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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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homicide in lockland for 2016. police say that the call came in at 215 -- 2:15. they found one man dead inside. shop by the homeowner. the gun and the knife were found inside the home. the homeowner said -- is being cooperative and says that for people enter the home threatening him with a knife. they are currently being questioned at the hamilton county sheriff' s department. >> i need the police here. guy just tried to come in here and cut my throat. and he' s dying on the floor. reporter: police say that they are still looking for one person involved with the homicide, it is somebody who is driving a gold car. there was no other description on the car.
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can help, you' re asked to call them or crimestoppers. reporting in lockland, emily wood, wlwt news 5. sheree: two 12-year-old girls. charged in connection to a threat that closed an entire school district today. mike: the arrests came just hours after dayton independent schools shut down for the day. wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick is leading the way on this developing story tonight, brian. reporter: this is all over a bomb scare. games are cancelled, explosive sniffing dogs are called out. -- called in. and police say behind it all, are two girls still in the 6th grade. students who would normally be in school, are just passing time today, but even with the entire dayton kentucky school district closed, a pair of 12-year-olds are getting a tough lesson in law enforcement. >> the threat was that at 8:00 this morning they were going to come in and bomb the dayton schools. dayton chief of police david
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elaborate plan using layers of social media accounts under phony names to make the threat. reporter: simply because he says, one wanted a day off school. >> the other one was that sounds i' d like to have another day off re going to have several days off sitting in the jail cell. reporter: emptying the schools doesn' t get the prank girls are chrarged with terroristic threatening. every school in the district was closed, affecting about 1000 students and their families. >> it' s an inconvenience but safety comes first. reporter: debbie doyen has grand kids in dayton schools, and is glad they decided to call off school for the threat. >> it' s a small town, there' s trouble in every town and you just have to take that stuff seriously. reporter: dayton school officials are hoping the arrests make copycats think twice, but the decision to close the school was a difficult one, it' s a >> it'
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threat seriously and having school so it' s not an easy decision. it' s harder than calling a snow day, let me tell you that. reporter: and as students return to class tomorrow, two will remain behind bars, learning. the hard way. police are working with the parents and famiily members of the girls arrested, because they say even after they were picked up, they didn' t appear to have any remorse about what they had done. live, brian hamrick, wlwt, news 5. mike: tonight was supposed to be senior night for the girls basketball team, that' s been cancelled. all eyes are on president obama as we wait to see who he will nominate as justice antonin scalia' s successor. sheree: right now the president is talking at the asean summit in california. we expect him to touch on the supreme court justice nomination. the president has said that he won' t announce a nomination this week, while senate is on break. scalia' s place on the bench was draped in black today as was the
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court chambers. his funeral will be held saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. s the largest roman catholic church in north america. the late justice will lie in repose. at the supreme court on friday observed after the death of chief justice william rehnquist, in 2005. mike: almost two months after christmas the fight over a zombie-themed nativity display is finally over. jasen dixon was hit with 27 misdemeanor charges and more than $13,000 in possible fines by sycamore township for his display, showing jesus, mary and joseph as zombies. the case has gone to court several times. and even drew supporters, dressed up as zombies outside the courthouse. today, the township withdrew its code violation charges saying the cost to the township to continue would be more than the
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victory for freedom of expression and property rights. sheree: the son of the butler county prosecutor found guilty on child porn charges. 35-year-old jason gmoser, along with 4 others. were accused of operating a child pornography ring. jason was indicted on federal charges. back in october prosecutor mike gmoser, opened up about his son. he says he and his wife adopted jason when he was 7 months old. gmoser says. jason dealt with mental illness his entire life. sentencing is set for june. mike: a woman killed, in a house fire in mason today. the home on olympia drive was fully engulfed when firefighters got there, and as wlwt news 5' s dan griffin tells us we have now learned the identity of the victim. reporter: neighbors describe this scene as horrible and unbelievable, a home on olympia drive in mason destroyed and a woman killed. >> makes you pause and reflect on how you know, just how quick
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reporter: the warren county coroner says romma hunt, who according to records is the homeowner, died in the fire this morning. no one else was found inside. >> when i wake up, there was big smoke, i mean huge, when they open in the front, the big flame coming out, so they put more water to took it down. >> neighbors and passerbys frantically called 911, one neighbor even banged on the front door of the home repeatedly, trying to save anyone inside. >> dispatch, we' ve got them dispatched so they should be here in just a few minutes, ok? whatever you do, just don' t go in the house, if they do come, just try and get them out. >> i know, i' m trying, i feel, i feel horrible, like, there' s, there' s someone there, i can tell there' s someone there. reporter: as the flames grew, more neighbors tried to help and called 911 again. >> we tried to knock on the door and there' s so much smoke in there and they said they think there' s a lady still inside.
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hunt as a very friendly elderly woman. for people along this street, this fire is gut-wrenching. a life lost. . just steps from their front doors. in mason, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. reporter: investigators say it' s unclear what caused the fire. it' s also unclear if there were working smoke detectors in the home. sheree: a man and woman, wanted. for abducting a man this weekend, in boone county. on valentine' s day a man reported he was taken at gunpoint from the quality inn and suites. on airport exchange boulevard. the victim says the man and woman threatened to kill him, and drove him around to multiple atm' s to withdraw money. eventually the victim' s atm card was seized by a machine. he says he was then assaulted and kicked out of the car. if you can identify these two people, call the boone county sheriff' s department. mike: a wayne township man indicted on two counts of raping a child. 41-year-old michael workman was he' s being held behind bars, on a quarter million dollar bond. investigators say the sexual contact with the juvenile,
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sheree: many neighborhoods east of the city woke up to another layer of snow. people in adams and brown counties were both under a level 2 snow emergency today after they got hit with a couple inches of snow, overnight. crews were working early this morning to clear snow covered streets in west union, and the town of seaman. the snow emergencies were lifted as weather conditions improved today. a teenage driver is lucky to be ok after a crash in adams county this morning. 19-year-old devon pooley was driving along 247 when his car slid into a ditch and flipped on its side. we were there as a tow truck pulled the car away and got the road reopened. >> as i was coming around the turn, i crest the hill and the rear end starts coming out from behind me and i just can' t fix it. and straight off into the ditch
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>> i said don' t worry about it, money fixes it, and money' s not the important thing in this situation. if you seen the ditch he hit, it could have been very different phone calls this morning. reporter: state troopers in the area were dealing with a number of similar wrecks as people slid off the road. blizzard conditions in parts of the northeast tonight. mike: in new york state, the snow is really piling up today. rochester, saw 7 inches in 4 hours, and buffalo broke its daily record with more than 7 inches of snow before noon today. in downtown buffalo. streets are snow-packed. people are plowing, blowing and shoveling as the snow adds up. kevin: snow around here beginning to melt as temperatures pick their way above freezing. i will let you know when temperatures will actually be 60 degrees. sheree: an unwelcome visitor destroying the beauty of our parks. tonight, fighting back against the emerald ash borer.
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replace lost trees. mike: defective air bags found in more vehicles. the two popular brands now announcing recalls. sheree: caught on camera. a florida woman. trapped in debris after a tornado hit her house. is dug out by first responders and volunteers. the group of people formed a human chain to pull the unconscious woman free. pensacola area. were damaged by the tornado and
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sheree: a new effort today to replace thousands of trees. destroyed by the emerald ash borer. mike: middletown wants to bring back the beauty of its parks. back the beauty of its parks. wlwt news 5' shows you how to get involved in the replanting effort. reporter: the problem is widespread, ash trees dying by the thousands because of the borer. in middletown over the last 7 years approximately 80% of the park ash trees have died and been taken down.
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off that tree and limbs falling, you have to get that tree down because it' s a liability. people who are in the park, using them, a limb can fall and it can kill someone. reporter: now there are a few dozen ash trees still standing in middletown parks, but because of the devastating beetle, it' s just a matter of time before they will need to be brought down as well. it' s a grim statistic, more than 200 trees have been taken down and so far only 25 have been replanted. -- replaced. the city is hoping that' s about to change . >> we feel like, again, something good for the environment is something all of us can get behind. reporter: because parks are budget, leaders announced today an initiative to get the public involved. go online, a website taking donations for the city to replant trees it' s called the middletown ohio tree project. the city hopes to raise $5,000 --
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established trees for the parks, . >> we aim for a 2 diameter tree. because if you go any less than that the kids play on them. you really need a 2 tree in a park to be able to keep it alive. reporter: they hope to raise enough money, quickly enough to get the trees in the ground this summer. in middletown jennifer schack wlwt news 5 . mike: middle public works plans to replace the ash trees with a variety of oaks, elms and redbuds. 10 city parks need replanted trees. sheree: are you a poet and you know it? cincinnati, is looking for one. mayor john cranley is looking to appoint an official cincinnati poet laureate, restoring a position the city had previously. the person will serve a two-year term promoting poetry appreciation, encouraging the reading and writing of poetry throughout the city as well as composing and reading poems for special events and occasions. it' s a paid position. you must live in the city. and be at least 18-years-old. applications are due by february
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you can find more information on our website, mike: more vehicles under recall tonight, because of defective air bags. general motors is recalling saab and saturn cars, to replace the driver' s air bag inflators. the device can explode with too much force in a crash, and hurl metal shrapnel into drivers and passengers. at least 10 people have died, and 139 have been hurt. the recall now spans 14 automakers and about 24 million vehicles. sheree: seriously? a kid-friendly tesla? radio flyer which makes the famous little red wagons and tricycles will begin shipping mini tesla cars. for kids ages 3 to 8 in may. the one-seater cars include working headlights and a trunk in the front of the car. it can reach a top speed of six miles per hour. pre-orders, are now open the cost, $500. cincinnati'
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. kevin: we will little bit of a bonus across the area. we even had a peak or two at the sun. you can see it over my shoulder. we did not pick up additional snow in the metro area. it has allowed temperatures to climb above freezing. here' s a look at the weather map. there is a system that is going to move its way off to the south and dr. tri-state. that will continue to pass by two or south overnight. what are we waiting for now is we need to get rid of the low cloud cover that is taking place across the midwest it will take another day or so of gloomy weather but by the end of the week we have some springlike weather that will be moving in here. just in time for the weekend 30
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the west wind at six. temperatures are across-the-board most areas are both freezing. eva marie has snow last night in our southeastern communities, a lot of the snow beginning to melt away. we are all day with highs in the 30' s thing tomorrow because will keep the skies on the cloudy side but after that we' ll see temperatures begin to climb. let' s have a look at futurecast. let' s see what is going to happen there may be a break or two in the clouds we are going to keep plenty of clouds around here tonight. during the night during wednesday the skies will clear and that should set the stage for what should be a pretty nice looking thursday and with sunshine on thursday it looks like finally temperatures will respond by getting those afternoon highs way back into the mid-40' s.
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skies will drop to a low of 28. for tomorrow expect cloud to linger across the area chilly look for an afternoon high in the mid-to-upper 30' s will climb to a high of 37 here' s a look at your seven day forecast. we are in the 30' s tomorrow. 40' s on thursday and will be in 60' s on friday. we' ll be in the 60' s as we make the way into the weekend. we' ll see complete turnaround over the next couple of days. there may be a chance of some rain here sunday night. all not i am happy to say that this week a what i was saying last week remember how is saying we would not get above freezing the next couple days we will not drop below freezing for these five or six days. tomorrow. kevin: i am knocking to say
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mike: forgetful burglar. the key piece of evidence a criminal left inside a home. sheree: what the homeowner found in his kitchen. that should help police track down the suspect. >> kind of like a strike of lightning where you just don' t think those things are going to happen.
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mike: two south carolina police officers involved in the fatal shooting of a drug suspect will not be charged with a crime. sheree: the confrontation with the cops, was caught on camera and you can see the suspect pull out a gun, and shoot one >> nats-you are charged with resisting now, charged with resisting unintelligible shot fired . sheree: officers returned fire, killing the suspect. a background check. shows he was arrested at least three times in the past on drug and gun charges. the officer shot continues to recover from his injuries. mike: a thief leaves behind a surprising clue. as authorities investigated a california home invasion. after coming home from work 52-year-old carlos, came face-to-face with the barrel of a gun. he says the man was robbing his house.
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locked the door and called 911. when it was safe to come out he went to the kitchen, and was shocked by what he saw. the thief' s phone charging on the counter. >> the charger was plugged into here and his phone was just sitting here charging. mike: carlos says the crook also left behind wet clothes and a sprite bottle. and took hotdogs from the fridge to keep carlos' pet pitbull under control. officers say the phone is full of selfies, and the suspects phone number so it should be easy to track the person down. these days police officer are able to use social media because kids post things all the time. sheree: the homeowner there, then you think you have enough time to charge her cell phone really quick. this looks awful. but the little girl is ok.
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player is recovering after a freak accident during a game. the wisconsin girl went sliding onto the floor and was partially impaled by a splintered floorboard. you can see her come to an abrupt stop on the floor. the board had split in the middle and was stuck, in the young player. do you mean? are you hurt? s a piece of wood stuck to me. >> it was 3 to 4 inches long and in some parts, probably a quarter to a half inch deep. sheree: everyone was asked to leave the gym as the 8th grader was loaded up on a stretcher and spent the night at the hospital. none of her internal organs were hit by the wood. and she' s expected to be back on the court playing, soon. mike: gives you the chills when you hear that story. a fight over business rules and family values. sheree: how neighbors are reacting to a legal battle between west chester and a swingers club.
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timeline to equip cincinnati officers with body cameras. when they' ll start testing them out.
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you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. sheree: the fight to keep a sex club from opening in west chester just might be a losing battle for the township. >> the adult-oriented business took a big step closer today to setting up shop. the proposed site was on princeton-glendale road, near tylersville road. wlwt news 5' s jenell walton is leading the way, live in west chester with the testimony you' ll see only on wlwt. jenell? reporter: this is where the owners want to open the swingers club. west chester actually approved a license for the business, but that' s when the sex club took the township to court. west chester resident maxine thomas sat quietly in the courtroom listening to arguments for and against a new adult oriented sex club in west chester.
5:30 pm
christian, good-willed people. something like this in. why tempt? reporter: the attorney representing the sex club' s owners says the hearing isn' t about family values. he says the township approved the license, then tried to rescind it on a technicality. >> our clients had filed everything that they needed to file. one report on the fbi was slow getting back to the township. once they had it, it documented that our client was fully entitled to the license that they had applied for. reporter: the club submitted these floor plans, background checks and other documents. however, west chester argued the zoning department approved the license before the background checks were complete and that' s why the license was revoked. >> if a township official makes a mistake and prematurely issuing a permit can he fix it? reporter: the judge said the owners of the sex club had correctly completed the paperwork. >> i' m not making a value
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establishment. it' s well outside of my world, but this court has the duty to follow the letter of the law. reporter: maxine and her husband are still hoping the club never opens. >> we just feel that this type of club is just another step in the wrong direction. reporter: the owners of the sex club did win today, but their fight is not over. west chester has since put a moratorium on adult businesses. they' ll have to fight for a zoning permit next. jenell walton wlwt news 5. sheree: the adult club' s attorney says they will be moving forward with the request for a zoning permit. mike: a firmer timeline tonight on cincinnati' s plan for police body cameras. final testing starts in a couple of weeks. and the target date for the real thing is july 1. wlwt news 5'
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live with the next steps john. reporter: the big one is field testing. both daytime and overnight. that will be done on the west side starting a week from this sunday. district three officers will test two models. vivue and taser. those on the second shift will wear them during the month of march. then, night shift officers will wear them in april. a recommendation as to which one to go with will be made in may. then contract specifics will be drawn up. and if there are no hiccups, officers in the central business district will make them part of their standard uniform come july. >> i' m pretty certain it will be one of the two. i think that based on what we' ve seen and the research that our team has done so far, these are the two best systems that are on the market right now. >> we are going to be the ones that are the best practice that other people are going to be looking at. all the more reason why it'
5:33 pm
important that we get it right. reporter: over the final six months of the year, body worn cameras would be phased in across the 5 districts. at the end of the year, 700 officers will be equipped with them by the end of december. an evaluation of the system is already planned for january. chief isaac telling us this will he welcomes as a positive for his officers and for his community. mike: the city lost out on a federal grant for the body cams. but, it has $2.7 million identified to pay for them initially. a parents' fight to have their son' s one-day suspension wiped off his school record went before an appeals court today. sheree: the tolberts then 11-year-old son was suspended, along with two other boys at saint gabriel' s school. they say they were playing a staring game with a female
5:34 pm
she said they intimidated her. the tolberts' attorney told the court the school issued the punishment without a proper the school' s attorney says the principal, and not the courts, should decide the punishment. >> intimidation is not defined anywhere in the handbook. actually on page 15 of the the rules of conduct are left to be defined by the administration. >> paying attention to what the re saying they are not going to get involved in school matters and principals have all of the discretion, then where are the rights for the parents and the students? i think that' s what this case is really all about. sheree: the appeal judge is reviewing the arguments. meanwhile the tolberts' son will graduate from saint gabriel elementary this spring. mike: two men are in custody tonight after what police are calling a quick burglary arrest in delhi township. police say they responded to a theft yesterday on juvene way. a few hours later they arrested damon smith and jesse michel.
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of the stolen items. the two suspects are facing several burglary-related charges. sheree: a traffic stop turned dangerous for a local deputy. but fortunately he wasn' t hurt. it happened on beechmont avenue near lunken airport. the sheriff' s office says the deputy stopped someone on outstanding warrants. when another car hit the driver side of the cruiser. cincinnati police cited the driver who hit the cruiser. turning to commitment 2016. ohio' s governor campaigned in michigan this morning. mike: john kasich hosted a town hall outside detroit. governor kasich has campaigned in michigan for the past two days. today he heads back to south carolina to focus on that state' s primary. at the town hall kasich told voters the u.s. has plenty of problems to fix. but it will take both parties to make changes. john kasich: if you think that we' re going to fix social security by the republicans ramming something through, when you go to bed tonight, or when you wake up tomorrow morning, check under your pillow for the tooth fairy. it doesn'
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mike: governor kasich also talked about his work in ohio. and how he can translate that into working in the oval office. he emphasized using technology to pay bills more efficiently and help balance the budget. sheree: senator ted cruz is now fighting back. after donald trump threatened to sue him. cruz is now suggesting donald trump wouldn' t be a good role model as president. ted cruz: as conservatives continue to coalesce behind our campaign, donald gets angrier and angrier, and he simply begins yelling insults whenever anyone points to his record. sheree: senator cruz says trump uses vulgar language at his rallies. trump has asked cruz to apologize for what he calls lies. mike: the republican commitee' s chairman is now using black history month to sway voters. the head of the party headlined an event in columbus ohio today. republicans pitched it as a black history celebration. and a chance to engage black
5:37 pm
sheree: today is your last chance to register to vote in the ohio primary. will be open until 11:00 tonight to accept a per applications. it is for the march 15 primary. mike: president obama addressing the nomination for the u.s. supreme court. there is enough time to replace antonin scalia. >> i intent to nominate in due time, a very well-qualified candidate. if we are falling basic president, then that nominee will be presented before the committees and the vote will be taken and ultimately they will be confirmed. mike: the u.s. supreme court is honoring justice glia by stripping a black cloth over his chair and there' s a flag on the
5:38 pm
half staff for 30 days, he held the senior just to see jordan the court in 19 86. sheree: kentucky ranked for -- degrees, credentials up 59% in kentucky during 10-year period kentucky ranks 8th in nation in total degree, credential growth frankfort, ky. -the council on postsecondary education issued the kentucky completion report today that shows total degrees and credentials awarded grew 59% over a 10-year period, from 39,203 awards in 2003-04 to 62,339 awards in 2012-13. this growth at kentucky' s public two-year, four-year and independent sectors ranked the number of certificates grew by more than 12,000 awards >> it would not affect your day-to-day the posits or payments. mike: a mysterious illness reading at a kentucky university. the symptom several students reported at u.k.. plus. new recommendations for screening babies for autism. what researchers say about early
5:39 pm
sheree: education put on the why it' s not making headlines and the biggest concerns parents are reporting about schools. kevin: another chilly day today with highs only in the 30' s. afternoon high is in the 60' s. i will let you know you get in. i will return for a full in 1934, steak 'n shake decided another hamburger. a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. sheree: new tonight. doctors are trying to figure out what' s going around uk' s campus. they say more than a dozen students have reported swollen salivary glands in the past week and a half. the students tested negative for mumps. but the school is telling anyone with the symptom to visit the u.k. health service. they also urge sick students to stay away from others for 5 days or wear a mask. no reason to screen infants and toddlers for autism. that' s the latest conclusion from a national task force. it looked at the pros and cons of screening children between 18 and 30 months old for the condition. researchers say they couldn' t find enough evidence to advise
5:43 pm
with no symptoms of autism. it' s a big concern for parents. but so far the presidential race t turned education into a wlwt news 5 weeks. leading up to the ohio primary. nikole killion explains why the issue is getting left out. reporter: with concerns from terror to the economy dominating headlines. education is still at the head of the class for many voters. >> historically education has been a really important issue. reporter: policy expert rick hess on why it matters in 2016. >> people care about social security, they care about healthcare about roads and bridges and obviously they care a lot about schools and colleges but how much they focus on these things really depends on how the election plays out. >> when we look at data on how satisfied people are with public schools, they tend to assign quite favorable ratings to their schools in their local community even as they express concern
5:44 pm
reporter: topping the list of concerns, the cost of higher education, charter schools, and controversial academic standards like common core. >> republicans are hugely concerned about obama-era overreach. democrats have generally been lukewarm on it or split over it. reporter: something else to watch the re-write of no-child left behind, signed into law by president obama this past winter. >> that really should be where the conversation about education policy is taking place in the 2016 election cycle. reporter: another issue standardized testing. president obama has already recommended limits while an annual education survey finds a majority of democrats and republicans agree there' s too much emphasis on it. in washington, i' m nikole killion. mike: according to the most recent gallup poll only 3% of americans considered education to be the most important issue. our commitment 2016 coverage extends online.
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app. we have a candidate grid to help you see where all the candidates stand on the big issues. the egyptian diplomat who helped negiotiate a peace deal with israel has died. sheree: boutros boutros-ghali 90' s. he died at a cairo hospital today after he was admitted for a broken pelvis. he became the first arab and first african to become secretary general. he oversaw peace-keeping operations in bosnia, somalia and rwanda. >> unless we will receive a massive support from the donor countries, we will not be able to solve the problems of rwanda. sheree: the u.s. vetoed boutros-ghali' s bid for a second term. after he left the u.n.. he continued to work for human rights in egypt. he was 93-years-old. mike: pope francis asked
5:46 pm
s violence. today the pope celebrated mass in a state, that' s a hot-bed for mexico' s drug trade. the pope told priests and nuns not to resign themselves to the corruption. instead they should fight injustice, like the spanish bishop who founded the first seminary in mexico. cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: many of us managed to dutch snow overnight. we cannot shake the chilo today. it is not still terribly bad. we are in the upper 30' s feeling warmer when we has spent several days in the teens and 20' s. it is not only going to feel warmer but it is going to be warmer in time. upper 30' s across the ohio valley. i want to take you out west where they have been doing with record-setting heat from southern california down to the set -- southwest. this is the middle of february.
5:47 pm
s, 70' s, even 90' s. we are going to get a nice push of this warmed southwestern air that is going to move into here we are going to see a weather change of the next couple of days. that is very cold air to comes south over seven to 10 days. it is about to change though as it just removes out we will see milder air. we' ll see that push a very mild air across center part. it will fill the ohio valley by saturday and friday and we will see highs by the time we get to the upcoming weekend. it looks like we will finally enjoy temperatures above average for at least a few days around here. we' ve a few breaks in the crowds but those are going to be fairly stubborn. we will keep to the chilly side. 38 right now. we have our west wind at six.
5:48 pm
most of us are in the 30' s. a little bit colder in wilmington hillsboro. 35 in batesville right now. here' forecast. clouds are going to link around. it is going to look gloomy. s through dinnertime tonight. here' skirted the area was snow. seller kentucky and tennessee. that will miss us. give all this low cut cloud coverage that is all over the place. that is not going anywhere for these a few days. we will keep the clouds overnight tonight. by thursday we' ll be back into sunshine and that means warmer temperatures. no we' ll water systems to the area over the next couple of days. it was quiet through the end of the week around here. they are waiting for the clouds
5:49 pm
that should pick the warm-up into high gear heading into the weekend. 20 84 low tonight. underneath mostly cloudy skies. or tomorrow expect clouds linger, so chilly look for afternoon high in the mid to upper 30' s. 29 8:00 , 30' s by the late afternoon. here' s a late -- here' s a look at some day forecast. 37 on wednesday. 44 on thursday. and then knocking the door of 60 on friday. this is what you want to look at as you look at the end of the week around here. highs climbing into the 60' s this weekend. the night sue will be much much milder. in the 40' s. the next significant weather system will be a week cool front that will come through on sunday morning with a chance of rain. next seven to 10 days i air. i will not say that spring is here just yet but it is not the
5:50 pm
sheree: a new bug that could kill your i-phone. mike: the one setting on your device you don' t want to play with until apple comes up with a fix. sheree: plus it' s time to get in your cookie orders once again. how more companies hope to
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
s girl scout cookies. mike: oscar winner jennifer lawrence is showing she has a big heart. sheree: she announced a multi million dollar donation just in time for valentine' s day. the kentucky native will give two million dollars to a louisville children' s hospital. kosair hospital will create a cardiac center in lawrence' s name. her parents say she always wanted to help kids. she always thought she would be >> she always thought she would be a doctor, so she could come in here and fix them, but she' s doing her part. sheree: the new facility will help children recovering from procedures like open-heart surgery and heart transplants. lawrence challenged the louisville community to match her two million dollar gift. mike: a last-minute change at the grammy' s. rihanna missed her performance last night. her doctor put her on a two-day vocal rest for bronchitis. rihanna tweeted so sorry i couldn'
5:54 pm
thanks grammys and cbs for your thanks grammys and cbs for your support. sheree: don' t count the iphone out just yet. analysts say the company' s value could soar this year. drexel hamilton estimated last month' s sales were about even with december. that would be the best month-to-month january sales since the original i-phone. analysts think apple shares could double their current value in the coming year. also tonight going back in time can kill your i-phone. if you manually change your i-device' s date to may 19-70 or earlier. you might not be able to turn it back on after a re-start. apple says it' s working on a bug fix. but until then keep your i-pad and i-phones away from friends who like to play pranks. mike: i have never done that. it' s girl scout cookie season once again. i' ve my order in. you' re looking at the mega drop in sacramento. this year more and more
5:55 pm
t just for kids. several websites offer flavor pairings for your favorite cookies with wine or craft beers. and new research says millennials are big wine fans. the age group from 21 to 38 drank nearly half of all the wine sold in the u.s. last year. the wine market council says millennials drank enough wine to have two cases per person. but they found baby boomers drink the most often per week. sheree: big story this afternoon a whole -- a homeowner shoots and kills a burglar. moments before they pulled the chigger.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
also b from cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at 6:00. >> it is a small town there' s trouble in every town and you just have to take that stuff seriously. mike: two middle school girls arrested. charged with making a threat that closed down an entire school district today. how police quickly tracked down
5:59 pm
a bomb scare shuts down the entire dayton kentucky school district. classes and games are cancelled by the threat. good evening i' m mike dardis. i' m sheree paolello. sheree: and police say behind it all, are two 12-year-old girls. wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick is live in dayton with how social media helped police solve this case. reporter: it was pretty elaborate. if the students had put as much effort into a class project as they did trying to pull off a fake bomb threat they probably could have received an a. instead they' re getting a couple of fs, for felony. >> it' s an inconvenience but safety comes first. reporter: but two students accused of making the bomb threat, are learning some new terms today, ones not often associated with 12-year-old girls. >> both ended up charged with terroristic threatening, first degree.
6:00 pm
county juvenile justice center. reporter: dayton kentucky chief of police david halfhill says the girls used layers of social media accounts under phony names to make the threats. >> they tried covering their tracks but now days with electronic stamps, there' s just a trail of footprints everywhere. reporter: every school in the district was closed, affecting about 1000 students and their families, including john smallwood and two of his kids who go to dayton schools, when he heard it was a bomb scare, . >> i couldn' t believe it but i said at least they' re taking care of it. his daughter, a dayton senior, says closing was the right call. >> i' ve seen other schools with threats and stuff and they just try to figure out what' s going on and keep everybody safe so i think it' s good. reporter: dayton school administrators hope students get a powerful lesson, even with the doors of the school closed. >> kids got to be careful. what you transmit can be tracked back and will be tracked back, schools take this very


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