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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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celebrating the results out of new hampshire. lisa: top churches celebrating ash wednesday. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 "today." lisa: cincinnati snow crews have been clearing roads throughout the night to make the morning safe. they have rotated 12-hour shifts focusing on areas prone to re-freezing. there are 58 vehicles out for the morning commute, and they are trying to make it as m lisa cooney. m mark hayes. thank you for joining us. the forecast with randi rico. how many more days until spring? randi: 39 or 40-ish. it is getting there. where more than halfway through. we have one day above freezing
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we are talking about snow. not the situation we woke up to yesterday, but like -- lake effect snow showers are continuing. in a field spots the lake effect bands are willing through our area and could put down a quick coating on what were cleared roadways. let' s look in southeastern indiana. you can see the deep blue north of warrensburg along 50 where there might be area seeing a quick coating. through southern portions of ripley county also. into southern pendleton county, falmouth, that is going east. area south of falmouth along 27 and 330 might have a light coating. you will not get huge
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up those roads and may be caused slick spots. and advisory until 10:00, but by noon the snow showers are done. temperature-wise, the cold is not done. starting in the teens, 15-degrees, but it feels like 3. at noon, 19 will feel like 6. we will keep the single-digit wind chill in place that out the day. it looks easier than yesterday. kyla: less time needed as you head out today. on i-71 you can see the roads looking better than yesterday morning. your neighborhoods, you might see some dicey areas and you might need time to get through those. this is 74 at montana. it looks good eastbound and westbound.
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heavier volume toward i-71. speaking of those neighborhoods, side streets and areas or you might see a greater potential for slick spots, dan griffin is in live drive 5. how are things looking? dan: good morning. we are in warren county in lebanon on east silver street. a lot of the side streets look clear, but it depends on what street you are on. we saw a couple of streets where they were still snow-covered. you could also face some black ice. some communities have delays. little miami school district has a 90-minute delay. of your screen. salt trucks are still salting. we also see some roads with fresh salt. the goal is to take care of any black ice.
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quick. there might be black ice. overall, smooth sailing. we will check traffic conditions all around the area from five. dan griffin, live, wlwt news 5. mark: you can stay on top of winter weather with our wlwt mobile app. you can see the radar and sign up for closing alerts for your child' s school. lisa: and major boos were ohio governor john kasich after he finished second in the new hampshire primary. miriah turner has what it means for the republican party. miriah: most candidates are packing their bags going to south carolina, and that includes governor kasich. he was second, behind donald trump, after he focused on the granite state. even no donald trump one the
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governor kasich : there' s magic with this campaign because we don' t see it as another campaign -- we see it as an opportunity for all of us to be involved in something that is bigger than our own lives. to change america. to re -shine america appeared restore the spirit of america. to leave no one behind. mr. trump: we are going to south carolina. i love you all. have cap primaries february 20. is february 20. lisa: bernie sanders won as the hillary clinton was in good spirits when she addressed crowds. ms. clinton: i know
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do with young people, but i will repeat what i said. [applause] even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. i know -- [applause] i know i' ve had a blessed life. i also know what it is like to stumble and fall. lisa: clinton and sanders will battle for nevada. the democratic caucus is saturday, february 20. clinton is the favorite in nevada. mark: time is running out for ohio voters to register for the march primary. it is less than one week away. kentucky has until april 18 and the primary is may 17. lisa: the start of lent. many catholics and christians will fast and focus on their faith. mark: andrew setters is live with one of the services set to get underway. good morning.
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service will take place at same peter in chains cathedral at 7:00. churches all over will see the faithful come out to mark this occasion. it is a day of strong catholic identity. catholics wear ashes on therefore had to mark the beginning of lead. it is common for someone to give something up for lent, which extends through easter. pope francis met with monks, calling on them to be people of peace and forgiveness. they will have mass streaming online purity than watch that. there is an ash wednesday service at saint peter and change cathedral, at 7:00 , five: 15, and at many catholic churches all over the area. reporting from downtown, andrew
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lisa: extra security at middletown high school after a student was arrested for threatening note that contained racial slurs and threats. officials figured out who the student is, and the 15-year-old is being held in a juvenile detention center on a felony charge of inducing panic. mark: a black history month community forum at the freedom center today will feature speakers from the african american chamber of commerce, league baseball. it will look at black-owned businesses and the economic cap well as growth and success strategies for businesses. it begins at 5:30 tonight. lisa: getting off of the airplane to a round of applause. mark: what happened before he got the boot. lisa: making it just in time for driver trapped after a crash.
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you can see some snow flurries and fountain square. randi: bill beagle today, tomorrow, through the weekend. today, cold with snow to start. we will zoom in on the snow showers rolling across the ohio river. lawrenceburg is seeing some of that. same thing in friendship. this is heading east toward northern kentucky and the near west side. watch out for snow showers that may coat roads that were cleared. your feels like temperatures are in the single digits. at lunchtime, the snow is gone,
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>> you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5.
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mark: welcome back. it is 6:12. you can see the snow flurries. there are issues on the roads in some parts of town, depending on where you are. you have to be careful with the blowing snow and the possibility of black ice. kyla: it is more the side roads. the main roads are mostly clear. i have your interstate covered. 71/75 at her quay going northbound and southbound, you can see a little bit of shiny pavement where you have the potential for slick spots. something to be mindful of as you get ready to head out side. construction, 75 in the southbound lanes between the norwood lateral and di-74, you will see lane and ramp closures overnight.
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our interstate travel elsewhere, at vine you can see cones. as you travel along the i 75 corridor, you could see construction inside the 275 loop . no lane closures 200 your commute right now. lisa: in today' s top stories, to burglary suspects expected in court. samuel sims and william lawrence are accused of breaking into a home in blue ash. the suspect tried to run away, but officers caught up. they are charged with burglary and obstructing official business. mark: what happened as the community came together to discuss crime. blue ash resident spoke with the chief of police. the meeting was called in response to a shootout on sunday. two people were shot, no one has been charged. lisa: president obama going back
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began, springfield, illinois, where he served in the state senate for eight-years. it is also he announced he would seek the presidency. he called for less divisive politics in america. mark: changes coming to sparta . the kentucky speedway held a season preview at the the gum or the inn boathouse. the track will be repaved, and the banking will be steeper. the xfinity series is friday night and the big sprint cup race is saturday, july 9. lisa: a video showing a missouri state trooper saving a woman from a burning vehicle. watch what happens. he pulls the woman to safety with the help of another person before flames engulf the car.
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it is 6:15. another dramatic scene on an airplane, causing the flight to be diverted. mark: it was caught on camera. miriah: a man was forcibly removed from an alaska airlines flight after a customer service issue. the plane took off in boston and landed in san diego. it landed in denver where a passenger was removed from the airplane. you can see that other passengers applauded as he is escorted off. whatever he was doing, and must have been pretty annoying. the flight continue to san diego without any further disruptions. you see that a lot. when something happens on an airplane, the phones come out. lisa: alcohol,
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let' s check with the weather. we all need a little legroom every now and then. randi: i don' t need as much as you guys. looking at the radar, we have cloudy skies and light flurries. flurries in butler county, clinton county, highland county. i' m interested in the heavier bands south of the river. starting to the south and pendleton county and bracken county, you can see how much seeing snow showers that might be coating the state routes that are probably clear now. in southeast indiana into northern kentucky, snow showers from lawrenceburg over to the 275 loop near cvg and rising sun. these are not big deals, but they' re capable of coating a road. it can cause slick spots and
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that is why we have a winter weather advisory until 10:00 a.m. the back edge of the lake effect bands are now through indianapolis. this morning, flurries and snow showers -- oh, and bitter cold . the cold will stick around throughout the day with wind chills in the single digits. most places around 15-degrees with the feels-like temperature -- doing the math, 15-degrees, 10-miles-per-hour wind, it feels like 5 degrees. sunshine, lower 20' s, 10-miles-per-hour wind, it will feel like 9. bundle up if you' re going to ash wednesday services. stay warm. 4:00, it will feel like 9.
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lake effect snow showers off of the river. they' re gone by lunchtime. the clouds thin out through the afternoon. clear tonight, meaning a cold start tomorrow. tomorrow it will be 10 degrees colder. today, 22 with morning snow. single digits throughout the day. tonight, dipping down to 7. tomorrow, wind at 5-miles-per-hour. it will feel like below zero as the kids wait for the bus. valentine' s day sunday looks dry and cold. the next decent chance for snow is monday. it isn' t all cold or do next tuesday we might make it up to 40. mark: when we continue, a collapse on the court. what we are learning about one of the best basketball coaches in all the college basketball in a scary moment last night.
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football. for the browns. kyla: light flurries could cause some slick spots.
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mark: we are looking outside. snow flurries waiting for you. it is cold. bundle up. lisa: much check traffic. kyla woods, good morning. kyla: it has been a decent commute. you' re seeing flurries in some areas as you go outside. you will need time to brush off the vehicle and warm it out. anders -- warm it up. interstate travel has been good. this is for 71 at grand. it is getting heavy with brake lights pushing northbound. not extending our travel time, yet. from the 275 interchange, speed is 59-miles-per-hour. last hour we were at 65-miles-per-hour. a one minute jumped toward the we' ll keep you updated.
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are getting ready for spring training with one week to go before pitchers and catchers report. lisa: equipment truck will begin the drive to goodyear, arizona. rosie red and mr. redlegs came out to do their part in helping. the catch -- the pitchers and catchers report next week. position players report on the 23rd. mark: roy williams attributed his easy spell to vertigo when he talked to reporters. he was talking with officials before he collapsed in front of the heels ' bench. he was held to the locker room and didn' t return. lisa: the cleveland browns disputing a report around johnny manziel. they claim he was drunk when he showed up to practice before the last game of the season. he said the browns covered up his behavior by placing him in a concussion protocol.
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that johnny manziel was diagnosed with a concussion and i a no rolla just and was not cleared to play. just -- by a nu cleared to play. randi: cloudy skies and flurries can be expected for everyone. a few spots of lake effect bands coating the roads. a light coating near cvg. you might see some areas where the roads were clear becomes snow-covered. if you are getting in a run, bundled up and where your reflective stuff. 15-degrees with flurries. at noon, the flurries are gone. 6:00, it will be 20 and feel
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it will be cold through the weekend. whatever your plans are, expect breezy conditions. a as our next chance for accumulating snow. six-days of cold, then we warm up on tuesday to 40 degrees. lisa: a crane it tips over at the banks. the damage done and the question for investigators. mark: a deadly crash involving alcohol and speed. what is ahead for the teenager behind the wheel who is taking responsibility? lisa: it is 6:26, 15-degrees. they live look at the bus station in downtown cincinnati.
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mark: the kasich campaign picking up momentum. the results of new hampshire and the next stop for the candidate. lisa: potential prison time in the case of a crash that killed a teenager' s friend. mark: zika cases in ohio. how they were contracted. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 "today." mark: good morning.
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ash wednesday mass is getting started. in greater cincinnati, churches will have services throughout the day. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. randi rico and kyla woods have weather and traffic together. the side roads are a little slick. randi: even the roads that are clear, some spots will have a little coating because of the lake effect bands. we have cloudy skies and flurries for everyone with cold air all over. in a few spots, the lake effect snow bands are rolling through. over the 275 loop, the southern part near cvg, that is enough to maybe cote some of the roadways there. another line moving through rising sun and the union.
6:29 am
dusting and create slick spots. watching a line moving south of falmouth heading east in through powers bill. the lake effect of bands will stick around through 10:00 this morning with a winter weather advisory through 10:00 a.m. most places are starting out in the mid-teens. if the -- but the feels-like temperature' s closer to 3 . it :00 a.m., 16. this afternoon, we will talk about the lower 20' s keeping the single digit feels-like temperature' s all day. kyla: it has been a pretty good start as far as the wednesday morning commute is concerned. yesterday started dicey. heading out now, you may see flurries as we saw in many of our city cam shots. through kenwood, southbound is
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to 7:00. we will see more of the held up in the inbound direction. lots of brake lights going northbound toward the bottom of the hill. 74 rolling along near the i-75 interchange. accident free on the interstates. this side streets might see the potential for slick spots. interstate travel looks pretty good. mark: now to " commitment 2016." ohio governor john kasich has a big night in new hampshire with a second place finish behind donald trump. mike dardis is giving us a look at what's next for the kasich campaign from new hampshire. mike: hi, everybody. good morning. yes, it is on to south carolina for ohio governor john kasich. you know, 3 or 4 days ago, a visit down to south carolina for the february 20 primary, a week from saturday, seemed like it was kind of up in the air, but all that changed in the last couple of days. a lot of confidence coming out of the kasich camp earlier today while he was out on the campaign trail.
6:31 am
carolina. they also chartered a late night flight that left at midnight to south carolina. they saw something in the numbers, and they really saw the tide starting to turn. gov. kasich: we are at the beginning of this campaign season. tonight, we head to south carolina, and we will move through south carolina and all across the country, and we will end up in the midwest. you just wait. let me tell you there's so much that is going to happen. if you don't have a seatbelt, go get one. country from top to bottom. thank you all, very much -- and god bless you. [applause] mike: you know what? at one of governor kasich's last campaign stops yesterday, a reporter asked him if he thought he could compete in south carolina. governor kasich thought for a second, and he said, " you know, we'll do it. we always do it, even if we have tape." it's safe to say with all the competition he'll face in south carolina, he'll need all the best he will need more than duct
6:32 am
new hampshire stick. in concord, new hampshire, i'm mike dardis, wlwt news 5. mark: bernie sanders is the winner of the new hampshire primary. sanders says that he is looking to carry this momentum through the rest of his campaign. senator sanders: what happened here in new hampshire in terms of an enthusiastic electorate, people who came out in large numbers -- that is what will happen all over this country. [applause] precincts are still reporting the final numbers. this is what it looks like with 93 percent reporting. sanders leaves the democratic side with 60%. clinton with 38%. lisa: republicans splitting up.
6:33 am
saturday, then nevada for the public and caucus on the 23rd. for the democrats, that is split. the democratic caucus is next saturday and the south carolina primary is the 27th. or more, look under politics under the wlwt mobile app. you can check out the candidates and where they stand on the issues on the left-hand side of the homepage. 2 burglary suspects are due in court after sending police on a chase. mark: miriah turner tells us how one of the suspects is accused of assaulting an officer. miriah: police were called to a burglary in progress at 8:30 last night on cook avenue. they saw samuel sampson william lawrence running. the pair refused to follow commands to stop. montgomery police, the hamilton county sheriff' s department, and
6:34 am
one suspect was apprehended after a foot chase. a k-9 officer tracked down the second suspect. they' re charged with burglary and obstructing business. sam' is charge of assault on a police officer and on a k-9 officer. they will be in court for their arraignment. lisa: the zika virus is now an ohio. a 30-year-old cleveland woman has been diagnosed. mark: she contracted it during a visit to haiti. there is a case in indiana, that person was also in haiti. they have been warned against traveling to latin america or the southern united states if you are pregnant or wanting to get pregnant. >> they have to say, do i want to roll the dice?
6:35 am
-- role the dice. i want the best, healthiest baby i could have. mark: it is transmitted through a mosquito bite. there is one case of it being transmitted through sexual partners. lisa: it teenager admits he was drinking before a crash that killed his friend. tristan lacey pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide. in december he was driving drunk with two friends. he lost control and crashed on beckett ridge boulevard. 18-year-old mark valentine was killed. lacy faces between two years and eight years in prison. mark: a construction crane in place after falling at the banks . it was lifting steel at the parking garage construction site when it toppled over.
6:36 am
re left with is relying on a quick response from our construction team and construction manager, as well as the contractor, and the owner of the crane. they are in contact with us and doing an investigation to find out what happened. mark: crews got the cra ne off of the construction site at 6:00 last night. you can find slick spots on the roads. lisa: dan griffin in live drive 5. dan: good morning. we are in butler county on station road outside of west chester. the road looks clear. there is a school bus in front of us. they are getting ready to pick up kids soon. as we traveled around, some side roads in the northern counties have snow on them. many main roads look wet. the main concern is black ice.
6:37 am
down salt to make sure the roads are taken care of and stay clear. wherever they are going this morning, i can tell you that traffic seems to be moving smoothly with people getting around fine. the big thing to think about is to watch for lack ice -- black ice. this morning, i hit a slick spot. we are tracking live conditions. we will now send it to kyla woods for a check on traffic around the area. the side streets. off to a great start. you may run into six spots. there is the potential for re-freezing. we have flurries that could freeze on the ground. here is construction to be mindful love of all i 70 five southbound between the norwood lateral and i-74.
6:38 am
9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and also on friday night into friday morning. 75 looks good and is getting taxed north and southbound -- packed north and southbound. let' s check in with meteorologist randi rico. randi: it is a cold start. at milford, your feels-like temperature is 1. at the studios, it feels like 3. hamilton, 6. the flurries will be gone, the light snow showers will be gone by the mid to late morning, but the cold air will stick around. light flurries to butler county and warren county. it is the deeper blue that is the lake effect star showers to
6:39 am
right now, one of the bands is along the southern to 75 loop here cvg. another batch in rising sun near union. plan on when dan flurries -- wind and flurries. keeping the single digit windchill in place through the afternoon, 21 when the kids get home from school. lisa: honoring a clubhouse classic. how the reds are honoring the man that has been in the employee lineup for decades. mark: making it easier to report a system to help with problem property. lisa: it is 6:41 and 15-degrees.
6:40 am
old glory i mark: welcome back. do you have an abandoned home on your block, litter, or overgrown grass? lisa: you can get something done about eyesores. kyla woods is here to tell us about an online system. kyla: the new website is it is designed to help frustrated residents report eyesores.
6:41 am
neighborhood in the city. when you make the report, you can track progress. it also works as a resource for potential home buyers. they can use the website to check nearby homes before they sign on the dotted line. you can use it to report an abandoned cars, litter, and other nuisances. we have a link on lisa: soccer fans will be snatching of fc cincinnati tickets. single-match tickets will be available for their inaugural season. the home opener is april 9 and the season goes until late september. tickets are available at 8:00 a.m. on the team' s website or you can call 977-kick. mark: the bengals are still making an impact. they announce the final results
6:42 am
soup for every tackle, 20,000 cans. the company bumped up the total to 22,000. sad news from the reds' clubhouse. lisa: legendary manager bernie stowe passed away. miriah: he was one of the most popular guys to be a part of the reds organization. in 2014 he was honored during and on field ceremony. he started as a clubhouse boy in 1940 seven and worked up to a clubhouse manager. he held the job until he retired in 23rd teen. -- 2013. >> same thing about him as i said about joe. i never heard anything say and negative. that is probably the highest compliment you could pay him. >> i really enjoyed being around him.
6:43 am
things he did to keep it lively. he also gave you a pat on the back when things didn' t go well. miriah: the clubhouse is named after bernie. his sons are running the clubhouse. rick takes care of the clubhouse and mark runs the visitors' side. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: waking up to more snow. lake bands rolling through most places dealing with flurries. it will be over by lunchtime. it will feel like the single digits all day. temperatures below freezing through the upcoming weekend. looking at the radar, you can see light snow showers from hamilton, middletown, lebanon. what to look for is the deeper blue. these are the lake affect bands
6:44 am
toss down a coating. south of the ohio river, the deeper blue through fort mitchell and wilder to fort thomas -- any of these roads could have a quick coating. northern kentucky has roads that are generally clear. the bands you have a possibility to put down a quick coating. so, roads that were not slick a little while ago, could be slick. south of rising sun, between union, along 127 good seats liquor spots. the winter weather advisory -- along i 27 could have slicker spots. the winter weather advisory continues. this may impact us this morning. we' re looking at clearing skies through the afternoon.
6:45 am
pavement visible downtown. it feels like 5-degrees. 8:00 a.m., flurries and light snow showers. by lunchtime, they are gone . we will day and a lower 20' s with single-digit wind chills. the snow showers moved out in the afternoon and the sky clears out into the evening hours. a straight flurry -- a stray flurry is a possibility in the afternoon. waking up to single digits tomorrow morning. 22-degrees for the high. morning snow with single-digit wind chills. tonight, we dip down to 7. the wind will be five-miles-per-hour to 10-miles-per-hour. on friday, 28, breezy, flurries.
6:46 am
for saturday. sunday, starting out at 3 making it to 25. freezing on monday with a decent shot of snow. above freezing on tuesday. kyla: we are keeping an eye on the road conditions. interstate travel has been mostly good. side streets is where you have a greater potential of seeing icy conditions with re-freezing. also on bridges, overpasses, and ramps -- the usual suspects. i-70 4, 18-minutes. southbound. an uptick traveling from the split into downtown. in covington, it looks like it is thinn spence bridge. extra minutes might come in handy, especially getting
6:47 am
lisa: extra security at a local high school. mark: what we' re learning about a note that led to a student' s arrest. lisa: john kasich carrying momentum at of new hampshire. mark: a live look outside . 15-degrees. with the wind chill it is colder, so bundle up.
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mark: welcome back. looking at your top stories. lisa: the new hampshire primary is in the books. governor kasich is doing well. he finished second after donald trump after he decided to move on from iowa to focus on the granite state. even though donald trump one the night, he feels like momentum is on his side. they have 10 days to win over voters in south carolina . the primary is february 20. bernie sanders was the clear winner over hillary clinton. latest. custody in blue ash after burglary, chase,
6:50 am
officers arrived at the home just in time to see them fleeing the scene. the suspects were arrested after a chase. sam' s was accused of assaulting the officer and k-9 officer. both are ok. they will be in court at 9:00 this morning. lisa: extra security at middletown high school after a containing racial slurs and they figured out who the student is, and the 15-year-old is being held at a juvenile detention center on a felony charge of inducing panic. mark: andrew setters is live with one of the services set to get underway this morning. andrew: they are ringing the bells at st. peter in chains cathedral, letting people know 7:00 mass is getting ready to start.
6:51 am
holding and ash wednesday mass. ash wednesday is the beginning of went. it is a time of fasting and abstinence in the catholic tradition. catholics are asked to abstain from meat today and on fridays during the lenten season. pope francis held mass with monks and met with 700 priests. he reminded them to be welcoming and non-when hearing confessions, and to help bring lost sheep back into the catholic fold. at that is not the only one. there is one at 11:30 and 5:15. also in other catholic parishes throughout the city. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. the morning drive. this is from sharonville. no snow is falling, but there are spots that could have a
6:52 am
what is the latest in terms of snowfall? randi: we have now until lunchtime to see snow flurries and showers. they are mostly light, but some of the lake enhancend bands are closer to union, kentucky. they are strong enough to put down a quick coating. a quick dusting is enough to cause slick spots. 22-degrees is where we are headed with morning snow flurries. late in the day, you might see sunshine. all day, it remains cold. single digits throughout the day. the seven-day forecast, wind and flurries. cold air tomorrow with flurries
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