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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mark: super bowl 50 is now in the history books, and the denver broncos are the winners. a recap of how they dominated in last night' s game. lisa: chipotle looking to make a turn around after causing health risks in multiple states recently. why you' ll have to find somewhere else to go to lunch today. mark: shots fired with multiple victims and several crime scenes. the investigation underway into a shooting that shook up a cincinnati suburb. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt,
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this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good monday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. good morning to you. i can see randi rico over here. it was like there was a party in the newsroom. did you see the stuff on the table? i saw that. randi: i stayed up to about the third quarter. lisa: good for you. longer. i am paying for it. randi: i will get to the forecast. we take a look at the radar. we do have rain showers rolling through greater cincinnati. temperatures often the 30' s. yesterday, it was in the 50' s.
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through the day. there is a little bit of snow mixing in with rain, especially dayton. same thing back toward indy. plan on rain occasionally m ixed with some snow. most places in the upper 30' s and right around 40 degrees. 37 and rain showers at 8:00 a.m. a light rain snow mix. we' ll talk about late accumulations for tonight. mark: thank you. denver is celebrating this morning after the broncos' impressive performance in super bowl 50. miriah turner at the live alert desk with a recap of the action from super bowl sunday. miriah: this one featured two superstar quarterbacks, peyton manning for the broncos and cam newton for the panthers, but when it was over, denver'
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defense grabbed all the headlines. the broncos were all over the place, and the panthers could not get in a rhythm. von miller was one of the stars for denver. he managed to slow down cam newton and forced two fumbles. miller was named super bowl mvp, and denver came out on top, 24-10. after the game, it was clear how frustrating it was to face the broncos defense. cam: i mean, we had our opportunities. it wasn' t nothing special that they did. we dropped balls. we turned the ball over, gave up sacks, threw errant passes. that' s it. they scored more points than us. miriah: cam newton was the league mvp this year, but on sunday, he had his worst game of the season. we will check on the big trending moments coming up. from the live alert desk, i' m
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mark: thank you. it was pure chaos and confusion after a shootout in the middle of a blue ash neighborhood. lisa: stray bullets hit a home, and at least three people were wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa reports from oak avenue, where >> it' s just shocking that something like this would here -- would happen here in blue tammy: when the bullets pierced the isaacs' home, they shattered the family' s sense of safety. >> i was down here watching tv and then i hear like five things that sound like gunshots. tammy: 10-year-old aidan literally dodged a bullet. i' m happy that i' m alive. m scared and sad that the tammy: the bullets were flying from a brazen daylight gun battle happening outside on oak and florence avenues. at least 10 shots popped off. >> never heard that sound in this neighborhood before. tammy: police say three victims were shot. >> it' s a little mind-blowing
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ever happens. tammy: one of the shooting victims ran away on foot. the other victim jumped in a car with a gunshot wound and drove. then that car crashed at a nearby intersection. investigators found a 3-year-old girl in that car, but luckily, that toddler was not hurt. >> i can' t understand the kind of stupidity of people squeezing off shots down here in a packed community like this. i' m just stymied and definitely it' s thrown us for a loop. tammy: when the isaacs see the aftermath of the shootout in their three children, one thing comes to mind. >> just thankful that nobody got hurt. with a gunshot wound at the hospital. another is missing this morning. investigators have also detained two people of interest who were found at the shooting scene. montgomery police, sharonville police, and hamilton county sheriff' s deputies are also
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the u.n. security council calls an emergency meeting after north korea' s launch of a long-range rocket. secretary of state john kerry met with south korea and japan to discuss the north' s ballistic missile technology. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says the launch is a step to create nuclear missiles. the council agreed the launch used illegal nuclear technology. >> they are not merely provocations. with each one of these actions, the dprk moves one step closer to its declared goal of developing nuclear-tipped intercontinental missiles, and we cannot and will not allow this to happen. lisa: the u.s. ambassador says president obama spoke with china' s president to come up with a strong and united response. mark: happening today, if chipotle is your go-to lunch destination, you' re going to have to find something else to eat today. chipotle says it will close every one of its locations for four hours today for a food-safety meeting.
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outbreak at the mexican restaurant last year. about 500 people got sick, including several basketball players at boston college. at today' s meeting, employees will go over an updated food-safety program implemented by the chain in january. all chipotle restaurants will be closed from around 11:00 this morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. lisa: let' s talk about the forecast. a mild start. good morning. randi: it is not going to be like jumping in an elevator and we go from 50 degrees from the 20' s. we are heading back into the wintertime feel. you can see some rain and snow showers mixing in, especially along and north of 70. it will likely be a mix of rain and snow.
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the road stay wet until sunset tonight. hamilton and east dealing with rain showers with snow mixed in. this morning, plan on some cold rain. about 38 degrees and rain showers waiting for the bus. close to 41 this afternoon with rain mixed with snow at times. we could see some light snow sticking to the roadways tonight. let' s check the roads for your monday morning commute. kyla: off to a good start so far on this monday. wet roads and not causing any hiccups, at least thus far. that was 71, 75 and looking good
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toward the 75 interchange, traffic is moving right along. we' re still seeing decent speeds even with the wet roads. same thing in butler county, moving right along north and southbound. lisa: thank you. we already know the broncos beat the panthers for the super bowl 50 title. mark: but coming up in sports, elise jesse will give us a play-by-play of the best plays of the game. lisa: and queen bey doesn' t only dominate the half-time performance. her whole weekend of announcements and how she' s breaking the internet with the news. mark: 39 degrees. we are going to update your most accurate forecast. you' re waking up to cincinnati'
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stay with lisa: good morning and welcome back on your monday. hope you had a great weekend. 39 degrees. not too bad. one of the biggest trending tops -- trending stories tops out of last night' s super bowl had nothing to do with the game. mark: miriah turner breaks down how beyonce is broke the internet this weekend. good morning. miriah: who is headlining this
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coldplay was there and beyonce joined bruno mars and coldplay during the halftime show, and there was a lot of anticipation building up this weekend over her performance. she danced to a new song called "formation," which she dropped a video for online just the day before. the video had a lot of messages in it concerning hurricane katrina, police brutality and southern culture and lack culture. during the performance, she almost fell but quickly recovered. then during the first commercial break after the show, a commercial aired announcing her upcoming world tour. needless to say, beyonce fans went crazy online. i heard australia is upset because she is not going. what' s also getting some attention this morning is the non-reaction of eli manning after his brother peyton helped to lead the broncos to a super bowl victory. right after the game, the cameras cut to the manning family where everyone is cheery except for eli.
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mark: that is is happy face. miriah: and were all aware of the puppy bowl, but check out these fantastic felines in the kitten bowl the hallmark channel hosted the event to raise awareness for animal adoption. it featured 44 cats provided by animal shelters and split into four teams. the cats have been adopted since the taping of the show. lisa: nice. miriah: you have to get the felines in there, too. mark: that is a winner right there. winner, winner, chicken dinner. randi: there was also a fish bowl, which had nothing but fish. not quite as cuddly and cute. it was an exciting evening yesterday. winter is here. i am sorry. it is all falling as rain. a little bit of snow in northern
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generally this is falling as rain. cincinnati, dayton, indy all reporting rain showers. i ou chances forr rain and snow throughout the day, and then after 6:00 it switches over to all snow. 38 degrees at 6:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. it will be a couple of days to bundle up as you train for the flying pig. guys? mark: thank you. the first primary in the nation is just now one day away. lisa: but even some of the candidates couldn' t help but catch some football fever last night. let' s talk about sports. did peyton manning play his last
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mark: we find out more and get reaction from super bowl 50. elise: good morning. cam newton and peyton manning stole the super bowl headlines leading up to the game. von miller was responsible for 2 1/2 sacks and he won the super bowl mvp award. defense was the name of the game in this one. cam is stripped and broncos up 10-0. second quarter, panthers get on the board. i was doing that celebration. fourth quarter, the broncos were up.
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it was picked upu by t.j. ward. the broncos' first offense and touchdown in the game. 24-10, the broncos win. broncos had 194 total yards in this game. the panthers had penalties. xavier has not stopped dominating. oklahoma and unc lost over the weekend, which could open up some room in the top five for the muskies. mark cap gave them some trouble -- marquette gave them some trouble. he was very pleased, like any head basketball coach would be.
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>> our players shoot the ball like they are capable of. they seem to have a chance to be really special. it didn' t come easy. 24 assists on 31 made field goals. nine turnovers. i want to say thank you. that was an unbelievable environment. it was rocking. elise: we know the big east is a strong conference. conference. is not far behind. they play creighton on tuesday and butler on saturday. we' ll see where xavier ends up. that is it for me.
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mark: taking a live look outside this morning. get you in spirit for mardi gras. what is happening outside. winter is back. randi: we have the double colors on the light and radar. snow is rolling through greater cincinnati. the roads will stay just wet for most of us. rain and snow showers expected throughout the day. is not expected to stick until after sunset tonight. we have green indicated rain and blue indicating snow. all of the reporting sites are reporting predominately rain. it could be some snow next in
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the ground. he will stay wet. maybe a couple more flurries. it will not switch over to all snow until you get north of indy up towards chicago. we still have that lingering heat from yesterday. the ground will stay wet. currently calm. 8:00 a.m., cold rain , 37 . after 5:00 and 6:00, it switches to all snow. right around sunset, that is when it starts to stick. snow showers through our area. it will melt as it hits the
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it is very mardi gras-esqe with rain and snow showers mixing through the area. we may see some light accumulation overnight. throughout the day tomorrow, off and on bands of snow. you can get a dusting here or there. if you count up all the snow that falls today through wednesday, less than two inches total. rain showers mixing with snow at times. we will see less than an inch of total accumulation. morning time flurries on wednesday. guys? lisa: thank you. the first-in-the-nation primary is just one day away now. mark: but even some of the candidates couldn' t help but catch some
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miriah turner tells us more. miriah: last night the political pitches were overshadowed by super bowl fever, and some of the candidates used the big game to make a play for votes. republican candidates carly fiorina and senator marco rubio threw their own super bowl parties last night. with donald trump dominating the top spot in the polls in new hampshire, the real battle is for second place. four candidates -- ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and jeb bush -- are virtually tied in the latest monmouth university poll. the poll shows barely half of likely republican voters have made up their minds, even after saturday' s republican debate. so they' ll have today and a bit of tomorrow to rally for a sizable amount of last-minute s primaries. on the other side of the aisle, democratic candidate bernie sanders is attracting big crowds and holding onto his sizeable lead. later today, hillary clinton has a big campaign event with husband, bill, and daughter, chelsea, and sanders will also have multiple events, including a concert tonight. mark? mark: thank you. wlwt is leading the way on your new hampshire coverage, especially following the campaign of ohio governor john
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our very own mike dardis will cover the governor' s bid for the white house. he' ll be live in new hampshire today and tomorrow on wlwt news 5. well, despite most candidates putting their sole focus on the state of new hampshire right now, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton took a break from campaigning to visit with people in flint, michigan. clinton says flint mayor karen weaver invited her to the house of prayer missionary baptist church while she spoke about the water crisis the city is currently dealing with. mrs. clinton: so as a senator i fought for children struggling to bear heavy burdens. and i will fight for you in flint no matter how long it takes. mark: hillary clinton also called on congress to approve $200 million in emergency aid for flint. lisa: twitter says it' s ramping up its efforts to fight terrorism worldwide. the social media company says
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has suspended 125,000 accounts. twitter says posts from the accounts either threatened or promoted terrorist acts. it says most of the accounts were either associated with isis or supported the terrorist organization. the social media company also said it will continue working to stop that kind of activity and has added staff to monitor terrorist activity. mark: there' s no crying in politics. that is, unless you are a first-time voter and get a hug from your favorite candidate. lisa: wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us about a super fan in new hampshire and her first time meeting republican presidential candidate marco rubio. kyla: good morning. lisa and mark, florida senator marco rubio held a rally in hudson, new hampshire, sunday, afterwards meeting with fans and supporters. he shook hands and took pictures and brought some of them to tears, literally. 18-year-old courtney kaufman from westchester, new york, was at the rally campaigning for rubio with her classmates. so when the florida senator came over to the group and gave
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scream and break down into tears of joy. >> i support, like, 97% of his policies, and i don' t care about the other 3%. it' s like how i felt about one direction three years ago. kyla: she is so honest. kaufman was one of 115 students from her high school campaigning for the florida senator in new hampsphire. it is safe to say come november, we all know who she' ll be voting for. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: yesterday it felt like spring. we were up in the 50' s. winter is back. we' ll see several rounds of snow over the next several days. we have wet roads thanks to yesterday' s mild air. we could see less than an inch
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watch out for slick spots and low visibility. that is the main concern, especially after sunset. temperatures hanging out near 40. we switch over to all snow showers and we start to see some light accumulations on the roads, with maybe some slick spots. winter like weather the next couple of days, but no big time snowfall totals. how are the roads looking early this monday morning? kyla: we' re dealing with wet roadways. once we get a few more cars, that situation may change. across the river, 20 minutes on 71, 75. 19 minutes on 71 out of
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you can see wet roadways north and southbound. right now things are looking pretty good. lisa and mark? mark: thank you. local pizza shops and cops team up for a worthy cause for super bowl sunday. lisa: how they used the tasty pies to get across a serious message about drunk driving. we will tell you more about it
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