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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lisa: cincinnati police are saying the wet roads played a role in this crash in bond hill, overnight. it happened just before 3:00 this morning on reading road when the rain was coming down. police say the driver was going to fast on the wet pavement and he hit a utility pole. there was a passenger in the car, but we are told there were no serious injuries. 6:00 a.m. on your good morning, wednesday, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. it always amazes me in this
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kentucky and southeastern indiana. you can see as we head over your patriot, warsaw, some of that heavier rain. here we are at the 71-75 split. you can see heavier rain in that area as well. beaver lake over to union crittenden, intense rainfall rates over the next 15 to 20 minutes. this is just south of the 200 75 loop, so i would expect between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. to watch the
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we are seeing very wet road conditions. something to keep in mind as you get ready for your commute. 75 at mitchell still rolling along northbound and southbound. we will keep a close eye on it for you with the big picture. let'
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and slide which can be just as dangerous as if it were snow. keep that in mind this morning. mark: thank you. water main breaks flooding liberty township homes flooded for a second time in about a month. this is what the residents had to deal with at the end of january. lisa: but overnight, even more damage. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is leading the way at the scene after talking with residents.
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i will have to have someone check that out. i don' t know if it is structural or not. dan: we were talking about the damage he saw last time, probably about $70,000 or so? what are you expecting this time around? >> probably another $50,000 at least. a lot of the stuff was not replaced yet, so it is not as costly but now there is a next her vehicle involved. dan: i know there' s been a lot of frustration about getting this paid for, these repairs. you struggle to get the insurance companies, the county to get this paid for. is your first priority. of the house and wash everything down. it is all contaminated with kerosene and gas again. dan: we can smell it. they have kerosene gas they use for a heater. that has mixed with the water. as crews are working to clean up this water main break, that is just one of many concerns are morning.
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the rain adding insult to injury. we' re live in liberty township, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: as the weather changes, you can stay up-to-date with the latest forecast on our wlwt news 5 mobile weather app. lisa: new this morning, a shooting in college hill overnight. police say two suspects tried to rob a man getting out of his car on lynnebrook drive. that man was shot in the leg, but he was armed and fired back at the suspects. police think one of the suspects may have been shot, but they
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$15,000 in damage and the fire was caused by caused an electrical short in the attic. mark: a death investigation is underway at the lebanon the ohio state highway patrol says an inmate died after some sort of incident between inmates. it happened around 2:00 tuesday afternoon at the prison. osp didn' t release the names of the inmates involved. they tell us they' re still investigating what led up to the death. lisa: commitment 2016, donald trump into super tuesday claiming victory in three states so far. miriah turner has the latest on the republican race from the life alert us. morocco trump swept the nevada caucuses last night. they' re still counting votes this morning and according to the latest hours, marco rubio took second place with more momentum, but the candidates no super tuesday is key. more than 600 delegates will be decided next tuesday and that is half of what is needed to win the nomination. some candidates left nevada early to visit super tuesday
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>> we have been putting our time in places like vermont, massachusetts, virginia, now georgia and we' re moving to the south. that is our path. >> we' re going to do very well and ohio. we are the governor, that is good. it is always nice to be beating the governor. and michigan -- the whole thing. it is going to be an amazing two months. miriah: ohio is not part of super tuesday, but 12 other states will be voting on
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>> i believe every election or caucus has to be taken seriously. you have to work hard for every vote. that is what i' m going to be doing here in south carolina. i' m taking no vote, no place for granted. lisa: in a recent poll, hillary clinton is a double-digit lead in south carolina. us, powerful storms to the south. mark: the latest on the devastation and the death toll in the deep south.
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. mark: good morning and welcome back. we' re off to a wet start. you' ll need a few extra minutes on your morning commute. right now, 46 degrees. let' s see what is happening out there. folks, you need some extra space and extra time. kyla: great advice.
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lisa: the wipers will be working overtime. kyla: fortunately, we have been without any major issues so far this morning. it is been pretty quiet so maybe everyone is listening to our advice. as you had eased on and westbound, things are picking up
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, main break is creating problems in liberty township. this is video from a home on kyles station road. the homeowners have been working all night to pump water out of their home. this has been issue in this area. there was another water main break that flooded homes last month. lisa: a senate committee will hold a hearing this morning to discuss the latest on the spread of zika. deputy director of the centers for disease control anne schuchat and others in the medical community are expected to testify. mark: new details into the death of justice antonin scalia. his doctor is calling the justice' s death not suspicious. scalia' s doctor says he suffered from multiple chronic conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and coronary artery disease. the district attorney said skille is list of health problems -- scalia' s health problems made an autopsy unnecessary. happening tonight, space-x is expected to attempt its next falcon 9 launch. the space-x rocket is attempting to put another telecommunications satellite
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happen just before 7:00 tonight, and the rocket will take off from the space launch complex at cape canaveral air force station in florida. lisa: while we deal with rain this morning, a violent storm system in the deep south has caused deaths and plenty of destruction. mark: the powerful storms hit florida, louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. miriah turner has the latest on the devastating storms. miriah: more than 19 million people were in the path of these storms, and this morning we know at least three people were killed. this is what it looked like in
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lisa: there are two kinds of strains of the storm. we have the severe weather to the south, a good bit of snow in winter the north. we are the middle of those two things. if you look at a wide view, our impact of the storm is way less than they are seeing in the gulf coast or even up toward chicago. as you look at the radar, heading out into a steady downpour. right now the southern part of the 275 luke, that is were the
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a bit more scattered at that point. steady rain for the entire morning commute up toward her is north of indiana, changing over to snow showers. yes, that is a blizzard when he in effect, northern indiana back toward champagne. we won' t see anything like that, but we' re going to see this soon -- decent gusty wind and the potential of an inch or two of snow. today it is about the wet weather and rain. flood watch until 1:00 tomorrow morning. watch out for rapidly rising
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topping out in the upper 50' s. futurecast shows steady rain, moderate to heavy at times through the morning rush. toward 9:30, 10 :00, once we get rid of the morning commute, that is when the steady rain comes to an end. scattered rain showers for the rest of the day off and on but they will be more hit and miss. we will have the ability to warm up to the upper 50' s and that is why we have the possibility of a couple of thunderstorms this afternoon or this evening.
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it is a two-day storm. today, all about the rain, one to two inches of rain possible. today, 58 degrees. heavy morning rain and scattered storms through the afternoon and evening. tonight, we will eventually change over to snow by midnight. it will be very windy. sustained at 22 miles per hour,
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announcement to make. re hosting a news conference this morning at 10:30 outside of the surgical amphitheatre. they have not disclosed exactly what they plan to announce but they say the "big reveal" is sure to be exciting. mark: miami university is dealing with a norovirus outbreak this morning. this started at scott hall with five cases in one day. that number has risen to 225 students. the university is making special
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moderate for most, but heavy downtown and through the norwood lateral. take a look at some of the river gauges. a flood watch in effect. keeping my eye on the ohio river at cincinnati, which is obviously above action stage and continues to rapidly rise. just shy of 42 feet and should make it to 44 feet by saturday afternoon which means continued flooding. keep an eye on a possibility for flooding even on the area roadways as they have poor drainage today. looking at widespread 1.5 to two inches total rainfall. many approaching the inch mark at 6:30 here in the morning. tomorrow, strong wind expected and light snow accumulation. looking for one to two inches of snow for us tomorrow and a couple of flurries them being -- lingering into friday. country invading the cintas center. what the players are saying before the biggest game of the year with villanova.
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neighbors here dealing with a water main break in damage in their houses.
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drive. mark: preparing for super tuesday. the candidates carrying momentum before voters head to the polls. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning. as we take a live look, we see the wet roads as volume starts to pick up during the morning commute. good morning, i' m mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. a very soggy start to your wednesday. let' s get over to randi rico for a check on the forecast. a lot of green on your screen. randi: it is a steady soaker for everybody throughout the morning rush. if you want to know when it is going to let up, wait until everyone gets to work and school. it will be mid morning before we start to see any bigger gaps in the radar image. right now, most places with that green tone indicating light to moderate rainfall will stop at times, yellow mixing in as heavy rain northern portions of ripley
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along 74. as look inside the 275 loop, looks like folks moving up toward wyoming them a slightly heavier rain along the 75 corridor inside the 275 loop. no matter what part of greater cincinnati you live in, you will be dylan with the downpours through the midmorning -- dealing with the downpours through the midmorning. scattered in the afternoon but the potential is possible for showers and even thunderstorms later in the day. we do have a flood watch in effect until 1:00 tomorrow morning. checking the rainfall totals, most places somewhere between a half inch and three quarters minutes of rainfall. we will end up one inch to two inch range all told to the day. watch the rapidly rising creeks and streams and the potential for standing water on the roads. steady downpours continuing for everybody through 8:00 a.m.
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nine: 00 -- 9:00, 9:30. our temperatures will be pushing 60 degrees this afternoon. that is why we will have just enough juice of the atmosphere to have maybe a rumble of thunder through the afternoon. this is a two-day storm. today we' re dealing with heavy rain and early morning. that are great and a couple of thunderstorms in the afternoon. the biggest problem would be the standing water potential. tomorrow it shifts the changeover happens before midnight tonight, dealing with
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ve had a water main break along kyle station load -- road. the second one another life. i spoke to one of the homeowners who has been here for about eight years and this is never happen until about a month ago, now they' re dealing with more than $70,000 in damage, now facing the is a gun. they just replaced a furnace, a car, washer and dryer -- all of these things ruined by the water coming into the water main break. or from the water main break. cruz had been pumping water out of their driveways. take a look at what the homeowner said. >> i don' t know what to feel at this point. this happened before and we haven' t gotten satisfaction from that. no happening again. i really don' t know. i am just disgusted at this. all of this damage and still waiting to see if anyone is going to pay for it. dan: two homes are impacted by this at this point with damage from the water main break.
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the homeowner i spoke with. he said they' ve had trouble getting insurance companies from butler county or covering butler county in her own insurance companies to cover this damage. they' ve been getting donations from people they know, and that has helped them get stuff replaced. they still have drywall cutout in the basement that is never been replaced. and now the water is back up where it was before. he even saw a crack in the floor the basement from this. we will see what happens. we will keep tracking this for you through the day. lisa: thank you. to the scene of a drive-by shooting in kennedy heights. investigators say this happened on montgomery road. a man was shot in the leg while driving with a group of friends. we are told the shots were fired from another car and the gunman got away. police believe the victim and his friends were targeted. investigation right now in college hill. police say two suspects tried to getting out of his car on lynnebrook drive. that man was shot in the leg, but he was armed and fired back
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police think one of the suspects may have been shot, but they managed to get away. so far, no arrests have been made. in commitment 2016, victory in vegas. this morning, donald trump is fresh off another win in the nevada caucus while democrats get ready for their next contest in south carolina. lisa: news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with the nevada caucus results. miriah: mark and lisa, it was a trump trifecta as the real estate mogul hit the jackpot in nevada with his third win in a row. he beat rivals marco rubio and ted cruz, who argue they' re still viable. now the focus turns to super tuesday, where about a dozen states are up for grabs. >> if you listen to the pundits, we weren' t expected to win too much. and now we' re winning, winning, winning the country. and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. miriah: ohio governor john kasich finished last, but he says he is focusing on other states ahead of super tuesday. from the live alert desk, i'
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miriah turner. mark: the democratic candidates took questions from voters in south carolina last night. lisa: bernie sanders touted his campaign saying they have accomplished a lot in a few months, while hillary clinton is riding her win in nevada. one thing both presidential candidates agreed on, president obama' s efforts to close guantanamo bay. >> obviously, if people are terrorists, they need to be confined and we need to make sure that they stay in jail until whatever happens. but i think the president is right. >> there is no reason for us to continue to have guantanamo, which is a very serious, i guess, symbol, i would say, for a lot of the people around the world who would do us harm and try to recruit others to do us harm. lisa: our commitment 2016 coverage continues online. stay on top of results and get the latest political headlines anytime with the wlwt mobile app.
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rocking tonight. mark: xavier is hosting villanova the top-ranked team in the country. the muskies got a shot at the wildcats earlier this season and it was ugly. you might remember ' nova ran , away it 95-to-64, but that was nearly two months ago and the players believe it can be different this time around. >> just do what you have to do on the court. everybody has their own job. so, handle your job, and we should walk out of here with a close win. or hopefully with a win. ,mark: it' s top-five matchup tonight. number one villanova taking on the fifth ranked musketeers. tipoff is set for 7:00. lisa: the reds are just days away from the first spring training exhibition. the full squad is in goodyear getting ready for the new season. the players have heard the expectations, and the talk has not been good. as they did? didn' t everybody have the nationals winning it last year? that didn' t work out. so i think predictions are
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i mean, you know the only , prediction you can probably make is that it is going to sunny here tomorrow. lisa: we have you covered as the reds prepare for a new season. george vogel and mark slaughter are in arizona and they will have the latest from goodyear at 6:00 this evening. mark: let' s see what is coming our way with the forecast. randi: starting out with a soaking rain across our area and in a couple of spots, it is a little heavier. northern 275 loop 375 interchange, sharonville, westchester, and intense downpour. sliding a little further to the east, clermont and brown counties along 68 near fayetteville, heavier rain and those are both headed to the north. those folks will see rainfall rate intensify here over the next half-hour or so. as the get that out of the bus stop, as they have rain boots, make sure they have them on because they will need them on. soaking rain, breezy conditions, and temperatures in the upper 40'
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after school, the rain will not be a steady, more scattered hit and miss, but could be thunder and lightning as well. warm and sunny, 58. eventually, even though pushing 60 today, it will turn to snow tonight. looking at the time line for the changeover at how much know will be on the ground tomorrow morning, coming up in a couple of minutes. mark: rebranding the casino.
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s not going to look like church. so we are going to have stories instead of a sermon. and bible stories and personal stories. we' re going to have beautiful music and art. kyla: they are calling it a safe place for the rebellious, rejected, and right brained. the hope is that the event can reflect with the over the rhine neighborhood looks like in all of its diversity and that it is a place where people feel like they belong. mark: no resolution when it comes to the proposed kroger
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mark: kroger hopes to move out of its current location and then sublease the old site. the request will head to butler county court next month. lisa: the signs are about to come down around cincinnati' s horseshoe casino. rock gaming is renaming the casino jack cincinnati casino. it' s part of a company-wide rebranding and all four casinos owned by rock gaming will change names this year. the change is expected to happen this summer, and the casino is also changing its rewards program. rock gaming says the new loyalty program will let guests earn points faster than other neighboring casinos. happening today, another chance to learn about the oasis rail project. mark: this is a commuter rail line running east from downtown cincinnati. miriah turner joins us now with a look at the plans. miriah: the goal of this project is to connect downtown cincinnati and clermont county. the ohio department of transportation has finished preliminary studies, and now officials are hosting open houses to discuss the plans. here' s what the line could look
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it would have seven different stops running from downtown to milford. if you want to learn more about the line, there are two meetings today. the first starts at 11:30 at the taft center on walnut. the next meeting starts at 5:30 at the miami valley christian academy in newtown. this is a separate project from the oasis bike trail, but both follow similar routes. the bike trail would establish a path connecting downtown and lunken airport. we want to get a check on the
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jumped to almost 60, just enough to give us enough instability for a couple of scattered thunderstorms the second half of the day. futurecast showing by 9:00, more gaps in the radar image. same thing at lunchtime where some spots will get a decent downpour and other places a break in the action. that will continue to the afternoon. i the evening drive, steady rain showers on the weight in. -- on the way and. the ground will be very warm. new 60 this afternoon. warm and wet means at first the snow will be milton but will stick eventually as tempers fault of the day on thursday. this is a rainfall production. most places are in the one inch to two inch range with a total of rainfall. tomorrow, all about snow and strong winds steady at 20 miles power, gusts at 40. snow bands will put a somewhere between one inch and two inches of snow before this is done to more evening. friday, expect a couple of
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by the weekend, we were backed up to the 50' s and 60' s. mark: thank you. lisa: a rude awakening in liberty township. mark: the water main blake -- water main break flooding homes and why this is a familiar sight for some. lisa: animal advocates making
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lisa: welcome back. checking your top stories a , water main break has flooded homes in liberty township for a second time in just over a month. mark: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is leading the way with a story you saw first on wlwt. dan, good morning. dan: a lot of frustration along kyl station road. i continue neighbors here, this is the second time in about a month them dealt with a water i spoke with 100 the neighbors who said the last time they had about $70,000 in damage, this time they' re not sure how much but they believe to cars, a washer and dryer, and many other appliances in their basement had water main break. cruz had been on scene since early this morning. probably 3:00 a.m. or so. they had been pumping water out i' m sure the other one as well. still a lot of work ahead for them and the homeowners as they work to clean up the damage. this is just a lot of frustration because they say they'
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out who is going to cover the damage and pay for it. insurance companies have denied the claim. we will keep tracking the story throw the day and try to get some answers about what it really happens next. live in liberty township, dan griffin. mark: thank you. our second top story, police were called to the scene of a drive-by shooting in kennedy investigators say this happened heights. investigators say this happened on montgomery road. a man was shot in the leg while driving with a group of friends. we are told the shots were fired from another car and the gunman got away. lisa: a rally takes place this morning seeking justice after a dog was found starved to death in hamilton. animal advocates plan to bring attention to this case with a peaceful rally outside hamilton municipal court this morning. this comes after a dog was starved for about three weeks. sarah schmuck and jacob goodwin are charged with cruelty to a companion animal. we spoke to an organizer moments ago.
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of neglect, you know, it just smacks of something that a psychopath would do. physical the court hearing happened that -- lisa: the court hearing happened at 8:00. mark: our fourth top story, the top teams in the big east are locking horns tonight at the cintas center. xavier is hosting villanova the top-ranked team in the country. this is a rematch for the musketeers. tipoff is set for 7:00. lisa: the rain has been heavy at times and continues to fall. this is a live look along 275. expect wet roads across greater cincinnati. randi has an update. randi: as we look at the radar, you can see everybody is dealing with the rain will stop heavier pockets in northern portions of brown county and middleton and trenton. if you look to the south him a break in the action south of the 71-75 split. this is good news.
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of the morning rush, but we will see the rain become more scattered. it has been steady for hours. it will be off and on toward 8:00 to 9:00 and continue that way through the day. this morning, heavy rain. scattered rain this afternoon, maybe thunder. changes over to snow before midnight. to mark, when and snow. the initial bands will not away but they will stick. we could see one to two inches, most places closest to does closer to one inch.
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