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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> from cincinnati' s wlwt , leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: a live look on your thursday morning. hope it is a great start for you. it is just about 6:00 a.m., 29 degrees. good morning, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. let' s get a check on the forecast with meteorologist randi rico. we got big changes coming our way and we are clapping about it. randi: let' s go, warm-up. fingers when i have to. something to cheer about for the weekend, the temperatures. maybe mid-60' s on saturday? those are warm thoughts, but don' t think we' re there just yet. most places are half those area. a cool start. to the south of the split, the
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bit, and that is why it is a little colder to the south. owenton is 25. a typical chilly start to the day, but it will get better as we take a look at the radar, you can see the milky grey tone indicating some clouds overhead. they will slowly thin out. starting out with the 20' s, but we will make it to the upper 30' s by lunchtime. at 4:00 today, 44. getting above normal this afternoon but the winds to get tonight. but tomorrow, highs nearly to 60 degrees but windy into friday. one more day to make it through before we get to the weekend and the warmer air is waiting for hopefully, a decent drive. how are the roads looking? kyla: a much better start today than this time yesterday morning. no interstate shutdowns for us. 71 at pfeiffer looks great.
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no delays on 75 or 71. you can see traffic getting heavier, but that is what we see around the 6:00 hour. nothing out of the ordinary. still pretty open eastbound and westbound, much lighter volume than what we saw on the other main corridor. we will let you know if anything pops up. lisa: thank you. scary moments for westwood and cheviot residents after a car crash ends with police shooting and killing the armed driver. mark: police say the suspect pulled out a gun. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with the investigation. andrew, good morning. andrew: good morning. there will be several reviews of this officer involved shooting, standard practice when there' s an incident like this. you -- police were called to a scene in westwood for report of a man, possibly intoxicated, waving a gun.
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approached by police. according to police, he first complied with officers, then later pulled a gun. a total of three cops were involved and are now on administrative leave. we talked to a man who called police, and he walked us through some of what he saw. >> i called 911 and told them he was leaving the scene. about that time, a cop car pulled up right here by his truck. the cop exited his car and got in his trunk and got a shot gun, cocked it back, and took off up the street. >> as the interaction went on, the person retrieved a gun from their waistband. officers perceived that threat and fired upon that individual. andrew: the name of the released. died of multiple gunshot wounds. he is said to be 36 years old. the three officers are on practice.
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andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: this took place right by the border between cheviot in westwood. several people saw what happened and tell us they have heard about these things, but never seen it up close. >> it was pretty scary. my son was silent in the back and he is not one to be quiet. he was kind of scared with living so close to the house. it was like, ok, time to get home. i am still shaking from it. >> kind of crazy. i am going to be really scared to sleep at night now. it is kind of like weird to think stuff is happening around here. lisa: many witnesses credit police, saying if the suspect was able to fire shots, things could have been much worse. wlwt news 5 will stream the 11:00 news conference on a.m. you can also get the latest on the investigation using the wlwt mobile app.
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called to middletown. -- eric care called to middletown. a 27-year-old woman lost control . spencer went off the road and smashed into a utility pole. he was trapped inside the car. no word on his condition this morning. the woman police it was by the deadly wrong way crash early wednesday morning will be a rate later this morning. lisa: 22-year-old taryn chin was facing charges for physical or homicide. more on the latest developments in the case. miriah: police say taryn chin was driving the wrong way on 71 with a blood-alcohol level of point122 -- .122. it happened in the southbound lanes near dana avenue. long before the crash, chin was driving the wrong way on the other side, northbound. the victim was on his way home from centaurs were he of worked
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>> an extremely hard worker, always willing to help, go the attitude. we have a lot of people here this. recto his church is also remembering him -- miriah: is as well as his company. lisa: new developments in price hill, a driver' s indicted after hitting an 11-year-old little girl and taking off. ruby estepp is facing two felonies, aggravated vehicular assault, and failure to stop. 11-year-old london smith was hit in a crosswalk two weeks ago. she had injuries on her face and leg, but is out of the hospital. mark: a driver slams into the side of a home in delhi township. it happened along tahoe terrace last night. police think the driver suffered a medical condition behind the wheel, causing the crash. the driver was taken the
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there were several people at home at the time, but no one was hurt. lisa: new details in the controversy surrounding the the county' s director of utility oversight is now saying there may have been a half billion dollars of wasted funds. this includes overbuilt projects, investments in bad data, and other issues covered by ratepayers. sewer officials are disputing the claims saying their , standards among the best in the nation. hamilton county commissioners want to keep an eye on what' s happening, so they voted to apply stricter standards to msd projects. mark: happening today, local leaders are getting ready for great american cleanup season. keep cincinnati beautiful is hosting a meeting with 75 neighborhood partners to discuss efforts this year to beautify greater cincinnati. last year, nearly 3000 miles of streets and highways were cleaned and volunteers collected 763 tons of litter.
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month. baseball season begins today for the reds pitchers and catchers. pitchers and catchers always report to spring training before position players. the rest of the team will head to goodyear on tuesday, just a week before the reds first exhibition. the reds will take on the indians on march 1. lisa: uncovering lies on the label. mark: the fda investigation looking at ingredients and companies committing food fraud. lisa: a lost wallet and a not-so-good samaritan. what was returned after a man thought his belongings were gone for good. mark: a live look this morning through our citycam, 29 degrees right now. things are changing first big-time starting today. randi: today is a day of change across our area. we start out cold, end up on the milder side. the big-time warm-up you are waiting for, that comes friday and saturday.
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west chester, 33. lawrenceburg, 20 eight. fort mitchell, 29. a cool and somewhat cloudy start to the day. clouds start to thin out at lunchtime, almost 40. for the drive home, feeling good for february, generally in the low 40' s. heading into the weekend, it's always worth
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mark: good morning. 6:12, 29 degrees. we' re going to get an update on your most accurate forecast in a few moments. first, we want to see how the morning commute is shaping up. kyla: shaping up very nicely. maybe in the shape of a heart. showing some love. it is cut-in-the-hill,
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northbound sing some brake lights. we will see even more to the 6:00 hour. no big surprise. you may be surprised by construction. hopefully not because i' m telling you about it. starting at 10:00, 71-75 offramp to 5th street just south of the bridge, construction work. only two hours in duration. it should wrap up around midnight tonight. lisa: thank you. checking today' s top stories. health and human services secretary sylvia burwell will will visit flint, michigan today , to get a firsthand look at the federal response to the city' s water crisis. she' ll also visit a flint health center that is providing lead testing and health care services to families and children who have been affected by lead-contaminated water. mark: president obama is going to cuba. the white house is expected to make an official announcement later today. the visit next month is part of the continued effort to
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cuba after 50 years without diplomatic ties. the last sitting president to visit cuba was calvin coolidge. lisa: pope francis is leaving mexico after a six-day trip that took him all over the country. the pontiff ended his trip in a border city by the rio grande river that separates mexico and the united states. the pope is rumored to be back in latin america later this year to visit his birth nation of argentina and other countries. a new york city man who lost his wallet, was surprised when the person who found it returned almost everything. mark: reilly flaherty lost his wallet at concert in brooklyn a few weeks ago. earlier this week, he received an envelope with his license and credit cards. those came with a note that said, "i kept the cash because i needed weed, the metrocard because, well, the fare' s $2.75 now, and the wallet ' cause it' s kinda cool." >> the note was basically, i' m a good guy, but i'
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giving you the middle finger, and i' m keeping anything that would have any currency behind it. this is something my friends and i have laughed about quite a bit. mark: the concert hall where flaherty lost his wallet caught wind of what happened and offered him tickets to an upcoming show. you never know who your sitting next to. i' m just saying. trending now, an fda investigation looking at the ingredients of parmesan cheese . lisa: at least one company was leaving something off the label. miriah: the agency targeted castle cheese, which claimed it was selling 100% parmesan cheese. turns out it, was actually a blend of cheaper cheeses and cellulose, which is an organic filler derived from wood pulp. lisa: oh. miriah: the fda allows up to 4% of cheese to be filler products, but castle appeared to be misleading consumers. in cases like this, there' s also the 96% that may not be what we think, and this is a problem that goes beyond cheese. >> they' re trying to do things that we don' t notice, but to cut corners so that they make money. this is a problem of labeling and what we' re being sold or
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is fresh or local, and it really isn' t at all. miriah: getting back to castle cheese, the company tried to fix the problems with its parmesan cheese, but ended up filing for bankruptcy. mark: it happens a lot with fish, too. reiko really? mark: you hear about them giving you different types of fish. chilly and sea bass. which is much more expensive. lisa: there is fish and there is cheese. bracco i went to the grocery store this week in a my husband is like, why is there so much cheese in the refrigerator? ie to buy the block. the maybe not parmesan cheese. randi: the next time you make lasagna, not quite the same. not my fault, playing the wood -- blame the wood inside of it.
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the day and slowly watching temperatures climb out of the freezer. a warm and windy friday. a brief period of weak and rain, but not enough to ruin outside plans to enjoy the mild air. we' re starting out with a blanket of clouds over much of the area. south of 71-75 splits, a good bit of clearing overnight. the cooler temperatures are to the south. 23 is the coldest spot in our area. 30 from mason to loveland in hamilton. everybody hang out in upper 20' s to write around 30 degrees. we will make it up to the 40' s today. a nice change of pace. upper 30' s by lunchtime. 43 by 5:00. you will notice a little more sunshine. the winds picking up out of the southeast. that means temperatures are it will be breezy late this evening and windy tomorrow, but ok. today is thursday, also known as
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lunchtime, 38 degrees. 4:00, 44. 8:00, a nice evening, sitting right around 40 degrees will stop futurecast shows clouds this morning, thinning out towards lunchtime. expect a very breezy friday, but sunshine and temperatures up into probably 60 degrees or so territory by the afternoon. today, 44, clouds thinning and warm-up begins. tonight, 35, partly cloudy, cool and breezy. the winds overnight 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow, 59, some towns could see 60. wendy and warmer. 15 to 25 mile per hour winds. a breezy friday as the winds drive the temperatures up. saturday, 64 for the high. sunday, a little cooler, but 55 is not bad. early on sunday morning to
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showers, but those should be gone by lunchtime. lisa: thank you. balancing the streetcar budget. the new plan to fill a funding hole to keep the streetcar moving. mark: an explanation from apple. why the tech giant is fighting the court order connected to a terrorism investigation. kyla: keeping an ion roads, here' s a look through downtown. this is pretty much what you will see no matter where you' re heading. a smooth start.
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wa lisa: welcome back. already 29 degrees. we will check your forecast just ahead. we want to find out about the morning commute. kyla woods, i' m not putting the whammy on anything, i hope. kyla: we' ve had great condition so far. it could change in and then send, you never know. here' s a look outside at 471 at 275 from the northern kentucky area. absolutely no issues waiting for you. 65 miles per hour, so our speeds are looking really good in the northbound direction. same thing southbound toward the 270 five interchange. only six minutes up to the daniel carter beard bridge. a lot more cars now than what we were seeing even in our ago. nothing out of the ordinary as
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not a lot of extra time will be needed. mark: thank you. new information on the cost to operate the streetcar. the southwest ohio regional transit authority says the estimated expense of the streetcar is close to $3.5 million, and the anticipated revenue is $618,000. sorta is asking the city for $2.8 million in funding for the street car operations for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. these numbers were included in the streetcar' s funding request, submitted to city council wednesday. lisa: toyota is conducting a global recall of nearly three million vehicles because of a seatbelt issue. this recall affects rav-4s produced between july 2005 and august 2014. toyota says seatbelts could be severed by a metal seat frame part in the event of a crash. dealers will fix the problem, but toyota has not said when owners will be notified for repairs. learning more about apple'
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decision to fight a federal order. mark: apple was ordered to help the fbi hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters, but ceo tim cook says this has serious implications for the future of privacy. cook says the software the government is asking for is too dangerous to create. the department of justice maintains the request would only have an impact on one device. lisa: let' s get to the forecast. randi, good morning. a lot of people are training for the pig. randi: fewer layers and not have a soggy shoes. that has been my problem earlier in the week when the sidewalks were slushy. pig-in-training forecast looking much better. it is chilly, but after work, so much better. 6:00, 42 degrees. should be a great evening for a run.
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smiles after a chilly run this past weekend. i think we will see far more smiles toward this upcoming weekend with that warmer air in place. today, 44 degrees. tomorrow, breezy and basically 60. 65 on saturday. if you' re heading out early in the morning on sunday, plan on rain showers, but they should be gone for the afternoon. next week, temperatures slide a little bit, but let' s focus on 60 by tomorrow. lisa: thank you. polls and politics. the latest numbers as the gop race heats up in south carolina.
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mark: cincinnati police open fire after a crash on the west side. the wild scene and what investigators are saying about the deadly shooting. lisa: a suspected drunk driver going the wrong way on the interstate. the charges in the case and what' s ahead for the suspect today. mark: a new name at the top. the new republican frontrunner just days before the south carolina primary. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, mark hayes. thanks for joining us. we take a live look outside at
6:29 am
out the door this morning. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. more headlines coming up. first, let' s check the forecast. randi, bring us up-to-date. 29 right now, but we are to be warming up. randi: we will call it about 30 and tomorrow, double. temperatures toward 60 degrees by friday. we are not there yet. starting out this morning with a layer of clouds over the top of downtown and parts of northern kentucky. if you take a look south, southern portions of owen county, bracken, robinson counties, skies cleared out overnight which means you probably had cooler temperatures. you can see that on the map. 23 right now is up 25 in owenton. 29, downtown as well as springboro. it is not warm just yet, that happens slowly through the day. a chilly morning, most places in the upper 20' s as you head out
6:30 am
lunchtime, 38, clouds thinning out. into the afternoon, back to the mid-40' s. 44 for the high today. we will be pushing 60 by tomorrow. we will take a look at how long that lasts when we come back and a couple of minutes. kyla: it is been a great start so far in this thursday. that continues to be the case right now. we want to check the 275 loop. things are off to a really great start. if you' re elsewhere on the 275 loop, maybe through loveland toward i-71, very heavy. especially northbound. it is getting pretty jampacked. we may start to see delays in that area. 275 on the northwest corner, things are building as well. we will keep you posted. no accidents or major incidents to report right now. mark: thank you. developing, police driver involved in a crash pulled a gun on officers, forcing police to
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lisa: we could get new details on the circumstances surrounding this case. andrew setters is live right now with the update was stopped -- with the update. andrew: we expect police to give us more information later this morning. there were multiple calls about the suspect waving a gun on the west side and crashing his car. three cincinnati police officers opened fire. a call came in a man was waving a gun in westwood. he was described as possibly drunk. a short time later, the man slammed his truck into a pole. officers confronted him, he pulled a gun from his waistband, and officers opened fire. >> it' s the last thing you want to do. nobody wants goes to work with the intention of having to use their fire arm. but if they are faced with a situation where it' s a life or death situation, certainly, that' s an option. andrew: the incident spans westwood and cheviot in a busy area. we spoke to a number of people
6:32 am
time and they' re concerned about the shooting. >> it was pretty scary. my son was just silent in the back, and he' s not really one to be quiet so he was really kind , of scared. and with it being so close to the house, was just like, ok, time to get home. i' m still kind of shaking from it. andrew: the cincinnati police chief is expected to talk about the officer involved shooting a district one later this morning. we can learn more about the man who was killed. we just know he is 36 years old. we could also be told the names of the three officers who were involved who have now been placed on paid minister it of lead, which is standard practice. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. wlwt news 5 will have the latest on the investigation as police release new details. right now on, how residents and witnesses are reacting to those scary moments that happened wednesday evening. lisa: a woman is expected in
6:33 am
aggravated vehicular homicide. police say 22-year-old taryn chin was responsible for a deadly wrong-way crash on the interstate that was breaking news at this time wednesday morning. dan griffin is live outside the on the investigation. bring us up to date. dan: taryn chin will face a judge following the deadly crash re learning before she hit hosea rina head on, she was a fairly reported -- he apparently was reported to 911 going the wrong way. cincinnati police say chin' s blood was well over the legal limit when she hit areanas. he was on his way home from work. one of his coworkers came upon the crash and called 911. people who knew him say he was well-liked and hard-working. they say he just celebrated his 24th anniversary with his wife
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>> in extremely hard worker, always willing to help, go the extra mile, had a great attitude. we have a lot of people here who are very sad and trying to process this. dan: taryn chin will face a judge at arraignment this morning. we will be there and have the latest on the case. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. air care called to the scene of a crash. 27-year-old adrean spencer lost control of the car and struck a power pole. he was trapped inside the car until the fire department arrived to pull them out. no word yet on his condition. lisa: ted cruz is making a big jump in the polls. the senator is now ahead of donald trump according to a new nbc/wall street journal poll.
6:35 am
primary voters would vote for cruz, while trump trails with 26%. marco rubio is third at 17%, and ohio governor john kasich comes in fourth at 11%. the gop race is heating up ahead of this weekend' s primary as some of the candidates square off in another town hall tonight. miriah turner has a look ahead. greco tonight, three of the gop candidates will take part in a town hall after two competing once were held last night stop donald trump on msnbc, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson on cnn. as the polls show, crews and trump are battling for front runner status and last night they argued about the letter that trump recently sent to ted cruz training to sue him over false campaign ads. >> this letter really pressed the bounds of the most frivolous and written -- ridiculous letters i' ve seen. >> i don' t know. we' ll a lawsuit, but we want to
6:36 am
miriah: marco rubio picks up a key endorsement from south carolina governor nikki haley, considering -- and jeb bush has his mother campaigning with him today. mark: thank you. when it comes to the democrats, nevada looks like a tough battleground for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a new cnn poll has nevada voters split almost evenly between the two presidential candidates. 48% say they support clinton 47% sanders. nevada' s democratic caucus is saturday. lisa: be sure to check the wlwt mobile app for the latest headlines from the campaign trail. mark: a new class of greater cincinnati is will be honored. the annual dinner is hope -- honoring four.
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living cincinnati and since 1967. mark: let' s get a check on the roads. our things moving? kyla: pretty well so far. a minor accident popped up. this is quebec at liberty. no link closure' s reported and no injuries. hopefully, he won' t linger for too long. heading over to 75 at hobble, things are picking up both north and southbound. ongoing construction in this lane closures at this time. there. our travel times are looking pretty good so far as well. let' s check in with randi rico. randi: we are rolling to the we climbing. most places , 30 or so. we can double those numbers by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are about to climb . currently, 29 degrees at cvg, 29
6:38 am
as the kids head out to the bus stop, it is still cold, talking warm-ups him a but not warm just yet. cloudy, chilly, upper 20' s for the ride to school. after school, not bad, or sunshine as those clouds start to clear out and much more mild er than any other day this week. to 15 degrees warmer. a nice warm up ahead. forecast in a couple of minutes. lisa: security changes coming to u.s. bank arena. what you' ll need to be mindful of the next time you check out a concert. mark: calling all veterans. where you need to be this week to find that new job or career. lisa: outside live on your thursday, hope it is a great start for you. 6:30 8, 29 degrees. thank you for waking up with cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this...
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behind the scenes lifestream and facebook happening right now. lisa: someone just saw me use toilet paper to wipe off my nose. welcome to facebook live. mark: later today on wlwt, be sure to catch "ellen." lisa: adele is coming on today for the first time since her rough night performing at the grammys. >> i was embarrassed. i woke up the next morning to people in england being, like, we still love you, don' t worry and i was like, i didn' t ask you if you still loved me, but thanks. i was so embarrassed. >> that is the worst feeling. when you' re already going through -- questioning what happened and then people start trying to make you feel better, and it only makes you feel worse. did you feel bad the next day? >> i cried pretty much all day yesterday. >> so finally you cried to your own song. >> in fairness i would have , cried if it went really well as well. if it was a stand out performance i would have cried as well. i always cry. lisa: adele will spend the entire hour with ellen.
6:43 am
wlwt at 4:00. another music superstar is coming to cincinnati tonight. mark: blake shelton is going to rock out at the u.s. bank arena. and if you have tickets you will notice some changes at the arena. kyla woods joins us now with a look at the security upgrades. kyla: you' re probably ready to people looking for gwen stefani as well. u.s. bank arena' s new security measures will be ready for the concert tonight. walk-through metal detectors have been added to all entrances. there' s also new limitations on bags and purses. the security measures will be used for all future events and u.s. bank officials are expecting weight -- longer waits for fans so you should try to , arrive early if you are heading to the arena for the concert tonight or any future events. another reason to leave early, tonight' s concert is the first concert with streetcar lane restrictions in effect. that means second street' s right lane will be restricted so traffic could be moving slow around the arena. mark: thank you.
6:44 am
brad wenstrup will host a veteran' s job fair and congressional hearing at the anderson towne center starting at 10:00 a.m. the event will begin with the hearing where wenstrup will be joined by colleagues steve chabot and luke messer and hiring specialists will discuss best practices for recruiting veterans. wenstrup encourages veterans and potential employers to attend the event. >> when you come home from war, when you leave the military, are you are used to operating at a pretty high tempo the best , thing that can be there for you is a job. you know, where you have meaning. when i came back from iraq, they said you have 90 days to go back , to work. i said i' m going next week. ,mark: the job fair will follow from noon to 2:00. both events are free and open to the public. lisa: more progress downtown with a local business ready to reopen along west fifth street. paragon salon worked with the city to make the move to its new location. the salon was the last tenant in the former pogue' s garage building, which is being redeveloped. paragon has been in business for more than 33 years and they are
6:45 am
giveaways, complimentary treatments, and raffles. mark: high infant mortality rates in greater cincinnati are still a prominent issue and this month one local group is working , to raise awareness of a factor that is often times overlooked. the amount of time in between pregnancies can have a big impact on the health of babies. miriah turner joins us now with more on this story. miriah: this is the same group that came forward with information on safe sleeping for infants and the effects of smoking mothers. but their latest campaign is a topic that is not often discussed but can be detrimental , to the health of both baby and mommy-to-be. the local health group cradle cincinnati recommends at least one year between the birth of one child and the conception of the next for the healthiest pregnancies. in hamilton county nearly 1 in 5 , pregnancies are spaced less than one year a part. that amounts to almost 20% of pregnancies from 2009 to 2013. our local rates are also significantly higher than the national average with infant mortality rates in the bottom
6:46 am
, preterm birth rate earning a failing grade from the march of dimes. to help change the trends cradle , cincinnati launched a campaign during the month of february to bring awareness to the situation and educate familes on the importance of spacing. >> when we talk about spacing, it' s the time you have the child until the time you get pregnant again. so it' s not the time between deliveries. miriah: local awareness of this issue is extremely low only a , little over 35% of families knew that timing could be a factor in the health of their pregnancies. according to recent surveys cradle cincinnnati believes , education is the key to change and through their latest campaign they' re hoping to make a difference. mark: thank you. the kentucky senate has now voted to change the way the state develops, evaluates, and changes academic standards in its schools. the highlights of the bill give more control on standards and testing to the local districts instead of the state, and focus more on the skills needed in the workforce. it also puts less emphasis on evaluating teachers when it comes to standardized test scores.
6:47 am
s passage comes as the state deals with what looks to be a smaller budget for kentucky schools. lisa: let' s check the morning commute on this thursday morning. bring us up to date. kyla: we' re seeing great conditions and a continues to be the case. for those heading outside, here' s a look at those travel times, 17 minutes on 74 from the indiana side to 75. across the river, 21 minutes. a decent commute. 71 out of warren county, 17 minute commute from kings mills down to the lateral. a quick shot in kenwood i-71 and montgomery road, all lanes are pretty clear but they' re getting very heavy on the southbound side. randi rico has a great forecast shaping up, especially over the next couple of days. randi: what is the next couple of days? oh, the weekend.
6:48 am
perfectly timed rise of temperatures into the 60' s. right now, 20 nine degrees, wind out of the south at three miles per hour. winds the southerly will slowly increase to the day, pulling and warmer air. this morning, starting out on the cool side. more clear skies south of the 71-75 split. temperatures are generally in the upper 20' s at the moment. there' s a whole lot of nothing going on across the eastern part of the united states weather-wise. warm air is building in the center part of the country. if you want really warm, yet divine airplane ticket and head over and follow the reds to win dell, arizona. pitchers and catchers report, 81 degrees. we aren' t in the 80' s, but in february, 60' s is pretty good in cincinnati. 44 today. paducah, kentucky, nashville, the type of hair we will have
6:49 am
saturday, mid-60' s. today, all about the clouds slowly sending out. 8:00 a.m., 26. 38 at noon. at 4:00, 44. if you have big plans this evening, the auto x ball -- the auto expo, blake and gwen watch, looking good. sunshine from time to time today. tonight, the winds pick up at 10 to 15 miles per hour out of the south. tomorrow, tons of sunshine and stronger winds, 15 to 25 mile per hour winds on friday. today, 44. the warm-up begins. tonight, 35. tomorrow, basically, 60 and breezy. saturday, about 65. on sunday, if you' re out in the morning, expect a chance for rain showers. they should be gone by about lunchtime.
6:50 am
lisa: would continue to follow a developing story after cincinnati police officer opens fire. mark: what happened before a suspect was killed. lisa: a woman suspected of deadly crash. mark: a live look outside. 29 degrees. we' re on facebook live, so check page. you'
6:51 am
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6:53 am
s wlwt our co-welcome back. new this morning, a driver amazingly able to walk away from this accident and indiana. a viewer set up the richer of this car smashed into a pole. it happened about 3:00 this morning along u.s. 50 just west of 275. no word on a cause. checking the top 5 stories of the morning, a car crash on the west side ends with police shooting and killing the armed driver. lisa: wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with the investigation. andrew? andrew: this investigation is really just beginning. there will be several reviews and it is officer involved shooting as her is when there is an officer involved shooting in the city of cincinnati. let' s walk you through what we know. police were called at the scene in westwood for the report of a man possibly intoxicated, waving , a gun.
6:54 am
his pickup truck nearby then was , approached by police. according to police, he first complied with officers then pulled a gun. a total of three officers were involved and are now on administrative leave. we talked to a man who called police, and he walked us through some of what he saw. he said the man who crashed his car nearby the corner confirmed the man died of multiple gunshot wounds. three officers are on administrative leave while the investigation continues. we expect to hear much more from cincinnati' s police chief later this morning at 11:00 during a news conference that we will stream live. mark: our second top story, a suspect expected in court today after a deadly, wrong-way crash on i-71. dan griffin is live outside the justice center with the latest on this case. dan: good morning. karen chen sits behind bars this morning, -- taryn chin sits behind bars this morning facing
6:55 am
wrong-way crash yesterday morning. police say chin drove the wrong way on the opposite side of the interstate, before turning around and going north in the southbound lanes of i-71. cpd tells us she hit jose arenas head-on, killing him on his way home from work at cintas. she had minor injuries, according to police. police also say it doesn' t appear either driver hit the brakes before impact. chin' s blood alcohol level was .122, well over the legal limit. she is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. she will face a judge this morning. we' ll be there and bring you the latest on the case. live at the hamilton county justice center, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. a two-day town hall event continues in south carolina tonight. among the republican presidential candidates -- jeb bush, donald trump, and ohio governor john kasich will all take the stage separately in columbia tonight with cnn' s anderson cooper. just last night, trump and governor kasich took part in another town hall on msnbc. a new nbc news/wall street journal pull shows ted cruz is two points ahead of donald
6:56 am
mark: local leaders are getting ready for great american cleanup season today. keep cincinnati beautiful is hosting a meeting with 75 neighborhood partners to discuss efforts this year to beautify greater cincinnati. last year, nearly 3000 miles of streets and highways were cleaned and volunteers collected 763 tons of litter. cleanup season gets started next month. lisa: our final top 5 story, baseball season begins today for the reds pitchers and catchers. there always reporting to spring training before position players. the rest of the team will head to goodyear on tuesday, just a week before the reds first exhibition. the reds will take on the indians on march 1. mark: nice and warm. they average about 80 degrees. a little cooler here at 6:50 6, 29 degrees. let' s check in with ready rico. anyway we can get near 80? in the neighborhood? randi: with a plane ticket, perhaps.
6:57 am
february. 80 would be nice. today, 44. we are finally warming things up. clouds will be thinning out winds. windsthe will be picking up any the evening and overnight, specifically for tomorrow. acyclic, 60 for the high on friday. the winds at times will be 15 to 20 miles per hour. breezy on friday. heading into the weekend, 65 degrees or so on saturday, a great day to get out. sunday, we will wake up with should be gone by the afternoon. we' weekend and 60' s on tap starting tomorrow. mark: it is breezy tomorrow. here.
6:58 am
6:59 am
mark: have a great day the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight the white house expected to announce today that president obama will head to cuba next month, the first american president to go there in nearly 90 years. a historic trip being met with praise and criticism. game change? ted cruz just ahead of donald trump in our new national poll. >> the sounds you're hearing is the sound of screams coming from washington, d.c. >> this morning why trump says he is not buying those results.


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