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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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live in butler county with what they' re saying. reporter: that they' re on top of it. extra security will be in place to ease any lingering concerns. here at the butler county juvenile facility acted on his own. for reasons he has yet to explain. the threat was in a note at middletown high where classes were empty today because of the snow. a student notified the office about the note which contained racial slurs, threatening african-americans this coming thursday. police and school officials determined in short order who the suspected student was, no other students involved, no weapons on school grounds. a relief to this woman who expresses faith in school leaders there. >> the administrators are doing everything they can do to protect out kids, you know, when a threat like this takes place. >> and your grandson goes to school there? >> he goes to middletown. he' s a junior. reporter: the 15-year-old is
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detention center on a felony charge of inducing panic. middetown' s manager sees no reason for panic. in a blog post, he writes as ugly as the incident was, this is another situation where the system worked as it was supposed to. the school district was quick to action and cooperated completely. our school resource officer was on scene and used his relationship with the students to quickly ascertain what was happening. as jessica parker herded her shivering kids into the car this afternoon. thoughts about school safety mixed with the need for fostering racial understanding and determining what the consequences will be. she has a daughter at the middle school. >> my daughter makes careless mistakes, you know, not like that. but, she does make careless mistakes and at that age, you know, i don' t know if he was just joking around to just do a prank. reporter: the 15-year-old student was in court with his family this morning. unless an attorney can get him remanded to their custody, he will remain here pending a pereliminary hearing a week from thursday. live in butler county, john
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sheree: thank you. middletown principal carmela cotter says tonight there' s no reason to believe any contuining threat exists at the school. snow plow crews were hard at work this morning, after several inches of snow fell overnight. depending on where you live, you others didn' of snow. this is video from butler county today, where people were busy with snow blowers and shovels here' s a live look at conditions from our live drive in in anderson. cincinnati public works says all the main routes are clear tonight, but they still have some work to do on the side streets. wlwt chief meteorologist kevin robinson joins us now, kevin is any more snow on the way? kevin: those road crews are not getting much of a break from mother nature.
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it is still falling. temperatures are in the low 20' s. you can see some flurries and snow showers moving in. the good news is that they are not nearly as steady or heavy as they were yesterday evening. but falling from hamilton on to boone county. over towards batavia. there is a heavier versus no out there. expect flurries and snow showers to continue to around dinnertime before they begin to taper up. i will have a full look later. sheree: alcohol and speed a deadly combination. today a west chester teen admits he had been drinking before a deadly crash that killed his friend. wlwt news 5' s karin johnson joins us live from hamilton with the details. reporter: a heartbreaking story for everyone involved.
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me they hope other teens will hear what happened and make better choices. tristan lacey in a butler county courtroom today holding a bible and wearing a cross. the teen and his family turning to their faith during this difficult time. 18-year-old mark valentine' s family is too. they joined hands in the courtroom. >> whats your plea? >> guilty . . reporter: as tristan pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide. the 18-year-old was driving his car drunk, blood alcohol level.1-0-6. he lost control and crashed on marx brother eric was also in the car. he wasn' t hurt and spoke to us a few days later. >> sometimes i' ll be thinking about him and i' ll just be
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little brother and all the good times we had together. reporter: today valentines parents told me they want other teens to hear mark' s story and look at his senior picture. they want teens to stop and think about mark before they get in a car. >> we all cared for him and that we' ll always remember him forever. they hope their tragedy saves a life. tristan' s family does too. they say bad decisions were made that morning but their son is not a bad person. tristan lacy faces between two and 8 years in prison. sentencing is scheduled for march 9. live in hamilton, karin johnson, wlwt news 5. sheree: thank you. the suspect in a shooting that killed a woman in east price hill is arrested in florida. the u.s. marshals arrested michael prewitt in orlando. cincinnati police say he' s a suspect in a shooting that injured two people in december on purcell avenue. one of the victims, kesha jendrysik later died. a crane accident at the banks has investigators searching for
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the crane toppled over this morning, wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick is leading the way with the story, brian, fortunate no one was injured. this could have been much worse. reporter: there was a lot of people here. it was an active construction scene with lots of workers. they are trying to figure out what to do next. when something happened to tip the balance and toppled the crane. it' s a crane, acting more like a plane than ever intended as it went airborne. >> the crane was lifting steel up and over the street structure and depositing it into the parking garage construction site and the crane became imbalanced. reporter: banks project executive phil beck says investigators are working to determine what went wrong. but construction workers weren' t the only ones affected.
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on, all the workers are leaving, something' s going on up here. martha cruse is a delivery driver. martha cruse/delivery driver i went down to our normal delivery spot and the police said they have it all blocked off for me to come up top and when i got up top that' s when i seen the crane tipped over. reporter: the crane' s boom was fully extended, close to half the length of a football field, when suddenly it was a boom that went bang. there was no damage to the parking garage. it looks like there will not be any delay on the project. live brian hamrick wlwt news 5. sheree: the two construction companies at the site are working with the crane owner and osha to figure out what happened. the man accused of weilding a sword at police officers appeared before a judge today. a neighbor called 911 yesterday, after they say james anthony
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building on fire. when officers arrived, they say hall threatened them with a sword. it' s decision day for voters in new hampshire. donald trump was leading the latest cnn poll there with 31%. and kasich ranked fourth with 11%. among the democrats sanders is wlwt news 5' s mike dardis is on the campaign trail with a look at the last minute push for votes. mike: the kasich people are very confident. they are getting a lot of media. after winning in pixel notch.
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of work in two last-minute. it is a pulling --polling place. would you consider yourself a political junkie? >> yes some he choices on these primary day. but still his mind is made up. >> he is only guy i think that can bring everybody together. everybody else is so divisive. i' m excited about it. mike: and then the moment the supporters were waiting for, the governors grand entrance. approach. >> we brought a positive out here strong. maybe.
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mike: will governor kasich do enough to continue rolling into north carolina? what about a final message for new hampshire voters? pretty simple message, vote for me. we are here in concord in the courtyard by marriott. polls close in 50 minutes. if we get any inside information, will pass it along. it will be on her website thank you. sheree: making it easier to report eyesores, >> you can go in and select any neighborhood that you' re interested in. sheree: a look at a new system connecting you directly with the people who investigate problem
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north, with two new cases in indiana and ohio. where officials say both women contracted the virus. kevin: flurries and snow showers continue to push out of indiana across the state line and into the viewing area. i am tracking the snow showers this evening. i will you know if we are expecting anymore. and the frigid temperatures are setting land. you' re watching cincinnati' s . here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is
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nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably
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sheree: do you have an abandoned house on your block? how about litter and over grown grass at the home next door? you can get something done about eyesores in cincinnati. wlwt news 5' s jenell walton shows us how the new online system works. reporter: whenever tiffani tribble walks around her avondale neighborhood, she wonders when something will be done about this vacant house at the corner of norway and barker. >> unfortunately, they are a drag on the neighborhood. reporter: last summer she was hopeful when she saw a few guys working on it. >> some months went by and i stopped seeing the contractors and then nothing. the house didn' t go up for sale. they still needed to complete some work, but i still haven' t seen anyone since. reporter: cincinnati' s new code enforcement website can help frustrated residents like tribble report eyesores. the city unveiled the new
6:14 pm today. you can go in and select any neighborhood that you' re interested in. >> once you go online to make the report, you can continue to track it on the database; from inspections to orders that are given to clean it up. they want to get more detailed >> information. what exactly is going on? how the city is responding? what the inspector that has gone to the field has discovered? this website is going to give them that level of detail. reporter: opening a new case is as simple as answering a few questions and clicking submit. tribble, a real estate agent, says she and other agents will also likely use the new site to report problem properties near homes they' re showing to clients. >> by allowing us to participate in becoming a part of the solution, i think we can really make headway into reducing blight within the city of cincinnati. reporter: and buyers can use the site to double check nearby homes, before they sign on the dotted line. in avondale, jenell walton wlwt news 5. sheree: you can use it to report
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waste and other neighborhood nuisances. you can find a link on still no arrests tonight in a shooting in a blue ash neighborhood that injured three people. police say at least 10 gunshots were fired along oak and florence avenues sunday night. that shooting is likely going to come up at a community meeting tonight at the hazelwood community center. the meeting was already planned before the shooting, but officers will be there to answer your questions. it starts at 7:30. seven weeks after the new police chief took over in cincinnati. he is naming the new police chief just today. today colonel dave bailey was promoted to executive assistant chief. while lieutenant colonels, john, neudigate, and theetge were promoted to assistant chiefs. cincinnati' s mayor says he doesn' t have to look outside the department for the best officers in the country.
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>> at the time 15 years ago there was a sense, rightly or wrongly, that you had to go outside the department to get the changes that people were asking for. now the best people in the country are in our department. sheree: congratulations to all them. lieutenant colonel theetge is just the second female in department history to serve as an assistant chief. three new cases of the zika virus are being reported in ohio and indiana. the ohio department of health says that a woman returning to cleveland from haiti is infected with the virus. a separate case was also confirmed in stark county, ohio. in indiana, state health officials there also say they but they' re not saying which city or county that case is in. in all 3 incidents, the people just returned from haiti. cincinnati'
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kevin: snow continues to fall across a good part of the area as we speak. here is a live look. as you look towards mt. washington, you can see the ohio river. you can tell from the visibility, you can notice that as a gets a little bit dimmer the farther away you are. you can tell the intensity of the snow. post of it is on the light side. occasionally there is a moderate batches out there. as flurries and snow showers continue to push and from central and south is indiana. generally across the good part of ohio. kentucky. notice there is some areas of to show up. especially across northeastern parts of hamilton county. anywhere from downtown through
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clermont county, mason, westchester. there is a more concentrated area of snow. county. but it is moving in waves across the area. it will continue to do this across dinnertime. they will subside after sunset. by midnight, for most of us the snow will have tapered off by them. but because of the flurries and snow showers there are still coming down, and addition to the snow that we had overnight, last night we keep the winter weather advisory in effect. the big snows are done across the area. snow should begin to taper again before midnight. an additional quarter to half inch could be expected across the area. if you spots may get an inch.
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but even with a light coating out there, expect some body -- spotty slick spots. the wind chill is running in the single digits and teens. 23 at the airport. the west wind at 13. it makes it feel like it is 11 degrees. wind chill to remain on the low it is 23 degrees here. 19 indianapolis. 17 in chicago. this is where the air is coming from. here' s a look at the weather map tonight. storm system up across southeastern canada, there is little disturbances writing through on the cold air. that is enough to squeeze out a flute -- a few flurries. it diminishes as we get to 9:00. i do not expect widespread travel problems tomorrow
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lingering flurries early on wednesday before we begin to see those go away. there may be a peak or two at the sun late tomorrow. the other big talker here is going to be cold. it is going to stay very chilly. right through the end of the week and into valentine' s day for us. it will get even colder saturday and sunday. 15 for a low tonight. with no showers tapering across the area. tomorrow is mostly cloudy , here' s a look in your day planner. 17 by eight :00 a.m.. -- 8:00. i and keeping an eye on snow chances on friday and by next monday. it will stay very cold. temperatures will not climb above freezing until the middle of next week. sheree: some changes this year to the kentucky speedway, february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club
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$6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway. ah, smell that air. yeah. smells good. really good.
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george: if college basketball is your thing, you are going to love this night welcome back everyone just about everyone in the area has a game tonight,, including uc and xavier. and when the bearcats take the floor tonight,, they will be facing one of the tallest players in the country 7-foot 6 inch tacko fall of central florida that' s right, 7 and a half feet, and the freshman gets some minutes he is said to be among the top 40 tallest people the bearcats and central florida tipoff at 7 down in orlando. xavier is an 8:00 tip at creighton. chris mack and the musketeers will look to keep things rolling. x has won its last 5 in a row, coaches poll. losing streak over the weekend with a win against depaul. xavier and uc have plenty of company on the scoreboard tonight miami is at western michigan,, 19th ranked dayton is
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ohio state plays at 8, and kentucky hosts georgia at 9. depending on the report, johnny manziel showed up for workeither drunk,, or extremely hungover during the final week of the season. this was the same day the browns placed manziel in concussion protocol and sent him home the browns are expected to cut manziel loose next month. uc released its football schedule for the upcoming year the first game is september first against tennessee martin . the first conference game is a thursday night game against houston. byu comes in november 5, and the final game is at tulsa on november 25. the kentucky speedway held a season preview at the montgomery inn boathouse, the big change for this year, the track will be repaved, and banking will be steeper in turns one and two, perhaps making for some better racing. this >> i was talking with some the drivers, they are going to say you are going to send us into turn three with more speed. it is smoother so they are going
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they are like, wow. that will be quite the challenge. george: the big weekend of the year begins thursday july 7 with the trucks, the x-finity series is friday night, and the big sprint cup race is saturday night, july 9. yes, this is a truck. but not just any truck this is the one that will get the reds equpment to spring training rosie and mr redlegs were helping with the process after loading up, the truck will head out tomorrow morning, and pitcher and catchers report one week from thursday. sheree: i cannot name five players. george: yes you can. joey botta. brandon. sheree: a little bit of snow. no showers to taper before
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