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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mark: one person sent to hospital after an early-morning drive-by shooting.
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happy wednesday to you. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. headlines are straight ahead. the big story is the heavy rain. there was water everywhere. randi: every person today is talking about the rainfall. the good news is it is lighting up just a little bit. not much. we take a look at the radar right now. most places dealing with a moderate rainfall. has here across the northern communities. liberty and brooksville, more intense downpours and bother and warren county' s, north of spots seeing some of the heaviest rainfall. you can see that line is working
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it was over the top of downtown. whenever you head out this morning, you are going to be dealing with rain. we have a flood watch for basically the entire area. it goes until 1:00 tomorrow morning. we are in titian painting intends rainfall -- we are anticipating intense rainfall. you can see the intense downpours across butler and warren counties. notice the rainfall rate lightning not south of the river. the potential for some hydroplaning on the roads and we could see 1-2 inches of rain today. by noon, expect wind and
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the potential for some rumbles of thunder this afternoon with temperatures into the upper 50' s. let' s get through the rainy morning commute. what is going on? kyla: the action has cleared 71, 75 between covington and cut in the hill. things are clear north and southbound. always a good idea to give yourself plenty of extra mornings. same thing along 74 at harrison pike. we have lighter volume of traffic in our favor. hopefully we will not see too many issues. no problems into northern kentucky. 275 loop is clear, as well.
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police were called to the scene of a drive-by shooting in kennedy heights. investigators say this happened on montgomery road. a man was shot in the leg while driving with a group of friends. we are told the shots were fired from another car, and the gunman got away. police believe the victim and his friends were targeted. mark: also new this morning, a shooting in college feel overnight. that man was shot in the leg, but he was armed and fired back at the suspects. police think one of the suspects may have been shot, but they
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mark: breaking news out of nepal this morning. all passengers, 18 have died. flames were seen in a heavily wooded mountain this area. they are searching for survivors. the flight was supposed to last for 19 minutes total. lisa: the cintas center is going to be rocking tonight. mark: xavier is hosting villanova, the top-ranked team in the country. the muskies got a shot at the wildcats earlier this season and ' nova ran away it, 95-64, but that was nearly two months ago, and the players believe it can it' s a top-five matchup tonight. number one villanova taking on the fifth-ranked musketeers. tip-off is set for 7:00. lisa: another notch in donald trump' s win column.
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the nevada republican caucuses. and as usual, marco rubio and ted cruz were battling each other to take on trump. it' s now three wins in a row for donald trump, raising his hopes that he can in fact win texas, ted cruzs' state, next week. mr. trump: we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. lisa: cruz is leading in texas by just eight polling points. he insists his campaign is the only one that can compete with trump. mark: while the republicans focus on super tuesday, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are going after south carolina voters. the candidates had a town hall last night ahead of the democratic primary on saturday. sanders is trying to make a dent in hillary clinton' s support, and he has some work to do. in a recent cnn poll, clinton has a double-digit lead in south carolina. mr. sanders: we started with no
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our support has grown and it has grown in the african-american the degree in which we get our message out. mrs. clinton: i believe every election or caucus has to be you have to work hard for every vote. i' m taking no vote, no place for granted. mark: our commitment 2016 coverage continues online. you can stay on top of results headlines anytime with the wlwt
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the heaviest rainfall rates are closer to dayton. 71 near norwood and kenwood seeing decent rainfall. into highland county, along 62 seeing more intense pockets of rain at the moment. for the bus stop on the way to school, 46 degrees, soaking
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we can see an inch, maybe two. guys? lisa: the reds back in action in arizona. mark: where some of the fan favorites are speaking out about the upcoming season. george vogel has the latest from goodyear. lisa: some a-list celebrities skipping one of the major events of the year to give back to others. their planned trip nowhere close to the oscars. mark: you see the wet roads
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. 44 degrees.
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janelle monae, and comedian hannibal buress are also set to take part in justice for flint. and david bowie may be gone, but his memory and music still live on. and tomorrow, his final album, "blackstar," will premiere as an instamini-series. the first of 16 episodes debuts tomorrow on instagram, featuring images inspired by "blackstar," one more parting gift from the
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somebody has to fall down. oh! mark: can we talk about those neon uniforms? lisa: looks like some of the yellowish-green on randi' s rada most of the colors in ther. randi: green.
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a couple of thunderstorms possible this afternoon. tomorrow, some snow on the way. guys? mark: reds fans excited that their favorite men in red are back on the field. lisa: george vogel is in arizona with the team with an update this morning on spring training in your morning sports. george: we are back in goodyear, arizona, with the reds and spring training. everybody expected to be on hand was here, including jay bruce. he was the subject of rampant trade rumors. they had in going to toronto but that deal fell through. brandon phillips faced the same thing in the off-season. he was here and he said he is
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reds. >> i am happy to represent. i love the city of cincinnati and to play for the fans. george: he was saying and hearing the right rings. barry larkin spent some time talking with the second baseman. his double play partner is back after suffering a brutal knee injury last season. >> when you get something you love to do taken away from you, it kind of puts things in perspective and makes you work that much harder. george: after a good workout, joey votto talked about helping the team. >> i think it is something that happens naturally.
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behind the things you say, it will be received and action could be taken on it. george: joey votto, a guy the reds need to have if they have a chance to prove those pundits wrong. some have predicted the reds losing 100 games this season. homer bailey is not buying those predictions. he doesn' t buy any prediction. >> didn' t everybody have the nationals winning it last year? predictions are usually pretty much crap. the only protection you can make is that it will be sunday here tomorrow, and we could get a monsoon. george: it had better be sunny here tomorrow. we have enough rain back home,
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the reds have another workout today in goodyear. xavier has a big game tonight against villanova. the kentucky wildcats trying to bounce back from that lost to texas a&m. the wildcats hosting alabama. the hook shot is good. uk is on top. jamaal murray catching fire. he would scored 23 in the game, and kentucky wins it over alabama. dayton a winner over st. louis. miami getting a big win over akron. michigan state wins over ohio state. the reds continue spring training in goodyear. we will be back more live
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i am george vogel, news 5. mark: 4:49 your time. we have some wind and rain. it is not a monsoon. it feels like getting monsoon. randi: one of our engineers said he never drove in with the windshield wipers on high. they would fly off the front of the car. an intense downpour. plan on heavy rain through the morning commute. right now it is all about the rain on the radar. we have a heavier batch along 74, indicated by that bright yellow along 74 in ripley county.
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moderate rain. some of the heavier first of rain at the moment. this is all lifting up to the north. we are stuck with the rain for the first part of the rain. almost 60 today. thunderstorms in the mix into the afternoon and evening hour. a flood watch until 1:00 tomorrow. we are expecting 1-2 inches of rainfall. it is 45 right now with the wind 13 miles per hour. tomorrow steady winds with the snow. 8:00 a.m., steady soaker. into the afternoon, temperatures into the upper 50' s. through the morning commute,
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at lunchtime, a bit more scattered. potentially some thunder and lightning into the mix. notice that rain-snow line approaching cincinnati tonight. the ground is way warm enough that anything that falls as snow wiill
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a flurry is possible on friday. the big story is the weekend warm-up. guys? mark: thank you. severe weather causing some major damage down south. this is video from pensacola, florida, where an apartment complex was ripped apart by a tornado. there were early reports of injuries, people trapped and a reported gas leak. the national weather service says at least seven tornadoes have hit southeast louisiana and southwest mississippi as well.
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>> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: good morning. this storm system is big and will be with us today and tomorrow. we have a flood advisory until 1:00 tomorrow morning. for the morning rush, heavy rain and gusty wind.
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some places get an inch or so. rain today. a straggler flurry on friday. kyla: our travel times, maybe a few extra minutes. not a bad idea to add on that extra time. 19 minutes from the split into
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for today. mark: taking a live look outside right now. stay with us.
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lisa: heavy rains overnight and early this morning. meteorologist randi rico is in with the latest forecast, and when the rain could be changing over to snow. mark: and severe weather breaks out across the south with multiple confirmed tornados and already a handful of deaths. lisa: a man shot in college hill overnight. the latest on the alleged robbery, and what we know about the victim' s injuries. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your wednesday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. ve got team coverage on the re in for this morning. randi rico and kyla woods are in with your weather and traffic, and andrew setters taking a closer look at the roads with our live drive 5. lisa: we start with randi. good morning. randi: it is pouring outside. that will be the case throughout the morning commute. at least light in some places


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