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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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mark: some early-morning flurries cre ating a dusting over parked cars this morning along mason montgomery road. the rain switched over to snow just before midnight last night. lisa: good morning, everyone. i' m lisa cooney. mark: i mark hayes. we have your weather and traffic. let' s begin with randi rico. good morning. randi: we have snow showers and strong winds. as you take a look at the radar, you can see that it looks more intense through portions of warren county, versus southeastern indiana. the same thing along and south of the ohio river. in a through ohio specifically at the moment, we can see some decent snow showers. we have seen some accumulation, not on the pavement, but on the
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ars, if you parked outside. let' s zoom in here to warren county. you can see snow coming down in lebanon. we have a live camera in that area. here is the weatherbug camera in historic downtown lebanon. the ground is still just wet there, but the snow was coming down at a decent rate. that is a parked car on the side of the road. there is snow on the roof, but the ground and sidewalk is only wet. that is because of the warm temperatures we have had over the past couple days. that is keeping the roads just wet this morning, even though temperatures are hovering close to freezing. 31 right now in wilmington. 32 inmates and. -- 32 in mason. here is your breakdown for today. expect strong and gusty winds. expect periods of light snow,
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but don' t expect to have to shovel a lot off the driveway. even the snow showers could linger through the evening commute. we are looking at a dusting on the grass. it is all going to be on those colder services, though. kyla, all morning long, you have been saying, really no issues. kyla: you told us yesterday morning that it would hit the ground first and that is exactly what we can see out there. here is a look at 74 and montana. if you are outside right now, you can still see light conditions. over the next hour or so, as randy mentioned, watch out for bridges and overpasses. overall, you can see a pretty clear start to your thursday morning. if you are traveling on the 275 loop, we can see clear
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conditions on both sides of the river. if you are moving on to the norwood lateral, you can see things are open as well. let' s take a closer look at the roads. let' s check in with andrew sutter in our live drive five. where are you? andrew: things are looking all right. we wanted to show you what to expect when it comes to cleaning your car this morning. the car has accumulated some snow on the windshield. we are off kings mills road and is parking lot has been untreated. that is where the snow will start to a kimye first. this parking lot has not been treated. there is no snooki relating -- there is no snow accumulating. you can notice the snow continuing to fall.
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the snow is accumulating on the grass and parked cars, but not on the roadways. that is because the surface temperatures are a little warmer . you are going to clean off the car this morning and that will probably be the hardest part of your morning. if things keep up the way we have seen them this morning, it will not be too bad. lisa: thank you, andrew. we continue our coverage right now. dan griffin is live. mark: the wind is picking up as well. good morning, dan. dan: we are here in sharonville. the 275 is behind me and what sticks out to me is the sound of water splashing. that is a great indicator. i do want to tell you, the snow is sticking to some of the
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you can see the limbs moving in a way as the wind blows. that is the biggest complaint this morning, the wind. that air is very chilly, but as far as the roads here, they are not in bad shape at all. are sticking to cars and some roofs. you are going to have to clean morning. intense. we will continue to keep track of these conditions for you. mark: thank you, dan. another problem is standing water on the roadways. a sinkhole in anderson township is adding to the street flooding issues. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with what emergency workers are saying about the risk of driving good morning. miriah: first responders tell us they are remaining cautious. they are watching up for new
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england club drive. a forest hills school bus drove through this. it is a flooded new england club drive and next would, a giant sinkhole. the forest hills school district tells us the driver did not violate any district policies. the fire chief says they inspected the roads. the water was not deep. however, those with anderson township advised drivers to avoid areas with flooding and rushing water. >> we are concerned that we have 180 units back there. these people have to go to work and need to get out. we have to make sure we have safe access. >> if you' re not sure, turn around and go the other way. lisa: officials tell us the sinkhole problem has to do with failed piping. if you have a problem, first responders will come to your location.
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right now, there is one school closure to report, but it' s due to a water main break. notre dame academy in park hills has cancelled classes and all other events for today only. of course, if we get any school delays this morning. you can always check for them on lisa: disturbing hazing allegations involving a dozen local fraternities. miami university confirmed just last night those complaints. 21 allegations in all have been made at the oxford school. a university spokesperson says miami' s greek system is currently under investigation. adding to that quote, miami does not tolerate hazing, behaviors that endanger the health or safety of others, and violate the values of our fraternal organization. ime' -- miami' s office of ethics is handling this investigation. mark: you know it' s a big game when bill murray shows up.
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lisa: his son, coach murray, did something right. they pulled off an upset, 90-83. mark: they will end of the regular season at home on march 5. one week later it is selection sunday. time for march madness. xavier could earn that coveted number one seed for the first time in program history. lisa: pretty exciting. randi: coach mac was very calm in his interview. like it was not a big deal. what a great attitude to have. if you are moving outside, we are talking about those road conditions and what to expect. one thing to be mindful of,
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that is not unfamiliar territory for mudslides. we still have a lane closure. this went into effect yesterday. so, something to keep in mind there. at this early hour we can still see very light conditions. it should not slow you down much right now. 71 north and southbound is looking pretty good there. if you are on the 275 on the northern kentucky side, there are a few more cars. fortunately, we only see wet conditions on the road. let' s check in with randi. you said most of it would melt as they hit the ground. you called it. randi: if you look at your neighbor' s roof, it probably has snow on it. you can see dusting north of the 275 loop. that is where the snow has been a little bit heftier. the deeper blue indicates
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i just checked my twitter account. i got this picture from libby in wilmington. if you look at theg grass, you can see just a dusting. that is the same in many places. even though temperatures are hovering near freezing, the pavement is still holding onto that heat. 32 degrees in college hell. 34 right now in fort mitchell. expect wind and light snow. around lunchtime, we have gusty winds and light snow. that will be the case through the evening drive. it figures off as we approach sunset. we will take a look at temperatures for the weekend, coming up in a couple minutes. mark: new plans to develop
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lisa: how much those plans will cost. mark: after donald trump dominates in the caucuses, the final five takes the stage once again tonight in texas. lisa: it is 5:1 0 right now and 33 degrees.
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mark: good morning and welcome back. we have snowfall out there and temperatures falling too. we' re going to check in with randi and get your forecast in a moment. first, let' s check your headlines. presidential hopefuls will face off for the 10th time tonight. donald trump hopes to build on his momentum as a super tuesday approaches. the debate is scheduled to kick off at the university of houston at 8:30 p.m. lisa: the u.s. department of
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labor will release claims this morning. the number of weekly applications for unemployment assistance fell 7000 to a seasonally adjusted 273,000. that marks the lowest number of people seeking jobless benefits since november. recent reports have shown a growth in consumer spending and manufacturing, indicating a growing economy. mark: forecasters say the risk of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes is over north carolina. it is not much different in virginia, maryland, or pennsylvania, where heavy rain and strong wind have led to power outages and flooded roads. four people were killed in virginia. covington is taking a page out of cincinnati' s development playbook, trying to breathe new life into the city' s riverfront. lisa: only a portion of the plan is on track right now. the rest is an impressive vision. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us what it' ll take to make the plan a reality.
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miriah: city leaders are being transparent and saying they are seeking funding for everything, from ramps to private donors -- from grants to private donors. the long-range goal is community well-being. the dollars and cents remain genuinely fluid. the first phase has a price tag of $10 million. the long-range project is a 10-15 year concept, but expect to see progress later this year with some bike and walking tra ils. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: we are waking up to wind and snow, as expected in greater cincinnati. it has been warm outside for the last couple days. a lot of the snow was melting
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you will notice deeper blue t ones to the north and east of the 275 loop. most intense. of towards middletown and springboro, lebanon, waynesville, clarksville, there is snow. we can see snow showers in brown country. you will most likely see that a chameleon on the -- you will most likely see that accumulate onthe ground, grass, and car. this is a very large storm system. it is centralized over ohio and moving toward new england. we will continue with wrap around snow showers throughout the daylight hours. those faide d around sunsettede --
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those fade around sunset tonight. there is a winter weather advisory around the i-75 corridor. if you are going north, the snow will have more of a impact. winds will be a big deal for us today. these are our steady winds, at 25 miles per hour. the snow is not sticking, but it does make visibility an issue. temperatures are hovering close to freezing across the area. these are air temperatures. the pavement is still holding couple days. we will have temperatures up into the mid to upper 30' afternoon. snow, but it will melt away on the pavement. winter is back. shorts weather is back in the picture this weekend. at 4:00, 36 degrees. at 8:00, it will still be breezy.
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through the early morning commute. we of the break around lunchtime. around 2:00 this afternoon, we can see that snow north of the ohio river. in the south, we could have a rain and snow makes by the afternoon. by the evening commute, snow showers should be moving out and the winds will be dying out. tomorrow we remain in of the 30' s. notice these are not huge numbers for us. some spots could be pushing one inch of accumulation. mason has about half an inch as well. expect these snowfall totals to be less than an inch. today, 36 degrees with strong winds and snow showers. we remain in the 30' s or tomorrow and by the weekend, temperatures jump quickly. saturday and sunday we have 50' s and low 60' s.
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kyla is standing by. kyla: here at 471 and 275 we can see those wet conditions. that is what you will see wherever you go, especially on the interstates. overall, we will see pretty clear conditions, at least right now we see them. we will continue to keep you updated. if you are moving in the northbound direction on before 471, you will see a decent speed through fort thomas. good morning to you there in dayton, newport, and bellevue. it will only take you five minutes to get over to the cincinnati side from the bridge. you can see a few cars moving in that northbound direction. southbound is still very light. we don' t have any major issues to report. we will continue to keep you posted. lisa: local officers are reaching out to kids in the greater cincinnati area.
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mark: how the right to read program is bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community. randi: weather conditions caused some problems for some of the roads this morning. we have another update, just ahead. mark: stay with us. you are waking up with
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mark: good morning and welcome back. we are taking a live look over newport. it is 33 degrees right now at 5:23. first, making a different for our youth, a special tutoring program between cincinnati police officers and students has broken down many barriers. lisa: those barriers have been replaced with trust and improved reading skills. kyla: i just love this story. it is called "right to read" and it was created by officer donald jordan. officer jordan wanted to bridge the gap between kids who might only see police in a bad light and those in the criminal justice field who might not have young age. >> let' with these kids with them later. they come out with some empathy
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kyla: officer jordan has been able to do this successfully by establishing partnerships. lisa martin, second grade teacher at the academy of world languages, can see the impact the program has had. >> they know other people care and they are working to obtain the goals the policeman set for them, along with the goals we have for them in the classroom. kyla: the program runs daily in five different schools. some teachers have seen as much as a 30 point jump in test scores. let' s now go to ra ndi for a check on the forecast. randi: snow was coming down harder to the north and east of the 275 loop. that does not mean you are necessarily dealing with trickier travel. everybody don' t with the warmer temperatures over the last few days.
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lebanon, and their waynesville and -- and near waynesville and claremont county. this is a picture from mason. the roads are just plain old wet. you can see a dusting on the driveway, but you can easily see the sidewalk and the road. expect this to see what -- expect to see this when you wake up. temperatures will continue to hover just above freezing. 36 is our high today. light patches of snow cou accumulatel on the grass. tomorrow it will mostly be a cloudy and cool day. over the weekend, sunshine and warmer air returns. mark: a major win for a local university. lisa: how the musketeers took
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reporter: some snowflakes are falling in lebanon will stop we will tell you what to expect
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mark: rain changes to snow overnight. meteorologist randi rico to tell us how long it will stick around today. randi: the weather will be an issue on the morning commute. we have team covered on the roads. forward. a man in custody after a woman
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shot dead in her car two weeks ago. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today." mark: the ring before the snow creating problems on columbia parkway. it was a mudslide near william/howard tap road. good morning. i mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. so far so good for sure. kyla: that situational columbia parkway -- happens. you are good right now. we are seeing like a volume. as rush hour, things can slow that is west columbia parkway. randi: it is snowing, at the pavement looks like rain because it is mounting as it contacts
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the ground itself is warmer than the air around it. even though we are seeing snow falling, it is melting when it hits the pavement. it is sticking to colder surfaces. they are seen accumulation, especially north and east where the snow showers are intense. southeastern portions of kentucky -- you can see the more intense snow. you can see flurries in portions county indicating heavier snowfall. the flakes pavement. from springs borough to all seeing heavier snow. we have a live look in lebanon. this is a national bank building in downtown lebanon.
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it is a big, fart t snowflakes falling. if you take a look at the cars, the car has accumulation. that is what we are dealing with this morning. temperatures are right at freezing. but the ground still holding onto the heat. planner for today, light snow commute. at 4:00, gusty winds and maybe some flurries. i don' t think this note leaves until 5:00 or 6:00. let' s take a look at how the weather is affecting the road this morning. andrew setters is online drive five. where are you now? andrew: we are in lebanon, too. you kind of storm i thunder.
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the road shape. things are just fine. looks like there is more snow on the cars and graph is well. when you step outside, make sure that first step is not slippery. really good shape. if you are heading downtown, people are getting around just fine. what we have seen is plenty of old. truck throwing salt making sure the bridges , overpasses don' t get icy. you should be in pretty good shape for your morning commute. reporting live, andrew setters. wlwt. let' s send it in situ kyla. kyla: if you are heading across greater cincinnati,
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71/75 north in southbound -- north and southbound rolling right along. here is an accident at warsaw avenue and woodlawn. try to avoid that intersection with woodlawn for the time being until they get that moves out of the way. 75 at western hills, still seem pretty decent speeds. we will tell you if anything else pops up to slow you down. but a decent start. lisa: as the roads begin to develop with commuters, we are watching for pockets of snow. mark: dan griffin is live in westchester with the latest on the conditions there. good morning. dan: good morning, mark and lisa. i have described it as breezy and easy. it is very windy.
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blowing harder and making my eyes water a little bit. cars are moving along. we are hearing the water picking up. we have seen no problems. the roads have been just water. what you will probably run into is a lots of water. have your when wipers ready. take it slow. you don' t want to hit anything too quickly and run into any problems. i can tell you, we have been making our way all around. we have not seen much in the way of snow on the road. seeing a little bit on your cars. you may need to scrape that off, white that off. it is fairly light. we will keep checking conditions. mark: thank you. the deadly storms that brought havoc on the southern states made its way over to the east coast were millions were threatened. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with how the storms mangled buildings and
5:36 am
took even more lives. miriah: it proved to be another deadly day as the storm blew from the south to the east coast. in waverly, virginia, several people died when a suspected tornado hit the small town. one of the victims was a small child. this morning, virginia state police said a man who had been missing has been found dead bringing the number of deaths to four. seven others were injured. officials say 15 structures were destroyed and 25 injuries were reported as the storm passed through essex county. the combined storms have left hundreds of thousands of people without power and for thousands of flights to be canceled. this comes a day after the same system killed three people in the deep south. the storm has moved into the new england area and where flash flooding is a concern.
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you can stay up to date with the latest forecast on our wlwt news 5 mobile weather app. also check on our website, , lisa: 5:36. a major break in the case of a middletown mother murdered in her car with her baby in the backseat. police say 34-year-old brandon carr was arrested near downtown dayton. he has been charged with one count of murder in the shooting death of britney russell who lived in middletown. pretty russell was found shot to death in her car. -- britney russell was found shot to death in her car. mark: the five remaining republican candidates are set to face off in houston, texas tonight for the 10th time. donald trump hopes to build on his momentum for super tuesday after he dominated once again in the nevada caucuses. ted cruz and marco rubio are
5:38 am
will join him. lisa: xavier taking down the top dogs on the national stayed overnight. first half action, larry often finds miles davis to drill a three-pointer. xavier take the lead and they would never trail again. jalen reynolds with a power move will slam it down. he scored 11. summer has 19. xavier bounces back to beat the top team in america. mark: that is a dog fight there with a poster. [laughter] ouch! randi: as we take a look outside , let' s talk about the snow.
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there is not a whole lot of it on the roads. in most places, it is melting away. at 2:00 this morning, a light coating, the grass is starting to get a dusting areas to the north and to the east. it will coat the cars if you are parked outside. every report i have is that it shows the pavement is just plain old west. -- wer t. areas to the north and west of the loop is just fine. warren and quinton counties is where the snowfall is heavier, but still, the warm air is overcoming that and melting the snow as it is hitting the ground. execute head to the bus stop, as usual, tons of tweets if they are going to have a snow day today.
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no, you are going to school. the pavement is just plain old wet. it has to be colder to freeze. 33 degrees, snow on the grass, roofs, cars, but nothing on the roads. gusty winds and temperatures a degree or two above freezing. strong winds are going to be expected through the afternoon. kyla, we are looking at wet pavement. kyla: we are seeing wet pavement. over the next 30 minutes, we may start to see a few slow spots. but nothing turkey out of the ordinary as you head outside. just seeing wet roadways. we will see construction. the final night of this project scheduled to be tonight if it all goes as client. 75 southbound, both lane and we have been dealing with this every night this week. the last night is scheduled to take place starting around 9:00
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a doubling closer at 11:00 to linger until 6:00 in the morning. lisa: another sexual assault on the university of cincinnati campus. lisa: you cringe every time you spot them, how many vehicles are affected every year by dreaded potholes. mark: taking a live look outside. it is 5:41, 35 degrees. get up and get moving. we have all the information you need to start your day.
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randi: 5:43 on your thursday morning. it is a nice, wintry look down on fountain square. you can see the snow showers flying around fountain square, but you will notice the ground, well, pardon me, just like lady liquid, turning to liquid as they hit the ground. most places you are not seeing thisto the pavement. the roads, just plain old wet is morning. looking at radar, we still have the flurries and light snow showers in downtown and kentucky and south indiana. right along the corridor, clinton and warren counties is what we are seeing the heavier snowfall.
5:45 am
as you head out the door, the ground is too warm for it to stick to the pavement. expect to see gusty winds all day, but a nice warm up on the way this weekend. we will talk about a quick jump in the 50' s in a few minutes. lisa: a sexual offense inside a campus building at u.c. and police there. mark: want to remind students and staff about safety precautions. including access to buildings. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us about their message. miriah: right now, police are limiting specifics about the attack. students that an in announcing a sexual offense happened around 3:00 in the morning back on february 5 any building. authorities say in this instance, the victim is a student, but they do not know if the suspect is a student. according to u.c., campus are closed to the general public. if someone tries to enter the building after 11:00 p.m., u.c.
5:46 am
the resident advisor or police. going for, the safety director says determining whether or not the an ongoing threat is essential for the safety of students and staff. lisa: thank you. locating a pothole can cost you a lot of money unless you can prove the hole in the road should have been fixed. a news 5 investigation shows nearly 400 people asked cincinnati to help pay to repair their cars last year. the city only approved nine claims. chase rickey is among those who were turned down. he was surprised, he thought he felt all the necessary steps. >> i even get a screenshot of a map showing where it had happened. that we goes by -- lisa: todd dykes while in the steps you need to take if your car is damaged by a pothole and how you can get cashback -- if a pothole ruined your car.
5:47 am
kyla: you are going to deal with wet roadways. summing to prepare for as you head outside. your travel times looking decent. 18 minutes from the indiana side to i-5. you are still looking good. 13 minutes on the northeast corner up to 75 -- 275. the northbound lanes of toward i-71, no big delays -- no big extension of your travel times. let' s check in with meteorologist randi rico. randi: we call it friday eve for a reason. the weekend is almost here and that is when our temperatures joe baca to the 50' s and -- temperatures jump back into the 50' s and 60' s. we are dealing with snow showers .
5:48 am
the roads thanks to the air. this away on the roads. to the north, the envious areas of snowfall -- to the north, the heaviest areas of snowfall -- wilmington, clarkson seeing the it is accumulating, but not on the roads. wondered that, cars, patio furniture. further south, ohio river to the south -- along 62, looking at brown county and adams county. seeing steadier snow showers. want to show you how large this system is. an area of low pressure is at the center of the storm rolling through cleveland up for new england. on the back edge, these wraparound snow showers will continue for us through the day
5:49 am
they may fade away towards sunset. on the backside, the winds are very gusty. this will be a concern throughout the day. the snow is not very happy, but it -- but if it is blown by 25 mile per hour wind, it could be deadly -- dangerous. we are looking at temperatures in the low 30' s, but wind speeds are in the low-to-mid 20' s. sitting at 34 degrees. you can see those flurries downtown. it feels like 22 thanks to that 23 mile per hour wind. a very blustery winter-like day. the plan for today says these are the conditions that will be with us through the day. at 8:00 a.m., 33.
5:50 am
4:00, -- , 35. 4:00, 36. at times, we will get a bit of a break. the winds will still how. l. heaviest into the north and south of the ohio river. tomorrow, the winds die down. i would expect a cloudy and cold day with temperature stuck in the 30' s. as far as snowfall potential, these are not blockbuster numbers. some will get a happened on the grass and car. today, 36 degrees, strong winds and snow showers are looking likely. 25 for the low tonight. tomorrow, cloudy and cold. maybe a stray flurry. things wake up pretty quickly for the weekends with temperatures five -- with
5:51 am
mark do you ever see a facebook : post that makes you mad but you don' t want to type out your whole argument in a comment? lisa: well have no fear facebook , has you covered. the new expressions they rolled out this week. mark: robots are getting more high tech. look at a boston company' s new prototype. lisa: it is five: 51.
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lisa: welcome back on your thursday. it is now 5:53. we have some flurries flying out we will check in with randi. right now, we are checking stories that are trending. mark: bauer like button, you have competition. if you hover your mouse area over the like button, you can choose over wow, sad, and angry. facebook says it tested the reactions and received good reviews. the new options are already available worldwide. you will still have to type in lol! lisa: check out this incredible robot. it is a five the nine inch robot walking on two legs.
5:55 am
it can lift objects, navigate outdoors over rough terrain, and watch, it stands up on its own when it falls. mark: sweet, i want one. check out these photos of plant like blooming in denver valley, one of the hottest places on earth. it is experience in a super bloom. causing millions of wildflowers to pop up. first time in years the area has seen this many flowers. a beautiful site. mark: lisa: warms my house -- my heart. xavier steps on stage. what it means before march madness. mark: checking out line five drive after light snow. we are keeping an eye on conditions because the snow is still falling, right randi? randi: you will not see a lot of
5:56 am
it sticking to the pavement. many areas along the 71 corridor is where the snow is the heaviest. that is where we have the potential of seeing the highest accumulation on the cross and end on the cars. we will be stuck through the 30' s. expect a high around 36, from wind gusts in the afternoon. temperatures rebound with the weekend. if you want to know how much know you may end up, i will have that for you when we come back. lisa:
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lisa: snow falling, will have a look at what to expect. mark: what to look out as you head out this morning. lisa : xavier ' s ornament resume looking much better. what is a head of the musketeers after a huge win. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today." mark: early-morning flurries creating a dusting of parked cars on mason montgomery road. we have the latest on the wintry mix and what you can expect for your morning commute. lisa: there is one school
6:00 am
the water main break its resolve. if we do get any school delays, we will let you know. you can check them on it is 6:00 a.m. on your thursday. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. randi: we are going to deal with the snow all day long. the impact on the roads is minimal thanks to warm air we have had. on the radar, some spots are totally dry, but intense snowfall through portions of warren and clinton counties. we could easily pick up an inch to a half an inch on the grass, deck, rooftops, on the car. the colder surfaces are the ones that will be collecting the snow. over the last few days, we said an inter-two is possible. you will see that on the colder surfaces. but on the roads, just plain old wet.


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