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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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be in the right place at the mark: being remembered like a the special goodbye for a 5-year-old boy who won the hearts of the community. leader of the nation. what president bill clinton plans today in his visit to the queen city today. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 on your friday, good morning to you, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m our case. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. kyla warming up the car, randi telling us how much too heated
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randi: always. no matter when you had out this weekend, staying warm is the key. i was looking at the windchill today, tomorrow, sunday, at any point, it will feel like teens and single digits. a couple of times, drop below zero. cold all weekend long. told us spots to the north where the skies are clear. one in 10 at six, hillsboro at 7 -- wilmington at 16 a layer of clouds south of cincinnati. we are seeing passing flurries in those areas. as we look in through southeastern indiana, south of 74, light snow showers falling. right along 471. -- 421. farther south, a batch of snow showers rolled through from owen county into grant county. for today, bundle up when you head out the door. clarice south of the river. at noon, 23. 4:00, 28 for a high. we have snow on the way for the evening rush.
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mind as they head out this evening getting ready for those big weekends. kyla: shakeup on the road. plan for that if you have travel plans this evening. our morning commute starting off try as you can see. 275 at route 32. as you make your way north or bound, traffic is good. 71 at red bank as you can see, southbound. still pretty light. we will keep an eye on and i you we probably won' t see that in the 6:00 hour fire heavier portion of the morning commute. 75 out of butler county right now. lisa: 5:02 right now, in commitment 2016. mark: it' s always a key state in the race for the white house and bill clinton is coming to cincinnati to stump for his wife.
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president clinton. andrew the former president is : coming to cincinnati for campaigning for the person you like to be the next president. clifton later today. he will stop at the clifton cultural arts center after he attends a fundraiser in town to pick up financial support for hillary. the message of the visit make primary in ohio. early voting begins next week. bill clinton will be here in rapids, michigan. the candidate herself will be in wisconsin minnesota and south , carolina today. chelsea clinton will be in rhode island. it' s a family affair trying to spread the message and rally support. the doors open to the public at 2:00, with the former president expected to begin at 3:00. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news five. mark: the former president is wife' s latest clash with bernie
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sanders went head to head last night in milwaukee, this was the sixth democratic presidential debate, which focused on familiar campaign issues like wall street, healthcare, and national security. hillary clinton somebody told me : earlier today we' ve had like 200 presidential primary debates, and this is the first time there have been a majority of women on the stage. so, you know, we' ll take our progress wherever we can find it. bernie sanders well, you know, i : think, from a historical point of view, somebody with my background, somebody with my views, somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the big money interests, i think a sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment, as well. mark: the next contest for the democrats is about a week away with the nevada democratic caucus next saturday. the republicans will battle for votes in the south carolina primary on the same day. lisa: 5:04 right now indiana public registry of convicted
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s miriah turner is at the live alert desk, with details on on the recent push to make it state law. miriah: the indiana senate unanimously passed kirk' s law after a 19-month old boy died under the care of his babysitter. if the bill is passed in indiana, the indiana state police will be required to establish and manage the database online. it would be similar to a sex offender registry. forcing child abusers to legally register after being convicted. the children' s advocacy center of southeast indiana. supports the idea because it empowers parents to better protect their children. collects -- >> if you are introducing somebody new into your family, say as a babysitter or as a partner, you could find out if they have any past. miriah: the bill is now in the house for consideration. from the live alert desk i' m miriah turner. mark: a man accused in a string of a robberies is expected in court later this morning. zachary prince was arrested last night. an erlanger police sergeant happened to spot prince while
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the sergeant followed prince to his grandma' s house, and made the arrest. prince' s arrest came just a couple hours after the latest hold-up at the fifth-3rd bank, in covington. >> he initiated the traffic stop as he was on dixie highway because he saw the suspect vehicle traveling down dixie highway. it is really fantastic police to police work by sgt. sterling. mark: prince is scheduled to be arraigned this morning. police tell us the crimes began on monday with two robberies in erlanger and a hold up wednesday at a bank in fort mitchell. lisa: 5:06 right now a lincoln , heights man could spend the rest of his life in prison for contacting dozens of juveniles through facebook. martell lowry' s is set to be sentenced at 11:00 this morning. lowry contacted dozens of boys on facebook and tried to get them to send him nude pictures. and meet him for sex in exchange for money. the woman accused of shooting another woman during an argument in silverton is set to make a plea or have a trial set this
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gun out of her boyfriend' s pocket and shot the victim in the chest. she was indicted on assault charges last july. >> she was my big sister. she was my best friend. she was my world. mark: a heartbroken family after to death, with her baby in the backseat. britney russell spent the day with her family tuesday in middletown, celebrating her nephew' s birthday. and was found dead. less than 12 hours later, in dayton. dayton police are going over the 29-year-old' s last few days, as they still search for a suspect. while russell' s family is just trying to make sense of who would do this and why. >> i don' t even know why someone would want to do that. she was an amazing person. i can' t even fathom how somebody can take somebody' s life. mark: russell' s sister thinks she may have been helping a friend who needed a ride. happening today remembering a little boy who touched the
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greater cincinnati area. lisa: a memorial skate will be held today at the fun factory in taylor grants honor. the 5-year-old was battling neuroblastoma and died last week. friends and family will be selling #team taylor t-shirts at the event. all ages are welcome. the event runs from 7:30 until :00 tonight. tonight' s event will be followed by taylor' s funeral tomorrow. services will begin at 11:15 at the corinthian baptist church and is open to the public and taylor' s supporters. mark: 5:08 is your time, let see how things are moving on the morning commute. kyla: an easy start on the interstate. construction to talk about in the overnight hours. i mentioned it' s a little while ago on i-75 area overnight, you will see disclosure pop up again. we will see weather moving through. you may or may not have a delayed or canceled. in case it is not, plan for it.
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enclosures along i-75 southbound between the norwood lateral and i-74. right now, things are quiet. 75 and the ronald reagan, things look great in all directions. across the county highway, claire eason westbound. things are quiet this morning but we could get a shakeup later on today. -- clear across westbound. randi: a little of this is hitting the ground. south of the 74 corridor in southeastern indiana and sounds of the river, you could see passing flurries this morning. this doesn' t look like a huge issue for us. it is know that could arrived this evening. not a lot, but as kyla and i have been saying, poor timing p right in the evening rush, a half inch of snow. 17 west chester teixeira phil. 20 downtown. 19 currently in taylor mill. for your drive to work this morning, a chilly start, maybe even passing flurries south of the river. lunchtime, 23 feeling like 17.
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you know how that goes. that could cause issues. something to keep in mind into the evening hours. mark: and it' s the first friday after lent and you know what that means for our area. lisa: lots of tasty fried fish. where you can get your hands on some today. mark: a local cancer survivor giving back to those suffering from a similar disease. how she spread some smiles in fairfield last night. lisa: outside live on your friday morning, i hope it is a great start for you.
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stick giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. mark: 5:13, 20 degrees. we will update your most accurate forecast and her commute time in a moment. first, checking today' s headlines the last 4 occupiers , of a national wildlife refuge in oregon have surrendered. the holdouts were the last of a group that seized the malheur national refuge on january second. fbi agents say david fry an ohio
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surrender. the occupiers were demanding the government turn over the land to locals and to release two ranchers imprisoned for arson. lisa: the department of transportation releases its monthly report on air travel. the consumer report card on air travel is released. it will contain data for the month of december featuring flight delays tarmac times mishandled bag information consumer complaints and details on passengers who were denied boardings. the agency will also be releasing full year data for 2015. mark: time to hang 10 in california. the big-wave surf contest, now called the titans of mavericks takes place today near half moon bay. but it can' t be seen from land . it happens a half-mile offshore. lisa: not going to get a seat out there. mark: not at all. and the massive waves can reach up to 60-feet high. the first competition here was held in 1999 and it has since become popular with professional
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we have no idea why it is popular. it seems quite scary. lisa: it does, indeed. earlier this week ash wednesday marked the start of lent and now fish fry season in underway in greater cincinnati. lisa: today is the very first fish fry friday wlwt news 5' s jennifer schack tells us more about the big events happening today. jennifer there are dozens of : fish frys in the region later this afternoon all fund raisers for local churches and organizations. beechwood band boosters is hosting a drive-thru fish fry for the 3rd time this year. you can email your order ahead of time and pick it up without leaving your car. the student-driven dri-thru will be at beechwood elementary. at saint dominic' s on delhi avenue there is dine-in and carry-out as an option. in addition to the food they offer alcoholic beverages on the menu. proceeds benefit the athletic association across the river in kentucky i'
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be remiss not to mention my favorite fish fry down the hill, saint joseph' s church in camp springs. they are open from 4:00 until i 7:30. recommend the hand-breaded cod, they also have catgish fillets as well as shrimp, crab cakes and salmon. quite a menu. we have a list of area fish fry' s and their location and times on our website just go to the home page, on the left side under features. now that i' m encouraging everyone to visit my favorite fish fry, i have to come up with a new game plan because i will run out. enjoy. [laughter] lisa: a local cancer survivor is giving back. in case you missed it that was one of our top stories, at 11. vanessa taylor is distributing chemo care bags in fairfield. taylor was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2011. she went through 10 months of treatment and surgeries and finally won her battle. now she' s helping others with personalized care kits for people still going through
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and hematology. they include blankets, pillows, activity books, snacks, and encouraging notes. vanessa says she hopes the bags bring a little comfort when people need it most. >> it' s nice to be able to give back. i remember being on that site. it will be five years in june for me. hopefully i won' t be back on , that side again. but it' s nice to just give them a little smile for the day. lisa: you can still hear the emotion in her voice. vanessa and her kids are handing out more than a hundred care bags. their next stop. will be to christ hospital' s, radiation department. i will see you back here for wlwt news 5 starting at 5. randi: the weekend is almost here. it is valentine'
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we are talking about cold temperatures all weekend long. throughout the weekend, your feels-like temperature, teens and single digits, sometimes even subzero. right now, a range of temperatures. we have cloud' s south of the river and clear skies to the north. wilmington at six, hillsboro at eight. downtown at cvg, 20 degrees. we will see the teens and in your 20' s to the south which is where we have clouds this morning and rate are starting to pick up on snow showers. i haven' t seen reports of a hitting the ground. right now, not seeing reports of it actually getting. if it does, light accumulation. better chances for that' s -- that snow will be champaign, illinois. showers. secondary shot at snow late in cold temperatures.
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at 4:00, 28 degrees, that' s our high for today. it will be cloudy, feels-like temperature at 18. 5:00 or so, snow showers building. light snow showers, 27 degrees at 8:00 tonight, snow showers lighten up. again, you are going with that fish fry timeframe, the evening commute, anywhere from a dusting to a half inch of snowfall. futurecast shown this morning, cloudy skies for everybody. 5:00 or so, watching those snow showers move in from the north. not a lot, but poorly times. between 5:00 and 8:00 is when i would expect it to pick up and flurries will linger over tonight into tomorrow morning. you can see on our snowfall potential map, most places, a dusting, a quarter inch, a half-inch. tomorrow, it is all about the cold air. wendy with a couple of flurries during the day. temperatures in the teens all day. feels like temperatures in the single digits all day long. doesn'
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it will feel like five or less. sunday, 25 degrees. we start in the morning. snow returns monday evening and will stick around into monday morning before transitioning over to rain showers. we could see a bigger hit of snow sunday into monday. a half-inch tonight, maybe an inch or two. sunday night, still early to look at that. because of the rain we factored for monday. let' s check the roads. kyla: it is quiet. we are getting started on the good foot now. even with a light burst of snow, that could cause issues. it is poorly times. that plays a big factor, as well. plan for that is you had a later today. right now, you don' t have to have a lot of exercise. let' s take a closer look at that stretch. your spine down a little bit. you' re not a that 65 mile per hour mark that we see this time in the morning. into downtown, you can see all
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those in speeds are little below what we normally see. you' re still looking good into downtown. we will continue to keep a close eye on it for you this morning. lisa: business is booming in the banks. mark: the two new additions we' ll see to the area set to open later this year. lisa: it' s that time of the week again. coming up we' ll tell you about our teacher of the week, from walnut hills high school. mark: 5:21 is your time, get up
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kyla: a beautiful shot of the as we get started, things will change later today. minutes. week. this week' s teacher is mr. mitch of walnut hills high school pyramid the person who nominated him says he makes learning interesting and challenging. he even organized a history night for eighth grade students. he says he tries to be himself and relate to the students. collects sometimes, we have to sell this to them and entertain them here at i have always been good at making a full out myself are at you do that while you are. you keep their attention a little bit.
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kyla: they were testing. it was impressive to see them still stay focused. they walked away with a swag bag of goodies are friends and the team at modern office methods. the class was treated to a pizza party by westshore pizza. we would love to hear from you if you have a teacher you think should be teacher the week. had to our website and look under the contest details on how to nominate your favorite teacher. >> the banks will soon have two new tenants. a burger franchise. both are planning grand openings for the spring or summer. this will be the second location in ohio. this would be the first in the cincinnati area. lisa: back to the forecast on your friday morning. randi: it is valentine' s day weekend. since valentine' s day itself
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tomorrow or even sunday. here is the breakdown area whenever that is, plan on it being cold. for tonight, temperatures generally in the low 20' s in the evening. we will have the hint of light snow between 5:00 and 8:00. for saturday night, plan on temperatures in the teens. whenever you had out during the day on saturday, it will feel like low single digits. on sunday, into the late afternoon and evening, snow showers role in. we have two chances for snow and a lot of cold as you make plans for the upcoming weekend. the coldest temperatures will be saturday night into sunday morning as we did down close to zero. sunday evening snow will stick around into monday before transitioning over to rain. we warm things back up above freezing starting on monday. mark: a grocery chain is set to make a big announcement today. lisa: how kroger is looking to get in and ending the heroin epidemic in greater cincinnati.
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cincinnati. where people will be gathering
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mark: combating child abuse in indiana. how state lawmakers are looking to keep track of offenders so it doesn' t happen again. lisa: a horrific scene at a popular shopping center in columbus. how the suspect allegedly terrorized people with a machete before he was killed by police. mark: an exciting visit from a former president today. how bill clinton is looking to rally for votes in the buckeye state for wife and democratic presidential candidate hillary
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>> from cincinnati' s wlwt leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, i' m mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. happy friday across the board. randi: it seems i get has been a long week. cold, snow. cold, snow. and there is more to the weekend. kyla: a little more bearable. 20 degrees. the winds are only five most thereto. warmest spots on the map. there are spots way colder, clinton county, highland county, in the single digits. skies to the north are clear. discussed of the south are cloudy. the big range of temperatures
5:31 am
clouds or not. the couple of floors through southeastern indiana and northern kentucky. still have not had any reports of these hitting the ground just yet. if you are in southeastern indiana and cv flurries, let me know on twitter or flurry. -- and seeing those flurries, let me know on twitter or facebook. a bigger shot of snow for the evening commute tonight. 8:00, 15. noon, feeling like 17. way. it is not a lot, but even a dusting to half-inch of snow, if cause issues. kyla and i will track that through the morning. we are quiet. take advantage of this time. later today, it could cause a bit of a hiccup in your evening commute. plan for that and give yourself the time you need. not a lot of time needed heading
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275 four cvg, no delays. starting to pick up a little bit at harrison pike. we checked this camera little bit ago and there was barely any activity. 71 near smith edwards, looking good as well. we will keep you posted. no problems to start us out. mark: thank you. the race for the white house is heating up. and today, former president bill clinton is in the queen city campaigning for his wife, hillary. lisa: the visit comes just hours after her debate last night with wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is s campaign stop. andrew: the presidential t begin focusing on ohio until next month. but today, bill clinton will be making a stop to pick up cash s presidential
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bill clinton and hillary clinton focusing on ohio and the state still to come. they' re looking past the next primary all the way to early march would ohio voters will go to the polls. one of bill clinton' s message is expected to be, get out and vote. early voting begins next week. it frees up resources for the bigger campaign push. bill clinton will attend a fundraiser during his stop in cincinnati, and then attend a public event later this afternoon at the clifton cultural arts center. the doors are expected to open up at 2:00 this afternoon with clinton taking the stage around 3:00. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: the democratic presidential candidates may be currently vying for votes in nevada right now as the next caucus there looms, but they were in wisconsin last night to take each other on in another debate. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk the a recap of the battle of words. miriah: good morning. it was their first clash since
5:34 am
blow to clinton in the new hampshire primary and clinton is hoping for a bounce. the debate at the university of wisconsin-milwaukee was the 6th democratic presidential debate. during the two-hour showdown, one of the most heated exchanges was over the issue of wall street ties and campaign finance reform. clinton also defended her poor showing among women voters in new hampshire, with sanders quickly making the point that perhaps he could be the one to derail history by preventing clinton from becoming the first female president. and healthcare was another point of contention, with sanders making a fiery appeal for his universal healthcare program. >> secretary clinton has been going around the country saying bernie sanders wants to dismantle the affordable care act. i have fought my entire life to make sure that health care is a right for all people. we' re not going to dismantle anything. miriah: clinton made a pitch to some key constituents, latino, african americans, and women voters.
5:35 am
not down all the barriers that are holding americans back. miriah: the next caucus for the democrats is february 20 in nevada. meanwhile, republican presidential candidates are on the east coast rallying for votes in the south carolina primary, also set for february 20. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: for more on our commitment 2016 coverage, check out the political section of our website you can also find coverage on our wlwt mobile app. lisa: a major announcement expected today from kroger, and it is to address the growing heroin epidemic here in the cincinnati area. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live in oakley with what we expect to learn today. dan? dan: good morning, lisa. kroger could be next to offer narcan. it' s an antidote for heroin overdoses. a major announcement is expected here at oakley kroger. ohio' s a.g. and senator rob portman are expected to be part
5:36 am
kroger has not said much about the announcement, but it' s no secret senator portman has been outspoken in the heroin epidemic. according to state records, last year narcan was dispensed 13,000 times around ohio. and cvs started selling narcan over the counter this month. this announcement will take place at the oakley kroger, and is expected about 10:00 a.m.. we will be here. live in oakley, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: several people stabbed, and the suspect shot and killed by police in columbus last officers say they were called to a shopping center for a man with a machete. the suspect was shot and killed nearby. witnesses who were in the restaurant at the time describe it as a horrific scene. >> a man came in and started beating up on a man. i thought it was a personal thing. then he just started down the row hitting everybody. i don' t know people were , bleeding. cook' s --
5:37 am
s blood all over inside the restaurant there. mark: five people were taken to the hospital. police say several large knives were recovered at the scene. a motive for the attack is unknown at this time and the suspect' s name has not been released. lisa: the bus driver that struck and killed an indianapolis elementary school principal will not face criminal charges. the marion county prosecutor says the driver was not impaired by drugs or alcohol and there is no video of the incident. because of that, indiana law says that mere negligence does not give rise to a crime. the january 27 accident on the city' s far northeast side killed elementary school principal susan jordan and injured two 10-year-old students who were outside the school bus. mark: a student at u.c. blue ash is headed to court today after police say he made threats of violence targeting the campus. the student allegedly claimed he would shoot up the math lab and he wanted to turn this into a "colorado thing." a signed witness affidavit says 20-year-old dondiego bradley made the threat to a tutor earlier this month. bradley is now facing one count of menacing.
5:38 am
saw only on wlwt. an elderly woman hurt and left on the floor of a middletown home for weeks has died. the butler county coroner confirmed 74-year-old barbara tuggle died. her friend told us she fell in her home in december. police say tuggle' s live-in daughter did not call for help for more than two weeks. tuggle suffered sores and injuries to most of her body. no charges have been filed. detectives say they' re waiting on medical documentation to complete their investigation. mark: randi is here with your forecast. randi: we are starting out with cold air. that is done a shock because that will be the case through the weekend. six degrees and wilmington where skies are clear. springboro, 11. loveland, 12. butler, kentucky, 17. notice the temperature and feels like temperature are pretty close for us because there is not a huge win.
5:39 am
look at the radar. it is trying to flow -- throw some flurries are way, but no reports of it coming to the ground. let me know. our better shot at snow comes in for the evening rush tonight. as the kids had out this morning, bundle them up. it is cold. most places in the mid and low teens for the bus stop this morning. a chilly start for everybody. in the afternoon, 27 degrees. looking at upper 20' s, but with the winds ramping up, expect it actually, that is warm compared to the forecast for the weekend. k get ready. yla, i' m sure you have big plans for the weekend. if your plans are better. kyla: i don' t know about big plans. we' re going to go out as a family into a family valentine' s day. i am looking forward to it. we will get out and head back indoors. as you had outside, we have an accident at 74 and 275 eastbound
5:40 am
we do know it has moved off to the shoulder. it is not blocking travel lanes. watch for it you' re heading out the door in that area. 275 closer to the i-75 interchange, 15 minutes from 74 of two route 4. 63 miles per hour. things look good in that area. here' s a shot at 275 at route 4, not too heavy, no significant delays. things are a little bit heavier. you know my motto, people had out earlier on friday so they can get out the door later today. it is valentines weekend. people are trying to get those dates started. mark and lisa? lisa: a way to work up a sweat on a bitterly cold day. mark: the worldwide celebration encouraging you to hop on a bike. lisa: the new edition into the cincinnati streetcar fleet. how you can stay streets car -- streetcar say.
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randi: good morning. we' re taking a live look through citycam. christ hospital letup in pink and red. red for women' s heart health and maybe king for valentine' s day. it looks nice and festive. it looks nice through citycam because we' re not outside in the air. it is cold. no matter what time you head out
5:44 am
cold. no warm-up insight into we get into next week. this is what you need to know. there will be some snow on the way for the evening commute. it is not a lot, but something to be aware of. even a dusting during the evening drive sometimes can cause some issues. wind chill in the single digits all day saturday. in fact, temperatures only in the teens. a very cold and blustery saturday if you have big plans for valentine' s day on saturday. sunday, actual valentine' s day, snow again. later in the day sunday, lingering in the monday. that is when we will see the transition to reign as temperatures warm up in the seven-day forecast. it actually has some 40' s in it, coming up. lisa: thank you. the third streetcar has officially arrived in over-the-rhine. two more are still on their way in the coming months. this latest streetcar looks a little different. it has the word "cincinnati" on the outside. according to city officials, the next delivery is set for the end of this month and car number
5:45 am
of march. and soon there will an all out blitz to encourage you to be streetcar-safe. drivers and pedestrians will both have to learn quickly how to share the road. first, the traffic patterns. at some places along the track, the streetcar is going to move while the rest of traffic doesn' t. other basics you' ll need to know, you' re allowed to drive on the tracks, but not park there. public transportation officials say you just need to be aware of your surroundings and yield to the streetcar. >> that means your vehicle could be towed or you could be subject to fines. more importantly, when the streetcar is running, you don' t want to hold up everyone on the car. physical ontrack testing is scheduled for ash lisa: i' ve tried testing is scheduled for wednesday. mark: if you are willing to throw on a couple of more leaders -- layers and grab a
5:46 am
jennifer: believe it or not, this is a worldwide event to encourage those -- the self propelled transportation. it sounds whimsical in the summer, writing a bike , but in the winter, it can be a little bit more for challenge. today is the day to try it out if you' re interested. winterbike to work into deep discount a day pass that is normally eight dollars is only two dollars today with a promo code 11216. many locations are encouraging me to will transportation. a favorite of mine is offering a 20% off strength with additional discounts for bike riders. park and bible have a free cup of soup or chili. -- both sound like great ways to get warm today when it is quite cold. grab the extra layers if you plan on biking to work. you will be joining what is
5:47 am
participating in winter bike to work day. mark: it' s a good weekend to be thirsty. the cincinnati winter beer fest is coming back to the duke energy center. beer lovers can enjoy more than 400 craft beers and the party gets started tonight. tickets are $45 per day. the doors open at 7:30 tonight and last call is 10:30. lisa: let' s check traffic. kyla woods, good morning. kyla: a pretty nice and easy start. you can see the maps showing green conditions. travel times showing green as well. on the northeast corner of 275, 13 minute commute from his state to 71. out of butler county, 16 minutes, 61 miles per hour, 19 71-75. only a minute or two uptick on hour or so. that will change over the next hour as we head into 6:00, of course. northbound and southbound
5:48 am
ends are dry. we don' t have any particles flight severe. that will change for the evening commute. randi: we have two shot that snow. the radar right now is showing some snow. i have not seen any reports of it hitting the ground. two snow chances for the weekend. wind chill, single digits to near zero much of the next two days. it will get warmer by the middle of next week. we are looking at the radar right now. it looks like there are flurries downtown and up toward connorsville. i have checked all of the cameras and sites and not sing in reports of it hitting the ground. this is a situation where it dries out before it hits the ground. if you see any flurries, let me know. one of the more likely' s odds for that to happen would be south of 74 and southeastern indiana. the big bulk of the snow is rolling through southern portions of illinois and down through southern kentucky. for us, expect passing clouds for most of us and maybe a
5:49 am
winds out of the south at five miles per hour. it makes it feel like 13. 20 at cvg is one of the warmest spots in the area. many laces in the low teens and even single digits to start the day. 8:00 a.m., 15. at noon, 23. with the winds picking up, you' ll get those feels like temperatures in the teens. this afternoon, especially after 4:00 or so, snow starts to move in. it is not a lot, but it is poorly timed. by 5:00, the heart of the evening rush on a friday, looking at snow showers rolling in from northwest to southeast. from 5:00 to 8:00 is the main timeframe. watch that this evening. even a dusting to half-inch may cause a couple of slick spots. flurries will continue overnight, even into tomorrow. looking at your forecasted
5:50 am
maybe a half-inch max. it is not a big one. today, 28, cloudy and cold with late day snow. tonight, we are dipping down to 10. we do not get out of the teens tomorrow. single-digit and chills of saturday. 3 on sunday morning. sunday afternoon, 25 with snow by the evening sticking around the monday before it changes over to rain. as we warm up -- yes, i said warm-up, next week. mark: thank goodness. a match made in heaven. lisa: how a canadian man knew his girlfriend was the one and how he helped save her life. mark: a local business giving you a sweet treat made from scratch. or you can get some fresh chocolate in over the rhine. lisa: that will warm you up. 20 degrees on your friday. stay with us.
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5:53 am
up on cincin mark: welcome back. 5:53. valentine' s day just a couple of days away. while the rush is on for romantics, stores of the for pairing for months. lisa: wlwt news 5s kyla woods tells us about a local store making their chocolate from scratch. kyla: does anything sound better right now? i mean, let' s just stop. from scratch. there are a million ways to say
5:54 am
day, it is all about chocolate. at maverick' s in over-the rhine, they roast, grind, and temper the chocolate right here. it' s a manufacturing center , packaging plant and chocolate , bar. paul picton, mechanical engineer turned chocolate connoisseur, is the brains behind the bar. he' s already won a five-star rating from the encyclopedia of chocolate, yes, there is a thing ranking in the top 25 out of , 5000 bars. and although it' s small, maverick is a long way from small time. it sells chocolate in 30 stores , get this, with 30 more on a waiting list. prices range from $8 to $10 for a bar and $10 for a box of four truffles. so if you' re looking to impress your sweetie this sunday, consider shopping local. mark and lisa? lisa: it sounds delicious. we are checking some stories trending this morning. mark: there' s a lot of love floating around just before valentine' s day. patrick sullivan says his wife asks for modest gifts on valentine' s day, but this year he has something different in mind.
5:55 am
billboard this week. lisa: what? mark: it reads, "pat and patty forever. 27 years and counting. you complete me, love pat." lisa: lord. mark: the pair married in 1988 and have three kids and a new grandbaby. that is awesome. lisa: a canadian man gives his fiancee the ultimate early valentine' s gift, a second chance at life. the couple started dating two years ago. errin tollefson was born with one kidney and it started to fail. her father was ready to donate a kidney to her, but then he died from cancer. secretly, her boyfriend got all the medical tests to see if he was a match. when he found out they were nearly a perfect match, which is pretty rare, he figured it was a sign and bought a ring the next day. tollefson is now recovering in the hospital with her new kidney and her new ring. mark: amazing. an american world war ii veteran flew to australia to be reunited
5:56 am
with during the war in 1944. when the war ended, a misunderstanding sent the couple their separate ways. now more than 70 years later after a little web research and some skyping, he' s 93, she' s 88, and they' ve found their way to each other again just in time for valentine' s day. lisa: that is a nice follow-up. i remember when we first did this story and show them skiving. they were giddy and now they are together. mark: still ahead, a suspect spotted. lisa: how an officer was able to track down a man suspected in a string of robberies. mark: for president bill clinton coming to town looking to score some points for his wife' s campaign. randi: get ready for a cold weekend will step today, cloudy and cold, 28 degrees for the high. could see a burst of snow just in time for the evening drive. a dusting of to a half-inch. the story tomorrow come all
5:57 am
single digits whenever you head out on saturday. starting on sunday in the single digits. additional snow on the way. we will take a look at how much
5:58 am
lisa: bill clinton in cincinnati. his rally today fresh off hillary clinton' s latest debate. mark: the right place at the right time. how an officer managed to catch a suspect after a crime spree
5:59 am
lisa: remembering a cancer warrior. the plans this weekend for a 5-year-old boy who won the hearts of a community. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: outside live on your friday morning, through citycam , it doesn' t look as cold as it really is, 20 degrees. i' m lisa lisa cooney. mark: i am mark hayes. marker headlines in a moment. first, your forecast. randi: are we supposed to see those buildings shivering through citycam? it is going to be cold today, tomorrow, sunday. it will probably feel like teens and single digits most of the weekend. a couple of shots at snow. today is not a blockbuster, but it comes at the worst time. any amount of snow during the evening rush can potentially cause some problems.


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