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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mark: race to the white house. the republican presidential candidates facing off in a south carolina townhall. see who' s now leading the pack. lisa: and the wrong-way driver who police say caused a deadly accident faces a judge today. how long she was allegedly driving the wrong direction before the crash. >> we were behind the cops. then we heard pop pop pop. mark: a community shaken after a deadly officer-involved shooting. the new information we' re hoping
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>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: morning. i' m mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. this morning' s headlines are straight ahead. but first a check of the weather with wlwt news 5 meteorologist randi rico. randi, you said we would be colder. randi: we are colder. more the sheet this morning. -- more of a sheet this morning. this is the first sign of changes coming our way. a really improving forecast as we roll toward friday and the weekend. as we take a look at the radar this morning, you will notice the satellite image showing clouds lingering. you had south of the 71/75 split, slowly sing more in the way of sunshine -- slowly
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ridge. slightly milder up toward cincinnati. our warmest amateurs are across our -- our warmest temperatures are across our northern communities. yes, it is a chilly morning. much better as we head through the afternoon here at 8:00, 26. noon, those clouds are sitting. a nice mild february day. we will take a look at the forecast and a couple of minutes. mark: developing now, police say a driver involved in a crash pulled a gun on officers. forcing police to shoot and kill the suspect. lisa: and today we will get new details on the circumstances surrounding the case. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is far. andrew? multiple calls about the first that he was waving a gun then that he was involved in a crash. the cincinnati police confronted this man and it ended with the
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police that a man was waving a gun in westwood. the man was described as drunk. a short time later at harrison and boudinot in cheviot, the man slammed his truck into a pole. police say officers confronted him, he pulled a gun from his waistband and officers opened fire. >> it' s the last thing you want to do. nobody wants goes to work with the intention of having to use their firearm, but if you' re faced with a situation where it' s a life or death situation , certainly that' s an option. andrew: this incident spans both neighborhoods of westwood and cheviot, in a busy area. we talked to a number of people who were in the area at the time and they' re concerned about the desk concerned about what happened. >> it was pretty scary. my son was just silent in the back and he' s not really one to be quiet, so he was really kind of scared and with it being so close to the house i' m still kind of shaken from it. india: the investigation is -- andrew: the investigation is
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expected to hold a news conference later today. we could learn the name of the man who was killed and the 3 officers, who have been placed on a standard administrative leave after the shooting. live at district one, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: wlwt news 5 will have the latest on the investigation as police release new details. now on, how residents and witnesses are reacting to those scary moments wednesday evening. a man is in the hospital this morning after a serious car accident. lisa? lisa: we are going to talk about a woman expected in court today charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. police say 22-year-old taryn chin was responsible for a deadly wrong-way crash on the interstate that was breaking news at this time wednesday morning. dan griffin is live outside the justice center with the latest .
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here at the justice center. she is facing charges of vehicular homicide. she is arraigned -- she is going to be arraigned in front of a judge this morning. that crash, a man police say was headed home from work. police say he hit him head on driving northbound and southbound lane. they also say she had a blood alcohol level of .122, well over the legal limit. even more disturbing, 911 calls reveal to witnesses called dispatchers driving on the opposite side of the road. this is police say she started going south in the north -- going north in the southbound lanes. the skaters on the scene fill them -- investigators on the scene you like there may have
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for now, we are alive at the hamilton county judge -- hamilton county justice center. mark: an update on just how much it' s expected to cost to operate the streetcar for its first year. the southwest ohio regional transit authority says. the estimated expense of the -- transit authority says the estimated expense of the streetcar is close to $3.5 million. and the anticipated revenue is $618,000. sorta is asking the city for $2.8 million in funding for the street car operations for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. these numbers were included in the streetcar' s funding request submitted to city council on wednesday. lisa: retired supreme court justice sandra day o' connor is republicans and is urging supreme court' seat quickly. o' connor says the president should name a nominee, despite threats from congressional republicans determined to block any nominee. o'
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nominated by president ronald she retired from the bench in 2006. presidential stage a candidate suggest we go should have impeached george w. bush i think that really draws into question that person' s judgment to be commander-in-chief. issue addressing his on-going battle with fellow republican s gop town hall. senator cruz is now leading in a new nbc poll knocking trump out of first place. cruz along with ben carson and marco rubio took the stage at different times but addressed some of the same questions from both the audience and the moderator anderson cooper. handling national security and foreign policy were questions posed to both the neurosurgeon ben carson and the freshman senator marco rubio. >> you know, i can guarantee you that i' ve had more 2:00 a.m. phone calls than anybody else. all the rest of them put together have had to make life and death decisions. >> over the last five years i'
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been dealing with every single major issue this country confronts. mark: donald trump, jeb bush and john kasich will have their turn tonight in columbia, south carolina. lisa: when it comes to the democrats, nevada looks like a tough battleground for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. split almost evenly between the two presidential candidates. 48% say they support clinton, 47% sanders. nevada' s democratic caucus is saturday. ahead of the big weekend for both parties be sure to check out the wlwt mobile app for the latest headlines from the campaign trail. mark: let' s check in with randi. randi: changes start today. we made it through the first part of the week where it was cold. we had some snow. it is smooth sailing as we roll toward the weekend. temperatures, upper 20' s to
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-- to write around 30. 29 at cvg. the winds will be ramping up through the day and especially into tomorrow. we are talking warm and breezy as we head for the weekend. bastad forecast for the morning -- cloudy and -- bus stop forecast for the morning, cloudy and chilly. after school? not looking too bad, how about 44. sunshine and much milder air. it will be even better when they get off the bus tomorrow, pushing 60 degrees. we will look at how long the warm weather will last coming up let' s get you out the door. kyla woods, what is going on? kyla: interstate travel looking good. report. community, bridgetown road.
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polls here it will let you know if we see any tickler lane closures. -- see any particular lane closures. we will keep you posted on these and let you know once they are clear. no word on any link closures. your interstate travel, interstate 75, rolling right no problems there. we will continue to keep you updated. mark and lisa? lisa: a quick start for xavier on the court last night. mark: one player scoring 17 points in the first half alone the details on the most recent win in your morning sports. lisa: exciting piece of news for harry potter fans. the upcoming tour and when you can expect to see the latest harry potter show. mark: a look outside. 4:40 is your time. hope you' re off to a great
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>> good morning. welcome back. it is 4:43. 29 degrees. i hope it is an early start -- i hope it is a great start for you. it is an early start. the day is just getting started. but if you' re thinking of a glass of wine, no worries, you have the perfect excuse. mark: miriah' s here with the details on that and other
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miriah: not only is it the state thursday, -- not only is it thirsty thursday, it is national drink latte -- national drink wine day. not only is it almost friday but you have a perfect reason to enjoy a glass of cabernet or moscato today. it' s national drink wine day. wine consumption does have some health benefits moderate drinkers have lower risks for liver disease type two diabetes , heart attack, stroke and some cancers. wine can also reduce bad cholesterol and increase good hdl cholesterol. turns out the day is also national crab-stuffed flounder day so aficionados can celebrate both at the same meal. -- talk about getting a new perspective on things. the selfie stick may be so yesterday for some. but it is all the rage brothers.
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harry potter fans should prepare themselves for an exciting announcement. a harry potter film concert series will be touring soon. each tour will present one of the harry potter movies on a giant screen with the original dialogue and sounds but the music for the film will be performed by a live symphony orchestra. the concert series will begin in filling in june. -- begin in philadelphia in june. i heard in chicago they had lord of the rings. really need a. -- a really neat thing. everybody gets excited. [laughter] really neat experience. mark: thanks miriah. randi is here with a look outside. it feels a whole lot milder. randi: it will get milder in better as we head through the afternoon and even more so for the afternoon -- for the weekend. if you' re joking line for your
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you are drinking wine for your benefit, you might want to head outside. it will be chilly start to the day but check out where your at 6:00 this evening. it should be really nice around 42 degrees. a very cold running selfie over the weekend and sending it in. if your training for race -- for any race, you can send it to me on twitter or facebook, because we are looking at much better running conditions as we roll into the weekend. we' re going to see a lot less people bundle up. 60. we will take a look at that warmer weather and a couple of minutes. mark and lisa tackled mark: -- mark and lisa? mark: xavier basketball in action and one player left it all on the court leading the team with a triple-double. lisa: news 5' s george vogel has more on the impressive win for the musketeers in your morning sports.
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back. the musketeers making it 23 winds with a strong performance against 20th-ranked. the rebound and put back by j lorentz. he had 10 points and 15 myles davis with the assist. though it would 23 points. around the horn it goes to in the he hits the he had 11, reaching double digits in points, rebounds and assess. second half, edward sumner. xavier up by 21. the friars cut the lead to six. winning by 11, 8 5 to 74. what a night for davis. >> it is amazing. it is a great feeling to have. you try to knock off your bucket list as a basketball player. it feels good to have the opportunity. i cannot have done it without
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george: here are the numbers on the night for davis. the first xavier player to get a holloway did it five years ago. dayton on the philly. a dangerous game for dayton. charles koch league th e friars. saint joseph' s getting the win , 79, 70. indiana, 80 to 64 over nebraska. legendary boone county high school coach, on how passed away -- oh when how passed away. before boone county won a title in 1964. they spent it -- he spen t a season at uc. then came 25 years of county and four trips
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state championship games in class for a desk class 4 - - class four a. mart y steal tells wlwt that coach touch the lives -- touched the lives of so many. he was a larger-than-lif e savior. he was a mentor, role model and a friend. he was 88 years old. it is about to begin . guys throwing baseballs to other guys. pitchers and catchers are set to report for spring training today. i will have reports from arizona beginning on monday. that is all the sports for now. we' ll have more coming up later in the day. mark: taking a live look this morning. 4:49 is your time. coach howell.
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legendary coach. he touched a lot of people. mark: randi knows how many lives these coaches touch. i' m -- i know how many coaches i had. branko i will try to lighten the mood, i guess -- randi: i will try to lighten the mood, i guess. we are starting out in the upper 20' s. monti nine degrees -- 29 degrees the current temperature over downtown. notice that wind currently call. -- currently call m. clear skies to the south. a wide view, notice the weather is kind of quiet across our part of the country.
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warmer -- as you heard george mentioned, he is about to head out to glendale, arizona. the first day of practice for pitchers and catchers. it is way warmer there, but we are talking about a warm up here in cincinnati. high today around 44 degrees. mid-sixties, that is moving in our direction and perfectly time for the weekend. we should get 60' s or even mid-sixties i saturday. -- mid-sixties by saturday. we had through the afternoon, expect captures into the 40' s. 44 for our high. 6:00 this evening, sitting at 42. the clouds are thinning out. as you had through the afternoon, more sunshine expected. warmer temperatures. to pick up. it is a southerly wind so it is going to bring in that warm air for friday. high, 44 degrees.
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re dipping down to 35. partly cloudy, cool and breezy. tomorrow, how about 59 degrees? we are making a run at 60 tomorrow. it is a nice southerly wind. saturday, 64. we might start off sunday with rain that should be gone by lunchtime. lisa: happening today adele is making an appearance the ellen degeneres show. the soulful singer will be interviewed and will be performing. adele just took the stage to perform at the 58th annual grammy awards and released her newest album back in november. you can catch adele on ellen today at 4:00 p.m. right here on wlwt news 5. someone else featured on ellen just last week may soon be getting his own holiday. a group of illinois house democrats are proposing to make president obama' s birthday august 4 the next state holiday. the bill' s sponsor cites the fact that president obama is the first african american president as well as a nobel peace prize
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, deserves the honor. only 4 other former u.s. presidents have their own state holidays. mark: happening tomorrow congressman brad wenstrup will host a veteran' s job fair and congressional hearing at the anderson towne center starting at 10:00 a.m. the event will begin with the hearing where wenstrup will be joined by colleagues steve chabot and luke messer and hiring specialists will discuss best practices for recruiting veterans. wenstrup encourages veterans and potential employers to attend the event. >> when you come home from war when you leave the military where you' re used to operating at a pretty high tempo. the best thing that can be there for you is a job. you know where you have meaning. when i came back from iraq they said you have 90 days to go back to work. i said i' m going next week. mark: the job fair will follow from noon to 2:00. both events are free and open to the public. lisa: happening today, more progress downtown with a local business ready to reopen along west fifth street. paragon salon worked with the city to make the move to its new location. the salon was the last tenant in
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s garage building which is being re-developed. paragon has been in business for more than 33 years and they are celebrating this move with giveaways, complementary treatments and raffles. mark: also today a new class of great living cincinnatians will be honored. cincinnati usa is hosting its annual dinner in honor of local leaders. this year' s honorees are shannon carter, mitchel livingston, lorrence kellar and james votruba. cincinnati usa has been honoring great living cincinnatians since 1967. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: bring on the weekend and the warm up. we made to thursday. where turning the corner and finally starting to warm things up. expect highs around 44 degrees. we' re starting with clouds but they will be thinning through the day. winds will be increasing. as we take a look the forecast
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tomorrow, 59. her the day tomorrow, i expect sunshine but those winds 15 to 25 miles for hours just 25 miles per hour. 60 desk saturday, 65 degrees. sunday morning, rain showers have your through the i-70 corridor. they are gone by sunday afternoon. we will be up to make it to mid 50' s. kyla, how are the roads looking. kyla: got to meet issues on our interstates. we had an accident impacting our western communities. we will continue to update you on those. no major lane closures that you have to deal with and those areas. 13 minutes on to 75. if you' re on 74 of the indiana side, a quick commute for you there. you can minutes on 71 heading southbound out of warren county. north and southbound rolling
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we saw stop and go action going northbound. we' ll keep an eye on that to. mark and lisa? mark: we' re leading the way on an officer-involved shooting, that has left a man dead. why police fired. and the crash that led up to the shooting. lisa: and a child recovering this morning after being hit by a car. the driver facing charges and what we know about the little
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lisa: an u.s. representative from ohio looking to help veteran' s start a new career. the event congressman brad wenstrup is hosting today mark: friends and family in shock after crash victim jose arenas is killed in a collision with an alleged wrong-way driver. what we' re learning about the victim as the driver heads to court this morning. >> it just feels like i' m living in compton. lisa: shots rings out during dinnertime in a deadly shootout how we' re hoping to learn more s identity. s wlwt, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: five -- 5:00 a.m. on your tuesday -- on your thursday. good morning. mark: and i' randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather
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for the forecast. randi: are you ready for the warm up? it is unanimous across the area. it has been a long week. stoic cold, everyone looking -- snowy and cold, everyone looking toward the weekend. 60' s, but we' re not anywhere close to that. starting out in the upper 20' s. we got 31 in mason. 30 in springboro. slightly warmer temperatures are to the north were clouds are thicker. mid 20' s through portions of owens county -- owen county. starting out on the inside this morning, that the cool side -- but the warm up is coming. you can see the thin blanket of clouds. expect clouds to thin out slowly today.


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