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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mark: rain changes to snow overnight. we hear how long it will stick around today. lisa: we will have team coverage on the roads. mark: a homicide case in middletown is moving forward. the man in custody. announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. let' s start with a check on the forecast. randi: it is snowing, but not exactly sticking right now. if you think about the last couple days, it has been on the mild side. that is really helping us out. the radar shows decent snow going on. it is falling in a good rate
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but it is not sticking to the ground just yet. it could be sticking to your back deck. i saw a dusting on my back deck. the dog had some dusting on him after he came inside after his morning trip outside. we do have those snow showers falling across much of ohio this morning. this is more in the way of flurries through portions of kentucky. let' s start in butler. you can see from trenton to middletown, right there as you move towards monroe, we can see some snow showers. the same thing for fairfield. everybody can see the snow, but it is not exactly sticking. southern portions of brown county can also see this snow. this snow is not sticking at the moment. our temperatures are currently right around freezing. this is the air temperature.
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light snow and strong winds will be expected for the morning rush. the simulation is possible, but it will be more likely on those cooler surfaces. new, light snow and strong winds. wind is going to be a big concern. it will make the snow looked pretty intense at times, but again, it is not sticking a lot. some inches might see one inch of snow on the back patio, but less will stick to the cement. let' s take a look at how the weather is affecting the roadways this morning. andrew, where are you? andrew: we are heading on the i-75 northbound. we have seen an odot salt truc k out this morning, just making sure roads don' t get slick this morning. if it was 28 degrees for 25
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down like this, i would be concerned about road conditions for the morning commute. it would really be sticking to the road and beginning to pile up, but luckily, we had those warmer temperatures over the past couple days. we have warmer road surface temperatures and things will be good for the morning commute. one of the things you can notice is you might have to flip on the windshield whiper. the snow may stick to the car more than the roads. if you run into any problems in your area, please let us know. we will come check them out. lisa: thank you, andrew. as the roads begin to fill up with commuters, we are watching for the pockets of snow. mark: dan griffin is live now with the latest conditions. dan: good morning. we are here along kenwood road.
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flurries blowing this way. we have seen a little bit of that pick up. i am going to step out of the shot here. the roads here this morning are pretty much just wet. some of the sign areas are picking up a touch of snow. we are talking mulchy, muddy areas. everyone else seems to be pretty much wet. the big factor today seems to be the wind. if you are going to be walking to work or school, be prepared to bundle up. wear a scarf so you can stay warm. for now, it is pretty much just wet. we' re live here in blue ash. mark: thank you, dan. the deadly storms have brought havoc on several states. millions were threatened along the east coast. miriah turner is that the life alert desk now. good morning.
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deadly day as of the storms moved from parts of the south to parts of the east coast. in waverley, virginia several people died when a tornado hit the small town. one of the victims was a small child. just this morning, virginia state police say a man who had been missing since a funnel cloud destroyed his home, has been found dead. that brings the number of the dead to four. officials also say at least 15 structures were destroyed and 25 injuries were reported when of the storm passed through essex county, about 45 miles northeast of richmond. this has left hundreds of thousands of people without power and forced thousands of flights to be canceled. system killed three people in the deep south. this morning, the storm has moved to the new england area. mark: thank you, mariah.
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wlwt news 5 mobile app. of a middletown mother murdered backseat. they can police say 34-year-old brandon carr was arrested in downtown dayton. he has been charged with one count of murder in the russell. she was found shot to death in her car two weeks ago in dayton. her six month baby girl was found in that vehicle unharmed. mark: the five remaining presidential candidates will face off in houston, texas tonight. donald trump hopes to build on his momentum for super tuesday she dominated in the nevada caucuses. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are locked in a fierce battle for second place. joining them will be john kasich
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the debate tonight is scheduled to kick off at the university of houston at 8:30 p.m. lisa: good morning to you, randi. the temperature is on our side right now. randi: we have all enjoyed the temperature for the last couple days. yesterday we hit 61 degrees. the ground itself might be warmer than the air around you. that is a good thing as the snow falls. hits the pavement. it is much lighter through portions of indiana and kentucky. the more intense bands of snow are moving to ohio. you can see that deep bl ue that extends into middletown and into southern portions of claremont county, as well as southern portions of adams county and brown county.
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yesterday i got a ton of tweet , people asking if they were going to get a snow day. probably not. the snow will stick to the grass and car, but the roadways will just be wet. ont -- on the way to school, we are hovering around freezing and on the way home, it will be 36 degrees. we have strong winds until the evening hours. kyla, you have been checking the roadways. have you seen anything sticking? kyla: i haven' t seen anything stick. we can mostly jesse wet -- we can mostly just see wet roadways. if you are moving out of butler county, this is what you will see. those cards are moving along just fine. this is 74 at harrison pike. anytime we have these kinds of conditions, you could see some
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we have seen salt trucks out throughout the night. there are certainly on standby, after pretreating and treating through the night. if they see any issues pop up, they will handle those as well. 71 at victory parkway is looking good, and open for you northbound and southbound. back to you. lisa: college basketball' s t op team goes down. mark: coming up in sports, one of the biggest wins in program history. lisa: do you prefer yours plane, or with cheese? the perfect winter meal. mark: taking a live look outside for you this morning. it is 33 degrees and the time is
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. it is 4:42 and 33 degrees. but first, e-cigarettes are trending this morning after a video has gone viral showing the potential danger. mark: that was a "boom goes the dynamite" situation. lisa: a crazy video went viral this morning after the battery on an e-cigarette blows up inside a man'
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an e-cigarette battery exploded inside his pocket when he was at a register over the weekend. the clerk could not quite register what he saw. the man says he has second-degree burns on his leg, but is able to walk. if many of you were just as confused as i was over facebook yesterday, there have been some changes. they released reactions to all of its users. if you hover your mouse over the "like" button, you can choose from like, love, wow, sad, or angry. again, there is no "dislike" button, like many feared. just in time for the turn of the weather, it is national chili d ay. it is celebrated every year on the fourth thursday, did you know? i didn' t know.
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corn, beans, or chicken, you can go get a bowl today. i am sure there are some deals around town. there must be. mark: they have to have a four for one. lisa: i don' t think that would be the case. lisa: they close up shop when they run out of chilie. randi: that would be perfect for a day like today. it is cold and windy. we do have some snow showers around. they are not adding up to a lot, but if you look at the radar on your phone, it looks like a lot. looking at your window it is a different story. you can see those snow showers continuing. it is heaviest for those of you along and north of the ohio river. there are a couple flurries
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let' s look up to the north in middletown, in toward lebanon. there is a decent bit of snow, but if you take a live look outside through the weatherbug camera, you can see the snow i s melting. the ground remains wet. there is a car parked on the roadway. snow is sticking to the car, but this is about it. there was a dusting on my deck. we do have the foot henschel some accumulation on those colder services -- we do have the possibility for some regulation on those colder services. mark: thank you. xavier took down the number one ranked villanova wildcats. lisa: w e
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be' s major win. reporter: good morning from goodyear, arizona. we are here for spring training. how about the big story in cincinnati? xavier taking down top ranked villanova. we were there, where the celebration went all my long. -- all night long. reporter: believe it or not, they were not that impressed with themselves. xavier bea t the wildcats for the first time, the first time since they have been in the biggest. edmond sumner was the catalyst for thi s 90-83 victory. he finished with 19 points for the day. he played their best game so far, firing from all cylinders. a gra eat -- a great
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the coach says they have bigger fish to fry . >> it was going to take a monumental effort from our team for 40 minutes. i think that is what we gave. i am proud of our team. we have those thoughts as players and coaches, you guys have never beaten villanova. the average margin of victory is yada yada. our team was able to struggle that stuff off and compete against the best team in our again, if we were 14-14 we would probably storm the corut -- storm the court. i think it would be out of line my two daughters did. maybe they are out of line. reporter: e dropped of a moment like this -- he said he dreamt of a moment like this
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mark: a championship kind of night there. it was a championship kind of day at training yesterday. lou pennell a is back with the reds. lou in a reds uniform for the first time since 1992. he leds the reds to the world series title in 1990. he managed them for three years. and what a three years it was. a fight with dibble. things the fans like to remember, but what he would like to forget. >> i wish i had not done those things. tom e , truthfully, they are somewhat embarrassing as i have gotten older. but listen, film does not lie. but if
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coming, i usually switch the station. i don' t want to watch it. [laughter] reporter : lo u is a character. his best players are here as well. both are special assistance to the gm and perhaps, managing is in the future. barry has some interesting comments about that and we will have that story coming up later today on news 5. we have the reds here in good here. congrats again to xavier for the bi g win over villanova. i will be back with my reports coming up later in the day. mark: alright, your time now is 4:49. he is out there in goodyear,
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lisa: all of the xavier fans probably don' t care if it is snowing. they probably feel like they are in hawaii. randi: i bet some people are still pretty excited. if you take a look at the wlwt radar, if you were hoping for somw snow to do later classes, sorry. in most places, the weather has been warm recently. the snow is melting away as it hits the ground. we are taking a look at some of the areas with the more intense snowfall. that is an catered -- that is indicated by the deeper blue. that is the middletown area, over toward mason. again, it is not really sticking, accept to the grass. those are the areas where you will see accumulation. down south closer to the ohio river. we can see some snow showers
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right along 68 as well. as we take a look at the wide view, we are with this snow we pattern throughout the day. we have off and on snow showers through the evening commute. that fades away after sunset tonight. temperatures right now are a degree or so above freezing. i would expect not a lot is going to stick. it will look impressive at times, part of that due to the strong winds. you are going to see wind driven snow, but not a lot the cumulative. outside right now it is 33 degrees with winds out of the west at 18 miles per hour. it feels like 22. at 8:00 a.m., we have light snow and windy conditions. the same thing at lunchtime. around lunchtime we have flurries and snow showers. the futurecast shows a break for us late morning into the early
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in the mid afternoon. temperatures by 3:00 or 4:00 will be 35-37 degrees. it looks like snow for ohio, it could be warm enough for us to see a mix with some rain south of the river. as we head into the evening commute, snow showers continue through portions of ohio. the most likely places to see those continued bands of snow will be a long and north of the ohio river. here is our snowfall potential. not exactly a big one for us. some spots are pushing one inch, but most of us will have less. that has to do with the melting occurring right now. or a six is our high today with a strong winds. tonight we are dipping down to 25. tomorrow will be a little breezy with 10-15 mile per hour winds. a stray flurry could be possible. and then we approach the weekend.
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sunny and next week, temperatures will be warm enough that we will be talking rain showers, instead of snow. lisa: health officials say three pregnant women have tested positive for the zika virus in florida. a news release says all three cases are believed to be travel related. officials are not identifying the counties where the pregnant women for diagnosed. -- pregnant women were diagnosed . a total of 32 cases have been reported in that state. mark: police are warning students and staff regarding safety precautions. miriah turner is here to tell us more about the message. miriah: right now police are limiting specifics about the attack. students got an e-mail this past sunday saying a sexual offense happened around 3:00 a.m. february 5 in an academic building. the victim is a student, but they don'
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according to the uc, campus buildings close to the public no later than 11:00 at night. if somebody tries to talk their way into a building after that time, the director of public safety says to notify the resident advisor or police. as a general rule, whether charges are pressed or not, the safety director says determining if there is an ongoing threat is essential for the safety of students and staff. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: good morning. we are going to be stuck in the 30' s all day. that is a far cry from where we were earlier in the week. thanks to those temperatures in a the 50' s and 60' s, the ground itself is still very warm. even though we are dealing with snow showers, they are melting away when they hit the surface. strong winds are going to be a
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we have w -- we have wind gusting up to 35 miles pers hour. right now on is the wlwt radar, snow showers are heaviest north and east of the 275 loop. warren county looks to be getting a lot of snow. georgetown can also see 80' s and little snow shower. lebanon can see a little bit of snow at the moment, sticking to anything that is not the roads. 36 degrees today. we have white snooki relation and strong winds throughout the day. tomorrow we hit 35 degrees. and then, we jump way up on saturday, back to 50 degrees. kyla: our travel times are still looking pretty good because the roads are mostly just wet. across the river, 19 minutes all
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downtown cincinnati on 71-75. out of butler county, 16 minutes from the 129. we will talk you little bit more about this construction, coming up in the next hour. there is nothing that should hinder your commute for this time of the morning. back to you. mark: a sinkhole in anderson township is proving to be a bad mix with the recent rain. taking a this morning. we have snow falling and falling temperatures. we have all the news and information you need to start
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lisa: snow are falling over parts of greater cincinnati this morning. mark:a sinkhole continues to fill from recent rain. lisa: an epic win for the xavier musketeers. the celebrity parent who witnessed the victory. announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way.
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mark: some early-morning flurries cre ating a dusting over parked cars this morning along mason montgomery road. the rain switched over to snow just before midnight last night. lisa: good morning, everyone. i' m lisa cooney. mark: i mark hayes. we have your weather and traffic. let' s begin with randi rico. good morning. randi: we have snow showers and strong winds. as you take a look at the radar, you can see that it looks more intense through portions of warren county, versus southeastern indiana. the same thing along and south of the ohio river. in a through ohio specifically at the moment, we can see some decent snow showers. we have seen some accumulation, not on the pavement, but on the


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