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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lisa: they did for a long time. we should have just not talked about it. randi: it is how you just got used to it. lisa: old people are our' s was to be talking about the weather and gas prices, but we' re talking about both this morning. and we are. randi: you may have gotten used to the warm weather over the weekend as well, the you' re probably cringing a little at the forecast for the next couple of days. compared to yesterday, we have about a 10 degree drop in store for us today. yesterday, 59 for the high. started out at 41 in the morning. today, close to the 49 for the high, getting down to 30 tonight. the temperature dropped up to and agree saturday to sunday, and now sunday to monday, another 10. 50 or so for the high today, tomorrow, and wednesday. most places in the low and mid-30' s. 35 officially at cvg. many spots in kentucky are above freezing.
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hamilton and springboro, mason, sitting at 32. a cooler start this morning. if you went jacket-free over the weekend, short sleeves, today is it. at least this morning. looking at the radar, we have mostly clear skies. a few thin clouds to the north and to the south. some thin clouds through the day but generally, not bad for february. right now it is 35. at lunchtime, 45. this afternoon, 49 for the high. go ahead and call it 50' s. good. we will stay in her 50 for the next couple of days. how are the roads looking? kyla: still off to a great start so far. this is what you will see, clear conditions on the interstate systems. 71 at pfeiffer inside the 275 loop, rolling right along. same thing at colerain and treatment for the 75 interchange -- the men for the 75 interchange. construction your galbreath.
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commute right now. that will take place overnight will stop275 at mineola pike, things are picking up as expected heading into the 6:00 hour. we will have a covered for you coming up in a couple of minutes. lisa: thank you. developing this morning, the hacktivist group anonymous is going after the cincinnati police department. anonymous published personal information of police officers. police leaders sent out an alert this weekend warning officers about an information breach. the post has since been taken down. anonymous says this was a response to the shooting of paul gaston. the group says he was murdered by cincinnati police officers. police leaders say gaston was shot and killed when he reached for a pellet gun in his waist band that looked realistic. new this morning, a house damaged by fire in independence. this happened just before midnight on flintrock bluff. crews believe the fire started in the garage and spread to other parts of the house.
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this broke out and everyone made it out of the house. two cars in the garage were destroyed. investigators are still working to determine the cause. the family is staying with relatives. mark: also new this morning, a man injured after he was hit by a driver walking down i-275. this happened in the westbound lanes right by i-71. police tell us the 35-year-old man was a patient at bethesda north and he ended up on the , interstate after walking out of the hospital. he injured his head and his leg and was taken back to bethesda. a couple hours earlier, two teenagers were hurt in a crash in crosby township. deputies say it happened at the intersection of new haven road , dry fork road, and mount hope road. a 16-year-old girl was driving and a 15-year-old girl was also in the car. police say the driver lost control hit a guard-rail, and , then hit a utility pole. both girls were taken to the hospital and they are expected to be ok. there are wires down in the area so this intersection is closed.
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to miss a deer, crashing into a pole overnight. this happened around this 3:45 morning on montana avenue in westwood. the driver was not hurt. police say he was likely going too fast in an area known for crashes around the curves. the owner of a popular chili restaurant is being remembered today. mark: crowds of people were in attendance for chris beltsos' visitation sunday. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live with more on how he' s being honored. dan an outpouring of support : expected a little later this morning for chris beltsos. his funeral is set for 11:00a.m. his visitation over the weekend, there was quite a line. people showed up to pay their according to his obituary, he died thursday at 47 after battling cancer. beltsos is well-known as the cofounder and owner of price hill chili. the restaurant described in some reviews as untouched by time. s expected to be closed all
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respects. the funeral is set today for 11:00 here at holy trinity-saint church. to be made to u.c. health for kidney cancer research. live in springfield township, lisa: thank you. a local family is hoping to help others after losing a loved one . mark: aaron berns was a 27-year-old army veteran and family members say he was living disorder. miriah turner has the details from the live alert desk. aaron bern' s body in the little miami river this weekend. we are told he jumped into the river on new years day after setting a duplex on fire. family and friends have not stopped searching for aaron since then. and on his body was found in the saturday, river near loveland. bern' s family say he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder after serving two tours in iraq. the family says they held a vigil last night even after the devastating news because they want to help other people fighting ptsd.
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that either the army or someone has to do something to prepare our young men to really face civilian life and make that transition and be better prepared. reiko' s family had an organized search party for the past seven weeks throughout warren county. they say the timing with the vigil in the discovery of aaron' s body was meant to be. lisa: insulting county, police are still hoping for a break as they search for a local mother. terra turner has been missing from falmouth january 31. pendleton county chef debit is conducted a dive this weekend your the foster program. no tips led them there, but they wanted to rule it out. turner' s family is offering a reward for her return. $10,000mark: a couple of suspects expected in court after a police chase. 24-year-old asia harris and
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woman in colerain township and install the truck she was driving. here' s governor honda wheel and did not stop when police caught up. eventually, harris hit stop sticks and crashed into a police cruiser. there was expected to be arraigned later this morning. this ago show promoters for the cincinnati music festival have announced this year headliners seven july 22 and 23rd and new addition will be the friday night headline. charlie wilson will be the headliner on saturday. maze featuring frankie beverly will also perform. tickets are on sale now. mark: another hot ticket right now, xavier' s big game on wednesday against the top-ranked team in the country. the musketeers are hosting villanova. this weekend, xavier went to georgetown and dominated on the hoyas. it was revenge after getting called out on their home court earlier this season. xavier will be looking for
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the wildcats, xavier 95-64 in september. tip-off wednesday suffer 7:00. when we continue this morning, a historic day at the great american race. physical the wild finish at the daytona 500 that was always too close to call. mark: combining beer and fitness. the rogue will -- local brewery calling out to yoga. randi: take a look at the temperatures right now. most places are hovering close to freezing. right now 33 degrees in lawrenceburg. at work couple of degrees above freezing to start the day. you will want a jacket or sweatshirt, especially as you head out this morning. it will not be as warm as yesterday. 45 at lunchtime, few more clouds
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a little bit of a heartbreaker in the forecast, no 60' s and 70' s, but a mild start to start the week. we will talk about rain and snow and the timing of that for the
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mark: welcome back. 6:12 and 35 degrees. checking the roads for you right now, and things are moving pretty good downtown. kyla woods with a closer look at the morning commute. hopefully, it is uneventful. kyla: we' ve seen great conditions to start you out on your monday morning. one to take a look elsewhere across greater cincinnati, the map has shown pretty clear conditions, the roads outside as
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275 at route 32 to the eastgate area, you can see the overpass on 275 north out of cell phone looks good and right under their at route 32 your looking good and clear as well. we will have some construction a deal with overnight along 75. this is southbound and galbreath. they will be doing some bridge work in the area. it will start with a single enclosure and go into a double enclosure at about 11:00 tonight was scheduled to lift around 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we will deal with a pretty much every night this week. mark: thank you. checking or headlines. a michigan man accused of killing six people in a random shooting spree is expected in court today. investigators in kalamazoo say jason dalton chose victims at random saturday night, shooting people outside an apartment complex, a car dealership, and a restaurant over nearly seven hours. six people died, and two others,
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were seriously injured. lisa: the supreme court hears cases today for the first time since the death of associate justice antonin scalia. the court is now evenly split ideologically among its eight members. president obama plans to nominate a replacement, over the objection of republicans who say that job should fall to his successor. mark: a class-action lawsuit against amc theaters claiming the chain makes her home for the movies. those listed in the lawsuit said the audio description devices are often unavailable, have a low battery, or play the wrong audio descriptions. the lawsuit claims amc staff sometimes and one customers devices intended for those who are deaf. amc has not publicly responded to the lawsuit. lisa: a door-to-door dash to the historic photo finish at the daytona 500 on sunday. with one lap to go, denny hamlin wedged between matt kenseth and
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are calling a hail mary move. hamlin and truex raced to the finish line. after further review, a photo finish determined that hamlin edged out truex by one one hundredth of a second, the closest finish in daytona 500 history. mark: crazy. an interesting concept in over-the-rhine is bringing fitness and brewing together. lisa: moerlein' s taproom has started offering free yoga classes at its moore street location. after the work out, participants can then get a few drinks in the taproom. >> so people can come down and kind of stretch out for the weekend and get a fresh start to the work week and then have a tasty moerlein beer afterwards. country now, a lot of breweries are popping up doing this. i reached out to christian moerlein because i really wanted to work with them. they' re in the heart of otr. i really like their beer, good rich cincinnati history. be held each sunday from 11:30 brewery tours as well as brunch
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another interesting mix this morning, snow and softball in wisconsin. mark: it' s combination of a day at the ball park, and a day at the races. miriah: you have softballs, bats, and snowmobiles. fielders are on snowmobiles and batters run the bases on sleds as well. the fielders have to keep their engines turned off while the batter stands in a circle. they can only start them up when the ball is hit. chaotic, but players say that' s part of the game. >> no strategy. same as softball, you just run the bases with sleds. >> it' s awesome. you got to try it once, and you get addicted to it. >> it' s just a good time for the people to get out, who got cabin fever, get out here, and enjoy winter a little bit. miriah: look how dirty that snow is. the tournament is a fundraiser for a local snowmobile club, and the money goes toward maintaining snowmobile trails and equipment. i feel like whenever you go up north, you get some pretty wacky sports going on.
6:17 am
to bring ball. i was like, what is this? mark: it is a national pastime. miriah: i had never heard of it. lisa: it is an expensive sport. you have to have a snowmobile. miriah: you have to start it up every time. mark: it is a rule. maybe ought to get up above the mason-dixon line little more often. some fun stuff. randi snowmobile weather? required. over the weekend, 60' s. still some stone the forecast expect another sunny and mild day. it won' weekend. 72 on saturday. 59 degrees yesterday. today, closer to 49. a step back, but still season for february. the middle of the week is when we will see rain followed by
6:18 am
-- snowmobile-able weather. we have dry weather all across the area. we are mostly clear skies, but we will see clouds shift in through the day. sitting at 35 degrees right now i cvg. most places south of the river, a couple of degrees above freezing. hovering closer to the freezing point in ohio, you can see 31 degrees n harrison, one of the warmer spots is connersville at 37. heading for the evening, 5:00 today, a good 10 degrees cooler than 5:00 yesterday. most places upper 40' s, maybe some 50' s, especially along and south of the ohio river. this would be decent in a normal february, but thanks to the weekend, this will seem like a cool side. our sort of taste of spring continues. at lunchtime, 45. at 4:00, mild for february, 49. 8:00 tonight, 43. i the middle of the week, everything changes.
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partly cloudy skies and highs near 50. as we head into late tuesday night, you' ll notice to the south, range. this is pushing in with warmer air. mid-50' s on wednesday. not exactly the best day to enjoy because it will be a soaker of a wednesday, steady rain, heavy at times throughout the day wednesday. as we transition from wednesday night into thursday morning, you' ll notice the transition line, the rain/snow changeover will have an early thursday. the ground still holding onto a little bit of heat, so it will take a while for it to stick and accumulate. we will get some accumulation on thursday. today, 49. more sunshine, still generally on the mild side. tonight, 30' s. tomorrow, right around 50 again. not as warm as the weekend, but still decent to the middle of the week. wednesday, steady rain. thursday, eventually, transitioning over to light a key malaysia.
6:20 am
probably happens around midnight and then falls through the day. one cool day for friday, stuck in the 20' s. by the weekend, such on returns and back into the 40' s. lisa: thank you. fade to black. why it looked like someone pulled the plug at a recent campaign rally. mark: and governor kasich shifts his focus back to ohio. his controversial decision and the impact of new legislation. kyla: a great start so far in the morning commute, but here' s a look at the cut-in-the-hill. never fails to give us heavy volume, especially once we' re inside the 6:00 hour. for those heading out right now, overall, a great start.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. hope it was a good weekend for you. hope it is a great start on this monday. the morning commute, so far, so good. picking up a little bit. kyla: that is what we' re seeing right now and that is typical for this time of the morning. nothing out of the ordinary waiting for you as you head outside. here' s a look at 471 getting heavy north down from the 275 interchange. not seeing any yellow or red pop up at all. we are still green all over the place and that means our speeds are looking good. 61 miles per hour northbound on 471. still a quick five-minute
6:24 am
no big extension of the travel times just yet. we' ll check again in a few minutes. mark: thank you. new developments this morning ohio' s governor has approved a , bill to strip funding from planned parenthood. john kasich signed a measure cutting more than $1 million the agency receives through ohio' s health department. the mostly federal money supports hiv testing, cancer screenings, and violence prevention. supporters want the money to help centers that do not provide abortions. lisa: to commitment 2016 now, donald trump is riding high off his big victory in south carolina this weekend. he was back on the campaign trail, and he had some technical difficulties talking to voters in georgia. >> they would probably sit here to put them in our jails. they did not pay the electric bill. oh, i like that much better. lisa: the lights eventually came continued. he is the favorite in the republicans' next contest in
6:25 am
the republican caucus is tomorrow. mark: among the democrats, new momentum for hillary clinton after caucus voters in nevada decided to place their bets on her. now clinton is looking for another victory in the democratic primary in south carolina. she has a big lead in the polls, but sanders is hitting the campaign trail trying to make up ground. south carolina' s democratic primary is saturday. lisa: time to check the forecast. beautiful weekend. i slept through this, but i' m told overnight and a sunday, it rained. kyla: cats and dogs. randi: it was crazy. my husband can sleep through a floor of the house. the rivers rapidly weekend and if you were out m sure you saw lung really high. they kind of spike yesterday but i check every station in the
6:26 am
for the end of the week, keep an eye on the ohio river at cincinnati, this morning at 38.1 the. below action stage but it will climb late in the week. by wednesday night afternoon, thanks to our midweek rain, expect the potential for flooding near coney. we could go above action stage by early wednesday and then pressed at about 42 feet, the usual tricky spot in riverbend by wednesday afternoon. something to watch out for on wednesday. today and tomorrow, sunny to partly cloudy with temperatures near 50. eventually, that rain on with they will give way to light snow on thursday. lisa: reds reporting early with trade rumors surrounding the team. the fan favorite who could be on the move. dan anonymous targets cincinnati : police. the data dump revealing personal information about cincinnati
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. mark: hackers target cincinnati police. the recent shooting that got the attention of anonymous. lisa: a shooting spree in michigan with six people killed. what police are saying about the man behind the rampage. mark: here at home, city leaders are listening. the meeting today looking to reduce violent crime in greater cincinnati. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt
6:30 am
leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: coming up on 6:30, good monday morning. we take a live look outside, nice, cool and calm, 35 degrees this morning. thank you for joining us, i mark am hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. randi and kyla are in this morning with your weather and traffic. hope you had a great weekend. how could you not with that nice weather. randi: it was gorgeous. we had a record tight on saturday and 72. yesterday, basically at 60. if you are into rounding, today is almost 50. kyla: let round up. randi: 72 on saturday. that thunderstorm that came through saturday night was a cold front, so we did get yesterday to about 60 or so for the high. we are going to fall another 10 degrees and be way closer to 49
6:31 am
looking at the radar, mostly clear skies. if you thin clouds and that will be the case of the day. once you had north of the river, at or a degree above freezing. 33 in loveland. 32, springboro to hamilton. generally south of the river at or just a couple of degrees above 30 degrees. do not go outside in shorts and t-shirts like you did over the weekend. you need the jacket early on. as we look at the planner, it :00 a.m., sitting at 33. noon, great for february, with a typical february and we did not set records of the weekend, it would feel pretty good. close to 50 for the first part of the week. but there is some winter left in the seven-day forecast. we will take a look at when rain and snow rolled back in and a couple of minutes. how are the roads
6:32 am
as farce the traffic goes, heading outside right now, here' s a look. the interchange rolling right along at 75 at 275. you will continue to build, especially inside the loop and closer to 75. cut-in-the-hill showing brake lights closer to the bottom of the hill. no big surprise, that is typical for this time of morning. we will probably work in some delays over the next 30 minutes or so. 71 of victory parkway looks good northbound and southbound. lisa and mark? mark: developing now, a hacking group posts personal information of cincinnati police officers. lisa: this is a move connected to a recent officer-involved shooting. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with what we learned overnight. andrew, bring us up-to-date. andrew: we don' t know where the information came from or how they got it. at this point, we don' t even know if the data was accurate. but anonymous targeted
6:33 am
of paul gaston. this was an officer involved shooting last week. data was posted online that anonymous says is about 52 cincinnati cops. the data dump is in response to shooting death of paul gaston at harrison and boudinot last week. he had an airsoft pistol at the time, and police say he was refusing to comply and reaching for the weapon when he was shot. anonymous called it murder and says he was complying with police. the information that was posted on line has been pulled down from it' s host site which really only adds another question to all this, why was this bright down? we know cincinnati police are aware of this. we know the brass has communicated it to more the rank-and-file officers. how did anonymous get this information and is it accurate? we hope to find out more about this, whether or not city servers may have been hacked, as cincinnati police answer more questions for us later this morning. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: police in kalamazoo, michigan, arrested a man they say when on a shooting rampage.
6:34 am
night shooting eight people. , miriah turner is at the live alert desk with the latest on the investigation. rocco today the suspect 45-year-old jason dalton will be arraigned on murder charges. police say he shot 8 people, killing six of them. this as authorities look into a facebook post that suggests the uber driver picked up at least one fare between shootings. an uber spokesperson confirmed he worked for the car service, but declined to say if he was on the clock during his alleged rampage saturday night. police say he opened fire at an apartment complex, a car dealership and a cracker barrel , parking lot. according to law enforcement the victims have no apparent connection to him and the murders appear to be random. dalton does not have a criminal record. and a man who knows him says he is a married father of two who never showed signs of violence. >> they were intentional, deliberate and i don' t want to
6:35 am
done is what i want to say. miriah: a prayer service was held last night. so far, authorities do not have a motive. an uber executive says the company is horrified and heartbroken at the senseless violence and offered to assist investigators. mark: thank you. police are looking for someone who shot someone else in the stomach their white castle on avondale and reading road. investigators say it is unclear exactly where the shooting took place or if the shooter knew the victim. lisa: in westwood, an argument ended with a shot fired. it happened early sunday morning on bracken woods lane. police say a family was drinking and two people got into an argument. someone took out a gun and fired a shot. a bullet grazed one person. that individual is expected to be ok. later today cincinnati' s mayor , and police chief will host the final forum about reducing violent crime. mark: past sessions have suggested more development and job opportunities for young people.
6:36 am
with the violence. the form starts at 6:00 tonight at the college hill community center. lisa: a prayer service was held last night. beltsos died of cancer at the age of 47. price hill chili will be closed today so all friends can attend the funeral service. mark: butler county voters have running to replace john boehner. 17 people are vying for his 8h district seat. miami university will host two forums on monday. the first gets started at 11:00 this morning at miami' s west chester learning center. then an evening forum gets started at 6:30 at miami university hamilton. lisa: reds players are reporting early in goodyear including jay bruce. the reds right fielder is getting to work as trade rumors continue to swirl. the latest reports say the
6:37 am
22 balitmore but bruce says he is tuning it out. >> this is what i know. this organization has been much more to me than just a baseball team. i have been here since i was 18 years old. this is all i know. i look forward to still being here. if something does happen, i completely understand. lisa: we will be there as jay and the rest of the guys get ready for a new season. george vogel is in arizona and he' s ready to hit the ground running with that guy photographer mark slaughter. ,they are the team out there. they will be reporting from goodyear all week. mark: i wonder if they have everything handled, if they need any help or anything? kyla: they might need you to stand by, mark. those guys temperatures i' m sure don' t have anything to do if you
6:38 am
getting out the door this money, we' re dealing with a closer from an accident that happened late yesterday evening. mount hope road at new haven road, downed wires . crews are getting that cleaned up, but i would avoid it over the next couple of hours or so. here' s a look at your interstates, 275 on the northwest corner looking good at hamilton, just turning to pick up toward i-75. let' s check in with randi rico. even though we had a couple of really, really nice days over the weekend, still not bad for february. randi: it is not saturday, ok? no 70' s, but 50 or so this this money, don' t forget the jacket. i know we got a little spring fever over the weekend. most places are hovering in the low and mid-30' s. he sent us for the kids. they may at been able to rock the shorts and t-shirts over the this morning it is a little
6:39 am
around 33 or so. after school, good enough to get outside and play, not as were miss the weekend, but still looking at near 50 degrees this afternoon. the first part of the week stays mild, but it is february, winter, so rain and snow is in the seven have a day forecast. we will take a look at the timing coming up in a couple of minutes. lisa: thank you. a teenager decides to clear house and help kids in need. how her love for stuffed animals is helping other local children find joy. mark: governor kasich confronted on the campaign trail. his decision for ohio that sparked outrage in south carolina. outside live on or monday, a look through citycam, the sun is trying to make its way up on a monday morning. we have more top stories coming
6:40 am
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6:42 am
mark: welcome back. happening today, a deposition takes place for camille cosby and the defamation lawsuit against her husband comedian bill cosby. her attorneys claim she and no involvement with the facts or allegations in the case against her husband. cosby is slated answer questions under oath in the suit alleges the sexual assaulted seven women decades ago. mr. cosby has denied all the allegations against him. it is an issue that' s become a reoccuring problem in modern times, school threats. we' ve reported on dozens of them locally in the last year alone.
6:43 am
s sheree paolello joins us now with a look at how schools go about informing parents of the threat. sheree: keeping you in the loop s safety is on when someone threatens your s school with violence how quickly do you find out? most parents with cell phones expect to learn of threats immediately. but a wlwt investigation reveals different districts handle notifications in different ways. >> how we handle it -- how could be totally different. we' our kids. sometimes sitting tight for a few minutes is going to be the care of our kiddos. sheree: threats against schools are on the rise in greater cincinnati. tonight at 6:00, investigative reporter todd dykes shows you why your expectation may be far different from reality when it comes to what you know and win about your child' s safety at school. mark: ohio governor john kasich is blocking planned parenthood from receiving any state government money. miriah turner is here now with
6:44 am
s affecting his presidential campaign. reiko -- bill banning the state from contracting health services with any group that performs or promotes abortion. the bill doesn' t specifically mention planned parenthood but the group will effectively be cut from or than $1 million in funding for health programs. cecile richards slammed the bill, saying it will hurt women across ohio and governor kasich heard similar criticism on the campaign trail. >> why do you hate women' s health? >> first of all, i love when young people show up somewhere. if you don' t have a good protest, you ain' t living. we are going to fund women' s health very aggressively. miriah: kasich was in south carolina when that confrontation he went on to say he wants to cut off funding for planned parenthood because "put
6:45 am
mark: happening today, hoxworth blood center is working with the greatest show on earth to get more donations. the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey blood drive kicks off at 10:30 this morning. all donors that participate today will receive a voucher for a free ticket to the circus. multiple hoxworth center locations are participating in today' s drive. lisa: hundreds of people came out to support another important cause on sunday. it is the annual fight for air climb that makes its way up and down carew tower. racers ran or walked all 45 stories of the tower. and the ones taking on the vertical mile climbed the 804 steps more than 10 times. the fight for air supports the american lung association, and it attracts many people who lost family members to lung disease. >> i' ve watched what happens with people that don' t take care of themselves, so i climb the stairs for them. i climb the stairs for me, to keep me as healthy as possible.
6:46 am
lisa: we are still waiting on the total from the climb. the american lung association says all the money raised will stay in cincinnati. mark: what a great story and a great effort. i like it. a west chester teenager who suffers from aspergers syndrome is making a difference in our community. lisa: wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us how she' s making a difference with her stuffed animal collection. kyla: her name is kassidy. the 13-year-old tells us that to animals would be an understatement. she has about 500 of them. she decided to bring many of them to the west chester fire department. they say they normally receive these large like this one from donations like this one from hospitals and charities, but to receive it all from one person is very special. you might say it has become kassidy' s mission to share the joy those toys bring her with other children who might be going through a rough time in their lives. >> when kids are scared and
6:47 am
which touched to -- attach to just like my first stuff animal. kyla: kassidy hopes her generous act will inspire others to give what they can. let' s check in with randi rico with your most accurate forecast. randi: it was a gorgeous weekend. we tied a record on saturday at 72. yesterday was a sickly 60 outside. the playgrounds were packed. we are still going to be above average through wednesday, but temperatures do feel a bit cooler this morning because we are not pushing 60 and 70. closer to 50 later on today. looking at the radar, we have mostly clear skies, a few clouds mixing and at times through the day. why did it cool off? saturday night, we had a decent round of thunderstorms, dropped about three quarters of an inch to an inch and half a brain. our temperatures tumbled 10 degrees from saturday into
6:48 am
on the way with went out of the north. check out the pretty sunrise on the horizon. 35 degrees currently. the wind out of the north at 10 miles per hour. even though we were talking spring over the weekend, a bit of a windchill this morning and feels like 27. don' t run out of the house without the jacket thinking it is just as nice as saturday and sunday because it isn' t. 8:00 a.m., 33. at noon, sunny, 45. through the afternoon, temperatures will climb back to the upper 40' s. given that extra degree in edge, talking 50 or so today. futurecast shows today and tomorrow, sunny to partly cloudy skies and comfortable for february. your 50 both days. tuesday night, the clouds thicken up and the nexus to rolling in our direction from the south. that will bring us steady rain through the day on wednesday, heavy at times.
6:49 am
-- expect a soaker of a day on wednesday. the rain/snow changeover line will roll through greater cincinnati overnight. the ground will be warm thanks to the weekend and highs in the 50' s the next couple of days, but eventually, we pulled off quick enough that there will be some light accumulation on thursday. something we will keep an eye on. today, 49. more sunshine, still mild. tonight, 30. tomorrow, back to 50. 50 or so for the first two days this week. wednesday, steady rain through the day. we will be in the 50' s. by thursday morning, we will changeover to some snow. not looking at a whole bunch of accumulation. 20' s on friday, rebounding back into the 40' s by the weekend. kyla: our morning commute has been off to a pretty good start this week as well. we have been telling about the closure that remains in caught -- cosby township. that will be at least three more hours will stop that is near mount hope road.
6:50 am
your travel times look great, 15 minutes on the northeast corner of east gate to 71 on 275. butler county, still a low commute. 19 minutes on 71-75. we' ve not seen a great impact yet. still pretty light. traffic still looking good here for you at turfway. lisa: cincinnati police officers exposed. mark: why hackers decided to go after local officers and the information that was posted online. lisa: getting back to work. the race for the white house returns to the campaign trail with super tuesday on the horizon. mark: taking a live look outside free this morning, the sun begins to rise, 35 degrees. we will check your most accurate forecast and her headlines when we come back. stay with us, you' re watching cincinnati'
6:51 am
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lisa: welcome back. checking your top stories of the morning a hacking group posts , personal information of cincinnati police officers. mark: and the move is connected to a recent officer-involved shooting. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with what we learned overnight. andrew: we know cincinnati police leadership are aware of the data dump by anonymous and
6:54 am
s been taken down from its host site now, the information is still concerning if it is accurate. the personal information that was released is about 52 cincinnati police officers. the group says it' s in response to the shooting death of paul gaston who was killed in a confrontation with police near harrison and boudinot last week. he had an airsoft gun. police say he reached for it. anonymous says he was complying with officers and had his hands in the air. anonymous seems to have zeroed in on gaston' s death because it involves an airsoft gun. they also referenced john crawford' s death, and the shooting of tamir rice in a video that accompanied the data dump. one of the things that is not clear is how they got their hands on this information. was a city server hacked? where did the data come from? we will have to learn about that from the cincinnati police as the day goes on. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: the owner of a popular chili restaurant is being remembered today. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live with how he' s being
6:55 am
dan: there was a massive turnout for chris beltsos at his visitation over the weekend. he died thursday at 47 after battling cancer. today is funeral services are dozens upon dozens of people lined up at meyer and geiser funeral home to pay their respects. according to his obituary, beltsos leaves behind a wife and children. his chili business has gained a major following. some reviews describe the experience as untouched by time. the funeral for chris beltsos is set for today at 11:00 a.m. at holy trinity-st. nicholas greek orthodox church. the restaurant says it will be close today as those services go on and as people pay their respects. live in springfield township, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. a michigan man accused of killing six people in a random shooting spree is expected in court today. investigators in kalamazoo say jason dalton chose victims at random saturday night, shooting
6:56 am
complex, a car dealership, and a restaurant over nearly seven hours. six people died and two others, including a 14-year-old girl, are seriously injured. mark: our fourth top story, cincinnati' s mayor and police chief will host the final forum about reducing violent crime. past sessions have suggested more development and job opportunities for young people. you can offer your ideas to deal with the violence. the foreign begins at 6:30 tonight at the college hill community center. lisa: rounding the top 5, presidential candidates back on the campaign trail. donald trump is considered the favorite for the nevada republican caucus tomorrow. ohio governor john kasich is spending his day in virginia, which is one of several states voting on super tuesday next week. before that arrives, democrats will have their primary in south carolina saturday. hillary clinton is the favorite there. mark: let' s check in with randi. what is coming our way?
6:57 am
not as warm as the weekend, but nice and sunny this afternoon, more clouds they into the evening. you don' t want to had out the door without a jacket because in most towns, temperatures a right around freezing. 33 at 8:00. at noon, 45. at 4:00, 49. near 50 tomorrow. heavy at times. late wednesday night, talking after midnight, so technically thursday morning, we will snow showers. depending on how warm the ground is, we will eventually see some accumulation. something i will keep my eye on in the forecast for thursday. even though we' re talking a drop in temperature, really only one day in the coming week that is supercold, that is friday, in the 20' s. mark: and that is the last one for this winter, right? randi: i cannot
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
but it will be n good morning. unstoppable unstoppable? with two wins under his belt and candidates dropping out of the race, donald trump in position for the nomination and feeling confident. >> you're going to get so tired. you're going to say please, please, mr. president, we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. we can't stand it. and i'm going to say, i don't care. we're going to keep winning. we're going to make america


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