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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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5:00 a.m. on your wednesday. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. breaking news of a crash on 71. dan griffin is live at the crash scene now with the latest. dan: we are south of dana avenue. you can see traffic is still passing by northbound. if you are trying to get into the city, it is not happening. you can see a gray minniv ivan which is part of the investigation. the van was going the wrong way on 71 and smashed into a black chevy cavalier, a very small vehicle.
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ivan. we can assume she is from ohio. that happened around 3:00 or so. a significant crash, holding up traffic and expecting to be an issue until 8:00 a.m. police do not believe anyone else is involved. one man was killed upon impact from the van. we are working to get more information. crash reconstruction crews are here on the scene. this could pose some big issues for people heading into the city this morning. kyla: it could be an issue throughout the morning. this is a main thoroughfare for people having into the city.
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morning. south of the norwood lateral, which is one of your alternates. you can take that over to 75 and take 75 into downtown. 71 at victory parkway, you can see all of those lanes are still shut down. we will let you know if the closure lifts earlier. you shouldn' t see too many delays on 75. you can take reading road or montgomery road. you have a couple of different ways you can go. no problems or delays in on 75. we check in now with randi rico. snow showers.
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a couple of flurries near the dana exit. most of the snow into clermont county. bethel and williamsburg are seeing light snow. this is moving to the south and east. showers through greater cincinnati. another through portions of ripley county. or snow showers for the next hour or so. right now we' re sitting at 30 degrees. today looks similar to yesterday. cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. make it through today, sunshine returns starting tomorrow. mark: a lockland man shoots and kills an intruder inside his home, leaving police with the first homicide of 2016.
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lives at the home says four men broke into his home and threatened him with a knife. the call initially came in just after 2:00 tuesday afternoon for a burglary in progress. when officers arrived on scene, they found one man dead inside shot by the man who rents the home. police say the homeowner is being cooperative. the other three people involved were still on scene when officers arrived and were questioned at the hamilton county sheriff' s office. >> the incident seems to be cleared very quick when we have cooperation, so we' re hoping that we have people that will tell us something and we can get this resolved within 24 hours. mark: lockland police are also looking for a fifth person involved, last seen driving a gold car from the scene. investigators have not released the name of the victim or the man who shot him. lisa: a suspect in a deadly shooting in westwood is expected in court today, indicted on 15 charges. anthony rosemond is charged in a gun battle that killed 24-year-old jonathan austin and left three others hurt in december. the grand jury indicted rosemond
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drug and gun charges. rosemond is being held on a $500,000 bond. mark: an update in the san bernardino terrorist attack. a judge is now ordering a mega tech brand to assist the fbi in the case. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk to tell us more now. miriah: a judge is ordering apple to help the fbi unlock a cell phone owned by one of the people responsible for the san bernardino terror attack. the iphone in question was used by syed rizwan farook. he and his wife opened fire at a holiday party in san bernardino last december, killing 14 people. the two were later killed in a shootout with police. the phone was provided to farook by his former employer, the san bernardino county health department, and county officials have given their consent to search the phone. the fbi has said it has tried to unlock the phone for two months without success. the judge' s order requires apple to disable a feature that wipes the phone' s data after 10
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that would let fbi experts try millions of password combinations without threatening the data. apple has said it cannot unlock newer iphones for law enforcement. that' s because the phones are engineered in such a way that apple does not have a key to break the encryption. but the judge' s order in this case is not asking apple to break the encryption, simply disable the fail-safe erasing feature. apple is now vowing to fight the court order. lisa: zika worries spreading in central ohio. seven potential cases are now in the cdc' s hands. the concerns center in columbus and franklin county. health officials say the specimens involved people who recently traveled out of the u.s. it could take another three weeks for test results. >> those are individuals who have all traveled to one of the affected countries where we know zika' s is being actively transmitted by mosquitoes. lisa: zika is linked to severe birth defects. generally the virus is not life-threatening.
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the spread of hepatitis c fueled by the region' s heroin epidemic. the northern kentucky health department now has the approval to open its first needle exchange in williamstown. the goal is to reduce the number of hep c cases by stopping drug addicts from sharing needles. the health department says last year alone there were 1100 cases of hepatitis c in northern kentucky. lisa: two puppies found next to a dumpster in louisville in the freezing cold are ready to be adopted. we told you last week about the rumpke worker who found four puppies inside a small storage container. two were already dead. the kentucky humane society took the other two in. after being cared for, samson and gregory are ready for adoption. so many people want them, the humane society is holding a lottery. the deadline to enter is today. mark: time now to check in with kyla woods. kyla: i wish traffic was in his cute as those puppies.
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all of those lanes are closed on the southbound side near dana. you might not be able to see it but emergency vehicles are still on the scene. we will continue to update you on that. 75, montgomery road, for reading road are your best alternate. things look good northbound toward the 275 loop and beyond. 74 looks good and clear east and westbound at harrison. you take 71 coming in. randi: i joe pass their right after it happened this morning there. snow showers are falling in some spots. we do have snow through portions
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brown county and northern kentucky. williamsburg and bethel are seeing the snow. it is sliding to the south and east. temperature-wise, most places close to freezing this morning. for the morning commute, quick flurries early this morning. in the next couple of hours those are gone. for the drive home, still a gloomy look. the skies will clear out tonight. guys? mark: thank you. republican candidates gearing up to take the stage tonight. an update on the body camera' s for cincinnati' s police department. lisa: outside live on your
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degrees. mark: good morning. 30 degrees right now. we are staying on top of breaking news. a wrong way driver on 71 the car collided with another vehicle at the dana avenue exit. at least one person is dead. another update live from the scene coming up just ahead. for the first time ever, a case against an alleged isis supporter is going to trial in a phoenix court. opening statements in abdul kareem' s case are expected to begin today. abdul kareem is accused of providing material support to isis. officials are connecting him to a thwarted terrorist plot in texas last year.
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elton simpson and nadir soofi were shot by police outside an event featuring cartoon drawings of the prophet muhammad. lisa: all of the gop presidential candidates are gearing up for various south carolina town hall discussions. msnbc will host back-to-back prime-time specials, with donald trump and ohio governor john kasich. trump' s town hall will air at 8:00 p.m. eastern. before that, the town hall with governor kasich is expected to air at 7:00 tonight. for the rest of the gop field, three of the candidates will appear in a town hall in greenville, south carolina, with ben carson, ted cruz, and marco rubio. cnn' s anderson cooper will be the moderator for the event, which is expected to air at 8:00 p.m. eastern. mark: the food and drug administration is recommending that u.s. blood banks refuse donations from people who have travelled to countries where the zika virus is active in the prior four weeks. it' s part of a set of guidelines meant to protect the blood supply from the mosquito-borne
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establishments turn away donors who may have had sexual contact with someone who has traveled to a zika-affected country in the last three months. a firmer timeline on cincinnati' s plan for police body cameras. final testing starts in a couple of weeks. lisa: the target date for the real thing is july 1st. miriah turner tells us about the next steps. miriah: good morning. the big one is field testing. both daytime and overnight. that will be done on the west side starting a week from this sunday. district three officers will test two models. vivue and taser. those on the second shift will wear them during the month of march. then, night shift officers will wear them in april. they will then take recommendations and chose which one will be made in may. then contract specifics will be drawn up, and if there are no hiccups, officers in the central business district will make them part of their standard uniform come july. the year, body-worn cameras
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five districts. a total of 700 officers will be equipped with them by the end of december. an evaluation of the system is already planned for january. sheree: two state champions celebrated in one night. in case you missed it, that was one of our top stories last night at 11:00. summit country day unveiled two pictures inside flannery gym. the silver knights won both the girls and boys state title in soccer last fall. each student-athlete from the team will be honored on the gym' for the girls' team, 2015 was a perfect 24-0 and a second state title in five years. >> they were eighth-graders, and again, i remember having conversations with some of them about wanting to get their picture up on the wall and working for that, so i think that was something that inspired some of the kids that were here to try and make that goal as well. sheree: last night' s ceremony took place before the summit
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i will see you back here for wlwt news 5 starting at 5:00 p.m. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: good morning. make it through one more gloomy day. sunshine returns and temperatures start to warm up. temperature-wise, right where we were yesterday. about 60 degrees on friday. this morning we are starting out with some flurries and snow showers. as we zoom on in, moving out of batavia along 68 and down towards georgetown. that line extends into kentucky, augustine, butler- very light flurries. for most of you, it is mostly light flurries south of not or
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right now, only clouds will remain. temperatures close to 30 degrees at cvg. 30 in springboro. this afternoon, most places in the upper 30' s with overcast skies. auto show opens tonight at 5:00. 8:00 tonight, the clouds will cincinnati. a passing flurry or sprinkle as possible into the evening hours. maybe a sprinkle tonight. there could be a few clouds around tomorrow morning but by lunchtime they are out of here. 60 or so by friday.
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22 tonight as the clouds clear out. 59 by friday. 62 on saturday. sunday morning there could be some rain showers early. temperatures above average into next week. big issues this morning on the roads on 71 south. kyla: we still have it shut down. that is our big traffic headline. another look live at the scene, 71 at dana. all of the lanes are completely closed. you want to use the norwood lateral to take to75. you can avoid this entirely with montgomery road or reading road southbound toward downtown.
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interchange, 65 miles per hour. five minutes up to the daniel carter beard bridge. a quick look if you are traveling along that area of the greater cincinnati commute. the biggest problem is the 71 closure. lisa: thank you. a new initiative to beautify city parks. winners coming forward in the billion dollar powerball jackpot from last month. a news conference planned today in florida. mark: 30 degrees right now. you' re waking up to cincinnati'
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wlwt news 5 today. lisa: good morning and welcome back. hope it is a great start for you. a new effort to replace thousands of trees destroyed by the emerald ash borer infestation. mark: middletown wants to bring back the beauty of its parks. kyla: and now there' s ways for you to get involved in the replanting process. in middletown, more than 200 ash trees have been lost in the last seven years at city parks, and they' ve only been able to replace 25 of them. because parks are generally low on any city budget, leaders have now announced an initiative to get the public involved. it'
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donations for the city to replant trees. they' re calling it the middletown ohio tree project. the money would buy 12 new established trees for the parks. the city' s launched an online campaign to raise enough money to buy 12 new trees in the next >> you' ve got to take care of the police department, the fire department, repave the roads, and keep the water on. so parks are low on the priority list. so when you get programs like this where people can get involved, because parks are so important for everyone who uses the parks, there are a lot of activities at the parks. kyla: the city hopes to raise $500 to buy the new trees. we have a link to the fundraising site on mark? mark: thank you. getting ready for the cincinnati expot .
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they open at 5:00 tonight. it will run through the weekend on sunday. lisa: remember the record-breaking powerball drawing last month with a jackpot worth more than $1.5 billion? of course you do. well, the world is about to meet one of the three lucky winners from that drawing. one of the tickets was sold at a publix grocery store in melbourne beach, florida, and that winner will reveal himself, or herself, today. a tennessee couple was the first to come forward. they took a lump-sum payout more than $187 million after taxes. a third winning ticket was sold in california, but that winner hasn' t come forward yet. mark: what are they waiting for? randi: people to forget about it . you know what i mean? we do have some snow showers. right now brown county is seeing the heaviest snow.
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the 68 corridor. sardinia is getting some snow. it will slide toward augustine. bethel also seeing snow showers early this morning. the rest of the day, generally cloudy. 6:00 this morning, 28. 35 by 6:00 this evening. things are warming into the 40' s tomorrow and near 60 on friday and saturday. mark: thank you. a murdered middletown mom being remembered today. >>
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"name your price tool" phase. whatever. mark: commitment 2016 hitting the state of ohio. how voters can weigh in early part lisa: two arrests made after an alleged induction and robbery. how a man from out of town was forced to empty his bank account. mark: the latest on a deadly crash on i-71. how police believe it happened and what we know about the victims. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone.
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lisa: kyla woods is here staying on top of breaking news. a deadly crash shouting down i-71. [please stand by] ll kyla: all lanes closed. randi: some of these live shots we saw some flurries around. those flurries shifting south. let' s get to the radar. cloudy skies for everybody but over the last couple hours, a band of snow showers has rolled through. all on the light side but right now the heaviest batch of those right along 68 in through central portions of brown county. from bethel right along the central part of the county in torts sardegna. russellville you' re about to get some of the snow showers. folks in maysville, winchester could see some flurries and light snow showers over the next hour to 90 minutes as this inc. rolls off to the south and east. over the last two hours, moving
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once this line passes this side, with cloudy skies for the rest of the day. our temperatures are at or below freezing. a quick coating especially in county. temperaturewise a lot like yesterday. 8:00 a.m. 28. today 37. s give the latest on the situation on 71 south. kyla: all lanes close. as you know, many of you know if you use this as your morning commute, this could cause a snag. this is supposed to linger until 8:00 this morning. here is a look on the map where this is. 71 southbound you will lose all of those lanes near dana. you want to cut over on the norwood lateral. we' re seeing pretty decent speeds on i-75 as well. that is a great alternate. you have montgomery road and reading road to head into downtown. those lanes are clear as well. taking a look you can see off in
5:31 am
s a look at 71 and dana. no lanes making it past the site getting off to the ramp toward dana. if you want to use that, you can still do that but you want to morning. as you had outside, we want to check in again with dan griffin live at the scene with more on that deadly wrong way crash. dan: good morning to you. what we know right now, a woman was driving a gray van according to police the wrong way cheer on i-71 southbound. we ourselves on dana avenue. this crash happening at 3:00 a.m., that van smashing into a black chevy cavalier killing a man instantly. i' m going to step out of the way see you can get a better look. this scene has gotten much more active in the past few minutes. we have got several firetrucks. i believe maybe one. we also have
5:32 am
they have out tow trucks. they' re trying to move that black chevy cavalier. that gray minivan it has ohio tags. what we can get from that, that person driving that van, that woman must be from ohio. it is not clear what played into this crash. if there are any factors. investigators say drugs and alcohol are not considered a factor just yet but it is not clear. they are trying to pull this together. crash reconstruction teams are also hear pulling pieces of this together. we' ve seen them using tools on i-71 southbound trying to piece how this came together. at this point, a lot of questions. were drugs and alcohol a factor, was speed a factor? right now we know the driver was going the wrong way. the woman was going the wrong way. but a lot more questions to be answered. also, the morning commute is going to be a bit of a hassle. they are expecting i-71 southbound south of dana to be closed until 8:00 a.m.
5:33 am
is going to play out. any way of how this crash played out. we will bring it to you. lisa: we' ll check back. thank you. 5:33. a major development gets underway in cincinnati. mark: the groundbreaking takes place for the renovation of ziglar park. andrew setters leading the way in over the rhine today. andrew: the construction fences are up. take place later today. the play field are getting a makeover. we will see some big changes. ziegler park changing with a price tag of $15 million. you will see you new parking garage, new pool and playground. it is a big investment. friendly. it is a chance to create a modernized, inviting community
5:34 am
the developer has been focused on the power of a space like this. to bring about positive change. >> bring children in, make it safe, program the area, attract, go out and recruit kids to come in and take basketball camps or swim lessons and those sorts of things. andrew: the crown breaking ceremony will take place later this morning. we get an idea of construction the rhine. mark: thank you. two arrests were made overnight in relation to a valentine' s day kidnapping case in boone county. boone counties deputies say the victim was a construction worker from out of town. they say the 22-year-old victim brought a woman to the quality inn around 10:00 that night. investigators say the woman stepped outside to take a phone call when a man barged in with a gun. with them to six atm' s to withdraw money. machine took the victim' that'
5:35 am
assaulted the victim. >> absolutely armed. he came in with a handgun. how dangerous? somebody points a handgun at me, i consider that dangerous. yes, absolutely. mark: deputies are not releasing exactly how or where the victim met the woman at this time. lisa: i dearborn county do for of a pretrial charged with sex crimes against children. rowkowk s facesi 12 charges of child abuse and molestation. all victims are between the ages of four and 10. mark: investigators working to cause the foot -- to find out what caused the fire that killed a woman inside her home. a neighbor called 911 after spotting the fire on olympia drive tuesday morning. the coroner identified the woman as romma hunt. no one else was found inside. one neighbor banged on the front door of the home repeatedly
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lisa: visitation will be held p today for the middletown mother found shot to death in her car last week in dayton. visitation for brittany russell will begin at 11:00 this morning at the herr-riggs funeral home in middletown. a person of interest in the homicide was arraigned on unrelated drug charges just yesterday. police say russell was found killed with her 6-month-old baby in the back seat unharmed. ohio voters will weigh in on the race for the white house starting today. as early voting begins in the ohio primary. good morning. . >> the ohio primary is set for march 15 but voters can start voting today. voters can cast absentee battle -- ab ballots. the golden week has been eliminated. you can no longer register to vote and cast a ballot at the same time. if you want to cast a ballot in person you have to visit the board of elections. hours have changed for the board
5:37 am
officials say it should make it easier for voters to submit ballots in person as primary day approaches during the third week of the early voting process, the board of elections will be open on sunday. in the fourth week, it will stay open until 7:00 on weekdays. mark: let' s check in with randi. good morning. randi: cloudy and cold for everybody but areas southeast of the 70 one quarter were still dealing with snow showers. right now brown county getting hardest hit. and portions of bracken county in kentucky. down to georgetown, looks like moving towards winchester, decatur, ripley, augustus seeing some lighter snow showers. because this is going over aer reas, were yesterday had some snow, this can be an additional coating. a quick moving line flurries to start the day. of maybe a stray sprinkle later
5:38 am
this afternoon, 36. but it is the last cool afternoon this week. a big-time warm-up in the forecast and a couple minutes. there is a big issue on 71 south near dana. kyla: all those laying still southbound near dana. -- all those lanes still a wrong way vehicle resulting in a deadly crash. disclosure could linger for quite some time. here is another live look. you can see several emergency vehicles on scene. your alternates, you want to i-75. you also have a couple of sidestreets you can take or main author affairs off the interstate. montgomery road or reading road. here' s a look elsewhere, 74 at montana, east and west are looking good. a few extra cars out there heading in the eastbound direction.
5:39 am
here is a look at union center. our fake story, that 71 shut down. we will have more on that from dan griffin -- our big story, the 71 shut down. lisa: dayton independent schools opening after classes were canceled tuesday. . mark: the charges to students are facing. lisa: a possible when in a battle over a sex club in winchester. how the shop' s owner is a step closer to opening up shop. mark: 5:40, 30 degrees. you'
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lisa: we continue to lead the way on breaking news. a fatal two-car accident has southbound 71 shut down at dana. you' re looking live at the scene. a driver was going the wrong way south and hit another car near the dana avenue accent. crews remain on the scene. the road is expected to remain completely closed until at least 8:00 this morning. mark: let' s get a check on the forecast. randi rico here with details. randi: we are starting out with cloudy skies and temperatures are right where they were yesterday. we are only going to be in the upper 30' s. this morning, we are dealing with another line of snow showers. right now, those are coming down the study is through brown county, rolling over into adams county. dealing with another potential
5:42 am
it does cross the river near augusta and ripley. in southeastern indiana, couple floors. a few light flurries about to cross over the ohio river. light snow showers to start the day. but the date feature of the forecast, the big-time warm-up to start tomorrow. we will have that for you in a couple minutes. lisa: the fight to keep a sex club from opening in winchester -- in westchester might be a losing battle. mark: the adult oriented business just took a big step closer to setting up shop. miriah: the owners are trying to buy the location on harward court off commercial drive. the attorney representing the owner says the hearing was not about family values. he says the township approved the license and then try to resend it on a technicality. the club submitted floor plans, background checks and other documents. west chester argued the zoning
5:43 am
were complete. that is why the license was revoked. the judge ruled the sex club submitted the proper paperwork but westchester has a moratorium on adult businesses. the club' s attorney says they will move forward with a request for a zoning permit. mark: at 5:45 now, dayton independent schools in kentucky will be back open this morning after a bomb threat cancelled classes and games tuesday. police arrested two 12-year-old girls, both accused of using social media and saying they were going to bomb the schools. officials say the girls didn' t pose an actual threat, but they are charged with terrorist threatening. lisa: cincinnati parents are holding a walk in to support cincinnati public schools. more than 50 schools in the area are participating in the walk in for public education. parents will gather 20 minutes before the start of the school day and walk into their public school buildings to show support. a full list of purchase debating
5:44 am
shedding light on the dark side of technology and social media. mark: sheree paolello joins us with a warning for paris to keep mobile activity. sheree: a warning every parent needs to see. an investigative reporter has learned of a disturbing case of social media abuse that has gone way too far. a local student whose pictures have shown up on a social media site without her or her parents knowledge. investigators say cyber schemers are using social media apps most parents have never heard up, like yikyak, scout school. and messaging apps can put young people in dangerous situations. to be responsible with it. it is the one thing that our parents. >> school district are trying to teach parents how to keep up. dark side of social media. 6:00.
5:45 am
hen. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecasts. randi: all right, guys, make it through one more day and things are looking up big time as we head to the weekend. one last cool and gloomy day today. we are starting out with a couple of light snow showers. sunshine makes its glorious return tomorrow. and then warmer temperatures follow, up near 60 by friday. this morning, we are talking more about snow rather than son, as we take a look areas to the southeast of the 275 loop. light flurries downtown. right now more intense snow showers rolling slowly through parts of around county. along the corridors. that yesterday had a decent amount of snow. along 62 as you head south crossing over towards ripley, winchester, decatur and down towards germantown in kentucky. i will loom this out. heaviest and brown moving into adams county.
5:46 am
county in kentucky. crossing over from ohio into ohio river. morning. day. once they are out of here, most places do not see them again. 30 degrees our current temperature. no windchill to speak up. the temperatures look similar to yesterday. up to around freezing at upper 30' s. by tomorrow, we jump above average and stay there through the weekend. peter caster showing cloudy skies all day. skies may try to -- futurecast is showing cloudy skies all day. this does not happen until late tonight. tomorrow morning, clouds continue to thin. by lunchtime tomorrow, you may want to use the sunglasses. winds helping to drive temperatures into the 40 starting tomorrow.
5:47 am
22 for the low tonight very tomorrow bring on the sunshine. the warmer air in place. on friday, breezy and 59. saturday at 62. the best parts of the weekend will be friday and saturday. sunday not bad but we may wake up to a couple of showers early in the morning. then typical february s. s check the roads. on 71. kyla: we do not have any other that is our biggest issue. it remains and will linger into 8:00 this morning. another look out there. you can see at the top of your screen, traffic diverted onto dana. you will not be able to access any lanes on 71 south down. your alternates -- take the norwood lateral to 75. 75 is still clear. you should not run into any delays. here is a look at your travel times. 17 minutes on 71 out of warren county down to the lateral. you can cut over to 75.
5:48 am
we will continue to have those alternates for you. montgomery road or reading road another possibility to get around that accident. mark: thank you. when we continue, the pope takes a tumble during his visit to central america. lisa: caught on camera, how we schools the person responsible. mark: a good deed gone viral. how one lucky woman passed on her good fortune. lisa: outside live on your wednesday, hope it is a great start. stay tuned. more weather and traffic together to check on your
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mark: welcome back. as we take a live look outside. we will have the latest on the breaking news on i-71 coming up in a moment. lisa: we are checking stories trending this morning. mark: the pope delivers a scolding during his visit in mexico. the pope was shaking hands with well-wishers at a stadium when it appears someone pulled on his garment and knocked him over onto a child in a wheelchair. pope francis was not hurt or you can see he quickly scolded those responsible for their behavior. the public address announcer had to average the excited crowd to stay call. it wraps up his visit to mexico today. lisa: the 140th annual westminster dog show wrapped up last night. there were some funny moments. dario does not seem concerned when one of the most famous dog
5:52 am
through his handler' s pockt ets. e. he gained a lot of fans on the internet. look at that. no more treats for you. mark: none. tesla getting kid fraley. radio flyer which makes famous red wagons announced on its website it will begin shipping mini tesla cars for kids. it includes working headlines and a trunk in the front of the car. it can help reach a top speed of six miles per hour. in the price range, relatively affordable $499. lisa: why dno' t we - -don' t we bump it up to $500? mark: by the time you get the extended warranty. a massachusetts lottery winner did not win much but she used it to make one homeless man feel like one million bucks.
5:53 am
more about the selfless act that is touched so many good morning. a ticket and instead of the single mom keeping achieved took a gel lenn williams has been homeless for three years and generosity. the story went viral and so did the good will. a barber gave him a haircut. other people donated warm weather gear. a child made a valentine' s day card for him. >> -- help. kyla: as of last night, the gofundme page has raised $11,000 for glenn. lisa: a deadly crash on i-71. we have a live look at the scene
5:54 am
what investigators are saying about the crash and what it means for the morning commute. mark: battling an outbreak pretty efforts to stop the break -- the spread of hpe c in -- hep c in cincinnati. randi: a chance for a couple of flurries and light snow showers southeast of the 275 looop. temperatures the same as yesterday. by tomorrow, my goodness, is that sunshine in the seven day forecast? temperatures climbing as we head into the weekend. come back. want to show you a live look right now inside the cincinnati auto expo that begins tonight at the duke energy convention center. it runs from 5:00 until 9:00
5:55 am
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lisa: breaking news. i-71 shut down. one person dead. we are near the scene on this overnight crash. mark: drawing battle lines in the supreme court nomination fight. the latest on the president' s plan to replace antonin scalia. lisa: the battle for ohio begins. how voters will have their say weeks before the ohio primary. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 6:00 a.m..
5:58 am
mark: dan griffin at the scene with the latest details. dan: good morning. we are just learning now that it is expected that i-71 southbound will open by 7:00 a.m. i have been stay in touch with cincinnati police all morning. what we know right now according to police is that a man is dead after this crash described as a wrong way crash. i' m going to step out of the shot so you can see. we ourselves of dana avenue. the scene is increasingly active. there were coroner vehicles, firetrucks. now we see to throw talks -- two trucks taking the vehicle the way. the crash happened at 3:00 a.m. a woman driving the gray honda odyssey with ohio tags was going the wrong way. now, investigators say she had an oncoming car which looks to be a chevy cavalier killing the man driving the car. at this point, it is unclear if drugs or alcohol were factors.
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