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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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l a: a live look at the roads this morning. conditions causing multiple hazards out there this morning. how fog could cause problems for some, while others are battling another snowfall. mark: the tug-of-war continues over who should choose the replacement for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. who some possible candidates could be. lisa: and the latest on a deadly fire in mason this morning. what we know about the victim. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your tuesday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. let' s go straight to randi rico for the forecast. randi: it could take me an hour and a half to go neighborhood by neighborhood the visit changes so quickly. we have fog as a problem for
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the fog is much lighter than it was two hours ago. highland county and adams county are still the hotspots for snowfall. right now watching the snow fall in marshall downpours sinking spring. peebles and lighter snow reported in the stout area. you can see the intense blue that was rolling through. 6:00, the snowfall is gone. there could be tricky travel through the eastern communities. fog continues to be the issue in some areas. dense fog advisory until 8:00 this morning for areas in southeastern indiana. a winter weather advisory continues until 10:00. you may have a problem this
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right now it is foggy over top of downtown. 33 degrees. lunchtime, cloudy and 36. sunshine returns later this week along with 60' s in the seven-day. lisa: before we check traffic, we want to get straight to breaking news of a deadly house fire in mason. mark: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live at the scene with the investigation. dan, what' s the latest? dan: good morning to both of you. fire crews are still digging mason. we know that one person is dead. about eight minutes if that -- after they were dispatched and found fire shooting through the roof. one person was found dead in a
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it is not clear if it is a man or a woman. you can see the damage, really significant on the front and side of the house. no of their homes were impacted. county crews are expected to be here at least another hour. the coroner is on scene. we will continue to follow up on the story through the morning. we are live in mason. mark: thank you. wlwt will stay on top of this story both on air and online at throughout the morning, bringing you any new information we get into the newsroom. lisa: now we go to traffic. fog for some and snow for others. kyla: it really depends on where you are.
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275. we have seen some hazier conditions. you may run into reduce visibility. county. some hazier conditions near 71 and 275. it really does depend on where you are heading outside. you could hop across a couple of streets and see different conditions. lisa and mark? lisa: we may be experiencing some fog up here in the greater cincinnati area, but just to our south more snow. mark: both are causing hazards out on the roads this morning. here to take a closer look, andrew setters is in live drive 5 for us now. andrew, where are you?
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re on 32 eastbound checking out the road conditions. last time we were in the batavia area. just where you begin to see the slushy conditions on the roads. if you live in the central part of our area, you might be surprising not seeing anything on the roads. it is slushy on 32. we' re heading to adams county, brown county, both with a level two snow emergency. randi was talking about the snow going to the east of the main part of our area. this is where it hit, 32 eastbound. mark: thank you. ohio governor john kasich will head to south carolina today. he spent monday in michigan, where he promised to keep his cool. mr. kasich: i' m not going to let
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other way, but i am not going to be launching all these negative ads. mark: michigan' s primary vote takes place a week before ohio' s. kasich is counting on big showings in both border states to pick up delegates. lisa: nothing could be more political than the battle currently underway to nominate a new supreme court justice. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner has the latest on who could replace the late antonin scalia. good morning. miriah: president barack obama says he will nominate a replacement for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia, and when he does, he expects the senate to fulfill its constitutional duty. but senate majority leader mitch budge, saying in a statement, "the american people should have a voice. this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president." white house officials are now vetting the president' s potential picks. names circulating include federal judges, some senators, and even attorney general
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by the senate last year, but only after a record months-long delay. on past supreme court choices, the president has often mentioned an element of compassion. now, though, politics will be pivotal. does the president choose someone very moderate, whom republicans will feel great pressure to at least bring to a vote, or a liberal to rally democrats, potentially sending more voters to the polls in november? those are the questions we' ll hope to get answers to in the coming days and weeks. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. lisa: we are learning more about a deadly crash in pendleton county and the efforts to save a man' s life. mark: 28-year-old david erskine was killed last week driving on kentucky 17. he hit a semi truck and flames engulfed his truck. another driver says he was driving to work when he passed the wreckage and turned around to help. >> i couldn' t see what was holding him.
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mark: he was a volunteer and they tell us he and his wife work with the ministry and had become active members . kyla: we are dealing with hazy conditions. in two parts of northern kentucky, cars are able to make their way through. we will continue to monitor this throughout the morning and let you know if the conditions get worse. 65 miles per hour. still seeing some decent speeds. five minutes to get you into downtown cincinnati on the daniel carter beard bridge. you can see things are clear by the river. moving right along north and southbound.
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randi: i like that you can see the bridge. we are dealing with some areas of thick fog. cvg has been reporting visibilities as low as 1/10 of a mile. to the west of downtown cincinnati and south of town, but anywhere you may run into that fog this morning. snow showers continue to move out. the snow has really lightened up. right now around the 275 loop, temperatures a couple of degrees near freezing. watch out for the potential for some slick spots. for the drive home, upper 30' s today. mark: thank you. a hearing today on the deadly sinking of ship el faro. lisa: what the united states
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the tragedy. mark: and getting around the damage. how people managed to rescue a woman after a florida tornado. lisa: hope it is a great start for you. 33 degrees.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back on your tuesday morning. you can see some fog in the area. will check the forecast just checking today' s headlines. a deadly fire destroys a home in mason this morning. we have a live look at the scene. few details are being released, but we have confirmed at least one person has died in the fire. someone called 911 around 1:45 this morning reporting the olympia drive home fully engulfed in flames. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin will have another live update just
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mark: activist and cattle rancher clive bundy is scheduled to appear in court today. bundy will answer to the charges brought against him from an armed confrontation in 2014 that forced federal officials to release cattle being rounded up near his ranch in nevada. bundy is the first to face charges in what some advocates hailed as a victory in the fight to turn over federal land to state control. cliven bundy' s son, ammon' s bundy' s occupation of the malheur national wildlife refuge lasted for more than a month. lisa: the united states coast guard is conducting the hearing today on the tragic sinking of the el faro ship. they are expected to focus on the events that led up to the sinking such as biographies on crew members and previous voyages the el faro made as well as the coast guard' s search and rescue efforts. a second hearing is expected to focus on the tragic voyage itself that took the lives of all 33 people onboard. mark: first responders and volunteers in florida were caught on camera monday pulling a woman from the debris of her
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the workers had to dig around the woman using tools and their hands. at least 10 homes in escambia county were damaged due to a tornado and severe weather passing through the area. the national weather service confirmed a tornado touched down in nearby century, florida. a call for accountability. lisa: neighbors in bond hill met one on one last night with the team reviewing the uc police department. miriah turner tells us more about last night' s forum. good morning. miriah: the meeting was an open forum to introduce the consulting team that will handle the review following last year' s traffic stop shooting death of sam dubose by now-former uc officer ray tensing. one major goal, getting the thoughts and perspectives of the community. >> i think understanding the concerns of the public and who all the stakeholders in this process are is very, very important for the review. miriah: the consulting team will review uc' s police department, but not the facts in the dubose shooting. that will be handled by the courts. a final report is expected in june.
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lisa: happening today, woman' s city club is sponsoring a discussion of black lives matter. it' s part of a city conversations series. at the event, christina brown, a local social justice activist and community educator, will share her experiences with the black lives matter movement in cincinnati. the event begins at 7:00 tonight at the first unitarian church on linton street. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: if you look out the window this morning, some spots are looking at fresh snow. for many, foggy conditions. here is what to expect. snow-covered roadways are possibly east of 68. upwards of two inches of snow in adams county. the snow should be gone in 30, 45 minutes.
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it will be a gloomy look to your tuesday. pushing 60 degrees by friday. you can see snow what is coming down at a pretty intense rate from wilmington to mount orab. snow falling along 62 and east. the back edge moving through the hillsboro community, west union, all the way down to room. me. you cross the river, there is a little bit of a mix in robinson county and some patchy freezing drizzle there. winter weather advisory for the 10:00. dense fog advisory for most of the main interstates in our
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visibility maybe limited to one quarter of a mile at times. upper 30' s this afternoon but the clouds stayed put. it for cash shows at lunchtime, 33. 4:00, 37. tomorrow, another day where it is gloomy. 37 the expected high on wednesday. sunshine returns into thursday. temperatures up towards 60 degrees friday, saturday. it is going to be a nice weekend to look forward to. the sweet spot, perfectly timed, friday and saturday, up to near 60 degrees. kyla: that sounds good.
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this morning, you may see some fog on the roadways. this is 275 at hamilton. we have a clear view on the northwest corner of the 275 loop. about 61 miles per hour in that area. on the southwest corner, 65 miles per hour. 24 minutes from the ronald reagan to cvg. 64 miles per hour in that area. we are facing in the eastern direction. this is one area where we see the heavy fog. we will continue to track these conditions for you and let you know if you run in to any greatly reduced visibility. lisa: some major tributes to thank you. legends in the industry. mark: the performances that
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ovation rapper kendrick lamar received. lisa: we will take another live look on the roads and the weather concerns in southwestern viewing area. mark: but first, getting fun and creative on a snow day. this is the watts family from monroe sent in from viewer dana watts thacker. take a look at their impressive kung fu panda snow sculpture. the couple got help from their three children, dawson, carly and jasper. that is cool stuff. thank you for sharing with us. you' re watching cincinnati'
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lisa: good morning and welcome back on your tuesday morning. fog for some, snow for others. the music industry celebrated its biggest night last night with the 58th annual grammy awards. mark: many familiar faces got awards this year, and there were a number of amazing live performances. kyla: and this year' s grammy' s also had a number of tributes. the most notable tribute, to music legend david bowie. popstar lady gaga had the honor of performing his tribute. she began with the song "space oddity," one in which several bowie guises melted and transformed on her face in real time. she then strutted onto the stage
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"ziggy stardust" and "suffragette city." other tributary performances celebrated the careers of blues legend b.b. king and eagles member glenn frey. all three died within the last year. rapper kendrick lamar also earned a lot of attention last night. he got a standing ovation after his performance last night. even host l.l. cool j calling it "very controversial." the rapper walked out as part of a chain gang to perform "the blacker the berry" with his band locked inside jail cells. he ended his performance with the word "compton" over an image of africa. lamar walked away with five grammys last night. and a familiar face wins the grammy for album of the year. taylor swift has used her acceptance speech at the grammy awards to encourage young women who feel defeated at times or discouraged by others, a clear dig at kanye west. the rapper put controversial thoughts about taylor swift into his song "famous" last week. swift' s switch from country to
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other big wins last night. "uptown funk" took home the award for best record. meghan trainor took home best new artist, and ed sheeran won for best song. sounds like a lot going on last night. and of course we are all catching up. lisa: ma just wants to hearrk "uptown funk." thank you. mark: one local ensemble can now call themselves grammy award winners. eighth blackbird, a small ensemble with ties to the unversity of cincinnati, took home best chamber music. the quartet did a two-year residency at uc. they won for their performance of "filament." lisa: good for them. s check the forecast. randi: the back page of the snow showers are rolling through portions of highland adams county.
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on my twitter account. it looks like a light dusting in wilmington. that is east of 68. what a morning we' ve been through. the weather is wilds. we have wet roads, fog downtown and to the east, and areas that are snow-covered. we' re not going to see sunshine today. 30' s today and tomorrow. sunshine by thursday. 60 or so by friday. mark: thank you. could a battle for votes turn into a battle in the courtroom? lisa: why donald trump says he' s considering filing a lawsuit against opponent republican presidential candidate ted cruz. >> we' re seeing snow right now.
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slushy and mark: fog likely to be a problem this morning as you head out to work. meteorologist randi rico tells us when it' s supposed to move out and a live look at road conditions this morning. lisa: a possible suspect in the homicide case of middletown mother brittany russell. the charges this suspect faces in court this morning. mark: and breaking news this morning. what we' ve learned about a deadly fire at a mason home that sparked early this morning. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt,
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news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. randi rico and kyla woods are here with the weather and traffic. ladies, good morning. a lot of fog and snow depending on where you are. randi: outside we have been looking at a lot of fog. waking up in adams county under a level 2 snow emergency. there' s a big difference depending on where you are. the areas that take up the heavier snow overnight, that snow is finally moving out. you can see the back edge as we approach at 5:30 in the morning, moving out of portions of highland county. the last couple of flurries flying in rates broke. it looks like the evils is done with the snow as well. over the last couple of hours, they do get hit hard. there' s a light dusting in wilmington, upwards of two inches in adams county. around downtown, wet roads and a lot of fog. winter weather advisory for communities in the purple until
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dense fog advisory for the main area highways, hamilton county all along 71-75 and 74. the dense fog advisory until 8:00. i would expect to see big-time improvement between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. at noon, 33. just a gloomy day expected with only a high of 37. locked in with fog this morning, are there any trouble spots? kyla: not a whole lot of problems, but it just depends on where you are. our traffic cameras are not to vastly spread outside of the 270 five loop. as you can see, we will show you what we can. 75 out of butler county, traffic picking up, especially southbound. not saying any significant delays. we are still accident-free write now. the 71 corridor looks to be moving along just fine. 71 at ronald reagan, traffic pretty moderate in both directions.
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direction. across the river, 71-75 at cut-in-the-hill getting heavy in both sides. a few brake lights. the northern kentucky, one of the areas where we had hazy conditions. we will keep an eye on it for you and we will let you know if anything pops up. mark: thank you. breaking now, a deadly house fire under investigation in mason. lisa: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin live at the scene with what we have learned. dan: certainly, a sad sv --a sad scene. investigators have been here since just before or just after 2:00 a.m. in that time range. the mason fire chief telling us they had reports of fire shooting through the roof this morning when they got here and
5:33 am
call, they found one person dead in a backbencher in a bed. it is unclear if that person is a man or woman. we saw crews remove the body a short while ago. it is been a very active scene. take a listen to what the chief told us. >> reports en route the fire was well involved and through the roof. crews found the fire. checking the residence, found one civilian inside deceased. dan: back here live, you can see the damage quite significantly on the front and left side of the house. we' re told no other hopes were impacted in this. the state fire marshal' s office has been notified. county crews are still working at the same for another hour at least. we can tell you the coroner is also on scene this morning. as those investigators continue looking, they' re still trying to
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started in the first place. certainly, a very sad scene. at least one person lost their life in this fire. live in mason, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: in springfield township, a fire too intense for firefighters to try to rescue a man inside a home. neighbors along timbermill court say the victim who died was a hoarder. firefighters found the man near the kitchen. they say the fire might have started in an enclosed patio. the homeowner kept pets in cages there with space heaters running. >> when he' s found in the kitchen, who knows? he may have been attempting to exit. he may have been attempting to put out a fire maybe in the kitchen. we don' t know. lisa: investigators are still trying to pinpoint the cause of the fire. they have not released the victim' s name. mark: fog will be a big factor in your morning commute this morning in the greater cincinnati area. and to our south, more snow causing trouble for drivers. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is in live drive five taking a
5:35 am
andrew, where are you? what are you seeing? andrew: we' re on 32 eastbound approaching 73, kind of past peebles in adams county. a fairly significant amount of snow on the ground, slushy road conditions for those on 32. that is the main thoroughfare through this area here. we' re going to get off here and check out some of the road conditions, some of the side streets and see how they' re doing this morning. are the most part, 32 is possible. adams county and brown county both are under a level 2 snow emergency. i' m assuming the side streets, the less traveled roads are in pretty rough shape here this morning. you are going to have to factor in some extra time if you are out of this area here, level 2 snow emergency for adams county and brown county. even though you'
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lot of those areas of town not seeing any snow on the ground, they certainly got some here overnight in this area. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: an arrest in connection to the death of a middletown mother. a person of interest is behind bars, but not charged in brittany russell' s death. the mother was found shot to death in her car last week in dayton with her six-month-old baby in the back seat, unharmed. police tell our nbc affiliate in dayton, they have arrested a 37-year-old man on unrelated drug charges, but believe he is could be linked to brittany russell' s death. >> we' re glad that he' s behind bars and we' re hoping that they go forward with more charges and we' re hoping they go for the maximum. lisa: wlwt is not naming the person of interest since he has not been charged in russell' s death. the 37-year-old will be arraigned on those unrelated drug charges today. mark: breaking up with someone
5:37 am
of them all over the internet could soon become a crime in kentucky. the revenge porn bill passed the house unanimously in kentucky. and victim' s rights advocates say it' s about time. the bill would make it illegal for people to distribute sexually explicit images without consent from the person or people involved. >> i think it is time that more states step up and make this a law and make this illegal, because it is not just kentucky that has people being hurt by this. mark: the bipartisan bill would make revenge porn a felony in some cases. lisa: commitment 2016, donald trump is threatening a lawsuit and continues his attacks at rival candidate ted cruz. let' s check in with miriah turner at the live alert desk with a look at the latest feud involving the republican frontrunner. miriah: donald trump is campaigning in south carolina from ted cruz. trump called cruz a liar a number of times during his
5:38 am
he claims the cruz campaign is making commercials that are misleading and if cruz does not apologize, he' ll sue. trump says since cruz was born in canada, he' s not eligible to run for president. >> i think he' s a very unstable guy and i must tell you one thing about ted cruz that i can say only to a minor extent by comparison for the other politicians, i haven' t been doing this long. i' ve been in it since june 16, but i will tell you, i have never, ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> truth matters and we' re not in grade school where you just get to say liar, liar pants on fire and not respond to the substance. miriah: south carolina voters will head to the polls on saturday for the republican primary. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: thank you. time is running out to register to vote for the ohio primary. the registration deadline is today for the march 15 primary.
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continues online. check out the wlwt mobile app for the latest headlines from the campaign trail. lisa: back over to randi. ring is up-to-date. randi: over the last two hours, snow was falling pretty heavy areas east of the 68 corridor, but now moving out. highland county, you' re basically done. a one inch snowfall out of hillsboro. adams county, still watching a couple of flurries slowly make their way out to the east. the falling snow is basically over for our area. still dealing with some slushy and snow covered roads through the eastern towns. closer to downtown cincinnati, fog will be your big concern. as the kids had out to the bus stop, make sure everybody stays aware just in case , low visibility in some spots. 29 degrees. snow a conditions continue to
5:40 am
after school, cloudy and gloomy for everybody. we are stuck in the upper 30' s today and tomorrow, but a much brighter end to the seven-the forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. lisa: legislation attack -- tackle water issues at a faster pace. arco and speeding up response times to lead findings. lisa: how house representative is looking to bring attention to what she says is a double standard. mark: taking a live look outside this morning, you see the boggy conditions waiting for you as you head out on your morning commute. we will check your commute times as well as your most accurat (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, but that's how some
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with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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randi: good morning, looking cincinnati. if you are on or around or live near any of the major interstates in the area, dense fog will be your big issue this morning. concern. great county schools are closed this morning, western brown has a snow day. it is all the eastern communities that solve the snow overnight, this purple tone indicates a winter weather advisory that continues until 10:00. you can see the back edge of the snow over the last hour or so trailing off to the east. the accumulating snow is over and now the cleanup begins. i was checking on snowfall totals from the system.
5:44 am
highest totals from the system, 3.5" is. west union, in inch. hillsboro, same thing. georgetown and brown county, half an inch. there is some snow on the ground to be cleared away for the eastern towns and the fog is starting to clear a little bit over the top of downtown as well. we will take a look at when it will totally clear out and when the sunshine will finally make an appearance, coming up in a couple of minutes. lisa: we' re staying on top of a deadly house fire in mason. this is a live look at the scene on olympia drive. firefighters found a person dead inside a bedroom around 2:00 this morning. investigators have not identified the victim or a possible cause for the fire. we will continue to keep you up-to-date. before you get viagra, you' ll need to bring in a note from your wife. that' s the proposal from a kentucky lawmaker. that' s the proposal from a kentucky lawmaker. mark: representative mary lou marzian says she fed up with the state' s double standard.
5:45 am
s behind marzian' s frustration. miriah: house bill 396 has quickly been nicknamed the viagra bill. if house representative mary lou marzian gets her way, a man looking to get the little blue pill would require two doctors visits and a note from his wife. marzian says the bill is a direct response to governor bevin signing a new law updating informed consent laws. the bill requires a woman seeking an abortion to consult with a doctor at least 24 hours before the procedure. she says her bill highlights what she sees as a contradiction. >> we do not want government involved in personal, private, medical matters. miriah: marzian admits the bill has no chance of passing, but she hopes people see the point that she' s trying to make. kentucky governor matt bevin has not commented on the viagra bill. mark? mark: no comment. all right, thank you. kentucky senator rand paul is now lending his support to the governor' s plan to dismantle the
5:46 am
benefits. senator paul said he will help governor matt bevin get a waiver from the federal government so the state can start charging medicaid recipients for their health insurance. the senator hopes to have the waiver by this summer. last month, governor bevin said he will get rid of kynect, the state' s health exchange, saying it' s too expensive to keep. lisa: u.s. senator sherrod brown from ohio is now working on legislation to address lead concerns in water, sooner. the announcement follows ohio' s epa calling for a federal overhaul. senator brown says he wants to speed up community notification and the response cities have to take. current u.s. standards require you to be notified within 60 days of high lead readings. ohio costs epa -- ohio' s epa wants more thorough lead testing and faster notification. it' s tax season, which means big refunds are on the minds of not only you, but also identity thieves. mark: wlwt news 5' s sheree paolello joins us with an example of how the crime is so
5:47 am
anyone. >> wlwt has learned thousands of people will be victims of stolen identity tax refund fraud this year. investigators says thieves use stolen personal information and file bogus tax returns. in many cases, people don' t realize they' ve been victimized until their legitimate returns are rejected. >> identity theft cases can be among the most challenging types of tax fraud for us to handle, and we understand it is very frustrating for the individual. >> think it can' t happen to you? think again. one of the victims in greater cincinnati is our own investigative reporter todd dykes. tonight at 6:00, he' ll share what happened to him. plus, see what it takes to fight back and make sure you get the money you are entitled to. that' s tonight on wlwt news 5 at 6:00. kyla: good morning. if you' re getting ready to head outside, here' s a look at our bitmap.
5:48 am
cincinnati area roadways. you should not have too many delays heading outside. it looks like the areas where we were seeing we have your fog start to be clearing up. here' s a look at the travel times. 13 minutes on 275 from eastgate to some new one. still a pretty quick commute from walton into cincinnati. 74, looking at 18 minutes from the indiana side to 75. very clear is down and westbound and starting to pick up in volume on the eastbound side. let' s check in with randi rico. the cameras look to be improving. randi: initially, the dense fog advisory was supposed to expire a 4:00 and they extended it, but expect to see less and less fog as the snow and rain rolls out to the east. it is a snowy start to the east. we have a half-inch up to two inches of total accumulation in those areas. gloomy all day long. the clouds are not going to break. sunshine
5:49 am
it still looks like you will see a couple of people rocking shorts by friday and saturday because our temperatures will be near 60 degrees. as we look at the radar, it looks a whole lot better than it did just a couple of hours ago as heavy snow rolled through the eastern towns. hillsboro to west union, down to rome, looking pretty good for you now. there is still snow to clear out. a that reason, the winter weather advisory continues for highland county down through bracken, mason, robertson county adult :00 and dense fog advisory for much of our area along the major interstates until 8:00 this morning, though they may drop that a little bit early as there is an improvement. jumping on 71 headed that way, they have about 1.5 inches of snow on the ground. as far as visibility, some of the worst of it, cincinnati and
5:50 am
you can see the fog over the top of downtown. 34 degrees currently, feels like 26. it will be a foggy start to the morning. it stays cloudy all day. gloomy afternoon, high in the upper 30' s. looking at futurecast, snow moves out, obviously, but the clouds remain. tomorrow, another day in the upper 30' s. they be tomorrow afternoon and evening, we can see a quick sprinkle or flurry possible in the evening. no big deal. clouds break for us on thursday. it will be breezy on friday, but come on, a steady breeze that drives that temperature up near 60 degrees. same thing percent of a. on sunday, 55 with a chance of a couple of showers. mark: when we continue, some people in our southeastern region may be able to toss around a few snowballs this morning. lisa: in chile, they' re throwing tomatoes. mark: a beautiful and american
5:51 am
how local animal century is nursing him back to life -- sanctuary is nursing him back to life will stop is 5:50, ready three degrees. or headlines coming up next on
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mark: good morning. most of our area looking at foggy conditions. the eastern part of the viewing area sing a good amount of snow this moment.
5:54 am
under a level two snow emergency which means roads are hazardous and early those who feel it is absolutely necessary should be out driving. as a result, there are about 30 school closures and delays scrolling at the bottom of your screen. these ago we are checking some stories trending this morning. mark: some school of ministers got excited for monday' s snow day. >> you know i am calling on your cell phone to let you know, no school today. lisa: a kentucky superintendent got creative with his snow day message monday morning. dr. andrew melin superimposed his head on drake' s in his very own snowline bling music video. then he sent his "no class" message to the greater clark county schools near lexington. mark: that is awesome. randi: that is hilarious. mark: instead of hurling snowballs, people in chile threw tomatoes at each other for the sixth year in a row in the annual war of the tomato. thousands participated in the epic battle.
5:55 am
tomato festival in spain, some 100 tons of tomatoes were used by the participants to lob at each other. local tomato growers supplied the dregs of their harvest just to get some publicity for their crop. lisa: they' re saying those are the bad tomatoes. ron tomatoes, if you will. they don' t hurt as bad. mark: and injured bald eagle is being there' s back to health -- nursed back to health by a wildlife sanctuary. lisa: the eagle was rescued from a trap in rush county and rushed to red wolf sanctuary in rising sun. kyla woods is here with the story. kyla: she was caught in a carcass trap about a week ago. the beautiful bald eagle is unable to eat on her own, fly on her own or survive on her own. , and now she' s on the road to recovery, thanks to the red wolf sanctuary. paul strasser is one of the two working to nurse the bird, they' ve dubbed as emmy, back to health. she'
5:56 am
a mouse, and she has to be force fed to keep it down right now. they need to get some weight back on her and some more mud off her feathers, but red wolf hopes to release her into the wild again perhaps in two weeks. red wolf sanctuary in a non-profit organization and relies heavily on donations. the meat from hundreds of road-kill deer every year is used to feed the wildlife cared for there. mark and lisa? mark: thank you. next at 6:00, firefighters putting out flames and find a body inside. lisa: we are live in mason with breaking details on an early morning house fire. andrew: snow, slush in the eastern half of the tri-state. we will give you an idea of where road conditions are pretty rough, coming up on cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 today. randi: the good news is , the falling snow has come toan end. fog should be leaving us and the next couple of hours. expect highs in the 30'
5:57 am
60' s on the way for the seven have a day. i'
5:58 am
5:59 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. lisa: breaking news right now, one person dead after a house fire in mason. we are live at the scene with the latest developments. mark: another deadly fire under investigation. what we are learning about what may have sparked the flames in springfield township. lisa: the search for a new justice. the latest developments in the
6:00 am
of the supreme court. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: leading the way with breaking news, one person is dead after a fire breaks out in mason. this happened along olympia drive overnight, and we have dan griffin at the scene gathering the latest details, we will check in with him in just a few minutes. mark: just in, hamilton county sheriff' s deputy cruiser was struck by vehicle near lunken airport. we know the deputy was not heard. cooney. mark: and i am our case. moment. first, let' s check out the forecast which is all over the map, literally. randi: it depends on where on the map you happen to be. highland county, adams county, dealing with snow on the ground. looking at the radar, the good news is, the snow has come to an we don'


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