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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] courtis: a projected winner in the democratic nevada caucuses. who managed to come out on top in a tight race? in washington a supreme salute to antonin scalia up. wade to rest, more on the final farewell and why the first family only attended the visitation. first a perfect way to kick off this weekend. springlike temperatures.
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it was a hard day to stay inside. thanks for joining us. today we were flirting with the 60' s. erik zarnitz has a look at your most accurate forecast. erik: leave in the lower 70' s this afternoon, tying the record set in 1891. i people throwing fishing lines in their cars. a beautiful afternoon and a lot of overzealous folks getting out there. i say that sibley because we can' t expect this this time of year. it' s not going to last. temperatures are cooler to our north. still well above average for those folks and our temperatures will gradually start to come down from tonight. we will not see another 72
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not too much on the radar. perhaps even a few fun -- thunderstorms. courtis: there are signs of cabin fever all over the tri-state. folks are out and about enjoying this record-breaking day. janel walton is one of them. she is live from smale riverfront park tonight. reporter: the park is full of people. they' re on the swings, jogging and riding their bikes. this was a great day. we found some people actually running in shorts and t-shirts. it' s hard to believe it' s february in cincinnati, right? well, we found plenty of people getting outdoors today to read a book and swing at the new smale riverfront park. the weather has certainly helped the organizers of the cincinnati auto expo. visitors were signing up to take a car on a test drive outside
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and this was the day to do it. folks we talked to say the warm weather made a trip to the auto expo even better. we found lots of folks day dreaming about the new shiny vehicles. organizers say ticket sales have been brisk all day. >> we have 35 manufacturers represented here; 400 vehicles. we have test drives by toyota and ford available. it' s a great day for people to get out and take a test drive in one of the cars down here. reporter: the great weather giving the auto expo a boost on its last weekend. other businesses are also benefitting with folks grabbing a bite to eat while their out. it' s a good day at here. back to you. today' s weather is a big contrast from what we were experiencing yesterday. cincinnati leaving a lot of damage behind. wlwt news 5' s richard chiles caught up with some workers busy
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limbs. safety first. >> across the tri-state cleanup is underway. >> i' ve seen where the trees have split at the top. then you have to take that down. reporter: crews are cutting county. after intense wind ripped through the southern and eastern portions of the tri-state. straight-line winds uprooted trees. leaving behind massive cleanup. >> it is dangerous stuff. on the other
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reporter: >> a lot people lose property damage. it has the potential to kill people. reporter: 9000 duke energy customers were left without power. >> i don' t know about the cleanup. all i do is put it down. >> today the cleanup continues. the sound of the roaring wind. in amelia -- >> we get in there and get it done. courtis: the sound of that was all over the tri-state. they were dozens of reports of downed trees. as you heard richard mention, 9000 power outages. no injuries after this nasty
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75. take a look. that car ended up under a semi truck just before the franklin springboro exit. state troopers say the only injuries were minor cut from the broken glass. also new, a 30-year-old east price hill man being held on a $2 million bond accused of forcing a woman into his home at gunpoint. christian clark is charged with felony assault and kidnapping. once inside his home he beat the woman with two different guns causing serious injuries. a coroner has a dignified the body of a man found dead in westchester. he was last seen alive february 5 on the police department' s missing person list. thursday night teenagers walking
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s body in the wooded area. >> last night we saw a bunch of cops parked up and down the street. they were taking atvs and stuff down to the park. this morning i saw a police officer go downtown as well. >> the trail leads up to the susan springs cul-de-sac. i have not said how he died or if our play is suspected. anyone with information on his death is asked to call westchester police. we have new details on a late-night crash in avondale around 11:00 last night near the district for police station. police telling us a 39-year-old man was driving south and crossed the centerline getting a tow truck. he' s at uc medical center in critical condition. the driver of the tow truck was not hurt.
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crash. hundreds of people are coming together to help rebuild the rabbit hash general store. a fire destroyed the historic landmark last weekend. last night, the community carried on a friday night tradition. every week dozens of people would jam out to a local band at the store. last night, they continued that weekly concert at another location, vowing to one day have it return to the general store. >> we are going to rebuild. everybody is saying what can we do to help rebuild. it' s a great thing. courtis: several groups are also helping out the rabbit hash general store. duke energy announced it will donate $25,000 to help in the restoration efforts. duke will present a check at the
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students spreading purpose and reaching out to those in need. more than 700 volunteers from purp, which stands for, people uplifting real people, descended on washington park. they teamed up with schools churches and local businesses. the group handed out care packages food and coats to the homeless to show young people how they could change someone' s world. >> there' s kids getting into suicides and all kinds of things, so the message i hope that people get is just to uplift one another. it changed my life. it changed people' s lives today. and if can change your life and change others lives. courtis: today' s event in washington park also featured music and free haircuts. it' s the first time the louisville-based group came to the big week for politics, the republican primary happened in south carolina and the democrats going head-to-head in nevada.
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thousands turn out to pay their respects to the late justice antonin scalia. the final farewell held today. >> a beautiful saturday, temperatures in the 60' s. tomorrow we can' t even top that 60 degree number.
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courtis: final farewell it was a who' s who in washington as thousands attended a funeral for antonin scalia a. -- scalia. live in the d.c. bureau with more on how he was remembered. reporter: justice scalia was not only remembered as a conservative icon on the court but also as a father and a man who loved god. s largest catholic church, a supreme by none other than his own son. servant antonin. the funeral mass delivering the homily. known, with a love of his
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reporter: and a bit of humor. >> he had found himself in my confessional line. [laughter] and he quickly departed it. reporter: the service drew dignataries from the vice president to presidential hopefuls and scalia' s high court colleagues justice clarence thomas read a letter from st. paul. >> hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured into our hearts. reporter: the tribute capped off two days of mourning after thousands, including the president and first lady paid their respects to the late justice at the supreme court which holds its first arguments monday without one of its most influential voices. reporter: another memorial service will be held for justice scalia. courtis: president obama did not attend the funeral which is prompting some criticism.
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reporter: the white house says his decision was a respectful arrangement since his security detail is so large but he is getting flat from republicans including donald trump tweeted it' s very sad president obama didn' t go. reporter: justice scalia was buried after today' s mass in a private ceremony at undisclosed location. he died unexpectedly last week at the age of 79 at a resort ranch in west texas. let' s take you to nevada now for the democratic caucus held today . nbc news is projecting hillary clinton has one. there were early signs of a tight race, entrance polls found that a third said the economy was their major concern while a quarter sided income inequality
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of the sanders campaign. happening now, the republican primary in south carolina. there has been a steady stream of voters filing and at polling places across the state. some county election officers were crowded friday with people casting absentee ballots. we will more later in the newscast. quite cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. erik: there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops with those tables and chairs outside that seem to be abandon all winter long until days like this. 72 degrees the high temperature today. that tied a record set in 1891.
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as you take a look at downtown cincinnati, blue skies, lots of folks outside. temperature slowly gliding back into the 60' s. it feels like a beautiful april day. it is the middle of february. it is not going to last. when now have the southwest at 10 miles per hour. if you' re heading out you can leave the umbrella at home. there is really nothing anywhere close to us. 68, 68 degrees currently in harrison. nothing to track your on the radar but there is a boundary just off to our north. we have a cold front and stationary boundary to the south of cleveland. this is going to move south
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maybe a rumble of thunder. when seen plenty of wind out of the south to build in that mild there. tomorrow that changes. went out of the north. the author go far before you run into some snow. for us no snow in the forecast for the next few days but we see colder air build in from marquette, michigan, temperatures in the 40' s. tomorrow a transitional day. rain chances highest in the morning. temperatures spiking into the afternoon. only 55 degrees. we see some sunshine during the afternoon hours. you can' t top 72 degrees with
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future cash showing clouds building in. pockets of heavy rain, maybe a rumble of thunder. sunny skies, that will help the 50' s out there. the me start to cool off with a mixed of sun and clouds. not too much whether going on until midweek. that system is going to be on the wet side. 49 degrees, may be able to lightning and thunder. tomorrow a high of 55. temperature stay above average. it may not feel that way tomorrow but we will be above average until wind they. wednesday into thursday we will see a big storm system across the middle of the country. it looks like it' s going to be wet for us than turning to snow and flurries.
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i was telling you earlier i was keeping up with college basketball. a great story coming up. anchor: great games. the seniors of thomas massie outrageously good. we have a look at how the
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anchor: xavier have the opportunity to go into georgetown and get revenge on the hoyas. xavier went to washington dc facing them at the verizon center. myles davis, trayvon for the only three of the game. 30 seconds later it' s edmond sumner. he made the free throw and lead with 22 points. the muskies came out hot. lewis training the jumper. it was not over. sumner to myles davis. j.p. macura, and the big man
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they will host the nation' s number one team on wednesday at 7:00. here of the stats from the game. muskies were not hot from the three-point line. three for 17. they were nearly perfect from the charity stripe hitting 29 of their 31 attempts. the bearcats have been tormented by close games this year. they lost to butler, iowa state, temple and tulsa. a margin of 10 points. the bearcats hosting yukon hoping for a season sweep. big man throwing down.
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clark making moves. drives in. here he' s when the cap back out. the triple is good. next the shot clock winding down for jacob evans. the contested three. pitino and the cardinals hosting the blue devils this afternoon. we go to the first half. franklin products cutting to the basket. marshall plumley with with the assist. it was going strong into
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that was just two of his game highs. loyal making a comeback. damion lee in, he drains it for the lead. they wore out did for this win. archie miller squad hosting. charles cook, they get the layout to cut the lead. time winding down. adams with the dagger. 79, 72. one of those seniors with a similar effect hating -- samantha. another senior took this and bank debt in. she became the all-time leading
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the senior class is now an amazing 116 three. courtis: a talented lady in a talented team. anchor: 57 in a row for them. courtis: but who'
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courtis: >> john kasich has to figure out a way to do well enough so that he can get to michigan, get to ohio. these bigger states where there are more republicans who will be finding him appealing. >> a big political weekend than a half hour before the polls close. the result could for some cannot bags.
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is not one of them. hillary clinton has been declared the winner of the nevada caucus. we' re waiting on results in south carolina where republicans are in a fierce fight in the south carolina primary. let' s check in now with nikole killion in washington with the latebreaking details in our race roundup. >> hillary clinton is thanking supporters telling them this is your win. she beat back a surge by bernie sanders according to exit polls who said experience and electability matter most. in south carolina voters cast their ballots in the republican primary. donald trump and ted cruz are competing with the top spot. ohio governor john kasich left
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massachusetts today. courtis: wlwt will have the latest results out of south carolina tonight on news five at 11:00. let' s turn our attention to whether and stay right there. you couldn' t ask for a better saturday. picture-perfect out there this weekend. erik zarnitz has another check of your most accurate forecast. >> one of our workers tomie me he saw someone outside washing their car in a bikini. that is how warm it was. we are talking temperatures in the lower 70' s. a votto folks enjoying the mild weather. of course it is going to get cooler out there. keep in mind this afternoon , we rarely hit that number. we tied a record set in 1891.
6:33 pm
dayton broke their record of 68 by hitting 69. temperatures gradually falling. it will be nice, mild. tomorrow cooler. temperatures in the 50' s. as mike proved it was a nice day out there. nice weather giving a boost to area businesses. there are folks downtown enjoying the warm temperatures down there. janel walton is live. she is not alone. >> let me tell you, a lot of people out here wanting to enjoy the day. this is a beautiful day. little bit. people behind me are on the swings, out here on their bikes having a good time at the park tonight. shorts and t-shirts on. it' s hard to believe it is
6:34 pm
there were plenty of people outdoors. some were reading -- reading a book. the weather has helped organizers at the auto expo. visitors were signing up to take a car on a test drive. folks say the warm weather made a trip to the auto expo even better. >> the weather was great. a great opportunity to see some cars. it is a good time. i' m a car guy. i like to see the new stuff coming out. >> it is a nice experience. seeing all the cars. reporter: another thing we saw, parents and kids out here at the park, i am sure they were hoping they would have a chance to burn off energy. today was the day to do it. janel walton, news 5.
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collapsed friday has now fallen into the ohio river. a spokesperson for that project says high wind friday may be to blame for the fall. no one was injured. the crane operator jumped from over. construction in the area has now been put on hold. developing now, a police chief -- chase ends with police officers and a suspect shot. the suspect rammed a police car officers. eight police officers were involved in this chase. two were hit with bullets. pursued their focus. these were dedicated officers. courtis: both wounded police officers are in stable condition
6:36 pm
the suspect is in critical condition. a federal judge has ordered the fbi to look over reports of the death of sandra bland. she was the texas woman who died after a police traffic stop. officers ruled her death a suicide but her family members say they have yet to see the original video from the traffic stop or her time in jail. all of the copies have been edited. >> we know the video of the stop had problems with it when that was released. therefore -- there were things turning over and over again. >> we have become numb to the deaths. we have to get it together so when we hear another name we don' t just say her name.
6:37 pm
t just #her a. we find out who that woman was. death. the trooper who pulled her over was charged with perjury for lying about circumstances that led up to the arrest. the offer of the -- the author of to kill a mockingbird has died. harper lee was 89 years old. she submitted her manuscript rewrite it. in 1960 that novel which defined the racial troubles of the deep south was published. she won the pulitzer prize the following year. last year she published though set a wachtmann. it was promoted as a sequel to to kill a mockingbird. here at home you might spot a few horns on the landscape at springboro cemetery.
6:38 pm
cut down the overgrown grass. afternoon. the man behind the experiment says he saw similar program at arlington national cemetery. he says it is a way to keep ground looking nice. >> i got involved with the love of bringing nature back to the way it was before people got involved and muck things up a little bit. >> spring grove wilson fence the goats in. they will stay in a shelter near the parking lot until they eat an acre of plants. the cincinnati zoo showing off its newest zoo baby. the two-month-old can be seen in the night hunter exhibit. they are primates from the congo.
6:39 pm
house cat. five north american zoos have them. seven live here at the cincinnati zoo. otto has spent so much time with mom that they have not gotten close enough to determine the gender. today men could treat themselves at a new salon and help local kids at the same time. 18 eight posted its grand opening on vendor car way in oakley. they hosted a benefit called -- they could meet the bengals head coach and check out exotic cars . they offer a shopping experience with the local designer and free craft beers. even bourbon. >> there is a lot of energy right now in this area.
6:40 pm
because men deserve an experience like this. courtis: yes we do. the owner says he plans to open two more locations in greater cincinnati. it featured a local art sell and proceeds from the benefit will go to the marvin lewis community fund. this great weather today reminds you of baseball, doesn' t it? another season with new faces. meet the team as they start spring training. news 5 sports anger george vogel will be live from arizona beginning monday night. changes to kentucky ' s marriage licenses. the compromise made by lawmakers of what the marriage licenses will no longer include on them. and a margin michigan for
6:41 pm
-- in the march in michigan for clean water. erik: when we will see showers and perhaps even some thunderstorms. and of course how much cooler things will be straight ahead. politics. carolina. democrats in nevada. we are hearing from those who survived far the most powerful hemisphere. and the gridlock that has college students wondering
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courtis: welcome back pay changes happening to kentucky marriage licenses. straight couples will still be able to get a license saying bride and groom. the kentucky state senate approved a bill creating two different marriage licenses. one says first and second party. the other says bride and groom. supporters say the gender neutral wording was
6:45 pm
it also removes county clerk' s names from the licenses. ohio u.s. senators are pushing from for more money to demolish blighted homes and buildings but senators say they will ask the treasury department for more money. brown says the hardest hit fund has helped more than 24,000 ohioans facing foreclosure. >> we want justice we want justice. courtis: several organizations coming together in flint, michigan to march for water. it was organized by jesse jackson. hundreds participated in the one mile march to the flint water plant.
6:46 pm
>> this is a crime scene. there was a cover-up. courtis: the city' s water source was changed in 2014 which eroded pipes causing for high concentration of lead to be in the city' s water supply. a class-action lawsuit is now in the works. like cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. erik: a beautiful sunny day. a high of 72 degrees. this is not the middle of april. we are tying some records. last time we hit 72 ways in 1891. 120 years ago. we are seeing a beautiful sunset out there.
6:47 pm
of showers and thunderstorms closing in but not right now. we are seeing quiet conditions. temperatures will gradually fade through the 60' s. we are not going to stay dry. nothing will cross our area. that is going to change. when goes from the south to the north. that is one to bring down cooler air and initiate showers and storms. 66 denver sales. 68 degrees in springboro. not too much across indiana or ohio. once you get around fort wayne you see wind change to the north rather than the strong breezes we' ve seen keeping us mild. the southerly wind starts to fade. we see our cold front coming through tonight in the will change when back around to the north.
6:48 pm
some blues on the radar the indicates light snow. we do have some by the time we get to thursday and friday. high temperatures in the lower 70' s. plenty of mild they are down to our south. your hour-by-hour forecast starting off at 49 degrees. more importantly rain chances, we hear more chances. tomorrow afternoon we see some sunshine. temperatures not nearly as warm as they were but a good 10 degrees above average for this time of year. quickly increasing clouds tonight. i believe showers and storms will hold off until after midnight. then we see pockets of heavier rain. some rumbles of thunder by tomorrow morning. most activity moving out of the
6:49 pm
in the afternoon a good amount of sunshine. eventually everybody is saying that son. future cash showing monday, tuesday much the same. fairly mild temperatures pretty typical with a mixed of clouds. your forecast down to 49 degrees. possible thunder tomorrow afternoon. your seven-day forecast, temperatures closer to average. we head into wednesday, and other cold front works through. wednesday is going to be on the wet side changing over into wet snow. by the end of the week, much colder than today. >> even average looks nice. erik: i will take 44 degrees. courtis: we will take anything. we have no control over the weather.
6:50 pm
no control over some of these games either. anchor: they were insane. save your flying home with a win. courtis: good for them. anchor: (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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anchor: welcome back. xavier have the opportunity to go to george -- georgetown and get revenge. xavier went to washington dc at the verizon center. his only triple of the game. 30 seconds later, edmond sumner blew down the baseline. he made the free throw. the muskies came out of the locker room. he had 13. sumner to myles davis, xavier smokes them. that should be rocking. hero the stats from the game. muskies not hot at all from the
6:54 pm
they were nearly perfect. mick and the bearcats hosting yukon. early on, he finishes with eight points. it' s going to be co-pain. gary clark with his man on the post. 13 points. bearcats up three. late in the second path, driving inside. they kick it back out to kevin johnson. shot clock winding down for jacob evans. he takes the three. rick pitino and the cardinals hosting the blue devils today.
6:55 pm
it gets the land. marshall plumley with the nice assist. it was going stronger in the second half. he loses footing. that was just two of his game highs. back off to damion lee who drains it for the lead. 71, 64. archie miller at home. charles koch making grown men. the second half, time winding down. adams, the dagger. one of those seniors was samantha k.d., drilling the
6:56 pm
another senior, alexis santamaria. speaking of moss, she became the all-time leading scorer with this triple. the saints go on to win 94-76. courtis: very impressive. congratulations to them. anchor: i should say congratulations to you. erik: you could have said that if i made it outside and through some hamburgers out there but i did not. it' s a beautiful day. >> tomorrow, you can' t beat 72 in february. we are not even going to try. 55 degrees. if you more clouds. monday and tuesday, a little closer to average.
6:57 pm
there is a storm system. we are going to be on the mild side of things. with snow that could change and will for us. wednesday night we change to some snow as to pitchers take another nosedive. not done with it yet. >> i see the silver lining. george is in arizona. 30 days away from spring. that' s all the time we have. nightly news is next.
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decision 2016. here is lester holt. >> good evening, everyone. we are watching, of course, two major votes in race for the white house tonight. south carolina gop the polls have closed in south carolina. right now, it is too close to call. we can tell you it's a three-way race. appears to be a three-way race among trump, cruz and rubio. are well behind. too close to call in the south carolina gop primary. also today, the democratic caucus in nevada. nbc news projects


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