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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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brian hamrick is at the nazareth restaurant in columbus tonight with more. brian: lots of questions about this man tonight. why would a man come in and hack strangers with a machete. the restaurant is closed after an attack that affected an entire community. he walked into the nazareth and order. >> he started stabbing people. iran out with my kids. brian: as customers ran, the owner who was not there was just finding out. >> i heard from one of my cooks. there is a guy with a machete and he starts hitting one person, slashing people from one side. brian: he spent the day cleaning up the mess from the madness and trying to keep his emotions under control. >> i' m a 50-year-old man and i'
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brian: the suspect was caught five miles away. called to large knives. mohammed barry. complex. >> i was up all night. it was really scary. brian: this woman did not want to be identified and lives next after the attack. >> you are living with someone s really scary. of evidence. they don' t know if it was had to do with him. t targeted but -- >> i hope i' m wrong and i hope it' s not the case. the attack left behind
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are putting up signs tonight. the fbi has yet to say if this was a random attack by a demented person or if this was somehow connected to terrorism. reporting live in news 5. sheree: the officer involved in the shooting is john johnson. he is a 25 year veteran assigned columbus police. mike: preparing for potentially hazardous weather conditions over the weekend, the city has pretreated the roads. 12 hour shifts at 7:00 tonight with freezing temperatures having them focus on areas prone to icing over. you will have to deal with some snow showers and flurries, but that is by far and away not the biggest problem. kevin robinson will explain what we will be facing. kevin:
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over the night and saturday, we will face windchill below zero. first things, we have flurries and snow showers. it begins to move down the ohio river tonight. i' m not expecting a lot of accumulation from these flurries and snow showers. the dusting to half an inch is worst-case scenario. you can see the activity moving across franklin, butler, warren counties. spreading towards the north to 75 loop. -- 276 5 loop. the weaned -- wind beginning to ramp up this evening in excess of 20 miles an hour. it does not feel so bad now with temperatures in the upper 20' s. but notice there is colder air moving in. it feels like 16 outside.
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wind chill will quickly tumble to the single-digit. i have a full look at what to expect the rest of the weekend including the threat for more significant snow. reporter: you feel it -- mike: you feel it in a second walking outside. download our app and get severe weather alerts right on your phone and mobile device. sheree: three robberies in four days. the suspect now behind bars. andrew setters says the suspect will likely be locked up for a while. andrew: surveillance images caught a man robbing several banks and four days time. first was a bb&t bank on monday. two days later, the u.s. bank at fort mitchell. and then the fifth third bank in covington. pictures lead to a tip that led
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>> the picture from the covington robbery really steered it towards mr. prince in my mind. andrew: he came in on his day off to help out with the investigation. he was headed to zachary prince' s house. the suspect drove right by him. >> there he is. andrew: the car description matched and the ohio tag matched. >> he did not try to get away but he was going too fast. stopped him at his own house. he cooperated, was polite. it definitely nervous. andrew: in court charged with three bank robberies today. they gave credit to detectives working the case all week. he was in the right place at the right time. >> there seems to be a sense of desperation.
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>> he don' t want anybody heard first and foremost. they are either threatening or -- anything can go wrong. andrew: zachary princes facing up to 60 years in prison on the charges he' s facing now. from erlinger, andrew sanders. sheree: he is due back in court week. a possible repeat drug offender possessing drugs. 42-year-old noah eric is being held on a $20,000 bond right now. he had the chemicals used to make a controlled substance inside his home along harrison avenue near harrison elementary school and st. john the baptist school. mike: former president bill clinton is in town to generate enthusiasm and votes for his wife' s presidential run. she had a lopsided loss to bernie sanders in the nation' s first primary in new hampshire.
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shot at bill clinton' s arrival . a public rally in clifton. john london was there. john: an interesting take from young people. they like bernie sanders. they were here to give hillary a try and hear directly from her top surrogate, former president bill clinton. with a month before the ohio primary, the campaign sent in -- clinton campaign senses they have to rally. it was not originally on the s schedule but it democrats. especially young people that are clinton. hillary believes we should all go forward together, his words echoing a few hundred yards from
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president clinton: the dangerous strategy by demonizing all muslims. most muslims despise what happened at san bernardino. fight. like land. john: although his voice is vintage bill clinton. putting emphasis on common humanity as more important than political differences. and his wife is the best s ever known. mike: on the republican side, carolina today before the saturday. he spoke with the chamber of commerce in columbia. the kasich campaign launching ads today. one covers his plan for the first 100 days.
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father. the second place finish in new hampshire and they are a sign he is message campaign. in baton rouge, louisiana, donald trump has political pundits shaking their heads because of stuff like this. to the front of the pack and trump signs the toddlers hand with a sharpie. the boy was also sucking on a bejeweled trump themed pacifier. sheree: i like his hair there, either way. two girls shot and killed at a phoenix area high school this morning. both girls had one gunshot wound. a gun was found between them. police are not looking for anyone else in this case. the school notified parents and asked them to come to a nearby store. the school bus took parents from the store to the school where
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mike: a huge reversal in oil prices. the biggest one-day gain since 2009. the dow ending the day up more than 300 points. sheree: as you start to plan your weekend, it' s the first friday of lent. mike: that means the fish fryers are lighting up. we are live tonight and peeking into anderson township. kevin: a few flurries and snow showers, but the real talker tonight is the bitter cold settling in. i will let you know when you really need to bundle up as you head to the weekend. mike: caught on camera, grabbing big air at fenway park. the best snowboarders taking their shot at fenway mountain in boston last night. big air snowboarding made its debut at the historic baseball park. the big ramp -- the
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with a tremendous backflip. the men'
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mike: justin to the newsroom, a case of the zika virus in cincinnati. sheree: the department of health says a woman returns to the butler county area from guy on a with the zika virus -- guyana with the zika virus. there is a man making the third and fourth cases in ohio. mike: mainly transmitted from all the mosquitoes spreading through latin america. sheree: such a sad story here out of virginia. an eight-year-old cancer patient found love in the last months of his life has now died. mike: we introduced you to david in november. he beat cancer three times, but it always came back. he discovered a once-in-a-lifetime love with seven-year-old lyla. >> how do you know you love her?
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>> when the heart knows. >> mine does, too. mike: they met the first day of second grade and it was an instant connection. they went bowling together in their version of a first date. david died at his home in chesapeake, virginia. uber agrees to pay to settle a lawsuit that it misled riders. the ride sharing company was sued over visa charged passengers. the settlement is huge but the payout for customers is small and amounts to one dollar a january 2013 and january this year. the company agrees to rename it safe right feet to a booking fee . writers will be contacted to be offered a credit or refund. sheree: it is friday and it only means one thing.
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churches across the area. live at guardian angel and anderson, township. natalie: things are just getting church. food behind me. this is were you will find the kitchen where the good stuff is being made from fine fish -- fried fish to bake fish. you buy things a la carte. running fish fries in the area. they primarily serve people in mount washington and anderson township. they say their doors are open to everyone. 7:30 p.m. a bunch of cuties walking by excited. it' s about enjoying company. over in the corner, there is a bake sale as well.
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fundraisers they have throughout the year. they serve hundreds of people through the doors tonight. they say this is for them to get involved with the community and make money to send back to the parish for them to send to the community for activities they do throughout the year. i will be live here -- good fish, you said. i will be live here again at the 6:00 hour but i will let you guys go. guardian angel catholic church. they serve fish until 7:30 p.m. sheree: i think you need to be the official food taster out there. you can find a list of local fish fries on our wlwt at and our website, and snow showers moving into the area. this is not going to amount to
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cold wind chill throughout the are day. -- on saturday. unlike the last couple of days, steady snow showers. they may look impressive as they are driven by the wind, but don' t expect much to accumulate. someone picking up half an inch. the arctic air spilling in through the area tonight. look at all the bright colors on the wind map. the broader colors correspond with the stronger wind. wind is gusting in excess of 20 miles an hour. temperatures are dropping to the teens tonight.
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it feels like feels like it is nine in indianapolis. chill developing across the great lakes. will be here. by the time we drop to the low teens overnight tonight, throw in the sustained winds between 10 and 20. 28 outside right ourselves a west wind at 17. feel like it' s between five and 10 above. expect temperatures to slowly fall the next couple of hours. after 11:00, it will drop quickly. we will have this arctic cold front barreling its way to the ohio river. and behind that, some bitter cold air and dangerously cold wind chills. showers this evening. this happens between 9:00 and
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it won' t go all night. expect mostly cloudy skies and brisk wind. tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy skies. we will probably break out into some sunshine. the real talker again tomorrow is the fact that temperatures won' t climb out of the teens and tomorrow night, we are likely to head down into the single digits. things begin to get more interesting. while there are questions in terms of overall track and strength of the overall winter storm, it is looking increasingly likely that we will at least see a little bit of accumulating snow there sunday night into monday. with those wind chill' s, and some evening flurries. mostly cloudy and bitter cold wind will continue. here is your day planner.
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21. during the day, temperatures will be between 10 and 15. tomorrow will be one of the colder days of the winter so far. here is a look at the seven day forecast. generally drive for the bulk of valentine' s day. i do expect some snow to spread into the area and we are keeping a close eye on monday. mike: counting down the days to march and april, for sure. an officer' s kindness calms the chaos after a shooting. sheree: you have to see this. how his hug helped a grieving woman and diffused a volatile situation.
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cystic fibrosis became mike: a shootout in mississippi leaves two dead and three people injured. sheree: a woman devastated to find her fiance was killed. a police columns this intense situation with a simple hug. >> i got you.
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sheree: it gives you chills, right? the officer used a hug instead of handcuffs. it was that hug that she will never forget. >> and the officers came and put his arms around me -- it made me feel so good, i just -- it made me feel so good. >> she was not a threat to the scene, she wasn' t a threat to anybody. she was just heard. sheree: her mother says the gesture sent such a strong message that good always outweighs bad. mike: a huge water main break causing the street of ice in scranton, pennsylvania. the guys are flowed uninterrupted -- geyser flowed uninterrupted for three hours until they begin repairs.
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repairs were made but 13 homes were still without heat as of this morning. gotham city has batman. sydney, australia, n andas i-- now has iron boy. nine-year-old dominic is battling cystic fibrosis and always wanted to be a superhero. the police hatched a plan to make it happen. they sent him on a mission to rescue a kidnapped television reporter. he fought villains to pull off the rescue. >> i am very proud to present to you the medal of valor. [applause] mike: many celebrities sent tweets to support dominic including robert downey, jr. who plays ironman and all of those movies. sheree: make-a-wish is so real for these kids.
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is great. sheree: the city known for love hits fever pitch. valentine' s day. sheree: andy heroin epidemic --
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more sheree: now at 5:30 p.m., love is in the air. known for love and more help in the fight against the heroin epidemic. lawmakers saying it is an essential tool. >> if we don' t, we will continue to see it snuffed out. mike: snow flurries expected to make its way through greater cincinnati. sheree: let' s get over and check on the forecast tonight with kevin robinson. kevin: those flurries and snore showers -- snow showers are blasting the area.
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most of this is sporadic in nature. some of it is not even reaching the ground. as it slices through the area, expect a few flurries and snow showers. worst-case scenario, someone picks up a dusting. very briefly reducing visibility in a few spots. not like the steady snows that brought accumulation. a dusting or quarter of an inch because temperatures are below freezing. dangerously low wind chills. i' m tracking and i will let you know what to expect this weekend. mike: kroger announcing today it is joining other retailers in the growing fight against heroin. sheree: dan griffin was there as
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reporter: a life-saving antidote in reach for everyone. it will be available over-the-counter at kroger starting on monday. >> it will be beneficial to have this in your neighborhood. reporter: a mother often shopping at the store says it is the right thing to do. >> people are dying every day. we have more deaths than automobile accidents. we' ve got to address this. reporter: senator portman said 2400 islands died from od. the ohio attorney general says there are stories of success each day. >> one of them had been brought back to life twice and the other had been brought back three times. each one today is sober. each one today is moving forward. reporter: kroger worked on a
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checklist to make sure patients and family members are prepared. >> education about different risk factors and opioid overdose. and how to take care of that overdose and seek treatment. reporter: kroger will offer it as an inhaler or shot form. >> everybody is at risk of problems. reporter: the drug epidemic does not target race or social status and a move like this could save a life. sheree: kroger will offer the drug at 216 pharmacies across ohio. the inhaler form is $99 without insurance. don' t anticipate shoppers -- those in need will come in for help. mike: a number of police agencies across america also
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cincinnati police as well as police in lawrenceburg, indiana, began carrying narcan. hospitals across kentucky began offering free overdose kits with prescriptions. cvs and walgreens began offering it with a prescription. cvs has began offering narcan without a prescription. sheree: in cleveland, officials are seeing a disturbing trend in the sale of fentanyl being sold . the prosecutor held a news conference saying 19 people by from fentanyl overdoses in january alone. >> air coming out of rehab or out of jail. then they go back to their old dose. they think they can resume at that level and they can' t. sheree:
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by 7%. they believe the spike in fenton know is a result of the lower prices well as potency. >> you get energized in government when you' re able to create a positive change in somebody' s life. i' m is idealistic as i ever have been. mike: staying positive hitting the campaign trail and he just picked up a big endorsement from the dallas morning news. the gop field narrows and the candidates are preparing for their next debate. report tonight. reporter: more diverse. with iowa and new hampshire in turns to south carolina and nevada.
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will change things to some degree. reporter: they are also courting christian voters. >> the christian evangelical vote is important. it is traditionally a state that is been hospitable the candidates that appeal to that kind of electorate. reporter: presidential hopefuls appeared at a forum. >> i said before that my role model is jesus. >> i do not believe you put your faith in a lock locks in public life. >> you can' t believe your rights come from god if you don' t believe in god. reporter: the billionaire cofounder of home depot is backing the ohio governor that finished second in the first of the nation primary. >> a lot more people know me today than newly before new hampshire. reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be at the same place tonight. a democratic fund-raising dinner
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sheree: former virginia governor and republican jim gilmore has dropped out of the race. ask republican candidates will take part in tomorrow night gop debate. mike: lovers in the area are spending the day getting ready to celebrate this sunday. what better place to prepare than a city known for love. natalie clarke takes you to a very busy loveland. natalie: signed, sealed, delivered. volunteers are working hard and loveland, ohio, stamping mail from residents and across them world. >> we' ve gotten this for a way as china, singapore, sweden. natalie: the tradition started from the chamber of commerce in the 70' s. a lot of letters and up here just to be stamped with love. valentine' s activities are on display. >> as an artist, it'
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it' s floating around and i like pencils and everything. natalie: of course, loveland is full of love. they also have all sorts of suites for your sweetie. from chocolate and candy to cupcakes and treats, they are 11 this lovers holiday. >> we will have cake for two, the chocolate covered strawberries. we do that on valentine' s day. the new flower shop is with a dizzy grand opening. >> it has a great sense to it. and things like that. natalie: suites, flowers, trees
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t go wrong this valentine' s day. mike: all are recognized with awards in a special valentine' s day breakfast. sheree: in newport, a bird on a quest to find love. paula the penguin checking out the other animals there. this is video sent to us from the aquarium. she passed the croc and the shark tank. she finds love in all the right places. you can see the entire video at she is cute. mike: if a penguin can find love, you can do it, too. sheree: officials at a local middle school rolling out a very interesting anti-bullying campaign. >> you guys talk all the time. mike: how a simple hello is
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sheree: more fallout over the flint water crisis. who congress would like to talk to. kevin: and when chills are not so bad right now. overnight, they could drop as low as 10 below. i' m tracking the dangerously low wind chill coming up in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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mike: new details and the fallout of the flint, michigan, water crisis. the governor and the head of the epa summoned to testify. governor rick snyder is expected to appear before the house oversight committee. snyder said he asked for the opportunity to testify about how local, state, and federal governments have failed flint. sheree: students in harrison are hosting a bottled water drive to help the people of flint. the fundraiser with kroger.
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so far, more than 1200 cases of water have been collected. they are hoping to get to 2000 by tuesday. >> we are the edgewood community. we are not sixth, seventh, and eight grade. sheree: start with hello. a simple message spreading through the halls. the goal is to make every student feel included. karin johnson spent the morning with the kids. she joins us now. karin: i think we can all relate to a time when we felt alone or excluded. it is not a great feeling. students and staff work to make everyone feel included. >> it started at mason. karin: julius started seventh grade at edgewood middle school.
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karin: he doesn' t want any other kid to feel the way he did. they are helping lead the charge in a campaign called "start with hello." >> talk to someone new every day. >> you will find someone in this room you don' t know. karin: the assignment was to make sure nobody ate alone. >> there is one thing they can say. hello. karin: as students scramble to find new seats, some grated each other with compliments. others took a more formal approach. >> more people need to be included. and not, like, isolated. karin: new friend ships have bloomed.
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>> i have seen groups expand and not have the same people. karin: eight graders now friends with six and seventh graders. >> i thought it would be more awkward but i still talk to him now. that is pretty cool. karin: we are the edgewood -- >> we are the edgewood community. we will treated that way. karin: julius has advice we can all use. >> all you have to do is say hello. it can don a new friendship. karin: the school hopes the inclusion efforts go beyond this week. they are already getting calls for parents saying thank you for making a difference. sheree: the campaign at edgewood stems from the sandy hook promise to protect children by supporting solutions that create safer homes, schools, and communities. mike: dozens locally participated in winter bike to work today.
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red bike is running a sale. only two dollars with the promo code that is today' s date. still riding high in the winter. they had more than 6000 rides since the new year. the winter ridership numbers are twice as high as last year. kevin: here is a live look from high atop the tower. you can see quite a ways across the skyline. they are generally on the light side. they may come down briefly impressive. here is a live look at radar. some of the batches of darker blue are indicative of a heavier burst of snow. they are pushing down towards southwest ohio.
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than the bite. they are moving in to our neck of the woods. a few streamers between hamilton and middletown. worst case, someone picks up half an inch. i expect most of us will see far less than that. mostly a dusting. the bigger story is the arctic wind picking up out there tonight. ohio valley. these breezes will strengthen as we go through the night. those are the stronger winds spreading overnight tonight. it feels balmy compared to how it will feel by midnight and weekend. wind chill of about 16 here. a much colder air beginning to
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down in 19 in -- that is the colder air drifting towards the ohio river. the bigger story will be the wind accompanying the cold tonight. you can see here it has been a steady drop across northern indiana and ohio throughout the afternoon. we should have no problem being -- bundle up this evening. temperatures generally hovering in the 20' s. it will feel somewhere between five and 10 as the northwest winds continue to pick up. with unseasonably cold air in the wake, it will set the stage for what will probably be another snow event on valentine' s day. you keep a few flurries and snow showers overnight tonight. i can' t rule out a stray flurry
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most of sunday looks dry around the area because this system will have to fight a lot of dry air. as we head towards dark, expect light snow to head through the area. i' m thinking maybe an inch or two from the quick system. it looks like it' s all over with by monday morning. there is a developing storm system you don' t see here. monday afternoon. the track is all over the place with that system. it looks like we have light accumulating snow sunday night and early monday and still watching the potential for something stronger.
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tomorrow, 21. wait until you see the day planner. it will probably go down as one of the coldest days because temperatures will struggle to make it back between 10 and 15. drop down to six tomorrow night. there is the evening snow. mike and sheree, look what happens. 56. the mid-50' s this time next week. mike: that is great to look forward to. an accused stalker taking a stand in his own defense. sheree: actress gwyneth paltrow was stalked.
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mike: sheree: a suspect accused of stalking gwyneth paltrow says he never intended to scare or physically harm her. the case has been going on all week this week. when it felt wrote testified on monday and was brought to tears.
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own safety -- he says he kept writing to apologize for sending her pornographic images. prosecutors say he sent the actress 66 messages over the six-year span before being arrested. mike: the internet has changed how some people find love. smartphones are changing how people find friends. 73% of them ranked tindr as their favorite dating app but confessed they are not using the app to date. more than half just use it to find friends. president obama: because i love you so much, i obamacare about you more than you even know. [applause] mike: president obama having fun with ellen degeneres today on channel five. the commander-in-chief was in
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fundraisers and accepted an invitation to chat with ellen. they taped a few valentine' s day messages from the president himself. in 2007 when he was a candidate for president. sheree: four people injured in an attack at a restaurant. mike: what police know about the man who had a machete at a restaurant and attacked equal. sheree: the zika virus hits positive for the virus.
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where the woman was just sheree: to ohio today. former president bill clinton drums up support for his life. the message to voters today. a man with a machete.
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out -- we ran out. i kept falling, but i got away. sheree: the attacker is dead as police search for a motive. bracing for the bitter cold this weekend. mike: chief meteorologist kevin robinson tracking how far these temperatures will drop and the next round of snow. kevin: the arctic cold front begins to impact the area. the bark a lot worse than the bite. it looks heavy, but it is not. it is very inconsistent across the area. they may briefly look impressive but it will not do much in terms of overall accumulation. worst-case scenario, someone picks up half an inch. the biggest story is the biting wind. you can feel it if you step


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