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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mark: winter weather makes its return to the greater cincinnati area. meteorologist randi rico is in to tell us who' s getting the most snow and when it will move out of the area. lisa: and you can see for yourself live outside on our citycam. we have team coverage this morning on how the snow will affect your morning commute. mark: and it' s a big day in new hampshire today with the primary officially underway. a report from wlwt news 5' s mike dardis, who' s in the granite state this morning following ohio governor john kasich' s campaign. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt,
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this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. headlines are straight ahead. really has details on forecast -- randi has details on the forecast .but first a check of you are a kentuckian .the randi: . randi: it was weight knuckling this morning. it really depends where you are. northern kentucky got the lighter stuff. looking at the radar, you can see the hotspot has been to the north. yesterday we had those big old fat flakes and you saw those file -- pile up a little bit quicker through warren and
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loveland, clarksville, martinsville all dealing with the have their heavier snowbands at the moment. more intense is the deeper blue. hamilton county is seeing some light snow. it is fairly light. portions of ohio. a winter storm warning, specifically along the71 corridor and hamilton county is included in that. area south near the kenwood mall are not looking too bad. the roads are much rougher in that area.
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you can see the heavier snow tracker, the bull' s-eye has been seven portions of warren an southern clinton clowned ounties. it looks like light snow at lunchtime, 27. guys> ? mark: thank you. the snow has been coming down the hardest in the northern part of our viewing area. we have learned of several school closings, including springboro. a complete list at the bottom of your screen. dan griffin has been live drive 5. dan: we are on 71 right now.
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look worse and worse we have seen this season. the roads are snow-covered and if you hit the gas to quickly you are going to feel you have no traction. some cars 40, 50 miles per hour and we have seen snow trucks trying to go through and plow. looks like an suv spun out by the side of the road and came close to a light pole. the interstate, there is still work to be done and maybe early for people getting out there for their morning commute. take it slow and we will be reporting on the roads all morning. for now we' re here in live drive 5. lisa: thank you. news 5' s andrew setters is also
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cincinnati. he has new details on how road crews are treating local roads. andrew: i wanted to give you a look at the road conditions. some of the side streets are not in fantastic shape. i expect that will improve as they go through the course of the morning. 71 was in really good shape coming through cincinnati. areas to the north, the odot crews have really stayed on top to take care of the road conditions on the main streets and the highways. the later you go into the morning, the better things should get. andrew setters reporting. lisa: wlwt news 5 is leading the way on the winter weather. download our wlwt app. you can can see current radar as well as get severe weather
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or mobile device. mark: it' s official. the polls for new hampshire' s primary have opened, and presidential candidates are holding their breath now to see who will win the state. that' s especially true for ohio' s own governor john kasich. wlwt news 5' s mike dardis is in new hampshire this morning with more on kasich' s final push. mike: good morning, everybody. a final push for john kasich. in the last year, he has been involved in 106 town hall meetings, four of them yesterday. the final push tonight in snowy new hampshire. >> kasich! mike: earlier a town hall meeting. he tried to show some personality, having a little bit of fun.
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president, of than in ben and jerry' s. mike: voters have already gone to the polls in three small towns. we will figure out if all the small work has paid off. in new hampshire with the kasich camp, i' m mike dardis. lisa: and here are those early voters. ohio governor john kasich is starting out with some momentum. kasich defeated donald trump three votes to two. bernie sanders shut-out hillary clinton, 4-0. those were the only nine votes cast in the small town. looking at the two other towns which voted at midnight, kasich hart' s location, and in millsfield, it was clinton and cruz on top. find more commitment 2016 coverage online. under "politics" on the wlwt mobile app, and check out the feature on where the candidates stand on the big issues on the
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home page. mark: let' s check act in with randi. always still getting some snowfall? randi: you can see the more intense the blue, the heavier the snow. it is much lighter as you go south of batavia, mount orab, and peebles. brown county is included in the winter storm warning. you can see middletown, mason, wilmington, hillsboro is the hotspot of the heaviest snow fa ll rates and likely the worst road conditions. downtown lebanon, i checke d this
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visible lane. it is going to be hit and mi ss as far as whether your streets are snow-covered or clear. i expect more delay totals especially north of the river and north of the looop p. on the way home from school, temperature about 28 degrees with flurries. the difference between yesterday and today is the temperatures. we' re back down to colder temperatures and it is much more fine as fine as the flurries. kyla: we are dealing with some dicey conditions. this is butler county and we have a vehicle in the middle of the median of 75. there may have in a spin out
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we are seeing some spin out conditions and some very slick roadways, especially in our northern counties. you can see the snow-covered off to the shoulder, only given you one good travel lane. i think that is what we will see in butler and warren county. this is 74 at harrison pike. we are seeing better conditions there inside of the 275 loop. we will have it all covered throughout the morning. extra time is going to be necessary. lisa: thank you. college teams prepare for the big dance. mark: the must-win for the cincinnati bearcats to make the cut, and where two other local favorites fit in.
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sports news. morning. 4:40, 21 degrees. get up and get going.
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>> good morning. we are taking a live look
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randi: you will notice that lane is not clear of snow and that will be the case as we go through the morning commute and along 71 north of the loop. the heavier snowfall rates continued overnight for the northern communities. we' ll see the worst of the weather conditions on the road north and east of the 275 looop p.this is a big change you may have seen since yesterday evening. communities in pink under the winter storm warning until noon today. we are seeing some heavier snowfall totals. lebanon is were the heaviest
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and has been about two inches per three hours. you are looking at two-inch s now nowfall totals. here is the general breakdowns. more snowfall today. be improvements between 10:00 and 11:00. warren and clinton counties, may be an additional inch and a half to two inches. guys? mark: thank you. the xavier musketeers getting an exciting new ranking in the coaches poll this morning. lisa: wlwt news 5' s george vogel tells us ho they' ve climbed to the top five of the list.
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x crack the top five in the associated press poll. villanova taking the top spot for the first time ever. kentucky is at number 11. louisville was in action last night at duke. seven of 11 from the field but duke hangs on to win. derek force gets us ready for a big night of hoops tonight. >> xavier, cincinnati, and kentucky are all trying to improve their tournament resume. tuesday is a big day for all all. xavier will take their record on the road to creighton, as they look to win their fifth game in
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villanova will be a depaul. >> our players shoot the ball like a know they are capable of from the three point line. this team has a chance to be really special. >> cincinnati is predicted as a 10-seed. games like central florida are a must-win. >> for us to do what we want to contribute. >> murray! >> baby! >> kentucky will host georgia and rupp arena. they are coming off a win versus florida. he dropped 18 points and 11 assists.
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8:00. manning was looking good yesterday. he paid a visit to disneyland in a tradition. the day after the big game. he said that was going to plenty of budweiser. he look pretty good in that video right there at disneyland. that is all the sports for now. we will have more coming up later in the day. mark: all right. lady go way to go, xavier. when we get to march, we can start looking away from snow. the groundhog said. lisa: do not trust the groundhog. mark: snow falling out there.
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re getting heavier snowfall amounts. randi: we were talking 2-3 inches of snow. most of the snow came overnight and into this morning. any additional accumulation is going to be on the minimal side. we have shades of blue indicating light snow falling from northern kentucky. where you see the deeper blue, it has been warren and clinton counties, the heaviest snowfall rate. it was hard to miss. they piled up pretty quickly into the evening. some of that melted away. fine snowflakes are falling.
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along the 71 corridor. s where the heaviest snow is at the moment. clinton and highland county has been included in the warning. it is a split in hamilton county. closer to downtown, there is some snow. the northern part got lumped in to that with higher snowfall totals. same thing through portions of warren and clinton counties. the advisory covered through tomorrow morning. 21 right now and the flurries are pretty fine because the temperatures have dropped.
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that is why the totals were on the higher side. through 8:00 this morning, the ohio communities will see the snow accumulate. between 8:00 and what happens. we start to lighten up a little bit. we will have several hours of dr y weather in the afternoon. you will see bands of snow possible. additional accumulation is on the lighter side, maybe half an inch, max. any major snowfall accumulations should be over with and by tomorrow morning the flurries are ending.
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light snow showers continuing in the afternoon. nothing to maybe half an inch. sunshine returning by late in the day. we are staying cold. high temperatures not making an out of the 20' s. guys? lisa: cps has closed for the day. money matters in cincinnati months before voters go to the polls. cincinnati public schools are pushing for pre-school and more school programs paid for by taxes. mark: wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa reports from cps headquarters, where parents and school leaders came together to try and make it all happen. tammy: the idea is, hey, lets work together to get children in cincinnati what they need, whether that' s stronger programs
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the question is, how do taxpayers pay for it all? it' s been called a once-in-a-generation opportunity -- unversal pre-school. >> children are our future and it' s important we take care of them, and if we don' t take care of them now, we' re going to see them again. tammy: cps leaders unveiled a three-year plan to strengthen seven neighborhood schools with more programs. part of that plan is expanding is pre-school. now the district is looking to collaborate with the pre-school promise. it' s to get pre-school for all toddlers in cincinnati for two years. >> our community is so passionate about education and the plight of our kids. >> if a child has good quality pre-school, that all the other programs that often surface later in life are minimized. tammy: the pre-school promise' s plan will cost taxpayers about $25 million. the initiative is on the ballot
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november. >> we' re going to spend public dollars one way or another. i choose to spend it on the front end and make the whole world a better place. tammy: cps board leaders are already trying to figure out how to pay for its 2020 expansion plan. the district has gone eight years without a levy. >> we have a lot of decisions to make as a school district. decision by april if there will be a school levy this year. i am tammy mutasa. mark: right now cps has 1200 kids in pre-school. they want to grow that number by next school year. s certified most accurate forecast. randi: good morning. you are waking up to more snow
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the heaviest snow has been to the north and east of the 275 loop. for today, the bulk of the accumulating snow will haute couture between 11:00 -- will occur before 11:00 this morning. tonight, light snow showers continue. tonight, there could be another dusting to about half an inch. in the morning. s-eye of the heaviest snow, north of the river along 71. by lunchtime the snow showers come to an end. they will continue overnight into early tomorrow morning.
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additional half fan in an inch. nothing but highs in the 20' s. kyla: quite a bit going on right now. we have dicey conditions. 71 at king' s mill. you can see that snow still blanketing most of the roadway. we' re still seeing lighter volume. that is going to work in our favor. you will need that extra time, as we always recommend when we see these types of road conditions. we are getting more speed from the vehicles out on 75. 71 was much slower. very clear here on 71, 75. there is quite a difference in
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you do not need as much time. mark: good advice. thank you. a frightening accident in walton late last night. lisa: it was car versus train. the injuries the driver is suffering from this morning. andrew: we' re having some more winter weather in our area. we will tell you what to expect
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