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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lisa: taking a live look over downtown. the snow is falling and it' s coming down hard in some areas. how it will affect your morning commute today. mark: and meteorologist randi rico keeping you covered in the forecast. when the snow' s expected to move out, and how much we' re expected to get. lisa: it' granite state, and we are already seeing some candidates s getting the most votes this morning. s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. m lisa cooney. m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. s going to be a difficult commute to work this morning for many of you as you head out to work.
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closings including hamilton and mason schools. a complete list rolling at the bottom of your screen and at lisa: let' s start head over to meteorologist randi rico first with a check on your forecast. randi: good morning. yesterday we had those big, old fat flakes. there is snow along and north of the ohio river. it has been more intense across northern portions of butler county and clinton county. they have been the hotspot since 3:00 this morning. lebanon, seven parts of clinton county, south of wilmington,
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seeing lighter snow. the back edge is crossing the state line from indiana into ohio. further south into hamilton county, the snow is fairly steady on the west side. hamilton county is sliced in half north and south. the northern part is worthy heavier -- is worthy heavier snowfall totals were overnight. south near the kenwood mall area, road collisions road conditions look way, way, be tter. the snow does continue back in through indy. 5:00, another 4-5 hours left of
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a winter storm warning through noon today. everybody else under an advisory through tomorrow morning. steady snow and 8:00 a.m. expect a couple of rounds of flurries. additional accumulation, one to one and a half inches. kyla: the roads are worse in our northern communities. 75, the headlights help to give you an indication of what you will see on the roadways. the cars out there helping to pave the way for those vehicles. hopefully we can get that treatment as the salt trucks are
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roadways. right now you will need quite a bit of extra time and use caution. this is 275 at kellogg and looking better than what we were seeing in parts of butler county. 71 is still pretty decent at red bank road. lisa: thank you. our team coverage continues as we are keeping a close eye on the snow and winter weather as it moves in this morning. mark: wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with a look outside. good morning. andrew: the snow is still coming down in winchester. 75 is not in horrible shape this morning. you cannot say the same for some of the side streets because the
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that means side streets are not getting the attention this morning. this is a situation where the road crews have been pretreating the streets with crews working 12-hour shifts. as the snow continues to fall, we could run into some problems on the highways and side streets, because the snow is going to accumulate. the wind is blowing pretty consistently, so you' re going to feel that chill as the snow is getting blown around. reporting live in westchester. mark: thank you. continuing our wlwt news 5 team coverage this morning is he' s giving us a look at the
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live drive 5. dan, tell us where you are right now? dan: we' re on east mulberry street in lebanon. the side streets are snow-covered. the first thing that caught my eye, five snow plows working hard to get these roads cleared. a lot of the side streets are snow-covered. when you get to the main streets, there is a bit of a difference. 123 was clear but wet. your side streets are going to look a lot like this. time to 71, you can see the roads are snow-covered and they could be slick and dangerous. no surprise that goals are going to be closed today.
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truck working to get these roads cleared. we will continue exploring the area and will bring you the latest conditions. reporting live in lebanon. mark: thank you. wlwt news 5 is leading the way on the winter weather. download our wlwt news app so you can can see current radar, as well as get severe weather alerts sent right on your phone or mobile device. lisa: new this morning, at least one person is hurt when a train hits a car in walton. this happened on the tracks that cross maher road near dixie highway. the man in the car injured his but is expected to be ok. the new hampshire primary is already in full swing this morning. voters began showing up at midnight in dicksville notch, where they'
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top candidates. miriah turner is at the live alert desk with the latest from the polls. miriah: it looks like all that early campaigning in new hampshire for ohio governor john kasich paid off. kasich and vermont senator bernie sanders got an early boost this morning. they won the vote in dixville notch, the new hampshire hamlet home to the first vote in the first-in-the nation primary. sanders was able to shut out hillary clinton 4-0, while kasich bested donald trump 3-2. now you have to remember, this is a pretty small town, so as you can see, the numbers are small. they were the only nine votes cast total. looking at the two other town, which voted at midnight, kasich and sanders were also winners in hart' s location. and in millsfield, it was clinton and cruz on top. kasich' s early lead on the republican side comes as a surprise to some. initial polls showing trump leading the pack at 31%, with rubio 16 points behind him in second place. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has an uphill battle if she plans to defeat sanders in today' s primary. but with as many as one in five
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still undecided, anything' s possible today. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: thank you. let' s get a check on your morning commute. kyla: we are already very early in the morning commute and we' re seeing the slow spots. very slow volume because we do have snow and ice. 54 miles per hour on 275 between 75 and 71. we are slowing down much earlier than we typically would. we have been showing you the 75 cameras in butler county. 47 on 275 in northern kentucky. 71, 75 near the 275 interchange, still seeing wet pavement, which
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we' re seeing trickier conditions in butler county. we check in now with randi rico. it will be a slow commute this morning. randi: especially to the north. yesterday we had the snow that may have piled up on the patio. there was uneven melting across the area. wilmington, four inches of snow. we have the potential to see another inch or so in those towns before lunchtime. this is connersville and the streets are snow-covered. we will go further to the east through lebanon. this is downtown lebanon and you
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here is a look right now at saint vincent in the kenwood area. you can see more pavement visible, so the snow is later over towards kenwood mall and south. expect snow we roads -- snow y roads, the worst conditions north and east of the 275 loop. for the drive home, flurries send light snow showers. guys? mark: when we continue, the start of lent is almost here. mark: taking a live look outside his morning as the snow continues to fall. we have traffic and your morning commute times and your forecast
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mark: good morning and welcome back. checking today' s headlines, rioters clashed with police overnight in hong kong. police used pepper spray to try to disperse the crowds, and rioters threw bricks at police and lit fires on streets. one officer was even filmed firing warning shots into the air to try to stop the unrest. the unrest started when local authorities tried to prevent street food sellers from operating. there has also been ongoing unrest with hong kong' s current administration. lisa: president barack obama will ask congress today for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the zika virus. some of this money will be spent here and abroad to eradicate the mosquitoes that have been rapidly spreading the virus through latin america. it' s suspected of causing a devastating birth defect, babies born with abnormally small heads. mark: it' s the last day of the mardi gras season and hoards of revelers are getting ready for
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lisa: fat tuesday events are expected to be the largest since hurricane katrina. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us how the big easy is celebrating. miriah: the celebration and security are both being described as unprecedented this year, with more than a million people expected in new orleans. the costumes, the parades, and of course the beads all part of an iconic mardi gras experience. however, security is tighter than ever before. with so much surveillance, the fbi says visitors should always assume they' re being filmed. in addition to agents, some 1100 new orleans police officers are on patrol, many undercover. officials say it shouldn' t spoil anybody' s fun. all of this adds up to big bucks for the historic louisiana city, dumping an estimated $840 million into the local economy. mark: thank you. let'
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dan griffin is driving around the area. where are you and what are you seeing now? [no audio] mark: we' re not getting dan' s audio. we will try to review another live report as we continue. the big story today is the snowfall. we are seeing heavier snowfall amounts in the northern areas in westchester, with putting the snowfall amounts. randi: winter storm warning was upgraded overnight. last night, highly county and clinton were near the winter storm warning. it has been expanded into claremont, brown, hamilton counies.
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hamilton county which is north of the pfeiffer exit along 71 and along 75. northern brown counties is heavier impacted by this. snow continues through the midmorning. the worst roads will be north of the loop. the snow range is 1-3 inches. we are looking at the radar right now. you can see blue all across the area. you see the deep blue for the last several hours through these two northern communities, warren and clinton counties. the most intense snow along 28
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this snowfall rate has been about two inches hireling up over the last three hou rs into portions of clinton county. northern kentucky, the snowfall was lighter overnight. lighter snow showers falling towards cvg and kenton county. we have steady snow until 10:00, 11:00 this morning. back toward chicago, steady snow through midmorning. into the evening commute, the bands of flurries and snow showers roll in. inch additional.
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the temperatures are colder and the snowflakes are finer. these snow continuing and north of the ohio river through 9:00 and 10:00. we will have several hours of dry air through the afternoon. overnight into early tomorrow morning before moving out. for the snow this morning, another inch, may be inch and a half possible through 10:00 a.m. temperatures will be in the 20' s through next week. several nights were the overnight lows dip down into the single digits. about two inches of snow i had
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what is going on? kyla: we are seeing a lot of snow coverage on the roads. crews are out there really working hard but the snow is still falling, but at a lighter pace. 56 miles per hour along 71 in two parts of warren county. this is their fields verbal. ertal. wanted to give you a picture of what it looks like. the biggest concern is going to be the side streets. there could be one mail travel lane -- main travel lane as opposed to two. this is elsewhere along 74 east and westbound towards colerain
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74 is still off to a decent rate as well. lisa: thank you. a local high school student showing the world she' s got quite the set of pipes. mark: the national competition she' s headed for in a couple of months. lisa: outside live on your tuesday. hope it is a great start for you.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. 5:24. you see the flurries flying around the downtown area. things are happier to the north. the greater cincinnati area has a star in our midst. mark: a local talent is now moving forward after she got a callback from nbc' s hit show "the voice." kyla: so exciting. alyca williamson form hidden valley, indiana, auditioned just this past saturday in chicago during the open-call auditions. alyca tells us when she first got there, she didn' t think she had a chance, because of the thousands of competitors that showed up. but apparently she was pretty impressive, now getting a call back for season 11. alyca tells us she' s apparently a unique case. this weekend she actually auditioned for season 10 of "the voice," but producers for the show are giving her six months to develop her talents, so she can come back for season 11.
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training is on the way, she already has a full resume with her musical background. >> i' ve actually been in two different bands i started. i' ve been in chorus for as long as i can remember. i' ve been singing forever. kyla: alyca tells us she plans on hiring a talent coach, but she doesn' t have the songs she' ll perform picked out just yet, but says they will definitely be from the country music genre. she says in her callback, she' ll have to perform three songs the whole way through. best of luck. let' s check in now with randi rico. randi: we officially picked up two inches yesterday. most places tha at the two- to three-inch range. lebanon has 3 1/2 inches on the ground. these snow continues until
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additional snow showers into the evening commute. guys? mark: thank you. a man set to be arraigned this morning for wielding a sword at officers. lisa: how norwood police were safely able to de-escalated a potentially dangerous situation. andrew: some of the northern parts of our area got the most snow.
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mark: winter weather returns to the greater cincinnati area. randi rico will tell us who gets the most snow, and when it will move out. lisa: a live look at outside. game coverage on how the snow will affect your commute. mark: a big day in new hampshire with the primary under way. a report from mike dardis who is s campaign. s wlwt, news 5 "today." mark: good morning. i' lisa: i' m lisa cooney. randi rico and kyla woods has weather and traffic together. school closings are at the bottom of this green. cps and mason have gone down.
5:28 am
the southern counties are closed. randi: it is heaviest in warren county and clinton county where snowfall totals are four inches in spots. i come in from the loveland-area. the northern part of the 270 five loop was covered this morning. hamilton county, upgraded to a winter storm warning overnight, but it is a different story depending on what part of the county you are in. a wash of blue over the area indicates snow showers for everyone. you have to go south into the southernmost communities to see dry conditions. we have the more intense lose here over -- intense blues over warren county. that is where i am expecting to see the snowfall totals in the
5:29 am
fluffy accumulation may have amped up the totals for lebanon, wilmington, martinsville, they are seeing intense snowfall overnight. inside the 275 loop, light to moderate snow showers. you can look at the national weather service, they upgraded hamilton county, clermont county, brown county, butler county to a winter storm warning , which is in effect until noon. the winter storm advisory in purple will continue until tomorrow morning. today, steady showers and slick roads at 9:00 a.m. at lunchtime the snow will taper off. 27-degrees at noon. light snow showers possible for the evening commute. tonight and overnight, maybe another half inch or so.
5:30 am
kyla: we are keeping an i on the roadways. worse in the northern communities. inside the 270 five loops and northern kentucky, better conditions. this is fields ertel and escort. you can see a dicey situation. quite a bit of snow coverage. some of the main roads might be clear. from beechmont avenue onto columbia parkway, they were clear but the ramps between the two were a different situation. the ramps, typically remind you to do. that lurk decent speed, but this is one portion of the greater cincinnati commute where we are seeing more snow coverage than others. no problems you store westbound
5:31 am
a few extra minutes no matter where you are will come in handy. mark: the snow has been coming down hardest in the northern parts of the viewing area. there are more than 130 school closings and delays. the bigger schools include cincinnati public and mason city schools. dan griffin has been checking road conditions in live drive 5. dan: we are on interstate 71. northbound, we passed over ago via a while ago. the roads are worse than downtown. we have seen suvs, one looked like it spun out and was in a ditch. we have seen a lot of salt trucks. i counted at least five or six trying to clear the roads. things are snow covered
5:32 am
definitely want to slow down. we are doing 45-miles-per-hour right now on interstate 71. there is a little exception. some of the main roads were clear. they were wet, looking like it rained overnight. the crews got to those. be careful as you head out, not slamming on the brakes or hitting the gas too hard. it seems like everyone is doing ok. we will explore much in the area and bring it to you as we move along. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: andrew setters is in the westchester area with how crews are treating roads. good morning. andrew: good morning. crews are treating local roads the best they can. it is a big job to treat the streets, especially when the snow continues to fall.
5:33 am
people seem to be getting along well. kind of in the area where he of the snow continues to fall, it could create problems on the interstates. we are having extra traffic on the highways, that could be a good thing. cincinnati road crews are doing what they can. they pretreated and were working on this during the day yesterday to get the road of the best condition they can. the off and on snowfall over a long time makes it hard. the road crews have been focusing on the main streets. that is one reason why cincinnati public schools are closed. it is difficult to stay on top of the side streets when the snow continues to fall. the snow is continuing to fall in westchester. one thing you will notice is it is a little breezy and cold. winter is not over yet.
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lisa: thank you. wlwt is leading the way on winter weather. download our app to see the current weather and the latest alerts sent to your phone or mobile device. mark: the polls for new hampshire' s primary have opened. the candidates are holding their breath to see who will win. that is true for ohio' s governor john kasich. mike dardis has more on his final push. mike: a final push to new hampshire for ohio governor john kasich. he has worked hard in the state. in the last year he has been involved in 106 town hall meetings. 4 of them yesterday. at the end of the night, his final push. earlier, one of those town hall meetings, where he talked about
5:35 am
personality -- having a little bit of fun -- like this clip about bernie sanders. >> i want bernie to be president of ben & jerry' s, ok? with these ideas, i want free ice cream for a year. mike: voters have gone to the polls in three tiny towns where the polls opened at midnight. there is to the people will be out throughout the day. we will find out if all that hard work has paid off. in new hampshire, mike dardis. lisa: for those early midnight voters, the votes from dixville notch, and ohio governor john kasich is starting out with some momentum. kasich defeated donald trump 3 votes to 2. bernie sanders shut out hillary clinton 4 to 0. those were the only 9 votes cast in the small town. looking at the two other towns which voted at midnight, kasich and sanders were also winners in hart's location. in millsfield, it was clinton
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find out more on "commitment 2016" coverage online under the politics section of the wlwt mobile app and find out where the candidates stand on the big issues on the left-hand side of our homepage. mark: a man will be arraigned this morning for wielding a sword at officers. norwood police were called after a 911 caller said a neighbor was threatening to set the building on fire. 45-year-old anthony hall greeted them with the sword. he had a hammer and butcher knife in his belt. after brief standoff he surrendered and was taken into custody. lisa: back to your forecast. good morning. it looks like you have snow totals. randi: we have been talking that it is warren county and clinton county. wilmington is the winner with four inches.
5:37 am
weather service. they said yesterday we had snow that accumulated on the grass. in some locations the totals will be uneven and it is hard to get a decent measurement. 3.5 inches in lebanon. hillsboro, two inches. it is the northeastern most communities that will be seeing three inches or four inches by the time we are done. right now on the radar you can see the light snow falling in butler and hamilton county' s. -- hamilton counties. warren county and clinton county have seen the most intense snowfall rates overnight in this morning. on the way to the bus stop, watch out for delays and closings. as we head into the afternoon, maybe a couple of flurries after school, 28-degrees. let'
5:38 am
you have to scrape the snow and ice off the car. i was scraping my car, i bumped the tree next my car, and it fell on my head. it is an exciting morning for every one. kyla: it will take you time to scrape. you have to get the elbows going. plan for extra time needed on the cars and the roadways. let' s look at some spots. we have had a few accidents. this one near liberty street. i avoid that intersection if possible. 275 at colerain on the northwest corner of the 275 loop, we are seeing dicey conditions. where we are seeing snow coverage, you can count on one that will slow things down through the morning.
5:39 am
clears some of that roadway off. here is 75 and hopple. north and southbound are good. lisa: snow is causing problems on the roads. coverage on this s snowfall. lisa: a beloved farmers market on the edge of extinction. expecting local entre again! r again! again! again! again?
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randi: a live look outside over downtown cincinnati. you will notice a different from yesterday' s fat snowflakes to today' s fine snow. the massive snowfall piled up. you can see decent snow bands the warren county and clinton county. or five inches. most of us are looking at the one inch to three inch range. you can see the streets and cartersville are snow-covered. in lebanon, you can see the road in front of the golden lamb. that is good. the snow is lighter in the state.
5:43 am
had closer to downtown cincinnati are on the lighter side. more snow this morning, and heaviest from 10:00 to 11:00, then tapering off. you can expect another inch of snowfall. warren county and clinton county couldn' t see a little higher than an inch of additional snowfall. tonight, more snow on the lighter side. to get a look on how the snow is affecting the roads, andrew setters is in westchester. how is it going? andrew: you are talking about the snow that was falling yesterday. you had the big, fluffy flakes. the ground was warm. it wasn' t sticking to the pavement or causing problems. as we look at this parking lot, they have and scraping lists, but the snow keeps sticking.
5:44 am
you will get snow all over your shoes as you try to scrape the windshield of your car. oh. crews are doing what they can. take it easy on the roads. you have quite a bit of snow and it is pretty chilly. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: more changes coming to a popular farmers market. miriah turner with how it is affecting some business owners. miriah: it is nice to talk about warmer days ahead. many patrons are looking forward to the loveland farmers market returning to downtown. last season vendors were asked or relocate to the old bowling alley across from kroger' s. they saw a 30% drop in sales. new development, parking, and increased construction traffic
5:45 am
downtown. they will rally to a return to the jackson street location and historic loveland. all those that are concerned are encouraged to attend the level in city hall meeting tonight. kyla: we are keeping an eye on the roadways. especially the ones in the northern communities where we are seeing more dicey condition. here is a look at the northwest corner of 275. we have seen slower traffic, and we are seeing more travel lanes, but more traffic as well, slowing things down. still some yellow spots with no areas of red. no completely stopped traffic. 20 minutes on 275 from i-74 to route 4. i-75 out of butler county, 20 minutes. we will keep you updated. in the northern communities,
5:46 am
time. in northern kentucky coming don' t need as much time, but a couple of extra minutes won' t hurt you. it could be a slow go for the morning commute. randi: plan on it for most of us. light blue for most of the area. southern brown county and adams county, not seeing a lot. you are the ones right now that aren' t dealing with any additional snowfall. for most of us light to moderate snow, and heavier in warren county and clinton county. heavier snow bands have set up, and that is why there is a bull' s-eye over wilmington, martinsville, and blanchester. yesterday i said two inches on average, you will be closer to in those -- closer to 4 in those
5:47 am
most of us are in the 1 to 3 inch zone. union, independence, alexandria -- on a two hour time lapse you can see the deeper blues have been in the northern communities. the national weather service has upgraded most counties in ohio to a winter storm warning until lunchtime. after that, the advisory will hold on until tomorrow morning. it is not all of hamilton, clermont, and brown counties that are seeing the snow, it is the northern parts of those communities that are seeing totals upwards of two-inches. one-inch to three-inches for bull' s-eye north of hillsboro. if we see upwards of
5:48 am
snow, those areas will be pushing five-inches as this out of wilmington toward lebanon. 19-degrees, feeling like 10-degrees. continuing to see snow showers north of the ohio river. they will get lighter by 10:00 or 11:00 and move out why the early afternoon. lake affect snow for the evening drive. i would expect a potential of an additional dusting. by tomorrow morning, the lake affect snow showers are moving out, and we look better by tomorrow afternoon. the wind will stick around and temperatures will stay cold, but as far as additional accumulation, we are done with it tomorrow morning. maybe another dusting this afternoon from the lake affect bands.
5:49 am
18-degrees with flurries in the morning tomorrow. mark: when we continue, you might think that your celebrations wrapped up last month, but you would do wrong. lisa: how china and other cities rang in the year of the monkey. mark: a live look outside as the snow continues to fall. get up and get moving if you have to get to work. you will need extra time.
5:50 am
mark: welcome back. we are taking a live look at vine street. it is a main thoroughfare that has seen quite a bit of snow. a level one snow emergency in howard county, that means that roads are slippery and conditions are dicey. lisa: we are checking on trending stories. mark: a lot upon the and circumstance as a rival landed in pennsylvania. a very important test was on the airplanes that arrived in pittsburgh. it was a sloth. the baby two-toed sloth will
5:51 am
outreach and education programs, ambassador for rain forest species. lisa: the official start of the lunar new year on monday. we are in the year of the monkey, the ninth animal on the chinese zodiac calendar china' s most important holiday was celebrated all over the world with celebrations that included dancing dragons and lion.s s. mark: the final push by the candidates and the midnight votes in new hampshire. randi: snow showers across greater cincinnati. if you want to know how much more we will see, this is by the time it is done tomorrow morning. most voices picking up an extra inch or so, maybe 1.5 inches in the north.
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lisa: road crews clearing the way after the latest wave of winter weather. the latest on conditions and what is ahead. mark: police say the weather is to blame for this collision in northern kentucky where the driver got stuck before the car
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