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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a baby found, but her mother shot dead. lisa: the latest developments of a high-profile standoff at a wildlife refuge. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today." mark: grabbed a heavy coat and everything that goes along with it. we are starting out at 13 degrees this morning. mark: many schools may be getting a late start. that is 90 minutes for adams county. in kentucky, there is a one-hour delay for kenton county schools. you can find the complete list at the bottom of your screen, or at good morning, i mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. randi: we had a blanket of
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that is why we are sitting at 13 degrees at cvg. there are many other spot setters sitting in the single-digit. the winds are very strong, but a five mile per hour wind is enough to make it feel very cold. it feels like five. if you are in one of the towns in the single-digit like springboro, eight . any sort of breeze, your temperature is closer to zero. there were some clouds around the 275 loop overnight. they did start to clear out. there is a decent chance that many of the towns are holding to the low double digits. at 8:00 a.m., expect a temperature close to nine.
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like 2-5 degrees. at noon, we are at 17, but it will feel like nine. any sort of a light breeze will feel cooler. yesterday, we have the clouds, wind, and flurries. today, sunshine will be on tap. snow showers return tomorrow. let' s head out the door to that cold car. kyla: give yourself a few action minutes to one that car up. we have that accident here at kenwood road between zig zag road and pfeiffer. just west of the interstate. they closed this portion of the road. it was a single vehicle accident into a pole. until they get that cleared out of the way, that closure will be in effect. 71 near lenore, not far from the casino, and 75 out of butler county getting heavy on the no
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side. lisa: thank you. it to drivers are in the hospital after a head-on collision. it happened on reading road near eden park drive on the one-way ramp northbound 71. both drivers are expected to be ok. policing alcohol is not a factor and that the wrong way driver was simply not familiar with the area. the scene has been cleared. mark: in batavia, firefighters battled flames. they were called out to the batavia carwash before midnight and found flames coming out of the roof. firefighters managed to get the fire under control, but with the freezing weather, who' s had to do things differently to make sure everyone was safe and warm. >> we tried to rotate the guys out. we brought a rehab unit to get people into that get them warmed up. mark: there were no employees at the carwash when the fire broke
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we are told there were no injuries and most of the damage is in the attic space. what started as a report of a missing child has turned into a homicide investigation. the baby girl is home safe, but her mother was found dead. lisa: wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live with the latest on this developing story. andrew, good morning. andrew: you can imagine, the media focus was on finding a baby. after they found her, they found a mystery as they try to discover how her mother was killed. police were searching for britney russell after she took off with her daughter. they found her car in a parking lot in dayton. the engine was running and the heat was on. britney russell was dead in the front seat. her baby girl, safe in the back. after reuniting the baby with her father, police began searching for answers about her death. she died from a gunshot. the content was not self-inflicted.
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homicide and police are trying to figure out who is responsible for her death. they are trying to figure out who left that child who left that baby running with the engine running. reporting live, andrew setters, news 5. mark: the standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge is expected to come to an end. the fbi said they surrounded the area, which is still occupied by a couple of protesters. dennis frye said he would not be taken alive. now, the protesters are trying -- are planning to turn themselves in. the refuge has been occupied by a group. lisa: new developments in a shooting investigation in blue ash. the city' s police department is now calling sunday' s shooting on oak street an isolated incident. police say at least 10 shots were fired along oak and florence avenues and three
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we are told everyone involved in the shooting knew each other, and they all had ties to the hazelwood community. to help put neighbor' s fears at ease, the city says there will be extra patrols dedicated to the area over the next few days. the shooting. police say detectives are still looking at forensic evidence to gun. lisa: more republican candidates the white house. this is coming after disappointing numbers for some of the candidates. miriah turner has more from the campaign trail. miriah: at one point, there were 60 republican candidates in the race, but after iowa and new hampshire, the field is down to six. carolina fiorina at chris christie are the latest to drop out. carly fiorina i know some social media that she would continue to fight for those americans who
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karoly fiorina -- carly fiorina finished seventh. chris christie finished sixth in new hampshire winning just 6% of the vote. the republican primary is coming up on february 20. mark: thank you. ohio governor john kasich is one of the candidates going to work in south carolina. he was campaigning down south on wednesday just one day after his second-place finish in new hampshire. he told supporters, he is the right man for the job. >> it is like 4-h, it is not to hot, not too cold, it is just right. i am running for one basic reason, i believe i can get the spirit of that, and i can get the economics back. mark: the democrats have the nevada democratic caucus coming up next in the south carolina primary.
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bernie sanders get back into campaign mode, they will have another primetime debate. pbs is hosting tonight' s debate in milwaukee, and sanders will be looking to make up some ground. clinton is the favorite in nevada and south carolina. for more on the campaign trail, download the wlwt mobile app and look under politics. mark: happening today, the hamilton county commission is going to discuss the state of the county. the president will review the developments that affected residents in 2015 as well as highlight what is ahead in 20 extreme. the rotary club of cincinnati will be on hand for the address. the event begins at noon at the downtown hilton. a history -- the history behind a sibling rivalry -- lisa: what peyton manning had to say about this infamous super bowl moment involving his brother. [laughter] the topic of many memes on the internet.
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the stars are all smiling on the red cap it -- smiling on the red carpet. lisa: it really is incredible. let' s check the forecast. randi, good morning to you. randi: the warmer temperatures are right around downtown. you' d around the 275 loop -- most places coming in the low to mid teens. downtown, 13. the wind is fairly light, but any sort of a breeze, and it feels like the single digits. plan on a windchill in the low single digits. noon, sunny, cool, 17. for the drive home, 22 degrees. we are expecting dry weather
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>> you're watching wlwt news 5 today. leading the way. lisa: good morning. 6:12 right now. we are showing you a live look in the kenwood area. this is five or road. -- this is pfeiffer road. kyla is standing by with more information. it is between pfeiffer and a zig zag. kyla: starting out, they did not close it. now, they have closed a portion of the roadway. it is west of the interstate. if you take that heading towards the interstate, you will have to avoid it this morning. you can see , a live shot, still a very active scene. try to avoid it as you head outside. 471 near 275, looking good
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64 miles per hour in the northbound direction along 471 up through fort thomas and dayton. bellevue and newport, five minutes to get you over to the daniel carter beard bridge. we'll keep you updated . lisa: kyla, thank you. >> both deputies who were shot earlier today has succumbed to their injuries. mark: two maryland deputies were killed after being shot during an altercation with a suspect. it started out as a disturbance at a shopping center and two responding deputies were shot. maryland governor larry hogan has ordered flags be flown half-staff today. lisa: loretta lynch says the justice department has no choice
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they sought to -- mark: there is committee hearing today focusing on the threat of the zika virus. s obama' ika. in the nba, the phoenix suns are having a rough year. flared on the suns' bench. that' s markieff morris going at it with his teammate archie goodwin. check that out! the other players quickly stepped in to break up the scuffle but the suns never got it together. they ended up losing to golden state. like they were ever going to win that game. [laughter] that was just cray cra. in the football world -- much has been made of the moment when cameras caught eli manning sitting with a straight face after it looked like his brother had clinched another super bowl
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lisa: you have seen this. the rest of peyton' s family and friends are going crazy and eli is there with a frozen face looking sick. last night, jimmy fallon brought it up when peyton manning appeared on the "tonight show." [laughter] >> there is a cut out there of that. you can see that. [laughter] [applause] >> i can remember 18 years ago and saying eli, guess what, the colts are going to draft me in the nfl tomorrow? mark: aww! [laughter] he is such a good sport.
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just a little sibling rivalry there. looking forward to the oscars now, and it' s not all about statues on hollywood' s biggest night. mark: the swag bags for the stars a really nice. lisa: they will contain $200,000 in gifts. on the high and even -- on the high end, a trip to israel. less expensive items include a vaporizer and $257 worth of toilet paper. known to be the most soothing of any available. [laughter] lisa: who do you say that stuff
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mark: you really have to be an oscar winner to avoid the swag bag in the first place. [laughter] lisa: a trip to israel? that is impressive. randi: i am potty training two kids right now. i get mad when they waste a little bit of toilet paper. [laughter] we are starting out with many spots in the single digits. eight in springboro. we have single digit temperatures in some towns. nine in wilmington. when you are talking single digit temperatures, it feels colder. low teens close to downtown. about 13 degrees , but with the winds, it feels like five.
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clearing out over the top of downtown. on a wide view, there is light snow showers just outside of louisville heading to the south. not a problem for us. we will see a good bit of sunshine today. it sure isn' t warm outside. at noon, sunny, cold, 19 degrees. better than yesterday. better than this morning. and :00 this evening, right around 20. we have two shots of snow -- one of them comes tomorrow. it is mainly an evening commute issue. a dusting up to one inch. it is not a lot, but timing will be the issue tomorrow evening. another system for monday arrives late sunday night. too early to talk totals. we'll keep watching that through the weekend. futurecast is showing clearing skies.
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tomorrow morning, areas closer to louisville could get nipp ed you can see bounds of snow showers, a quick hit, but will drop a quick dusting to a half an inch enough to cause some issues tomorrow. most places pushing that .5 mark. today, 23 degrees, turning sunny, staying chilly. we are looking at wind and flurries on saturday. sunday, 25. snow will kick in late sunday. finally, we got a warm-up. 37 sounds downright tropical.
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the big decision for driver less cars. mark: and burger king getting ready to flame will some hot
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mark: good morning, everyone. welcome back. 13 degrees as you get up and get moving.
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but so far, not too bad. we do have trouble spots on the road. kyla: our big picture starting to get a few more issues. we had an accident that is fatal at the kenton county line on madison hike. all lanes are closed. all directions are going to be shut down. you will need to use other travel lanes in other parts of the pendleton and kenton county area. pretty far south on madison hike on route 17. 71/75 to the split to downtown, the travel time not extending greatly if you are heading into northern parts -- into parts of northern kentucky. the accident on kenwood road and pfeiffer has cleared. mark: thank you. federal regulators gave the
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they have insisted that driverless cars still need a driver. now, regulators are getting google the go-ahead to build a car without any of that. no steering will, accelerator, or breaks. the states can still pass law requiring vehicles to have those things. lisa: the self-proclaimed gamecock -- burger king will begin selling grilled hot dogs and you can choose between the classic grilled hot., or the chilly cheese dog. a burger king executive compared th is moved to the launch of the whopper. mark: it is going to be huge exit oh -- it is going to be huge! i can' t even remember when the whopper came out. [laughter] mark: we were a lot younger, and
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randi: maybe you are using the paig ig to slim down. temperatures hovering in the low teens and single digits. after work, it will feel a little better. we are looking at 22 degrees at 6:00 this evening. with the breeze, it will feel like a king. -- it will feel like 18. there is all kinds of weather we get between january and february. we are keeping it in the 20' s for highs. the low on sunday morning, three degrees. lisa: a rash of robberies in northern kentucky. what investigators are saying
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andrew: firefighters battling a
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mark: getting the job done in the freezing cold, how firefighters dealt with the weather after they were called into action overnight. lisa: and then from greater
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mark: another streetcar delivery, the latest sign of progress before the streetcar gets moving later this year. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today." lisa: make no mistake about it, it is a brutally cold morning as you head out. this is overnight video at speedway at batavia where we saw people running in and out of the store, filling up the gas tank, trying to stay warm. you will need the become a heavy coat. 6:30 on your thursday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. it is a brutal start, randi. randi: i did not see many heavy coats on that video.
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t forget to grab the gloves, hats, we have temperatures in the single digits. the winds are not super strong. but when you are talking about a temperature starting out at seven and a five mile an hour wind. you are pushing zero. most places in and around downtown and closer to the 275 loop, a little bit warmer, and i mean 13 or 14 degrees. it is 13 officially at cvg. notice that wind only five miles per hour. that is enough to make it feel like five degrees outside. bundle up this morning. i would not be surprised if the temperatures do slide into the single digits as we approach sunrise. at 8:00 a.m., feeling like five.
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expect a high today of 23. there is no snow, but you may want to warm your car off this morning. -- up this morning. kyla: good morning, everyone. if you are in northern kentucky, we have a closure at madison pike and they have close all lanes in all directions due to a fatal car crash. 71/75 getting very heavy both north and southbound. thinned out. lisa: 6:32 right now. the frigid morning means dozens of schools on the leg. they are scrolling at the bottom of your screen.
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firefighters at risk like the one overnight at batavia. andrew setters is live on how the winter weather is affecting them doing their duties. andrew: even with all the snow, this is a time when your car can use a car wash. firefighters in batavia were busy at a car wash overnight battling a fire. they were dealing with very cold temperatures by battling the blaze on hospital drive at the batavia carwash. the fire started in the attic area. how it started is not clear. crews had to call in and for help, including a special vehicle that gives them a chance to warm up. >> water can freeze and the hose. the cold weather just takes a toll on the guys out here when
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little bit. it takes a lot out of you. andrew: it is also a dangerous forming around the fire trucks. they do it they can to stay warmed up. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt. lisa: and local man is playing a central role in the ongoing refuge. latest. miriah: the standoff is expected to come to an end this morning. the fbi has been in contact with the protesters and much of the communication has gone through 27-year-old david fry. fry started out to find on wednesday and reportedly told a negotiator, the only way we are leaving here is dead. eventually, fry and the other protesters agreed to stand down and are planning to turn themselves in at an fbi checkpoint at 11:00.
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the last remnants seat the refuge on january 2 in policies. month. lisa: thank you. a hamilton county man facing charges after a deadly crash earlier this month. he is set to make a plea deal this morning. police a 19-year-old leonard hersey crossed the centerline on delphi road and hit tamika car head-on. thomas lost her newborn baby. cu rksy is charged with vehicle or homicide. was started as a report of a missing child has turned into a homicide. mark: police were looking for 29-year-old brittney russell after she took off with her daughter haven. the girl' s father reported her missing early wednesday. police found brittney russell dead in a car at a dayton apartment complex.
6:32 am
the heat on. >> it is horrible. you see it all the time. you never think it will happen to you. mark: her death has been ruled a homicide. police have not said who they believe who killed her and why. lisa: a series of robberies in northern kentucky and police think it may be the same man involved in all of them. police say the suspect has a similar build, appearance, and approach. on wednesday, fort mitchell police said the suspect walked into the u.s. bank on dixie highway with a note demanding money. the bank employee complied and the suspect walked out. on monday, a man went into the circle k gas station demanding money and hours later, less than a half mile away, the bb&t bank was robbed. >> i have never heard or seen anything like that before. it is new, and kind of scary that it is drifting from the big
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lisa: detectives from fort mitchell are working on the cases. mark: a cincinnati-based grocery chain is being sued by three local employees. they are accusing kroger for not paying them for working overtime. they said they had to work early and get off late. backache, attorney' s fees, and interest -- kroger officials have declined to comment. lisa: streetcar number three is on its way to cincinnati. mark: the new car is expected in over the run later today. dan griffin is live for what this means for the -- for what this means for traffic. dan: a flatbed tractor-trailer will bring the newest the car to town today. that could mean some street closures and some parking changes. here is what you can expect, family and mcmackin will be
6:34 am
that will happen at about 3:00. henry street will be closed between elm and race. we are told it will take 90 minutes to unload the streetcar onto the track. officials say the next streetcar should arrive by the end by this month. a fifth streetcar should arrive at the end of next month. lisa: let' s check traffic this morning. kyla, we have a couple of accidents. kyla: this one is under investigation -- a fatal accident on 17 and madison o pike. it is fatal and they have closed all lanes in all directions. try to avoid it if you are traveling in that area. elsewhere, talking about construction 71 southbound. we' ll see lane and rep closures in the overnight hours heading
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6:00. looking pretty good, just getting heavy. 75 dare mitchell still rolling seeing more cars. let' meteorologist randi rico. layers. randi: try to find time to grab the mittens, scarves, and has. it is cold and that is without the wind. not much of a breeze. you have to have a four mile an hour wind to even calculate a windchill. connorsville, eight. easton junior high and sardinia, 13. the field like temperature does not match the actual air temperature. any sort of breeze and it feels like five. bundled the kids up. it will be mostly clear and cool. temperatures in many towns in
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after school, looking at sunny skies, chilly conditions, 21 degrees. tomorrow, we may have some snow to contend with. we will look at the timing of that in a couple of minutes. lisa: a new look for a local park. the major transformation in the works for over the rhine. mark: and the new aquarium supporting a rare breed. for the next generation of shark pups were born. lisa: hope it is a great start for you.
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accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me mark: good morning and welcome back. the official holiday of love is fastly approaching. lisa: and many of you may still be on the fence about what to do with your loved one. well have no fear, kyla woods is here with some options, ideas. of the unique nature. [laughter] kyla: we are in such time, just being honest. the creative juices are really starting to flow, right? you might want to try something new and even nontraditional that could help to spice things up. here are some ideas. we the first aid you ever had together. if you have only been together for a few months, this may not be as exciting. if you have been together for years, it might be great to revisit the night the sparks
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together or a new -- box ing class together. give some love by volunteering together at a local charity. even try your hand at comedy. a be you and your significant other are the funny ones, so sign up for an amateur night of stand up. i have already posted a list on our first page -- list on our facebook page. mark: here is an idea for your valentine the barry manilow , concert at northern kentucky university. manilow is coming to bb&t arena tonight on his one last time tour. tickets went on sale back in november, but it did not sell out. if you want to check it out the , show gets started at 8:00. lisa: plans are moving forward for a major transformation of a local park. the renovations at ziegler park got a boost after a generous gift from the k antor family. the local philanthropists are putting a half million dollars into the park.
6:40 am
week in over-the-rhine and the new park will include a new, expanded playground an underground parking garage, a modernized community gathering spot and a state-of-the-art swimming pool. >> bring children there, make it safe, go out and recruit kids to come in and take basketball camp, or swim lessons. lisa: the total renovation will cost $30 million. across the river newport , aquarium' s new shark ray pups are coming along. mark: they were born last month and they have been under the care of biologists and newport aquarium staff. miriah: the pups are growing up at an off-site animal health facility. we got a chance to check on them and they are doing great. each pup are swimming and have doubled in weight since they were born. >> this is the first time that
6:41 am
under professional animal or. this is the second time that we have had them at the newport aquarium. miriah: very exciting. because breeding them under professional care is so challenging, the pups will be studied for a long period of time. they made the announcement that sweet pea was pregnant back in october. she gave birth to nine pups. very exciting. mark: good stuff. let' s check in with kyla. kyla: we had some trouble in northern kentucky. i want to show you exactly where this is. they closed all lanes in all directions at madison pike at the kenton county line. it is under investigation now.
6:42 am
-- it lifts. 25 minutes at 275 from the ronald reagan to cvg. not bad from 129 down to the lateral. at union center, or typical, heavy volume. no major delays if you are heading on 275 southbound. let' s taken with meteorologist randi rico. randi: it is a vertical started the day. we are stuck in the freezer for the next several days. today, a glimmer of hope is that it is sunny. we do have two shots of snow over the next week. then it warmer air is inside the seven day. upper 30' s and 40' s, which is not super one, but way better than what we are looking at now. on radar, you can see mostly clear skies on the top of greater cincinnati. overnight, we had a layer of
6:43 am
that is why some towns are in the single digits. around the 275 loop, around the low teens. we are looking at a chance for snow returning tomorrow, late in the day. right now, 13 degrees. the wind is pretty light. we have had calm winds most of the night. in those towns where your temperatures are already in the single digits, a five mile per hour wind -- you are pushing zero. 8:00 a.m., nine degrees. we below normal for this time a beer. expect clear skies, clouds will roll tonight, and tomorrow, you will notice a round of snow showers. it will head to louisville. some of our southwestern communities may see snow early.
6:44 am
hours, you can see the redevelopment of snow showers coming in from the north and west. these other potential to toss a little light accumulation. that comes up during the evening rush and that can be an issue. as far as snowfall totals go, it is a quick burst with a dusting to .5 inch. i will call it a dusting to an and. most of us will be in the middle. today, 23 degrees turning sunny and staying cold. tonight, 12. tomorrow, expect light snow. some of you and the southwest may see some in the middle -- in the morning. sunday, for valentine' s day, three degrees in the morning. we will make it to 25 degrees in the afternoon. another round of snow come sunday night into monday.
6:45 am
a little more accumulation. up. we may see rain and snow and your 40 degrees. mark: when we continue, firefighters called into action in the bitter cold. stay warm working and elements. another hearing for a uc police officer charged with murder. mark: a deadly crash under county. a semi and a truck collided on kentucky 17 to the kenton county line.
6:46 am
we have a crew lisa: welcome back. we are taking your top stories. firefighters battling flames in batavia overnight. mark: andrew setters leading the way with more on the winter weather is affecting them as a spring into action. andrew: the cold weather could be rough on all of us who work outdoors. imagine adding water to the mix? this is what firefighters were dealing with in batavia as he battled a blaze at a car wash.
6:47 am
they called in as to help, including a be a cold to give firefighters a place to thought out when they rotated off the fire line. hold, wind, water, and ice. firefighters have to watch their step, too. >> the big thing, once water hits the ground, it does not take very long for it to freeze. we have a lot of slips and falls. we have to because his with that. andrew: they were able to get the fire out and no one was hurt. if you head outside today, bundle up. andrew setters, wlwt. lisa: our second top story and a homicide investigation involving a middletown mother. police were looking for 29-year-old brittney russell after she took up with her daughter, haven. early say russell did not have custody. she was later found dead in a car at a dayton apartment complex. the baby inside that car, safe.
6:48 am
was on. police have not said who they believed killed pretty and why she was targeted. mark: the murder case against a former u.c. police officer could afford. the hearing is scheduled today for ray tensing. tensing is accused of shooting samuel dubose during a traffic stop. the incident was captured on a body camera and gained national attention. lisa: streetcar number three is heading to town expected to arrive in over-the-rhine later today. it will be a couple of street closures this afternoon. it will take about 90 minutes for the streetcar to be unloaded from a flatbed truck and onto the track. according to officials, the next livery set for the end of the month, and car number five, expected to be here at the end of march. senator bernie sanders and former secretary of state hillary clinton will face-off in milwaukee tonight. the debate comes days after senator sanders' victory and the new hampshire primary.
6:49 am
know and south carolina where later this month. tonight' s debate will be produced by pbs. mark: starting out at 13 this morning. randi, with the windchill, it is a lot colder. randi: the good news is that the winds are not very strong and day. you are talking about single digits and low teens, even a file -- even a five mile per hour wind is cold. at least we get sunshine going as we head through the day. today, sunny, but cold. at 8:00 a.m., nine degrees. at noon, 17. 4:00, 23. tomorrow, 28. friday, we will have a chance for snow showers. maybe some early snow tomorrow and then a re-develops for the evening drive. a dusting
6:50 am
the weekend, windy, cold, flurry sticking around and then another round of snow showers sunday night into monday. kyla, there is a situation you need to talk about? kyla: this is route 17 kentucky as madison pike at the kenton county line. it is a fatal accident. mark: that is it for us. we say goodbye this morning to one of our beloved crew members here. brady, her last day today. good luck to you. lisa: we love you, britney mark: we are back with 25 minute -- we are back in 25 minutes.
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