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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lisa: all eyes on new hampshire. the results coming in and what governor john kasich is saying about his chances. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 "today." lisa: look out for a snow-covered streets as you head out this morning. our crews have been out overnight as the snow continues to fall. there are slick spots for sure. mark: many school districts are closing, including cincinnati public school, and hamilton, loveland, and mason schools. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. mark: i' m mark hayes. we have team coverage. before we check on the roads, let' s get to the forecast with randi rico for the latest totals. randi: yesterday, the big quarter-sized snowflakes was fluffing out the snowfall totals . looking at the radar, the
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the temperatures. we' re still looking at decent snow bands. a wash of blue means there is snow for almost the entire area. the deeper blue tones indicates heavier snowfall, especially into northern clermont and brown counties. blanchester is seeing decent snowfall from the 71 core, warren and clinton counties, that is where we are seeing heavier and steadier snowfall. i' m expecting slightly higher totals for that area been for the rest of us. the 275 loop, where the northern portions were seeing issues, the southern portions, not so much. fight snow through hamilton county. the national weather service upgraded many counties to a winter storm warning until noon.
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winter weather advisory. when the warning expires at noon, the advisory will take over until tomorrow morning. 8:00, steady snow, and heaviest in the northern counties. at noon, the snow will get lighter and move out for a while. flurries and light snow off of lake michigan for the afternoon. yesterday, i was saying two-inches for most of us and one-inches to three-inches for the entire system. totals are bumped up for warren county, clinton county, and northern clermont county. it is time to check the roads. kyla: we see those conditions worse in the northern communities and within the 275 loop and northern kentucky.
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in warrensburg, 275 is dicey in both directions. we are keeping an eye here. the carroll cropper bridge, the bridges, overpasses, and ramps might be more snow-covered than the main roadways. 275 at colerain, a northwest corner -- the northwest corner is a little more snow-covered. you can see off of the ramp, the headlights give you a better indication of where the snow is on the interstate. slowing down on the north side toward i-71. someone who is on i-71 -- dan griffin is in live drive 5. how are conditions? dan: we are going south of lebanon on i-71 going back toward the mason-area.
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there are patches were fears up every so often and we are seeing the tire tracks as traffic is picking up. there is still a lot of snow and slick spots. people are slowing down. i don' t think we have gotten over 45-miles-per-hour. the snow is still falling. the road crews are out in full force, at least five at a time salt trucks in some locations trying to get the roads clear. the side streets in lebanon were still covered in snow. some of the main streets could be cleared. in lebanon, state route 23 looked like it had just a rained. for now, we are alive on -- we
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lisa: different conditions depending on where you are waking up. mark: andrew setters is in westchester. good morning. andrew: good morning. we are in westchester along i-75 . this is a busy area for people who have to go to work. i notice people' s down on i 75 as the traffic picks up. we have different road conditions in different areas. in cincinnati, road crews have been out for a long time working 12-hour shifts to pretreat the roads and doing what they can to stay ahead of the snow. the snow has continued to fall. it is tough for them to keep up with the side streets. that is why we are seeing some changes with school closings ,
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the city of cincinnati has crews out working long hours to get the roads in better shape. i-75 is being taken care of by odot. as the snow continues to fall, it is tough to keep things in perfect shape. things won' t improve until the snow finally stops. mark: closer to the city, this is what you did see. this is vine street. the hamilton county sheriff' s office declared a level one snow emergency with road conditions being hazardous. wlwt news 5 leading the way on winter weather. download our wlwt i have to see the current radar and get severe weather alerts sent to your phone or mobile device. lisa: snow appears to be a factor in a train/car accident
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near mayor road and dixie highway. we are told that the driver injured his back and pelvis, but is expected to be ok. mark: hired crews called to winona terrace in madisonville after 11:00. fire crews knocked down the fire after 15-minutes. no one was home. $50,000 of damage was done. a big day for new hampshire. lisa: it is time for voters to have their say in the nation' s first primary. the race. miriah: some new hampshire voters have already spoken. three small towns voted at midnight. john kasich and bernie sanders won in two of the towns. john kasich was the favorite
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governor kasich feels like he is peaking at the right time. governor kasich: we knew we would walk into the clearing, because we' ve built our house on solid ground. in a state like this you are really running for congress in a way. you build everything up, and one minute they find out he is doing well. the other side starts panicking and running negative ads. it has been a ball. miriah: the vulcan race could hinge on undecided voters. in a latest cnn poll 30% of republican voters in new hampshire were undecided. lisa: for the latest out of new hampshire with our team and the granite state, mike dardis is there. his next report is at 6:30. mark: the boys of summer are
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the reds are packing up the truck getting ready to go to a good year for spring training. they send the equip that a week before the pitchers and catchers report. in case you' re wondering, the high in good year today is give or take a degree or two in the middle 80' s. how about it? lisa: in southern california -- they are having a heat wave. mark: i would much rather have this. be it' s -- beads flying in the big easy. and voter turnouts in new hampshire. whether issues for the primary. lisa: there is a live look at city cam. we are calling them flurry
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randi: yesterday they were huge and piled up quicker in the northern communities. out of bloomington, four inches of snow. 3.5, lebanon. most places are between one inch and two lunches. we could see another one inch to 1.5 inches before the snow is
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we will look at how >> you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. leading the way. mark: welcome back. looking outside, this is a long vine street. you will need extra time if you' re just getting up. try to get out the door a few minutes early. this is what is waiting for you.
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pack your patience. kyla: you' ll need it. it is a catch-22. it will help clear the interstate, but it will cause quite a bit of a slow down when we get more cars. we had the accident at state and liberty. the shot out of the commercial break was on vine. will be more snow-covered than a main thoroughfare like a westwood northern. you would see better clears on those streets. we have an accident on state and liberty. there were injuries reported. 36-miles-per-hour near the 271 and 75 interchange. 47-miles-per-hour on i-75. traffic is picking up on union center. it looks like traffic is able to move a long we are getting more cars to leer the lanes.
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again in a few minutes. lisa: in your top stories, gas prices continue to fall. the local average for a gallon of regular is $1.52. aaa says crude oil inventories are at their highest level of this time of the year and almost a decade. mark: it is a last day of mardi gras season and revelers are getting ready for one last day of celebrations in new orleans. fat tuesday events are expected to be the largest sense hurricane katrina with one million people expected. lisa: a braid in denver after carolina panthers on sunday. third super bowl championship in franchise history. mark: parts of the northeast covered in snow. lisa: hampshire where voters are
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miriah: the snow is coming down on monday -- was coming down on monday, covering roads. much of the new hampshire area is expected to get six inches to eight inches. check out the roads in hooksett, new hampshire were governor john kasich was making his final push on monday. not only did his bus make it, he had his rally outside. mike dardis is giving us coverage. they are seeing snow, we are seeing snow as well. mark: looking outside, we have snow falling in the northern parts of town. randi: wine county cannot catch a break. we will call it over achieving. -- warren county and clinton county cannot catch a break.
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a big breakthrough southeast indiana. into southern poland, grand, pendleton county, adams county, not a lot going on. different overnight and into the early morning along 68 and southeast of 71. wilmington to the north along 68 into blanchester, martinsville, fayetteville, that is very you are seeing more intense snow showers. extending to the west toward newtonsville. into northern kentucky, bite to moderate snowfall in peach grove, grover, and crittenden. on butler county, lighter snow showers in oxford it is leading up. -- letting up.
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mason county and robert county. the more intense slew is over warren and clinton county, then northern brown county. that is why the winter storm warning has been upgraded from most ohio counties until noon. adams county is not included in that. it is north of octavia and mount orb that are seeing the heavier snow showers. the communities in pink are under the warning until lunch time. when that expires the purple winter weather advisory will take over for everyone until early tomorrow morning. yesterday, i was saying to inches on average. the spots that have been over achieving had to bump that up to three inches to five inches per warren county, clinton county,
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for the most of us the two inch average is looking decent. 20 degrees at the moment. the wind out of the southwest at 8-miles-per-hour. futurecast continues to show snow showers north of the ohio river through the morning rush. then we will see it get lighter through lunchtime. early in the afternoon of break so the snow crews can catch up. in the evening, our snow chance shifts to lake-effect snow off of lake michigan. you will see those developed into the evening. some bands of snow could put down a dusting in the evening hours, lingering into tomorrow morning. at lunchtime tomorrow, the snow showers are out of. with a chance of snow showers late on wednesday. 28-degrees with morning
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maybe an inch on the high side out of the system before 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. tomorrow, flurries in the morning. take a look. this is a wintertime seven-day forecast. we have been lucky with warmer temperatures. highs in the 20' s, overnight lows in the single digits. lisa: a local -- local women in a discrimination lawsuit. what the ruling means for chipotle. mark: in flint, the michigan for the water crisis. kyla: we have been covering this. the northern communities are seeing worse conditions
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kentuc lisa: 20 degrees on your tuesday morning. you are looking through live drive 5. our crew is going north on 741 and the mason-area. mason city schools are closed, as our cbs schools. -- cps schools.
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we have been warning you that you' ll need extra time as you head outside. here are roadways where we are seeing more snow coverage. traffic is getting heavier at this time, which is typical. the headlights and brake lights give you an indication of what you are seeing. the cars are paving the way. this is near 129 here and you can see more cars now. we are seeing slower traffic. 129 to the lateral, it is 20 -minutes where it is usually 16-minutes. it is picking up and slowing down as far as speeds are concerned. give yourself 15 extra minutes to make your way. sidestreets maybe more covered than main thoroughfares.
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chipotle and win. former general managers were fired because of their gender and were awarded $20,000 each. this is the first case with the judgment. trial for two of the other women in are set for april. mark: lawsuits over the toxic levels of lead in the flint drinking water. they claim their two-year-old girl has high levels of lead in her blood because of the drinking water. lisa: who is still getting the snow and he was seeing the heavier amounts? randi: it is not equal. the further south the lighter it is. portions of kentucky are not seeing anything as we look at
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the steady snow showers are pushing east through the 71 corridor. that is where the heaviest snow bands have set up along 71 north east of the two 75 loop and along 68 from wilmington into mount orb. expect heavier snowfall and trickier travel in those areas. clinton county and northern brown county and warren county will see three inches to five inches by the time we are done with the system. most of us are looking at the one inch to three and rain. the bulk of the snow accumulation should be done by 11:00 a.m. overnight, lake effect snow bands off of lake michigan will toss down an additional dusting.
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a winter storm warning except for adams county until noon. an advisory for everyone, indicating tricky road conditions. lisa: off to the polls. a big day in new hampshire as voters decide which candidates they are supporting. andrew: snow is falling during the morning rush.
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know mark: overnight snow and slick spots. we are tracking the conditions and forecast. lisa: and big day in new hampshire with the primary under way. a report from mike dardis, who is in the granite state following john kasich campaign. mark: who could be joining the race for the white house? >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 "today." lisa: 6:30 on tuesday, 20-degrees. this is a live look at vine street. we have team coverage. we will look at the road conditions around greater
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let' s start with a check on the forecast. randi: it depends on where you are. yesterday we started with big flakes thanks to temperatures on the warm side. they melted when they hit the concrete. when they started to stick, they piled up quickly. two inches of snow at cvg. adding an inch or two to that. looking at the radar, it is not an even layer of snowfall. if you are used or northeast of the 275 loop, overnight, they were the hardest hit. clinton county, northern brown county, warren county, these areas have seen heavier snowfall that have lasted for hours. we have snow in middletown, hamilton, the eye-75 corridor,
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blanchester, county. the corridor from 50 to 71 is where you will find the highest totals when the system is done. butler county, lighter snow showers. much lighter than overnight. light to moderate in middletown. light snow inside the 275 loop . the national weather service of grated many of ohio counties to a winter storm warning until . yesterday, it was only clinton it has expanded closer to downtown. when the warning expires, the winter weather advisory will continue into tomorrow morning. yesterday, i said two-inches on average and it looks like the one inch to three inches will hold steady for most of us, but three inches to five inches for
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let' s check on the roads. bigger issues will be on the side streets and the interstate travel has been worse along 71 and 75 in the northern communities. inside the 275 loop hasn' t been bad, but there is an accident on 75 near i-70 four. traffic is getting heavy at this time of the morning, so that will slow you down more than what you might see. 71 at fields ertel , cars are moving by. we have not seen any terrible incidents so far. hopefully, that will remain the case. folks taking their time making their way northbound. that is what you' ll need to do.
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handy. lisa: our team coverage continues with another look at the roads. mark: dan griffin in live drive 5. dan: good morning. we are on mason montgomery road in mason heading toward the center of mason. i can tell you that kyla woods hit the now on the head when she said side roads will be a problem. a lot of the side streets have been snow-covered. people are very much taking heed of the warning to go slow. in front of me, you can see we are closer to town. there are certain spots that have been clear to the point where it looks wetter and not so much like sluch. --
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the interstate, interstate 71, we have not got over 45-miles-per-hour. people are going slow and being very careful. that is something you need to remember. the side streets will be mushy and slick, and maybe even the interstate will be mushy and slick depending on where you are we are checking the latest conditions. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: andrew setters is checking conditions. he is live in westchester. andrew: good morning. it is a big difference from-71 i-75. on i-75, people seem to be getting along well. you can see people zipping along.
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-- things are going pretty well. it is like on the side streets and parking lots. as you clear off your car this morning, you will be dealing with quite a bit of snow. yesterday, the pavement was warm as the big flakes were falling . they were hitting the ground and melting. now there' s a layer of snow and it is piling up because the road temperatures have dropped off. have patience with the road crews as they try to deal with some of the side streets and less traveled roadways. the snow has started to pile up. that is why we are seeing closures and delays. as this note continues through the morning, it will mean that we will continue to have problems. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: working around-the-clock,
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the first -- 12-hour shifts . the first crew started yesterday. they are responsible for maintaining 3000 lane miles of roadway between city limits. wlwt is leading the way on winter weather. download our app to see the current radar and get the latest advisories sent to your mobile device. lisa: the new hampshire primaries are opened, and candidates are holding their breath to see who will win the state. that is true for governor kasich . mike dardis has more on his final push. mike: a final push in new hampshire. he has worked hard in this state . in the last year he has been
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meetings, 4 yesterday. after those town halls, his final push was in snowy hooksett . one of the town hall meetings, where he talked about the issues, he tried to show personality by having fun -- like this quip about bernie sanders. governor kasich: i want bernie sanders to be president of ben & jerry' s. with these ideas, i want free ice cream for a year. mike: the polls opened at midnight for three towns. the rest of the people will be out throughout the day, and we will find out if the hard work and john kasich has paid off. lisa: here are the votes from dixville notch, and ohio governor john kasich is starting out with some momentum. kasich defeated donald trump 3 votes to 2. bernie sanders shut out hillary clinton 4 to 0.
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looking at the two other towns which voted at midnight, kasich and sanders were also winners in hart's location. in millsfield, it was clinton and cruz on top. mark: former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is getting more serious about his race for the white house. he is considering his options. the media mogul is listening to what the voters are doing. you can find out more "commitment 2016" coverage under politics on the wlwt app , and find out where the candidates stand on issues on the left-hand side of the homepage. lisa: let' s check traffic. kyla: you can see areas of yellow with a little bitter bread on 71-75 of the 275 loop. -- a little bit of
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on the 275 loop. an accident has taken out the left lane, and it looks like more emergency vehicles are arriving. it is slowing traffic significantly. 25-minutes out of butler county on southbound 75. when you get past the accident you should be good to go. 275, you are heavy in the northbound lanes heading toward i-70 -- i 75. this is one area where around this time in the morning we get jammed up anyway. northern kentucky is on the lighter end of the snow coverage . let' s check in with randi rico. quite a difference between the northern communities and northern kentucky. randi: some spots are getting a breather.
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been watching this radar for 4.5 hours. throughout the last four hours, the deepest blue has stayed put through clinton county, warren county, and northern brown, northern highland county. here is a live look through the bank building weatherbug camera in downtown lebanon. the good news is that the road is visible. earlier when i checked it, it was snow-covered. wilmington, the highest total at four inches. lebanon, 3.5. most others, two inches or less. georgetown, two inches. if you want to know how much more -- through the morning hours, snow showers will taper off between 10 :00 a.m. to noon.
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we will fast-forward as the system rolls through this evening with some dance off of lake michigan. tomorrow morning, we are looking at many towns north of the ohio river getting an extra inch or 1.5 inches extra. we' ll look at the timeline in a couple of minutes. mark: looking at our live drive-in the mason-area, where schools have closed.
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drive look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mark: welcome back as we continue our coverage. lisa: dan griffin is giving us a look at the current road conditions. you have spent time up north. where are you now? dan: we are in the mason area in warren county county about to merge onto 71. are doing now that traffic is moving. in mason, a lot of the main roads are very slushy. trucks back to back. they are scraping, salting, and working, but mother nature has
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we have slush on kingsmill road, interstate 71. the last time we were on the interstate we did not get any faster than 45-miles-per-hour. there are slick spots that we turns. -- as we have made turns. aren' t slamming nor breaks or punching your gas. we are on the on ramp getting onto 71. it is covered in snow. as we continue tracking conditions, we will bring them to you. as you head to work, or wherever you need to go this morning. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: this is a situation on vine street. earlier that hamilton county sheriff'
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meaning the roads are hazardous drifting snow. kyla: the side streets are going to be probably the most dangerous situations. through the neighborhoods is where you will see more snow coverage on the roads as folks make their way to work and school. we have an accident on 75 near i-74 southbound. 11-minutes from the norwood lateral into downtown. they have the far left lane blocked and it is slowing traffic. this is when we would see heavy volume along this stretch of 75. it is slowing things down more. 70 one at pfeiffer, snow-covered lanes as cars make their way out . more snow coverage your fields ertel, mason montgomery, and
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i crossed the river, 71/75 is backing of across the interchange and further south. you will run into this around donaldson. we are seeing the heavy volume. are clear. you will not see as much ice and snow coverage there. s check in with randi rico. randi: we have a couple more hours of potential accumulation for greater cincinnati. over the last two hours, the deeper blue rolled to the east. it has been consistent to the northernmost communities along 71 north of the 275 loop, specifically clinton county. clinton county is likely to see the highest snowfall totals. along 68, steady snow showers
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vienna . all snow showers along 73. the more rural state routes are easily snow-covered. closer to the 275 loop, it is a big difference. later snow inside the 275 loop . it does it mean the roads are completely clear, but it is not coming down as heavy. we had this snow rolled through . that will move out by 10:00 this morning. looking to the north and west, the lake effect snowmachine off of lake michigan will bring us bands of snow during the evening commute. right now, it looks like the biggest time for accumulation is almost coming to an end. most places will pick up about
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a dusting to about 1/2 inch overnight from the lake effect bands. snow-covered north of the loop with a snow total in the one inch to three inches range. warren county and clinton county might to get five-inches of snow. ohio counties, except for adams county, have been upgraded to a winter storm warning which will expire at noon. the winter weather advisory will take over for the rest of the system. pushing the two inch to three inch totals north of the river. portions of warren county, clinton county, northern brown, northern clairmont, could see three inches to five inches by the time it is done. there is not a whole lot left to come for most of us. 20-degrees at cvg and 19 in
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it is colder than yesterday. you can see snow showers continuing north of the river through 10:00. they will move out. we will have several hours of dry we ather before the lake effect snow showers come in for the afternoon. where the bands set up you could pick up an additional dusting. today, plan on temperatures in the 20' s during the daytime. we will stay in the 20' s all week. this is a winter-like seven-day. we have had it easy so far with h -- had it easy so far. we will have highs in the 20' s. lisa: another live look outside. you can see i-75 in the background. this is west chester.
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with the winter weather and new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at lisa: welcome back. wlwt staying on top of winter weather. this is live drive five. take it slow.
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has updates, that include cincinnati public schools. mark: andrew setters is westchester with what you can expect. good morning. andrew: the first thing you can expect is to be hit in the face it is a breezy. i-75 in westchester is in good shape. traffic has slowed down a little, but the amount of traffic has picked up. so it is hard to tell if it is because of the weather conditions that people are driving more slowly. we have seen the snow continuing to fall, and the road crews are trying to keep on top of it. the side streets will be more snow-covered. it is tough for them to hit the priority streets and the neighborhood streets. the neighborhood streets is where you will run into the
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maybe some slipping and sliding as you get your car ready to hit the road this morning. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: tackling the road conditions in the city, crews are working 12 hour shifts. they are responsible for clearing and treating 3000 lane miles. they have 15 trucks battling the conditions this morning. hamilton county is under a level one snow emergency, meeting conditions are hazardous with drifting snow. this is in clifton along hollister and vine. give yourself extra time. lisa: as we continue to see the snow fall, make sure you send pictures to us. you can send it to the u-local part of, or post them on our facebook page. randi: you can see on the
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snow showers are getting lighter, especially downtown, butler county, southeast indiana, and kentucky. we have been watching the 68 corridor through the morning. in general, snow showers will persist north of the ohio river, but move out at 9:00 or so. a winter storm warning for all counties except for adams county until noon. maybe 1.5 inches of additional snowfall this morning. the bulk of the snow is over by 10:00 or 11:00. we could have an additional dusting to half inch overnight with lake effect snow. 23-degrees tomorrow. stuck in the 20' s with 20 conditions, and another round of snow on friday. mark: we will have extended
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lisa: we will have up-to-date information on school closings are february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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