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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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out -- we ran out. i kept falling, but i got away. sheree: the attacker is dead as police search for a motive. bracing for the bitter cold this weekend. mike: chief meteorologist kevin robinson tracking how far these temperatures will drop and the next round of snow. kevin: the arctic cold front begins to impact the area. the bark a lot worse than the bite. it looks heavy, but it is not. it is very inconsistent across the area. they may briefly look impressive but it will not do much in terms of overall accumulation. worst-case scenario, someone picks up half an inch. the biggest story is the biting wind. you can feel it if you step
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in that cold air, the wind will pick up throughout the evening and overnight. dropping into the teens north of i 70. it is the bitter cold air. it feels like 15, but the windchill drops to the towards indianapolis. s overnight tonight could drop as low as zero. enjoy the temperatures in the 20' s before we drop to a low of 10 overnight tonight. flurries and snow showers tonight. maybe the chance for accumulating snow. mike: a case of zika virus in the cincinnati area. a woman from butler county the just returned from b guyana. and there' s a man in the columbus area that just came
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cases. the cdc now saying there have been 52 cases in america. we will hear from local health zika virus. we will get to a developing story out of columbus. for people hurt after a man with a machete attacks people inside the restaurant. sheree: the motive still unclear tonight. we are leading the way with new us. reporter: people came out of the restaurant. some scattered to nearby businesses after a night that left behind chaos. the search of an apartment. >> it was really scary.
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to be during an fbi raid. >> just him. is fighting or something. machete walked into the nazareth restaurant and began randomly attacking customers that called for help. >> a gentleman came in with a machete and started hacking at people. reporter: the owner of the restaurant was back today cleaning up. >> i get a message from one of my cooks that there is a guy with a machete. he kept going. reporter: he crashed into a
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>> he is somewhere with a very large knife. a very large weapon. reporter: now identified as mohammed berry, he longed with a large knife. people left signs in support of the restaurant and the fbi has yet to say if this is a random attack by a demented person or if there is a connection to terrorism. sheree: three of the four people injured are still hospitalized. mike: bill clinton in town to
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sheree: john london is live in clifton tonight where president clinton spoke tonight. john: he touched on a wide range of issues saying the next president will from one to three to supreme court justices. and that hillary has the right motivation. the well-known surrogate remains a political rockstar to many. the president reflected on san risk their lives. >> it' s what we can be at our humanity. us to live in. apiece. john: i supported -- >> she
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ve supported my whole life and looked up to. john: after raising substantial campaign dollars, she raised issues like lgbt writes. >> they can get married on saturday but fired on monday. that' s why supporting the employment nondiscrimination act for 15 years -- it is high time we set these rights apply across the board. john: a wildly unpredictable election cycle, they are trying to attract new blood. >> i have not looked too much into it yet. i thought this was a good opportunity to get involved. >> a month before the ohio primary, trying to reinforce that thought and energize the base. there were several hundred here at this public rally.
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forth. they really like bernie sanders but many of them tell me they feel hillary is the more electable of the two. >> i kept saying, she must be dead because they won' t let us in. sheree: a woman found injured on her floor malnourished and sick has died. we first brought you the story on monday. mike: the neighbors talk about the woman' s daughter when they tried to help. karin johnson is live in butler county tonight. karin investigation into her death. no charges have been filed, but as far as her neighbors are of neglect.
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toilet. neighbors say they had no idea were living in. they had no idea the woman was malnourished and injured. >> no idea at all. reporter: she fell in december and her daughter did nothing about it. her friend who found herself she feels healthy -- guilty. neighbors say they tried checking on her but were turned away at the door. >> she said her mom was still sick and wasn' t decent enough for us to come in and see her. >> one time she saw me she was drunk, another time, she wasn' t dressed. karin: excuse after excuse, they said. now that barb has died, neighbors wish they had done
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>> people have tried to get involved, but they weren' t allowed to do anything. karin: all they can do is cooperate with police. the coroner has not released a cause of death. no charges have been filed. sheree: video of the arrest of a man wanted for a series of bank robberies. sergeant john sterling says he checked his laptop. the surveillance picture from yesterday' s robbery convinced him that prince was in fact the
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>> he was going someone that had a cop behind them. i you own house. he was definitely nervous. sheree: he did not admit to the crimes when stopped but police this week. mike: helping the families of murder victims. a new approach to get witnesses of violent crimes to come forward to help solve cold cases. sheree: everyone uses cell phones, even criminals. track illegal activity on cell phones. kevin: snow showers hoping -- helping to bring in wind chill tonight. tracking the next opportunity
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sheree: breaking news just into the newsroom tonight. the family of sam dubose' s former -- suing former police officer ray tensing. mike: the suit is based on claims of wrongful death, excessive force, and assault and battery. the family is asking for damages but does not say how much. he was shot and killed by ray tensing last summer. kelsey crow, 17-year-old student gunned down outside a birthday
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sheree: more than 100 people might' ve witnessed this crime and no one has been willing to come forward and testify. but this case is just the tip of the iceberg. mike: courtis fuller shows you a new program that emily' s are hoping will unshackle the silent. >> our heart is grieving. it has come to our family -- the people that know about it are just as guilty as the person who actually committed the crime. courtis: murdered in 2007, his cases among hundreds still unsolved. hope spent the last nine years searching for his color -- his killer. they are calling on witnesses to
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>> you gave information on a case before you got back home. somebody was there to threaten you. courtis: one of their coworkers, dimitri' s james, was murdered in 2010. they know several people witnessed the crime. >> the police have been on this. they are conscious of it. they need help. they need someone from the community to speak up. >> i understand if you are scared of retribution. i don' t understand the don' t wanting to be a snitch type person. courtis: there were 114 unsolved murders according to the group " you can speak for me." citizens
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>> i think it' s a good program. courtis: the detective involved in this program told me this might be the first of its kind. police know it' s a big job but they seem confident if they can take away the fear the public has, they can put more bad guys behind bars. sheree: if you have information on any of these unsolved crimes, contact crimestoppers. you can remain anonymous. mike: the loveland police department has a new tool to help fight crime. it will help loveland by a mobile data recovery system and allow officers to access information contained in those mobile devices. the funds will help purchase the
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honoring those that give so much to our community. sheree: four people honored with the -- they were among those honored today. they displayed decades of community engagement and a commitment to making southwest ohio a better place to live. our very own general manager also talking today at the awards ceremony. mike: the first friday of lent and the start of an annual tradition. make you hungry. angels catholic church. there. by the way, you can find a list of dozens of other fish fries in
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wl at kevin: some of you may look out the window and see something that resembled this. simply put , if you notice you can' t see quite as far off, i was appear showing this map. it may have slowed down just a little bit as they cross over into downtown cincinnati. that is what you will experience. not much accumulation, but more so than anything else, it will reduce visibility out there. they may briefly look impressive. here' s a look at what is happening right now. we are experiencing flurries and snow showers across the region. that activity is expected to continue the next couple of hours through dinnertime tonight.
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there is the burst of snow around downtown cincinnati. that extends over towards fort mitchell, the highland heights community. and back over around lebanon . flurries and snow showers around the clarksville community. and brookville down towards cedar grove. the other big story and the biggest talker is the wind. the wind is really ramping up out there. it will make the snow showers look impressive and drive the temperatures way down tonight. 27 degrees at the airport. we have a west wind it 16. the mid 20' s not so bad right now. overnight tonight and through the day on saturday. it feels 15 at cincinnati but the single-digit wind chill is surging south. our wind chill here through the dinnertime hours will humble back to the single-digit after midnight. it could drop as low as five or
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here comes the arctic air surging in our direction tonight. there is plenty of cold across the east already. can' t wait to we get into the 60' s and 70' s. 27 in cincinnati. we are showing you that batch or origin or source. this is where the air will be coming from. flurries and snow showers tonight. it quarter inch dusting. bitter cold getting more interesting heading into sunday. during the day, it generally looks dry. to develop. sunday afternoon through the overnight hours sunday, and morning.
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still keeping an eye on may be a stronger system. right now, the cards are all over the place with that. snow sunday night and into monday, there could be something bigger during the day on monday. and tomorrow, mostly cloudy and bitter cold wind. look at your actual temperatures. tomorrow will probably go down as one of the colder days so far this winter. here' s a look at your seven-day forecast. down to six tomorrow night. sunday night and possibly monday before we see a big rebound. this time next week, snow and bitter cold wind chill will be a thing of the past. mike: snow and bitter cold temperatures, rubbing it in a little bit.
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impressive numbers. sheree:
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george: we are entering the final weekend of the regular season for high school basketball. we have titles and more on the line tonight. the mason boys looking to close out a perfect season in conference play. a win over colerain and the comics will be 16-0 in the gnc. coach richards will be honored for getting his 300th win earlier this week. lasalle going for the title , and we will have plenty to say about that. the crusaders can force a three-way tie. we have highlights in the mason game as well.
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in kentucky, at home tonight on the blitz. college basketball, the musketeers will be taking on the buffalo bulldogs. xavier coming off a tough loss. they are seen as a high seed in the ncaa tournament and appears to be in a pretty good lot. >> i don' t think we' re in a great spot. nothing is in cement. they haven' t done the selection shows that i' m aware of. so we need to play with the same desperation. the score is 0-0 and we need to be ready to play. >> the bearcats getting ready for a home game. the pirates are just 2-9 in conference play. they are expected to take care of business. all that is tomorrow. jay bruce toss name is still
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ken rosenthal reporting the orioles have interest in bruce. there is bruce talking at reds fast. >> i trust they will do the right thing and i understand they will look out for the betterment of the organizational the time. george: the reds with more parts to move, possibly. we will be down there in just over a week. mike: this is just a few months, jay bruce and -- george: they haven' t moved as many guises they wanted. sheree: we' ll go to the games and say, go, team!
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we here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably
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tonight, dangerous freeze. below zero in 16 states. 65 million people plunge into the teeth of a polar vortex. urgent warnings of a potentially deadly winter blast. donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz as bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of landing a low blow. it's getting nasty. machete horror, a viterbo restaurant attack. a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. the fbi investigating and asking was it terrorism? trapped by war. our team inside syria as word of a deal to


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