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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lisa: heavy rains overnight and early this morning. meteorologist randi rico is in with the latest forecast, and when the rain could be changing over to snow. mark: and severe weather breaks out across the south with multiple confirmed tornados and already a handful of deaths. lisa: a man shot in college hill overnight. the latest on the alleged robbery, and what we know about the victim' s injuries. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your wednesday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. ve got team coverage on the re in for this morning. randi rico and kyla woods are in with your weather and traffic, and andrew setters taking a closer look at the roads with our live drive 5. lisa: we start with randi. good morning. randi: it is pouring outside. that will be the case throughout the morning commute. at least light in some places
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it was have year towards 2:00, 3:00 this morning. the heaviest area of rain is along 74. you guys are getting the most intense downpours. 275, it is a steady rain for sure. a heavy batch moving into boone county. there is the potential for
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we do changeover to snow before midnight tonight. kyla: lisa: thank you. continuing our team coverage now, wlwt news 5' s andrew setters. mark: he' s in our live drive 5 for us this morning to take a look at the roads for you morning commute. andrew, where are you? andrew: we are approaching
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stopping is difficult because of the amount of water on the roads. we were on columbia parkway earlier this morning. there are some patches of dirt concern. we' ll check it out again and bring you more as we go throughout the morning. we send it back inside the throat conditions and kyla woods. kyla: thank you for that live look. through downtown, columbia parkway, where we could see some mudslides with all this rain. taking a look at your road conditions. 71 and pfeiffer, we are seeing wet conditions. that is going to be our biggest issue as you head outside. shouldn'
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the road because we have light traffic. 75 at mitchell looking pretty good. we' re going to need extra time as you head out. we' ll check again in a few minutes. lisa: the national weather service has confirmed reports of tornadoes in louisiana, mississippi, alabama and florida. mark: at least seven hit southeast louisiana and southwest mississippi, where at least three people have been killed. one of the most hard-hit areas appears to be a recreational
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at the suspects. police think one of the suspects may have been shot, but they managed to get away. so far no arrests have been made. also new this morning, two families with 12 children combined are displaced this morning after a house fire. the fire broke out at 5711 winneste avenue late last night. there were no injuries reported, but two familes -- four adults and 12 kids -- are now displaced. firefighters say the cause was an electrical short in the attic. damage is estimated at $15,000. mark: a mason teenager accused of dealing designer drugs. the 18-year-old was arrested on charges of drug trafficking after a month-long undercover investigation. wlwt news 5' miriah turner is at the live alert desk now with a closer look at the case. miriah: the commander of the warren county task force says nothing surprises him anymore, but the young age of the man arrested was concerning. warren county detectives arrested 18-year-old logan fitzpatrick after serving a
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mason home. detectives have been working on this case since january. the task force says undercover detectives purchased bulk amounts of lsd and a synthetic designer drug known as 25-c. police say the 18-year-old also sold a sample dose of ecstasy and was involved in trafficking marijuana. fitzpatrick is currently enlisted as a student at mason high school, but he takes online classes. the commander of the task force says many of these drugs trace
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police say the truck sideswiped a disabled vehicle, crossed the median, and hit two vehicles going south. investigators say thornhill deleted several text messages from his phone, but they were able to recover them. a death investigation underway at the lebanon correctional facility. the ohio state highway patrol says an inmate died after some sort of incident between two inmates. it happened around 2:00 tuesday afternoon at the prison. osp didn'
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see a greater potential for problems out there. five minutes up to the daniel carter beard bridge. you can see the bridge is clear. might want to watch for ponding on the road, hydroplaning. let' s check in with the bigger picture of the rain.
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back. we want to check today' s headlines. the senate health, education, labor and pensions committee will hold a hearing this morning to discuss the latest on the spread of zika. deputy director of the centers for disease control anne schuchat and others in the medical community are expected to testify. lisa: new details into the death of justice antonin scalia.
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we have already picked up on average half an inch of rain fall. looking for up to two inches total by the end of the day. 45 right now at cvg and some 30' s into southeast indiana. our temperatures will be climbing into the upper 50' s this afternoon.
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scattered rain showers for the drive home tonight. but then we change over to snow. eventually it does stick through the day tomorrow. off and on scattered snow. some spots to get less than an inch. other spots could see as much as
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no major delays or incidents. here is a look along 275 on the northern edge of the loop, you are good to go. this is mineola, and things are heavier than near the airport at 212. about 63 miles an hour. we might see the pace slowed down because we do have those
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the pictures were sent to us by a resident with a flooded basement and damaged cars. this happened around 3:00 morning. we have a crew gathering more details at the scene. bridging the gap in over the rhine. >> it' s more relevant in a lot of ways to where i' m at in my life right now. you know, more than what the traditional liturgical churches
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re waking up to ci (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. lisa: good morning and welcome back. 5:23. be careful out there and drive safely. an innovative way to get locals excited about their worship of god. mark: wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us about a church gaining popularity in over-the-rhine. good morning. kyla: we have heard about these unique events. you may have heard of cincy stories or beer and hymns, various platforms for people to
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and about the city they live in. well, now you can also check out a unique worship experience. it all starts this sunday by the same people who brought you those two events. sanctuary otr will launch the encounter this sunday at 5:00 p.m. at woodward theatre. the hope is to bridge the gap between worship and community and reach those who haven' t yet found that perfect balance between their lifestyle and doing god' s work. >> it' s going to look like church, but it' s not going to look like church. so we are going to have stories instead of a sermon. and bible stories and personal stories. we' re going to have beautiful music and art. kyla: they are calling it a safe place for the rebellious, rejected, and right-brained. the hope is that the event can reflect what the over-the-rhine neighborhood looks like in all of its diversity. and that it is a place where people feel like they belong. lisa? lisa: a huge outpouring of support for the rabbit hash general store more than a week after it was gutted by fire. duke energy, which has a plant
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$25,000 to the effort to rebuild the general store. add that to more than $50,000 raised online to rebuild. the store has been in operation since 1831 and will have to be rebuilt with period materials to remain on the national register of historic places. the final price tag for the rebuilding work isn' t clear yet, . mark: happening today, another chance to learn about the oasis rail project. this is a commuter rail line cincinnati. here' s what the line could look like. it would have seven different stops running from downtown to milford. if you want to learn more about the line, there are two meetings today. the first starts at 11:30 at the taft center on walnut. the next meeting starts at 5:30 at the miami valley christian academy in newtown. lisa: that to your forecast on this wednesday. randi: you can see every part of greater cincinnati is dealing with the rain this morning.
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southern portions of owen and ground county -- grant county watching the rain pick up. coming down in buckets at times. the rainfall rates about half an inch an hour. we are keeping our eyhe on the area -- our eye on the area rivers. this morning about 41 1/2 feet and is expected to crest on saturday. rain most intense during the morning drive. light snow accumulation tomorrow. we could see up to two inches in a few spots. mark: another town hall last night for the democratic presidential candidates. lisa: the issues they focused on just days from the south carolina primary.
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and what you can expect thanks
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lisa: team coverage this morning after heavy rains down the greater cincinnati. the latest in the forecast and the hazards traveling out on the roadways this morning. mark: we are live at the scene of homes flooded. lisa: another caucus down in the 2016 presidential race. who came out on top and who suffered dismal numbers at the polls.
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s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. randi rico and kyla woods here with the weather and traffic together. on a morning like this, heavy rain, ponding on the roads. everyone is tweeting about hydroplaning. be careful. kyla: extra time will come in handy this morning. they can sneak up on you.
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keeper, corinth, all seeing heavier rainfall rates and those will be lifting north into boone, kenton, and campbell counties. the 275 loop, study to moderate rain at the moment. -- steady to moderate rain at the moment. this is a two hour time lapse. you can see we had heavy rain two hours ago, it has slc acked off and no intensifying to the south. -- now intensifying to the south. flood watch until 1:00 tomorrow morning. we' re expecting -- most places have already had a half inch of rain. we will likely see in inch and a half to two inches for most of us by the it of the day. a break at lunch time. a couple of storms in the mix this afternoon.
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kyla: wet conditions will be the big headline for the morning. for those of you in butler county, 75 near union center dot down and southbound, a few brake lights in the southbound direction but not a string of them like we may possibly see in 7:00 as well. no major issues. 74 at colerain and treatment. same for the 75 interchange. a light start.
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lot of rain coming down in a hurry, you will run into a problem. we' re on columbia parkway. checkout out the areas where mudslides are a frequent concern. we know the city will be monitoring that. i saw a couple of areas that looked like there may have been fresh mud spilled over the wall this morning. one of the problems we run into, one of the problems you talked about a few minutes ago, standing water on the roads. this is the time of year usually when we are talking about snow and slipping and sliding on the roads. it is just as easy to do that when you have standing roads on the -- standing water on the roads, a lot of rain coming down in areas, tougher the rain to drain off the rose at times so you want to give yourself a little extra distance this morning between your car and the court in front of you just so you have the extra buffer in case anything goes wrong. reporting live, andrew setters. mark: and you can also stay up to date with the latest forecast on our wlwt news 5 mobile
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residents in liberty township are dealing with more than just rain this morning. lisa: a water main break us flooded their homes for a second time in just over a month. this is what it looked like at the end of january. it is much worse now. dan griffin is live at the scene with what we' ve just learned about this new water issue. dan? them: good morning. adding insult to injury, that rain coming down, but here we go again.
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significant damage. >> oh, yeah. we' re still dealing with it from the last time trying to get everything back in shape. all over again. andrew: i know you have a car, at least one or two, that has been ruined. you have ruined appliances, a furnace that was just replaced is ruined. the trouble here is trying to get somebody to pay for this? >> correct. we' re still going round and round trying to figure out who
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drive-by shooting in kennedy heights. investigators say this happened on montgomery road. a man was shot in the leg while driving with a group of friends. we are told the shots were fired from another car, and the gunman got away. police believe the victim and his friends were targeted. a rally takes place this morning seeking justice after a dog was found starved to death in hamilton. lisa: animal advocates plan to bring attention to this case with a peaceful rally outside hamilton municipal court this morning.
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girl while her mom was at work. according to court records, the four-year-old girl told her mom that popplewell pushed her down the stairs, pulled her hair and , slammed her on the ground. popplewell says the child fell down and blamed his five-year-old daughter, who was also there, for hurting the child' s face. >> sadly, it' s not uncommon at all in our community where a child is harmed at the hands of mother' s boyfriend. last year popplewell was , convicted of child endangering
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caucus, bringing in nearly 46% of the votes with marco rubio as a far second with 23% at this point. not far behind rubio is ted cruz getting 21% of the votes. dr. ben carson is currently in fourth, ohio governor john kasich dead last at 3% in the caucus. this pattern could carry over into next week and super tuesday. big rallies and media campaigns in 12 states where trump is
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if your kids have rain boots, today is the day to send them wearing those because temperatures are in the upper 40' s, soaking rain and gusty wind at times. after school, temperatures will be up almost to 60. it will be warm and mild and the rain becomes more scattered by about late morning and lasting through the afternoon. we will deal with some rain, thunder and lightning the second half of the day. it will be the nonstop downpour by the time we have to deal with the early this morning.
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re on 71 southbound from kings mills to the lateral, still looking pretty good. inside of the 275 loop on the norwood lateral, 55 miles per hour. the ronald reagan highway area i think is where we have sometimes a greater potential to see the ponding on the roadways and the slower spots. as you can see, the miles an hour reflected on the map. a little lower than what we saw on some of the other systems. if you brake lights is down and westbound as well.
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re w randi: good morning. . not as and since -- not as intense as it was a few hours ago, but it will pick up in the next hour. looking at the 71-some new five split, yellow and orange indicating an intense downpour and that is rolling toward downtown so it will be inside around the 275 loop in less than an hour or so.
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the area, connersville has already seen an inch of rainfall. bethel, almost there. norwood and mount auburn, all at about three quarters of an inch of rain. this is a split storm today and tomorrow, both -- today come all about the heavy rain early in the morning, a couple of thunderstorms possible this afternoon. your biggest concern, watching out for standing water. tomorrow, the snow will be belting at first but at some point during the morning rush it will start to stick and expect
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have, not leave a vacant building for us to drive by and hope gets filled by another tenant. lisa: kroger hopes to move out of its current location near the proposed site and then sub-lease the old site. the request will head to butler county court next month. the cintas center is going to be rocking tonight. mark: xavier is hosting villanova, the top-ranked team in the country.
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we are going to have some slowdowns or we should slow down. kyla: both. we should slow down and i think heading into the 6:00 hour, we will have a greater potential to see slower spots as we get more cars. travel times, 16 minutes out of butler county. that is not bad for us to see such wet conditions. 270 five from ronald reagan to cvg, 26 minutes. 19 minutes on 71-75. we have not seen an increase yet
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heavier rainfall rates, owen county, grant county and now southern pendleton county. it is south of 71-75 split where you' re getting the heaviest downpours. this area, the rainfall rate is about half an inch per hour. it does not linger over any part of town that long, but that is the buckets of rain you' re looking at. this will shift to the north.
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this is the rainfall forecast. it does but most of us in the one inch to two and train as far as additional rainfall on the way. futurecast to the day, snow showers continue. -- futurecast tomorrow, snow showers continue. maybe the most two inches and others may struggle to make it to one inch because of the melting. the total is widely varying. soaking rain today, light snow a chelation tomorrow, a couple of plays on friday. tomorrow, very strong winds to contend with. for the weekend, sunshine, and a big-time warm-up. mark: thank you. the horseshoe casino could be seeing some serious changes this year. lisa: how it may being going by a different name come summertime. mark: with many people' s new year' s resolutions slowly dying out, we could use an extra boost of motivation. how one woman is using wine to encourage her to work out.
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ve ever heard one. stay tuned for more on that. stick around, we have more headlines coming up, more team coverage on the heavy rain overnight, you' re watching
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s wlwt lisa: welcome back. this is a live look. the roads are very wet, which music of the trouble. we will continue to encourage coming up a live report from
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6:00 hour. let' s get a check on some stories trending this morning. mark: here' s a workout almost anyone can get on board with. it' s being called the wine workout. april storey posted this quick exercise video to her facebook page using wine as motivation. the california mom received a not-so-sobering response to the workout. the clip has been viewed more than 18 million times. lisa: apparently, even the final frontier gets boring from time to time. or so it would seem judging from this video posted on twitter by astronaut mark kelly. you can see someone in a gorilla suit bursting out of a bag on the international space station and terrorizing a crew member. no explanation is given, just a quizzical tweet from kelly stating, "i thought you said you had things under control up there." mark: speaking of gorillas, check out this adorable one. she was delivered via c-section at england' s bristol zoo gardens less than two weeks ago. the procedure is rarely used on
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decision when the mother started showing symptoms of a life-threatening condition. both mom and baby are fine and are being closely monitored by the zoo' s veterinary team. that is cool. some big changes ahead for cincinnati' s horseshoe casino. lisa: its owners rock gaming has announced name changes for all of its casinos in ohio and detroit. wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us more about the changes. good morning. kyla: good morning. big changes in the not so distant future. horseshoe casino will be renamed as jack cincinnati casino. it' s part of a company-wide rebranding. all four casinos owned by rock entertainment will change names this year. no word yet on how much money the rebranding effort will cost, but there should not be many noticeable changes for visitors. aside from the name, the biggest change for guests will involve the casino' s rewards program. rock gaming says the new loyalty program will let guests earn points faster than other neighboring casinos and will also allow guests to earn free cruises and trips to las vegas. the horseshoe casino opened in cincinnati nearly three years
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the name change won' t happen here in cincinnati until early june. mark and lisa. mark: thank you. still ahead at 6:00, along, miserable night in liberty lisa: the water main break flooding homes and why this is a familiar sight. mark: another w for the donald. and how the other candidates are moving forward. randi: get ready for plenty of rain. right now a light to moderate rain rolling through but it is more intense right at the 71-75 split. at the rate this is headed northward, he will be inside the 275 loop within the hour. plan on the heaviest downpours in the heart of the morning rush. we may have haunting -- ponding . this afternoon, couple of thunderstorms possible. tomorrow, gusty wind and snow. we will take a look at the
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lisa: cincinnati police are saying the wet roads played a role in this crash in bond hill, overnight. it happened just before 3:00 this morning on reading road when the rain was coming down. police say the driver was going to fast on the wet pavement and he hit a utility pole. there was a passenger in the car, but we are told there were no serious injuries. 6:00 a.m. on your good morning, wednesday, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. it always amazes me in this


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