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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lisa: it' s a cold one as you step outside this morning. last night' s snow causing travel concerns. we will have the latest on how road crews are working to clean up the mess. mark: and is the worst of it over when it comes the snow in the greater cincinnati area? meteorologist randi rico has a look at your monday forecast. lisa: and a traffic jam that goes for miles. a big pileup in indiana, thanks to the swift snow fall. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: a picture from one of our viewers this morning. joni white says hello from harrison, showing us a classic photo of a ruler measuring the snow. looks like they got just over five inches there.
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snow photos. we love seeing them. also be sure to keep your eye on the bottom of the screen for all closings and delays this morning. 5:00 a.m. on your monday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. let' s go straight to randi rico for the forecast. the advantage to this weather, all these outfits we wear. it is nice and warm. look at all the advantages. randi: presidents' day s ales. you can take advantage. we are starting out with temperatures in the 30' s today. welcome to the transitional late winter time in cincinnati. winter weather advisory until 10:00 this morning. most of the main roads have been
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the potential for some patchy freezing rain and drizzle. later today, a chance for some rain. here is a live look outside. a little bit of freezing mist possible. notice on the radar, no big areas of snow. that ended last night and gave the road crews plenty of time to get there job done, at least on the main roads. you can see some rain over top of nashville that is pushing in our direction. we will see temperatures climbing into the upper 30' s. 37 for the high today. a cold rain after 6:00
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kyla: mostly our interest states are looking pretty good. the ramp from the and lynn still snow-covered. i think crews can get the snow-covered move throughout the morning and throughout the day. the interstates are looking pretty good. 71, 75 taking a closer look at the roads this morning. good morning to you. andrew: we are moving out of the chevy
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t area. you see some snow or slush in the center of this road. the side streets are more snow-covered. overall because of how the snow wrapped up overnight, the road crews had a chance to attack it. many of the road crews spent hours on the road overnight. they came in last night and the snow was still flying. pretty good shape this morning. we' re coming up on the 74 interchange as we make our way around this morning. my guess is you' ll find them in pretty good shape on the main roads. reporting live.
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cincinnati road crews have been busy nonstop trying to get to side streets throughout the area. mark: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin has a closer look at some of the areas still needing to be treated. dan: some of the side streets need a little extra tlc. we' re off josephine the non-auburn area -- mount a uburn area. the interstates, the main streets are looking pretty good. they are making sure the primary routes are clear and good to go. we do have video of dorchester avenue. some cars that are covered in snow. and other areas. we can see how the everything was covered up.
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streets eventually cleared and good to go. we' re live in mount auburn. lisa: thank you. the snow mixed with a crime led to a crash and fire in green township this morning. investigators say two teens stole a new car from the woody sandy ford dealership and then lost control, crashing into a pole in the 5500 block of sidney. the car then burst into flames. the teens were able to get out and our fine and/or under arrest. the road remains closed as crews clean up the scene and work to restore power to a couple of homes in the area. mark: overnight, snow emergencies were lifted and cancelled for several communities, including hamilton county, oxford, and crescent
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s an indication road crews are making progress in greater cincinnati. valentine' s day was a good day to stay inside after snow and bitter cold gripped much of the country. lisa: there were record-low temperatures in the northeast, and there was plenty of snow around our area. miriah turner has a look at this wave of winter weather to start the week. miriah: looking just to our west, it was a snowy valentine' s day in indiana. and weather was the cause of a huge pileup that shut down a long stretch of a highway near indianapolis. the indiana state patrol says between 40 and 50 cars were involved, and at least 12 people were taken to hospitals with injuries. meanwhile, it was the coldest valentine' s day on record in the northeast. this is video from boston, where steam was coming off the water. this fog forms when the especially cold air moves over the relatively warmer waters. there were also strong winds in the northeast which created brutal wind chills. there were also strong winds in the northeast, especially from pennsylvania to maine, meaning wind chills dropped closer to negative 15 degrees.
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lisa: thank you. let' s check traffic right now. it sounds like so far so good. kyla: we' re seeing mostly clear conditions on the interstates. some of your bridges and overpasses where you could see dicier conditions. the southwest corner of the 275 loop, about 38 miles an hour. it might take a little while longer to get there is morning. 16 minutes, still not bad. about 55 miles per hour once you get inside the 275 loop. our interstates looked pretty good. the timing is so imperative when we see these types of conditions
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randi: yesterday the snow was everywhere the streets were covered. the snowplow drivers have all night long to make things better for the morning rush. it is mostly dry. rain down towards nashville and that is rolling in our direction. we do have a little bit of fog or mist in the air. that can cause some slick spots or icy conditions. through the day, watch out for the snowy side street and freezing mist. lunchtime, 36, cloudy and dry. on the drive home, rain is on the way and switching to a next -- mix after midnight.
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re talking about rain this evening, there could be another round of snow. mark: the music industry' s biggest night. lisa: who' s hosting tongiht' s grammy' s, and the special performances planned. mark: the political battle brewing after the nation loses one of its senior leaders. how the landscape of the supreme court is changing following the death of justice antonin scalia . lisa: as you get out the door this morning, remember you can always send us your winter weather pictures. you can share them on our facebook page. upload them on u-local on, or e-mail them to newsdesk at stay with us.
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spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me mark: good morning and welcome back. checking today' s top headlines. a suspect arrested in a weekend homicide will be arraigned this morning.
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charged in the death of derrick johnson. police had originally thought they were responding to a car crash when they found johnson' s wrecked car saturday morning. they eventually discovered he had been shot. lisa: the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived home overnight to fairfax, virginia. there is a battle is now brewing between the president and the republican-led senate. republican hopefuls senators marcio rubio and ted cruz said president obama could nominate a new justice, but the senate wouldn' t act. democratic hopefuls say the president has plenty of time to appoint a new justice. they' re afraid eight justices could stall the high court. mark: los angeles is preparing for the 58th annual grammy awards. they will be held at the staples center. crews were out on friday working to put on the final touches on before the celebrities hit the red carpet for tonight' s snow. rapper l.l. cool j will host the awards for the fifth year, and it will feature performances from several stars including adele, taylor swift, and justin bieber. closer to home, the big story
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area of course the snow. lisa: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live in mount auburn, where some side roads are still creating some problem for people this morning. i know exactly where you are. dan: it is very snowy. we' re off josephine in mount auburn. a lot of the streets, side streets look a lot like this. we have fluffy snow on top. flowers -- -- plows not coming through here just yet. they are making sure they are getting the primary rounds taking care of first. there is a car parked. if you can find somewhere off the street to park, that will
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gust of wind are constantly coming through. that is going to cause problems, as well. the side streets, not necessarily a walk in the park. we' re reporting in mount auburn. randi: not fun for those who have to drive in it. temperatures will be above freezing. these snow is over. side streets are still covered and there is a little bit of mist in the air so maybe some icy spots. we' re talking about rain. upper 30' s this afternoon. we start to mix over overnight. the heavy snow has been over for
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the air. now this has some cold rain. this system is pushing in our directions. we should be abrupt -- above freezing the four lunchtime today. the side streets are still covered and the potential for some slick spots and maybe some extra issues because of freezing mist this morning. 24 in walton. most places below freezing. take a look at the temperatures. 5:00 this evening, 36 downtown. above freezing temperatures and rain showers on the way. maybe you are heading out or the
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above freezing by noon, 36. 8:00 this evening, cold rain showers rolling back in. we are seeing mist around this morning. cloudy toward lunchtime. take a look to the south were the rain will be coming from. toward downtown by 8:00 and 9:00. rain showers through midnight. we will see some rain, snow, and maybe some freezing rain possible. a shot of snow. there could be some slick spots tomorrow. tuesday, cloudy cold , and potentially another shot of snow
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today, 37 degrees and evening rain showers. wednesday we finally warm things up. kyla: it doesn' t take much for me to look forward to. good morning to you. considering the amount of snow we got yesterday, our interstates in great shape. our side streets may be a little dicey this morning. looking pretty good with decent speeds this morning. taking a closer look along 471. 64 miles per hour and five minutes over to the daniel carter beard bridge. as you can see, the roads and
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pretty good start. side streets, ramps, you may need some extra time. lisa: thank you. hundreds come out to celebrate the life of a legend. mark: the funeral plans for the reds ' late manager. lisa: the show must go on. mark: 24 degrees.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back on your monday morning. a lot of schools that did have school today are off or on delay and not the bottom of your screen. a night out at the ballet that would not be stopped by snow. mark: we caught up with one family who was out celebrating a birthday in the snowy conditions. they all went out to see the cincinnati ballet' s "cinderella." as they say in show business, "the show must go on." 9-year-old celeste homer was born in a snow storm, so celebrating during the winter weather is nothing new. >> when she was born nine years ago, there was an ice storm, snow storm, so we do it every year and every year it seems to snow on february 14th.
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included a group of 10 girls who all got to check out the show, and they got a chance to go to the ballet in style, riding in a limousine. lisa: another successful year for the autism rocks fundraiser. what started as a small event with just 30 people seven years ago has now grown to an event of more than 1,000. this weekend' s fundraiser included a silent auction as well as live music and plenty of celebrity appearances. this year they raised more than $22,000, beating out last year' s efforts. mark: happening today, a legend will be laid to rest. bernie stowe' s funeral will be held this morning at the holy family church and is open to the public. just yesterday, the late reds clubhouse manager was remembered, as hundreds of people showed up despite the weather, to pay their respects at his visitation. stowe died at 80 years of age. he was with the reds for nearly seven decades, and players, former and current, showed up to pay their respects to the man they say treated them like
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lisa: a nice tribute. 24 degrees. randi: we are starting out with snow-coverage of streets. you can see the roads are clear, the main roads. i am sure the side streets are still snow-covered. downtown, you can see the general roads, it looks clear and the sidewalks are still snow-covered this morning. as you are heading out the door morning, snowy sidewalks and temperatures in the mid 20' s. this evening the chance for rain starts to creep in.
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in the snow. today, 37 for the high. watch out for slick spots again tomorrow morning. another shot of snow tuesday night into wednesday morning. guys? mark: thank you. battling the cold. lisa: how the terrible chill created some beautiful sights. andrew: we' re on 275 eastbound heading toward the anderson township area across northern kentucky. we will show you what the roads are like in northern kentucky
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mark: is there more snow in the forecast or is a warmup on the way? meteorologist randi rico has your latest weather report. >> it' s winter. it' s mother nature. >> the motto is to stick with it. lisa: after our latest dose of winter weather, team coverage on how road crews are doing when it comes to clearing local streets for this morning' s commute. mark: remembering a local general store whom it so much to the residence. looking to rebuild after the tragedy. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: the snow pictures are pouring into the newsroom. check out this one from viewer jan hedwig. a beautiful view from her deck
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most places in the greater cincinnati area got a good dose of snow last night so be careful are you head out onto the roads this morning. and keep up-to-date with the latest school closings all morning long. they' re scrolling at the bottom of your screen. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. a morning when these things go hand-in-hand, randi rico and kyla woods are here. temperatures appear to be on our side. telik up it feels nice when you step outside. brendan cope randi: we are going above freezing today. we will warm-up. is there more snow or a warm-up? a little bit of both. as we look at the radar right now, we have cloudy skies and a little bit of mist or freezing drizzle possible.
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that we had yesterday late afternoon and evening has lifted well to the north. now we look further south and you can see rain rolling through nashville. a very cold rain moving into southern kentucky. rain is in the forecast for us as we get into the evening hours. winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 this morning for our area. the reason why? obviously, the side streets especially, still snow-covered. potential to have icy locations with the freezing drizzle. looking at the radar, dry weather across our area. these know generally well to the south. or the rain. i have been saying snow too long. snow-covered sidestreets are your number one problem. lunchtime, about 36. for the evening, rain showers. the evening commute, south of town. 8:00 to 9:00, downtown cincinnati. overnight, rain and snow, icy
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maybe additional snow tuesday night. still a couple of days together before the big time warm up this year. let' roads. kyla: trying to get you there in the best fashion possible. i think you will need extra time, mostly on the side street through your neighborhood. want to get onto the main for affairs and get onto the interstate, mostly clear. we do have some accidents that have resulted in down wires. this one, river road at dart street. no word if that intersection is down. try to avoid that intersection street. inside the 275 loop, reading wrote it had our, an accident down wires as well. as you can see, most of these travel lanes are very clear. it is on the side streets where
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we have team coverage for you of the winter road conditions. we want to check in with dan griffin, who' s live in mt. auburn. good morning, dan. dan: your number one problem, this is a side street, ringgold and josephine and mount auburn. this is where we are right now. many of the sidestreets look just like this. snow that has been packed down. some spots you will have trouble getting traction, especially up some of those hills. the careful as you head out to work if you have to work today or where you decide you need to go. i know road crews and cincinnati have been pretty hard at work. we have seen snow all over the area. i know we were in the fairfield area overnight as well as. a lot of those parking lots are still going to be covered, sidestreets, things of that nature. they will be the next round as they do with primary routes and interstate, things of that
5:34 am
parked on the side of the street . cincinnati road crews say that is something if you can get your car off the street, they' re hoping you can do that. so as they come to be sidestreets, they can get them clear as possibly as they can. if you see an area that looks rough and you think the city needs to give it a little extra tlc, cincinnati saying you can go to the website and have a spot were you can report it. reporting live and not auburn, wlwt news 5. mark: continuing our team coverage, let' s head over to andrew setters now. lisa: he' s in our live drive 5 this morning with a closer look at the roadways. andrew, where are you? andrew: we are on route 9 in the wilder area. we just got off 275 a moment ago. a busy area. a lot of people using it to get back in four to work. we wanted to see how folks were doing in wilder. some of the sidestreets still
5:35 am
main thoroughfare that takes a lot of people onto 275. it is in really good shape. as we have made our way around the interstates, they' re in pretty good shape. a little more snow and/in the slow -- sluc sh in the sidestreets. for the most part, road crews, because the snow wrapped up late last night, that a chance to really get out and attack it in about every area we have been so far this morning. overall, if you do get up and get going this morning, want to get off the sidestreets, you' re probably going to be in pretty good shape. lisa: thank you. 5:35 on your monday. winter weather proved to be a problem in multiple parts of the country for the valentine' s day weekend. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with a wrap of the nation. miriah: we may be in the second half of february now, but winter weather is still making its
5:36 am
in lebanon, indiana, a 40-to-50-car pileup on i-65 caused quite a scene out on the roads. state police say that rather than one huge pileup, there were a series of crashes along a two-mile stretch. a number of injuries were reported, but state police say the most serious was a broken leg. new yorkers also not getting much love from mother nature on valentine' s day. the temperature in the city dropped to 1 below zero, the lowest in 22 years. if you account for the wind-chill factor, that felt like -10. and in boston, it was just as cold but made for a beautiful sight. take a look at the sea smoke forming on the water. the fog forms when the especially cold air moves over the relatively warmer waters. as many as 18 cities across the east expected record-breaking cold temperatures on sunday. proof that winter isn' t over just yet. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. lisa: thank you. make sure to stay up to date with all the latest school
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it on the wlwt news 5 mobile app. you can see the forecast as well as get severe weather alerts sent right to your mobile device. mark: there will be no autopsy on late supreme court justice antonin scalia. that' s according to a source familiar with the case who says the decision was made by scalia' s family and officials in texas. the 79-year-old justice died in his sleep during a hunting trip to texas. a government source said scalia went to bed friday night and was found unresponsive saturday. scalia was a leading conservative voice on the high court. his death is already starting a major political battle over his successor because he could tilt the court in democrats' favor. lisa: back here at home boone , county residents are heartbroken after a fire destroys a historical landmark. this was the scene saturday night at the rabbit hash general store. hundreds of people visited the local favorite over the sunday -- over the weekend to look at what the fire left behind. the owners say the general store had been in their family for
5:38 am
items. residents we talked to say the town lost much more. >> a part of the generations. it' s been around for, like, 180 years and it' s just gone now. lisa: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the rabbit hash general store owners have set up a gofundme page to rebuild the store. so far, they' ve raised about $300,000. their goal is to hit a quarter million. mark: happening today, kroger is joining other retailers in the growing fight against heroin by offering narcan over-the-counter. kroger says it worked for months on a physician-approved protocol, including a detailed checklist to make sure patients and family members are prepared to use narcan. kroger will offer narcan as an inhaler or a shot across cincinnati and northern kentucky. lisa: back to your forecast on
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randi: we are in the 20' s. we are headed above freezing by lunchtime today. right now, 25 at cvg , hamilton at 24, wilmington at 23. you can kind of see downtown, almost looks a little hazy. there is a bit of mist in the air. with the potential for some slick spots with freezing drizzle possible early this morning. a lot of kids have the day off of school, whether preplanned because of presidents' day war the snow. you can see it scrolling at the bottom of the screen. if the kids want to go sledding, it will not be a bad day board. by 10:00 in the morning, 33 degrees. maybe slushy at times of the afternoon. 36 at noon, 37 at 2:00. heading into the evening, rain rolls in. that does not make for the best sledding conditions into tomorrow. we also have the chance for rain and snow in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. we will break down the craziness that will finally get out of
5:40 am
the side streets have been the number one issue no matter what part of cincinnati you are in. kyla: and they come along quickly. that is what you will deal with as you head out on this monday. the extra time you need to get to those neighborhoods other side streets. our interstate travel has been morning. you can see a plow or soul truck making its way along. 275 hamilton at the northwest corner, travel is looking pretty good, speeds off to a decent start -- start. you can see traffic just zooming along. certainly with the type of snow in the amount of snow we saw yesterday, we are really working in our favor to see these conditions just a day after. here is to 75 at 32 towards the east gate area. here' s one of those incidents.
5:41 am
conditions on route 32 than what you would see on 275. that is where you will need the extra time this morning. lisa: thank you. many snow emergencies have expired around the area, but that does not mean the roads won' t still be tricky this morning. mark: just ahead, we' ll take another live look at the roads with andrew setters leading the way on our winter weather team coverage. randi: snow-covered roads this morning, cold rain this evening then overnight, the wintry mix. rain, snow, maybe some ice. the roads won' t be totally great until late in the week it we are talking a warm-up. we will take a look at the temperatures at almost 60 will we come back. mark: 5:40 one your time, 24 degrees right now.
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randi: good morning. we are taking a live look outside. i believe those blinking lights are -- it is hard to see because we have some mist in the air. freezing drizzle could be an additional concern for us early this morning. obviously, the snow came through yesterday. officially at cvg, picking up 2.9 inches of snow. and you toss it on the apollo for the entire season, puts us at 16.4 inches -- on the pile for the entire season, puts us
5:45 am
it makes us for the first time this season above the normal rate. we are above average for snowfall now. as we take a look at the planner today, another camera that may have some ice or snow on it, 8:00 a.m., watch for freezing drizzle. 28 degrees. by lunchtime, above freezing, or to six or so. holding the upper 30' s through the afternoon. how the and cold at 4:00. by the end of the evening rush and into the late evening, rain rolls in. not smooth sailing from here, could see some mixing tonight. lisa: thank you. sunday' s snow causing traffic problems for some on the roadways this morning. mark: let' s get another check with wlwt news 5' setters continuing our team coverage this morning in our live drive 5. andrew, good morning. -- andrew: good morning. impressive road conditions. we are on to 75 eastbound headed toward the kellogg ave., new
5:46 am
here. all across northern kentucky, we' ve seen really good conditions on 275. very nice work by the road crews over here. the timing of the storm that t know if you were out, but i was out in it yesterday and road hurry. overnight, road crews got a chance to get out and attack the road conditions which have improved dramatically in a lot of areas. side streets will still be a rough shape. or the most part, the interstates are in nice shape as crews have made their way around through the overnight hours. luckily, with no additional snow coming down on top of their work. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. thanks to viewer patty for sending in this photo to the ulocal section of our wlwt website. she said she watched the snow come down while sipping hot chocolate. probably the best way to do it.
5:47 am
your snow pictures you can send them in using the ulocal section of our facebook or emailing them to us at now a quick check of local events taking place today. lisa: uc' s office of safety and reform is a hosting a community forum tonight. they are going to introduce the consulting team exiger that will perform a comprehensive review of the uc police department. this comes after the officer involved shooting death of sam dubose. the forum is at 630 at the community action agency. president' s day, cincinnati trash will be delayed by one day this week. and across the river in florence, you can check out a display of the united states presidents, vice presidents, and first ladies. it will be up from 9:00 to 4:00 at the florence government center. s talk about traffic on this monday. kyla woods, bring us up-to-date. kyla: i think the warmer temperatures and the timing of s snow will work well
5:48 am
25 minutes on 200 75 from the ronald reagan over to cvg. 17 minutes out of warren county. 60 miles per hour. 60 as well and 19 minutes on 71-75 from the split into downtown. still seeing a decent amount of traffic on the southbound side. we will see the northbound side really continue to pick up over the next hour or so. still seeing pretty decent conditions near kyles lane in northern kentucky. let' s check in with randi rico. are we going to see more snow? i think we heard 50' s. when is that going to happen? randi: i know snow and 50 stowe go together, but in the wintertime in cincinnati, a little bit of everything. we are finally warming up. this morning as kyla and everyone has been saying, watch over the snow-covered secondary roads early in the morning. a little patchy mist or freezing
5:49 am
we are warming up enough we are talking about rain late this evening. cold rain, upper 30' s, but it will be around through the evening and late tonight after midnight mixing in the forecast. the wlwt radar generally showing dry conditions. we had the heavy snow showers end between 8:00 and 11:00 and that gave the road crews all night to get them in better shape. looking to this area in the south, looking at cold rain in nashville and mixing toward london, kentucky. that is a push of warmer air. as the right roles dan, our chapters will be above freezing by about 10:00 -- as the rain rolls in, our chapters will be above freezing by about 10:00. tricky spot still on the roads and the potential for freezing drizzle this morning could cause extra issues. 25 degrees, winds out of the southeast at six, so it feels like 18. 8:00 a.m., watch out for misty
5:50 am
noon, 36, the freezing. i expected to be cloudy through the afternoon and upper 30' s, which compared to the last week or so, sounds pretty warm. in the evening, rain returns. probably the southern communities in the evening commute and closer to downtown by midnight. it tries to pull out some flurries this morning, but i think they will have a hard time developing. lunchtime, cloudy for everybody and cooler. 5:30, rain showers rolling in from southeast to northwest, over spreading downtown by about 8:00 to 9:00 tonight. steady rain showers, temperatures in the 30' s. overnight, we have mixing, rain, snow, maybe freezing rain. the potential for slushy at election overnight in the blue band. it is as light snow showers in the morning, areas to the east of the 75 corridor. still tricky spots overnight and possibly tomorrow morning for the commute to work and school.
5:51 am
the day tomorrow, dry, the could see an additional half-inch toward midnight tuesday night. today, all about the warm up and evening rain. mixing overnight could cause trouble issues. another shot of snow tuesday night into wednesday. the first three days, still pretty winter like. by the end of the workweek, highs almost to 60 by friday. mark: thank you. president obama showing his love for the first lady for valentine' s day. lisa: how the first couple celebrated the holiday from afar in a fun and creative way. outside live on your monday, hope it is a great start for you. stay with us. we have the latest on your forecast, the morning commute, and all of your headlights with
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mark: good morning and welcome back. 24 degrees outside as we get up and get moving on this holiday. checking some of the headlines, cincinnati public service crisp just tweeted a reminder for drivers to be careful this morning. it reads main roads are passable lesley, beside roads have not been plowed yet. we will continue to bring you live updates throughout the morning on your weather and traffic all morning long. lisa: let' s get a check on some stories trending this morning. mark: even president obama couldn' t resist the lure of romance this valentine' s day. listen to his poem to michelle he read on "ellen."
5:55 am
than you even know. that' s right. obama cares. but, michelle, i' ve made a lot of great decisions as president. the best decision i ever made was choosing you. thanks for putting up with me, i love you. mark: since president obama was in california this valentine' s day, he and michelle decided to use the "ellen" show to show their love. the two swapped silly, heart-warming poems to each other live on air. lisa: it was more than just a holiday for some people in new york. some couples had a bird' s eye view while saying their "i do' s" on valentine' s day. officials say the couples held ceremonies inside the empire state building. some of them tied the knot while others renewed their vows. they also the breathtaking view from the building' s observatory on the 86th floor was nice. mark: talk about some sweet valentines. newborns at pennsylvania' s washington hospital were decked out in red hats and tucked in
5:56 am
volunteers from the american heart association knit the hats for all babies born in february at participating hospitals. the program is called little hats, big hearts. it raises awareness for heart disease in addition to celebrating valentine' s day. five glen 56 is your time. picking up the pieces. the effort to help with a landmark in northern kentucky after a devastating fire. dan: live in mount auburn, the side streets are really the focus this warning. road crews are hard at work. we will tell you all about it coming up. randi: that will be the focus today, looking for a high around 37. we are going above freezing. rain is probably the next thing you will see in two tomorrow. watch out for another mix in the morning, so maybe some light snow or slushy accumulation for tuesday. the good news, temperatures are climbing toward the end of the week and we will end up near 60.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
headed lisa: another wave of snow and it could be a problem. we have team coverage. mark: working around the clock. the areas you could see trouble this morning. lisa: bouncing back in rabbit hash. the efforts to rebuild after a fire guts a local landmark.
6:00 am
s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: cincinnati road crews are staying busy this morning clearing the way for the morning commute. the city says there are about 70 trucks on the roads, and crews are focusing on primary routes to help with the morning commute. lisa: cincinnati public service crews just tweeted this reminder to drivers to be careful this morning. the tweet reads, main roads are passable but slick most side good morning, i' mark: and i' we' ll have team coverage on the let' s get a check on the forecast with meteorologist randi rico. randi: good morning. we are starting out with a winter weather in effect. the focus, as we have said, the snowy side streets will be the issue. the main roads look ok. later on today, we warm up above freezing.


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