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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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see you next time, folks. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] lisa: pockets of light snow mixed with wind is what you can expect this morning. meteorologist randi rico has your complete forecast. mark: seven people are now dead nationwide from the powerful storm system hitting the southeast. lisa: fans are rejoicing after they approved the doubters wrong. but the coach had to say about his team' s monumental win. announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today.
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there. this is montgomery road. we have the latest on the wintry mix predicted in the forecast and what you can expect for your morning commute. lisa: good morning, everyone. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. let' s get right to randi rico. it is not sticking because of the temperature, is that right? randi: the last couple of days it has been on the warm side. the air temperature is right around freezing. the pavement temperatures are a little bit warmer and that is why you can see that there. nt a lot is sticking to the ground right now. if you have a raised deck in the backyard, you could see some accumulation. as we take a look at the wlwt radar right now, you can see some blue tunes along and north
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heavier snow bands. it is a little bit later in kentucky. as we look over the last couple hours, snow showers have increased in frequency to the north. that is starting out in butler county along 27. we can see snow shoi wers in middletown. it is leading to the south and right along the ohio river. we can see another batch of slightly intense showers. that does extend into portions of brown county, as well as towards georgetown and a gust up. mostly -- georgetown and augusta. we do not see any slush accumulation right now. the plaintiff or today looks like this. right now, light snow and 33 degrees. this is a wind driven snow.
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our temperatures generally hover a couple degrees above freezing this morning and upper 30' s for let' s check on the roads now. kyla: it is looking pretty good out there, actually. we can see mostly clear roads out there. here is a look. this is 74 at beekman. we are taking a look at the the i-75. the same thing here at the 275 luke. -- 275 loop. we are down to one lane on parts of columbia parkway, that is passed the interchange. you will still run into a single enclosure due to mudslides in that area. 75 at mitchell is still looking good north and southbound. we see the conditions along the i-75 core door.
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mark: we are watching the wintry mix greater cincinnati area. s andrew setters is leading the way in at the roads. andrew, where are you? andrew: we can see some of those snow flurries randi has been talking about. liek randi said, the temperature is what is important here. the thermometer in our car is reading 36 degrees. that will impact how much a canoe asian we will see. if your car has been sitting outside all night, metal cars, decks, things that are elevated away from the ground level, those are going to get a little bit colder. the snow will stick to some of it. but the roads themselves, they really hold the heat. we have not seen any problems on
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you may have to turn on the windshield whipers. for the most part, the roads should be clear. throughout the morning. lisa: thank you, andrew. we will be checking back with as the roads begin to fill up we' re watching for pockets of snow that could begin to fall some issues for your morning commute. mark: news 5' s dan griffin is . road. we are near the west bank. this is the area we are in right now. the roads here are pretty much just wet here. we could have been seeing snow where a little bit more of a slush. we can see the flanks
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can see the flakes here, but they are not really sticking to anything. the car thermometer was reading 34 degrees, or so. as randi said, the roads are a little bit warmer here. this morning, nothing too crazy. we will continue to bring you the latest conditions throughout the morning. right now, it is looking like smooth sailing. lisa: thank you, dan. road crews on both sides of the river are preparing for the wintry mix this morning. in northern kentucky, crews came in around midnight. they' ll be ready to start clearing the streets, including the cut-in-the-hill here. mark: cincinnati crews came in at 7:00 last night to start pre-treating with salt. this is a live look at fort washington way. it was just one focal point for drivers and the 60 trucks on the roads. lisa: right now, there is closure, but it' s due to a water one main break. notre dame academy in park hills
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other events for today only. this is while the water main break gets resolved. of course, if we get any school delays this morning, you can always check for them on mark: and make sure you stay up today on road conditions, the forecast, and possible closures by following our wlwt mobile app. turning now to the national landscape, where severe storms have caused issues along the southeast and east coast. lisa: thunderstorms and several tornadoes have destroyed homes and knocked out power to thousands. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with the latest on the damage so far. good morning. miriah: severe thunderstorm' s left a path of destruction all the way from louisiana to pennsylvania. nationwide, seven people were killed. four people died in virginia, when a suspected tornado tore through the town of waverly. search and rescue parties were out after reports of people
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it were also reports of several tornadoes in central north carolina. luckily, no injuries have been reported there. firefighters responded to numerous reports to collapsed homes in pennsylvania, in addition to down trees and power lines. italy 1200 flights into and out of chicago airports -- nearly 1200 flights into and out of chicago airports were canceled. we will continue to keep you updated. lisa: we are giving you a quick check on local stories making headlines this morning. a major development in the case of a middletown mother murdered in her car with her baby in the backseat. dayton police say 34-year-old brandon carr has been arrested, and is being charged with one count of murder for the shooting death of brittany russell. russell was found shot dead in her car two weeks ago in dayton. her six-month-old daughter was also found in the car unharmed. mark: disturbing hazing allegations involving a dozen local fraternities. miami university confirmed those
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21 allegations in all have been made at the oxford school. miami' s greek system is currently under investigation. miami does not tolerate hazing that could violate the value of the organization, they say. lisa: xavier taking down the top night, or in this case, the cats. as in the number one ranked villanova wildcats. first half action. larry austin finds miles davis, who drills of the three-pointer. you can see that coming up. xavier takes the 26-24 lead and they would never trail again. an d the second half, jalen reynolds with of the power move. he slams it down and the muskies win it at home 90-83. after losing by more than 30 to villanova earlier this season, xavier bounces back to beat the
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>> 10 or 15 years from now, they will remember. we have bigger fish to fry. we are sitting around with a 14-14 record. we have a group that, if they continue to get better, sky is the limit. lisa: you know it is a big game when bill murray makes it to the center. he was there to watch his son, luke murray. mark: wednesday rain mixed with snow flurries. they could make for a fleshy commute. make sure to watch out for puddles or slick spots on your morning commute. for another check on the early morning road conditions let' s go to traffic reporter kyla woods. good morning. kyla: fortunately, we do not see terrible conditions on the roads. if you are just waking up and wondering what is outside, this is pretty much what you will see. andrew and dan confirmed that for us. we can see this across greater cincinnati.
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you, both northbound and southbound. you could see a few flurries out there, but nothing that will hinder your commute this morning. 275 at eastgate is looking pretty good, if you are heading for route 72. within southbound is still clear. he have very light volume out there. let' s check in now with the lady of the hour, who can tell us more about this forecast. randi: we have snow showers and some decent wind. at times it will look pretty impressive, but it will not add up to a lot. let the dog out. he came back in and confirmed light snow that was melting on contact with his fur. in those places, temperatures are warm enough that it is only the raised surfaces where you will see accumulation. that cools off a lot quicker than the ground does. he might have to dust of the snow off your car.
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roadways will be clear. here' s the national bank camera. you can see in downtown lebanon, the roadways are just plain old wet. if we look at the radar, it is snowing in lebanon, but the roads are just wet. that is the case through much of our area. the spots that are getting slightly more intense showers would be portions of butler county into northern and eastern hamilton county, and down along the ohio river in southern brown county. most places at the moment are looking at those snow showers. there will be gusty winds and lights no. -- and light snow. at lunchtime, gusty winds and light snow. it will be about 35 degrees. the snowfall will taper off during the afternoon, but it remains windy through the night. lisa: watch out for the standing water, as we mentioned, when you
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mark: one area in anderson township is causing some issues for drivers. the warning from officials for drivers in the area. lisa: gop candidates are back out tonight. the candidates fighting for second behind frontrunner donald trump. mark: your time is now 4:12 and it is 33 degrees. stay with us.
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randi: good morning. we are taking a live look outside. this is a look from on top of the radisson. we have some snow around today, obviously. we are not under any watch word visor he, but we are watch her and -- we are not under any watch or advisory, but we are watching the roads for you. we have flurries and southeastern indiana and
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this is a wind driven snow. not much is collecting on the pavement this morning. from middletown to hamilton, another batch is moving out of wilmington. that is just north of clinton county. they could see heftier snow there. let' s look at our weatherbug network. temperatures have fallen below freezing in a couple parts of town. 29 in connors bill. love -- it is a wind driven snow. the air temperature will be near freezing, but the ground temperature should be a couple degrees warmer. i see a lot of crews out this morning salting the roads. i will let you know how much could accumulate on those colder services in a couple minutes. mark? mark: thank you. another problem with all of the precipitation in the last couple days, standing water on the roadways. a sinkhole in anderson township is adding to the street flooding
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lisa: wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with what emergency workers are saying about the risk of driving through these flooded streets. miriah: first responders are airing on the side of safety. they will be watching the flooded streets. a school bus drove through this. it is a flooded new england club d drive and next would, a giant sinkhole. the school district tells us the driver did not violate any district policy. they inspected the road, and the water was not deep. you can see the road. those in anderson township advice all drivers to avoid any areas with flooding and rushing water. >> we are concerned that we have 180 units back there. these people have to go to work and things like that. we need to check and make sure that we have safe access. >> if you are not sure, turn
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lisa: officials tell us the single problem has to do with failed -- the sinkhole problem has to do with failed piping. if you feel unsafe, first responders will come to your location and check out how safe it is. lisa: thank you. the rain before the snow created some problems on columbia parkway. once again, there was a mudslide near william howard taft road. as a precaution, one westbound lane was closed so crews could clean up the mess a similar situation closed columbia parkway earlier this month. mark: the cleanup and repairs continue today for a homeowner in blue ash after a tree smashed into the roof. a large tree was uprooted wednesday morning along wynnecrest drive in shelia franklin' s backyard. franklin says she and her sons were still in bed when the tree came crashing into her house. the tree smashed into the bathroom, bringing the ceiling and a lot of insulation down with it. crews were able to get the tree off the house.
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it has been a problem in northern ohio. a travel ban is in place for the ohio turnpike due to heavy snowfall and high winds it' s for bigger vehicles like tractor trailers or mobile homes. the ban lasts until 6:00 this evening. whether it' s rain, snow, wind, or sunny skies, we have seen it all around the tri-state the past few weeks. mark: we will get more of it throughout the day. we continue our team coverage of the latest conditions outside with wlwt news 5' s dan griffin. good morning. dan: we are here on kenwood road. i can tell you the roads are wet and soggy. that is what you will notice this morning. these snow flurries are in the air here. i will step out of the shot here. we can see the flurries blowing sideways. that is because the winds are picking up. that is the biggest factor people will face this morning, very blustery wind conditions. bundle up. make sure you have a good jacket
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as far as driving around, it does not seem to be too much of a problem. there are soggy spots and things of that nature. temperatures are in the 30' s this morning. we are not facing anything too crazy out here, at least. mark: thank you, dan. even more team coverage this ve got a live look at the wintry mix coming down in roads this morning. lisa: wlwt news 5' s andrew live drive five with a closer check on roads. andrew: we are right near i-71 and we can see heavier snowfall, compared to the last stop. the road surface temperatures are pretty warm this morning. the snow seems to be melting as it comes down, but as you look outside the window this morning preparing to get ready for work and wonder what the day will bring, you can see those snow
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that can be a little bit concerning. for the most part, we don' t see problems on the roadways. one thing i have seen is some o-dot wrote crews -- odot road crews salting the roads. if the temperature dips down to around 32 degrees, we have the potential for those roads to get icy. right now, we are sitting at 32 degrees, according to the thermometer in our car. they will certainly be monitoring the road conditions, as will we. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: good morning, we are waking up to wind and snow. we do not have a lot in the way of snow showers. even though it looks impressive on the radar, what is
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whole lot of nothing, thanks to the warm air we have seen recently. it has been in the 50' s for the past couple days. we will see some snow a keenly on the colder surfaces. the car could have some, the let' areas near the 275 loop. we have snow showers in fairfield, down to norwood and newtown. you can see that deeper, intense ue. the snow was coming down pretty good, but not sticking. you can see the snow in middletown, over toward munro and mason. currently, the heavier bands of snow are concentrated north of the ohio river. aside of accumulating on the colder surfaces we do not see much in the way of problems. the snow does extend back into michigan and with this
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continue to see bands of snow throughout the day they won' end of the evening commute. we are not under any watch, warning, or advisory. once you move along the i-75 corridor, you run into a winter weather advisory and watch is in effect for northern indiana and michigan. it will be a wind driven snow today. we are looking at steady 18 mile per hour winds right now. to the west, you can see 25 mile per hour winds at times. expect that wind to be pretty intense. close to freezing. 32 in springboro. 33 degrees in the downtown area. the pavement may be a couple degrees warmer. by 5:00, it is not much warmer. we will stay in the 30' s. it is going to be a windy day.
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snow. winter is back after a break for a couple days. this is what your back patio may look like today. degrees. it is still breezy bite 8:00 b by 8:00. the snow showers could come back temperatures of that point will degrees. we can see a mix in the southern communities. snow showers than continue along and north of the ohio river. for tomorrow, it is cloudy and on the breezy side. we could see a flurry on friday. as far as totals go, you can take a look here. most places are picking up a dusting. the place where you will see most of that is on the colder surfaces. we are in the 30' s today and tomorrow, but we are warming up
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temperatures will be back up in the 50' s and 60' s and by sunday, how about 63 degrees. next week it is warm enough that we are talking about rain, not snow. anytime you put snow in the forecast, all the kids and teachers ask, are we getting a snow day? kyla: i think, the parents might be excited to not have this terrible condition outside. so, we are actually seeing clear conditions on the road right now. you may want to watch for any potential slick spots, as we always advise you to do. 75 in butler county right now, still pretty light and clear. the 275 looks good your hamilton and fairfield if you are moving up towards i-75. lisa: hitting a pothole can cost
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the hole should have been fixed. mark: nearly 400 people asked cincinnati to pay for their cars last year. the city only approved non-claims. we outlined the steps you need to take if your car is damaged by a pothole. how you can get cashback. that is tonight at 6:00. checking the headlines today. frederick and representative john lewis accepted congress' highest civilian honor, the congressional medal. the men and woman peacefully marched from selma to montgomery, alabama, are testing their inability to vote. lisa: presidential hopefuls will face off in houston, texas tonight. donald trump hopes to build on his momentum at super tuesday. senators marco rubio and ted
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john and ben carson will also be at the debate. the debate is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. mark: the u.s. department of labor will release the to be lea -- the weekly jobs claims. 273,000 -- that is the lowest amount of people seeking benefits since november. we have seen a growth in consumer spending and manufacturing, indicating a growing economy. the time is now 4:26. let' s check the stories trending this morning. lisa: move over "like" button. we have new competition on facebook. if you hover your mouse over the like button you can choose from love, haha, sad, wow, or angry. facebook received good reviews
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the new emotions have already been available worldwide, whether you are at a desktop or using your mobile device. mark: check out this incredible robot. no, arnold schwarzenegger is not back. this is the actual robot walking on two legs. this is the latest atlas prototype. it can lift objects, navigate over rough terrain, and even stand on its own. if it falls down? lisa: if they can clean a house, i will buy one. let' s take a live look outside. we have been talking about the possibility of a wintry mix. good morning, randi. you have been talking about a wind driven snow. randi: it is going to look impressive, but not on the ground though.
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30' s will be the case for the entire day. even though the radar looks pretty decent across portions of ohio, this is really only sticking to those colder surfaces. we are not even talking about the roads. it is more, the grass, the car, the back deck at this point. expect maybe your .5-1.0 inches today for accumulation. mark: stay with us for more coverage on news 5 today. lisa: city leaders are looking to revamp covington. how they plan to make the dream in reality. mark: taking a live look outside for you. it is 34 degrees right now. we have all the news and
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mark: rain changes to snow overnight. we hear how long it will stick around today. lisa: we will have team coverage on the roads. mark: a homicide case in middletown is moving forward. the man in custody. announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. let' s start with a check on the forecast. randi: it is snowing, but not exactly sticking right now. if you think about the last couple days, it has been on the mild side. that is really helping us out. the radar shows decent snow going on. it is falling in a good rate


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