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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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citycam. it is go red for women day to bring awareness to women' s heart health. good morning, i' m lisa cooney. mark: imr case. let' s get started with a check on your forecast with ready rico look at what is happening. some sunshine coming our way? another hour and a half or so and it will be nice and bright. currently, dark and cold, but it will get better through the day. several towns at the moment in the teens, including cvg officially reporting 19. harrison, 16. 2011. most places pretty close to 20. the winds are calm them a so that is good. you may have to scrape some ice off the windshield, it is kind of a frosty start if you parked
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skies, calm winds, coalton sunshine will do its thing along with the winds out of the temperatures up to the low 40' s. right now a chilly start to matter where you are in greater by lunchtime, 35. that is basically where we were for a high yesterday. 40' s this afternoon. this time of year. 8:00, 36. if you have big plans for friday night, expect temperatures to s. the low 50' s for super bowl sunday and then the temperatures crash next week, but nobody wants to look past sunday because it is friday morning. what is going on? kyla: i' m all about not looking past sunday. they say where we are and go are good to go. good morning. you are mostly good to go. we have what could be hud
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of hours along columbia parkway. let' s take a look at the interstates. 75 out of over county. it looks good at union center. traffic already starting to pick up a little bit on the southbound side. eastbound and westbound, still looking clear on 74 at montana. across the river, 71-75, thinning out of it on the southbound side. northbound will continue to build over the next hour or so. traffic will build along columbia parkway. the radio seen a local of your parkway has made a mess because debris. crews will be closing those lanes to clear the road. andrew. andrew: columbia parkway will be closed here at baines street. if you' re leaving downtown after 9:00 this morning, you won' t be able to because columbia parkway will be close completely.
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s something we usually see in the spring, but the heavy rain earlier this week made it happen earlier than usual. the hillside above the inbound lanes of columbia parkway gave way in spots, spilling mud onto the road. right now two of the lanes heading into downtown are closed because of mud on the road. later this morning, crews will work to clean that up and clear away any soil that threatens to fall soon. starting at 9:00 a.m., all lanes of columbia parkway between torrence and bains will shut down from bains street near downtown to torrence parkway. you won' t be able to pass because crews will be scraping away any of the mud that' s flown over the retaining wall. getting into downtown from places like anderson township or columbia parkway could be a headache this morning because you have two lanes closed. at 9:00, every thing shuts down. there is no time set yet for when this will open back up. reporting live andrew setters,
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mark: thank you. a different issue in anderson township right now where a local business is threatened by a sinkhole. plants by wolfangel is off beechmont avenue, and now it' s in danger of being swallowed by a sinkhole for the second time in recent years. it last happened in 2011, and it closed the business for two years. a break in a storm water pipe caused underground erosion, and rain earlier this week created the sinkhole. the business owner says a couple days ago, there was a depression in the ground and she had a feeling something was going on. >> honestly, the minute i pulled up close enough to see a wall of brown dirt crumbling, i just honestly started crying. you know, it' s just you think, oh, my gosh, my family is going to have to go through this again. mark: henry says after the last sinkhole, they sold off their old building and part of the property getting a new start. when they sold the property, she sold the pipe, too, so this
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time around. lisa: new this morning, a local man is in the hospital with burns from a house fire in harrison. crews responded to a home on harrison avenue around 11:00 last night. the fire was contained to the basement and firefighters tell us three people were inside the home. a woman and a child managed to get out unharmed, but a man living in the home had burns on his legs. no word on the cause of the fire. local college students are returning to class today after threats of violence targeting campus. mark: a student at u.c. blue ash is in custody after police heard about the threats. miriah turner has the latest from the live alert desk. miriah: good morning. court documents describe serious allegations. the student was apparently claiming he would shoot up the math lab, and he wanted to turn this into a "colorado thing." a signed witness affidavit says 20-year-old dondiego bradley made the threat to a tutor on wednesday.
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college would be a good place to shoot this place up. >> it' s pretty scary, to be honest, but hopefully, nothing happens. with it and everything, so it' s just kind of scary because i was >> i don' take nobody' i don' dislike you, nobody' s life t think nothing is that serious to bring a gun back to college campus when everybody is just minding their own business. miriah: bradley is facing one count of menacing. his next court date is february 12. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. lisa: thank you. this weekend, local cycling groups will host a memorial for the cyclists killed in a hit and run crash in anderson township. the ghost ride happens saturday. four groups will take off at 2:00 from lunken airport. prosecutors upgraded charges against the driver who now faces the alert homicide charges list of investigators found drug curve know you in her suv -- care for now you in her suv
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mark: meanwhile, good news for water worries in flint, michigan. the epa says the lead levels in the water are beginning to decrease. flint homes are getting water filters, and the epa says those filters are working. this comes as newly released internal e-mails show high ranking officials in the governor' s administration knew of problems in the water before they were made public. right now 18 pennsylvania cities , are reporting higher levels of lead exposure in children than flint, michigan. lisa: but unlike flint, the source of the lead may not be the water. the kirby health center in wilkes-barre supplied the pennsylvania department of health with its findings from children' s blood samples taken throughout the state. the center is citing the most likely sources as lead-based paint chips, contaminated soil and even some toys. , the crisis is catching the attention of health officials. >> our goal is to protect the public health of the community, and we will do whatever we could to make sure that is ascertained. lisa: they will start throw in lead water testing next week. in the meantime, health
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filtered water as a good investment to reduce the risk of ingesting lead. mark: new developments at cvg, delta is planning cuts, affecting hundreds of employees in hebron. the airline is going to lay off more than 100 employees at cvg and cut the hours of nearly 200 delta says it' s been over-staffed at cvg since 2010 after rounds of hub restructuring. delta is offering jobs to employees who have been impacted, but they have to be willing to transfer to another city. when we continue this morning a covington. lisa: they are breaking out the beads for the big party in mainstrasse village this weekend. mark: the perfect swing. and its impressive day on the course. that thing. 19 degrees on morning. it is a chilly start. or any rico, good morning. randi: it may be warm enough you
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little happy gilmore on the greens this weekend. we' re talking about upper 40' s, low 50' s. right now, most places starting out much cooler than that. we have teens and many towns, including downtown at 19. 18 in mount healthy. bundle up this morning. it is a frosty start across greater cincinnati. by lunchtime, 35. of to three for the high today. feeling good for february, and attempters climb this weekend.
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bo mark: good morning, welcome back. we take a live look outside on this friday morning, a chilly start to the day, 19 degrees. but it is friday, so it is all good. think warm thoughts, you will be fine. get outside and get the car
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kyla said folks are leaving early, leaving in droves. anxious to get similar time. kyla: not too early to be thinking about 5:00 this evening and not just this morning. heading outside right now, pretty clear conditions. we' ve been talking about the situation along columbia parkway where we have been getting live updates from andrew setters. they have two lanes moved out of the way. we will check it on the maps in a moment. here' s a look at interstate travel along 71 your the ronald reagan. you can see things are getting heavy. there is that scary. folks are getting out the door and ready to go. here' s a look at climate parkway just was -- west of torrents, double enclosure coming from those eastern communities and their shifting traffic. the shifting over toward the eastbound lanes. at 9:00, they will shut all of the lanes down and continue to remove that mud and debris because of the earlier rain and heavy water from earlier this week. plan for that, especially around 9:00.
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pleasant hill road at u.s. 50, doing signal work in the area. try to avoid that intersection it possible throughout the day. mark: checking today' s headlines. 87 people are trapped after a building collapsed near a gold mine in south africa. according to a south african miners' union, 52 people were trapped when an office building collapsed near the mine. 35 miners were trapped below ground. reports say 80 miners were able to make it out. lisa: a fiery crash thursday night involving a wake forest university shuttle bus and a car. the accident happened on the winston-salem campus in north carolina. look at this. both vehicles caught fire after the crash. no one was hurt. the crash remains under investigation. mark: north carolina police say extreme sports pioneer dave mirra died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. mirra' s body was found yesterday in greenville inside his truck. mirra rose to prominence in the 1990' s as the world' s top athlete in bmx, and he is credited as one of the athletes who helped bring action sports
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dave mirra was 41-years-old. lisa: democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head-to-head in a debate one last time before the new hampshire primary. in the latest nbc news poll, sanders is leading clinton among likely democratic voters. this was the first time clinton and sanders have debated without former candidate martin o' malley, who suspended his campaign after the iowa caucuses. mark: check out this shot from eldrick the robot golfer. it was playing the 16th hole at tpc scottsdale when it found the bottom of the cup. the robot is owned by former pro golfer gary mccord, and eldrick stands for launch directional robot intelligent circuitry. it' s also the birth name of tiger woods. there' s that. now it' s time to talk football just days before the biggest sports event of the year. lisa: super bowl 50 is sunday, and the party has been going on all week in the san francisco bay area.
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the huge festival is near the waterfront in san francisco, and fans have been enjoying the fun leading up to the big game. the super bowl kicks off at 6:30 on sunday with the denver broncos taking on the carolina panthers. there' s another big party this weekend a little closer to home. mark: it' s time for the annual mardi gras celebration in mainstrasse village. jennifer schack is live in covington ready for the party. jennifer: one of the main kicks up tonight. re on main street. all of the bars and restaurants locatable open up tonight at s food, drink, live entertainment. it is the 20th annual celebration here in covington. stross village will have the parade with big heads, floats, and plenty of people taking part .
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the bars will be open again. all ages are welcome at the parade tomorrow evening, but you must be 21 to join the party in the bars. reporting live in covington, jennifer schack, wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. big time down there. loving the parade, the big heads in the parade. it sounds like the weather is going to be nice. tomorrow, late afternoon, sunshine? randi: a couple of years ago, it was raining. i tried to throw beads and ended up biting at the middle of the float. i had a parade injury. not good. great weather tonight and tomorrow night. no rain showers or anything like that. as we take a look at what to expect, it will feel good for february. looking at temperatures this morning on the cold side, but 40' s today tomorrow, maybe 50' s on super bowl sunday. it is a well-timed warm up last week it was kind of an anomaly. mid 60' s and gorgeous. don' t expect that one of a
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next group we are back to the cold and a couple of chances for light snow will stop looking at the radar, clear skies. clear skies, calm winds , chapters in the teens and a little frost on the windshield when you wake up. heading over and around the ohio river, it is running high. yellow indicator showing it is about action stage. but it is not going to climb to much higher. we are almost at 42 feet. action stage is 40. it will crest of 43.7 feet about this time tomorrow morning. it should fall back below action stage by sunday. right now temperature wise, as cold as 15 in batesville, indiana. 22 in springboro, one of the warmer spots. 23 in maysville, kentucky. a cold start, but we' re not talking about any sort of crazy windchill. by the time you get off work today and get ready to kick start the weekend, this is not
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at sunny skies and low 40' s all across the area. maybe you want to paint the town red for your go read date night. 5:00, not looking bad, 36. by 11:00, we will head down below freezing. futurecast does not have a whole lot to show you this weekend, and that is a good thing. sunny skies through the afternoon, maybe a couple of passing clouds tonight. tomorrow if you' re out early in the morning, it will be chilly, temperatures in the 20' s early on saturday but warming up s. today, 43 degrees, sunny skies, nice and mild. tonight, 26. tomorrow, cool in the morning, but nice in the afternoon, about 10 degrees above average for this time of year. up to 51. next week, cold air starts spilling in from candidate and that means we dropped down to the 20' s. monday, 41 in the morning. light rain showers. the rain showers may give way to light snow showers or flurries
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often on, light snow on tuesday, flurries on wednesday. a little cold snap tuesday and was sick, warming things up a touched word valentine' s day next -- a touch toward valentine' s day next week. lisa: a message now from students at sand montessori. >> hi, channel 5. we' re the kids from sands montessori, and our teacher is the warm 98 teacher of the week. arco coming up we' ll tell you , more about who they nominated to be our teacher of the week. lisa: a happy ending for this police dog. where he is going now after his partner retired. we will tell you more about it
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it is 6:20 look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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mmmm, yoplait. kyla: welcome back. a clear start. denies week in shape enough. your forecast in just a few moments. it is time to honor our teacher of the week. this week' s teacher is mrs. erin dean of sands montessori. the person who nominated her said she always takes the time to display the artwork of the students and teaches them the importance of service projects for the community. mrs. dean said her job is to make the kids feel special. >> being the art teacher, i want them to be creative. and this is a place for them to be safe and also feel like they can be themselves. kyla: and mrs. dean walked away with a swag bag full of goodies from our friends bob and
6:21 am
at modern office methods. best of all, the class was treated to a pizza party by westshore pizza. some very well behaved kids there. if you have a teacher you think should be teacher of the week, go to look under the contests tab for details on how to nominate your favorite teacher. lisa: thank you. up the road at ohio university, delta gamma sorority is looking to defy the stereotypes. a junior photography major came up with this photo series showing common sorority stereotypes. delta gamma says it' s gotten positive feedback from those who are within the greek life and those who aren' t. the pictures are now on the group' s facebook page. mark: after a back and forth fight, a retired ohio police officer will be allowed to keep his k-9 partner. the city of marietta has come up with a plan where matt hickey can buy ajax for $1. hickey retired last week, but his k-9 partner was too young to retire with him. ajax was going to be put up for auction, and a social media
6:22 am
$70,000 for the auction. now he plans to donate that money to buy bullet proof vests for other k-9 officers. lisa: it sounds like it all worked out for the good. randi: and i' m sure they will be partnering -- partying i t up this week and playing fetch, pretty nice february standards. for those training for the flying pig , yesterday, i stepped a selfie. he sure you do that -- be sure you do that and send them to me. if you' re heading out this morning, temperatures on the cold side. many towns, upper teens, low 20' s. definitely, a cold start to the day. 6:00, if you' re one of those who can muster up the energy to go running before friday evening, go for it. 6:00, 40 degrees. since those pictures to me via facebook or twitter.
6:23 am
if you have a longer run planned, maybe after put in decent mileage for tomorrow or sunday, 46 and 51. the weekend. pitchers take a turn. take a turn. tuesday, wednesday, even into thursday. looking good this morning. nice on the road as well. kyla: things are pretty clear, pretty great start to our 40 morning -- friday morning. the issue on columbia parkway, two lanes will be not doubt because of the mud and debris they' re working to clear up. you can still make your way through there but at 9:00 they will shut down all lanes. 71, looking at a quick five minute commute north down from the 275 interchange. all lanes are clear northbound and southbound. you can see things are getting heavy on the northbound side of the bridge heading into downtown. starting to see typical heavy volume. maybe playing for a few extra minutes as you planned ahead
6:24 am
lisa: the gloves come off in the granite state. the fiery debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders before the new hampshire primary. dan: live at the cincinnati observatory, do you love looking at the stars? you can now look at the five planets all in line, which is what a lot of people will be doing this one. we will ta
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mark: charged with sexually abusing a young girl. the connection the suspect has to a local school. lisa: a heated debate for the democrats. the clash in new hampshire just days before the primary. mark: xavier fans breaking out the game tonight and its impact beyond the court. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. parkway will shut down traffic later this morning. all lanes will close starting at 9:00 between baines and torrance . crews have been out there ll be shutting down all lanes in both directions to allow workers to remove the remaining loose soil. s no time frame on when it will be open. right now, two lanes of westbound traffic are closed. it is 6:30 on your good morning friday, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. we will talk more about the
6:28 am
first, let' s check on the friday forecast with randi rico. randi: good morning. it is a little on the cool side. you can see everyone bundled up. teens in many parts of town, but the focus of the forecast, a warm up just in time for the weekend. it is a chilly start this morning, expect nothing but sunshine to the afternoon. eventually, we will make our way to the low 40' s. 20 right now and mason, 19 at cvg, 19 at walton, 16 in harrison. there is no crazy strong wind. it is cold, but it could be worse if there was a breeze, you would be talking about very low wind chills. you may have to bust out the ice scraper and scrape off the frosty wind chill if you parked outside, it is that kind of start. 8:00, clear and chilly, 21 degrees. at noon, sunny, cool, 35. to the afternoon, warming up to
6:29 am
today, 43 is not bad. upper 40' s, the 50' s in my forecast for the weekend. you will take a look at next week coming up. first, check the roads. kyla: interstate travel has been looking good so far. that continues to be the case right now. northern kentucky, 71-75, picking up as usual here at dixie highway. that is the case all the way into covington and making her way over the brent spence bridge to downtown cincinnati. same thing across the river, 71, northbound and southbound rolling right along post-up our speeds look good, at or above the posted limit. not seeing any significant delays just yet. 275 at the reed hartman highway, looking good as well. we will keep you updated. mark: thank you. a northern kentucky man in jail this morning, accused of raping a child. joseph niemeyer is locked up at the kenton county jail. we' ve learned he was a youth leader at the new banklick baptist church in walton. kenton county school officials
6:30 am
the fellowship of christian athletes at twenhofel middle school, but he was never alone with the kids. investigators say niemeyer was a foster parent with multiple foster children. >> we have a background check on him that cleared, and we get background checks on all of our volunteers. >> we take the precautions, but as far as what they do in their own home, we don' t know a whole lot about what goes on there. mark: investigators say niemeyer raped and sexually abused a 7-year-old girl at his independence home. detectives are still trying to investigating if there are more victims in this case. lisa: developing news out of new york. two new york city police officers are being treated at the hospital this morning after they were shot and wounded in the bronx last night. police said the officers were on patrol in a public housing confronted by a man who shot them. police say one officer was hit
6:31 am
abdomen. both officers have been with the nypd for two years. the suspect reportedly fled the scene and later shot and killed himself. mark: this morning, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are back in their respective corners after an intense democratic debate last night. next up, the republicans who face off this weekend. miriah turner is at the live details. miriah: hillary clinton and bernie sanders turned up the heat in their sharpest exchange yet in a debate on msnbc. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac who' s not , raising huge sums of money from wall street or special interests. >> it' s time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. miriah: well the democrats , dueled straight out of the gate over wall street and other
6:32 am
positions ahead of the new hampshire primary. clinton took an aggressive stance as she trails sanders by double digits in two new polls. meantime, the gop is preparing for their own battle saturday didn' t make the cut. fiorina appealed to the republican national committee to be included, but so far, the network hosting the debate, abc has rejected her calls. , from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: as for the republican side, a new cnn poll shows donald trump has the most support in new hampshire with 29%. marco rubio has 18% of polled voters support, while ted cruz has 13. ohio governor john kasich is not far behind with 12%, and jeb bush is polling with 10%. the worlds are aligning this morning at the cincinnati observatory. lisa: a special viewing session is taking place right now in hyde park. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live with the planets you' ll see outside. dan, good morning.
6:33 am
people are going to see a lot of things this morning. dan coats -- 10: it is a great morning to look up into the sky. it is a clear morning. from what i understand, 2002 was the last time all five planets were visible at the same time. certainly, an exciting time for you guys. you' re getting everything prepared. talk with me a little bit about it. >> like you said, it is not every day you could to see five planets on the same time with the naked eye. right now we have everything from jupiter, the bright light behind us, and mars and saturn and the moon and been is and mercury just coming on the horizon. it seems the weather is clear and it hasn' t been that case often this past week. get out nice and early and brave the cold and check this out. dan: i know the lens on our camera, it is not a telescope, but we can point out jupiter? >> i don'
6:34 am
that beam are not pointing at jupiter, right now the brightest thing up in the southwest, soon to be outdone by venus rising the southeast. dan: you will be doing this until 7:00 this morning. we' re here at the cincinnati observatory. they have several telescopes. you can take a look at the five planets. it is just something cool to be a part of. live at the observatory, dan griffin, wlwt. mark: also happening today, the dental hygiene clinic at uc blue ash college is offering free dental care to the public. all 220 slots for the event are already filled up. kids will come and get free teeth cleaning while getting a tour of the campus and learn about going to college. the goal of the uc blue ash community dental day is to provide access to dental care for those who do not have dental insurance or who have never been to a dentist. lisa: tonight you can help spread awareness about ovarian cancer while enjoying some
6:35 am
the fourth annual tilt power shootout wraps up with the women' s basketball game is a beer. the school teamed up with the ovarian cancer alliance to raise funds for the cause. tipoff at 8:00 when xavier plans to take on providence at the central center. $20 tickets will get you admission and a shirt. we have a link right now on mark: if you need an easy way to perk up your friday, get your paws on a puppy. happening today in cincinnati, you can request a puppies option on your uber app between 11:00 this morning to 3:00 p.m. this option is only available for offices where you can play with adoptable puppies and potentially take one home with you. this event is to help bring awareness to shelter animals across the queen city. lisa: as you get ready for work and school this morning make sure to put something red on. this little guy is showing his support. throughout the month of february all babies born at the christ hospital will receive a handmade knit cap in support of go red for women. a team of volunteers are
6:36 am
caps by hand. this is in an effort to promote awareness of heart disease which especially affects women in america. he has got a cute little smile. he likes his red cap. as you can see, we are wearing red today. let' s check in with kyla and randi. kyla: make the wardrobe choice easy this morning, get that red out and under women' s health. we' re checking the roads. a pretty good morning. you can see green still in all we' re not releasing any of those slow spots just yet, but i tell you what will get slow over the next hour or so, columbia parkway. we of been able to ease our way through it up until now. from now until 9:00 when a shut those lanes down, you still have one lane open in both directions and just west of torran parkway.
6:37 am
to continue to remove mud and debris. construction in the daytime hours on the northbound side of the carroll cropper bridge near the indiana and kentucky line. some work that will take place during the daytime hours starting later this morning. traffic looks good and still pretty light on that portion of the 275 loop. let' s check in with three new riegel looking great in her red. work it, girl. randi: this is the dress that went viral for all female meteorologists. easy choice for me in the closet. grab your red and the scarf, the hat, the gloves. it is a cold start. loveland, 17. middletown, 22. cvg, 21. the good news, no wind. bundle up.
6:38 am
we will only be -- already be in the low 20' s with a good bit of sunshine. mark: still to come an exclusive , one on one with marvin lewis. how the bengals head coach is working to bounce back after a heartbreaking loss to end the season. jennifer: be signs are up and we'
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lisa: welcome back, 6:43. between the bengals and the bearcats, cincinnati fans have plenty to cheer for during football season. mark: and now we are seeing how we compare against other cities. the finance site wallethub ranked the best football cities based on a number of factors. after crunching the data, they did not actually come here cincinnati came in 56th in the , nation out of 245 cities. which i disagree with strongly. some of the factors included average ticket prices, which is great here. attendance, which is great here. and a number of local teams, which is also great here. i think i will issue a strongly worded statement later on. lisa: i think you did. mark: but right now, many cincinnati football fans are still thinking about, 18-to-16, the final score in the bengals playoff loss to the steelers. lisa: and now head coach marvin lewis is talking about the future. miriah turner is here now with a look at our exclusive interview with coach lewis.
6:42 am
plenty of success since he took the job in cincinnati 13 years ago. he' s made seven trips to the playoffs and racked up 112 wins. but as bengals know, those wins have not come in the playoffs. coach lewis is 0-and-7 in the postseason, and the bengals latest loss may have been the hardest to take. the bengals late-game meltdown gave the game to pittsburgh, and coach says he is still not over it. >> no, the last two minutes will stay with us all the way through. there' s no question about that. that' it' it' s every solemn moment when nothing else is on your mind, that pops into your mind, you know, those plays. and unfortunately, that' s just the way it is. miriah: marvin says he will not have much of an off-season. he wants to welcome new coaches and start locking down free agents and, of course, get ready for the nfl draft at the end of april. lisa: thank you. another local golf course closes
6:43 am
vista verde golf in liberty township has sold its property off milliken road to welsh development. few plants will be discussed at a trustees meeting on february 16. the site work is scheduled to begin this spring. mark: starting tonight, the beads will be flying. jennifer schack is live in covington to get you ready for the party. jennifer: it is the 20th year for the party here at main stross village in covington for mardi gras, kicking off that tuesday tonight and tomorrow night is the parade. joining me this morning is amy, the chairman for the parade. tell us about the great parade you guys hold. >> this is our 20th year anniversary and it will be a big one. we have this parade every year. we feature these big heads we make from papier-mache, and we usually have a theme. last year was "star wars." this year is the of the monkey,
6:44 am
jennifer: this is brand-new? >> this is from last or. the new ones are hiding in the bar. you have to come out saturday night at 9:00. there will be about 20 different heads and a bunch of floats. it will be a good time, a lot of bead throwing. jen for coke how many bars and participate? >> they will be featuring a lot of live music, a lot of partying and a lot of gumbo. you should come down. it is always a good time. jennifer: perfect nor let' s party in cincinnati -- new orleans party in cincinnati. come out and see the monkey big heads that will be part of the party. all ages are welcome for the party, you have to between one to head into the bars. jennifer schack, wlwt news 5. mark: did somebody say gumbo?
6:45 am
t seen. lisa: i' re still to get up. randi: hurricanes, gumbo, it is going to be a good night. and the weather. in the past, it went either way. we will warm up for the weekend. that is great news. today is frosty early. those who park on the driveway or street, bust out the ice scrapers. good. into the low 40' s. taking a wide view, there is no in pennsylvania headed for the east coast. our skies are clear right now and they will stay mostly clear throughout the weekend. all in all, not bad at all for any outdoor plans you may have. right now, 19 degrees. slow down, citycam, i did not take my dramamine. we' re not talking about any
6:46 am
as you can see, we have the ohio river running a little bit high. currently, just shy of 42 feet so above action stage right now. it will crest tomorrow morning at about 43.7 feet, then back below action stage by sunday night which contains the flooding issue to run around coney and riverbend. 8:00 today, frosty start, 21. by noon, back to where we were yesterday for the high. through the afternoon, warming up into the 40' s. still sitting up 40 degrees at if you' re heading out this s. maybe a couple of passing clouds late in the day and that is about it. clear skies tonight, we will dip down tomorrow morning into the 20' s. nothing but sunshine expected for your saturday. today' s high, 43, sunny skies. milder than yesterday. tonight, around 26. tomorrow, upper 40' s. super bowl sunday, how about 51 degrees?
6:47 am
re hosting a party or place, earlier in the evening, clear skies, 49. i kickoff in cincinnati, 43. getting into next week, temperatures will take a turn happening on monday. rain showers during the day, switching over to light flurries or overnight. light is the key word for snow tuesday into wednesday, but a cold snap with colder temperatures we have not seen since mid-january. how are the roads looking? kyla: are only issue, which has been issued for a big portion of the morning, the closure along columbia parkway. they have two lanes blocked right now but it 9:00, they will shut all lanes down to continue the removal of the mud and debris. you need to plan for that. even right now, you' ll run into delays as a lot more cars will be on the road. travel times, interstates look good, 13 minutes on 270 five from east gate to 71.
6:48 am
butler county, 16 minutes on 75 heading south out. starting to pick up as you can see the headlights heading inside of the 275 loop. lisa: thank the threat of an attack student. mark: how the suspect was caught. bowl.
6:49 am
fans are safe, coming you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
6:50 am
mark: welcome back. checking the top 5 stories, there is a mess on columbia parkway after the heavy rain earlier this week. lisa: andrew setters is live along columbia parkway near the stretch where crews are working to clear the road. andrew, good morning. andrew: already you have a couple of lanes closed on columbia parkway. it is a headache for those heading into downtown. we will see a lot more lanes closed come all of them coming if you rely on columbia parkway to come into downtown, you may want to skip it this morning. mud slides have two of the inbound lanes closed. if you need to use columbia parkway after 9:00 a.m., you s because all lanes in both directions will be closed to make room for cleanup crews. from bains street near downtown to torrence parkway, you won'
6:51 am
be able to pass because crews will be scraping up the mud that' s flown over the retaining wall. again, two lanes closed inbound on columbia parkway now. all lanes will be closed at 9:00 a.m. they will stay closer to the cleanup work has been done. live along columbia parkway, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. our second top story, u.c. blue ash student is in custody after police heard he made threats of violence targeting the campus. 20-year-old dondiego bradley was apparently claiming he would shoot up a math lab. he is now facing one count of menacing. his arrest is not affecting classes today. mark: our third top story a , memorial ride this weekend for the cyclist killed in a hit and run crash in anderson township. the ghost ride for michael prater takes place saturday. four cycling groups will take off at 2:00 from lunken airport prosecutors upgraded charges against the driver in the crash. mindy woodall now faces vehicular homicide charges. investigators found drug
6:52 am
the crash. lisa: our fourth top story, no credible threat to super bowl 50 according to top law enforcement officials. security is very tight tonight around the bay area. authorities have maintained a visible armed presence, and there is a strong unseen presence as well. at levi' s stadium in santa clara, helicopters are patrolling above the stadium, while all vehicles big and small are being scanned for any sign of danger. mark: tonight you can help spread awareness about ovarian cancer while enjoying some college hoops. the fourth annual teal power shoot off -- shoot out takes place. the team is raising funds for the cause. xavier is taking on providence at the centralist center slated for 8:00 -- central center slated for 8:00. tickets are $20 along with a shirt. we have more information on randi: a chilly start to the day, temperatures in the teens
6:53 am
19 degrees at cvg, 18 in hamilton. 20 in wilmington. brown county, looking at 20 also. a cool start to the day. if you parked outside, it is a frosty start. you will have to bust out the ice scraper. for the morning drive, that is your only issue. lunchtime, sunny, cool, in the 30' s. if you have big friday night plans, should be clear and not bad. warming up through the weekend. saturday, upper 50' s. super bowl sunday, upper 40' s tomorrow, the 50' s for super bowl sunday. all in all, savor the next three days because next week features a. -- features a cool snap. you can see flurries and snow showers tuesday and wednesday next week. mark: thank you for joining us.
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