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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mark: now on news 5 today, we' re leading the way on a fatal two-car accident that has southbound 71 shut down this morning. a live report from the scene. lisa: a visitation today for a woman found shot to death in her car in middletown. the ongoing investigation and the developments in the case. mark: plus, a home invasion in lockland turns deadly. and now police are searching for another person. the detail that police say is helping the case. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today.
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we begin with breaking news. a deadly crash that has shut down southbound 71. lisa: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live at the scene with what we know about the crash. dan: good morning. we' re south of dana avenue. this is a wrong way crash where a woman was driving a great minivan -- gray minivan. we understand the van was going the wrong way and hit a small vehicle in the opposite direction. we understand a man died. the woman not taken to the hospital and stayed at the scene. how many people involved and if that woman was injured or anyone
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71 southbound expected to be closed through 8:00 a.m. this morning. it is going to be a situation where investigators will try to reconstruct this crash. the crash scene is very active and we are still working to get more information about how this all played out. we will follow the details and bring you up to date as we move through the morning. lisa: thank you. kyla: this could be a significant closure, especially if it lingers until 8:00. this is a long 71 just south of dana.
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will deal with this for a couple of hours. those lanes are blocked and you might want to use montgomery road or hop onto the norwood lateral. that is going to get busy later this morning. we have lighter volume of traffic over on 71. we will continue to keep you posted throughout the morning. mark: thank you. we are going to stay on top of this breaking story all day long. randi: good morning. we have cold and gloomy skies. by tomorrow, sunglasses may be something you may want to consider. we have cloudy skies across the area and maybe some areas of
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downtown cincinnati into northern kentucky, fort mitchell is seeing light snow and through anderson township and crossing into kellogg. expect the potential for a quick passing flurry through the area. through the day, generally it will look cloudy but a straight sprinkle cannot be ruled out. 30 degrees at cvg and springboro. a lot like yesterday minus the fog and the snow. 33 at noon. mark: thank you. a lockland man shoots and kills an intruder inside his home. lisa: and now police are looking for another person who may be involved. according to police, the man who lives at the home says four people broke into his home and threatened him with a knife. when officers arrived on scene, they found one man dead inside
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home. police say the homeowner is being cooperative. the other three people involved were still on scene when officers arrived and were questioned. >> the incident seems to be cleared very quick when we have cooperation, so we' re hoping that we have people that will tell us something and we can get this resolved within 24 hours. lisa: lockland police are also looking for a fifth person involved last seen driving a gold car from the scene. no charges have been filed at this time. mark: visitation will be held today for the middletown mom found shot to death in her car last week in dayton. visitation for brittany russell will begin at 11:00 this morning at the herr-riggs funeral home in middletown. a person of interest in the homicide was arraigned on unrelated drug charges just yesterday. police say russell was found killed with her 6-month-old baby in the back seat unharmed. lisa: two arrests were made overnight in relation to a valentine' s day kidnapping case in boone county. boone counties deputies say the victim was a construction worker
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they say the 22-year-old victim brought a woman to the quality inn around 10:00 that night. investigators say the woman stepped outside to take a phone call when a man barged in with a gun. with them to six atm' s to withdraw money. deputies say eventually a machine took the victim' s card. that' s when the suspects assaulted him. mark: investigators are still working this morning to find what caused the fire that killed a mason woman inside her home. a neighbor called 911 after spotting the fire on olympia drive tuesday morning. the coroner identified the woman as romma hunt. no one else was found inside. one neighbor banged on the front door of the home repeatedly trying to save anyone inside. but the fire was just too big for anyone to go inside to try to help. >> when i wake up, there was big smoke. i mean, huge. when they open in the front, the big flame coming out, so they
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mark: it' s also unclear if there were working smoke detectors in the home. lisa: a major development gets underway in cincinnati today. mark: the groundbreaking takes place for the renovation of ziegler park, which many hope will reduce crime along sycamore wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way in over-the-rhine with the new additions. andrew? t too many years ago that the old school for creative and performing arts brought some of the city' s best and brightest kids to this area. now there is hope that the expansion will bring kids back here. zeigler park here along sycamore street is getting a big money expansion. it' s a project that could anchor the eastern end of over-the-rhine. zeigler park will get the city' s only deep water pool, a new playground, new landscaping and a 400 car parking garage. it' s being financed by 3cdc and
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the zeigler park renovation is a chance to bring new energy and excitement to the area. >> bring children in, make it safe, program the area, attract, go out and recruit kids to come in and take basketball camps or swim lessons and those sorts of things. andrew: the groundbreaking ceremony will take place later this morning. they will talk about why this project is good for the city. mark: thank you. dayton independent schools in kentucky will be back open this morning after a bomb threat cancelled classes and games on tuesday. police arrested two 12-year-old girls, both accused of using social media and saying they were going to bomb the schools. officials say the girls didn' t pose an actual threat, but they are charged with terrorist threatening. is accusing the sewer district of building its pipes the wrong
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commissioners say the problem has cost residents $100 million. they say the metropolitan sewer district ignored its own recommendations on 98% of its sewer projects. a public hearing on a new rule for standards starts at 11:30 this morning at the county administration building. lisa: the last man to lead the reds to the world series is now going to lead the opening-day parade. lou piniella will be the grand marshal on april 4th. "sweet lou" recently returned to the reds as a senior advisor. he famously managed the 1990 reds to their wire-to-wire championship, and he got out of the dugout six years ago after four years in chicago. mark: one of the best to ever do it. sweet lou. randi: we have a little bit of a light snow, but it is not going to stick around for a long. take a look. you can see we have had the
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rolled through the 275 little and exiting to the southeast. in through kentucky, north of sparta, you are seeing some light snow along 71. there is not a lot. it shouldn' t be around by the time the kids head to the bus stop. 28 degrees. this afternoon, it doesn' t look all that pretty, right around 36 degrees. lisa: a night of college basketball ahead. mark: and a game last night that leaves a local team with 56 straight wins. more in your morning sports. lisa: and a good deed gone viral. how one lucky woman passed on her good fortune. mark: 4:40, 29 degrees. you' re waking up to cincinnati' s
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. mark: dan griffin is live at the scene with what we know about the accident. dan: we are south of dana avenue . you can see there is nothing
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this is a deadly wrong way crash. the van looks like a honda odyssey. they are not able to tell us where these people are from. we could see this man does have ohio tags. this van was going the wrong way. the woman was driving the wrong direction on southbound 71 and smashed into a car. demand died -- the man di ed, according to cincinnati police. they expect 71 to be shut down until 8:00 a.m.. we are working to get new information. we just found out this crash happened just after 3:00 a.m. we'
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lisa: thank you. a second grader is giving back to those who helped save his life. mark: miriah turner joins us now with the details as well as other stories trending this morning. miriah: last tuesday, second-grader gage hilmes fell down during p.e. and was unresponsive. this week, after some time in the hospital, gage is doing better and he' s now giving back to emergency crews who helped him. along with a bag of candy to one kansas highway patrol trooper, he gave a card, simply saying "thank you." for gage and his mother, they say showing their appreciation was an easy thing to do. more than two decades after his big adventure, pee-wee herman is back. not on the big screen, but in the new netflix movie "pee-wee' s big holiday." paul reubens, who stars in the iconic role he first took on more than 35 years ago, co-wrote the script. netflix released a full trailer tuesday just over a month before the film'
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date. there you go. mark: great makeup. miriah: and a woman who won the lottery quickly spends all her winnings, but it was all for a great cause. sofia lorena, a single mother of three in massachusetts, saw glen williams, a homeless man, after she won $200 from a scratch-off ticket. when she learned he would be sleeping in the cold, she bought him a cup of coffee and paid for a two-night stay at a local inn. she also started a crowdfunding charity which raised more than $1,900 in less than 24 hours for williams. now she' s looking for stable housing and her friends continue to suppy food and clothes for and continuing to change his life. she said he deserved it more than i do. two good stories today and i am feeling good. lisa: thank you. randi: let' s talk about the
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one more day of the cold stuff. right now we do have cloudy skies across the area. that is a burst of snow into clermont county. batavia, you are seeing those snow showers into williamsburg. it does extend across the river. this is one little line moving through. i have this picture via twitter yesterday. slush y sidewalks yesterday. warmer weather this weekend. guys? mark: thank you. the thomas more saints women' s basketball program currently enjoying a 56-game winning streak. lisa: and one player' s leadership on the court is being recognized.
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sports. george: xavier is back on the floor tonight against providence. welcome back. we had action last night. todd johnson leading with 14 points and getting two on the nice drive. nky would get no closer. detroit gets the win. ohio state hosting michigan. he makes a nice play for the buckeyes. the replay is much nicer. 76-66 over michigan. ooh, the troubles continue for the red hots, falling to ball state.
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cigars could be the big item at the opening-day parades. lupin lou piniella was recently added as a senior advisor to the reds. the division 3 national player of the week. they made it 56 wins in a row last night. points. let' s introduce our latest primetime performer of the week. c..j. frederick has the story of the super sophomore. dropped 20 points, hoping to lead their team to a win. >> people think i am just a
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basket. i can hit the open three. i am an all-around score, i think. >> what you do not see is all the hard work he puts in behind the scenes. >> he does a lot on his own, and his driveway, at a rec center. i know he is a student of the game. all those things culminate into his improving every game. >> i am here to present the primetime performer to c.j. frederick. congratulations. >> reporting from covington catholic. george: they had a win last
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xavier in action tonight at the cintas center. louisville is an action as well. that is all the sports for now. we will have more coming up later in the day. mark: 4:50 your time. the weather is not going to be an issue this morning. we have other issues out there. randi is here. randi: one more day,guys. it does look way better. one last cool and gloomy day. generally cloudy, upper 30' s. sunshine returns tomorrow. 60 degrees on friday. this morning, starting out with some flurries and snow showers into clermont county and moving
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batavia, new richmond, and they will move south toward bethel. it is not a lot, a quick burst of flurries and snow showers. generally the bigger story will be the colder temperatures. it feels like 24. noon, we' re just above freezing and will stay on the gloomy side all day. trying to get a glimmer of hope this afternoon that the clouds will part. the clouds will clear out tonight. check it out. thursday, you may need the sunglasses in the afternoon. temperatures into the mid 40' s by tomorrow. 60 degrees on friday.
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we could see a quick sprinkle this evening. 22 tonight. it will be chilly again tonight. you can see 37 today. 44 tomorrow. a little on the breezy side, 60 degrees on friday and saturday. that could be some showers early on sunday. temperatures next week' s day above freezing and above average. mark: thank you. tension is growing overseas following north korea' s rocket launch. four u.s. f-22 stealth fighters were seen flying over south korea today. the planes are capable of sneaking past radar undetected. just last month, the u.s. sent a nuclear-capable bomber to south korea after north korea' s fourth nuclear test. lisa: nevada rancher cliven bundy has been denied bail. federal prosecutors are calling bundy lawless and violent.
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2014 standoff with officials trying to round cattle grazing illegally near his ranch. bundy was arrested in oregon last week when he arrived to support his sons, who are accused of leading an occupation at a wildlife refuge. flint, michigan, residents are speaking out, and the u.s. government is listening. mark: the u.s. surgeon general is in flint to hear about how residents are being affected by the water crisis. residents have plenty of questions for the nation' s doctor. the biggest -- are the water filters fixing the issue? the doctor says the filters are working. he also says that even though federal resources are already being provided, more needs to be done. >> these are people who, despite all the challenges they' ve had, still feel they want to stay in this town and be apart of making it better. mark: the surgeon general says he will do everything on his end to make sure flint has the resources it needs. lisa: in the political world, donald trump is creating a buzz
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republican jeb bush. the trump campaign purchased the rights to and now that address sends you to donald trump' s campaign site. so far, the bush campaign has not commented on trump' s latest move. mark: timeout to check in with kyla. kyla: it is going to be a mess. right now we have lighter volume of traffic. you should be good to go on the alternate routes. this is southbound 71 closed at dana. as you can see, green flowing in that direction. we have a lighter volume of traffic. later we will get a lot more cars out there. 19 minutes across the river on 71, 75. 18 minutes on 74 from the
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the lateral is one of your alternates to take over to 75. we will continue to cover it all morning long. mark: thank you. we have a fatal early-morning car accident that has southbound 71 shut down. we have live crews at the scene bringing you the latest. lisa: a judge ordering apple to help the fbi. the cell phone the government wants unlocked that could contain information about the san bernardino attack. mark: taking a live look outside morning. 29 degrees. stay with us. you' re waking up to cincinnati'
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lisa: new developments in the investigation into the alleged mass shooters in san bernardino, california. why tech company apple is now getting involved. mark: an alleged home intruder dead in lockland. why the man who lives at the home says he was forced to shoot. lisa: and breaking this morning, a fatal car wreck on i-71. how police say it happened and what we know about the victims so far. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today.
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5:00 a.m. on your wednesday. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. breaking news of a crash on 71. dan griffin is live at the crash scene now with the latest. dan: we are south of dana avenue. you can see traffic is still passing by northbound. if you are trying to get into the city, it is not happening. you can see a gray minniv ivan which is part of the investigation. the van was going the wrong way on 71 and smashed into a black chevy cavalier, a very small vehicle.


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