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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we will have the latest on your forecast and a look at traffic. >> at the zika virus, and new cases popping up in ohio and how they were contracted. >> and ohio governor john kasich, where he placed in the polls and bernie sanders dominates on the democratic side. tracks from cincinnati, wlwt leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. >> looking to entertain kids for a snow day while getting chores done, we caught this mom and westchester recruiting her little ones to help shovel the driveway. make sure you keep sending in your pictures, we would love to see them. he' ll them to new stacks -- >> good morning, i'
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marker: let' s get over to randi rico for the latest on the forecast. she will make sense of these cold weather for us. randi: well, it is february. it is called. snap we have had. every little bit of colder the winter, the temperatures two days later jump back up again. staying that way. speaking of snow this morning, flurries and snow showers coming off lake michigan rolling in our direction. not everywhere, but they may be tossing down a fresh coating. southern portions of the county, price town, newmarket, south of marshall, could see a light coating. you may see this good through sparta, head through folsom. along 127, a coat or slick spots.
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enough to coat the roads in a few part of towns, but not an issue for everyone. just something to keep in mind. temperatures in the teens, expect single digit windchills all day long. kyl, how are the roads looking? kyle: that are then yesterday, but watch out for re-freezing. if you see spots that look wet, they are probably icy this morning. temperatures below freezing. your is a look at the roads, no here' 75 at the north and south moving along. we' re not seeing the slowing as yesterday. if you are on i-71, things look good. very light traffic. not too many headlights. overall, a great start for wednesday morning, hopefully that will remain the case.
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lisa: 5:0 2 a.m. right now. results are in. republican candidate donald trump and democrat bernie sanders receive the most votes in their parties last night. miriah turner as at the live alert desk with the latest from the new hampshire primary. maria: donald trump and bernie sanders having sweeping victories in the primary. a political earthquake shaking out both political parties. for the first time, trump is a winner at 34%. he beat his closest rival by more than 2-1. that number two was none other than ohio governor john kasich who topped crews, bush -- who topped ted cruz, bush,. hillary lost by 20 votes mainly due to young people and women. she promised to campaign harder
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hillary clinton: now we take a campaign to the entire country. weird in a fight or every vote in every state. -- we are going to vote -- we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >> from the live alert us, i am miriah turner. lisa: the republicans focus on south carolina, the primary that is coming up next saturday than it is on to nevada for the republican caucus on the 23rd. or the democrats the orders flip. the nevada democratic caucus next saturday and the primary falls on the 27th. for more on where the campaign goes from here, look under politics on the wlwt mobile app. you can also check out the candidates and where they stand on the big issues on the left-hand side of our wlwt homepage.
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suspects in custody on blue -- after a burglary. police say they caught the suspects on the scene. both had to be arraigned this morning. they are charged with her. a full house in blue ash, looking for -- following a neighborhood shootout, blue ash residents were able to speak with the blast chief last night. two were shot but no one charge. the chief says the investigation is ongoing. about 50 people came to the investigation, including the home owner whose home was had, including one that almost hit his son. >> i think it has lightened up, but it is going to take a little time which as mentioned here, if no results come by the time things warm-up, we are probably going to think a little bit about sending them out front to play in the front yard, seeing
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>> blue ash police are still looking at forensic evidence to match up the blitz to the right to gun. lisa: the zika virus is now in ohio. a 33-year-old woman was diagnosed with the disease. she reportedly contracted it in haiti. also a case and indiana, that person also in haiti. warnings about traveling to southern states if you are pregnant or what to become pregnant and they are advising women from abstaining from sex while pregnant. marker: -- mark: a new forum with historical look at this this this and a look at economic issues facing african americans and growth and strategies for businesses. the event begins at five: 30 tonight.
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of the greater cincinnati area but causing problems for some on the roads is morning. lisa: with temperatures in the teens overnight, many roads saw freezing overnight. dan griffin is in life drive by. dan, what you see? good morning. dan: good morning. we are in loveland now. making our way around the area. a lot of the roads so far look mainly wet. you are going to find spots with snow or leftover snow from yesterday. there may be some new dusted areas from overnight. flurries moving through. it mainly looks wet, but there is some black ice. as i was driving into the station stopped at a red light, i had the gas and my tires started spinning. i did not see anything, but i believe that area had a little bit of luck ice. -- black ice .
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a few spots have patches of snow and whatnot. some trucks every so often coming by and may be dropping salt to take care of that. the other thing we are so far on our way around is some closures. some schools on delay. more than the closures but that is something to think about. take it slow getting where you need to go this morning and remember, black ice could be out there. for now, we are in live drive five. dan griffin, wl the bt news 5 -- the yield the bt news 5. lisa: northbound looks shiny. slow down. >> as you get ready to head outside, give yourself extra minutes. we are not looking at conditions like yesterday. as dan mentioned, mostly sing what roads. it on the bridges you might see
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your is a look at an accident. glenn way between the wilder and grand. avoid that area for a while. a quick commute on the northeast from eastgate of july-71. here' s a look at the camera. looks like we' re facing route already to nor eastgate mall. things look good heading toward the i-75 interchange. lovely, get out and do some shopping at eastgate. a lot of kids out of school yesterday, hopefully they will get back in the routine today. randi: delay scrolling at the bottom of the screen, not much in the way of closings. get them out of the house eventually. get them into school. as we take a look at the radar, snow showers on the way. between now and noon, those will taper off. mostly on the light side. you can see the lake affect snow bands.
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be coding the roads. south of the 71-75 split, grant county' s, you may see some snow-covered roadways in areas that may have already been cleared out thanks to that lake affect first. right now, temperatures in the teens. light snow showers with a quick coding possible through lunchtime. snow moves out. sunny but bitter cold for the drive home. it will be 21 but feel like eight or nine degrees. mark: thank you. time now 5:10 a.m. making it easier to report eyesores. >> if you go to a -- lisa: a look at it system with people who investigate problem properties. mark: and a new police chief named as second-in-command. lisa: again, the time is 5:10 a.m. lifting degrees.
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mark: good morning, welcome back. five: third tenet your time. president obama headed back to springfield, illinois, where he served in the state senate for nearly eight years and it is also where he made the announcement in 2007 that he would seek the presidency. lisa: many christians around the world began observance is today for lent. ash wednesday at launches the 40-day lenten. goes until midnight on easter sunday. many will give up something such as their favorite food or activity in memory of jesus' s fasting and the wilderness.
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block -- home on your block? you can get something done about eyesores. miriah turner is here to show us how this online system works. miriah turner: the new code enforcement website can help frustrated residents report eyesores. it allows you to select any neighborhood you' re interested in and want to make the report online, you can a truck and on the database. anything from inspection to orders given to clean it up. it also works as a great source for potential home buyers. they cannot of a check nearby homes before they sign on the dotted line. you can also uses to report a abandoned cars, letters, and other nuisances. it is a simplified, modern way to keep a clean city clean. lisa: 5:15 right now. new police chief took over. he is naming his new assistant chief.
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-- colonel dave bailey was promoted to executive assistant chief. while lieutenant colonels, john, neudigate, and theetge were promoted to assistant chiefs. cincinnati' s mayor says. he doesn' t have to look outside the department for the best officers in the country. lieutenant colonel is just the second female in the department chief. s certified most accurate forecast. >> good morning. we' re still not quite done with the snow. for most of us, the rest of the day, flurries and that is it. dan' s coming through central indiana. you will see them here and there on the radar. light. it enough to put down a coating on the roads, maybe create a couple slick spots in areas that were nice and clear. taking a look south of the 71-75 split, portions rolling into grant county.
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you may see a quick little dusting on the roads. a little for their north into southeastern indiana, tracking through. another little batch, not much more than flurries. these will all line up into southeastern indiana, move into our direct and. you can see where the back line exists outside of indiana. between now and 10:00 a.m. measure most likely time to get that her stuff snow that will toss down a coating. for most of us, cold and windy throughout the day. advisory in effect through the entire area. here' s what to expect. morning flurries and snow showers and spots. not much a chelation, but a quick coding can cause slick spots. sunday late in the day -- sunny late in the day, but still hold.
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math, 15 with a 10 mile an hour wind feels like five. that is how it will stay drop the day. single-digit windchills throughout the afternoon. most places in the low 20' if you' re headed out on this ash wednesday, bundle up. cold walking to church or cold service today. at noon, snow comes to an end. degrees. sticking around and then heading out. skies will clear through the afternoon. a cold night tonight. wind and flurries. tipping 27 tomorrow morning. likely to be around zero or a couple degrees low. flurries and windy conditions valentine' three.
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we' ll was try to show you the good spot. by early next week, temperatures back up into the 40' s. >> a you know what i like. there is a heart on this sunday for valentine' s day. >> i am looking forward to it. they keep. a warm-up on the way. you can look forward to better road conditions today they are in yesterday. we have dicey spots in our northern communities. this morning, most of us getting back on the good foot. still a very quick commute this morning. lanes are clear. the road crews did a good job in ohio and northern kentucky getting those roads cleared and salted for you. five minutes into downtown, so no delays. lisa: local college graduates showing their innovative sides. mark: the new gear the small group has created and how it' s
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the future. lisa: how are you doing on your new year' s resolution. why gyms are calling today the make or break time. mark: taking a look outside for you. 15 degrees.
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t continue to check y >> good morning. welcome back. it is 5:22. a cold one for sure. and let. 15 degrees right now. we will check in with randi just ahead. 40 days since the beginning of the year. mark: 40 days since the new year' s resolutions to get healthy and exercise. lisa: turns out 30 days -- 40 days is the most most of all can take. the number of people making good on their resolutions is going downhill. sorry to break it to you. records from popular chain gold' s gym suggest that on february 10 which is today check-ins at the gym drop dramatically every year. other gyms see similar so-called fitness cliffs as people fall back into their old routines. many personal trainers say clients may become frustrated when they don'
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work reflected in the mirror. >> if you' re not getting results, you figure just read -- forget it. it is not working. lisa: however, experts say consistency will pay off. switch to another form of this collective it he to keep it fresh. another tip, find someone who will exercise with you and keep you accountable. >> it seems like you have your work cut out for you. >> with friends like that. >> help me help you. asked up making me go to the gym. >> stop bringing me cheesecake. >> real friends don' t give friends at cheesecake. mark: three very recent miami university grads are using nasa inspired performance gear to take outerwear to the next level. oros apparel, as they' ve named it has something for everyone, whether you' re planning a ski trip or walking your neighborhood. the secret technology is called aerogel and it is used in space suits during spacewalks where the temperature is only 2 degrees above absolute zero. and now, the lightweight
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way you experience the outdoors. >> we are doing it he comes we want to disrupt the space. right? we want to build a brand. it will be incredible to worked on the street and see someone else wearing the jacket. market: it started on kick starter and now the brand alumni is returning to buy gloves and beanies. you can find out more on their website, or >> yes, we are dealing with snow storms. lake effect flurries and snow showers coming off lake michigan right now. you can see light snow. south of the 75-71 split coding
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if you are heading out this morning, hopefully you will wear reflective gear. it is -- 20 degrees feeling like it nine. cold all the way through the weekend. monday as our next good chance for snow, but take a look at tuesday. that is when we finally break the streak. mark: thank you, randi. lisa: how an officer is making it his responsibility to protect canines. >> people celebrating mass this morning. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys!
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mark: good morning. we are keeping an eye on side streets. a look at conditions on our live drive 5, and the latest on the forecast. lisa: what is next for governor kasich' s campaign after finishing second in new hampshire. mark: the beginning of lent kicks off with ash wednesday. where you can attend that this morning. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 "today." >> i love snow. who wouldn' t want to play in the snow on a snow day? lisa: the question of the century. mark: lots of
5:27 am
the snow in westchester. many schools are closed for a snow day. we are seeing a lot of delays. keep an eye on the closings on the bottom of your screen. thank you for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. good morning. i love that kid. who wouldn' t want to play in the snow on a snow day? a logical question. randi: it is too cold outside. everyone' s cars. we have snow showers this morning. we might see a light dusting on some of the cars this morning. as you look at the radar we have cloudy skies and a couple of have set up.
5:28 am
maybe a light coating. in northern kentucky this is south of the 71/75 split through dry ridge and falmouth. this is going to east through central pendleton county and maybe dropping another coating on roads that may have been clear. that is a concern as these lake effect snow showers rolled through. a quick coating can cause a slick spot for the morning rush. we are starting in the teens and making it to the lower 20' s. snow showers at 8:00. cloudy and windy at 9:00. single-digit wind chills. kyla: folks will be bundling up. they won' t need the extra time that we needed yesterday. a few extra minutes won' t hurt you, but you won' t need 20 extra
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71/75 at kyles lane taking your way northbound or southbound, traffic rolling along with a smooth start. 75 in butler county looks good. a few brake lights at union center heading southbound. that will continue to build. as you merge with the i-75 interchange, traffic looks good and light. i were greater potential for seeing slick spots will be on the side roads. for a look at those areas in your neighborhoods, dan griffin is in our live drive 5. dan: we are on wedgewood drive in warren county. we are trying to get a closer look. i remember yesterday, randi was speaking about this area getting more snow. the side roads have more snow. on wedgewood drive and some of the side streets are still
5:30 am
we did a span around and one of the cul-de-sacs and you could hear the crunching of the ice and snow that were packed into the side streets. people in this area of warren county are waking up to snow as they head out to work. the little miami school district is on a 90-minute delay. other delays and closures are on the bottom of your screen. they are dealing with snow on the road. we have seen some snow truck spreading salt and scraping. the main roads look more clear, basically just wet. we will continue tracking conditions. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. now to " commitment 2016." ohio governor john kasich has a big night in new hampshire with a second place finish behind donald trump. mike dardis is giving us a look at what's next for the kasich campaign from new hampshire. mike: hi, everybody. good morning.
5:31 am
for ohio governor john kasich. you know, 3 or 4 days ago, a visit down to south carolina for the february 20 primary, a week from saturday, seemed like it was kind of up in the air, but all that changed in the last couple of days. a lot of confidence coming out of the kasich camp earlier today while he was out on the campaign trail. the went ahead and sent the kasich bus down to south carolina. they also chartered a late night flight that left at midnight to south carolina. they saw something in the numbers, and they really saw the tide starting to turn. gov. kasich: we are at the beginning of this campaign season. tonight, we head to south carolina, and we will move to south carolina and all across the country, and we will end up in the midwest. you just wait. let me tell you there's so much that is going to happen. if you don't have a seatbelt, go get one. we are going to shake this country from top to bottom. thank you all, very much -- and god bless you. [applause] mike: you know what? at one of governor kasich's last campaign stops yesterday, a
5:32 am
he could compete in south carolina. governor kasich thought for a second, and he said, " you know, we'll do it. we always do it, even if we have to put it together with duct tape." it's safe to say with all the competition he'll face in south carolina, he'll need all the -- he will need more than duct tape to make this momentum from new hampshire stick. in concord, new hampshire, i'm mike dardis, wlwt news 5. mark: on the democratic side, bernie sanders is the big winner. sanders says he is looking to carry this momentum through the rest of his campaign. senator sanders: what happened in new hampshire in terms of an enthusiastic and i roused electorate, people who came out in large numbers, that is what will happen all over this country. [applause] mark: the precincts are still reporting the final numbers from new hampshire.
5:33 am
percentages as of 5:00 a.m. with 93% reporting. donald trump with 35% and bernie sanders with 60%. the deadline to register for the march primary is less than a week away. in kentucky, april 18 with the primary on may 17. lisa: it is ash wednesday, the start of went, when many local catholics and christians begin fasting and strengthening their faith. andrew setters is live at the service getting underway. andrew: good morning. mass begins at 7:00 at st. peter in change cathedral. -- st. peter in chains cathedral. this is expected to be one of the biggest masses. it is the beginning of lent. in catholic traditions it is a time of fasting and abstinence.
5:34 am
from meat on ash wednesday and fridays throughout the land season. today will be the first fish fry for many parishes. pope francis met with priests and asked them to be welcoming and non-judgmental when listening to confessions to bring lost sheep back to the full. mass will be at 11:30 this morning, another at 5:15. plenty of opportunity for you to come to st. peter in chains cathedral to celebrate ash wednesday. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: a push to protect police officers and their dog' s. miriah turner will tell us about the local prosecutor who wants tougher punishments no matter what happens. miriah: the push comes after a suspect tried to kill a covington police officer and his
5:35 am
he shot at the officer and the dog nine times. they were trying to arrest delon wright' s after he stabbed his mother. under kentucky law it is not considered violent if a person is not seriously hurt and shooting a canine is only a misdemeanor. prosecutor rob sanders and prosecutors say laws need to be tougher. they will recommend rice will spend 40-years in prison, but the judge. lisa: good morning. 15-degrees with a lovely wind chill. day. like 3. kenwood feels like 5. covington, 7.
5:36 am
morning and not a problem for most places. where the lake effect bands have rolled through you can expect a coating. the snow showers a rolling toward friendship. this is headed to east, which means it will impact the southern part of the 270 five loop. lanes that might have been clear, you could get a quick coating causing some issues. something will watch through 11:00. . temperatures in the teens, but with the light snow and wind it feels like 5. on the way home from school, 20 one, windy, with temperatures in the single digits. it will be cold with slick spots as a possibility. kyla: you have to make sure you
5:37 am
especially on areas of elevated surfaces, bridges, and overpasses. be mindful of it as you had outside. our map looks great. you can see mostly green conditions. on 275 about 65-miles-per-hour near the i-75 interchange. inside the loop, 55. on i-70 1, 55-miles-per-hour. what washington way looks good toward the eastern communities toward 471 or columbia parkway. we will keep a close eye on it about the morning. lisa: a big loss for the cincinnati reds as their legendary clubhouse manager passes away. mark: other teammates are reacting to the news. lisa: hollywood star visits kentucky' s capital. the ever jennifer garner is making for local children. mark: celebrating her loved ones
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lebanon sent us this love-themed collage. she says her wonderful husband is a blessing. that is adorable. make sure to share your loved ones with us. it could be a kind act or shout out to your significant other. send your photos to the u-local section of or e-mail
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randi: welcome back. taking a look, you have light flurries over mount auburn. everywhere there are flurries, some of the snow is a little heavier as the lake effect bands come in our direction. light flurries across many parts of greater cincinnati. where you see the deeper blues is where it could be putting down an extra coating affecting the visibility and creating slick spots. something to keep in mind. in warren county, light snow showers about to roll inside the 275 loop and closer to williamstown and falmouth. as you head out the door, expects snow showers to be with
5:40 am
between 10:00 a.m. and noon most towns will see that head out. single-digit wind chills all day with cold air lasting until next tuesday. we warm-up with one bright day in the seven-day forecast. mark: sad news from the reds. lisa: their clubhouse manager of bernie stowe has died. miriah: the team knew he was something special. in 2014 he was honored by the reds during an on-field ceremony. he started in 1947 and worked his way up to clubhouse manager. he retired in 2013, hanging it up after decades of smiles and great memories. >> i can say the same thing about him, i never heard anyone say a negative about him. that is probably the highest
5:41 am
just like it was joe. >> i loved his pranks and quips -- of the things he did to keep it lively. he also had your back if things did not go well. miriah: the clubhouse is named after bernie. his sons are running the clubhouse. lisa: 5:46. you can get your hands on single match tickets for cincinnati' s new united soccer league. fc cincinnati will sell single-game tickets. you can buy them on fc or calling 977-kick. mark: in kentucky, and a list actress took her message to lawmakers. jennifer garner was in frankfurt
5:42 am
education on behalf of the nonprofit save the children. she had breakfast with governor bevin and talked to legislative committees. speaking with one mother who received help from save the children. t know my son mike books until this woman started bringing them to our home. she read book after book because the child loved them so much. the program changed the course lives. mark: governor bevin said his budget preserved funding for save the children, despite 9% cuts throughout most of the budget. lisa: good morning. kyla: a great start. that will remain as we go into the 6:00 hour. 5:00 treated us well. 18 minutes from the indiana side.
5:43 am
re going to a flight, no delays getting there and hopefully none when you are trying to get into the air. 19 minutes from the split into downtown. you can see things are rolling right along in richwood. things look better than 24-hours ago. let' s look at your most accurate forecast. randi: it is not bad this morning compared to yesterday. we have some light snow that could toss down a quick coating. snow shower should be over at noon. it feels like single digits all day and the cold will stick weekend. here is the radar. flurries in many spots. in some spots it is heftier. we have seen lake effect bands role due west to east. coating roads in county.
5:44 am
rolls from williamstown to area south of falmouth. any of those state routes could have a light coating . southeastern indiana, ripley county south of manchester toward lawrenceburg, light flurries. a heavier badge of snow showers toward friendship that could coat the roads . sliding east you can see the southern part of the 275 loop into kentucky and downtown cincinnati over the next 45-minutes cozzi flurries or light snow showers capable of tossing down a light coating. it isn' t much, but slick spots are possible. and advisory 3010:00 because of the chance of a lake effect band popping down a coating. it will be 10:00 or 11:00, then they are out of here.
5:45 am
. it feels like 3. expect single-digit wind chills. at lunchtime, feeling like six with the snow gone. temperatures barely go up into the 20' s with the single-digit wind chill staying with us. in the afternoon, the flurries are out and the guy tries to tear out. it will be cleared tomorrow night, so tomorrow morning the actual air temperatures will likely start in the single digits. your feels-like temperature will be between 5 and 10 throughout the day. at the coldest point in the morning, the feels-like temperature will be a couple of degrees below zero. sunny and cold on sunday. flurries could linger. friday and saturday are the breezy days. sunday, starting out at 3. monday is the next decent chance
5:46 am
tuesday, temperatures are above freezing. mark: five: 50. a major retailer changing the way that we view enter stereotyped items. lisa: a unique line of bedding coming to target. mark: phenomenal skiing skills caught on camera.
5:47 am
mark: breaking out of the old outdated gender stereotypes. lisa: target is making changes. good morning. kyla: target is taking a new approach to kids' bedding. they are introducing a gender-neutral kids' line called pillowfort. this comes months after the retail chain announced it would move away from ginger-based science on display of its toys, entertainment, and bedding departments. the old setup was divided and discouraged boys from liking ponies and girls from liking rockets or basketball. the new setup will be more inclusive. the pillowfort collection will arrive on february 21. furniture will arrive this summer.
5:48 am
mark: don' t try this one at home. check out n icolas vuignier' s swirl shot. he did it with an iphone and a tether. it is as hard as it looks. it took him years to perfect that move. lisa: how about warm thoughts for valentine' s day? starbucks has launched three drinks for the holiday. until february 14, you can get the molten chocolate latte, the molten chocolate frappuccino, and the molten hot chocolate. you can see the hearts down the side, a nod to the holiday. let' s hope it goes over better than the christmas-themed cups. mark: a man accused of stealing
5:49 am
the camera was snapping away as he took the money. he got away with $75, but left behind several head shots for the police to identify him with. let' s move on. at 6:00, energy for the kasich campaign. lisa: where the race for the president goes from here. mark: the latest from the coach of that collapsed in front of the bench. randi: as you head out the door, we have flurries and light snow showers. they should be gone by lunchtime with may be some sunshine. it will not be warm. the single digits. cold through the weekend with the wind and saturday. of the seven day with temperatures back up to 40 next tuesday. if you want to get rid of the
5:50 am
we will look at which parts of when we come back. lisa: we will be thinking warm thoughts. we have your top stories coming upuary 15th, everything in our store is on sale. plus, we're offering thirty-six month, no interest financing. come in today for our best prices of the year. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early! the presidents day sale. from classic to contemporary,
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lisa: another freezing morning. we are watching for slick spots.
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celebrating the results out of new hampshire.
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