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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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it' s a dangerous dangerous drug because you don' t know what you' re going to get from time to time, this batch may have one variation, one recipe and the next batch coming in might be something completely different which adds to the hazards. warren county sheriffs office says fitzpatrick has bonded out of the warren county jail. sheree: anthony popplewell is locked up, accused of punching and pushing his girlfriends 4-year-old. child experts say this case highlights a disturbing pattern of boyfriends abusing children. police say anthony popplewell abused his girlfriends four-year-old daughter at a sycamore township home. he was babysitting the little
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in these situations that are dangerous and tragic for these kids. reporter: according to court records- the 4-year-old girl, told her mom popplewell pushed her down the stairs- pulled her hair and slammed her on the ground. >> popplewell told his girlfriend the child fell down. and blamed his 5-year-old daughter -who was also there-for hurting the child' s face. >> the child suffered numerous bodily injuries which were inconsistent with defendant' s story, he was the sole provider at the time. reporter: hamilton county job and family services says in 2010- 35% of child abuse deaths happened at the hands of the mom' s boyfriend. >> sadly it' s not uncommon at all in our community where a child is harmed at the hands of mother' s boyfriend. last year poppellwell was convicted of child endangering-after he stole from a udf ran away and left his then 4-year-old daughter there. >> sometimes people with fewer t fully know the background of someone they' ve invited into their home. george: -- reporter: home. -- experts say when moms are choosing a partner they are not
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too. popplewell has been ordered to have no contact with the child. reporting live tammy mutasa wlwt news 5. mike: wlwt investigates the harsh reality of abuse and neglect. a 2013 government report found that fathers and boyfriends are most often the perpetrators in abuse deaths. that same report found that children younger than 3-years-old accounted for almost three-quarters of abuse deaths. sheree: new at 11. the fight isn' t over, to add a new kroger marketplace in west chester. people packed the township hall tonight. the board of trustees, were considering a rezoning request. developers want to build crossings of beckett at tylersville and princeton-glendale roads. >> we' d like to see kroger hope gets filled by another tenant. -- we hope that a renovates the current space. not leave a vacant building for us to drive by and hope that it will get filled by another
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sheree: kroger. hopes to move out of its current location. near the proposed site. and then sub-lease the old site. the request will head to butler county court next month. mike: we' re learning more about the background of the man who died in a heroin-related crash on 275 in campbell county. the man' s brother says his life started a downward spiral after the 2002 erpenbeck scandal. steve gilliam says his brother michael lost his plumbing business. he soon went bankrupt and turned to heroin. a woman and her 7-month-old son remain in the hospital tonight from the crash. drug dealers with a record could soon face stiffer punishments in indiana. a state senate panel passed the measure today. it targets meth. and heroin dealers. the new bill would allow judges to increase sentences of convicted dealers if they have previous felonies for selling or making meth or heroin. mike: a show of support for apple tonight. protests were held at more than 50 store locations around the world, against the fbi.
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hundreds of people are upset, over a judge ordering apple to help in the san bernardino terrorism investigation. the fbi wants the tech company to create a master key, so they can hack into the shooter' s locked i-phone. so far apple has resisted. a local technology consultant says while there may be a way to do this apple would be treading into dangerous territory. >> if you can make us put these backdoors in these products, then again you are basically putting us at risk. even if the government doesn' t somehow use this for some kind of big brother style surveillance on you, that doesn' t mean a hacker or criminal couldn' t. mike: other tech giants like facebook, twitter, and google have voiced their support for apple. there were no protests held in our area. in commitment 2016. voters in nevada, are caucusing tonight. the first results are expected to come in in about an hour. trump is expected to do well in nevada. this would be his third straight state win. ted cruz and marco rubio are locked in a tight race for
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mike: the democrats candidates took questions from voters in south carolina tonight. bernie sanders touted his campaign saying they have accomplished a lot in a few months. while hillary clinton is riding her win in nevada. one thing both presidential candidates agreed on tonight, is president obama' s efforts to close guantanamo bay. bernie sanders: obviously if people are terrorists, they need to be confined and we need to make sure that they stay in jail until whatever happens. but i think the president is right. hillary clinton: there is no reason for us to continue to have guantanamo. it is a very serious symbol. -- for a lot of the people around the world. mike: clinton and sanders will face off again in south carolina this saturday. sheree: a republican who dropped out of this year'
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presidency is coming to butler county next month. senator rick santorum will be speaking at the butler county republican party' s annual lincoln day dinner. it' s being held on march 12. santorum will be speaking in support of presidential candidate marco rubio. mike: he hits a 65-year-old man with a car and makes a during getaway. >> still can' t walk took me a half hour to get off my bed this morning. sheree: the violent rage leading up to the incident, and how the suspect was finally caught. kevin: there is rain inching its way towards the ohio river tonight. it is spreading across northern kentucky. i will let you know how much rain that will continue to fall. and how much snow will be on a forecast.
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sheree: a hit and run caught on camera hurts a 65-year-old boston man. mike: the man behind the wheel, is now facing many more charges, than just hitting the man, who was crossing the street. >> he' s a dangerous career felon. mike: this was the end of the road for tyson delgado who police say managed to elude officers for a full day after a violent hit and run, that seriously injured a 65-year-old man. >> a lot of pain. still can' t walk took me a half hour to get off my bed this
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mike: fred pica is recovering with broken bones thankful to be alive and relieved that police found their man. >> i give them all the credit, i' m glad they got him . mike: officers say delgado hit fred in a daring getaway earlier this month. they say he was being investigated for stealing from a former employer and shoved an officer before taking off in a violent rage. police finally found him in boston at a relative' s home, where they say he was hiding under a bed. >> i' m still not at ease he almost took my love of my life away for me. he has no moral conscience. mike: tough watching that video. besides the hit and run the suspect is also charged with assault and battery on a police officer, and larceny. a small plane crashes onto a street in pacoima, california, about 25 miles north of los angeles. surveillance video shows the
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making an emergency landing near the airport where it took off yesterday. the pilot was the only person inside, and appeared to be ok after the crash. the plane suffered significant damage, and several cars parked near the crash were ripped up too. sheree: new details into the death of justice antonin scalia. his doctor is calling the justice' s death not suspicious. scalia' s doctor says he suffered from multiple chronic conditions including obesity diabetes and coronary artery disease. the district attorney said scalia' s list of health problems made an autopsy unnecessary. this week the supreme court headed back to work after justice scalia' s death. justice samuel alito told a law school audience today the court has functioned with an even number of justices before. meanwhile majority leader mitch mcconnell reiterated the senate will not approve president obama' s nominee.
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mcconnell: i believe the overwhelming view of the republican conference of the senate in the senate is that this nomination should not be filled, this vacancy should not be filled by this lame-duck president. sheree: if the supreme court ends in 4-4 ties in its current term the lower court ruling would stand. mike: a michigan gun shop owner says the suspect in the kalamazoo rampage was in his store just hours before the shootings. jonathan southwick says jason dalton bought a jacket at the store 20 miles north of kalamazoo. but southwick says he never sold dalton a gun on saturday. he says dalton never gave any indication he would hurt anyone. >> jason did a one-arm hug around my manager and was smiling, uh after the checkout my manager said you know ' have a good day' and he said he was going out to enjoy the weather. mike: another gun shop owner, in kalamazoo, says he had sold long guns to dalton. but doesn' t know if he ever sold him a hand gun, like police say was used in the rampage.
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s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: the rain held off most of the evening. it is just as expected. we are going to get soaking read over the -- soaking wet over the next couple hours. skies are cloudy in the rain is inching into her direction as we speak. it is down to 50. it is going to increase overnight tonight as the big system increases tonight. the system is responsible for a number of the tell these along the gulf coast. good news for us, we won' t have to worry about that. there' s no way to get around the rain. look how large the system is. all the way from western cut -- carolina although et east texas. you can see the huge counterclockwise been. it swings our way. here'
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the rain has bank this way towards the ohio river now. they' re falling near owing to an, creighton. over next couple minutes, towards midnight it' ll overspread the rest of the greater cincinnati metro area. the rain will start light below gradually pick up in intensity as we go throughout the night. flood watch is in effect for the entire viewing area. not because we are thinking huge problems related to flooding but the vegetation is still dead out there. with an inch or two of rainfall between now and tomorrow night, the usual suspect areas, poor drainage areas, low-lying areas. water will connect -- collect in those locations. they could heavy rain coming out tomorrow night, do expect good -- wet roads with standing water. this is not thunderstorm activity.
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soaking rain during the morning tomorrow. as we head into the morning commute. if there is any good news. towards the end of the morning commute, we may see a' s that he soaking let-up. tomorrow is a wet day with on an off waste of rain. during the afternoon i cannot wait out a rumble of thunder. after 8-9:00 watch this rain and snow line races, bash race across the snow line. interstate 75, should be probably in the form of snowfall. we will have on an off snow throughout the overnight tomorrow night. and into the day on thursday crossed the area. one thing i want to talk about is the winds. it is going to be very blustery. you see the stronger winds with the brighter colors around to go. that is closer to the storm center. as it moves into her direction, they will pick up overnight tonight. they' ll be very gusty on thursday. we can see wind gusts
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models continue to indicate a good 1-2 inches of rain across the area. most areas may be an inch or two across the region. it looks like storing up late tomorrow night and wrapping up during the afternoon on thursday. 43 is a low tonight. the rain is knocking on a doorsteps as we speak. often on downpours tomorrow with gusty winds. we are mild during the day especially before it turns cold during the evening. here' s your day planner. 43 at 8:00 a.m.. 56 at three. will drop down to 30 by thursday morning with on off light snow during the day on thursday, friday is very cold. we will rebound over the weekend. saturday-sunday we' ll make up for the lousy weather. low 60' s. we' ll go from snow on the ground
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sheree: george vogel is in george: we are live in goodyear arizona were the reds continue spring training today. they had their first full squad workout. everybody that was expected to be here was here. jay bruce. it did not look like he would be here because he was some -- the subject of some trade speculation.
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bruce is here. the same with brandon phillips. brandon is here as well. brandon said today he is more than happy to be back with the reds in goodyear. >> i' m happy to keep playing the game i love. i really like -- love the city of cincinnati. i play for the fans. i play for my family. george: brandon was not only saying the right things, he was hearing the right things. hall of famer barry larkin spent some time talking with the reds second baseman. and brandon' s double play partner is back, shortstop zack cozart is healthy again after suffering a brutal knee injury last season. >> i' m excited to be out here, probably more excited than anybody. when you get something you want to do get taken away from you, it puts everything in perspective in makes you work that much harder to get to it. george: and one of the most productive bats in the major leagues is getting ready to go after a good workout, joey votto talked about helping lead a
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t force. >> it is something that happens naturally. if there is sincerity, truth and knowledge behind the thing to say, a goes -- it will be received an action could be taken on it. george: the resonate joey votto to be at his best. if they are going to do anything to prove the pundits wrong. you know what the predictions of been a were up to 100 losses the season. homer bailey is one guy not buying into the predictions, but he doesn' t buy into any predictions. >> who had houston going as far as they did? didn' t everybody have the nationals winning it last year? that didn' t work out. i think predictions are usually pretty much crap. i think the only prediction you can probably make is that its going to sunny here tomorrow and even then we might get a damn
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george: that is pretty good stuff. i do not think we' re going to get a monsoon. the reds will be back out on the field tomorrow afternoon here. now for college basketball, xavier has the big game against villanova tomorrow night, but we had action tonight. kentucky wildcats trying to bounce back from their loss to texas a&m. first half, alex poythress was doing work off the bench, the hook shot in the lane is good, kentucky with a two point lead second half, jamal murray catches fire, he hits the mid range jumper, and finished with 23 points kentucky wins easily, 78-53 over alabama. elsewhere. dayton in overtime. and miami wins at home, 77-64 over akron. michigan state is a winner tonight over ohio state. the reds are back at it here tomorrow. it will be the second day with a full squad.
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with more life reports. i have to get inside.
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sheree: our top stories for you tonight is an 18-year-old from mason is dealing designer drugs. logan fitzpatrick is facing for counts of drug trafficking. he purchased bulk amounts from -- police purchase bulk amounts of lsd and a designer drug known as toy five c. -- 25 c. kevin: kevin robinson with potential pondering on the roads. kevin: it will be a nasty morning. it is not the shoe and hair day tomorrow. you want the old pair shoes tomorrow. not the good ones.
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