 -- sunny and warmer for the weekend. things looking good today through sunday. then a bit of change, back to the 20' s x-ray. if you remember mid-january, we had a stretch where we were on the cool side. could see that early to mid weight -- midweek. we will take a look at the warmer weekend and just how cool it will get as the stone rolls in, coming up. lisa: a building has collapsed trapping 87 people in south africa. it is happening at a gold mine in the eastern part of the country. an office building above ground collapsed, trapping 52 but also trapping 35 miners below ground. 89 have been rescued so far. between the bengals and the bearcats, cincinnati fans have plenty to cheer for during football season. mark: and now we are seeing how we compare against other cities. the finance site wallethub ranked the best football cities based on a number of factors.
5:42 am
cincinnati came in 56th in the nation out of 245 cities. some of the factors included average ticket prices, attendance, and the number of local teams. that ranking is off. those folks have obviously never been here. that' s the problem. but right now, many cincinnati football fans are still thinking about the 18-to-16, the final score in the bengals playoff loss to the steelers. lisa: another heartbreaking finish, and now head coach marvin lewis is talking about the future. look at our exclusive interview with coach lewis. miriah: marvin lewis has had the job in cincinnati 13 years ago. he' s made seven trips to the playoffs and racked up 112 wins. but as bengals know, those wins have not come in the playoffs. coach lewis is 0-and-7 in the postseason, and the bengals latest loss may have been the hardest to take. the bengals late-game meltdown gave the game to pittsburgh, and coach says he is still not over
5:43 am
>> no, the last two minutes will stay with us all the way through. there' s no question about that. that' s just the way it is. it' s the ache in your belly. it' s every solemn moment when nothing else is on your mind, that pops into your mind, you know, those plays. and unfortunately, that' s just the way it is. miriah: marvin says he will not have much of an off-season. he wants to welcome new coaches and start locking down free agents and, of course, get ready for the nfl draft at the end of april. mark? mark: thank you. starting tonight, the beads will be flying. lisa: jennifer schack is live in covington getting ready for the big party. jennifer: this is where it is going to happen in covington, we' re on main street. right behind us is a tonight celebration for the 20th annual mardi gras party that starts tonight at 8:00.
5:44 am
just head on in and enjoy with plenty of your beatles and bengals. beatles? beads and bangles. tomorrow night is the parade. there will be big heads and flows and lots of fun new orleans style. kids are welcome tomorrow evening at the parade, but to get into those bars tomorrow evening, afterwards, you will have to be 21 years old. the tonight celebration kicks off tonight. fat tuesday coming a little bit early. jennifer schack, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. let' s check in with kyla in your morning commute. according to your theory, folks are supposed to be out there right now. kyla: i do think people are ready to get out the door and ready to get there we can. nothing wrong with that. here' s a look at the maps. green conditions across all of greater cincinnati.
5:45 am
19 minutes across the river on 71-75. 275, 15 minutes from 74 up to route 4. look how much heavier things are. this is not even 6:00. they have a nice weekend to look for weather-wise. randi: how about 40' s and 50' s in february? kyla: we will take it. randi: not as nice as last s. today and tomorrow and sunday, a little bit frosty this morning. if you parked outside, you will have to scrape the windshield or wait for the defroster -- which i never have time for. looking good today, sunny skies, on a wide view, clear skies kentucky, and most of indiana. eased coast.
5:46 am
for the next couple of days. starting out with our low 20' 21 degrees. notice the winds are calm. any sort of breeze, and we would be talking about low windchills. you can cbo a little high in that shot. just shy of 42 feet, expected to crest tomorrow morning at 43.7, then be below accident -- action stage by sunday night. today, 8:00 in the morning, frosty and 21. noon, sunny and 35. warming things up into the low 40' s this afternoon. it will be a cool evening if you have big plans tonight, plan on temperatures generally in the 30' s outside. you can see this evening, maybe a few passing clouds. but that is about it. by morning starting up in the upper 20'
5:47 am
maybe even some low 50' s on super bowl sunday. today, 43, sunny skies and a mild day tonight, dipping down to 26. tomorrow, 46 during the afternoon, should be decent weather for tomorrow evening' s mardi gras parade. saturday, 51. next week, the cold air returns. he doesn' t like it here instantly. it is a slow transition. monday, light, spotty rain showers. as temperatures drop in the monday evening, may switch over to light snow showers. off and on light snow flurries. no significant accumulation is expected. definitely, a couple of cold days to start next week. mark: thank you. when we continue, a course of kids with very big thing in common. lisa: how the nfl is featuring them in their own super bowl commercial and how football brings people together. mark: you will notice a lot of people wearing red, including here in the wlwt news 5 studio. with the national go red for
5:48 am
lisa: outside live on your friday morning, hope it is a great start for you. 21 degrees at 5:49.
5:49 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
5:50 am
mark: today is national go red for women day. there you see christ hospital giving out the hand and cap' s to all of the newborns. absolutely looking adorable.
5:51 am
hospital lit up red on month-long. if you see a number of people wearing red today, it' s not that valentine' s day has come early -- although, it is a matter of the heart. lisa: the american heart association has declared today national wear red day to raise women' s awareness of their heart health. wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us more about what the day is all about. kyla: a very important day, of course. we celebrate this every year. women are so good at running businesses and running households that sometimes they neglect to do the things they need to do to keep their own bodies running. that' s why the american heart association is targeting women in its effort to raise awareness for heart disease in it' s go red for woman day. research has shown women are far more likely to call for help when they believe someone else is having a heart attack than themselves. and recently, a study from the cleveland clinic found women are considerably more likely than men to let obligations of work, family, and friends disrupt their exercise routine. t always
5:52 am
other symptoms include shortness of breath, pain the jaw and back, extreme fatigue, and nausea. the american heart association encourages women to schedule a well-woman visit with a doctor to discuss individual heart disease risks. so make sure to wear red today in support of women' s health. mark and lisa? lisa: thank you. checking headlines for you right now, until the biggest football event of the year, today' s left. mark: before we head into super bowl weekend, let' s take a look at a few more ads you can expect to see. remember that mountain dew here' s a follow-up to that, unveiling the strange puppy-monkey-baby. lisa: that is -- mark: it is really weird. the soft drink company says they wanted to take all the click-worthy things on the internet and put them together in one. features mountain dew' s kickstart drink, which combines mountain dew, fruit juice, and caffeine. lisa: the nfl released its own
5:53 am
this weekend to remind people of the excitement and love football brings to its fans. the ad opens up with a statistic that shows the winning cities see a rise in births nine months after the super bowl. the ad then stars a choir made up entirely of super bowl babies. these are children and adults born nine months after their parents' favorite team won the super bowl. mark: wow. ever heard of death wish coffee company? probably not. it is just a start up company with 11 employees, but it is advertising in the super bowl. so how could they afford a $5 million spot? the company beat out 15,000 other small businesses in a contest. the prize, yes -- a 30-second ad in the super bowl. o glory. death wish' s owner says the win is beyond his wildest dreams. and so is that commercial. lisa: everyone will know about
5:54 am
mark: that will get you going in the morning. coming up at 6:00, threats of an attack involving local college students. lisa: the arrest connected to uc blue ash and how he was caught. dan:mud on the roads could mean a mess for your morning commute. i will have details on where columbia parkway is shutting down this morning. randi: we are taking a look at what will be a pretty decent weekend. it is cold as you head out the door this morning. plan on upper teens to right around 20 degrees or so. by lunchtime, 35. 4:00, 43. ramping up to the 50' s for super bowl sunday. temperatures take a turn next week. we will talk about how cold it will get and those chances for snow and we come back. lisa: thank you. 5:56, 21 degrees on your friday morning. we have your top stories next on cincinnati'
5:55 am
here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says...
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lisa: closing down columbia parkway. the plan today as road crews work to clear a muddy mess. mark: talk of an attack at a local college campus. the threat that landed a student behind bars. lisa: cutting back at cvg. the new plans from delta hitting hundreds of employees in hebron. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today.
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